Best Sirus/xm Radio Vehicle Kit with Gps

Radio 7 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Radio 2E Enhanced Portable Titanium CC2TE

Radio 2E Enhanced Portable Titanium CC2TE

There is a full-color display with artist name, song title, channel logos and program information. Pause, replay and live Satellite Radio. You can start your favorite songs on your favorite channels. Listen to a mix of songs from your favorite channels. Use Traffic & Weather Now to keep up to date. It connects to any radio with either an AUX input or a FM connection. The best AM reception is built in a Twin-Coil antenna. Life saving information in natural disasters can be found on the 2-Meter Ham band. Get government notifications on the weather band. The clock, alarm, sleep timer, Headphone jack, display light, and 5 one touch memory preset are included. The battery is battery operated. The battery life is long.

Brand: C. Crane

👤The Bass and Treble knobs are very fragile and may be made from egg shells. One of the knobs on my radio has broken in the last 7 years. $38 for knobs that should never have broken is a lot. Each time a knob broke, the shipping cost was $13 more than it should have been. I don't know how the cheap plastic broke, I think over time it became brittle and they fell apart. The quality of the control knobs was poor. There is a The sound quality is not as good with the aux hole in the back. I tried to listen to the radio. You can input. It sounded terrible. The radio is built to last and has good AM/FM, Weather, and 2 meter band reception. I believe that an analog screen would consume less battery. You need a good supply of D Batt's before the storm because it eats D batteries. This Radio is best used when plugged into AC power. I used this during Hurricane Sandy and it worked very well. The radio's strongest asset is reception. The mesh screen has never been exposed to rain, so it has started to rust. I had higher expectations from a radio in this price point and was not expecting the problems I have had and the poor customer service that has been provided for what I consider a manufacturers defects. I would have liked to give the C Crane a 5 star rating, but I had to deduct one star for weak plastic that will fail over time and another for their poor customer service. I would have bought another radio if I'd known about the knobs being prone to break.

👤The original one was knocked off the counter and broke after 19 years of use. 19 years, ya'll. The old one had the analog TV channels, but the new one doesn't have them anymore. The addition of an AM external antenna puts it in a league of its own. It's pretty good. We get some station bleed over from stronger stations at certain times of the day. The addition of an external antenna would correct this. Sound quality is great. There is a The AC power cord is required because the 4 D cell batteries last a couple days. Look up your location and set the weather station you want. If you set up the automatic weather alert, be careful. This thing will go off at any time when the NOAA issues an alert, and will scare the be-jezzus out of you. There is a The clock and radio are working. This is an instrument that can pull in distant radio signals.

👤Ccrane has been out there for a long time. I listen to my favorite station on AM in my car or on an old boom box in the garage. My bedroom is on the Far East end of the house and I only get a sound from my clock radio. I start talking about Ccrane's reputation. I don't listen to the weather report because I don't care about it and am/fm and the air band are the only things that interest me. I need a smaller radio to fit on my nightstand. The catalog seemed to be empty. I use Sangean on the other side of the house where I shower. I looked at Ccrane again and decided to use the 2E. I have not been disappointed when I order a Ccrane radio on Amazon. Unless I carry it around the room and stand sideway, my favorite station is unreceivabe. The sound is terrible. The Sangean clock radio is leaps and bounds better than the Ccrane. I am very disappointed in this radio. After reading for years about how great it is at picking up distant stations, it's even more special. It can't get a station more than 30 miles away. I don't even know how I am feeling right now. If my wife had not thrown the box out, the radio would be in the mail. Don't spend the money.

2. SiriusXM Commander Full Color Touchscreen Dash Mounted

SiriusXM Commander Full Color Touchscreen Dash Mounted

You can use the in-dash audio system to listen to SiriusXM. To get three months free service. You have to subscribe to the package. When you mention "Never Miss a Beat" you need to give your radio ID. A credit card is required for this offer. The All Access package includes both Satellite and Streaming service. There is a full-color display with artist name, song title, channel logos and program information. Pause, replay and live Satellite Radio. You can start your favorite songs on your favorite channels. Listen to a mix of songs from your favorite channels. Use Traffic & Weather Now to keep up to date. It connects to any radio with either an AUX input or a FM connection.

