Best Gps with Backup Camera for 2014 Ford

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1. Receiver Compatible Touchscreen Steering Bluetooth

Receiver Compatible Touchscreen Steering Bluetooth

Before investing, it is advisable to use tips. The Hieha double din stereo is a standard double din size, but you should compare it to your car center console outline before purchasing. Carplay makes it possible for you to access map navigation, phone contacts, email, notification, music, video, and more while you stay focused on the road with a compatible carplay and car stereo. A 7-inch screen has been designed. The universal double din standard is 7.4 inch wide and 2.6 inch deep. The 7-inch HD touch screen on their double din stereo makes it more sensitive and accurate. The phone's originalusb line can be used to mirror link the phone to the onboard screen. The content from your cellphone screen will be displayed through the mirror-link. You can use the navigation function in your car if you turn on the app on your phone. Standard size, universal power, audio plug, rich function expansion ports are included in the vehicle fit and multi functions. The double din car stereo can meet the needs of most vehicles. Before ordering, please confirm that your dash opening size is suitable. There are extra features, such as audio/video output, front and backup cameras video input. Max power output is 4x60W. The car play does not have a sub. It is only suitable for a 12V output car. You can see the video on the radio screen through the rear view camera if you reverse your car. Pull in reverse and the 7-inch touch screen will show the reverse image. Make reversing safer. You can see the video on the radio screen through the rear view camera if you reverse your car. Pull in reverse and the 7-inch touch screen will show the reverse image. Make reversing safer.

Brand: Sanptent

👤If I had known it was bad, I wouldn't have paid $10 for it, and I wouldn't have paid $85 for it. The answer is no. The screen on the replacement I put in Sunday afternoon went out on me, so I'm sending both the original and the replacement back in the same box.

👤I needed a new head unit for my 2005 Chevrolet car. It's worth the money. It's cheap, but it delivers. It makes frabricating a hole simpler. The extra space behind the houses is perfect for wires. Carplay is important for me because I use an Apple device. It's easy to connect my phone to the car stereo. How to use carplay. The original iPhone cable is needed to connect your phone to the car stereo. 2. Just enjoy, the car stereo will automatically enter the interface. It was very easy to setup.

👤It's a great stereo, great sound, but a few things to note are the IR remote and the steering wheel remote. The screen and all of its other functions work well, but it may need a custom diesel to fit the opening of a double din mine.

👤I am satisfied with my purchase. I bought this unit because it was the cheapest one that had the most features. The steering wheel remote control that comes with it is the only thing that I think works. Unless you point it directly to the unit, it doesn't do anything, so you have to remove it from the steering wheel to use it, which makes no sense. There is an additional remote control that has the same issue. It doesn't work unless you point it to the unit. Everything else in the unit looks cheap, but it works. The backup camera works. The volume knob is small and annoying, but it works. The screen definition is not great, but it works. This is not the device you are looking for.

👤If you want something that looks better, then the old radios are a good buy. I tried it out if your cellphone isn't connected to it, and it doesn't do anything on its own. It didn't fit right. I put it in the box and threw it on the shelf. The end.

👤For the price, you can't beat it. The install kit for your car will not be a perfect fit without it.

👤I open the box and test the audio receiver. The carplay and bluetooth functions are my favorites. I expected the touchscreen to be sensitive. The backup camera works normally when I drive. I like a car stereo audio receiver.

👤This product is installed in a vehicle. There is no online support for operational programming. The programming I have done was random. If I have maps open, the unit will not operate. The only thing it will do if I have the radio on is play music. I have tried to get online support, but it is not available. I tried and scanned their code, but could not access their site. I don't know if I need to uninstall or try another product.

2. Bluetooth Touchscreen Entertainment Multimedia Steering

Bluetooth Touchscreen Entertainment Multimedia Steering

There are extra features of a digital media radio receiver, such as support steering wheel control function, aUX in connection, 7 color buttons, and a digital control interface. The Ultra-Clear MIC is an upgrade of the old Bluetooth 5.1 and enables wireless streaming of music, calls, and mp3 players. The built-in ultra-clear microphone is built to make clearer calls and more accurate voice control, never distract you from driving. The double din car stereo supports mirror link function, mirror the screen of your phone, and use other apps. There is a car radio. Replacing the cell phone with a car screen is how to realize vehicle intelligence. Please note: 1. This is not a Carplay function. TheMirrorlink doesn't support apps on the screen. The car radio supports the rear and front view and will show the image when the vehicle shifts into reverse. HD night vision rear view camera is included, it has an ultra-wide viewing angle of 170, and it helps to park more safely and easily. The functions of the 7 inch Full Touch HD Capacitive Screen are supported by 1920 X1080P video. The screen has a high resolution and a full touch screen. The rotating volume control is easier to use with a physical button. With a wider transmission power range, more stations can be received, and signal coverage is wider, your journey is no longer boring. The memory function remembers radio stations. Important tips. Make sure your dash board fits their car stereo. If you find that their stereo size does not match your dash size, you should purchase a dash kit. It is recommended to install at a professional car audio shop if you read the instructions. 3. The wire harness and radio antenna are accessories that may be required for your car model. If your dash board opening size matches one of the following sizes, you can check out your car.

