Best Waterproof Quadcopter with Auto Return Gps

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1. Holy Stone Quadcopter Adjustable Intelligent

Holy Stone Quadcopter Adjustable Intelligent

The -4 propeller guards design keeps the drones safe from damage when flying indoors. The kid's hands, wall, and furniture are protected by it. The largest and wind- resistant drones have large bodies and powerful motors. Headless Mode, Altitude Hold and One Key Takeoff and Landing are easy to use. It's perfect for beginners. Size 16.9 in. The 2K has 120 FOV. The camera has a 90 angle and can capture high-quality video and aerial photos. Real-Time viewing is available from your remote control. It's ideal to take selfies from a birds-eye perspective. 5 GHz allows for clearer and farther transmission of images. It is easy to assemble and carry. The propellers are pre-made. Just put the camera, landing gears and battery in it. Get it off the ground. The foldable propellers make it easy to take the drone out. You can get accurate positioning details of your drone with the help of the gps assisted flight. The Return-to-Home function is built into the drone so it will automatically return to its home when the signal is weak or the battery is low. The drone will follow you wherever you go. Keeping you in the frame at all times makes it easier to get complex shots. Flying time up to 18 Mins and longer control distance gives you a more extensive flight experience. There are blisters under the box.

Brand: Holy Stone

👤The Holystone HS 100 is an advanced drone jam with a lot of features. I have two other drones but neither is as good as this one. I took the drone to 116 meters in altitude and it was very responsive and in control, it was also holding its altitude pretty well, which was visible in the video recordings. Video recordings at that level were stable. The Auto Return feature makes me very comfortable while flying this drone, it's in case of signal drops or out of range, when the battery starts running low. I was happy to see that the drone started coming back to its take-off location. As soon as the drone comes back in the range, the transmitter is powerful and can be used again. The drone has a built in system that keeps an eye on the battery charge and the distance away from the take off location, so when it senses that the charge is enough to get it back to the base, it will return to the take off position. It's easy to take-off and landing, it has a button on the transmitter. If you click the land button, the drone will land vertically, controlling the speed on its own. The return to home option on this drone means that it will come back to the start location no matter where it is. Before hitting the Return to Home button, make sure it has a clear path. The Follow Me mode on the drone is very cool. I used the follow me mode while flying the drone. It worked well. The headless flying mode is useful for beginners when flying a drone. The wide angle HD camera on the drone can record the video in high definition and take pictures in high definition. It has a camera angle adjustment that allows you to record multiple videos at the same time. I wish there was a way to stop the transmitter from continuously beeping while recording the video. The quality of the recordings is very good. When connected to a smart phone, the drone is able to stream live video. The camera has a card slot that can be used to store videos and pictures. 2 minute videos are also recorded on the smart phone, but full videos are also recorded and stored in the attached microSD card. When flying at 100m altitude, the smart phone is not connected because it is not connected over the 2.4 ghz channel. I used their app to watch live streaming in virtual reality mode. The flying log shows the altitude, distance and speed of the flight. The app gives various flying status like "Waiting forGPS single", "Transmitter not connected", and a bunch of other details, helping first time flyer to get use to this drone in no time. The 15 minutes of continuous fly time that a full charge gives is pretty good. The battery charging time needs to be improved, it takes about 3-6 hours to get a full charge. Almost all of the spare parts for the drone are included, except for the extra battery. I like that they provide extra spare parts, not many other manufacturers do that. A User Guide with instructions for assembling and setup is included. I used the guide to learn the modes.

2. Flying Quadcopter Remote Control Battery

Flying Quadcopter Remote Control Battery

This micro drone uses a folding arm design, which can be folded into the controller. The child's palm is perfect for the size of the drones. The small drones are easy to carry. Kids can put drones in their pocket. Kids can play with the drone. Don't worry about operation, it's designed for beginners. Let's have fun. Syma introduced the first ever flying car, a remote control car and quadcopter. Land mode is used as a remote control car. The Fly Mode is a dual speed mode with a flip. Red Rock has an exclusive black and yellow flame color. The 2 X 3.7v 600 mAh battery has a bonus battery. Double flight time.

Brand: Syma

👤This is a bad boy. You will end up taking it over yourself if you get this for your kids. The flight time is 5 minutes, but it seems much longer. When the battery runs out, the lights on the X5C and X8C will flash and you will have to power down. It comes with 2 batteries for continuous use, and it doesn't just drop out of the sky.

👤My son got this for his Christmas present, and he said the elves didn't do a very good job. The item is cheap and fragile. It only works half the time, and it's anyone's guess as to when it will fly, drive or do nothing, even with fresh and fully charged batteries. The design is terrible. Well-made flyers have a ring around their blades to protect them. The blades pack a punch when you try to grab it to prevent it from flying into something. A pretty bad product. I feel like all of the good reviews on this site were not accurate. I would like to get it back, but it's probably not in good enough shape to return since it has already taken a beating after dropping out of the sky.

