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1. DEWALT DW089LG Line Laser Green

DEWALT DW089LG Line Laser Green

Pair with your compatible phone to get access to hands-free calling and notifications, and also to have voice-activated navigation for convenience on the road. The DEWALT laser level comes with a battery platform. The laser level tool has green beam laser technology. DEWALT green laser level has a magnetic mount. Full-time pulse mode allows use with a detector and extends range. Overmolded housing and debris. The locking pendulum can help prevent damage to internal components. Class 2 laser has an output power of less than 1.50mW. Class 2 laser has an output power of less than 1.50mW.

Brand: Dewalt

👤Producto, para todas las areas de la construccin, ahorra.

👤I don't do much to write thoughtful reviews, but I will try here. I will tell myself. I've been in construction since 1969 and have mostly worked on apartment projects. We do all our layout old school and don't need lasers. I plan to build a pergola and a home with the laser I bought for personal use. I am not a laser expert because of my construction background. I bought this because I thought I would be able to see the green lines at least 16-20', but even on dark cloudy days, I could not see more than 3 feet. It was like a light show inside. I will use a laser with a receiver outside to get my level lines, but I don't know how to use it to square up. I already own tons of DeWalt 20-volt tools. The lW089LG laser is very rugged. There is a The green laser is easier to see than the red ones. I hate replacing batteries in anything, so I got the 20-volt DeWalt battery. There is a It has a tilt and twist feature that I used after setting up inside, that was great, as did not have to move the tripod to get my plumb line to a certain point. My favorite projection is the one where I setup in the middle of the room and get plumb and level lines from floor to ceiling. I don't understand how this lW089LG can make small adjustments. There is a I thought it would be smaller, but it is. There is a I can't see the laser line on a slab. This will pay off when I run chair mold, stairs, cabinets, lights and panels. If I was going to get a laser for work on the ground, I would go with a rotary.

👤Heard great things about this laser. Even in extreme cold, the battery life is great. Sturdy construction. Bright lasers are visible. It's not as strong as a laser, but it's decent for outside use.

👤I bought a laser for framing layout and am very happy with it. The performance of this laser is better than the one I bought, but it is not better in all aspects. After a few weeks of use, I have come to the conclusion that the DO089K is better for tiling than the DW089LG. The construction of the laser is very strong. The laser lock function protects the laser from going off plumb or level. Just remember to use it. The rechargeable battery is a big plus and it prevents one from having to make last minute runs for AA batteries, which always run out at the worst possible time. It's great for tall spaces such as stairs. The laser can be placed in the center of a room to make framing more accurate. The laser line is smaller at distances over 25ft. There is a micro adjustment dial for the laser. This does take a bit of time to align. For wall layout it's not a problem but for tiling a bathroom it can get in the way. It's easy to remove the laser from the alignment.

2. Automatic Optical Transit Precision Measure

Automatic Optical Transit Precision Measure

It's fast and accurate. There is no one to help you measure long distances. The world's first bilateral laser measurer is the tool you need to get the job done quickly and easily. You won't have to bend or put yourself in a dangerous position if you use this unique measuring device. Every construction worker needs a smart device. Even in low light conditions, the magnification 32x optical level with case allows you to work. The location is provided by a clear dial. The horizontal knobs have an unlimited range. The plastic case makes it easy to be taken anywhere or to be stored for future use. Construction engineering survey is an application. Construction engineering survey is an application.

Brand: Yaeccc

👤My wife gave me this level as a Christmas gift. The product is described as a survey auto level high precision. My initial comments about the level. The level case is well built and holds the level tightly in place. Case quality is comparable to more expensive grade level cases. There is a wrench for bubble adjustments. The level has the same features as a professional level, including a plum bob and a hanger. The level is lighter than expensive levels. The compensator is trying to function, so don't worry about the rattle noise you hear while taking it out of the case. The Bosch aluminum tripod companion I received was threaded perfectly onto the unit. The accuracy is listed in the manual as 0.22”. It doesn't include what distance this accuracy applies to. I think it's 100'. This is below the professional level. I ran a few checks and found it to be accurate to 0.032' in 150', which is a bit more than it was in 150'. The accuracy was about half at 75. As you decrease the distance from the level, accuracy gets better. 75' is more than I need to grade. I will add a turning point if I need to shoot more than 75'. The bubble level moved slightly off center when I adjusted the level to 90 degrees. The entire bubble was within the circle. I don't think a bubble level adjustment would improve accuracy. I gave it 4 stars based on my initial observations. The unit is very sensitive. The light weight construction is to blame. It should last for a long time if you store it in a case and don't throw it into your truck. Unless you are within your tolerance, limit the distance you are elevating to 75'. If you can accept the accuracy limits, you should consider this level. I didn't give it 5 stars because I thought the description was a bit misleading. I will revise this review if I run a level loop.

