Best Xm Sirius Ready Car Radio Gps Android Go

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1. SiriusXM SXEZR1V1 Satellite Radio Vehicle

SiriusXM SXEZR1V1 Satellite Radio Vehicle

The vehicle kit is for cars. You can listen to satellite radio in your car with the vehicle kit that comes with the SXEZR1V1 Onyx EZR. You can listen to 150+ channels in your car or online. The Platinum Programming Package comes with a choice of 3 months free or 12 months free. For as low as $8.25 a month, you can experience over 400 satellite and streaming channels. Fees and taxes are included. Store up to 10 of your favorite channels, or create your own music channel with TuneMix. You can use split-screen mode to see what other channels are playing. Do it yourself installation. Installation of the PowerConnect Vehicle Kit is easy with the SiriusXM Onyx EZR with Vehicle Kit. You can listen to your favorite channels through your existing vehicle stereo. SIRIUSXM has more of what you love in one place. Enjoy ad-free music from nearly every genre, plus exclusive entertainment and comedy, world-class news, and more.

Brand: Siriusxm

👤When we called to make the change request, they said their agent did not give us proper information and therefore they could not transfer the account. We could sign up for another subscription. No. It was our mistake to believe their agent when they purchased this unit. We decided to cancel all of our subscriptions because we were not able to work with them. Instead of getting two more years of payment, they decided to give us a refund. They don't need prepayments and are doing well. Poor review is caused by this. Not because of the unit but because of poor customer service.

👤The Honda CRV was not equipped with a radio. I searched for the best radio deals online and found the one I was looking for which was easy to install. I called a local car stereo place to get advice on how to install it, but they told me that I would have to purchase additional equipment, such as a special antenna and a FM adapter. The dash board looked to be a challenge of it's own, so you would have to remove it. I called customer service because I was dissatisfied with the work that was done. The ONYX EZR car stereo kit is easy to install. The unit was easy to install. The power supply that plugs into an available power outlet is the only connection needed. You can tune your car radio to the correct frequencies by looking up stations in your area through the website. I would recommend this radio for its low cost, high quality sound and easy installation.

👤I bought the package with the home kit to connect to the Bose unit in my kitchen. The instructions said to place the antenna in a window with a clear view of the southern sky. Oops. There are no southern facing windows in my home. The unit is on my patio. I have to get this to work inside my home by installing an outdoor antenna in a southern facing spot and having wiring coming inside. If you want to use it in your home, you will need a clear south facing window to place the antenna and then run the wire to the Home Dock. The unit is easy to set up and navigate, and it was not a problem for interior use.

👤There is no internet service at my cabin. I try to transfer my existing service to the device only to be prompted for a fee. The agent told me that they will make the transfer for me for free. I can't do it online without a service charge. They want a separate subscription for each device, so I have to move the service from my car to my home radio. I'm only at the cabin for a month or two a year, so why pay for a full year of service? If you forget to cancel the service, they can make automatic charges on your credit card, which can be a pain since they seem to want more than anything. On top of that, they suggest suspending the service and reactive it later, but nowhere on the online account can you find that feature. The feature that makes using the service more difficult is required by the agent. I use internet service at home and love it, but I wish they made the satellite version more convenient. I bought a satellite radio that was opened for $20 bucks, but I'm not sure if I will ever use it.

2. Digital Bluetooth Multimedia Autoradio Interconnection

Digital Bluetooth Multimedia Autoradio Interconnection

Once you put the car into reverse gear, the car radio screen will show the reverse image. Podofo has a professional technical team. Money-back, replacement, and technical support are available. The car has double dins. The car stereo has a digital touch screen. There are a lot of vehicle-based features, including a specific FM Radio tuner, preset max 4*45W amplifier with higher 4* 24w RMS power out, and more. You can control cell phone via the big screen of stereo, but you have to use the original cellphone cable to avoid disconnected. Only support the latest version of the operating system for the iphone 5s-8s. The stereo does not have a gps unit, but it does have a gps navigation function. There is a built-in microphone for hands free call. When you drive, make your calling problem a thing of the past. What's more? You can connect your phone to the car speaker with the function on it. The car radio has a 7-inch touch screen that will show the reverse image when you put the car into reverse gear. The built-in Car DVR System will be able to see the road condition after connecting with a camera. The records can be played directly on this unit if they are saved in the media card. The dash cam is not included. Some cars may need an additional dash kit and harness for a perfect fit. Podofo has a professional technical team and great customer service.