👤Please look at my pictures. I am not a rocket scientist, but I know that wires shouldn't be hanging in the air. I believe that the reason the flying car did not work is because we found the black wire hanging from the battery and not connected to anything inside the car. The red wire goes into the car. If they don't make sure the wires are soddered down before shipping it out to customers, it will be poor workmanship and quality control. The 10-year old was very disappointed on Christmas day.

👤It's hard to get a car to hover in one place after reading the instructions. One way or the other. I am flying indoors and it is not a wind issue. I don't know what happened. The ability to control this thing was lost. Does not reply to the controller. The unit flips over when placed on the ground. It will lift off when it is shut down and turned on again. I tried to adjust the trim with the controller but it didn't work. I liked this. Garbage time for this one. Bummer.

👤I've seen bad toys. I bought this for my nephew and sister, but they couldn't get them to work. The remote couldn't get the batteries to pair because the batteries were charged up. Maybe is a lemon? But 2? Garbage! I'm very tech savvy, and I looked online for help. Don't waste your money. I want Amazon to let me return this. Don't buy Syma products. My nephew was so upset that I wish I could give him a negative opinion.

👤My old seven was raffled. I was rewarded with a helicopter for a fund raiser. It's easy to learn how to fly, and you can come with 2 batteries to give you more time to enjoy it. The flips are great. It is very durable. The white one is more expensive than the other colors. Would probably buy another. The carry case and the 6 battery charger have already been ordered.

3. Contixo Independce Brushless Foldable Quadcopter

Contixo Independce Brushless Foldable Quadcopter

Protection Propeller Guards and high-quality ABS material make the drone more durable. 4K UHD drone with camera - 90 vertical, 90 tilt, 90 zoom experience, amazing 4K drones with picture quality and video for stunning clarity, deep contrast and vivid colors. The camera has a 120FOV lens that gives a broad view. The camera drones can reach live video and image transmission distances up to 1,700 feet. With stronger gps positioning, you can return to your home precisely. The foldable motor has Brushless Motor to ensure a smooth and powerful flight. The folding capabilities allow for compact storage. Powerful and smart performance - Follow Me, Orbit Mode, and Gesture Control free your hands to take selfies. You can fly it in a directed path using up to 16 Waypoints. Up to 30 minutes flight time is provided by the upgraded 2500mAh intelligent battery. The package comes with a battery that will allow you to fly for 60 minutes. There are accessories from the drone backpack. Easy to fly, drones for kids, even perfect 4k drones with camera for adults.

Brand: Contixo

👤It arrived in 3 days. The instructions are easy to understand. The controls are very easy to use, it was flying in beginner mode that day. The 3rd flight was successful with way point mode. The single battery dies with a full charge between 15 and 18 minutes. I have only gotten 18 minutes on the first and second flights, and 15 minutes on the third flight, and no spare batteries for the f24.

👤This is a small plane. I'm very impressed so far. I enjoy video production and am retired. I've used drones in my video productions, but have always hired a drone to capture the footage. The 4 drones I've used in the past weren't available this summer. I was able to get the needed footage after finding the owner at the last second. I stopped relying on others to get what I need in the future. I researched for weeks as a beginner and decided on the Contixo F 24. I received the drone in good order and on time. I admit to being somewhat intimidated but after watching the video that comes with the app, I was able to relax. I flew the F 24 this evening. This was my first time watching others fly. I will learn and get more comfortable. If this 70 year old can figure it out, 14 year olds won't have any problems. The only issue so far is that my new A50 with an Otterbox case wouldn't fit the control. I'm not going to use this phone without a case because it's a tight fit and I need protection. I bought a MagicMount at Walmart that fits into the control mechanism and holds my phone. I use a rubber band to hold it in the mechanism. This is the only way to make this phone work. I'm hopeful that I will field tested everything. I will provide future updates. I'm still learning but I'm still impressed with this drone. The controller that I used to mount the phone mount successfully holds my phone. It takes a lot of effort to learn through trial and error. If you're serious about this drone, you should order a second battery. I'm surprised it doesn't come with 2.

👤It was my first drone and it was great. I got to use it for the first time on a trip to South America. I was unaware that I was in beginner mode, which limited how far away I could fly it.

👤The drone is doing well so far. The simple solution is what I was able to find after having issues connecting the app to the unit. Make sure you connect to the drone through your internet connection. It worked perfectly through the app on my phone, even though it wasn't explained clearly. If you want to record while you are looking at the video in real time, you need to hit the button on the controller or screen to record the flight.