Brand: Sjoybring

👤The 1999 F150 needed an upgrade. It works great with my phone. I can make calls without using my phone and have a backup camera. It sounds better than the stock radio/cassette unit and seems to have enough power for listening while driving.

👤The double din is inexpensive and has a decent eq compared to others in this price range. This seems to be better quality than most "non name brand" double dins because theUI was very quick. You can run multiple amplifiers without an amplification or sound processor if you have multiple preouts. The remote works but is pretty jany. I don't use remotes for touch screen stereos.

👤There are issues with the radio running the auto. Sjoybring tells me that it doesn't support the auto, even though it is on the radio. I bought the radio through Amazon, not the company that made it, so I want the update files from Sjoybring, even though they are the ones who made the radio. I wouldn't purchase from them.

👤This was installed in my car. The product was easy to install. I can't speak for connecting a separate amplifier, but the instructions are clear and it seems simple, since I am running a stock sound system in my vehicle. The instructions have good illustrations. It was easy to modify the plastic dash with a dremel tool. The installation looks almost factory with the adapter kit, and I would strongly recommend it. The SJoyBring support team was very helpful. I contacted them to upgrade the boot screen to display a Mazda logo. They were able to get me the instructions within a few hours and I was able to follow them easily. This is a nice product and with a little extra effort it looks like a factory installation. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a decent car radio.

👤It was installed in a Jeep. The connection is quick and solid. Menus are easy to navigate. I like the volume knob and press to silence audio. The sound of the speakers is better than expected. The front camera port is a great touch. For the price, I got everything I wanted.

👤The instructions were very useful in the installation. I was able to use the harness and mount that I took out. It has all the features I use, but not the ones I don't. Who uses CD's now? It was easy to hook up to my phone. The phone hands free worked just as well as any other. Feed back is an issue for the person on the other end. They hear their own voice through the mic if you have a loud volume. Keep the volume down by mounting the mic as close to your face as possible. The back up cam works well. If you are installing yourself, be patient and take your time to get a good fit. The stereo I removed was the same size as the opening, so I didn't have to cut it out. I would recommend it as a great replacement stereo for your car or truck because it works and sounds great so far. The only thing I don't like about it is that the lights on the buttons to left constantly change color, and I can't pick a color and set it to that. I dug around in settings and instructions but haven't found a way to stop the constant color changing Maybe I am missing something. Again, not a big deal. I like the stereo. Subie has a fine addition.

3. Compatible Carplay Touchscreen Bluetooth Hands Free

Compatible Carplay Touchscreen Bluetooth Hands Free

The Double Din Car Radio has all the essential features. Please confirm that your dashboard opening size is suitable before ordering, if not, you need to buy a suitalble dash kit. Apple Carplay & Android Auto- double din car stereo compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, fullly HD touch control, making it easier to access your iphone functions including music, gps navigation, calls, notification, messages and much more, safely driving with no distraction. You can use your phone to access your phone book and compatible apps on your phone, if you have a car stereo with mirror link. There are many more available for social media, music, radio, podcasts, weather forecasts and navigation. It could make vocals more articulate by boosting the treble frequency range. It could make a song sound heavy. It can be used to remove certain sounds from a recording, like the high pitched buzz of a fluorescent lighting fixture. Answer/ make calls in seconds with the car stereo that you pair with your phone. A built-in microphone, hands-free calling, and no distraction. It's not necessary to pick up the phone while driving. A stable connection to your phone or device is provided by the wireless audio stream. Support power-off memory playing and LRC lyrics display. You should enjoy a superior music listening experience. Double din car stereo comes with a backup camera, waterproof, 170-degree super wide-angle lens, night vision, HD display, it will automatically display reverse image when in reversing mode. Installation tools, wires and user manual are provided. Professional technical support is provided by their car stereo. Click "Contact Seller" on your order page if you encounter any problems. Double din car stereo comes with a backup camera, waterproof, 170-degree super wide-angle lens, night vision, HD display, it will automatically display reverse image when in reversing mode. Installation tools, wires and user manual are provided. Professional technical support is provided by their car stereo. Click "Contact Seller" on your order page if you encounter any problems.

Brand: Oeretzrac

👤I guess it is ok for what it is, what it does and its price point. I have never installed a car stereo before, but I am pretty techy. I figured it out. This thing comes with no instructions for installation. I didn't know that I needed a wiring harness, antenna, and brackets for my vehicle. I found a car stereo kit and harness for my vehicle when I bought those later. The universal standard for generic wiring harnesses was matched perfectly by the color coding on the wiring kit. The backup camera is a nice plus, but there are no instructions on how to install it. Your mileage will vary because the backup camera cables are barely long enough to wire a minivan. It is pretty good in terms of basic functions. The radio is clear but not as strong as the stock radio. It's great for calls and music. I haven't tried using a memory card orusb to read drives that are formatted with NTFS. Audio quality is pretty good, it has a bunch of audio processing tricks that are great at causing horrible distortion, so best to leave those alone and use the audio processing tricks to set your bass and treble to your liking. The quality of the screen is ok, but it is dull on colors and you have to adjust the vibrance up a notch. I really wanted Apple CarPlay to work, but it didn't. That only works on the front of a computer. The navigation voice volume is the only problem. You can adjust the volume on most stereos. Not this stereo, the volume buttons only adjust the global volume at all times and as a result navigation is almost inaudible over music and might as well be mute. I wish you could listen to the radio while also having CarPlay on, but this one turns off radio as soon as it starts. I would increase my rating if such an update was made available as it is a big annoyance, but I wish it would get patched. The phone screen mirror is a nice alternative to CarPlay, but it requires controlling the phone directly as the touch inputs from the stereo don't pass through, the stereo becomes just a dumb display, and it also requires keeping the phone screen on the whole time. I tried to play videos on the thing, but was disappointed. Any app that plays video shows up garbled and distorted on the stereo screen and the mirror link fails and freezes completely. I would raise my review score if this feature was fixed. There are no software patches available for this unit. I think the unit is an improvement over the stock radio, but it could be better with a couple quick fixes.