Brand: Podofo

👤I spoke with the seller and he made things right with excellent customer service. They offered to send me a new system after I installed another system. I didn't need it and they gave me a refund. Thank you for the way you dealt with it. This company is a good one because of the luck of the draw. Not their fault. It's a good idea to recommend it. Thx! I spent a lot of money trying to get it installed. I have to return it for a refund because I was so frustrated. It is a joke that it is cheap and light.

👤The stereo is possessed by the devil. It has caused me to go through 2 $150 car batteries because it will turn itself on whenever it wants to. I've insured through a professional that it wasn't a mistake in installation, which is what I was originally thinking. I can only assume that it is possessed by a demon. It's probably too late to get my money back. The cost of the stereo and batteries have gone up.

👤The radio works great, it connects with my phone when I get in the vehicle. You have to use the charging cable for your phone to work with the mirror capability. The changing lights make the unit look more entertaining. I had an issue with the rear view camera, but the vendor fixed it for me. They were attentive and helpful. The radio is inexpensive and has a lot of bells and whistles. I'm happy with this unit so far.

👤If you want something basic, it's fine. I needed a radio for my RV and it was perfect. It was fine because my expectations were low. I needed a radio with a firestick to send the audio. Sometimes you need to touch the screen multiple times to get what you want. If you want a radio that works, then it's fine. You know, it's around $60.

👤The first week it burnt the power connection at the plug on the radio and the touch screen is laggy and not calibrate correctly, no one can hear you on it, and it doesn't calibrate correctly overall. I know what a cheap stereo is. You get what you pay for, but if you go to AutoZone you can get a dual 300 times better. I wouldn't recommend this product because it almost burnt my car up and it was professional installed. I would not recommend this product.

👤When reversing, it won't switch to camera view. It is working well, but only if that is the case.

👤Do not recommend. The radio did not work after installation. The replacement was made of piss poor quality and the harness it came with was melted so it couldn't be modified. Radio reception is terrible and the camera is terrible.

3. SiriusXM SXV300v1 Connect Satellite Streaming

SiriusXM SXV300v1 Connect Satellite Streaming

Pauses, replays, and starts songs from the beginning with the help of the car radio's automatic start feature. Satellite radio vehicle tuning. The antenna cable does not include the vehicle tuner. A single interface cable connection to the car stereo simplifies installation of the small SiriusXM vehicle tuner. Pauses, replays, and starts songs from the beginning with the help of the car radio's automatic start feature. User can hear a mix of songs from favorite channel, user can preview songs that have not yet been heard on favorite channels, and user can get alert when a favorite song is playing with this SiriusXM vehicle tuner

Brand: Siriusxm

👤I don't like the deceptive product offerings. It works for 3 days before you have to register. I had to call 2 different departments in India before they could connect it, and customer support is like the cable company all over again, because adding it online didn't work. The docking station's reception is worse than the self-contained unit. The car and antenna are the same. It cuts out when I pass by trees. The cheaper A-la-carte subscriptions don't work with it. I tried to add it as a second account for $10, but they said it wasn't compatible with the plan. They said the price was $28.99. Wow! After badgering, I was able to sign up for a discounted promo for 6 months, but if their subscription price for a 2ND radio on my account is going to add $25+ a month, I will throw it away. That's highway robbery for the low quality over-compressed audio we've become accustomed to.

👤I just received my satellite dish. The hardware is working. If you don't sign up for All Access, you won't get a 3 months free trial and you'll have to pay taxes and fees of $30/month for the first 6 months. There is a fee for early termination. You will be charged $195 for the first 6 months after the trial and $375 a year after that, but they have the right to change their fees at any time. The sound quality is not good. Unless you are a long distance truck driver or traveling salesman, this is not worth it.

👤I put this behind the Pioneer AVH-X1800S head unit. The antenna is installed on top of the dash to give you a clear view of the road. I used double stick tape on the back of the antenna to secure the dash, as I had done previously with an aftermarket SXM adapter for the radio. I experienced some signal cut outs. This was corrected by removing the antenna from the dash, then placing the antenna on a metal plate, which will stay in place with the magnetic base. No more cuts or blind spots. I put a bead of black RTV Silicone around the base of the antenna so that it won't be disturbed when I clean or dusting the dash. I went into a parking structure and did not lose the signal. You can mount inside a vehicle, just make sure you add a metal mounting base.

