Best Radio Para Carro Con Gps Y Camara

Carros 7 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Compatible Carplay Android Hieha Bluetooth

Compatible Carplay Android Hieha Bluetooth

Installation guides with video and pictures are included with US based customer phone and email support. The hieha double din car stereo is compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, so you can enjoy map navigation, email, music, phone with contacts, and advanced voice assistant. The phone mirror link function is supported by the car radio for most of the phones. You can use your mobile phone to connect to a big screen in your car to view movies, pictures, and maps, replacing the phone with the car screen to realize vehicle intelligence. The HD Touch Screen andBluetooth &Voice Control car radio offers an incredible viewing experience with 1920x1080P high-definition movies and lossless music. There is a built-in microphone. The backup camera in the car stereo allows you to make calls, listen to music,navigate the map, and ensure the safety on your way. The rear view camera has HD, night vision, and 170 viewing angle, and it will show the double din stereo image on a large touch screen when the vehicle is in reverse. The wiring installation guide for the backup camera is very easy to install. The car audio receiver has a user-friendly digital control interface, which allows it to play AM/PM radio,USB, and AUX input. They will try to solve your problem if you have any questions. The car audio receiver has a user-friendly digital control interface, which allows it to play AM/PM radio,USB, and AUX input. They will try to solve your problem if you have any questions.

Brand: Hieha

👤I got this a week ago and just installed it to replace an old aftermarket radio that I didn't like, but the box came with all the wires that were needed, and I was able to put it together myself without any trouble. The manual was easy to follow and works great with my apple car play. I would use all the features I need in a touchscreen radio, and it's good. I haven't had any issues with it so far and it has made my car a better experience. An upgrade from an old-style radio system.

👤Sometimes it works. I have tested performance with a variety of devices. Here are my results. I have tried different cables and phones to eliminate those variables, and it barely charges your phone. It barely keeps up with power usage, so my hour of commute still keeps me tethered to power cords. It's not the end of the world, but it's annoying. 2. About 40% of the time, it will not load at all, and then you have to turn the car off. I tried turning the stereo off, but it wouldn't load in this way. It seems to help if the phone is locked, so don't be unlocked before you plug it in, but only after it's loaded to radio static. 3. After setting the audio settings again, they did not sound bad. This has happened before. 4. You will need a plate to mount the backup camera, because there are only screws for it. I had to use an alternative because the double din adapter doesn't really fit. I am returning it because it only works once in a while and it is too annoying to mess with. I might suffer through since it is half the price of the stereo I plan to replace, if it could do one of those things.

👤It works great, feels like a tablet, is convenient for calls, text, and touch screen, sounds nice, but it's just normal volume, so I'm satisfied. The installation took two hours to install and 70 minutes to figure out how to do it. Who told me that it is easy to do your own car? The reverse cam didn't work well because I didn't connect it right and I had to pay someone to do it.

👤The screen quality is not good and the back camera can't fix it. It took two weeks for it to be returned.

👤The radio wouldn't pick up am stations sent back and I needed a good radio.

👤Within 2 hours I had the radio installed into my car and it worked great, came with its own outer bevel and the manual was clear. The plugs were labeled so it was easy to find.

👤If the parts were not so cheap, this unit would be amazing. I paid for a professional to install theusb port in my vehicle. This receiver is hard to use because I can't use the Apple CarPlay. I regret buying this unit and will be buying a better brand next week. Trying to save a few bucks was a lesson learned. Be careful with the buyer.

2. Android InchTouch Bluetooth Supports Connect

Android InchTouch Bluetooth Supports Connect

Double-DIN car stereo is universal standard size of 7.01(L)* 1.88(W)* 3.93(H) inch. A 7 inch HD touch screen. 2.5D curved edge glass screen. There are many beautiful themes and wallpapers to choose from. The car stereo has a quad-core processor, 1.6 GHz Frequency, and 1 gigabyte of RAM, which is more than enough for more APP installation. The user interface can be changed. You can change the position to make your own style. The gps stereo navigation for car supports online and offline maps. You can download a free map of any country you need in the Here WeGo app after you've connected. You can install other apps on your phone. Talk and listen on the radio with hands-free calling and audio streaming. You can make hands-free calls while driving with the help of the wireless technology. The radio can search channels in full-automatic ways, semiautomatic ways and accurate adjustment ways. Connection and ControlWiFi-hotspot/mirroring link. You can install your favorite app from the Play Store with a built-in Wifi dongle. The "Phone Link" app can be downloaded from the App Store, but it only works on the iPhone. Connection and ControlWiFi-hotspot/mirroring link. You can install your favorite app from the Play Store with a built-in Wifi dongle. The "Phone Link" app can be downloaded from the App Store, but it only works on the iPhone.

Brand: Hikity

👤Radio works. I use maps. The Home screen shows speed in Kph, but it can't be changed to Mph. Hopefully this will be in a future update as the software updates when connected online. Good luck figuring out the instructions, some of the pages are for a different radio. The company immediately sent me a new document after I contacted them. I had issues with the programming and the company contacted me and requested a video showing the issues, I was contacted with multiple solutions to try. The customer service was excellent.