👤There is an update. I'm returning it because no amount of tinkering has helped. I'm lucky if the video feed lasts until the drone is 30 feet away. The video is usually frozen before it leaves the ground. The quality of the video and photos you save to the card is not bad if you have a good enough skill set to fly it and keep it stable. The battery life is not bad. It still has issues going off and doing it's own thing, like I mentioned before, which has damaged one of the blades. I'm returning this and getting a DJI because I want a drone to take photos and videos from a birds eye view of the areas we go hiking so if this decides to go off on it's own then that's a waste of $300 since I won't be able to The camera works great and I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt that maybe I got a bad one out of the bunch, even though others have commented with the same issues I'm having. If you want to use it for video footage, you might want to get a better one since it's so easy to fly. I will hold out on final judgment for the time being. Here is what I know so far. I took it to a park after charging the controller and battery. It is pretty easy to control for most of the time. There are some major issues. It will occasionally go off on its own, ignoring the controller. It decided to plow into the shrubs at the edge of the park. It could have been worse if nothing broke. The video on the phone is not good. The video cuts out completely once it gets to about 30 meters away. The app still responds, but the drone won't. I am going to try to make it better but it will be returned. No sense in spending a lot of money on something that won't work.

4. Quadcopter Altitude Function Beginner Batteries

Quadcopter Altitude Function Beginner Batteries

If you want to show off your previous flights with your F22 drone or show off some great pictures of the horizon or the sun setting, you can do it with the F22, which has a range of 750 feet. The real-time translation is called FPV. You can see exactly what your camera sees with a live video on your mobile device by installing the APP. Headless mode. If you are a beginner or a kid, you don't need to distinguish the direction of the drone in the beginning of flight because headless mode can be activated. Automatic altitude hold allows you to release the throttle stick and the drone will keep hovering at the current height. It's easy to shoot quality images or videos. It is easy to play for beginners with the latest 6-axis flight control systems that offer strong stability, easy to implement flight movements, and headless mode. The long flight includes powerful LiPo batteries to keep the fun going. FAA registration is not required.

Brand: Benyi

👤I bought this for my son's 12th birthday and to use while we were building a house. The instructions we received for the drone were in Chinese, so we were able to use the internet to acclimatize ourselves to it. We practiced with it in the backyard. It was the first time we used it. My son was controlling it. I took pictures of the land and the build site while he held it at 25 feet. When we brought it down, it looked like a signal was jamming it up. The drones shot off and up in different directions. My son was not going to be able to regain control as he chased after it. It was gone. I don't know which was worse, watching my son cry over his lost birthday present or the fact that I just spent 70 dollars on something that is gone. It will be forever.

👤It is very amazing. I was impressed by the fact that it came with extra batteries and props. I put the quad together. The screws for the landing gear and prop guards are already in place and you can just snap the piece on and screw the screw down. The transmitter has four batteries. The quad and transmitter have bright indicator lights. It was easy to build and fly the drone. It was very easy to fly. It did not lose a lot of altitude when it did flips and rolls because it was carrying a camera prop guards landing gear. The quad comes in other options, but I think the best option is the one with the best camera, it will allow you to record 720p high-definition video on your phone. The clip that holds your phone is very strong. When you fly the Gimbals it feels good to have a stock standard transmitter. I have experience with long flight times with this quad, but it is cold outside, so they are not as long as they should be. The included batteries will allow you to get 30 minute flight times with this quad. It is a great value, I am very impressed with the quality and included items, and it flies very good and easy to control. It's strong enough to hold up and it has a punch out. This is a great drone for beginners and experienced flyers.