👤One time, I got a message on the head unit saying I needed to check the connection for the satellite radio service because it wasn't receiving a signal. I couldn't get the radio bands to function when I switched between them. I turned off the vehicle when I arrived at my location. This time the Pioneer radio must have worked properly. If the computer isn't working right, you can either restart it or get a new one. It's better to find nothing wrong than tearing everything apart. I'm supposed to get 90 days free with my purchase of a tuner. They told me that I had to call a different number to get my free 90 days, after I called the phone number displayed on the radio screen. I hung up the phone as I was tired of waiting after I called that number. If you are a free subscriber, you may never actually talk to a representative as the phone gets answered quickly, but if you are a paying subscriber, you will. Customer service is sad.

4. SiriusXM SXPL1V1 Satellite Vehicle Streaming

SiriusXM SXPL1V1 Satellite Vehicle Streaming

The vehicle kit is for cars. You can connect, control, and enjoy SiriusXM through your car's audio system with controls on the full color display. 3 months free. 3 months free Platinum service is included with the Onyx Plus Radio. Mention "Never Miss a Beat" when calling to activated. The offer requires a credit card and an activation fee. There are advanced music features. The music features of the Onyx Plus are advanced. You can pause, replay, and rewind satellite radio. Get notified when your favorite artists, songs or teams are playing. SIRIUSXM has more of what you love in one place. Store up to 20 Smart Favorite channels for quick access. You can listen to your favorite channels at home, at the office, or anywhere with optional accessories like the Boombox or Home Kit.

Brand: Siriusxm

👤I like it. I was supposed to get three months of free service. I got two weeks instead. #2. I bought a new radio when my "two weeks" ended. When I called to start service, I found that the radio was registered to a different person. I had to wait on the phone for about an hour to get the radio to me. I don't want to return it because it's too difficult to cancel one subscription and start another. I didn't get three months free service and I paid a new price for a used radio. There should be some compensation forthcoming.

👤This appears to be a great product, and as always, Amazon provided it quickly and in perfect condition. My nephew was going to get it as a Christmas gift. I was going to give a 6 month gift subscription. The terms of the gift subscription require a credit card to be left on file and is automatically charged for an extension when it expires unless they are contacted directly to end the subscription. This is not feasible for an elderly person. I hold Amazon in the highest regard, and this is a great product. The gift card terms from Sirius are difficult to change.

👤I can't rate this zero stars. The all access package was ordered for a client. activation is required in their main advertisement. They did not mention that it requires a separate subscription. When we called customer support the first person that answered barely spoke English and their accent was so heavy it was hard to understand them. They hang up on us when we try to speak to someone in English. When we called back, we were asked to speak to a supervisor who did not speak English, and then they hung up on us again. I tried to call corporate headquarters, but I never got a call back. They don't care about their customers. You have to tell people that a separate subscription is required in your main ad. I will be reporting it to the Better Business Bureau since I can no longer return it. I'm going to file a lawsuit against Amazon and Sirius for not revealing all information. If anyone else has been treated the same, please contact me and I can help you with a class action lawsuit against both companies.

👤I am a lifetime subscriber and I bought this thinking, it looks nicer than my older model, who cares? After paying $75 to switch my subscription over, I discovered that the radio only works on the XM satellites and needed to be switched to another plan. The basic plan was Howard and no football. Even though there is no technical reason, my streaming account lost these channels. I tried to resolve this using their online chat, only to find out that the only solution they could offer was to switch me back. I need another $75 for my old radio. The live listener care moved me back to my old radio, waving the transfer fee. He was able to give me a credit to my account. Legacy customers who believed in them when they just started need to be supported by SiriusXM.

