Best Gps Watches for Men Golf

Men 7 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Garmin Approach S10 Lightweight 010 02028 00

Garmin Approach S10 Lightweight 010 02028 00

Simple, easy to use watch. A high-resolution, Sunlight-readable display is lightweight and comfortable. The back and middle of the Green have yardages. Hazards and doglegs are on more than 41,000 courses worldwide. Score on the watch for a summary of your round. You can keep track of the rounds by uploading your scorecards. The battery can play up to 12 hours.

Brand: Garmin

👤In the past I have owned two golf watches from the same brand, both of which had the plastic crystal covering the display fall out after a year and were lost somewhere on the course. I needed to purchase another golf watch after the second one and I decided to use the S10 because the quality of the Bushnell was a problem. I'm glad I did. This watch is very slim and lightweight and it's rectangular shape is less intrusive than I would think since I wear it on my glove hand... It seems to me that it is better built than the Bushnell's I have owned. I don't need a fancy watch, just one that gives the proper distances to both the green and the hazard, and has good battery life. I don't use the scoring option. I don't use the app to upload my scores. The watch gives accurate distances and advances to the next hole. I noticed that when I finish the first hole, I forget to start the watch. I was forced to advance the watch to the correct hole by the Bushnell, but this Garmin immediately recognized what hole I was on and didn't need to adjust... I believe that the gps system is more accurate than other watches. The only downside is that it takes a little more time for the gps to come up and recognize the course I am at. I just set it to start the round a little earlier than I did with my Bushnell, because it is not much more time. If you want a golf watch that is lightweight, easy to wear, and doesn't need all the bells and whistles, this is the watch for you.

👤If the cheap, flimsy watch band on this otherwise nice watch breaks, you can get an aftermarket replacement by searching for "Forerunner 35". The band on the Approach S10 is the same band as the one on the fitness watch. Why does it matter? You can find replacement bands for less than $10 on Amazon. If you can get it elsewhere cheaper, why pay the absurd price of the device? The original review is below. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing Is that true? I like the watch. It's easy to use and tells me what I need. I use it to find out how far to the green and penalty areas it is. It's great for that. The band is my biggest problem with this watch. The band on my watch broke by March. I just used it as I intended. The band is not covered by the warranty. The band is only available from the web site of the company. The band is 1 cent cheaper than the threshold, so they charge $5 to ship it. If I want to keep the watch, I'll have to order 2 bands at a time so they don't screw me on shipping. Nice policy from Garmin. If you don't mind spending $30 a couple of times a year to replace the crappy band, then it's all good. I have had this problem with every watch I've owned. The bands are expensive and hard to get. It would be too much to ask for a regular watch band. I guess so because they couldn't get $30 a year to replace it. If I have to pay $30+ for a replacement band, could I buy one that won't break after a few months? I guess not. I'm tired of the company taking advantage of me. This is my last product. The watch is nice if not for the poor quality watch band. This is how you lose customers.

2. Garmin Approach Touchscreen CourseView Silicone

Garmin Approach Touchscreen CourseView Silicone

The golf watch reflects your passion on and off the course. The Quick Fit 22mm watch band is compatible. A 1.2 inch color touchscreen display is Sunlight-readable. There are outdoor recreation profiles for skiing, snowboarding, stand up paddleboarding, and rowing. You can quickly see precise yardages to greens, Hazards and doglegs on full-color course maps. The bezel is made of either ceramic or polymer. Convenient Quick Fit bands for quick style changes. Up to 10 hours in golf mode and up to 10 days in watch mode. There are more than 40, 000 courses in the world. Quickfit watch band is compatible with:0.866 inches.

Brand: Garmin

👤I've played 5 rounds with this watch. The shot tracking feature was something I was excited about. It was very appealing to have the ability to see the round at the end and see all of your shots. About 1/3 of my shots were detected by the watch. It wasn't even picking up my drives, which is the shot you hit the hardest and should be the easiest to pick up. At the end of the round, there are holes that show one shot or no shots. I went 3 holes without being tracked. garmin told me to update the software on the watch after I tried to contact them for a week. I asked if there was a way to mark a shot if it wasn't detected and there wasn't. They haven't responded to my questions about that option. It is perfect to tell me how far away I am from the hole. The app is rich and great. I wanted a dedicated golf watch. There is an update. I worked with a software developer at the company who reached out after reading my review. I was wearing the wrong watch. I am left handed. I wear my watch on my right wrist. The leading wrist is where the watch needs to be worn. I wore the watch on my left wrist when I took it out on the course. It was much more sensitive and was picking up my practice swings. I can now have a complete review of every round. Thanks for the compliment!