👤None of these head units use any of the current versions of the operating system, they are all based on the current version of the operating system. The company will not help you if you try to contact them about an updated operating system or firmware. If you want to connect more than one device to your headunit, you need to know that the unit can only connect to one device at a time. There is no valid reason for the manufacturer to limit the number of devices to only one connection at a time. It is not guaranteed that a device that is not a cell phone will work. I've tried connecting a pair of headphones and a sensor to my phone, but they won't connect, and I've tried connecting a sensor to my phone, but it won't pair. The range of the internet is only 2.4 GHz. The built in amplifier is adequate and works well on my Ford Explorer. The gps works well because of the load of aux outputs and inputs. It would be nice if the manufacturer would provide updates to the software for these devices. There is no reason for one device to be connected at a time. Save your money and don't buy this product, get yourself a regular Android tablet and rig it up to use as a headunit for your car, you'll be much happier with the results. The final rating is between 1 and 2 stars.

👤I spent a lot of money on other double din stereos, but this one was worth it. The touch screen works well. The internet. There is a video on the website. Once your phone is connected, you can use gps and other apps. It is able to connect to your internet service.

👤The camera is clear. This is a car. This has a fast connection to the internet.

👤This is a good unit for the price. It provides many of the same features as modern car stereos. Couldn't ask for more at a good price. The screen is slightly larger than the 7 inch spec, so the mount may have to be modified. The sides were modified to line up with radio screw holes. In 2004, the Sierra 2500 was installed.

👤This was a waste of money and a sign of frustration. I bought this to bring my sound system into the 2020's. Just needed something with the wireless communication protocol. Where to start? The instructions that come with it are terrible. The wires on the harness have different tags. Figuring out the wiring in the factory Bose system was difficult. It doesn't fit in the aftermarket housing. I had to drill holes in the housing to make it fit. The factory screen designs are clunky and hideous, and the touch buttons on the left side do not work. You can only change appearance with a 3rd party app. The interface and settings are terrible. I have purchased cheaper head units that are more like the settings menu and are easier to navigate. I am sure I am forgetting more issues, but the worst part is that it still works less than half the time, even with the correct PAC module. If I don't start my vehicle by slowly cycling through the positions I have no sound at all, the backup camera won't work. If I want it to work, I have to shut my car off, open the door and try again. The built in buttons don't work at all when it does work, and the Bluetooth connection cuts out all the time. I put the factory stereo back in and it's in the garbage. The time and money was wasted.

3. Hikity Single Foldable Supports Android

Hikity Single Foldable Supports Android

The car audio which builds in high quality stereo audio, allow easier access to high fidelity audio, is built into the single din car stereo. The North American offline map has been pre downloaded. A voice informer informs about sharp curves, school zones and speed changes. A built-in microphone, answer/ make phone calls, and a music player are included. The high-quality digital radio can search channels in full-automatic ways. 18 stations can be preset. You can use the mirror link to watch the video on the stereo after connection. Multiple functions include multi-format audio and video recoding, support for full format, brightness adjustment, Subwoofer audio output, and original steering wheel remote control. The backup camera input. Multiple functions include multi-format audio and video recoding, support for full format, brightness adjustment, Subwoofer audio output, and original steering wheel remote control. The backup camera input.

Brand: Hikity

👤This works well and I like it. I'm concerned that the touch screen isn't responsive enough to return it. I'm not sure if the steering wheel controls are the module or the system, I haven't been able to program them. The phone link option is not available, it may be the cable or my operating system is new. Can't find a way to turn off the camera settings that turn off the music when you reverse, but can connect the wire. My area was found by the gps. It's hard to use. It's hard to find where you want to go. It is obsolete due to several unresponsive submenus. There is a After turning off the excessive gps warnings that cut out your music every 5 seconds, the bluetooth is great. I bought it because I can't get the front aux input to work. I want the media to be free. It may be a deal breaker if there is no way to select this input. There is a I have an ipod and phone. I've played music off a drive but it doesn't display the tracks. I haven't tried the sd input yet, but the map card was read fine. The remote barely works. It feels like the touch screen will go unresponsive soon and the remote will be useless if it barely functions. The buttons on the faceplate become unresponsive depending on which mode you're in. The volume stopped working for music and I had to adjust the gps sounds. I like the design and feel. It would be better if the options worked. Definitely needs a better manual. Damn. It's only been installed for 2 days and it's not responding.

👤The product looks good, but the quality control and ease of installation are terrible. The schematic isn't with the unit. The email is a PDF and was not written by someone who knows English. If you're not paying attention to pin position but using the color of the PDF, you will be wiring it wrong. There are different colors of orange, such as brown, orange, etc. If you change the radio down the line, the installed harness is useless because there is no after market plug for this manufacturer. The wires in the included item are not as good as the ones installed in the vehicle, making it difficult to use the splices, and forcing you to solder every connection to have any hope that the unit will function. Unless you plan on mounting the camera on your roof, the cable for the backup camera is not long enough to reach the back of the vehicle. The interior installation will require you to remove your interior trim to run it to the interior rear deck before you run out of cable. They don't tell you that you need to attach more sticky modules to your car. The connections for the rear reverse light are so short that they will require more soldering to get them to reach. Terrible instructions, poor materials, and insufficient connections. This is a mess. Purchase a name brand plug-in for your car. This is awful.