👤We put this in our truck. The sound is clear and easy to use. It was easy to install. It comes with what you need. It is sturdy and looks nice. It's a good price and the quality is good.

4. Compatible Carplay Android Hieha Bluetooth

Compatible Carplay Android Hieha Bluetooth

Installation guides with video and pictures are included with US based customer phone and email support. The hieha double din car stereo is compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, so you can enjoy map navigation, email, music, phone with contacts, and advanced voice assistant. The phone mirror link function is supported by the car radio for most of the phones. You can use your mobile phone to connect to a big screen in your car to view movies, pictures, and maps, replacing the phone with the car screen to realize vehicle intelligence. The HD Touch Screen andBluetooth &Voice Control car radio offers an incredible viewing experience with 1920x1080P high-definition movies and lossless music. There is a built-in microphone. The backup camera in the car stereo allows you to make calls, listen to music,navigate the map, and ensure the safety on your way. The rear view camera has HD, night vision, and 170 viewing angle, and it will show the double din stereo image on a large touch screen when the vehicle is in reverse. The wiring installation guide for the backup camera is very easy to install. The car audio receiver has a user-friendly digital control interface, which allows it to play AM/PM radio,USB, and AUX input. They will try to solve your problem if you have any questions. The car audio receiver has a user-friendly digital control interface, which allows it to play AM/PM radio,USB, and AUX input. They will try to solve your problem if you have any questions.

Brand: Hieha

👤I got this a week ago and just installed it to replace an old aftermarket radio that I didn't like, but the box came with all the wires that were needed, and I was able to put it together myself without any trouble. The manual was easy to follow and works great with my apple car play. I would use all the features I need in a touchscreen radio, and it's good. I haven't had any issues with it so far and it has made my car a better experience. An upgrade from an old-style radio system.

👤Sometimes it works. I have tested performance with a variety of devices. Here are my results. I have tried different cables and phones to eliminate those variables, and it barely charges your phone. It barely keeps up with power usage, so my hour of commute still keeps me tethered to power cords. It's not the end of the world, but it's annoying. 2. About 40% of the time, it will not load at all, and then you have to turn the car off. I tried turning the stereo off, but it wouldn't load in this way. It seems to help if the phone is locked, so don't be unlocked before you plug it in, but only after it's loaded to radio static. 3. After setting the audio settings again, they did not sound bad. This has happened before. 4. You will need a plate to mount the backup camera, because there are only screws for it. I had to use an alternative because the double din adapter doesn't really fit. I am returning it because it only works once in a while and it is too annoying to mess with. I might suffer through since it is half the price of the stereo I plan to replace, if it could do one of those things.

👤It works great, feels like a tablet, is convenient for calls, text, and touch screen, sounds nice, but it's just normal volume, so I'm satisfied. The installation took two hours to install and 70 minutes to figure out how to do it. Who told me that it is easy to do your own car? The reverse cam didn't work well because I didn't connect it right and I had to pay someone to do it.

👤The screen quality is not good and the back camera can't fix it. It took two weeks for it to be returned.

👤The radio wouldn't pick up am stations sent back and I needed a good radio.

👤Within 2 hours I had the radio installed into my car and it worked great, came with its own outer bevel and the manual was clear. The plugs were labeled so it was easy to find.

👤If the parts were not so cheap, this unit would be amazing. I paid for a professional to install theusb port in my vehicle. This receiver is hard to use because I can't use the Apple CarPlay. I regret buying this unit and will be buying a better brand next week. Trying to save a few bucks was a lesson learned. Be careful with the buyer.

5. Hieha Compatible CarPlay Android Mirroring

Hieha Compatible CarPlay Android Mirroring

There is a backup camera instruction in the package. The extension cable can be used from the rear tailgate to the front display. Simply connect the factory/originalusb cable to your Apple phone to use the carplay function. Map navigation, phone contacts, email, notification, music, and more can be accessed when driving. Voice assistant can be used for hands-free control. The Hieha car radio has a phone mirror link function for most of the phones, so some apps that are not supported by CarPlay or Android Auto can still be displayed on this stereo's screen. Most cars have a standard double din size of 7 x 4 x 2.6 inches, but you will need to buy additional wiring harness or dash kit if you want a full HD touch screen. The rear view camera in the car stereo will show a reverse image when in reversing mode, and it comes with a free rear view camera. Multifunctional car radio includes AM/FM radio, backup camera input, seamless phone integrations, and more. The built-in smartchip has aUX in, EQ settings, 7 colorLED buttons, and aUSB charging option. Before investing, it is advisable to use tips. The Hieha double din stereo is a standard double din size, but you should compare it to your car center console outline before purchasing. Before investing, it is advisable to use tips. The Hieha double din stereo is a standard double din size, but you should compare it to your car center console outline before purchasing.