👤This was excellent for the price. Many people have said that the threads to attach the unit to the tripod were not cut correctly. I bought a tap and cleaned up the threads after taking advice. The bubble was slightly off, but the adjustment tools and instructions were included, so it took a long time to tune it in correctly. I would definitely buy this product.

👤It seems like it works. But it is. I was told that it would work with one thred but only if I returned it or taped it. There is a The rivet strap broke in the first hour out of the box.

👤I've used this level for several jobs around my home and it's done very well. I have set the layout of a new shop building, shot the elevations and set the grade for the new building. I had good results from all the tasks I had to do, which was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting an inaccurate tool since the price was relatively low. There is a problem with attaching their tripods. I have a tripod that is attached to it. I'm very happy with this purchase.

3. DEWALT DW090PK Builders Package Tripod

DEWALT DW090PK Builders Package Tripod

Class 2 laser has an output power of less than 1.50mW. 20x magnification has a range of 200 feet. The accuracy is within a quarter-inch per 100 feet. A vernier scale is used for measuring horizontal angles. It is easy to set up a heavy-duty leveling base. It is protected leveling for jobsite durability. It is protected leveling for jobsite durability.

Brand: Dewalt

👤The transit was excited to start several projects in my back yard. Everything looked great when I opened the box. I set up the interment and the anticipation grew. The first thing to do is to use a two peg set up. My troubles began there. The transit won't level from 0 to 180 in any direction. The level in the transit isn't right. It's not a big deal, but it's frustrating to spend money on a new transit. I dropped the transit off at a local shop. They said my transit would be ready in a couple of days for $85. Agin, frustrating. I have to do it. The level was out of calibration, so the shop fixed it, and the transit was warped or bent, so they couldn't certify the calibration. I have a transit that only shoots a straight line and is useless for anything else. I only charged $45 instead of $85 because it's not certified. I hope I don't get lucky and buy a new transit. I'm pretty sure this isn't the norm for Dewalt products. I own many Dewald tools and will keep buying them. I think I got lucky.

👤It's what I expected. It arrived when I expected it. It seems to be well thought out and constructed. I took off one star because the threads were bad on the mount on the transit and we had to fix them. The grade pole is in the correct position for me. It collapses very easily when it snaps into an extended position. It's handy to carry everything with the strap that holds the tripod legs together. It is very light weight. I didn't expect it to be as accurate as a $1,000 unit, but it's fine for the work we do. It's a good buy and I would recommend it to a friend. Let's see how it holds up over time. I will keep you updated on any issues.

👤I am an avid DeWalt tool owner and this level does not measure up to what I expected. The eyepiece is very small. The image was blurry and the scope was hard to see. I returned the tool because it was useless.

👤There are pros and cons. It works as expected. Excellent quality. Don't buy it if you're expecting a LASER or SELF-LEVELING. You will have to pay more for those features. The level unit case is plastic, but it is very protective. We'll see how well its photo-sensitivity works on long, sunny days. There are some things that are CONS: It needs a carrying bag to hold the level and the grade rod. It's a pain to carry three separate items, when you can't park close to the set-up location. If you need to carry your plans or clipboard, it's really cumbersome.

👤I am a jack of all trades, a handyman, and a few other terms that I can't remember. I built a 40' x 42' shop and plan to replace an existing barn. I plan to replace our existing concrete driveway with a much larger concrete driveway in the near future. If they are level, they function better. The new laser levels were out of my price range for the amount of use I have for one. A level that needs two people is perfect because my wife needs something to get out of the house more often. The level package is perfect for my needs, and I found the best price on Amazon. Honest and On The Level. I have developed a work-around to be in two places at the same time. A laser level is the thing when working alone. The cost of convenience is much higher. My plan is to drive a wooden stake at each of the locations where I need a grade shot. I return to the instrument with the level rod in hand and use a wood quick clamp to hold it in place. I need the numbers from each of the desired locations before I can move the level rod. The method takes twice as long as it would with a laser level, but I need the exercise and I always think about the money I saved.