Brand: Siriusxm

👤When the companies were separate, he was a subscriber. I was a loyal listener. I got rid of my skyfi-2 reciever and all the vehicle and home kits because I was trying to save where I could. Fast forward to next year. Spotify is hit and miss, and iheartradio is terrible. 35 minutes of commercials and 1 song. No thank you. I come back to sirius. They activated the radio. The customer service reps are not in English. Decided to buy this unit from Amazon. You will pay anywhere from 8 to 13 dollars for this at retail stores. It was a no-brainer to buy from Amazon. I researched several units before making a decision. The skyfi-2 was large and bulky when I was a child. You had to use a cigarette 12v adapter. I wanted the installation to be clean and free of wires. The unit is sleek and fits under the climate controls of my car. The sound is clear and amazing. I used the auxilary plug. It's great that the channel selection is great. Now for the bad. Different ways of swiping reveal different settings on a small touchscreen. What were you thinking, that you are very prone to fingerprints/smudges? I'm ordering a remote soon. A remote would have been helpful. There will be a learning curve if you are coming from a skyfi. If you want to reference the manual, you should print it out online. The quick start guide doesn't explain much. They could have been better if they had a remote. I went with this for its size. PLUG and PLAY is not what it is. Direct hard wiring is required to the vehicle. Again, have a professional install this for you. It will save you a lot of frustration. I did not attempt to do it myself. I took it to my local stereo shop and they installed it. This is a cheaper way to enjoy siriusxm. My car has a radio. I was able to replace the factory radio from 300.000 to 700.00 with a nice aftermarket apple carplay model. That wouldn't have been bad, but with all the things that come with it, it would add another 15 or so to the price. I'm not comfortable doing this myself because I have too many wires and fragile trim pieces that break easily. If I had replaced the radio and added a siriusxm add on, I would have spent less than 60 dollars. I have a factory radio and commander touch setup that only costs 168 dollars. Commander and install costs are paid at the car stereo shop. I discovered that my commander touch needed a software update. You will need a microusb accessory.

👤The top end is $22 per month and includes a $5 royalty subscription. I wanted a $6 per month package to put music in my boat. It's as good as a brick if you want to pay 27 a month. Unless you want the top end package with internet streaming, NHL and nascar, you should not buy it.

3. SiriusXM SXV300AZV1 Subscription SiriusXM Ready Compatible

SiriusXM SXV300AZV1 Subscription SiriusXM Ready Compatible

The vehicle stripper kit is for cars. The SXV300 connect vehicle tuner allows you to connect, control, and enjoy the satellite radio service. The small size hides the tuner behind the dash for a fully-integrated look. The SXV300AZV1 satellite radio vehicle tuner comes with 3 months free or 12 months for a fee. For as low as $8.25 a month, you can experience over 400 satellite and streaming channels. Fees and taxes are included. There are advanced music features. Enjoy advanced music features. You can pause, replay, and rewind satellite radio. For a detailed description, consult the car stereo receiver manufacturer. Do it yourself installation. The kit has an antenna tool and a single interface cable connection. You can enjoy over 300 channels online or on the app. Only SiriusXM gives you more of what you love in one place. Enjoy ad-free music from nearly every genre, exclusive entertainment and comedy, world-class news, local traffic and weather, and more.

Brand: Siriusxm

👤The satellite radio built into the system is much better than fumbling with the I phone and the other accessories. I will make a negative comment. The fact that this module doesn't have buffer capability is not a big deal. I've had radios that have a buffer so the audio wouldn't fall out when the vehicle is driving under a bridge. As soon as the obstacle is cleared, this unit cuts out and returns. It's not a deal breaker if the manufacturer added a buffer feature.

👤Just received. The 90 days free that was advertised and expired right out of the box was Hooked up. I'm not sure how long this has been sitting on a shelf. I transferred my service over, but still no reception. I wouldn't contact the seller except for this review. The connection is secured. A Min was taken for a signal to connect. So far, it's ok. Amazon hasn't said why they're giving out free 90 day expiRED coupons. I will keep it a 3 star.

👤I bought this kit after doing some research. If the radio had an Aux/XM button and the XM >>> logo, then the radio was ready. I bought the kit after seeing a video that showed the port on the back of an Odyssey radio in a van that looked like my Odyssey. Don't watch out. You need to be able to read the minds of Honda engineers. If your Odyssey van includes the rear entertainment system, the logo and button will only apply. Nice. I think I should have known that you also have to spend for an aux port to work on that van. I assumed the idea was the same as the need for the adapter. I would like the seller to contact me to move the review to the question answer area.

👤If you're lucky, you don't have to run the antenna because you bought the adapter for your vehicle. It took 25 minutes to take apart the center console and radio, and 30 minutes to plug in the remote box, which has a lot of cable length to be hidden. I regret not installing it sooner. For real.