Brand: Hieha

👤I just got the unit. It is plug and play, no skill needed, but the user manual could have been better, but if you look at the wires and the labels, you will figure it out. I tested the device and it works. Refer to my video. The display is better than the one I had in my old truck. It's similar to having a device in the stereo. The text is clear and sharp on the maps. I can read my email. The touchscreen doesn't require a lot of pressure. I have never had an issue with this unit connecting to my phone. It is easy to setup and modify connections. The graphic user interface is very friendly and intuitive. It's easy to find what you want.

👤I decided to upgrade from my stock stereo to a better one because I enjoy listening to music on the internet. I was looking at other markets when I found this one. I decided to purchase it after reading many good reviews. Stereo was packaged well and there were no issues there. Installation is easy and does a good job. This system is good.

👤My old head unit was not compatible with my Highlander and so I decided to upgrade to a newer unit on the market. I was happy when the screen's sensitivity was great and I didn't need to push hard on the screen anymore. The music is great and I was able to listen to it instantly. The screen is very crisp and doesn't look cheap, but I can't list them all. I believe the screen has a higher density because it doesn't look like a cheap screen with my old head unit. I didn't get a chance to install the rear camera as we have a snowstorm approaching, but there are many options for it as well. I'm absolutely thrilled for the upgrade and didn't cost much at all.

👤This is the worst radio I have ever installed. The head unit was made cheaply and didn't work out. The unit is made of plastic. It is less than a pound. Buy a better one if you want to save money. I bought it despite the advice. Don't. Buy a better one if you want to save time and effort.

👤The factory stereo in my husband's car doesn't have an AUX output. I decided to buy him a new radio so he could have a better stereo. He loves it! His phone is connected quickly and easily to the Bluetooth network. The picture quality is better than the stock one that came with my car, it is crisp, clear and bright, and it is easy to read. His vehicle has been transformed by this radio. Instructions are easy to follow and the touch screen is perfect. It was installed in less than 30 minutes. It was totally worth the price tag.

👤Radio works. I was angry that I didn't know it wasn't compatible with newer phones until we hooked it up. I don't know why I would want an older phone. The feature should have been advertised so that the purchaser could decide if it would be suitable for them instead of having to go through all the labor and work of installing to find out when they are done. That is a really bad way of doing business. I won't have to return it again or install a new radio that works as advertised.

6. UNITOPSCI Car Multimedia Player Receiver´╝îRear

UNITOPSCI Car Multimedia Player Receiver%EF%BC%8CRear

The clock, alarm, sleep timer, Headphone jack, display light, and 5 one touch memory preset are included. The battery is battery operated. The battery life is long. The car multimedia player has a full HD visual experience. It doesn't support gps, but can show the gps navigation images in radio when the phone uses navigation function and screen mirroring function activated. Doesn't support play sirius xm and CD/DVD player. There is a built-in microphone for hands free call. When you drive, try to solve your calling problem. You can connect your phone with a function that will allow you to raise the sounds of your gps and your favorite songs in the car speaker. It is compatible with video and audio. You can play music through your device or use the ports on your computer. A built-in radio receiver, full electronic digital radio search, and high- performance digital tuning are included. Support driving recorder input. It can be connected with the rear camera. AUX audio input interface can be used to input music, phones, gps, and other audio devices. The mobile phone can be charged with high currentusb output. You can play the role of your mp3 player, radio, parking sensor, etc. It's the best choice for your car. When you are parking, it will turn into the parking mode automatically. It's more convenient to use a steering wheel remote controller with their package. They will reply in 24 hours if you have any technical issues. Trouble shooting 1 cannot turn on. The red and yellow line from the power harness to the car radio needs to be combined. Please confirm if the fuse is burned out. The red wire and yellow wire should be connected to the DC 12V battery positive, and the black cable should be connected to the negative. If it has the same problem, check to see if it is the device matter or car wire matter. Trouble shooting 2 keeps turning on and off. Please confirm whether the wiring is loose and wrap each wire independently. Please contact them if you find welding leads to poor contact. 3. They will give you the flashing files if you give them the information of the shooting system.

Brand: Unitopsci

👤This is an updated view and I want to mention that this company has the best customer service. I wrote a review that wasn't bad. I only rated the unit 3 stars because the clock only showed 24 hour time. They reached out to me and offered to help figure it out. I will be a customer for life because I appreciate good customer service. The unit has a lot of different features and it has a great picture. I've been impressed so far, but I'm still messing with it to get more familiar. The price and customer service of the head unit is great.

👤This thing is great for the price. I had this thing hooked up in an hour, and I can't believe how good it is. I run 2 subs with their own power. The stock speaker slots that are pushed by the deck are pushed by a third Amp that pushes 4 6x9s along with 4 6x9s in the stock speaker slots. I have 10 speakers and a deck. I am comfortable with my speakers because they handle the power just fine and I can turn it up a lot farther than I am comfortable with. The touch screen is very easy to use and the remote attached to my steering wheel makes it even easier. It came with a backup camera that was easy to install and it had decent night vision. The product has exceeded my expectations. I will buy another one to put in my other truck.