5. JVC KW V250BT Multimedia Featuring Resistive

JVC KW V250BT Multimedia Featuring Resistive

It is backed by a one year warranty from FouceClaus. Contact their customer service team at any time for any questions or concerns. There are streaming services such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify Control. K2 technology is used for enhanced digital sound quality. You can connect two phones full time with a simple pair of headphones. A push of a key on the receiver will allow calls to be made. When the battery of the connected device runs low, a sound is heard and a message appears on the receiver. The "JVC Remote" app allows you to control the receiver's source directly from the phone. The "JVC Remote" app allows you to control the receiver's source directly from the phone.

Brand: Jvc

👤The unit is pretty decent. I was surprised there was no way to stop it. The steering wheel controls wouldn't work if I didn't have the adapter. I think it's because the unit doesn't have a mute function, which is strange. It depends on your car. My car is a 2010 chevy traverse. I bypassed the parking brake wire to allow you to watch dvd when the car is not in park. I didn't feel like crawling under the dash to find the parking brake switch. I attached the wire that says parking brake coming out of the unit to a screw on the side of the unit. I love my garmin gps and this unit does not have it. There is no way to attach the sirius/xm tuner to the unit. You have to use the sirius/xm antenna that goes outside the vehicle to use a separate sirius/xm tuner that has a special plug on it. I'm satisfied with the unit.

👤There are a lot of features to get the sound you are looking for. You can adjust the front, rear, and rear deck/subwoofers of your car for better quality. You can choose the size and filters. Volume control allows for buttons or circular swiping. You would need a place to mount the mic, which is long enough to mount just about anywhere, if you are using a wireless device. I will add another review after I install the phone mirror and back-up camera. A1 is in my book.

👤My son has a car. It has a lot of features. I wish it had, but understand why it's Apple Play. One of the reasons I bought it was to hopefully make driving for a relatively inexperienced drive a little simpler so he could use his phone and gps system. It won't mirror the screen of the gps without the Apple Play. If I didn't want to use the mirroring, I would buy again.

👤There are issues with the radio. I heard a faint xm radio signal coming from the speakers even though the volume was zero. They said something was wrong with the rear speaker outputs on the head unit when they took it to another audio shop. I am only giving two stars at this time because I want to see how they handle this issue moving forward as replacements.

👤I was going to buy a different brand but the reviews on Amazon changed my mind. I own a 2016 gmc pickup and it fits perfectly. You can get by with wire nuts if you install your self soldering. Excellent quality.

👤Everything worked as described. Purchase a wiring accessory and connect it. The mic fits nicely behind the visor. The back camera was perfect for this unit. It's easy to install. Highly recommended.

👤The deck only has a problem with the volume going to 35. I hope when I install my sub and door speakers that they hold up to loud music.

👤It was possible to connect it to my rear entertainment system with cables from CRUTCHFIELD because it has a touch screen and dvd with all the hook ups.

6. Android Navigation Vertical Tempered Bluetooth

Android Navigation Vertical Tempered Bluetooth

Does it fit my car? The headunit car stereo has a standard 2 din universal size. The screen was a 9.7-inch diagonal. The port is compatible with theusb andrca ports. Support extended functions like DVR, DAB+, and OBD2 The HD 9.7'' 2.5D Tempered Glass Mirror, DoubleUSB interface, 1GB RAM, and car stereo with a resolution of 1200dpi are included in the model specification. Online Maps can be used perfectly with the built-in gps navigation, it can help you find your way more easily. This radio has a built-in microphone for handsfree phone call, and it's powered by the latest bluetooth module. Support the radio station. The reversing camera in the package will automatically switch to the rear camera when the car is reversed. 1 x Power Cable, 1 x gps antenna, and 1 x camera input. 2 xusb cable, 2 x metal frame, 4 x screw If you need installation instructions, please contact them. The service is online. The reversing camera in the package will automatically switch to the rear camera when the car is reversed. 1 x Power Cable, 1 x gps antenna, and 1 x camera input. 2 xusb cable, 2 x metal frame, 4 x screw If you need installation instructions, please contact them. The service is online.

Brand: Nhopeew

👤The head unit was very slow, it would not stay connected to the internet, and the sound it produced to speakers was horrible, it sounded like a week deck from 1999. The quality of the head unit was terrible, I wouldn't recommend buying it, it was not a good deck, and the main purpose of the head unit was navigation, so it couldn't do anything. This was installed in a 2012 hyaundai sonata.