👤I bought this watch after reading many reviews. I used it for 3 rounds of golf and it wouldn't turn on. I returned it to Amazon and they sent me a new watch, I was thinking great customer service. I charged the watch and turned it on after my new watch arrived, I checked to make sure it worked. I haven't had a chance to play golf in 3 weeks because of the rain, so I went to golf and turned on the watch, but it was dead and several tries wouldn't work. This is the first use out of the box and Amazon referred me to the manufacture. When you receive the product, they have a 30 day policy. What a waste of money.

👤I like this watch. I read the independent reviews before buying it, so I knew the features. I was concerned about my ability to learn the settings after reading the negative product reviews. After some quick searches and watching some videos on the internet, it wasn't that hard to use the S60's capabilities. This watch can do a lot of things, but you have to be patient. The golf functions are flawless after a week of use. I played the course and messed around with it. Yardage readings were very accurate and visible in the sun. It was cool to see the yardage of each shot without having to touch any buttons. The watch can be used many different ways. It's a lot lighter than I thought. It feels the same as my FitBit Blaze, in terms of size and weight. You can change the appearance of your watch face on a dime. You can use the app to create your own face, with a picture of one I created. I've used FitBit products for the last four years and I think the Garmin is a better step tracker. I noticed that my FitBit would register a few phantom steps during my commute. I don't know if it's because of the steering wheel vibrating or something. I notice that the device doesn't give me any extra steps. When wearing them at the same time and counting steps, the Garmin was more accurate than before. * Excellent battery life. I've worn it for eight days and haven't needed to replenish it. I use it less than 10% a day, and it only uses 3% in the 14 hours I've been awake. During a round of golf, utilizing the golf features will burn 25% to 35% of their value. Even though it's pricey, it doesn't include a heart monitor, the only thing I miss from my FitBit. For an additional price, you can add an accessory for that function. It's happy. I had to install three apps to cover the features I wanted to use. I have no regrets over the purchase. I like it.

3. Garmin Approach Preloaded Courses 010 02472 00

Garmin Approach Preloaded Courses 010 02472 00

A high-resolution sunlight-readable display is included in the new round watch design. There are more than 42,000 courses in the world. Provides yardages to the front, back and middle of the green. You can keep score on the watch and use the app to participate in the weekly leaderboards. Track your score and how far you hit with each club with compatible ApproachCT10 club tracking sensors. The battery life is up to 30 hours.

Brand: Garmin

👤The screen of the watch is clear in either black or white, and it finds the course faster than any other watch I have had. The buttons are the same as the Approch s10. It is simple to use. The dial is round. Someone who wants a clear visible dial and operational speed is going to love this watch.

👤The best golf watch I have ever purchased. It's so light. It's spot-on, compared to myNikon. The battery life is the best part. Really? I still have 98% battery life left after a 4 hour round.

👤It's a good watch, it's very accurate. The hazard and layup distances are difficult to use. It's fine on the golf course, but can't be used as a daily watch. There is no light, so you can't see the time at night, and it doesn't do anything else. I would have saved $90 and bought the 10 instead of the 12 if I had it to do over again.

👤Knowing the distance to the pin is a key element in club selection as a new golfer trying to lower my scores. I used a flag laser, but it was not helpful in my playing. Get it out, find the flag, then put it away. The watch seems to be within a yard. I have a hole locator for my main course. I play the middle of the green on other courses. Even when I couldn't see the flag, I knew which club I wanted. Playing other courses with a version that shows the layout of the hole might be useful. I don't need that feature as most cards show an aerial of each fairway. I like this watch. As I walk up to my ball, I glance at the watch and only have to pick a club. There was no break in my rhythm. I forget that watch is on my left wrist as I swing. It lasts three games, so as I play more, I may raise it to 5 stars for a basic watch.

👤It's very easy to use once you get used to it. When you get to the golf course, tell it you want to play and it will load the course for you. You're ready to go if you indicate which tee your hitting from. It will give you the info you want regardless. You can see the front, center and back of the green as well as the dangers. There are no data fees for the watch. I only have it for a couple of weeks and can't comment on battery life.