👤It was installed on the 2006 mustang GT premium. Everything works, the bass in the stock subs has improved greatly.

👤Excellent product! I bought this to replace my stock stereo system and I am very satisfied. The installation was easy. The screws didn't fit with my kit. I improvised and it works well. No rattling, shaking, audio burps, or overheating. I have a 1200 watt amplifier with a 10in. A very large sub. It shakes my car. It makes heads turn. The mirror feature on the phone has broken, so I am not going to say this is perfect. I will give that up to the operator error. The controls are easy to use, but not accurate. The negative is what it is. I have a 4 gauge power wire and Walmart audio cables. Always works. I haven't popped a fuse yet. I have popped a few eardrums.

👤This product is terrible. If you want to break your car, buy this. The instructions are good, but they are not easy to understand. I disconnected the battery and did everything it said. After my car blew 35 fuses and some sensors started going off, my ignition wouldn't start the car, and I didn't have a radio, I had to replace all of the things in it. If you want a touch screen, don't get it from here.

👤The touch screen is responsive and works great. This thing is loud. If the volume is turned up all the way, my speakers will blow out. It's great for top down rides, but I have it in my car. The backup camera is cool. I don't use it in my car and it won't work on my stick. A micro sd slot. I can't seem to get the option to list your contacts on the screen because the sound quality is loud and clear.

7. PLZ Capacitive Touchscreen Receiver Bluetooth

PLZ Capacitive Touchscreen Receiver Bluetooth

It is recommended to install at a professional car audio shop if you read the instructions before doing so. Please confirm that your dash size, factory wiring harness and radio antenna adapter are suitable before ordering, if not, you need to purchase after-assembly accessories suitable for the car model. The unit is not a computer. You will get a fantastic experience with the dual mic and 5.1 audio. You can use the Aux input or theusb port to enjoy your favorite movies or music. You can listen to different music styles. You can use the built-in microphone and external microphone interface to make phone calls. The mirror link function of the double din car stereo allows you to sync your smart phone to the big screen via theusb. You can enjoy the full features. There is a rear view camera. The MP-902 was designed to have your safety and comfort in mind, supporting the rear and front view camera with an automatic display of image when in reverse. It is easy to operate and help the driver. The package includes an HD rear camera with night vision, a 170 ultra-wide viewing angle and a waterproof design. The rear camera is included. 7 inch full HD The MP-902 car radio has a 7 inch high definition touch screen that will be more sensitive and accurate. You can watch the video through the mirror link, so that you, your family and friends will not feel bored while driving. If you find that their stereo size does not match your dash size, you should purchase a suitable dash kit.

Brand: Plz

👤The radio is a huge improvement over the one I had before. It's more powerful and responsive. There are a few Cons, but they're really minor annoyances and don't outweigh the Pros. Radio tunes are better and more logical using an auto tune. It's 80w x 4 channels. I used to have to have an amplifier with an rca splitter. I no longer have engine noise feedback. The remote control works just as well as the 800's, with the microphone option in the rear. You don't have to look at the button. It's possible to change the background. I like the colors. The background/boot logo needs to be changed because of a Firmware update from PLZ. I would love to be able to plug in ausb and download from it. The back of theusb plug is not where the plug is located. Since I can't just plug in a jump drive to change my BG's on the fly, I would rather have that hidden in the rear. It's louder than the 800, but I have to use an external mic in order for people to hear me without sounding like I'm in a tunnel. I wish the mirror app could force the landscape on the phone screen, even if it's not an Apple car app. The screen will flip if I hit the brake. It's annoying. It sounds like more things are being adjusted when you adjust one thing. It's not a big deal, just need to modify it more. "Screen saver" is not included. If the radio is dim and the time is large, it would be nice if I could see it. Unless I'm using the map, I don't need the radio to be bright all the time. This is a great radio and it's cheap. If you don't need or want any of the above, you should just mirror your phone.

👤This stereo was installed in a car. It fit perfectly, just need the plastic side kit for the Toyota DDIN Multi Dash Kit. The opening of most Toyota's is larger than the radio. The stereo is good. It was easy to install and everything worked. The backup camera works great. It pairs with the phone. The new logo requires a 32gigabyte drive, but I was sent the new logo's new firmware. The controls are easy to use. I like the large buttons on the screen. The interface looks sleek and the colors aren't offensive. If the steering wheels controls work, it would be great. The mic isn't clear and when I use the car speakers to hear a call, it's very soft so the volume needs to be set at max, which is strange but the sound from a call is independent to the music. See if the steering wheel controls work.