👤Buy this with your head unit if it supports this. I like Howard Stern on satellite radio. I spend a lot of my time in National Parks and areas with no phone service. I have a satellite and I always have radio. There are so many options to listen to. There is something for everyone. It is worth getting the direct connection instead of using a transponder. To receive a clear signal, you need to change the station from town to town. It was a distraction while driving. This solved that quickly.

👤I would have given it a 4 star rating. The 3 month free offer was no longer valid when I activated it. I bought it in 2020. That is false advertising.

👤Okay, install. If you are useful. Pull trim, fishing wires, and remove head unit to plug it in. Lots of choices sounds great. If purchased before the 19th of December, there will be an advertised rebate. Not if purchased from Amazon. Three months of free service was printed on a box and card. Radio was not an SXV300AZV1 even if the box says so. Another product from Amazon. I'm starting to fear Amazon. There are too many products. It can't be sent back after the work is done.

4. SiriusXM SXDV3 Satellite Mounting Charging

SiriusXM SXDV3 Satellite Mounting Charging

The components include computer cable. Both SirusXM and the Sirus network have compatible radios. Universal docking capability is included in the complete vehicle kit. It's compatible with the following: Onyx Plus, Onyx, Edge, Stratus 7, 6, 5, Stratus, Sportster 5, Starmate 8, 5, 4, Xpress RCi, XpressR. You can move your radio to your car with one subscription.

Brand: Siriusxm

👤There is nothing wrong with the kit, but it is missing something. The rubber/plastic cable cover is needed to secure the antenna cable to the roof. In the past, this was provided in other kits. The cable is covered by a protective cover that glues to the roof, as it runs from the edge of the roof to the antenna. This avoids having the cable 'tail' flapping in the wind or getting caught by something. The antenna cable will usually run from the roof edge to a weather strip and then sideways for a while before going into the car. Without the cover it can be pulled out from the weather strip and the antenna can be damaged if not broken. It's baffling that it's not included in the kit cost because it would add a few pennies.

👤I thought I had ordered the home dock, but I got the car kit because I hit the wrong button. I ordered the proper home kit after a lot of messing around. Works well now. It's not easy to understand what kind of service you can have with the radio you buy.

👤The box and item description are not correct. It doesn't work for a sirius starmate 5. I put this thing in my truck so it wouldn't leave the boot page if the truck's radio was turned on. I tried everything and it ran fine in my other vehicle, but not on this dock. I found out that starmate 5 users have had this problem. He issued a refund after the customer support from Amazon was helpful. There is an endorsement on the side of this package. I'll try to find a starmate 5 kit and just toss the receiver and use it's supplied vehicle kit, it was a waste of my time.

👤Awesome, awesome, awesome! It worked after I got it hooked up and turned on. This was very easy because I am not tech oriented. You can use this if you can plug in an appliance.

👤I was not using the radio in the car because of COVID 19. I bought a home kit accessory. I could hear inside when I wasn't in the car. The antenna, power supply, remote and cables work well, and the remote control makes it convenient to change channels or not listen to them. I was thinking of canceling my subscription, but it was a good choice.

👤The biggest joke of a product I've ever seen. I believe it was bought through Amazon Warehouse Deals, but I didn't open it until the holidays. The audio out jack at the factory is not functioning, so whoever was in charge of the soldering of jacks must have taken a break. The 3.5mm out jack wasn't even attempted. It's trash if you don't order the parts and try to do it yourself. Great job on both Amazon and Sirius XM!

👤The kit is not compatible with Starmate 5 radios, as claimed by the box and SIRIUS website. I have three Starmate5 radios, all work fine with older model Home and Vehicle docking stations, but will not work with the new kits. I spent a long time on the phone with 4 SIRIUS reps and they just came to the conclusion that the docking stations are not compatible with the Starmate5. The radio won't work unless you lock it up on the opening screen. The docking kits work fine with the original SIRIUS. After 30 days, I figured this out, but now I'm stuck with junk.

5. Battery Operated Portable Pocket Radio

Battery Operated Portable Pocket Radio

No need to worry on rainy days. It's used to track vehicles, car, truck, employees, assets, and valuable belonging. It is a perfect choice if you want to track the safety issues of people you care about when they drive. You're surrounded by technology, leaving you with no breathing space and no peace of mind. In the old days, it was all you needed to lay back with a transistor radio. With the AM/FM Portable Pocket Radio, you can relax by tuning into your favorite music station, without distraction, and with no touch screens. It is a pleasure in real time. The power outage, transistor outRAGE, is mentioned. The batteries of all gadgets die when there is a power interruption. It's a very isolating feeling. You can get broadcast news in real time with this transistor radio, which runs on AA batteries in every household. It will come in handy if you keep one in your emergency kit. Feels good, sounds better. It's nice to know that some things never change. Today, radio broadcasts rock. This pocket radio will allow you to listen to AM/PM without compromising sound quality. With a built-in large speaker, it can fill a room with your favorite songs or baseball game. Long lasting enjoyment, using your devices throughout the day eats up batteries in a few hours. AA batteries last for weeks with their radio. If you want to take it on a long trip or give it to your child for camp, go for it. Upon their return, you will get great feedback. Timeless gift idea that will score some compliment when choosing a present for your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles. The ultimate radio to buy is this one. It's simple to use, elegant and classy, and it will fill their heart with joy.