👤I would like to clear something up. The little quad is great. Not for beginners. I feel like I should offer some tips on flying this quad, as it is completely manual, with no control features you would expect of a true drone. Which is fine. The quad is a toy. A very good one, lots of fun, but still a toy. You shouldn't expect it to do things like that. This quad is great for someone who wants to fly a 'by the stick' quad. It's small, durable, inexpensive and comes with spare props, extra batteries and a simple instruction manual. The camera, legs and prop guards are easy to install. The Syma X8C is exactly like a Syma X8HG with the vertical hold, and this little guy is the same size. It had three batteries. Even though the batteries are only 3.7V, you still get close to 30 minutes of air time. You can have about an hour of fun if you include time to change batteries and relaunch. You can get spare batteries and a multi-charger for cheap. This will make your flying time the same as you want. The quad's camera doesn't have a place for a memory card, so the only record of the flight will be on your phone. The app has a lot of features. I only used the video portion for the controls. The real flying instructions will come soon. This is about flying a quad. It is not for beginners. A flyer will lose it or crash it. Before you put this bird in the air, I recommend that you print your phone number on some paper, cut it out, and tape it to your quad, because it will be hard to read. The quad is light enough to not need FAA registration. Someone might find it and call you if you lose it. I have lost some quads before, and have been able to get them back. If you don't know anything about flying them, start. The guards of the PROP! They are needed to protect your quad's propellers, motors and even the quad itself from damage. You will be hitting a lot of things. It's a hot tip! Before attempting to fly it, learn how to power on and off the propellers. It should be turned on and off several times before taking off. If the quad starts to get away, you will want to know how to shut the motor off and let it fall to the ground. Either way, it will sail away with the wind. Next, you have to force the quad to the ground out in the yard where there's soft grass. If you find your quad rocketing towards a dangerous encounter, you want it to go to ground. Before you can fly, you have to do two things. Set your trims. This can only be done in an area large enough to allow the quad to hover freely. The barometric pressure sensor on the quad makes it easy to hover at a fixed height. Whatever height you bring it to, it will stay there. The other movements are not managed by electronics. There are buttons on the controller that allow you to adjust the trims of the vertical, forward/backward, side to side and rotation of the quadcopter while it is supposed to be motionless. The aircraft can be brought to a hover about three feet off the floor in the garage. If you see the craft drifting in any direction, use the trim buttons to correct it. This is very important. The ability to properly control the aircraft in flight depends on how well it hovers on it's own. You need to learn how to keep the quad in a stationary hover with your hands on the sticks after you have the quad well trimmed. Start out in the garage with no air movement and keep your aircraft within a box of about 6 ft square. You can do the same exercise after you have mastered this. On a calm day, there will be some air movement, so it will be a little more challenging. This is important. It makes it easier to manage the direction and heading of the aircraft. You've practiced hovering and adjusting the trims, it's time to start flying after you've become familiar with the quad and controller. If you don't have any experience flying a quadcopter that doesn't have gps stabilization, you need to practice in an open area away from buildings. The quad should not be more than 10 or 15 feet above the ground. When flying out in the open, keep the quad close to you, no more than 50 or 40 feet away. Soft grass for landing is best in an open field. Do not allow it to get more than 15 feet up or 50 feet away. The higher it goes, the harder it will be to correct any piloting errors and prevent a fly away. The altitude hold helps. The quad can drift away before you know it. Always keep the drone away from you or in the direction of travel. The orientation is very important. If it's facing you, the left will move away from you. It can be very confusing. The other controls should only be performed after you have mastered the primary flying functions. The quad will remain stationary when you want it to just hover. If you let it, it will drift away if you don't haveGPS. On a windless day, that's right. If you have it set up correctly, it will work normally. Headless mode will always orient to either away from you or towards you, no matter what the nose is pointing. Do not get comfortable with this. The controller and the location of the controller are not known by the quadcopter. This function can't be relied on too much. Headless mode may not work properly after a short time. Where to go? In the house is not a good idea. In the middle of the city is not where this is. You need an open area. It should be at least the size of a tennis court or half a football field. The size of a basketball court is good indoors. This quad has a limited control range and a limited video transmission range. It's a small craft and can be hard to see. It's great to be in the open. Don't let it get too far away. You should be able to see it clearly to know which way it is going. The control range of this craft is more than you can see. Don't try that theory. I have a collection of aircraft that I enjoy flying. The onboard memory is the only thing missing in this one, and it's not something you have to watch the monitor for. The record function in the app will allow you to record 720p video and good pics on your phone. The quad is fun because it's not really an aerial photography platform or a racing quad. It's a toy that can be played with. It's not fast. It will still do some cool maneuvers like pirouettes, corkscrews, banking turns, strafing runs, altitude peaks, etc. You can watch it on video. If you crash, you're probably not going to break anything, as long as you do all of this in the right place. Remove the propeller guards after you have become comfortable with the craft. They use more power and use less battery power. They make flying more difficult and crashing more likely by reducing the maneuverability of the craft. The guards are important to the inexperienced flyer. Those that can fly without fear are a burden. This review has been more of a guide on how to fly a basic quadcopter than anything else. You will appreciate it with this aircraft. I can tell you that this is the best one they have. The Syma X8C quad has the altitude hold of the X8HG. It's durable, flies well, has good app, and is just plain fun. Don't let it get more than 300 feet away if you know how far from you it is. You will enjoy this quad very much if you remember that one thing. There are many versions of this quad. I know that the Benyi is worth the investment. It was a good purchase. Five stars.

5. Readytosky Quadcopter Stretch Version Landing

Readytosky Quadcopter Stretch Version Landing

You will get the drone with 3 batteries and a carrying bag. You can have more fun with the drone if you have long flight time. The S500 is the upgrade frame for the F450. The PCB version of carbon fiber is very high quality. The PCB center plate has a solder point. Good work with Gopro Hero 3 2 axis. The arm design from the S800 was enhanced. The arm design from the S800 was enhanced.

Brand: Readytosky

👤After flying it for a few days, the legs broke again. The bottom horizontal rod is held to the thicker vertical rod by the "T" part. Both sides did eventually. I used a couple of zip ties to hold it all together for a few more flights, but then I crashed it from about three or four feet in the air. It was a coasting crash. The PCB board snapped. The flight controller was vibrating so much that it was impossible to fly after that. There is a The arms are in good shape, though they do flex a bit when applying throttle and the props lift the quad. I was using a 6000 mah battery. It flew well when it was first built. At least until it broke apart. The PCB board needs to be a lot thicker since it's where a lot of the stress is. The legs need to be strengthened and any parts that hold them together need to be stronger as well. It's a nice design, but very weak when it comes to landing hard or trying to fly. Even when nothing was broken, there was a lot of wobble in the camera. I'll be going on to the iFlight XL10 that is made of solid carbon fiber. Unless you have a 3D printer to make your own legs, the idea of this frame is not worth it. The arms are strong, but one small crash from a few feet in the air and they're gone. It's cheap, but you might want to consider something with more carbon fiber.