👤The product is nice. The original golf watches were stolen and replaced with S12's. We play golf for fun. These were perfect for everyday golfing needs. The are light and efficient. They give us accurate information that is all we need. The accuracy was confirmed by a gps in the golf cart. This is a basic watch.

👤It's all you need to play golf. You can focus on your game. The battery life is good. The display is clear in the sun. It only took a few minutes to view the course in more detail. The large watch is less stable on the wrist because the strap is not as wide as previous models.

4. SkyCaddie LX5C Watch Ceramic Bezel

SkyCaddie LX5C Watch Ceramic Bezel

There are over 35,000 ground verified courses. Golf's largest and bright color touchscreen is 1.39" The best graphics in a golf Wearable are in Full HD. HoleVue has a slide that shows critical distances to hazards. The shape of the green rotates, so you have to move your crosshair to the pin. You can track each shot you take with a manual shot tracking.

Brand: Skycaddie

👤It's too complex, no instructions, and there's no charging/adapter.

👤I bought the SkyCaddie LX5 with high expectations, but it has been a total disappointment. I can not use it. Even though six courses are listed in my country, none of them are mapped, and even worse, they do not plan to map them, so the device is useless. SkyGolf says the product is loaded with over 35,000 error-corrected maps for unparalleled accuracy, and that SkyCaddie sends professional, but the product is misleading and incomplete. I contacted them requesting the mapping of at least one or two courses, but they just said they don't have any plans to map in your area at the moment, and I can't give an estimate as to when they would map in your area. Before buying this product, be careful. Compre el SkyCaddie LX5 con altas expectativas. No puedo usar. Resulta that aunque en su pgina web estn listadas 6 campos. SkyGolf es ENGAOSA E INCOMPLETA pues dicen una informacin about the producto. No dicen de pases, no campos, no mapeados, no importante an. Los contactes para solicitar el mapeo de al menos uno o dos campos. Tengan antes de comprar!

👤I bought this product on April 13, 2021. The distance readings were not accurate when I used the product. I was alarmed when I saw a heart rate of 147 while playing golf on August 10, 2021. We were playing in the heat and I wanted to see my heart rate. My SkyCaddie was reading between 120 and 140 when I left the golf course. The high heart rate was determined by an EKG performed by the Emergency Doctor service. My heart rate was in a normal range and the SkyCaddie was still showing a rate. I was told to trash the SkyCaddie.

👤The concept is great, but it is so complicated that you lose focus on the game. Back it goes!

👤Everything was good as expected. I thought the ceramic ring around the face would be more contrast than the rest of the watch. I was expecting it to be a silvery color. I paid extra for that feature and it looks like the rest of the watch.

👤Have used this before. Very happy. There is a great display. Competes well with the more expensive device.

👤The product works on the golf course. There is a short usage time before you get your money back.

5. Garmin Approach Smartwatch Lightweight Touchscreen

Garmin Approach Smartwatch Lightweight Touchscreen

A stylish lightweightGPS golf watch with a sunlight-readable 1 2 color touchscreen display with metal bezel and quick release bands is easy to change of style or color. There are more than 41 000 courses from around the world. Silicone is the material of the strap. Measures and auto-records detected shot distances are not tracked, and some other shots such as chips around the green may not be tracked. The green view feature allows manual pin positioning quickly to reference distances to the front middle and back of the green. Tracks everyday activities such as steps and sleep. The battery life can be up to 10 days in the watch mode. Approach S40; Charging or Data Cable; Documentation were included.

Brand: Garmin

👤I was pleasantly surprised by how great this is. I've been using a really great mobile app, TheGrint, which I love, but was curious about how this watch might do things that I have to enter in a mobile app. I played one round with this and was amazed at how accurate it was. The display is easy to read in bright sunlight and the layout distances are very easy to use. This is so enjoyable. Buy this!

👤I'm impressed by how good this watch is. I only got the Approach because I saw a good deal on an open box, and it was an older model. I'm happy that my old one is still there. The screen on this is light and comfortable to wear as I play, it is very readable in all lighting. The accuracy is very good, it locks onto the course very quickly, and the battery life is very good. I'm pretty sure I could get 2 rounds of golf from every full charge, since I always seem to charge it before every round anyway. If you use this feature, it will register every shot you take. I think it has picked up at least 85% of my swings during every round, meaning that I've rarely had to add a swing or shot manually. The features of the watch are easy to understand after a few uses. I haven't checked out the golf app yet because it appears to have been upgraded and improved recently. If I had any criticism, it would be to change the menu options on the watch. The Last Shot option should be one of the first options listed when you're playing. I should be able to get to Last Shot before the Scorecard since I won't use it until the hole is completed. A suggestion is more than a criticism. Adding a watch and fitness tracker is a great way to keep track of your fitness. Highly recommended!