👤This thing is hard to mount. No instructions! It has to be modified to fit in your vehicle and you have to figure it out for an entire day. I wouldn't recommend it. It had a mind of its own. When it felt like it was calling random people, it would change the station. It looks cool.

👤The radio was bought from Ebay and went through 3 before it worked. I got a return on 888-739-5110

👤The mounting in this vehicle had to be creative. Otherwise, it should be fine. The camera and accessories have not been installed by me. The pictures are blurry because of the photo. I turn on my phone's wi-fi and use it the same way I use my phone. I like to listen to various types of audio. Amazon Music works great, I downloaded it. I use maps on the internet. It works perfectly. People are wondering if I have converted my 2001 Rav4 to electric because of the big screen. I think that's correct. I think new tech and big screen screams electric vehicle. I would buy it again. I wish it was quicker.

👤It works pretty well 75% of the time. It doesn't fit in a car that is perfect. It won't communicate often and will randomly freeze. It's kind of frustrating. It looks good if that's what counts.

👤Would not fit in my truck mounts.

👤Fit like a glove! Everything is included to place on a touch screen stereo. I have a Honda Pilot 2020, and it works great for me.

👤They took care of me after I had a small issue with the radio. It's worth the money.

7. Bluetooth Multimedia Steering Support Synchronization

Bluetooth Multimedia Steering Support Synchronization

All of their antennas are approved by XM. 7 inch double din radio The resolution is Full HD. You can watch HD video on the 7 inch screen. Before ordering, please check the size of your radio. A back-up camera, install frame, remote control and Steering wheel control are included for free. TheCamecho 7 inch 2 din HD1080P car radio mp5 player has a lot of functions. The rear-view camera in the car stereo can be used to power the camera when the vehicle shifts into reverse and displays the image on the touch screen. You can use the mirror link on your phone if you turn on the navigation function on your phone. The stereo player does not have a gps unit, but it does have a navigation function. The best customer service. They offer high quality at a competitive price. Product issues can be resolved by their professional tech-team. They offer a money back. There are detailed user manuals, FAQ's, and installation instructions available. Before and after purchase technical support is available. The best customer service. They offer high quality at a competitive price. Product issues can be resolved by their professional tech-team. They offer a money back. There are detailed user manuals, FAQ's, and installation instructions available. Before and after purchase technical support is available.

Brand: Camecho

👤A picture of open box contents. There was no mounting hardware. I used my own camera. No matter what the state of the tuner is, turns on and off automatically. The price is less than $50. There is a steering wheel and card remote. Both worked. The back up camera worked well. Blue tooth calls worked well. It's difficult to operate and change songs on theusb music. 60 x 4 watt. It was easy to install a small system. I did not use the steering wheel input. Only supplied remotes were used. Did not use aux video input or output. The wiring diagram was not clear. The wire should have a description. I had to figure it out from the advertisers. The attached photo is attached. There is no AM radio. The dash illumination has failed. I can't see the touch screen anymore. All of the above work, but in a "mystery" mode. I'm not sure if I should complain. The failed unit was replaced by another unit. It's still a good value, but beware of the quality.

👤The radio has a beautiful appearance, but it is difficult to tune in to the exact station, and I had to check the antenna connection because I thought it might have come out. I put the unit in my work vehicle so I was willing to pass on a few features, but what are you expecting for the money, the touch screen is iffy, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes multiple touches are needed, but then again, what are you The remotes that come with the unit come with a CR2025 battery. The steering wheel will be attached to one remote. The camera that was included works great. I wouldn't put it in my car because it's a decent cheap radio that gets the job done once you figure it out. I didn't try to hurt anyone's feelings or piss them off, just my honest opinion after using the unit for 2 weeks.

👤Customer Service from CAMECO is very good. They sent me an email with instructions and possible solutions for my wheel control. Here is a copy of the instructions for copying the phone into the radio. Thank you "Cher". If the control I got originally malfunctioned, I will get a new one from CAMECO. Thank you "Cher". The Steering Whell Control and Camera are malfunction accessories and I was told they can send new ones to replace the ones I have, other than that all still working in a perfect way. I like the sound quality and screen resolution. How to use a phone mirror. You can connect your phone to the car stereo with the original line 2. You can find your phone developer options and open the "usb debugging" option. Two-way control between your phone and car stereo is possible. You can visit on your phone if you enter the password. You can use the phone to control things. This is a good purchase if you have money. The accessories shown on the item pictures were included. Compared to other items, boot time is pretty fast. The screen resolution is very sharp. It was very good. The connection is perfect. Theusb works well. The sound is very nice. The Ford Escape 2002 needed some easy hardware. There were no batteries included for the controls. cable colors work better for electronic instructions. Steering wheel control is malfunctioning. The camera is always on. There are no instructions on how to set the dual picture.