Brand: Vondior

👤I am a radio nerd. I used to fall asleep with a transistor radio under my pillow, listening to the chatter from across the country. I suppose radios are made more cheaply since then. I've never seen one that was close to the reception ability of older models. I've tried radios that claimed to have more power, more transistors, more transistors, more transistors, more transistors, more transistors, more transistors, more transistors, more transistors, more transistors, more transistors, more transistors, more transistors, more transistors, more transistors, more transistors, more Not impressed. Until this one. I live in the middle of nowhere. The dead zone is blocked by mountains. There was no radio or cell phone service. Nothing. I never thought the Vondior could pick up so many stations. The reception was amazing from a small package.

👤I bought this for my Aunt who had a transitor radio and died after all these years. She is happy with it. The sound is good. The knobs are the same as her old radio. I like that it uses 2 AA batteries. It was a great replacement for her old radio.

👤I was worried that it was light and old school. I remember some from the 60's. The reception is great. I bought this because of what others had said. I want to hear about the baseball team. There is a metal frame building with loads of electronics. None of my other radio devices work. The radio has a clear reception. Speaker a 5 on fidelity, but an 8 on volume. It's perfect for what I want.

👤The little radio pulls in the AM. I picked up an old AM radio at an antique store that ran off a 9volt and it had two double A's. I would be surprised if the late Art Bell talked about how distant the stations are. Well worth the low price. There is a It came in a box with reflective impressions that reflected gold, which I think shows a sense of pride in what the company is offering.

👤Have listened to the commentary at a NASCAR race and a baseball game. Works well! It takes some tuning to get to the correct station. A great gift for Father's Day!

👤I like this radio because it's no frills, it's good reception, it's batts last for a long time, and it's not expensive. I use it for 4 hours a day. A knight is listening to coast2coast. I am happy to replace my old one with this one, I thought it might have better tech antenna, but it does, my description is inexpensive, good engineering and long batt. Life.

👤I live in a deep forest far from the next town and have periods of time when the electricity is off. I have returned radios that didn't work because they weren't up to par. This radio is very good. It is small enough to carry around and has clear reception. I will order another one for my bag.

👤The transistor radio doesn't need digital technology. I was looking for a radio that did not rely on cell signals, internet or other digital technology. This radio is very impressive.

6. SiriusXM FMDA25 Direct Adapter

SiriusXM FMDA25 Direct Adapter

The satellite radio has a hardwired audio connection behind the dash. You can switch between Satellite Radio and regular radio with a touch of the power button. Everything for most vehicle installations is included. It is compatible with all SIRIUS branded docks and portable radios. Also compatible with portable radios with a PowerConnect vehicle kit. There is a user guide and a FM Direct Adapter with it. hardwired into your vehicle's radio behind the dash is a static-free audio connection for your Satellite Radio. You can switch between Satellite Radio and regular radio with a touch of the power button.

Brand: Siriusxm

👤The install of the radio was going to be a bit more professional after buying it to include. It does serve it's primary purpose, but it is not as good as the older version that they used to have. The old model that I have in one of my vehicles that is plugged in with the antenna like this one does not cut out the regular signals when the radio is on. I could switch to regular radio stations on the car radio without turning on the satellite radio. If you want to switch to a regular radio station, you have to power the Sirius radio off because it's the antenna signal that's disconnected when it's powered on. That's the reason for taking a star. Since this version is discontinued, it's not clear what they're trying to do with their marketing. They still sell the radios, but they have different radios for different companies. The radio I bought from XM was nice and has a lot of features, but compared to the one I bought around 7 years ago, what you get is a bit slim. I had to get this item because it only has a straight pin audio accessory connector. If you get a new sat radio and your old one doesn't have an audio jack, what should you do? If I had to do it again, I might look for an older style or alternate product that doesn't have the glitch.

