Best Gps Wireless Electric Fence for Dogs

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1. SportDog Contain Train Ground System

SportDog Contain Train Ground System

You have the ability to secure your dog within a set boundary, and remotely train them outside of it. The Boundary Wire has built-in lightning protection, and the Wire-break Transmitter alarm can alert you to that. The dog has a second collar. The anti-Linger feature prevents the dog from running down the collar receiver battery. Medium size dogs and up.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤We ordered this kit and an additional wire and collar to keep our dogs on a 3.5 acres property. It was easy to install. I highly recommend using a gas powered edger. I rented a one from Home Depot and dug the entire path around the property within an hour. As we laid the wire down, my husband and I filled it in with topsoil. Our dogs figured out the training plan within two days, even though the manual says it should last 30 days. The product was easy to install and the quality was excellent.

👤The home base stopped working after less than two months. The collars are useless without a perimeter.

👤I like the invisible fence system. If the line breaks, I know the fence isn't working because I hear a noise on the base. It was worth the money.

👤I am very pleased with the product and love all the options. Our dogs are happy too.

👤It takes a bit to install on your own, especially if you have a big yard.

👤We ordered a few different systems and went with the sport dog. You get what you pay for.

👤I like the Sportdog brand. Have used their e-collars for a long time. The collar is huge. This giant thing is too large for me to love, even though I wanted to. You can't put this on a small dog. It doesn't weigh much but it's too big. I love the inground fence 100C. I returned the system when I received it, because I was going to upgrade to this. I wouldn't put it on my dog. Maybe when the technology improves, they can put these features in a smaller receiver.

2. STROMMI Wireless 98 3280ft Rechargeable Waterproof

STROMMI Wireless 98 3280ft Rechargeable Waterproof

Their wireless dog fence is more reliable and accurate than traditional ones. You don't have to worry about your dog getting hurt. There are three kinds of stimuli for training. When your dog goes out of the safe area, the system will startStimulus. The range of the radio can be adjusted. The range can be adjusted by pressing the M key. Your dog can play outside. It can work through only one collar receiver without additional cables or transmitters. You can start using it after a few minutes. Don't worry about your dog getting lost. All dogs over 10Lbs can use the waterproof dog fence. If you encounter a problem, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Strommi

👤I have used others, but they are of better quality. It's easier to tear because it's a little bit thicker. I bought it. I'm happy to have it. Excellent product to recommend.

3. Dog Fence Underground Longevity Continued

Dog Fence Underground Longevity Continued

The 2nd Generation eXtreme Dog Fence STANDARD GRADE Kit covers up to 6 acres. The updated electronics are designed to work with new collar options. 3 Antennas, 12x battery check. Most other inground dog fence systems claim to be water resistant. The eXtreme Dog Fence can be submerged up to 10' deep. Your dog can swim with the collar on. The standard fence kit includes 20 gauge high tensile boundary wire with heavy protective jacket, digital transmitter, collar receiver, training flags and Splice kits. This dog fence has a one year warranty. Your warranty lasts for 5 years when you register your fence. This fence has been manufactured for more than 25 years and has a reputation for reliability and performance. The electric fence for dogs are manufactured in the United States of America. They are standing by to help you set up your fence, train your dogs and puppies, or deal with any issue that comes up.

Brand: Extreme Dog Fence

👤The Extreme Dog Fence system took about 4 hours to install, but I am happy with the results for my mastiff. I was a little worried about the training, and made several calls for reassurance to the manufacturer, who I must say was absolutely amazing, even answering the phone on a Sunday and showing a lot of patience, and Johnny Allen who gave me amazing advice and instructions. It took about 10 minutes for him to understand the dog fence flags and Johnny told me not to let him off the leash until he was conditioned. We now let Brutus out for 4 to 5 hours a day, and he likes to chase squirrels, he is a big dog, and it is nice to see him lying in the sun and enjoying life. Many of my friends told me that it was cruel to leave a dog chained up in the house all day and that the electric dog fence was cruel. I have dealt with customer support overseas, where I spend a lot of time on the phone and rarely get my problem solved, and I feel less confident with the support I am given. It was refreshing to get American based customer support and an American made product. I researched many different products on the internet but chose extreme because of the reviews I found and the company who would support me during the selection, installation, training and long term support. I am confident that this won't be an issue, because I have received a high level of service so far. There are some highlights from my experience. Customer service and support are outstanding. Product 3 was very well made. 7 days a week phone support. I can honestly say that I don't know how I lived without this system after using it. My friends will be told about my experience. Team guys are awesome. The family is called the Blanchards.