8. Touchscreen Digital Bluetooth Wireless Steering

Touchscreen Digital Bluetooth Wireless Steering

The best customer service. They offer high quality at a competitive price. Product issues can be resolved by their professional tech-team. They offer a money back. There are detailed user manuals, FAQ's, and installation instructions available. Before and after purchase technical support is available. The car is a double din. The fixed panel size is 7.08(W) x 2.48(L) x 3.94(H)inch. Make sure the control panel on your car is larger than the item size before you place your order. The car radio has a 7 inch screen. You will get a fantastic experience with a Digital Multi-color touch screen, 800 x 480 screen resolution. A steering wheel control, a back up camera, and a wireless remote control are things you can come with. The phone's original cable can be used to support the phone mirror link. The stereo player does not have a gps unit, but it does have a navigation function. A car stereo with built-in microphone and a built-in radio for hands-free calling. Most smart phones, tablets and other devices are compatible. Music player, video player, AUX audio input, and 18 stations storage are included. The audio format of mp3/wma/WAV/ape/OGG/ flaC/MKV. The format of the video is in the range of RM/RMVB/AVI/MP4/MKV/3GP. Once you put the car into reverse gear, the car radio screen will show the reverse image. Podofo has a professional technical team. Money-back, replacement, and technical support are available.

Brand: Podofo

👤The mirror link software can be used on anANDROID phone if it is in developers mode. If you search for it, you won't find anything about it. To get started with this, you need to go to the about section in your control panel, option menu or set up menu, however you can call your setting menu. You can see the version of the phone you are running by going to the bottom of the list and clicking on the about button. Once you locate this, you can tap on the build number anywhere from 3 to 20 times, which will turn on the developers options. When you go back to your main menu under settings, you will see something with the word developer in it. I will have the word developer. You can turn on the feature by clicking on this option. If you want to use a mobile app while you are driving, install it on your phone from the play store. If you don't have a good charging cable for your phone, you won't have to pay a lot for a good two way communication cable. The phone with them will prompt you to allow your Radio to use theusb-dfw feature, and you will be able to see it on the screen, if you remember. You turn your phone sideways. When you start your automotive software, you are working. Some manufacturers consider this voiding the warranty, so you should do it at your own risk. I have done it for 10 years and never had an issue. Go to the model of your phone on the internet to find out if you have issues locating Debugging mode. Most of the time they are written instructions that you can watch on the internet.

👤Sometimes the product isn't the only thing that matters as the people behind it are. I took a while to install this product. There were some problems with the wiring and the radio memory. Mia would respond within 48 hours after I contacted the seller several times. Customer service was way beyond my expectations, even though it was difficult to fix through email and halfway across the world. They sent me a replacement after they found out that the product was faulty. I got it in no time. I am happy with my product. If things were different, I would only give this product 4 stars. The customer service was exceptional and if possible I would give 10 stars because things happen but they definitely made up for it.

👤It was cheap and intuitive. That's where it ends. There is no audio quality control. At all. If you want to listen to music via the internet, you need to be in the menu, which is a giant keyboard. If you back out of this menu because you don't want to hear music, there's no music. I'm returning it after 6 hours.

👤My money was on it. After install work for 20 minutes, and then just park my car for a while, and when I turn on my car, I need this people to return my money.

9. XM Radio Universal Home Antenna

XM Radio Universal Home Antenna

Some cars may need an additional dash kit and harness for a perfect fit. Podofo has a professional technical team and great customer service. The antenna is straight-end. It's compatible with all of the satellite radios. Works with all boomboxes. It works with all of the satellite radios.

Brand: Siriusxm

👤The machine is large. It makes a lot of ozone. I returned a lot and am looking for a smaller unit. The vendor handled the return in a positive way even though I made a mistake. The unit looks and preforms like it would last a long time. This is the ozone machine that you need.