4. Android Double Bluetooth Support Reversing

Android Double Bluetooth Support Reversing

The Touch screen car stereo with friendly user interface, Quad-Core 1G RAM+16G ROM, ensures faster response and smoother operation. The 2.5 D vertical screen design has an excellent visual experience. There are gps navigation and internet. Offline maps will be supported by the online maps built into the radio. Satellite positioning, covering a wider area. Various apps can be installed when connected to the internet. You can listen to real-time stations with the radio receiver. Media music and calls can be made using the Bluetooth technology. The built-in microphone and car speakers will let you hear the person on the phone clearer. You will enjoy a great visual and audio experience when you use the mirror link and SWC. Keep the car's original features by using a car radio with steering wheel control. You can play various formats audios and videos with the multimedia car stereo that has a 9.7 inch touch screen. The car stereo on the phone supports full format. A backup camera is included in the car stereo for safe parking. The camera has good vision. When reversing, the radio will stop other functions, such as calls, music or phone mirror link. A backup camera is included in the car stereo for safe parking. The camera has good vision. When reversing, the radio will stop other functions, such as calls, music or phone mirror link.

Brand: Mantian

👤This is an amazing value. The built in gps shows the current speed limit and connects to my phone. The radio is better than my factory one. It looks like it came this way because I programmed the button lights to match the other interior lights. I keep new useful features after using the radio for over a week.

👤The stereo stops working one month after it is put in. It will randomly switch screens or modes and stop playing. It's really frustrating.

👤Muy mal producto solo se oye el radio algunas veces.

👤I love it! You think it will be larger. It is definitely 9. When you play your music, it sounds great. You can screen share your phone screen and contacts so you don't have to use your phone while driving. If you have a car that has it, you can connect to the internet and download apps from the play store.

👤Not a universal double din. I wouldn't fit in 2005's super duty. I tried many installation kits. Not close to fitting. I was looking forward to it being installed, it seemed like it worked well on the bench. I contemplated having someone 3d print me a mounting kit, but it was too much trouble. Went with the jensen 10.

👤It was a bit of a hassle to get it in, but it works great.

👤I was able to install this unit into a 2006 Chevrolet pick up truck using only the included mounting brackets. Since one did not bring with it a back up camera, the borrowed one works well. The installation was simplified by the good instruction manual. Everything has worked well, except for not receiving the camera. The manual helps me a lot. I think I will get the camera soon. I hope it's the type that mounts using the screws. There is a Louis.

5. Car Stereo Dash Hands Free Microphone

Car Stereo Dash Hands Free Microphone

The car audio which builds in high quality stereo audio allows easier access to high fidelity audio. Support rear view camera and gps navigation. This is a manual pull out and pull back screen radio and it doesn't have a CD DVD player. You can answer calls, be hands-free with no distraction, and play and control your music and apps with the built-in bluetooth, which makes phone calls safer and practical than ever. The screen of your phone can be mirrored on the unit's screen with the help of the mirror link function. Support radio stations play, Full digital electronic control search radio stations, high- performance digital tuning radio automatically scans 18 stations memory. The free 8 IR rear view camera has a stronger night vision effect, waterproof, and 170 angle of the lens, which makes it a good choice for people who want a broader field of vision in the vision in the process of reversing. The AUX audio input interface can be used to add mp3s, gps, mobile phones, music players, and other audio input, as well as support mirror link for smart phone. Please know that some phones may not charge. The AUX audio input interface can be used to add mp3s, gps, mobile phones, music players, and other audio input, as well as support mirror link for smart phone. Please know that some phones may not charge.

Brand: Unitopsci

👤The product made an electrical fire when I installed it. I thought it was going well for a while. I was driving my truck last week. I smelled smoke coming from my dashboard. One of the wires burned off and melted some of the other wires. I would rate it all zero stars. Don't buy this harness. The radio works well for the price, but I would suggest a different harness.

👤The camera function stopped working after 45 days, and it takes 40 minutes for the radio to stop the static noise. You need an app on your phone to use the mirror app, and it doesn't work at all. Save money on this one. I would give no stars at all.

👤The unit was received yesterday. Please refer to my photo if you need clarification on wiring. There are actual labels and colors of the wiring harness in the instruction manual. 1. What is the connection between the Orange/Black wire and the reverse direction? 2. What is the connection between the Pink and the parking sensor control wires? Techsupport sent a manual with a different wire harness than the one in my photo because of questions and emails about what wire Pink or Orange/Black was. Only the orange and black wire worked, not the pink, when playing with the backup after the pre-installation testing. Now I can do full installation. The review was changed from 1 to 3 stars. After installation and full testing, I'll edit my review again. The gps map is not user friendly for mapping out a road trip. There is no use of playlists or iTunes.m4a extensions. I had to remove the mounting brackets and turn the camera upside down to get the same view as my side and rear mirror views. I found it useful to have an external switch that would control the backup camera so I could see traffic without being in reverse. I'll reexamine my review when I go to the Colorado mountains in the summer. What do I need to do to fix the Usb music just displays null? Look it up and the first response. The unit you purchased does not support the display for music folder/album/ info. The problem was caused again. Please contact us if you have any other concerns. I don't think I'll change my review.