👤I have crashed this before. I broke one arm and had to order a new kit. I am running 700kv motors with props and it runs great. The legs are the weakest link on the frame, plastic will be the first thing to break, still a great frame.

👤The arms broke after the first crash. The plastic bits for the landing gear broke. Will use the 3D printer to make better plastic bits.

👤I have an old 3DR iris that is out of date but not really because it has a pfhawk in it. The frame was bought to move the guts to a new platform. This saved 166 grams of weight and allowed me to add more stuff that wouldn't fit in the original enclosure. Only the legs are made of carbon fiber. I would deduct a star from the price if it cost more.

👤I'm just getting into drones and won't have a lot of technical jargon in my review. My experience so far has been great. There are three different sizes of shears for this framework. Just a heads up. Also, the instructions are very easy to understand. The guys at Readytosky need a better translator. It's easy to build if you know what you're doing. I'm happy with the purchase.

👤The frame is great, but the thread locker is better. The included screws do not have a thread locker. I used a blue thread lock. I crashed it once because I didn't have the ua balanced, but I have flown it 3 times. The legs are the weakest link so I used a cut off wheel to take 1 inch off them. I extended the battery holder to allow me to use a 2200 mah battery.

6. Professional Double Brushless Stabilier Batteries

Professional Double Brushless Stabilier Batteries

We offer 60 days of 100% Money Back or Free Exchange. If you have a puzzle, please contact them. Up/down, forward/backward, turn left/right, sideward flight, headless mode, altitude hold, auto return home, one key take-off/landing/return, gps location, waypoint flying, V/R You can take aerial photos with a 4K camera and follow your steps under a gps system. The high quality 4K HD camera and the 120 wide angle camera help to take sharper images in a wide view. ACCURACYGPS provides an accurate positioning details of your drone for a safer fly and also helps to achieve the astronomically return function when it is non-signal, which is free your worry from losing the drone. There is app control and corpse photo. With the built-in Wifi module, you can use your mobile device to view live video and aerial photos in real time. It's easy to shoot quality images or videos with gestures. You will get the drone with 3 batteries and a carrying bag. You can have more fun with the drone if you have long flight time. You will get the drone with 3 batteries and a carrying bag. You can have more fun with the drone if you have long flight time.

Brand: Mixxar

👤I have done some research for a low price, good drone, Holy Stone, they have instructions and support, and seem to have decent ratings on Amazon. I purchased this because normally with most items I get from Amazon, even though they are a bit odd, still come with some instructions and a website or something to connect to. This doesn't. I bought this as a trainer to get used to flying one, my work is getting me licensed for a 107, so I thought, what better way to learn. It might be easier if you get an app. Some things I learned from this. I had to search and find a video on how to get this thing in the air, the instructions are vague and I didn't find a video on how to get this thing in the air. The video I found was not strong. If you are trying to figure it out, there is no support. I have not returned it because I like the challenge. How do you calibrate the whatever according to the instructions? There are no instructions to tell you. Do not get this for anyone younger than 13 or 14. I am a bit conservative. I had to dodge it when I tried to fly it in the house because I didn't calibrate it properly. I am trying to land and turn it off by playing dodge drones. Those ProPELLERS are sharp and they hurt. The mini spinning blades are similar to the movie Krull. I learned to research, get something that has instructions. If they have support, ask in the question section. This will go a long way. Before you buy, make sure they have a valid website with forums or something to go to try and help. It looks cool, but I would recommend skipping it. One of the batteries will not fit in the drone. I will pay a little more if I buy another lo price drone.

👤When it arrived, it was half the size. We had to pay for shipping when we tried to return it, so we paid more for it. They will never buy from them again. I'm stuck with a useless product.

👤After 2 weeks, stopped working. It will take 4 weeks for a new one. It was a present. It's embarrassing.

👤It takes 25 to 50 percent of the battery life to search for satellites in the preflight time, and the drone has a terrible time getting to gps satellites. The FPV is usually disconnected from my galaxy note 9 at about 100 yards. The video looks ok up to 100 yards out. It's all over. The batteries were delivered bloated but still hold a charge. It's hard to tell when half of the bird's awake life is spent pondering the sky and searching for gps. The thing has developed a mind of its own and will randomly divert from instructions I give it and fly away in the sky. You have to keep an eye on it or you may never find it.