👤When shopping for a product on Amazon, I rely on customers' reviews. The company will give a 1-year free supply of batteries to customers if they get a 5 star review. That may explain the high rating this product is receiving. This product is not more effective than the PetSafe invisible fence and is more expensive than other products. I bought dog leashes for my dogs. I could not use the collar to train my dog. I did not receive the promised number of flags. The size of the batteries is not standard, so you need to buy them from the company for twice the price of similar batteries. The batteries are always used even when the system is not connected to the electricity because the collar does not have a switch on/off. Everything else is similar to PetSafe and not unique to this company. The product keeps my dogs within the parameters. The company and customers who accepted the bribe were dishonest.

👤I did a lot of research before making a decision. My German Shephard mix is a very smart dog and she was able to get underneath the chain link fence and visit the neighbors at our new house. The chain link fence was never going to cut it with a houdini dog, so I decided to purchase a better deterrent. I chose this brand because of: 1. The price was competitive. 2. The thicker wire and lightening protectors were included instead of the nickel-and-diming ones. 3. The strength of the correction on the collar is very strong. 4. It was very convenient to have twisted wire. I was surprised at how easy it was to set it up. I separated the front and back yards by running it along the bottom of the chain link fence. This resulted in a slightly wider boundary from the fence than the rest of the yard, which did not bother me because this was the section of fence my dog kept digging under and pushing up. The programming was easy to understand and the electronics were easy to set up. My houdini dog has not escaped the yard since I installed this system a month ago. I was impressed by the company that called and followed me to see how the installation went. Great customer service.

4. PetSafe Barriers Adjustable Proofing Stimulation

PetSafe Barriers Adjustable Proofing Stimulation

Protect the outdoors. The pet barrier is designed to keep your pets away from places you want them to avoid. Purchase additional barriers to keep your cats and dogs away from an unlimited number of areas. There are two options for setting up the setup. You can use boundary wire to create a barrier up to 150 feet away or you can use a wireless setup. There is a safe correction. When your pet enters the off limits area, the transmitter sends a static correction to their collar. An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system if they are wearing a PetSafe Pawz Away Receiver Collar. The waterproof receiver is light. It is designed for dogs over 5 pounds with neck sizes between 6 and 28 inches. Waterproof culvert: The transmitter is hidden and blends into your landscape. There are comparable products. YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground, Pawz Away Extra Indoor/Outdoor Collar, and Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier are some of the items that are included. YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Rechargeable Collar.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The only thing that keeps me and the cat happy is this product. PetSafe would rather rip people off at $35 a time. The product dies when the original battery dies. I thought the first one was just a lemon, but after three, I realized it was a shoddy product that doesn't last beyond one battery cycle. We've spent about $200 on this money pit. I'd pay more for something that will last. PetSafe seems content to nickel and dime its customers until they realize the scam, instead of charging more for a better product.