👤Sometimes the volume works, sometimes it doesn't. My second one was a 100 loss because I had to hit buttons nine times to change the revere view camera.

👤The screen won't let you help. They replaced the stereo. All good value.

👤I can't let you buy this after all the work I did to get this right. After I had it for a few days, my initial review was done. I have had time to use it and figure it out. Good stuff. The device plays music. 2. Radio works. 3. The navigation displays a map. 4. The phone works. 5. The phone is slow to answer calls after pressing the talk button. This isn't one of the ones that can be downloaded, because the map is outdated and the downloads are limited to registered devices. 2. There is no place to get an updated firmware for the mirror link. I wanted to use other apps through it. 3. It's likely that the music info is not displayed. 4. After pressing the talk button, the phone is slow to answer calls. There is a delay of 3-4 seconds. I have had it for a while so I want to trade it in. I will probably break into it to figure out the chipset and force a firmware update and then figure out how to get a current map by using one of the other registered devices. The device is listed as some other device type in the map contents. Other vendors sell the same radio with links to their instructions for their devices on getting maps. It ended up with 2 stars because it works. If you want a hassle free radio, this isn't it. Older review. This went into a Jeep Cherokee. I may need to get a screen that goes down instead of the pull out screen if you don't have enough space above the radio. The 2000 Cherokee has a vent above it. I will live with it for now. It's an awesome radio and the pull out monitor breathed life into my old Jeep, it looks cool. The gps navigation works well and the interaction with the phone was good. The camera worked well, it involved tearing up the brake light wiring. I was expecting the screen to come out with a push of a button. I had to manually pull it out. The screen has a notch to grab on to. Overall happy with the product so far. There is no music info from the device.

6. Boss Audio Systems BV9358B Player

Boss Audio Systems BV9358B Player

Answer calls and be hands-free with no distraction. The built-in microphone and car speakers let you hear someone else. You can play and control your music on the go. You can play music through your device, watch videos through the DVD player, or use the ports on your computer for more audio options. Listen to the AM/Fm radio stations for up to date news and music. The auxiliary is compatible with the audio output from the mp3 players. The camera is sold separately. The interface module allows you to use the functions on your steering wheel. The metra ASWC-1 is recommended by them. Pre-amp outputs can be used to hook up your speakers. You can connect an extra screen with the video output. 80 watt x 4 max power is what you can get from the BV9358B. Make sure your speakers are powered by an amplifier. You can control your music with the wireless remote control from inside or outside of your vehicle.

Brand: Boss Audio Systems

👤The stereo is nice. The design ergonomics are terrible. To use the aux cord input, you have to pull the flap back. It isn't pulling out all of the way, which is a nightmare. The stereos interface looks ugly and slow. Good luck turning down the volume. I have to turn it several times. The touch screen is not set correctly. I've tried recalibrating the screen many times. The Max Peak is advertised on the stereo. That isn't real. The speakers in my car have a rating of 40 watt per speaker. If I turn up the volume on the flat preset with no loudness, it will start to distort at 33 volume. The screen quality is garbage and the DVD player is freezing. Very low resolution. The stereo plays mpeg-4/ mp4 files. What a joke. No, it doesn't. I've tried many different formats and resolutions. I don't work. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. It's complete trash. Stay away!