4. Johnson Level Tool 99 026K Leveling

Johnson Level Tool 99 026K Leveling

Rugged design with hard hat provides superior drop. And outdoor weather protection. ROTARY LASER LEVEL: The Johnson Self Leveling Kit is ideal for one person to apply. This tool is perfect for small jobs because it self-levels in the horizontal and vertical plane. There is a safety arm. The locking pendulum that protects the inner pendulum during transportation and the visual and audible alarms that alert you when the rotary is beyond its leveling range are features of the rotary laser. There are applications The laser can be used to check for cut and fill, set foundations and footings, concrete pours, septic tanks and basement excavations, and more. ROTATIONAL SPEEDS. The laser supports variable speeds of 200 and 600 RPM. The user can set the laser to a speed that provides optimum visibility. There are product specifications. The kit includes a Laser with 800' working diameter, NiMH rechargeable battery pack, 6V battery charger, detector with a tripod, 13' grade rod, magnetic target, tinted glasses, and hard-shell carrying case. inner mechanisms are protected by locking compensator. The split beam is used for alignment work. The split beam is used for alignment work.

Brand: Johnson Level & Tool

👤It works, it's priced right. The laser was in a nice hard case. The laser works on both AA and the rechargeable batteries, which is nice, I'll forget to charge them, but I can easily pop in a few AA's and get on with my work. The grade rod can dig a basement. The tripod is heavy duty and will hold up. The build quality for the laser seems to be in line with what I would expect. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤The product was not usable until 4 weeks later. It wouldn't be able to power on. Light blinks and then nothing. I looked at the battery pack. All seemed good. Allow it to charge for 2 days. Still won't work. I thought I would read the manual and try again later, but got busy. I tried again and failed. The return window was closed three days ago. That is a lot of money down the drain. Disappointed.

👤This was used for clearing a hill. I needed to make sure each post was within 6 inches of each other. It did its job. It's nice that it's rechargeable. I don't have to think about batteries or swap out the pack with AA's. The bottom line is good for the price. We'll see where this goes with the other function when I finish a fenceline.

👤I have yet to use the unit. I can't find another place to contact with complaints at the moment, but I gave it two stars because it arrived with a broken hinge. I need the unit today so I am using it. Someone is handling a box. The case is made as far as hinges go. There is a Ok. It was used for five minutes. I have worked for someone else with their tools. The laser level seems to be cheaper than what I used, and it seems to be missing a few things that I would like. I will change/upGRADE this purchase if I can. It might surprise me if not. I heard good things about this brand from the other reviews.

👤I like having a kit, but this one is a bit pricey. I would have put together my own kit with better equipment if I had it to do over. I needed a laser right away because I was time crunched on a job. After 3 weeks of BS with shipping, I canceled the order as I was told it was damaged during shipment and returned. After putting together a different laser kit, this one appeared.

👤The unit is easy to set up. It's a good value for light usage. The tripod is light for use by contractors. The batteries last a long time between charges, and the laser head is well built. It works well for my use around a recreational property. I gave it 4 stars because of the tripod. I have a five star rating.

👤The instructions clearly state to use a flat screwdriver while going through the process. I called customer service after failing to use the method and they said that the adjustment screw had been changed to a 5MM Hex, which is not what the instructions say. I have a useless $700 tool because the instructions on the product I was sent did not match the one I received. Be careful, buyer!

5. NF 198 Measuring Automatically Calculate Measurement

NF 198 Measuring Automatically Calculate Measurement

Find what you like or build your own by connecting IQ compatible to the device. WxH:240 x 400 1. Measure the area and length of any shape. 2. The vehicle-carrier measurement can be adjusted. 3. The measurement is equal-width area. The measuring value, figure track, and price can be displayed. 5. Data can be exported for printing. 6. The map shows real graphics.

Brand: Noyafa

👤This is the most frustrating purchase I have ever made. There is no support from the manufacturer. I can't find the software to download my waypoints and tracks, so I'm left with a useless piece of plastic. If you want a serious product, you should get a Garmin.

👤The unit I received works well, but has one major flaw. As the unit istracing your path on the screen, the east and west are reversed, while the north and south are correct. The path drawn on the screen is a mirror image of what it should be. The display is difficult to see in the shade and the MANUAL tracking feature is not compatible with the device. All other features work well.

👤It keeps shutting off. Trying to adjust setting and it doesn't work. The battery was charged for 6 hours. This thing is not worth much.