7. Potensic Quadcopter Helicopter Altitude Trajectory

Potensic Quadcopter Helicopter Altitude Trajectory

It won't fly away before you get the hang of it if you have the Best Choice for Newbies. It's friendly to beginners, with one-key take off/land/return, auto hover, headless mode and 3 speeds switch, even little boys and girls can take it under control. With the P5 camera drone, you can easily and clearly capture memorable moments and view the images directly on your phone with the HD camera. The app makes it easy to share your creativity on social media. The camera can only be adjusted manually by 90. Up to 20 minutes of flight time can be had with one powerful modular battery. The package includes 2 batteries, which will allow you to fly for 40 minutes. The modular battery is easier to use and install. The PotensicFly APP is a smart app that makes it easy to start flying. The PotensicFly app has flight, gravity control, and more. It's easy to fly your drone. The Potensic P5 camera drone is user-friendly with altitude hold, headless mode, and 3 speed modes that can accommodate all experience levels, even kids and beginners. The 3D flip feature makes the flying experience more appealing. The Potensic P5 camera drone is lightweight and comes with a high quality carrying bag that makes it easy to carry. You don't have to worry about your drone getting scratched because you can take it anywhere.

Brand: Potensic

👤I had a lot of fun with this thing. I really like having two batteries, they last a little longer than I expected. The camera quality is what you can expect from a drone in this price range, and I would say it is probably better than I could have hoped for. The drone is light. It has tools, props, guards, and even a carrying bag. The flip feature is unique for a drone of this size, and I found it entertaining. The camera is fixed on this model, but it is easy to get good photos with a tilt on the drone. I really like this drone and would recommend it to anyone.

👤The Potensic drone I bought is a perfect one for beginners, easy to fly, has tons of features, and is a good price for it. I would recommend this drone to anyone who is interested in drones. Excellent value and quality!

👤The quality of this drone is unparalleled, it has an easy to use controller and app interface, the camera is HD, and it is very good quality. It is so easy to fly that I would classify it as a beginners drone. I was very happy with this device.

👤This is a Christmas gift. My boyfriend had it right out back, not far from the house. He tried to get it to come back to him, but it went off in the other direction. We walked a bit looking for it after it wasn't found. We were very excited and liked the details, but the money just took off, which was very disappointing.

👤It's an ok drone until it decides to take off and try to get control of itself, then you change the battery and try to get it back in the air, but it keeps gaining altitude and I can't get it to land. If you want to buy a drone, I would suggest you buy a wifi extender because you don't have a lot of range and the app for it has a lot of flaws.

👤It was bought for an adult son. After a few hours of use, the drone went rogue and wouldn't respond to the remote. It doesn't have a tracking system so we can't find it. Money was wasted. We were able to connect to this one after the company sent a new one.

👤Everything arrived as advertised after we received the drone. We couldn't pair the camera with our phones. Potensic's customer service was on the ball after we sent them an email. We tried many times to get the drone to connect. We were able to get the new drone connected after they sent us a new one. Their customer service was excellent. Responsive, professional and proactive.

👤The product was really good and I was able to calibrate it and it flew off when I was not in the wind, but I was able to get a new one for free by customer service. I am writing a review to tell you that their customer service is great. If it flies off like crazy, then contact customer service, it will take like three days or four to get there.

8. Cheerwing X5SW V3 Explorers2 Headless Quadcopter

Cheerwing X5SW V3 Explorers2 Headless Quadcopter

Better Flight Experience: 3 batteries give you up to 10 minutes of flying experience, 250g lightweight and powerful, save you from the FAA registry. It's so easy to operate because of Headless Mode, Altitude Mode and One Key to Take-off / Landing functions. The New X5 SW-V3 2021 ver is a better version of the old one because it has a 720P HD camera. You can enjoy the first person view through the app. The camera drone is more stable and easier to use with one key take off and landing function. The One Key Start button will start the drone flying, it will auto hover at a certain height, easier to control and more stable for aerial photography. Kids and adults can use drones. You can control the drone through the APP. The built-in Gravity Sensor allows you to fly your drone without touching your phone. You can draw your flight plan on the screen and the drone will fly accordingly. It's fun to fly without remote control. The 3D flips and 2 speed mode make it easier to control the drone for beginners and pilots with different skill levels. You can start a racing game with your kids and family. Protection Propeller Guards and high-quality ABS material make the drone more durable.

Brand: Cheerwing

👤This was the first one I owned. I wanted a cheap one to learn from if I crashed it. I lost it. It was easy to get started with the drone. I flew it to my office to test it. It took a few minutes to put the blades on. I took it outside and flew it over my building. Even if you don't feel the wind, it's still a concern. The controls worked. It connected to my phone and started the app. I took it to my acres of jungle so I could get a drone and fly over the land to study the video. The first two times it was good, but the third time it got caught in the wind and moved south. There was little chance of recovery because of the heavily wooded area. It's very light and there was some wind over the trees. It's better to find a big field than in the jungle. You will lose it because it is very light. I have more batteries. Maybe I'll buy another for the grand kids. A full battery will give you about 5 minutes to fly. Since the camera is fixed, you can't do much. It's a good learning experience and a fun toy, but not for serious use. It's worth the price, but keep it close to the base.