👤This product works. It doesn't work as described. We have had success with this product and our pets. It performs well in some situations. Not much in others. The maximum area that this device can cover is 12 feet. This is not accurate. The shock collar kicks in somewhere between 3-6 feet away from the transmitter. I suppose you could say it has a diameter of around 12 feet, but it feels like a lot less. The small area that the device can cover and compounded with the collar only letting out a shock after the pet has been within range for over 3 seconds, gives your pets the chance to either gain access to an item or do some damage before they meet any resistance. The pins on the collar will not shock your pet's fur. The area of your pet's neck that the collar pins will be touching is the one you need to shave. This can't be used to keep your pet out of an area or to contain them in an area. Our animals quickly learned that if they dart past it quickly, they will be safe on the other side, since the shock only kicks in after 3 seconds. If you have a small couch, chair, desk, or item that you want your pets to stay away from, it does work well. The instructions say not to leave the collar on your pet for more than 12 hours. Your pet cannot learn the rules if the rules are not always in place. We have left the collar on our pets for many days at a time and they have not shown any signs of irritation or discomfort.

👤I bought this product for an indoor cat that had defeated every other attempt I had made to keep him off the kitchen counter and dining room table. He has a basket of toys, window perches, and a cat tree, but he just loves jumping on our counter. The cat knows how to sneak up behind the Ssscat motion detecting spray canisters and knock them out. He did the same thing with the motion. I tried using double sided tape, but he was able to peel it off with his teeth. I finally bought two of the PetSafe barriers and put one under the dining room table and the other under the kitchen sink after a long arms race. The cat knows where the barriers are, but as soon as he hears the warning, he gets out of range. He occasionally looks for the perimeters that are listening for the beeps, but rarely allows himself to get zapped. I'm sure he'll need to wear the collar on and off for a long time due to his perimeter checks, but I'm happy with the solution. The collar was limiting the range of motion of his neck, so I swapped it out for an actual cat collar.

5. Wireless Containment Container Waterproof Adjustable

Wireless Containment Container Waterproof Adjustable

The dog fence is wireless. The digital dog fence can help to train dogs to live in their own space, and keep your furniture and daily necessities clean and tidy, especially keep your pets away from the uneasy of living in a real fence. Make sure that your dogs stay in the area, you will never have to worry about anything when you go outside. It can be used for dog training. The fence area is intelligent. The electric pet fence system is safe for pets. It was convenient to establish a safe area for pet activities because it completely got rid of wiring. The remote control range can be adjusted with 100 levels of transmitter signal intensity. Its remote control range is 25 to 500 meters and it has coverage up to 78 hectares. Your dog can go anywhere in this large space. The wireless receiver collar has a high capacity battery which is rechargeable, and it is made of waterproof material, which means your dog can get wet in the grass, mess with the sprinkler. The receiver collar has a strap that supports most sizes of dogs. How it works. The receiver will sound a warning sound every 2 seconds if your dog is running beyond the control range. After the third warning sound, start static shock in a low level. The receiver will stop working if your dogs stay outside the specified area. The receiver will not harm the dog or its hair because it operates at a voltage of 3.7V and emits static electricity. The product's design can deal with all types of terrain. Multiple receivers can work at the same time. If you need further assistance, please contact them.

Brand: Xiaxue

👤The first charge was for over four hours. It was unplugged and sync fine. The transmitters lights are not on. I tried to reset and replenish but it didn't work out.

👤After 30 days, stop working. When the box was plugged in, it didn't always work outside.

👤It was broken into pieces. Not even usable.

👤The batter stays charged. The product never worked.

6. WIEZ Wireless Adjustable Rechargeable Containment

WIEZ Wireless Adjustable Rechargeable Containment

Their wireless dog fence system uses aGPS location technique so it's more stable and accurate than other traditional wireless fence that uses a radio-frequency technique. They can provide a much better accuracy because of the 12 high-quality satellites that support the work. This gps wireless dog fence can be used for outdoor purposes and can cover areas up to 3281 feet away. The control distance can be adjusted. The electric shock can be adjusted in three levels. The latest model has a full memory function. You won't have to deal withFERENCE issues. SAFETY DESIGN If your dog goes beyond the set range, the electric shock will stop working for 16 seconds, followed by a 30-second pause. It will repeat this three times. If your dog has not returned to the safety area after three warnings, the system will stop working. The humanized software settings can be used to avoid harm to your pets. There is no complicated process for setting up. The setting up and use of this product is very easy. It only takes a few seconds. This product is very convenient to carry because it only needs the collar receiver to work. You can bring your dog with you. It can be used outdoors. They take good care of their customers and stand by their product. Money-back policy for 30 days. Product warranty by warranty registration with them. If you're not happy with the product, you can contact their after-sales service team. They will do their best to help you and make sure your problem is solved.