👤I had to remove the console and dash from my car to get to the antenna connection on my stereo system after I bought the first one. It worked well after installation. The sound was better than using a cassette or a crummy radio. I lost the AM radio signal after 6 months. The radio was off. The AM signal would be back after about 5 minutes. This would happen about once a month. It's quite annoying when you listen to something on the radio. It got worse today. The AM signal was restored about 20 minutes later. It happened again in the afternoon. I bought another one back in March. I might have to try the new one. I don't like having to disassemble my car again.

👤If you are using the standard over-the-air feature of the XM tuner, this direct wire adapter will improve the sound. It's like going from a flat sound radio to a sound on a CD with better spatial separation of bass and treble. If you don't use this, you can find vacant channels by searching the web for the radio-locator website. If you pick a channel that isn't competing with a strong signal, there will be less interference. The old version of this accessory had a plug on the side for the antenna. The new version of Sirius simplifies the wiring so that the antenna plug can go straight to the satellite dish. The way this plugs in is very simple. It's difficult to figure out how to route the wires so they look nice in the car. In our car, the wire goes up through the air conditioning duct and pokes out through the vent behind the factory radio, and the other wire is hidden behind the air conditioning vent.

7. SiriusXM SXPL1V1 Satellite Vehicle Streaming

SiriusXM SXPL1V1 Satellite Vehicle Streaming

The vehicle kit is for cars. You can connect, control, and enjoy SiriusXM through your car's audio system with controls on the full color display. 3 months free. 3 months free Platinum service is included with the Onyx Plus Radio. Mention "Never Miss a Beat" when calling to activated. The offer requires a credit card and an activation fee. There are advanced music features. The music features of the Onyx Plus are advanced. You can pause, replay, and rewind satellite radio. Get notified when your favorite artists, songs or teams are playing. SIRIUSXM has more of what you love in one place. Store up to 20 Smart Favorite channels for quick access. You can listen to your favorite channels at home, at the office, or anywhere with optional accessories like the Boombox or Home Kit.

Brand: Siriusxm

👤I like it. I was supposed to get three months of free service. I got two weeks instead. #2. I bought a new radio when my "two weeks" ended. When I called to start service, I found that the radio was registered to a different person. I had to wait on the phone for about an hour to get the radio to me. I don't want to return it because it's too difficult to cancel one subscription and start another. I didn't get three months free service and I paid a new price for a used radio. There should be some compensation forthcoming.

👤This appears to be a great product, and as always, Amazon provided it quickly and in perfect condition. My nephew was going to get it as a Christmas gift. I was going to give a 6 month gift subscription. The terms of the gift subscription require a credit card to be left on file and is automatically charged for an extension when it expires unless they are contacted directly to end the subscription. This is not feasible for an elderly person. I hold Amazon in the highest regard, and this is a great product. The gift card terms from Sirius are difficult to change.

👤I can't rate this zero stars. The all access package was ordered for a client. activation is required in their main advertisement. They did not mention that it requires a separate subscription. When we called customer support the first person that answered barely spoke English and their accent was so heavy it was hard to understand them. They hang up on us when we try to speak to someone in English. When we called back, we were asked to speak to a supervisor who did not speak English, and then they hung up on us again. I tried to call corporate headquarters, but I never got a call back. They don't care about their customers. You have to tell people that a separate subscription is required in your main ad. I will be reporting it to the Better Business Bureau since I can no longer return it. I'm going to file a lawsuit against Amazon and Sirius for not revealing all information. If anyone else has been treated the same, please contact me and I can help you with a class action lawsuit against both companies.

👤I am a lifetime subscriber and I bought this thinking, it looks nicer than my older model, who cares? After paying $75 to switch my subscription over, I discovered that the radio only works on the XM satellites and needed to be switched to another plan. The basic plan was Howard and no football. Even though there is no technical reason, my streaming account lost these channels. I tried to resolve this using their online chat, only to find out that the only solution they could offer was to switch me back. I need another $75 for my old radio. The live listener care moved me back to my old radio, waving the transfer fee. He was able to give me a credit to my account. Legacy customers who believed in them when they just started need to be supported by SiriusXM.

8. SiriusXM SXEZR1V1 Satellite Radio Vehicle

SiriusXM SXEZR1V1 Satellite Radio Vehicle

The vehicle kit is for cars. You can listen to satellite radio in your car with the vehicle kit that comes with the SXEZR1V1 Onyx EZR. You can listen to 150+ channels in your car or online. The Platinum Programming Package comes with a choice of 3 months free or 12 months free. For as low as $8.25 a month, you can experience over 400 satellite and streaming channels. Fees and taxes are included. Store up to 10 of your favorite channels, or create your own music channel with TuneMix. You can use split-screen mode to see what other channels are playing. Do it yourself installation. Installation of the PowerConnect Vehicle Kit is easy with the SiriusXM Onyx EZR with Vehicle Kit. You can listen to your favorite channels through your existing vehicle stereo. SIRIUSXM has more of what you love in one place. Enjoy ad-free music from nearly every genre, plus exclusive entertainment and comedy, world-class news, and more.