👤The quad is easy to work on and replace, so I gave it 5 stars. The parts are very cheap. I explained that I didn't purchase this drone from Amazon, but I saw it when someone threw it away in the apartment complex that I work at. He said that the "motors burned out" and it made me laugh because I know a lot of people who complain about burned out motors. After I charged the battery and turned it on, I realized that two of the blades weren't spinning with the others, so I took a closer look, removed one small screw, and saw that the gear from the motor was no longer aligned with the gear. The quad took off without a hitch after this. Back in business! I think it's important to say that this is the first time I've flown a drone. I was happy to find one that someone was throwing out, I have been wanting one for a long time. After a few minutes of getting used to it, this quad is very easy to fly and I could control it outside during the winter. The camera was better than expected and there was no delay in the transmission of the internet to my phone. It can take a while for my phone to connect to the camera. It takes about two minutes and 16 small screws to disassemble the drone. I cut the wires of the existing lights and attached them to the white led, then I drilled a small hole in the frame and inserted the white led spotlight. Done! It was easy to modify and I plan to do more. There is a I have crashed this quad into the snow, down several flights of stairs, into my car, my cat, trees, mailboxes, and haven't even had to replace a blade yet. I am going to get more blades and motors for this quad because they are so cheap. I want to keep flying this quad. Take it from the person who pulled the quad out of the trash. I have no reason to lie or bend the truth because I did not spend a dime. The copter is fun and affordable.

9. HR Brushless Foldable Quadcopter Bag(Black)

HR Brushless Foldable Quadcopter Bag%EF%BC%88Black%EF%BC%89

Functions:Foldable drone,GPS+GLONASS+OPTICAL, Low light Capture, Vision Auxiliary Landing, Headless mode, image tracking, Automatic Takeoff/Landing, Low Power Failsafe Mode, Flight Control Failsafe Mode Brushless motor runs quieter and more powerful, it has a longer lifetime and spare you from motor maintenance. Never lose the drone. When the battery is low, signal is lost or you press one key return, it returns automatically. It is so smart to fly at your will, following you automatically, flying along a path you set, or flying around a point in circles. You can focus on your photography and creation. The 4K HD camera with image stabilization and the 90FOV are included with the drone. No need to worry about orientation and with a simple press on the button your drone will rise to a height or land, perfect for beginners. The intelligent battery works for 20 Mins for each charge, the long-life Motor have lower power consumption, and the foldable design makes it easy to take the drone outside. The intelligent battery works for 20 Mins for each charge, the long-life Motor have lower power consumption, and the foldable design makes it easy to take the drone outside.

Brand: Hr

👤I liked the video and the ability to follow a target.

👤I love the product. It takes a while to set up. But great!

👤The product arrived and it was broken. Abs should be good.

👤The camera doesn't work.

👤If you can't even bother with this business.

👤El vendedor se comunica para responder, pero no tienes. mala inversin

10. Altair Beginners Quadcopter Headless Batteries

Altair Beginners Quadcopter Headless Batteries

The 2 X 3.7v 600 mAh battery has a bonus battery. Double flight time. Realtime video of the movie "PREMIUM" The Aerial AA108 comes with a 120 Degree Wide-Angle 720P HD camera that takes amazing photos and videos in birds eye view right from your phone. Not included is the sd card. They recommend a Class 10 card with a max size of 32 gigabytes. The Altair Quadcopter is easy to pilot and has several features. It is easy to fly indoors with this great drone with camera. Stable flight and sturdy structure for long lasting fun! You can use your phone to draw a custom flight line on your screen, and the drone will fly according to that. Real time flight time is 100 meters up to 10 minutes. A great drone for beginners. Advanced remote control technology, no phone required, emergency landing function, and low battery alarm are included. The gift comes with a bonus battery for extra flight time. USA based small business ship international shipping at checkout

Brand: Altair Aerial

👤I've wanted to buy a drone for a while but was intimidated and didn't want to fly it into the side of a house I've been very happy with my purchase after conducting a lot of research. I bought a drone a few days ago and so far it's worked out great. It was very easy to start flying. I contacted the sellers before I purchased it because I had a few questions and received responses quickly answering everything I needed to know. I've flown it in my house with my daughter. There's a button on the back that lets you switch between easy, advanced and advanced flight modes. I took it outside this morning and it handled the wind well. The other functions worked well. I flew it around my neighborhood. The flight range is great for this price point, I got it out to at least 120 yards, which is longer than most drones of this size. The out of range alarm went off. I was able to get it back with no problems after flying past that. Even with the wind, the battery lasted around 10 minutes. The range of the video is 40-50 yards with the app. I was considering buying others, but I decided to buy this one. They responded quickly to my emails and are based in the USA. I like to support a US business. I recommend this one if you've been afraid of getting a drone because you'll crash it right away. It is very easy to use. It was fun for everyone.