👤It was installed in a 2005 F-150. Stock radio was a good one, but only had a radio and CD. I wanted a good stereo but didn't want to spend a lot of money on a truck I use as a secondary vehicle. I was 800-273-3217 I have a lot of nice home stereo gear. I know what sound is. I bought this because of the reviews on Amazon. I liked the comments about the screen and power but didn't want to wire them. It was easy to get the Meta wire kit. It was difficult to remove the center plastic from the F-150. That thing is not going to fall off any time soon. The F150 is the biggest selling vehicle in the world. That was odd. I bent them to work and got it installed. I started to dial it in after I got up and running. There is not level control for the sub. The factory powered sub was loud. I couldn't get a ballance. I took it to a car stereo shop and they installed a line level knob. I was able to control the level of the sub. That works well, but it introduces a low level hum that I need to chase down. I installed silk dome tweeters in the front and rear of the 6x8's. Both sound good. The on board multi band EQ works well. It's a good tone shaping tool and does not add a lot of noise like many do, but you need to play with it a little to get the settings you want. It's been a great feature for tuning my sound. I wish it had more than one setting. I like the sound of the radio/SD/Bluetooth as they all sound different. I love it. The touch screen works very well. The EQ works well. It is easy to navigate around the unit and features. The amplifier is clear and string. Will power the 4 6x8's to loud levels. The screen layout is good, the Amp is reasonably powerful, and the speaker system is decent, but the text on the screen is not as bright as it could be. No thoughts there. I have not used the phone feature more than to call my wife to make sure it works. It does. I'm sure the quality is good. I am very happy with this unit and the price. I can dial in a very good sound with my new speakers and Sub volume control.

8. Control Carplay Capacitive Bluetooth Steering

Control Carplay Capacitive Bluetooth Steering

You can see the video on the radio screen through the rear view camera if you reverse your car. Pull in reverse and the 7-inch touch screen will show the reverse image. Make reversing safer. This dual din car stereo is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which will allow you to use your phone while you stay focused on the road. The 7 inch universal size car player has a resolution of 800 and supports high definition video. You can use the mirror link on your phone to view the big screen while driving, and you can also watch movies with your family and friends. Clear call sound is provided by the double din car radio receiver with built-in noise-cancelling MIc and 3.5mm external mic jack. Voice control can be done while driving. The rear camera powers on automatically when you shift into reverse, and you can see the road conditions on the screen through the rear view camera. The double din car stereo is the best for parking in bad weather. The front camera is not included. Most brand dash kits use 173*98mm opening, which is perfect for most cars and easy to install. It is recommended to install at a professional car audio shop if you read the instructions before doing so. Please confirm that your dash size, factory wiring harness and radio antenna adapter are suitable before ordering, if not, you need to purchase after-assembly accessories suitable for the car model. The unit is not a computer. It is recommended to install at a professional car audio shop if you read the instructions before doing so. Please confirm that your dash size, factory wiring harness and radio antenna adapter are suitable before ordering, if not, you need to purchase after-assembly accessories suitable for the car model. The unit is not a computer.

Brand: Sjoybring

👤I had to have it in my 2005 Ram because I have CarPlay in my 2020 Ram. I am very pleased with the features. A double din bezel was also added. I requested a software update to have the Ram logo at the start-up. The support team at SJoyBring got back to me right away and followed up the next day to make sure everything worked out. I am still learning what the settings do. I will see how that goes. Overall, very happy.

👤The OS/UI is a bit odd, but other than that, it works well and the sound is good. Every thing it says it will do, the auto works.

👤The factory radio in my car was not cutting it for me anymore. After searching for a long time, I decided to purchase this radio because of its wide range of features, and it did not fail to impress. The radio was a huge upgrade in both sound and function. I can use Apple's CarPlay, which works great and is convenient, or I can connect via the internet. This radio is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade.

👤This is the first time I have done an extensive upgrade to my Honda Pilot. I am quite hands on, but I was not sure if I could do this. I was willing to give it a try because of the low price and the fact that I had other items with me. It paid off. My old car has been updated. I can use my phone to charge my phone and have navigation on a big screen, or I can connect my phone to the unit and use theusb-c connection for music. I spent a lot of time researching online and figuring out what additional parts I need. I contacted product support to figure out how to have steering wheel controls integrated. I am very happy with the end results, even though there was some effort and delay. There are some details here. 1. My honda pilot is a 2006 model with an audio unit that does not have a navigation system. 2. You need to install three more parts. The RED WOLF Radio Stereo Replacement ISO Standard Adapter is for Honda 1998-2012, Suzuki 1998-2016 Select Model, and the Double DIN Installation Dash Kit is for the Honda Pilot. There are two wires coming out of the steering wheel controls. See the photo. The steering wheel #1 wire should be connected to pin #3. The black wire of the small connector needs to be tied to the ground with the pin#11 wire. The steering wheel #2 wire is not being used. I went through the learning process as part of the on-screen setup. Everything works.

👤It was installed in my Honda pilot. Steering wheel controls are working. The unit has been working well for almost a week. Everything is working correctly.

👤I got this for my jeep tj. I wanted something that was the right price and cover the range of features. There are two such things, namely android auto and CarPlay. I was not prepared for how much the sound quality was improved after I replaced a head unit. Not saying it is blowing my speakers out, but upgrade was immediately noticeable and appreciated. There is a backup camera in the jeep. The jeep is a great purchase and would recommend it. I can't be happier with the price.

9. Hieha Bluetooth Android Supports Answering

Hieha Bluetooth Android Supports Answering

It works well with both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz. It is better, faster and more reliable to surf the internet. It's safe to use your phone while you're driving. You can make a calendar with the help of the voice control on the device. Help you focus on the road and have fun with the help of the Google Assistant. Plug in and go. The double din stereo is equipped with a 7 inch high definition touch screen, it will be more sensitive and accurate, support1080P video, answer or make calls with just one push of a button, and it has a hands-free calling function. This multimedia player with mirror link supports mirror link function of most mobile phones, you can easily connect any content on your mobile phone to the big screen. Support for both the iPad and the iPhone is 1920 *1080 and below. This double car radio supports front and rear cameras, is equipped with a rear-view camera, and supports high-definition night scenes. The rear image of the vehicle will be displayed on the large touch screen when you back up. There are extra features of a digital media radio receiver, such as support steering wheel control function, aUX in connection, 7 color buttons, and a digital control interface. There are extra features of a digital media radio receiver, such as support steering wheel control function, aUX in connection, 7 color buttons, and a digital control interface.