👤El producto no tienes, pero no tienes funciones.

👤This is a great device to use to get a gps measurement. We use them on a regular basis.

👤The seller was fast. I was surprised to receive it on the third day after placing the order. The product starts up very quickly. I tried to find out if the park in front of my house was accurate. It's convenient to connect the measurement results to the map and also to print them out. happy shopping It works as expected.

👤I will recommend it because it is very good and works very well.

6. Calculation Measurement Multifunctional Measuring Instrument

Calculation Measurement Multifunctional Measuring Instrument

The area measurement error is 1-2% with high-precision technology. You can set the local time for the area measure on the large screen, which makes it more clear and visually. Measurement features include aGPS area measuring tool of any shape, and measure length of any shape,figure track and automatically calculate price measurement. Sturdy and sturdy design, can protect the area to the fullest extent, with portable design, fits in your hand or pockets perfectly, rubberized case offers a comfortable feeling of grip. There is a wide range of applications. There is a wide range of applications.

Brand: Beva

👤This is a very easy to learn device, it comes with no instructions. It will measure the length of a path you walk or it will measure the area you walk in. You will need to set the time for where you are. Houston, TX is in the United States. The day/month/year and Time of Day will be included in the log files. It's nearly impossible to reconstruct what you have measured if this is wrong. I use this to measure how long a driveway is, how much water a lot has, and how long a road is. I use it to figure out the size of a shop, building or back yard patio, as well as the area of a parking lot. I am very impressed with what it does. It uses gps and compasses for accurate measurements. It's easier to use this for job estimates than it is for actual jobs.

👤I was in need of a land survey after one of my neighbors told me that part of my fence line was on the other side of the property. I found the gps coordinates for the fence line after buying this item. I was able to show my neighbor that he was wrong. I surveyed his 10 acres for big land and it was very expensive.

👤The gps coordinates are way off, it looks good with a bunch of features.

👤We purchased to protect the boundaries of the property lines. It wouldn't depict the correct lat/long. Maybe ours was faulty, but we decided to order a much more expensive model.

👤I measured the parking spots in the empty parking lot. I started at one end point, walked along the parking line, across to the opposite line from the parking spot directly in front, and then back on the other side to reach the original location. The entry for the cars to park is the parallelogram without the ends. The screen moved to adjust for the angles and I arrived at the starting point with a small gap. I don't know if the gap makes a difference or if I had the settings wrong. I hope I can find a way to reset the unit.

👤I plugged the gps into my laptop but it didn't recognize it. I will return if the seller can't give me a solution, because it didn't come with instructions.

👤This one was about a mile off on latitude and longitude. I live at 6000 feet, but it said I was at 6000 feet. It would have been handy to use. I don't think this one is representative of others.

👤It's hard to get mappers with chip shortages. This unit is not perfect. It does the job if you need basic latitude and longitude.

7. Te Rich Handheld GLONASS Measurer Calculation

Te Rich Handheld GLONASS Measurer Calculation

Construction engineering survey is an application. instant and precise positioning is provided by the gps system. Measure the area and length of any shape. The large screen makes it clear and visually striking. Satellite signal intensity and positioning precision are shown. Automatic farmland area and length measurement. Automatic farmland area and length measurement.

Brand: Te-rich

👤I was surprised at how accurate the one I bought was. It is usually close to the location. If you are comparing it to the unit, you may have to convert it to minutes and seconds.

👤There is nothing to like about this item. It wouldn't take a charge if it did. It wouldn't turn on unless it was plugged in. I was able to get it to stay on and it provided strange results such as showing tens of feet in movement in "2 point distance" mode while stationary. There is a picture on my desk. The altitude measurement changes while stationary and displays in meters regardless of settings. The selection buttons can be sticky and don't always come back after pressing. Don't spend your money or time on this item.

👤I was trying to figure out the amount of acres I had to give to the farmer. It was impossible to measure the timber because there were so many fingers in the fields. It was easy to calculate the acres with this device. It is easy to set up. I drove the field edges on an ATV until I got to my starting point. It calculated the area and had a map of it. It was saved to the history. It made the measurement impossible for me, and now I don't have to wonder if I am overcharging or not. This device was simple to use.

👤I use it a lot. I used the map to find the boundary stakes.

👤It works well, but do not expect a precise location, probably around 50 feet is as close as you can get.

👤The menu and unit are not accurate.