👤Not a normal review writer, but given so many options for drones, I purchased this on a whim. I was surprised at how strong the drone was. The instructions were very detailed and the remote control had a nice label. I was able to get the instructions quickly. I was flying immediately. It was a bit windy when I lived around a lot of houses. I was able to keep the drone steady and the video was a surprise. I've seen larger and more expensive drones and they don't seem to have a different look from the camera. The drone will be great to use and get used to. My 9 year old was fine with it. She hit the button when she got out of control and it automatically lowered to the ground. I'm sure the spare parts for the drone will be nice to have eventually. If you're looking for a nice middle of the road drone without breaking the bank, this one is for you.

👤I was hesitant about ordering. I received the drone within a few days and I am loving it. The manual was easy to understand, and it's ideal for people who have never flown a drone, since the controls are easy to use. I was surprised by the quality of the pictures and video that it takes, which can be viewed from the Flyingsee App, which fits at the top of the controller, due to the low price of the drone. This is the best purchase I've made this summer.

11. SANROCK Quadcopter Beginners Altitude Headless

SANROCK Quadcopter Beginners Altitude Headless

3D FLIPS AND H/L SPEED MODE DRONE. Stunt aerial show with 3D flips and high/low speed switch mode. Have fun with this upgraded drone. You can see real time first-person-view on the app with the built-in HD camera and 90adjustable angle. The clips are saved to a card. You can use your iPad or iPhone to directly download HD footage to your social media accounts. Their camera drones can perform a number of tricks, including circle fly, which makes fly more attractive. You can define a flying route on the map. You can fly the drone with a smart phone by moving it up or down. The best toy for beginners. The auto hovering mode on the drones ensures a steady hover in the air at a certain altitude when they focus on taking great aerial pictures and videos. It will be easier to control the drone when it's out of sight. The transmitter will sound an alarm if the battery is low. You need to press the return home button if the transmitter sounds an alarm when the drone exceeds 100 meters. The Big drone is easy to control, just press the one key start/landing button. There are two speed switch, a low speed and a high speed. If you press the button in an emergency, it will return to you. The RC quadcopter has protective propeller guards to ensure a safe flight for you. It's important to have high-quality material to deal with sudden shocks or drops. It is easy to replace the battery with one that can support 10-13 minutes flight. You can contact them if you need this type of battery.

Brand: Sanrock

👤It is fun to fly, but it can drift indoors and outdoors even without wind. I don't think it's stable enough for photo or video but fine as a toy, and my battery was malfunctioning, so they tried to bribe me with a $50 gift card to remove this review. I will be leaving the review because it is honest.

👤The honest way this company asked for feedback, review, or offered assistance impressed me right out of the box. There wasn't a way to get you to write a positive review. The product is not going to be impressive when a vendor does that. The setup was easy, the drone can take a nasty spill, but it works well and is impressive. They didn't offer a free prize for a review because they don't need it. The drone is worth a lot. You can't beat the price. It is a bit of a stretch to say that this is for a beginner, but the craft is advanced enough to do quite a lot of droning beyond the beginner level. I will leave it at that, but I could rant about it for ever. The drone is better than my joke. I promise!

👤I've had cheaper drones from another company that starts with an "S" and ends with an "A" and is four letters long. This is not crazy to compare it to. The good is that the build quality and fit of the drone is excellent. I did not test return to home or headless mode because of the take off / landing feature. I'm pretty sure I'd crash quickly in headless mode after flying non-headless drones. Does all of that. I think the other reviews covered the positives so I'll focus on things to consider, but one major issue I have is the camera taking photos and videos upside down. I'm not sure if anyone else ran into this problem. It's possible the camera is upside down. I had the camera pointed down to the ground too far, but that fence is supposed to be at the bottom of the picture, not the bottom right. If I get ambitious, I might disassemble the drone and flip the camera. It was sort of a pain. This thing gets blown around very easily because it was only 9 mph today. I kept it in speed 1 and then the breeze kicked up and I kicked it into speed 2 to avoid a tree and was surprised it could not over come that breeze. Speed 1 and 2 seem to be the same. These are the things that are considered. This is a good drone. If you have any RC experience, you will get bored quickly. This drone needs very very mild wind or it will fall in a tree quickly, luckily this mid age dude can still free climb trees 30' up. 3. The auto hover function is nice for taking photos, but it really cuts into how well the drones can turn and maneuver, and ultimately top speed. Since the drones are programmed to auto hover, it limits how much they can pitch and yaw in flight, which affects top speed and the ability to avoid objects. All. I had a lot more fun flying the cheaper drone. The camera was not as good as it could have been in the advanced mode, but it went about at least 2x faster. I am wondering how it would perform in a non-winding situation. I was a bit disappointed in how slow it was, but it has certain features that a beginner would appreciate.


What is the best product for waterproof quadcopter with auto return gps?

Waterproof quadcopter with auto return gps products from Holy Stone. In this article about waterproof quadcopter with auto return gps you can see why people choose the product. Syma and Contixo are also good brands to look for when you are finding waterproof quadcopter with auto return gps.

What are the best brands for waterproof quadcopter with auto return gps?

Holy Stone, Syma and Contixo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for waterproof quadcopter with auto return gps. Find the detail in this article. Benyi, Readytosky and Mixxar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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