Brand: Hieha

👤This is much better than I anticipated. I had a 1-din headunit before, so the wiring didn't take too long to adjust to. The touch screen works well. The product has a steering wheel remote control and a regular remote control. If your steering wheel has multimedia control buttons, this headunit can help you use your original steering wheel buttons. If you have.wav or.flac, you don't have to convert them because the media player supports a lot of file types. The carlink worked fine when I had an old iPhone. The headunit only supports resolution smaller than 1920x1080 if you want to use the phone. Some of the content on the phone can't be mirrored. You need to check the resolution of your phone. If you have other car media product that takes AV-in, you could probably have a secondary screen for back rows. It is a good product for the price range.

👤I did a review a few weeks ago and it is going to be long so here we go. I have done reviews in the past, but nothing like this one. I would like to clarify something I said about hieha company, I had a problem with my radio system, it was not keeping up with my phone, and I couldn't use myusb after my phone had done an update. I received a personal email from ms after I wrote emails to the company. Amy owner of the company told me that she wanted to fix the situation. I said no company has ever taken the time to write me about my problem or understand the future updates that equipment would need. I know for a fact that they would leave the costumer hanging with no solution if they were in a big brand company. Not only did ms. Amy sent me a new radio system free of charge and told me she would keep me up to date on future updates. I appreciate you Ms. Amy, I gave her 5 for all she did. The new system comes with a car, a camera, a remote, and a screen. Follow the pictures in the book. While you wait, the perfect screen for watching movies is 7. I'm a happy customer and I'm looking forward to enjoying this for a while. Once I see another update for my phone, I don't have to change my system just update it.

👤This is a mixed bag so far. I bought two for each vehicle. There are two Nissan cars, a 2010 Nissan Sentra and a 2015 Nissan Rogue. It is not compatible with the back up camera. The stereo head unit can't connect directly to the camera because it doesn't use an RCA output. The Nissan's steering wheel stereo controls are incompatible with the stereo. The wiring diagram for the stereo shows a single brown wire for steering wheel control, whereas the other four wires are for the original component. The head unit does not fit in the dash of the Metra. I will probably return the unit because I didn't finish installation. I had the same issue with the steering wheel control wiring as I did with the stereo in the Sentra. When I connected my phone to the stereo to test the software, it said "you must upgrade the software" This was frustrating as the description claims the stereo is compatible with the operating system. The manual doesn't tell you how to contact the vendor. A search on the internet has not provided any useful information. It sounded great during my test drive this afternoon. I like the interface of it and the way it navigates through the folders on my drive, which is much better than my previous stereo. Even though I had no trouble connecting my phone to the internet, it began playing music from the internet even if I didn't have a phone. It didn't show track information for the tracks it played. It took me a long time to figure out how to set the clock. It was easy to set up once found. It can be set for a period of time. There is no 1200-1259pm in 12 hour mode. It goes from 0600 to 0100am and from 1200 to 1259am. I'm going to live with the stereo in the Sentra for a while and see how I like it before making a decision about whether I'll keep it or return to the dual model.

10. ABSOSO Dash Digital Media Stereo

ABSOSO Dash Digital Media Stereo

If you find that their stereo size does not match your dash size, you should purchase a suitable dash kit. The dash metal case is compatible with most installation dash kit brands. There is no trimming or cutting job required. This car radio receiver can be used with both the original charging cable and the phone link app. Only compatible with the following versions: The autoradio receiver is not a device for navigation. The stereo headunit is your best companion on the way, it has built-inBluetooth for hands-free calling, video and audio streaming. The Rear View Camera is HD. The HD waterproof backup camera in the car stereo will show a crystal clear image on the monitor screen when in reverse. Even in bad weather, savesay The double din car audio will temporarily suspend its other functions when in reverse to make reversing safe. TheMechless Digital Multimedia Receiver has a 7 inch HD full touchscreen display with 1920*1080P high resolution, you can enjoy your favorite videos or music from your devices. The headunit is not a CD/DVD player. The front panel of theusb fast charging is 1.5A, so you can charge your smart phone without worry. You can enjoy what you like with the built-in preset and user-customized sound effect of the Headunit Receiver. There is an AM/FM radio with 30 station memory, a subwoofer audio output, pre-amp, steering wheel controls, and a multicolor remote control. If you purchase a car stereo system through, it will provide professional technical support. Before and after sales, there are professional user manual, FAQ, and technical support available. If you purchase a car stereo system through, it will provide professional technical support. Before and after sales, there are professional user manual, FAQ, and technical support available.