👤The device was frozen out of the box. I had to open the battery compartment to turn it off. I have to carry a screw driver with me when I use the device. Will be reaching out to the seller.

👤It was easy to learn to use. If I could just find a mount for it.

8. Garmin ETrex Rugged Handheld Navigator

Garmin ETrex Rugged Handheld Navigator

The handheld gps is reliable. The display has a sunlight-readable color and display size of 220 x 220. There are roads and trails for hiking and cycling in the Topo Active maps. Tracking in more challenging environments is possible with the support of gps and GLONASS satellite systems. There is 8 gigabytes of internal memory for map downloads. Up to 25 hours in the gps mode with 2 AA batteries.

Brand: Garmin

👤A lot of the negative reviewers didn't understand what they were buying when they ordered this. This isn't a replacement for your maps and it isn't intended to be. Some of the negatives are positive features. It was large. It's large, but it will take a lot more beating than a small smart phone. The shape makes it easier to hold in the hand. 2. There is no touchscreen. Have you ever tried to use your phone in the rain? Touchscreens are great in warm climates. It is designed for use in dirty environments. 3. The user interface is outdated. This sort of phone is similar to a 2008 cell phone. The layout is easy to set up and contributes to the battery life. 4. AA batteries. The eTrex doesn't have a rechargeable battery like every other electronic device. It's difficult to understand why they think this would be a good idea. If you're out on a long hike/camping/hunting trip for several days, it's unlikely that you'll have access to a charging port, which makes it easier to just pop in two new batteries when the old ones run out. 5. There is a memory capacity. The maps take up the entire integrated memory. You can buy a 32gb card for $6 and download as many maps as you want. There are lots of videos on how to do this. 6. There is no map detail. I haven't encountered any flaws with the maps, so unless you're trekking through Gates of the Arctic, you'll probably be covered on any state or local trails. 7. Inaccuracy of location. The registered location is close to where I'm actually standing. My cell phone is usually off by 50 to 100 feet. It's not the point of exactitude, it's to help you find your way back to your camp, etc. Being off by a few yards isn't a big deal if you're within sightline. There are 8. There are noroutable maps. It operates differently than your phone's map app. You type in the address and it takes you there. It's not clear why people think it won't. There are 9. The features and interface are confusing. I can't believe this one. There are lots of videos and articles on how to use features. I download AllTrails Pro trails into Basecamp and then export them onto the eTrex when I'm ready to go. I follow the trail on the device. There are two more When I go on a non-prepared trip, I use the eTrex to record my track and save it on the device, then I plug it into my computer and send it to Basecamp. Done. If you're outdoors a lot, you're willing to dedicate minimal time to understanding how to use it, and you understand that this sub-$200 gps that will last you for a decade is not intended to replace your $800+ cellphone.

👤The company is abysmal. The product they have created is straight out of the era of the Blackberry. They offer nothing in the handheld market that is close to a modern device. This piece of hardware and software is not good. I will return it. I didn't return the inferior Garmin that I have in my car, and it burns me up. Never again! The screen is tiny, and I have encountered other issues in my brief period of ownership. I need to hike in the desert. The screen is useless. My phone works in the same way with no glasses. - The best tech minds don't work for Garmin. - The screen gets bumped in your pocket and you lose battery life. You can't search for a location by state, it returns zero results. The method to change the order of items in the Main menu is different from the Route Planning menu. - The deleted tracks menu contains all the settings. What? There are no maps. The data is solid, so I give this 2 stars instead of 1 Since my return of this device, I have been using a solution. I wanted a dedicated device just for mapping, I hike extensively off trail. I bought a burner phone at a box store and it works without being activated. I disabled all the apps that I could. I bought and downloaded Gaia for mapping and route finding. You can download maps before you leave. You can get phone service if you don't have to download maps, but it will cost more. I made the device bulletproof by adding a protective case with a backpack clip and an external battery pack. The setup has been great. Gaia is awesome. There are maps on the screen. The hardware and software are easy to use. The accuracy is very good. I have access to a lot of maps. Finally, it's a cheaper option. It's shocking that the company that does this can't do it.

9. CO Z Horizontal Dual Module Self Leveling Contractors

CO Z Horizontal Dual Module Self Leveling Contractors

It is protected leveling for jobsite durability. It is easy to operate. A single person can handle most leveling applications with this self-leveling laser. Laser wavelength: 650 nm; laser rate: The working temperature is 14F - 104F. The standing visibility is out. A red laser beam with variable scanning angles is included. The laser level tool has an ideal work range of 16 feet. A complete clipboard includes a laser level, quick tripod, laser glasses, batteries, and a carrying case. A complete clipboard includes a laser level, quick tripod, laser glasses, batteries, and a carrying case.