Brand: Wiez

👤We love this system. It gives our dog a lot of freedom to run around, but not close to the neighbors. Everyone is happy and our dog is safe.

7. PcEoTllar Electric Dog Fence Rechargeable

PcEoTllar Electric Dog Fence Rechargeable

The electric dog fence system has underground border lines that can be used to enclose up to five acres of yard. It is better to bury the wires in the ground. The attached tag card can be used to locate the location. Pets escaping or leaving your sight too far is a worry. You don't need to buy batteries for the collar if you have this set of fence equipment. The collar can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. Even if the dog wears it in the rain or in the swimming pool, there is no problem. The reflective collar is comfortable for your dog. The most comfortable size for your dog is up to you. The shock head is made of metal, so it won't hurt your dog, but it will be safer. The device is easy to install and operate. The operation is very easy. After laying out the wires, you only need to connect the two ends of the wires to the remote control, and then power on the remote control to start. Turn on the receiver. If you have a question, please contact them in time.

Brand: Pceotllar

👤Doesn't work, my dog doesn't notice it. It picks when it wants to make a noise, even when they are in bounds level 10.

👤My dogs got shocked when they were not close to the wire, they were in the middle of my house. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone who cares about animals.

👤No funciona, pero para devolver el collar solamente porque todo lo dems est.

👤Useful for dogs. Only used him. Dogs are very obedient. Will not run. When called, come back. Very obedient. Will not bark. It is easy to install. Dogs don't run away.

8. Smoostart Wireless Containment Boundary Waterproof

Smoostart Wireless Containment Boundary Waterproof

No need to bury wires, it's simple and convenient. There are 5 levels of coverage. The center of the transmitter is 100 ft (30m), 200 ft (60m), 300 ft (90m), 500 ft (150m) and 990 ft (300m) from the beginning. Your dog can play in this space without being concerned about being lost or restricted movement. When your dog crosses the limit, the collar receiver will give an audible warning for 5 seconds. If your dog does not return to the restricted area after being warned, it will be shocked by the collar receiver for 5 seconds. The dog will be warned and killed for 8 seconds if it doesn't come back after being cut. The dog's collar receiver has an audible warning if the dog still isn't back. After power on, a transmitter and receiver can connect extremely fast without using the code pair. You can add the Training Collar to your needs. A transmitter can match up to 3 other people. If you have three dogs in your home, you only need to purchase one Wireless Dog Fence set and two additional Training Collars. Save your money. The training collar uses reflective material to increase night safety. Comes with waterproof and snowproof function. On rainy and snowy days, your pet can play in your yard. You don't have to worry.

Brand: Smoostart

👤It doesn't work. Have contacted Amazon before.

👤My dog is a bit stubborn and this is useful. We tried to do it and it worked well, but she hates it. I am not sure how much it will be used. I need more space for her to be protected.

👤It is difficult to get adjusted just right.

9. Dog Expedition TC1 Border Trainer

Dog Expedition TC1 Border Trainer

It's a great collar for tough tasks for indoor and outdoor sports. The first portable, wireless, gps based containment system of its kind. The range is up to 800 yards. It's perfect for use at home, on trips, or anywhere else. Also has remote trainer capabilities. While you keep your peace of mind, allow dogs freedom.

Brand: Dog Expedition

👤We bought the system and collar to keep two large Pyrenees dogs on a large calf operation next to a busy road. The system and fence have worked well for us. The puppies/dogs are rambunctious and have lots of fun in the pond on the property, the collar has held up really well. It took me a while to learn how to use the system and set up the fence. It was easy to operate. The manual that the system comes with is helpful and was used a bit in the beginning. After 8 months of rough puppy/dog life, I experienced an issue with one collar not acquiring a gps signal, but the tech support I experienced for the company was amazing. They replaced it with no problems. If you bought the item with "Condition: new", you need to keep a copy of your receipt. I recommend this for anyone who wants to keep their dogs on a small or large property.