Brand: Absoso

👤The double din touch screen on my 10 year old Kenwood stopped working. I bought a double din in dash stereo head unit to replace my old one and it was a great deal. The camera and wiring were included in the Pro's. I already had a camera. When I put the truck in reverse, it would turn the video on to my head unit, and I used my rca plug. This unit doesn't. There is nothing in the instruction to say what I'm doing wrong. I connected the rear camera to the head unit and used the front camera icon on the Home Screen to work. It is not automatic but it works now. You can use a microphone to make calls. The microphone was not included in The Con, I used the Kenwood microphone, but I haven't tested it yet. The IR remote that is attached to the steering wheel is not yet tested. There are L/R rca outputs for an external amplifier. There is only one set, so there are no seperate front and rear rca outputs. I had to buy two rca splitters to connect my rca outputs to my amplifier. There is a It was easy to set up, the screen looks great, the sound is good, and it's responsive. Once the head unit ispaired for the first time, it was very easy to connect toBT. It does everything my 10 year old unit used to do. It would be worth the money if this could last for several years. If you want to use a microphone for calls, you need to buy one. If you have a 4 or 5 channel amplifier, you may need to buy 2 rca splitters to connect to it. You might need to buy a dash install kit for your vehicle and a wiring harness adapter for your factory radio wiring. There are a lot of questions if this stereo will fit in their car. There are two sizes of aftermarket stereo head units. You have a single din if the dash stereo opening is 2 inches tall by 7 inches wide. If your car dash stereo opening is at least 4 inches tall and 7 inches wide, you have a double din opening. You can put a single din into a double din dash opening, but you can't put a double din stereo into a single din dash opening.

👤The mounting was a bit of a challenge but it was easy with the harness.

👤I paid a shop in Mexicali to install this in my 2001 suburban. I had to get a new dash piece so it would fit and look nice. Everything seems to work well. It works great. The remote control works. I recommend this one if you want a cheap backup camera system. I think people have issues due to installation errors. Pay a professional if you don't know how. It is cheaper to be in Mexico than it is to be in the US.

👤The radio is easy to install and works great. The only negatives is the bass and treble. Really, for the price.

11. RedWolf Tailgate Handle 2004 2014 2009 2016

RedWolf Tailgate Handle 2004 2014 2009 2016

If your dash board opening size matches one of the following sizes, you can check out your car. The original tailgate handle for the Ford F-150, F250, F350, F450, F550, and the like should be replaced. It is easy to install. The universal rcs is used to connect with your aftermarket mirror/video monitor receiver. Excellent material for the tailgate handle. There is a guideline with a switch. If you keep the parking line, the guideline is completely dependent on your decision. Nice vision. The wide angle camera has a 0.1 lux sensitivity. The warranty is guaranteed because of the high quality camera lens and good black handle paint. There is a backup camera instruction in the package. The extension cable can be used from the rear tailgate to the front display. There is a backup camera instruction in the package. The extension cable can be used from the rear tailgate to the front display.

Brand: Red Wolf

👤I have no idea what "sheerness" means. The kit comes with enough wire to make it to the cab of my truck and enough wire to hook up the electrical for power. The plastic loom protects the wiring. I added another layer of loom to provide more protection. The picture quality on my screen is pretty good, but the photo I took does not do it justice. The "framing lines" are given by removing a jumper. I removed the jumper. The installation looks professional and straight forward because the camera is built into the tailgate latch and is not complicated. Running the cable to the cab is a labor of love, it's not a reflection on the camera manufacturer, but more a testimony of how well you want to protect the cable and your personal ability to do it correctly. There was one slight disappointment. I bought this for hooking up a trailer. The camera misses my hitch by about 2 inches and I have a solution. Problem solved. The camera does what I bought it for.

👤I don't know what the review is asking for. This is a great product, for a great price. 2006 f 150 lariat. I broke one of the mounting posts when I over tightened it, and I had two issues on install, one was tapping the reverse wire near the fuse box, and the other was trying to install it. Thankfully, these can be popped out, so I replaced the one I broke with one from the handle I removed. It works well in the dark. The yellow video and power wire were removed from the floor of the truck. I configured the jumper to show the lines, which is personal preference. Really pleased with it.

👤The first one I got had a broken post, but the replacement came quickly. The cables were the hardest part. I used to run the extra cable along the underside of my vehicle and into the dash. I doubled up by using electrical tape over the connections to make sure they didn't get wet over time. The picture is great.

👤What I got was not what I was expecting. Installation was easy for most of the time. The only problem I had was with the mounting screws. It was supposed to pull the bolt and lock it in place. The bolt would spin behind the Handel after a point. The bolt should have been made of metal instead of plastic. The lip should have been bigger. The image is not as good as your head deck, so for me it was just average. The field of view leaves a lot to be desired. The back up guide seems off by a lot, just don't seem wide enough. If the camera could be adjusted, it wouldn't be a problem, but it's fixed, and I feel like it's pointing more to the ground, which makes the guide look out of place. The weather changed and got some rain. The camera fogged up and had to use some rain on it. Night vision is not a thing. The camera uses your tail lights. I've seen better cameras for less.


What is the best product for gps with backup camera for 2014 ford?

Gps with backup camera for 2014 ford products from Sanptent. In this article about gps with backup camera for 2014 ford you can see why people choose the product. Sjoybring and Oeretzrac are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps with backup camera for 2014 ford.

What are the best brands for gps with backup camera for 2014 ford?

Sanptent, Sjoybring and Oeretzrac are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps with backup camera for 2014 ford. Find the detail in this article. Hieha, Unitopsci and Plz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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