Brand: Zelcan

👤The laser level tripod is an excellent product for leveling things. The product comes in a nice case. It made installing tiles in the bathroom and kitchen easier. I can't stand things that are even, but after purchasing this product, it made my life easier. It is easy to assemble and take apart. I use this device to hang my paintings around the house. I think this is a great product for those who are dealing with installation.

👤This is great for tiling an alcove shower. The unit projects a red level line. Without the red goggles, I was able to see it. It made my job easier. Horizontal lines can be moved on a tripod. I placed a tripod on the Vanity next to the alcove. The price was reasonable. I have probably had a laser on for about twenty five hours.

👤The carrying case is a nice addition, however it is cheaply made and the plastic clasps will eventually crack, I like the crank on the tripod that makes it easy to get to the precise height, however it is cheaply made and the plastic clasps will eventually crack.

👤It's a laser level. It does what it's supposed to do. It creates a horizontal and vertical line. The button is simple to use. The tripod is sturdy and can be used many different ways. I don't see a reason to spend more money on a brand that isn't good. The laser level is awesome.

👤So far, so good. The price was low. I bought this instead of a really expensive one because it works great and is easy to use. I will say now. It's cheap but it's already paid for itself a few times over and is still kicking. It was pretty impressed.

👤The laser works well in the light, but it is hard to see in the sun. The laser is great in shaded areas in the evening and early morning. The tripod is a bit cheap, but it's amazing. The tripod was easy to use.

👤It works great inside, but not outside. The laser is weak if used in a dark area. I wanted to make sure the pool wall's base was level so we could continue to install the lap pool in our backyard. I had to purchase a Dewalt optical transit kit that will require another person to assist.

👤This laser level looks like a cheap toy. The laser head is brittle and won't survive a fall. The leg locks can't support the weight of the laser head. The leg pads must be made of glue. They fall off. Laser light cannot be seen in the daytime. The unit is about 4 feet tall. Measure from the laser line for higher leveling.

👤Me es una casa. It is excelente.

10. Worlds First Bilateral Magpie Tech

Worlds First Bilateral Magpie Tech

You can use tracks and review trip data from the field if you are compatible with the Explore website and app. It's fast and accurate. There is no one to help you measure long distances. The world's first bilateral laser measurer is the tool you need to get the job done quickly and easily. You won't have to bend or put yourself in a dangerous position if you use this unique measuring device. Every construction worker needs a smart device. It's fast and accurate. There is no one to help you measure long distances. The world's first bilateral laser measurer is the tool you need to get the job done quickly and easily. You won't have to bend or put yourself in a dangerous position if you use this unique measuring device. Every construction worker needs a smart device.

Brand: Magpie

👤The Stabila, Leica, PLS and Bosch lasers don't offer something like this. While kneeling on the ground, I can make sure I hit my target by measuring the bottom of the beams, metal decks and ceiling heights. I usually measure an abandoned building or a pigeon-ridden church steeple. Not having to kneel in a mess is a good thing. Standing in the center of the space and taking a measurement on a ladder has been a great help in measuring areas where you can't easily reach the outside walls. My lasers are in line with accuracy. It has built in levels that are not digital, but they don't have much use in a dark space. The build quality is okay, some rubber on both ends haven't dropped it yet. The price point is high, but there are no other options for this type of laser. I haven't been in a large warehouse to test the distance capacity, if they are lacking I will edit the review.

👤I respect this device. I saw the demo for this device and it has a lot of functions, but I don't think it's good. The majority of people in this country use inches and feet. This device uses hair dimensions like 1/32-23/32 1/64-57/64, this is not a good use of time. You have to include 1/16 for another one. I think the small amounts for inCHES like (1/16 to 15/16) is better. I bought two magpies at the same time, one on Amazon and the other on Ebay. It doesn't work for me and I want you to fix it. I have an old laser from Bosch and I use it for work.

👤This would have been a lifesaver because of the 20 years of estimating. It is fast. It's accurate and it's sketching tool makes measuring home or commercial projects a snap. You will never regret this purchase.