👤I replaced the stock double-DIN radio with this in my 2006 car. I was looking for a display screen that would work with my backup camera, and this fit the bill. If you don't do it for a living, you should get the correct accessories for your vehicle. I contacted to inquire about antenna cable and mounting frames. I chatted with support because I couldn't find the correct one on their website. I was told to get an antenna accessory, but it was the wrong one and I ended up buying it at a local stereo store. The mounting frame was there. I began the install after I had all that. The back bumper needs to be removed to take the old radio out. It's not that bad, but if you drop one of the 4 screws, you'll never see it again, and the cables have to be disconnected before you can remove the stick shift. You're good if it makes a noise like it's going to explode. You need to bend your arm in 3 places to remove the cables from the center console. You need to remove the old radio by sliding it out of the 4 screws. There is a plastic panel behind the stock radio. There are some holes in the radio cables that don't connect to the BOSS radio. I had to hold a piece of wood behind the plastic and drill a series of holes to open the cables for input from the backup camera. I didn't have to drill a hole in my hand or behind the radio to do that. There is a hole in the stock radio for a rubber piece to fit. The rubber piece on the BOSS radio is off by an inch to the northwest. I had to drill another hole for that. I wanted to keep the stock wiring harness connectors in case I ever sell this vehicle and decide to keep the BOSS for another car. I tapped the wires from the harness that came with the unit because I couldn't get the proper wiring harness conversion in time. If you use "T-Taps", be sure to crimp them correctly, because I didn't connect the left speaker. All was well after I re-crimped it. If the display was powered on, it would switch to the backup camera video feed, because the display had already signaled that a video signal was present. You have to run another cable to get the 12 volts from the backup lights. You can either find it in the back of the car on the backup light or under the transmission, whichever is more convenient for you. BOSS decided to provide that connection in a wire that comes out of the back of the unit, not on the wiring harness. If you go this route, I suggest buying some male-female spade lugs so you can connect it without cutting wires. There are two wires coming out of this area, one for a "parking brake" signal that will keep you from watching DVDs while driving, and another that connects to a magic box that will make the buttons on the steering wheel work with the unit. I connected the parking brake switch wire to the ground frame because I couldn't find it. I will not be watching a DVD on the thing while I am driving. I didn't buy the magic box, so my radio doesn't work with the steering wheel buttons, as the controls on the radio are only a foot to the right of the buttons. I got it installed and it worked right off the bat with my phone. I haven't tried to stream from the phone, but making and receiving calls work fine. Sounded good with the stock speakers. It has a graphic equalizer and balance/fade control that allow me to center the sound on the driver's seat and compensate for the speaker system's low frequencies. * More on the user interface below. I've got quite a few and was hoping they'd be recognized, but I played an old CD-RW with a couple of hundred mp3s on it. There are pros and cons. The home page of the user interface has enough room for the 9 options, but the programmers thought they'd take up the top half of the screen and make you scroll through 2 pages to see all the buttons. It takes 3 button presses or screen taps to get to the backup camera since I don't have a backup signal wire. * The backup camera stops playing when it's selected. You have to press 3 more times to get back to the CD player, and it has to re-read the entire CD directory before it starts playing the song you were on. It should be able to keep playing while you check the camera. * The user's manual is written in Chinese and English. You would think that BOSS would have native English speakers rewrite their manual, since they have a website that is updated by native English speakers. Here's an example of the radio function, "touch this button can Scan the stations from 1-6..." It's more an annoyance than anything. A hands-free microphone. There is a small hole next to the CD/DVD slot. An external mic is not provided. People I've called say it sounds like I'm in a tunnel. The setup menus don't seem to have a place to increase the sensitivity of the mic. This might not be the unit for you if you plan on making calls while on the road. I only have this for a day, so I may discover other pros and cons as I live with it for a while. If there is anything new in this review, I will update it. I gave it 3 stars because of the weak microphone and the delay in switch to the backup camera. One would think that the software would be able to detect that the disk had not been changed and that the contents of the CD had already been scanned and saved. It doesn't. It should be able to play music while in backup mode. It may be that when it senses the backup camera signal, it doesn't stop playing, but I won't know for sure until I get that connected. There is an update. The backup camera signal doesn't stop playing music, but it does reduce the audio volume so you can hear the screams of the person you're backing up over. I've had this in my car for 4 months now and have gotten used to it. The recommendation was dropped to 2 stars. There are more annoyances. The microphone is terrible. People can't hear you if the car is moving. I contacted BOSS tech support, but there was no provision for increasing the sensitivity or adding an external mic. Don't buy this if you're only interested in talking while driving. * When listening to streaming music, the source updates the text on the screen, but there's an annoying drop-out. It takes a short time. I've seen it with the app and the streaming. * When you start the vehicle, it always forgets your volume setting. * In the past 4 months, it has lost all of your settings when it powers itself off. It's more likely that the processor in the thing just loses its mind because of that bad connection on the 12V power source. It was the cheapest touch-screen/bluetooth/backup camera/CD-MP3 player radio on Amazon when I bought it. If I had to do it again, I would go for a higher end radio with an external microphone. I might add an external mic to the thing after the warranty is up, since I have good experience with those. Unless you're looking to get the cheapest radio/backup camera/streamer you can find, I wouldn't recommend it now.

7. Hikity Android Bluetooth Receiver Support

Hikity Android Bluetooth Receiver Support

Installation size is 7.01" and the main screen is 9.84" All Universal 2Din Cars are compatible. Smooth operation and faster response are ensured by the latest operation system. A big and clear screen with a high resolution is what the big screen has. Double din car stereo can be connected to your home or phone. It is very convenient to download APPs such as Map APP. You can download a free map of any country you need after connected to the internet. This car stereo supports hands-free calling and audio stream music. A microphone makes your call more clear. The radio can search channels in full-automatic ways, semiautomatic ways and accurate adjustment ways. Steering Wheel Control and Reversing Input: Car original steering wheel remote control button programme supported, more convenient to control car radio when you are driving. When you pull the reverse gear, the device will show the rear view image automatically. The double din car stereo supports mirror links for both the iPad and the phone. There is ausb function, multi-format audio and video recoding, supporting full format, Steering wheel control, and setting wallpaper. The double din car stereo supports mirror links for both the iPad and the phone. There is ausb function, multi-format audio and video recoding, supporting full format, Steering wheel control, and setting wallpaper.