Brand: Siriusxm

👤When we called to make the change request, they said their agent did not give us proper information and therefore they could not transfer the account. We could sign up for another subscription. No. It was our mistake to believe their agent when they purchased this unit. We decided to cancel all of our subscriptions because we were not able to work with them. Instead of getting two more years of payment, they decided to give us a refund. They don't need prepayments and are doing well. Poor review is caused by this. Not because of the unit but because of poor customer service.

👤The Honda CRV was not equipped with a radio. I searched for the best radio deals online and found the one I was looking for which was easy to install. I called a local car stereo place to get advice on how to install it, but they told me that I would have to purchase additional equipment, such as a special antenna and a FM adapter. The dash board looked to be a challenge of it's own, so you would have to remove it. I called customer service because I was dissatisfied with the work that was done. The ONYX EZR car stereo kit is easy to install. The unit was easy to install. The power supply that plugs into an available power outlet is the only connection needed. You can tune your car radio to the correct frequencies by looking up stations in your area through the website. I would recommend this radio for its low cost, high quality sound and easy installation.

👤I bought the package with the home kit to connect to the Bose unit in my kitchen. The instructions said to place the antenna in a window with a clear view of the southern sky. Oops. There are no southern facing windows in my home. The unit is on my patio. I have to get this to work inside my home by installing an outdoor antenna in a southern facing spot and having wiring coming inside. If you want to use it in your home, you will need a clear south facing window to place the antenna and then run the wire to the Home Dock. The unit is easy to set up and navigate, and it was not a problem for interior use.

👤There is no internet service at my cabin. I try to transfer my existing service to the device only to be prompted for a fee. The agent told me that they will make the transfer for me for free. I can't do it online without a service charge. They want a separate subscription for each device, so I have to move the service from my car to my home radio. I'm only at the cabin for a month or two a year, so why pay for a full year of service? If you forget to cancel the service, they can make automatic charges on your credit card, which can be a pain since they seem to want more than anything. On top of that, they suggest suspending the service and reactive it later, but nowhere on the online account can you find that feature. The feature that makes using the service more difficult is required by the agent. I use internet service at home and love it, but I wish they made the satellite version more convenient. I bought a satellite radio that was opened for $20 bucks, but I'm not sure if I will ever use it.

9. SiriusXM Tour Radio 360L Vehicle

SiriusXM Tour Radio 360L Vehicle

SIRIUSXM has exclusive technology that will transform your listening experience. Satellite and streaming give you access to most of the channels of the satellite radio company. Get recommendations based on your history. The Tour Radio with Vehicle Kit comes with a choice of 3 months free or 12 months for the price of the Platinum Programming Package. For as low as $8.25 a month, you can experience over 400 satellite and streaming channels. Fees and taxes are included. There are advanced features. Listeners can create their own stations. Speak into a microphone. Home and Away Broadcast Feeds, Access On Demand Content, and 100+ Xtra Channels give you real-time sports updates. For home use, a home WIFI is required. Listen to flexibility. It supports audio streaming in vehicles. The FMDA25 is an optional accessory for the FM Stereo channel. You can listen to music at home with the optional home kit. You can take the SiriusXM for more listening options. You can tour camping or to the deck, beach or pool with the optional boom box. SIRIUSXM has more of what you love in one place. Enjoy ad-free music from nearly every genre, plus exclusive entertainment and comedy, world-class news, and more.

Brand: Siriusxm

👤This unit has a nice display, but it's not enough for me. When skipping between songs and channels, the touchscreen is not very responsive, which leads to problems. It takes a long time to start. Sometimes my favorite channels won't show up, this leads to turning it on and off again. When it boots up there is no sound, this leads to turning it on and off again. The buffer on the Onyx Plus is larger. The shuffle feature that the Onyx Plus had was no longer available. Don't buy one of these if you want to replace an Onyx Plus. It lacks features, buffering and buggy software. The nicer screen is the only winning feature over the Onyx Plus. None of the issues have been fixed. I thought a new version of the software would address some of the issues with the device. I can tell you that there have been no updates.

👤I blew off other reviews when they mentioned how long it takes to start playing music, but that was the thing that made me return it. It takes a few minutes to start your car. The touch screen is very laggy, the built in FM transmitter is terrible, and the extra features requiring internet to be connected constantly are some of the other issues. It's a nice looking radio and features are great, but it just missed the mark.