👤1. There is no way to measure the distance between two walls. The device takes a measurement when you press a button, or when it shows you the intermediate measurements. There is no way to hold your hand still while you press the button. The area, volume, etc. calculations are worthless because of this. The convenience advantages of a tripod are lost when you use it to help with the accuracy problem. 2. There is no way to know when you are holding the device at a certain angle. If you are off by a couple degrees, your measurement may be off by a few inches. I don't want to depend on a measurement like that to have a window cut for an opening. You can see the laser dots on the wall, but you can't see the laser beams leading up to it. It is not possible to watch the bubble levels at the same time. I think the bubble levels were added because the developers had the same problem, but they didn't verify that their change actually fixed the problem. The executive summary is a summary. The device is a clever idea, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe a product similar to this one will address these issues in the future. It's too bad, because these things could be fixed with the device's software.

11. OMMO Leveling Construction Horizontal Controller

OMMO Leveling Construction Horizontal Controller

A complete clipboard includes a laser level, quick tripod, laser glasses, batteries, and a carrying case. OMMO Laser Level have two horizontal and two vertical planes, 16 laser lines, which can cover the floor, walls and ceiling all around the room. You can visualize quickly and finish the square layout by using horizontal lines and vertical lines. The portable size makes it more convenient to use. The laser level can be tilted self-leveling within 4, and the alarm will be activated until they put it in a level place. To turn on the self-leveling mode, press the power button on the top and then switch to the ON side. It's perfect for tiling, lighting, hanging pictures, wall tiling, or floor tiling. This laser can project a horizontal and vertical orientation for precise and flexible alignment. The horizontal accuracy of the laser line is 7 m. They can attach it to a tripod or other base for convenient positioning, the unit has a female thread on it. You can project lines from any angle or position with the help of the laser level. ign precision and visibility Their green laser level is brighter, clearer, and more reliable than traditional line drawing methods, and it leaves no marks on furniture or walls. The waterproof design protects the unit from splashes of water, dust and construction debris. You will get a green laser level, magnetic base, lift table, wall brackets, carrying bag, li-ion batteries, remote control, and user manual. If you use your laser level in the sunlight, please try to avoid it. The waterproof design protects the unit from splashes of water, dust and construction debris. You will get a green laser level, magnetic base, lift table, wall brackets, carrying bag, li-ion batteries, remote control, and user manual. If you use your laser level in the sunlight, please try to avoid it.

Brand: Ommo

👤I gave it a 4 star because the housing is made of hard plastic and it will break if I drop it or hit it with something. It should have been a hard case. Everything works just fine. You won't be able to see the laser beyond 5 ft in direct sunlight, like all other laser levels I have used in the past. It would have been helpful if the unit came with individual legs to make small adjustments to the tilt of the unit. Changed from 4 stars to 2 stars because of the flimsy magnetic hanger. The adjusting knobs are not easy to use. The laser was not at 90 degrees. The unit arrived so the lasers could be unlocked. The laser has good features.

👤The laser level was ordered to add a support to the kitchen cabinets. The laser lines were bright green and at an angle. The level is easy to use. It can be attached to a tripod. The buttons are marked and you have to press them to see more lines. This option makes the level essential when doing projects with interval spacing. The OMMO laser level is recommended by me.

👤I am very impressed with this laser level. I've been holding off on getting one because of the price. I finally caved and chose this one. I was impressed by the laser level in the dusty environment. The lines are bright. The assessories are nice. There are many ways to hold the level. The scissor lift type platform and auto leveling make it possible to get the leveled line to the exact height you need. I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't expecting the magnetic attachment. The magnets are strong enough to hold the laser in place. I didn't think I would use the remote, but I did. I found this level and will use it for a long time. It was recommended.

👤I needed to install a drop ceiling after my laser broke. If the laser didn't do the job, I would return it. After using more of the laser, I thought it had so many options. I didn't realize how useful a remote would be. It has great attachments as well. I have a great battery life and never had it die. I had a red laser and it was easy to see in a lite room. I dropped the unit from the high point. It did not affect the housing or damage it. If you're looking for a selfleveling laser at this price point, I would recommend buying it.

👤The unit works well. It's very easy to make marks on the floor, walls, and ceiling without having to move the unit. The remote helps with turning the lasers off and on without disrupting the main laser housing. If you have to cross the beam, you can turn it off, cross the housing and turn it back on without disrupting the unit, which will protect your eyes from the lasers. Different situations will be helped by the accessories provided.


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