👤Our dog is now on 10 acres. The gps signal wasn't consistant so it was difficult to set the exterior flags. It can be give or take 3 yards. The lag is not ideal because our dog is fast and powerful. It is a good range. The batting charge is good. Plug them in at night. The set up was easy to follow. It would be easier to sync the collar with the monitor. The monitor doesn't detect the collar even though the paw sign is on it. This type of system is an option for my dog. I like that you can set a buffer zone or warning zone, and either vibrate, nick, or beep before he crosses the line. I like that the collar will shock for a designated distance past the line but only for a limited period of time and that he will not get shocked again when he comes home. There is one house and one barn on the land.

👤I wanted the positives to be more correct than the negatives, so I read all the reviews before I got this. They are so far. I got a collar with a more robust antenna than the one in the picture, and it has survived roughhousing and diving through fences. Most of the negative reports are because people didn't read the instructions and didn't think about setting up the center point of the fence. I walked out to where I wanted the boundary, but when it wasn't what I wanted, I re-did it. I think this is better for larger areas than a circle is. I like how I can turn off the fence but still have the collar on to keep my dog out of harms way, so I can find her when I need to. I use a cattle ranch on my cattle dog to give you an idea of the area I am working in.

👤This seemed like a lot of money at the time, but I couldn't be happier with the system. We live on 15 acres with a thick grove of trees. Within a week, my dogs learned where the boundaries are. I have not had a time when they penetrated the perimeter in the last 2 years. I collar them every day. I'm sure I wouldn't need that either. 60 cents per dog per day is what I have been paying for the last 2 years. The system is still going strong and that will keep going down.

10. SportDOG Brand Rechargeable Ground System

SportDOG Brand Rechargeable Ground System

The kit can be expanded to cover 100 acres with more wire and flags. The collar has two-hour quick charge and one to two month battery life. The technology of the dryer. Contain an unlimited number of dogs with more than one collar. And up. Tone and vibration are given by the collar before moving to one of seven static stimulation levels.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤Don't expect the dog to learn on their own. The dog will learn quickly if you put it on a fence. If you put it in the yard, it's confusing to the dogs and they might not use the full area. Don't use 24/7. Instructions say to not use more than 12 hours a day. If you don't take these off, the dog's neck will get sores and you'll be out of use until they heal. We know from experience. We try to give them more nights without them than with them, but we don't always take them off at night. They get a break. I'm sure they don't land on the same spot when we put them back on. Our dogs come into the garage at night. If you use a shock collar, I recommend you consider the same plan. There are many settings. If you don't know how to use these, you may return them thinking they don't work. How to turn them on, how to set the shock intensity, and how to set the boundary space are some of the things to learn. Depending on your yard size and dog attitude, you'll want to find the right setting for those things. When I need to charge it, I like the flashing green light and red light. The batteries last a long time. We're very happy with our purchase. We have two big dogs that work great at less than 12 the intensity. If you get these, read the instructions and start at the lowest level. My dog jumps up in the air and barks at level 4. Don't assume your dog needs full intensity, it's not the highest setting. These are great. The older version is better for size and functions, but they are smaller.