Brand: Hikity

👤I like gadgets and am a bit of a junky. I was looking for something to have fun with when the stereo in my Honda Element died. I decided to try out the Hikity. Stereo. I am blown away. The pre installed app works great with the gps module. The back up camera is practical and up to par, but where this thing really shines and you have to really think about this, this is an android tablet that you are installing straight to your car. Do you understand that everything you do on a decent tablet is a part of your car? I installed an appropriate app onto the stereo and installed a car accessory called a Bluetooth OBDII. access to every other bit of info passing through my cars computer, as well as the fly code checking and clearing. If you have a phone and can create a hotspot, you can download and use the DynaMIC EQ APP on the stereo. On your dash you can stream HULU, NETFLIX, PRIME VIDEO. If you need to talk to a crazy person, check your Facebook. When I am in between driving and working, having a second screen to look at an email while on the phone is great. The possibilities are endless if you understand that it is a device that is built into your car. The space on the hard drive is reasonable. I was able to download 2 movies on the internet in case I didn't have reception when I went camping. Want to have your entire music library available offline? BOOM! There are 2usb ports for music, pictures, and video. I have a controller that works with it and I am installing a Super Nintendo emulator on it. I wanted this when I started driving. Installation can be difficult because I have the unit mounted to my dash panel. It was impossible. It took a little modification, but it is secure and looks seamless. It looks like it belongs in my dash panel. It didn't affect my vents. It was a perfect fit. I highly recommend you if you have an element. Looking forward to more adventures with this unit. I used the stock amplifier with the wire harness and the female plug. It was a great job. All are available on Amazon.

👤I had issues with the unit. I contacted Amazon to see if they could send me a replacement. They wouldn't work with me. They told me that I could return it and buy a new one. I contacted technical support for the product and they did everything they could to help me and sent me a replacement unit without me having to send the old one back first.

👤This radio does everything I wanted it to do. I installed a 7.3 powerstroke f250 and used an elm327 Bluetooth accessory in the OBD2 port to monitor the values from the PCM. Works well. I had an issue with the antenna. The seller went above and beyond and sent a replacement right away. Very impressed.

8. Android Screen AMprime Bluetooth Receiver

Android Screen AMprime Bluetooth Receiver

The carplay function uses wired and wireless ways. You can use the car system to make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music. It is only available on the phone. The head unit is 250*145mm and has a 2.5D glass screen. The backup camera input supports original steering wheel control. The car player has a rear image display when pulling the reverse gear. Built-in gps navigation and online map navigation. You can download and install most of the applications on the market if you are connected with the internet. BT connection: hands-free calls, music player, auto loading phonebooks, built-in mic, and external mic. Digital radio with full-automatic searching ways. BT connection: hands-free calls, music player, auto loading phonebooks, built-in mic, and external mic. Digital radio with full-automatic searching ways.

Brand: Amprime

👤It was cheaper when I got it. It was easy to install with the stereo accessory. The backup camera for this price was provided by Apple. It was simple and I didn't expect it to be stereo. When your backup camera turns on, you can tell the screen has bad resolution. Sometimes the volume button doesn't work and the music shuts off when you play a file. It does the job and I can't complain about the price. I wish it had better apple CarPlay to work with other phones and better platform than the current one, which is installed on the unit.

👤The radio is an excellent price-value ratio and works well, I like how it works and the dashboard looks. The customer service is very kind. Thanks to everyone.

👤When connected to a wireless network, gps only works when it's connected to a wireless network. Apple car play does not work at all. I tried to get it going for two days. Product support is a joke. The guy was looking on the internet for something and asked me to do things I had already tried. I tried to connect to my network but it wouldn't connect. I tried to put everything in manually. The microphone is on the radio. It has an external microphone. There is no external microphone plug on the unit.

👤The manufacturer was very helpful when I had questions about the product.

👤No instructions, but a hands free mic, and no plug in the deck to use it? I don't have a Jack in the harness, but the pics on Amazon show one. I thought I knew what to expect, but this is not what I expected.

👤It's not working after I paid $200 for it to be installed.

9. Android Navigation Display Fastboot Inch GA2185

Android Navigation Display Fastboot Inch GA2185

Please be sure to check out their promotions and coupons for the Clearance activity. You can catch the chance. You can find more Eonon products in their Million Expert Store. 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason! There is an 18-month warranty for quality issues. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem. The email address of the AMAZON PAGE is important. You can enjoy a smooth and responsive user experience with the most powerful system in the world. Thousands of apps can be downloaded from music to games in less than an hour. The audio signal can be adjusted in every aspect, and the MAX output power of 4 x 48 W makes the music sound much more realistic. It takes the things you want to do with your phone while driving and puts them right on your car stereo display. You can get directions, make calls, and send and receive messages. Stay focused on the road. Go and connect your phone. If you want to use the auto function on your device, you need to buy the Dongle separately. You can search on Amazon. Powerful Hardware and Greater Performance With 4GB RAM+64GB ROM, the Eonon head unit is ready to deliver a faster and smoother experience. The superior head unit performance and sufficient storage allow for installing multiple apps that you love, increasing the speed of data transmission and processing more tasks at the same time. Faster than ever! The display is bigger and better. Everything looks gorgeous and clear with a giant 10.1 inch display. You can use the unit like your phone with its responsive touch-button design. The display is bigger and better. Everything looks gorgeous and clear with a giant 10.1 inch display. You can use the unit like your phone with its responsive touch-button design.

Brand: Eonon

👤The screen can be turned 90 degrees, but it won't adjust to it's new orientation, so that's useless. None of the third-party apps that I've tried work. The description does not state that. You can only do one thing if you are copying your cell phone to the unit. No radio or other apps will work on the Eonon. The data will continue to be collected by the Torque program in conjunction with the odBC.