👤I had a setup that allowed me to mount the antenna outside at 45 azimuth. I have an antenna in the room near the window. There was a brief loss of signal as the satellites went in and out of wormholes. I'm told that sirius may switch to internet, but that has limitations as well.

👤The new antenna arrived quickly. I plugged it in and it looks the same as the one pictured.

👤Excellent technological quality and efficiency! Looking for GRUNDIG Sattelit 750 short-wave radio antennas. Do you make compatible GRUNDIG short-wave radio antennas? If yes, please reply in a similar way. Thanks, Leonardo.

👤The squirrel ate the Xm antenna that was on the deck railing.

👤This is a second antenna that I can use to move the receiver from one place to another without having to remove the first antenna. I had it for a while. It works well.

👤I have one for when I'm on the go. I love this thing. The value is great. I wish it had a bag to carry it in. I will find something.

👤The original antenna had a problem connecting with the satellite, savesay savesay plugged a new antenna in and it works like a charm!

👤A straight pin is shown in the picture. I received a 90 degree cable. Will not work on my radio. What are you going to do? It's not very clear on the description. Other sellers show both. Straight or 90 degree. That is the only difference between the two planes.

👤It doesn't get signal in the house.

10. XM Interoperable Magnetic Satellite Antenna

XM Interoperable Magnetic Satellite Antenna

The antenna on the roof of the radio station is magnetic. The antenna leaves a small footprint on your vehicle, which makes it a great option for a professional install. The extended length cable has a length. Even the largest cars and SUVs will work with this cable. All of their antennas are approved by XM. All of their antennas are approved by XM.

Brand: Xm

👤I cut a plastic straw to act as an os loom and fit the straw RTV Silicon for support for my car unit, because I have a fifth brake at the plug.

👤I installed a camper that overhangs the truck cab to block the stock shark fin antenna and the signal became intermittent. The piece rides on the hood and the signal is strong. You'll need a separate adaptor to plug this into your radio. It took less than an hour to pull the radio and snake the antenna wire through the rubber grommet on my truck. If I did it again, it would take less than 20 minutes.

👤I bought a sirius ready headunit for my car. I thought sirius would come with what I need to install if it was ready. No. I ordered an antenna and found out I needed a tuner as well. It's easy to hide and even longer to install. Radios that are ready to work need an antenna and a tuner. Hope that helps someone.

👤I put this up for other people with the same type of connection. I can't get a signal for my cabover camper. This looked perfect. The dealer is great. The radio is called the TSS-Radio. They tried, but they didn't succeed. The product is fine. The FAKRA antenna is nice. It fits in the box and the antenna. I tried the 3rd picture in the box, but it was not working. I think there is a yellow, green and me. I know the yellow works. I don't know if the green works or not. There is a Maybe someone out there knows a fix for my problem?

👤The original antenna was part of the complete radio receiver. I assume the problem was the connecting wire? When one uses a portable radio, it gets thrown around, and this causes wear and tear on the connecting wires. The antenna wire is small and vulnerable to damage.

👤We swap from vehicle to vehicle on our radio. It works great, no issues with reception or fitment. It's a tight fit and we didn't experience any problems using it for 2000 miles. In the usual locations such as tunnels or garages, reception is not disrupted. The cable is long enough to go from the front of a 4Runner up the frame. There is a support in the back hatch and on the roof. It would not be a problem to locate it in a larger vehicle because it was a couple feet after that route.

👤I was not sure if my radio was dying, but this purchase was the cheaper way to go. It was new in the package and the price was cheap, so I was still happy. I will do business with this seller again.

👤The 2001 Grand Cherokee has a portable radio that can be installed on the dash. It was just long enough to reach from the center of the dashboard along the floor trim of the drivers side to the roof. The antenna has been in the same place since it was installed. I would buy another antenna if I had to install another radio like this.