👤An 18 month old Doberman requires a lot of exercise. It has been a challenge to prevent him from disappearing into the woods. We take him to the dog park to blow off steam, but that's not always an option. We'd like to provide him with a lot of free space, but it's expensive. I ordered this product after researching the invisible fence. Installation was easy. The yard is large and surrounded by woods. We used up all the wiring. I picked up another 500' of invisible fence wire from the store. We looped 1500 feet of wire around the yard. We had a crack running across the driveway at around the halfway point between the house and the road that we filled with driveway repair goop. I used the edger attachment on my weed whacker to cut trenches and bury the wire in the rest of the yard. We used landscaping staple to secure the wire under the bushes and around the perimeter. Nature should do the rest. I used a drill to twist the wires that cross through the containment area and put them in the garage. The collar was set to be triggered by the transmitter at 5' away from the wire. The collar is set to the lowest level, which my wife and I tried on our arms to see what it felt like. It was time to train after everything was tested. We walked the dog around the perimeter. We would stop at random flags and say "no!", walk past them and then walk close enough to the wire to cause the static. That's all it took. I thought we'd be following the training guide for a month but he won't go near any of the flags if he's chasing birds, rabbits, balls, the kids or our other dog. He's on a leash. We get close to the flags and he stops and lays down. We couldn't recommend this more because it's a game-changer for us and our active boy.

11. Petsafe Wireless Fence Collar Correction

Petsafe Wireless Fence Collar Correction

The PetSafe Wireless Fence Collar can be used for dogs that weigh 8 pounds or more. The neck sizes are 6-28 inches. The receiver is waterproof. The Stay+Play Wireless Fence is compatible with the PetSafe Wireless Containment System. There are 5 levels of correction. Tone-only mode is used to alert your pet. Add an unlimited number of pets. A 6 watt battery is included. This package includes 2 extra free batteries. The receiver is only 2.5 ounces and is only 2 feet long. The low battery indicator will light up.

Brand: Petsafe

👤We have bought 3 things and 2 of them have failed or died, and from what we have read, they are not under warranty. They should make them bullet proof at a cost. I wouldn't recommend due to not being reliable and better made for the price.

👤One week ago, I bought this collar and it started shocking my dog inside the set boundary. The battery that was replaced did not work at all.

👤We don't want a fence but we love these collars and we had two of them for a year and they both stopped working. Our golden retriever is laid back and only needs to wear it once a month, so we are only replacing him. Our german shepherd tests it every day to make sure the battery is still working. I would give it more stars because it's great, but it's expensive to buy a new one so often. Hopefully the new one will last longer.

👤The fence was set up a bit later than expected. I would place the flags where the alarm would start to sound. Then would go back to double-check to see if it would change for some reason. Sometimes up to 3 feet. Every room in the house has something that affects the signal, so the dogs can't wear the collar. It's useless if you want the collar on the dogs to help protect them if a child comes in or out of the house. If you don't have door darters for pets or have a few feet to play with, it's a good fence.

👤The PetSafe system was purchased by me in May 2011. The collar failed. I don't know why it failed. We have been using this system for about six years and have been able to take it with us wherever we have traveled. You have to replace the batteries every 30 days. It costs about $10 every two months because it is in a two-pack. We bought this package because it included two batteries and was the same price as others. Our dog wears the waterproof color all the time and we haven't had a problem with him getting sores or callouses on his neck from the collar.

👤I have other ones that are good. Got another dog and a collar. Maybe a mistake. Then it wouldn't work. My dog was chasing a dog all the way down the street, but it was not working. Send it back.

👤The previous collars worked well. This one started randomly shocking my dogs when they were not near the boundary line after a month.

👤I hope that this review helps people who are considering getting a wireless system, but are hesitant about it. My pups and 2 year olds were trained quickly. I didn't expect much, but I love the ease of use. They are easy to care for, have had for over a month now, and haven't had to change the batteries. I would recommend this system to anyone. The only thing I would change is the cost of the system. I spent over $400 on the system. I guess it's worth it, knowing that my babies are safe. I am buying a collar. Hopefully that is it.


What is the best product for gps wireless electric fence for dogs?

Gps wireless electric fence for dogs products from Sportdog Brand. In this article about gps wireless electric fence for dogs you can see why people choose the product. Strommi and Extreme Dog Fence are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps wireless electric fence for dogs.

What are the best brands for gps wireless electric fence for dogs?

Sportdog Brand, Strommi and Extreme Dog Fence are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps wireless electric fence for dogs. Find the detail in this article. Petsafe, Xiaxue and Wiez are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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