👤I like this radio so much that I'm keeping it. There are not enough preset and how the preset work is my main complaint with it. When I go back to my preset, it's back at the begaining, not where I left off. I put the preset in the order that I like it the most, because I like to be able to change channels quickly when I am driving. I have a problem with the preset. I put the preset in the oreder but it won't stay. I can change how I want it and it seems to change everything after a few seconds. It likes to move sports and music channels. I can see that it could be a setting that keeps the channels how I have them.

👤I wanted a home dock for my radio, and this works perfectly. The internet connection on the Tour radio allows you to listen to everything on the radio without having to run a wire to an outside antenna. The package comes with everything you need, including the dock, power cord, antenna, and even an internet connection if you still want to install one. I don't use the audio cable because I use the my Tour radio's feature to connect to a speaker. Highly recommended.

👤I like having a Touch-Screen, but it takes longer to navigate through the channels because they eliminated all the buttons. It's more of a stunt than anything else. It takes a long time to start up and play music, which is noticeable in your car. I turned it on when it took so long. It comes on blasting. It makes a noise when the computer starts up and tells you that it doesn't have internet. You can't shut this off because it doesn't really need internet. When you're starting and stopping your car, the warning screen goes away, but it's very annoying. The touch screen is not very responsive. You need a stylus that isn't included. The channel preset buttons were eliminated so that they would be safer when driving. This unit is not worth the higher price. It might make sense to buy this unit if it were used at a business all the time.

10. Retekess Portable Transistor Shortwave Recorder

Retekess Portable Transistor Shortwave Recorder

You can listen to your favorite channels at home, at the office, or anywhere with optional accessories like the Boombox or Home Kit. It is amazing to find so many functions in a portable shortwave radio, it is only 1.7 x 3.1 x 0.9 in and it is suitable for shirt pockets. The digital radio bass sound with MIC recording and line in recording is not in the package. V115 supports automatic search, manual search and storage of radio stations, as well as the ability to directly enter the frequencies through the number keys. 9k for AM tuning increment, built in 4 languages Chinese English Spanish and Russian; package not including a phone or computer accessory; and you can charge the radio from computer or connect phone. AM reception is not affected by the environment, but it is better at night or when an external antenna is connected.

Brand: Retekess

👤I think the engineers who designed the user interface were drunk. They decided to use this radio to torture those who buy it and thus get even with humanity, either that or they had been abused as children. I charged the battery after opening the packaging and removing the radio. I was expecting it to work like all the previous radios I have owned, but it didn't. The system for locating a station and connecting it to a numerical push button is odd. I figured it out without the help of the manual. This radio will give you a dose of humility if you think you are a radio-savvy hotshot. There are buttons on the front of the radio. You need to use those to enter the station you want to listen to. Really. The instructions in the manual are similar to those given in a scavenger hunt. It's not enough information for you to know what to do. It's like the instruction manual is trying to jerk you around. I figured it out. The instructions I wrote on the back of the booklet were for myself. The buttons on the front of the radio allow you to enter the station's frequencies. When a favorite station is tuning, use a long press to push the button. Push the desired number to assign the station you want to have on the radio. 4. You need to push the >II button for a short time to lock into the station frequencies. 5. The rest of the stations you want to correlate with a numerical button should be set first. 6. You can change listening to radio stations by pressing the buttons. 7. The buttons associated with specific stations are what you can change by pushing the button 1-0. It takes a full six seconds after you press the number of the station you want to listen to for it to change. You're going to be waiting a long time. It's pretty sad. I can't stay mad at this little bas--rd. It's small and compact, and it looks and feels good. This isn't a common small radio. It's also a digital recorder. If you put a micro card into its slot, it will record for hours. This is a big deal. It can record from the radio, a source with a microusb plug, or from an outside source. That is cool. You can fast forward and back during the movie. Good luck trying to understand the various aspects of the recording function, the same as with the radio. The sound of this radio is great. It is very good for a small radio. An amplifier and speaker with high volume potential and clear sound. I liked it once I got a grasp on how it works. It is unique for its price. The user interface was designed by an alien. It's time to figure out how it works.