11. Double Compatible Carplay Capacitive Touchscreen

Double Compatible Carplay Capacitive Touchscreen

You can control your music with the wireless remote control from inside or outside of your vehicle. This double din car stereo is compatible with Apple Carplay and allows superior voice assist control and making it easier to access your phone functions, while keeping your hands free for safe driving maneuvers. The Apple Carplay built-in professional Hi-fi amplifier chip TDA7851, with 16 band EQ settings, can meet your needs for different sound quality, so as to enjoy excellent sound quality on the go. The HD Touch Screen Multimedia Player has a 7 inch high definition touch screen and a number of options for music and movie enjoyment in the vehicle. 1920*1080P video can be supported. You can put the mobile phone apps on the high-definition display via the mirror link, which will let you control your phone and car stereo from your phone. The JOY-D008 is a hands-free system for answering calls while driving. You can answer and make calls with your phone. The mic has an external mic jack. The JOY-D008 supports ID3 tag, which allows you to enjoy a superior music listening experience, and it has a stable connection to your phone or device. The JOY-D008 was designed to support the rear and front view camera with an automatic display of image when in reverse. The JOY-D008 system has options for pausing music or not. The package includes an HD rear camera with night vision, a 170 ultra-wide viewing angle and a waterproof design. The front camera is not included. If your dash board opening is larger than the U.S. standard size, please check out the other sizes. If you find that their stereo size doesn't match your dash size, you can either purchase a suitable dash kit or modify your dashboard. Kits for your vehicle, a wiring accessory, and an antenna are items that you may need to purchase if you don't get the package. If you find that their stereo size doesn't match your dash size, you can either purchase a suitable dash kit or modify your dashboard. Kits for your vehicle, a wiring accessory, and an antenna are items that you may need to purchase if you don't get the package.

Brand: Sjoybring

👤I am very satisfied with this unit because of all the good features. I tried out the app on my phone. It works well. I don't need my phone to be on my dashboard. I can view the map, listen to and control the music, respond to messages, and view the calendar on my phone without even looking at it. It's also compatible with the operating system. You can play high quality videos if you use theSD or attach anusb if you use theBluetooth connection. My son is very happy because I can play his nursery songs while we ride. It comes with a reverse camera that works and is easy to install. You do not need to be an expert. I was able to install it myself without having to pay a lot of money to a professional, because I had a little patience and read the manual. The sound quality is great. You don't have to turn it all the way up to hear good sound. Loud music has a number of different settings and options. If you want to personalize boot logo and wallpapers, you can contact their Customer Service. I bought a radio and it is a lot better.

👤The product is described in the description. It was very easy to install and work with my Mercury Grand Marquis. The camera is wired into my reverse lights. The technical support was very helpful and they even made my unit with a Mercury logo. I need to contact them again to see how to dim the display. This purchase was very affordable and good quality.

👤The amount of time and energy spent to assemble and find out that this trash doesn't work in the United States is horrible, I have to buy a stereo. Don't make anything else with radios.

👤I've kept my car because it's a beast of a car. I needed something that would allow me to connect my phone to the internet via the British Telecom network. This fit the bill perfectly. The install was easy. The display is crystal clear. I found no other model that came close to this one. There is a Great sound! Cons. There is a gap on the sides of my car because it is not a double din frame. There is a It's iffy. I like starting my car with my phone in my pocket. Sometimes it doesn't work, but most of the time it works. I don't know what causes it to fail. There is a The phonebook has been loaded, so I can look up a number to dial, but it only shows the number without the name for calls. This can be fixed with a firmware update. I'm doing Door Dash and it's getting a good workout. Despite the issues, I am enjoying it. Great price, great stereo!

👤La instalacin de the radio is algn especialista. I cost un aprox de 25usd. The interface of the radio was arranca, and the audio was arranca. El conectorusb est en el radio, bastar con conectar tu cable de iphone. No tuve alguna de las otras personas con las llamadas. Si deseas actualizar el logo, el wallpaper, el fabricante, el inmediato. Me parece tener soporte técnico. Es una semana, pero estoy una auto radio. The control of volumen is acostumbrarse. No tener perilla, es a través de la pantalla.


What is the best product for xm sirius ready car radio gps android go?

Xm sirius ready car radio gps android go products from Siriusxm. In this article about xm sirius ready car radio gps android go you can see why people choose the product. Podofo and Siriusxm are also good brands to look for when you are finding xm sirius ready car radio gps android go.

What are the best brands for xm sirius ready car radio gps android go?

Siriusxm, Podofo and Siriusxm are some of the best brands that chosen by people for xm sirius ready car radio gps android go. Find the detail in this article. Siriusxm, Jvc and Nhopeew are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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