👤I want to say that the support of Eonon has been great. Grace has been very responsive and even talked with the engineers to help me figure out an issue, even though the do seem to be answering from the other side of the planet. This was done through Amazon. By reading current reviews, it seems that some don't understand that with modern radios/vehicles, you are likely always going to need a kit of some sort to join an aftermarket system with your car. If you are good, you can cut off the wires and trace them down, but there are kits for every car out there that will make the install much simpler. You have to get something separately for these to be included in the radio purchase. The kits might be as simple as a couple of plugs to help adapt the two together, to full out system replacements like mine was where they had a separate screen for the HVAC controls and a new dash panel, because that stuff is integrated into my factory head unit. It's not fair to downrate this radio because of your lack of knowledge. You have to factor in the extra cost of replacing factory head units. It's standard practice. I didn't give this radio a 5 star rating because I haven't been able to get my steering wheel controls working. The only kit that was available for my Jeep Grand Cherokee was the Metra kit. A new dash panel, a separate screen interface, and other things are included. This was a rather difficult conversion. The SWC in the unit doesn't yet support this radio because I managed to get everything working. There is a chance that the kit will be supported in the future because it is updatable. When that happens, I'll raise this to a 5 star. I decided to keep the radio because I realized I didn't use the steering wheel controls as often. It may work with other SWC devices. Key 1 and 2 are out. More about the radio. I bypassed the factory speaker wiring and upgraded to some Boss speakers and an amplifier on Amazon. The unit has wires that can be used to attach factory wires to your own cables. I was not looking to blow the neighbors windows out, just better quality and range. I will say that it sounds amazing. I'm not blaming the radio for the antenna power not being able to power the factory boosted antenna, it's how much of a pain my Jeep is to integrate anything that isn't stock. I found a cheap antenna on Amazon. I didn't care much for the car launcher, but it was one thing that was ok. I got a different car launcher from the Play Store because I wanted more customization, and I was going with a red theme. These can be changed back to the one that came with them. I received the free cameras and the device that came with the radio. I didn't need the cameras, but the OBD thing works great and has a lot of customization. The app was installed on the radio. I traded in my older phone for a new one and it worked great with the new one. You can use it as a tablet, a radio, or both, and it's basically anANDROID device with a radio in it. I have a device that streams HD music from the Amazon app. The touch screen is responsive and fast. I'm still working on the little changes you can make. I bought another radio for my car because I liked it so much. This didn't have many other reviews at the time of the review. If you look at their other radios, they have great reviews. It will take a bit of time and patience to get it all hooked up, but the end result is worth it! I changed it to: I decided to raise the review to 5 stars because I love the system.

10. Android Screen AMprime Bluetooth Receiver

Android Screen AMprime Bluetooth Receiver

This car stereo head unit is double din. A 10 inch screen. High revolution supports high definition video. The anti-scratch screen has a 2.5D edge. There are video output/input ports. There is a new gps version called "Here wego", which is manually download free maps. You can use a wi-fi connection. There are more applications that can be downloaded, installed and deleted in the car player. The Mobile Phone Mirror Link is a wireless device. The double din car stereo supports hands free phone calls, phone book download and music playing. The mirror link function can be used to sync the mobile screen to the car audio screen. You can save favorite stations and listen to them whenever you want. The device support original steering wheel button study. Not all cars need a canbus. A mini waterproof rear camera, with 12 IR light for night vision, and 6M AV cable are included in the Rear View Camera Input. When you pull the reverse gear, the player will switch to parking mode. A mini waterproof rear camera, with 12 IR light for night vision, and 6M AV cable are included in the Rear View Camera Input. When you pull the reverse gear, the player will switch to parking mode.

Brand: Amprime

👤A car stereo has a lot of nice features. The radio and gps work well. The radio is well made. The lack of a good user guide and lack of knowledge about the radio is the problem I have encountered. There is a feature on the home screen that shows your speed. The display shows kilometres per hour. Since I live in the US, I want that display to be miles per hour. The seller said that the feature was only for decoration. Wrong! It works. I was unable to find a setting that would change to mph. There is a voice assistant called NEXai. The basic version is free. It needs to be activated. When I asked about how to get the product to work, the seller said that it couldn't be activated because it didn't have NEXAI Voice Control. I like this radio and the touch controls, but the lack of support and knowledge from the seller would make me want to return the radio, and another brand would be better.

👤I asked if it would fit a Ram 1500 and was told yes. It didn't. I had to do some serious modifications to get it mounted. The system is working again. Everything is set up for a different language. It works for now. If I didn't have to install it for 4 hours. I would return it. The seller is not honest after many emails. He told me to calm down, claiming he never got my question about fitting my truck, not being responsible for the wrong dimensions, and wouldn't take responsibility for the issues. Buy at your own risk.

👤Constantly unreliable in gps mode. If you change screens to say radio or wireless, you have to reenter the destination.

👤I have had this radio for 3 months and it works perfectly, I installed the nova launcher on the app store and removed the home screen, it works great. I would recommend it.