👤Up front. I like to listen to radio. I've had all 3 models of GE Super Radios and I tried a C-Crane radio. The Boston Acoustics look similar to the Tivoli Model One. I've had a lot of Grundig models. GE, Radio Shack, and other "off brands" have been gone for a long time. I have a couple of old Sony table radios, a Sangean Clock Radio at my bedside, and an old Sony "SPORTS" am/fm cassette getto blaster in the bathroom. Since my SW30 stopped working, I needed a new portable. If the 710S stood up to my expectations, it would go back to AMAZON quickly. I'm impressed with this little monster. It has great reception and is locked in the stations. I can't believe how well this thing sounds. I think it has a loud and strong passive radiator on the back. I put in a miniSD card to see what the mp3 feature sounded like, and I can say that it is "WOW". The sound of my headphones was very good. The overall sound quality is not a deal breaker, even though you have 5 EQ preset in the mp3 mode. There are a couple of things I would like to see from this company. Maybe the radio mode has the same preset. I would like the stations to be in order. The auto preset feature works great. If you want to get to your station fast, just punch in the Frequency. An optional antenna kit could be included. It would be nice to have a carry case for this. I like this radio a lot. If you're looking for a small radio, this one is a good one.

11. SiriusXM SXV300v1 Connect Satellite Streaming

SiriusXM SXV300v1 Connect Satellite Streaming

Pauses, replays, and starts songs from the beginning with the help of the car radio's automatic start feature. Satellite radio vehicle tuning. The antenna cable does not include the vehicle tuner. A single interface cable connection to the car stereo simplifies installation of the small SiriusXM vehicle tuner. Pauses, replays, and starts songs from the beginning with the help of the car radio's automatic start feature. User can hear a mix of songs from favorite channel, user can preview songs that have not yet been heard on favorite channels, and user can get alert when a favorite song is playing with this SiriusXM vehicle tuner

Brand: Siriusxm

👤I don't like the deceptive product offerings. It works for 3 days before you have to register. I had to call 2 different departments in India before they could connect it, and customer support is like the cable company all over again, because adding it online didn't work. The docking station's reception is worse than the self-contained unit. The car and antenna are the same. It cuts out when I pass by trees. The cheaper A-la-carte subscriptions don't work with it. I tried to add it as a second account for $10, but they said it wasn't compatible with the plan. They said the price was $28.99. Wow! After badgering, I was able to sign up for a discounted promo for 6 months, but if their subscription price for a 2ND radio on my account is going to add $25+ a month, I will throw it away. That's highway robbery for the low quality over-compressed audio we've become accustomed to.

👤I just received my satellite dish. The hardware is working. If you don't sign up for All Access, you won't get a 3 months free trial and you'll have to pay taxes and fees of $30/month for the first 6 months. There is a fee for early termination. You will be charged $195 for the first 6 months after the trial and $375 a year after that, but they have the right to change their fees at any time. The sound quality is not good. Unless you are a long distance truck driver or traveling salesman, this is not worth it.

👤I put this behind the Pioneer AVH-X1800S head unit. The antenna is installed on top of the dash to give you a clear view of the road. I used double stick tape on the back of the antenna to secure the dash, as I had done previously with an aftermarket SXM adapter for the radio. I experienced some signal cut outs. This was corrected by removing the antenna from the dash, then placing the antenna on a metal plate, which will stay in place with the magnetic base. No more cuts or blind spots. I put a bead of black RTV Silicone around the base of the antenna so that it won't be disturbed when I clean or dusting the dash. I went into a parking structure and did not lose the signal. You can mount inside a vehicle, just make sure you add a metal mounting base.

👤One time, I got a message on the head unit saying I needed to check the connection for the satellite radio service because it wasn't receiving a signal. I couldn't get the radio bands to function when I switched between them. I turned off the vehicle when I arrived at my location. This time the Pioneer radio must have worked properly. If the computer isn't working right, you can either restart it or get a new one. It's better to find nothing wrong than tearing everything apart. I'm supposed to get 90 days free with my purchase of a tuner. They told me that I had to call a different number to get my free 90 days, after I called the phone number displayed on the radio screen. I hung up the phone as I was tired of waiting after I called that number. If you are a free subscriber, you may never actually talk to a representative as the phone gets answered quickly, but if you are a paying subscriber, you will. Customer service is sad.


What is the best product for sirus/xm radio vehicle kit with gps?

Sirus/xm radio vehicle kit with gps products from C. Crane. In this article about sirus/xm radio vehicle kit with gps you can see why people choose the product. Siriusxm and Siriusxm are also good brands to look for when you are finding sirus/xm radio vehicle kit with gps.

What are the best brands for sirus/xm radio vehicle kit with gps?

C. Crane, Siriusxm and Siriusxm are some of the best brands that chosen by people for sirus/xm radio vehicle kit with gps. Find the detail in this article. Siriusxm, Vondior and Siriusxm are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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