👤I was very excited when it arrived and I was even more excited when I found this product. I decided to wire the power and front speakers to make sure they were good. I plugged in the antenna to make sure it worked. Thankfully that is all I did. The radio is static and doesn't play the actual station. The song is shown by the song on the song board. There is no sound for it. I called someone to check it out. They were able to hear me speak, but there was no sound on my end. Don't waste your money and trust the 1 star reviews before you go down this rabbit hole!

👤I didn't think it was real but when it arrived, I was blown away by the quality. It is easy to assemble and use. I think buying great price quality is a good idea.

👤I bought a radio in 2019. It is in 2021. It has been trouble. It has never worked on it. I got a new one after returning the original one. The problem is the same. I didn't want to go through it again. I decided to keep it and use one of those cigarettes lighters. Over the years I have become annoyed by the fact that the Bluetooth has not worked on this thing and that sellers do not have an answer to. When brought up, refuse to answer. I have been using this radio for 3 years and I think it would be great if it did what it was supposed to do. I have tried to get it reprogrammed. I have had friends try. Everything. It doesn't work with wireless communication. Radio works. The app sounds good. The sound on the video sharing website is no. There is a service called "Netflix." No. There is a wireless communication device called a Bluetooth no. It is something software related. Everything is up to date.

11. ATOTO Double Android Navigation Bluetooth

ATOTO Double Android Navigation Bluetooth

It was developed from a stable and widely used OS to let it perform better in vehicles. There are lots of vehicle-based features, such as radio, aUX, camera, and wheel key control. The factory steering wheel key control can still be retained. The microphone and receiption have been improved. Drivers don't have to say anything to the other one. It is possible to connect to the phone's internet and play A2DP calls with dual Bluetooth. Offline map data can be downloaded for navigation without internet. There is unlimited microusb drive and micro sd drive support. The ATOTO A6 has a feature called Quick Booting, which allows you to start the car and access system within 2 seconds. The ATOTO AICE OS 9.6 has a continuous firmware update. Continue to get the latest update to ensure less bugs and new features.

Brand: Atoto

👤I waited until July 29th to give an accurate and comprehensive account of my experience because I purchased this June 15th and installed it June 17th. I was hesitant to buy it because of some of the other reviews, but now I realize that their problems may have been caused by improper installation of the unit, which would burn out even a Pioneer. I recommend that you read the installation instructions once or twice before starting, and that you buy a new wiring harness for your vehicle that has a color code guide. I strongly encourage you to disconnected the battery before messing with the wiring or plugging in the unit, otherwise you will cause damage to it. I really enjoy using it. I looked around for a long time trying to find something that was reasonable in cost, but still provided me with all the conveniences of a much more expensive unit like a Pioneer, Kenwood, or even JVC. In order to make my review more readable, I have broken it down into some important things. The install on my 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab was done using the Metra 95-6B Double DIN kit. The sound quality is good. If you have an app like Spotify, you can set the stereo equalizer to Natural or Flat and then turn on the equalizer in the app, and the sound is beautiful. The difference was like night and day after my wife showed me how to do it. I installed a brand new set of Boss speakers in my truck, but there was no sub-woofer setup. The display is better than the one I had in my truck. It's similar to having a device in the stereo. The text is clear and sharp on the maps. I can easily read my email or a document. The touchscreen doesn't require a lot of pressure. The video quality is good. It's just like watching it on a small laptop or tablet screen when I use it to watch YouTube, or Hulu. The accuracy of the gps device. There's almost no lag in position update with the gps antenna. When my wife and I have a mobile hot spot on our phones, we will use it to connect the stereo to the internet, and then we will use the directions on the map to start the navigation. I've done this many times and it's worked out great. Even without an internet connection, you can still use the map and gps to navigate yourself, which is something we've done once or twice while stuck out in the woods. I can easily get the wi-fi signal from the driveway, and download files, even if I just turn the phone on. There is a bluetooth connection. It's easy to setup and modify connections with this unit, and I have never had an issue with it. I had issues with my old stereo and the connection randomly dropping and then connecting again, but I haven't had any problems with this one. There are other things you can do with this stereo. I have a backup camera, front facing camera, and an Amplified Data Interface to keep the stereo on until I open the cab doors. I would like to install all of these things eventually. Customer service is provided. They have great customer service, I got a full response within 48 hours, and they even took the time to send me links to additional components that I might need for my particular install. I'm not sure why they've gotten poor reviews for their customer service or helpfulness, they seem to care about doing whatever they can to help you. Over the last month and a half, I have used this unit a lot and I recommend it to anyone. If you want to have all the features of a newer stereo but don't want to spend 700 dollars on one, this unit is perfect for you. If this unit ever died on me, I would still buy another one, I'm very happy with my purchase. You will have to cut out some plastic from the inside of the dash to make the stereo fit with the Metra Dash kit.


What is the best product for radio para carro con gps y camara?

Radio para carro con gps y camara products from Hieha. In this article about radio para carro con gps y camara you can see why people choose the product. Hikity and Mantian are also good brands to look for when you are finding radio para carro con gps y camara.

What are the best brands for radio para carro con gps y camara?

Hieha, Hikity and Mantian are some of the best brands that chosen by people for radio para carro con gps y camara. Find the detail in this article. Unitopsci, Boss Audio Systems and Amprime are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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