👤A review on the listing is not a review on the product. The bundle I bought included the Black S40 and 2 additional attachments. I received a silver S40, but no attachment.

👤The screen would freeze during the photo. The only thing I could do was hold the on button and shut it off. It became a distraction at this point, instead of being a help. I sent it back after it happened.

👤I am very happy with my purchase of theGarmin S40 golf watch. I have been using it for about four months. If I go away for a golf weekend, I only take a watch that looks stylish on or off the course. The battery life is good, can get 2 rounds in with it, but it's easy to charge in between rounds. The battery life is usually good when not on the course. Never fully tested the life. The watch face is cool. I tried to use all of the functions out of the gate, entering which club I hit, recording distances, scoring and putting. I think that takes away from the fun of the sport. I spent a lot of time looking down and not enjoying the round. Give me ranges, and I changed it back to using scoring. I don't carry a laser range finder anymore because I find the ranges accurate. It's nice to have distances to the front and back of the green. The hazard distances are important, you can quickly see the water and Bunkers which help with club selection. The range finder is not pulled out of the bag. The only tip I have is to read the manual. You know how to use some of the features. You can get the information you want if you know the clicks. My friend has the S20 and it seems like it would be easy to use. When you're 10 minutes from the course you will be fine, and I've heard people complain about the 'locating satellites' taking too long to find your course. When you are ready to start the round, you can skip that option if the course is loaded. If you are wondering if you will miss out on the full map of the hole, I can see that concern. I only need that on courses I have never played. The map on the watch would be too small for me. It's getting old. I usually have the yardage book or a free GolfGPS app on the phone, and I'll get my overview of the hole. If you are on the fence, I would suggest you try this watch. You won't be disappointed. I paid for the watch myself and no one paid me to write a review.

6. Garmin Approach Premium Wearable4U Bundle

Garmin Approach Premium Wearable4U Bundle

The box contains 1 x Wearable4U Power Pack and 1 x Garmin Approach S12 PremiumGPS Golf Watch. A high-resolution sunlight-readable display is present in the new round watch design. There are more than 42,000 courses in the world. The back and middle of the green have yardages to it. The battery life is up to 30 hours. The Wearable4U Power Bank and the duo Wall & Car Charging Adapters keep your devices charged at all times. It's compatible with all of the popular devices that have a built-inusb port, including the most popular ones. The Wearable4U Power Bank and the duo Wall & Car Charging Adapters keep your devices charged at all times. It's compatible with all of the popular devices that have a built-inusb port, including the most popular ones.

Brand: Wearable4u

👤Very good battery life. It is easy to use.

👤The watch is similar to my last one. Love the new look and light weight. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I had a few. The accuracy of these has improved. The wrist unit was more expensive. When I didn't like it. Returned it. This was less money, but still amazing. The battery is still going after 4FUL rounds of golf. Hmm? !

👤I miss the S-2's ability to show how far my drive went.

👤It stops after playing a few holes. I have to sign in again and hope that it will find the right hole. My old one was very reliable, but this one is not as good. That wasn't a Garmen.

👤It was great for my husband's golf game.

👤Love the watch and use it for golf all the time.

👤The size and weight are perfect.

7. Garmin Approach S10 Lightweight 010 02028 02

Garmin Approach S10 Lightweight 010 02028 02

Simple, easy to use watch. A high-resolution, Sunlight-readable display is lightweight and comfortable. The back and middle of the Green have yardages. More than 41, 000 courses worldwide have Hazards and doglegs. Score on the watch for a summary of your round. You can keep track of the rounds by uploading your scorecards. The battery can play up to 12 hours. The battery can play up to 12 hours.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤My wife and I have been using the earlier model S4 Garmin White watch for over five years. I bought mine new and my wife's secondhand. Over the years, we have loved them. Several weeks ago, my watch cracked at the point where the band and the actual watch connect. I thought it was time to buy a new unit. I went to Amazon to find a new gps device and settled on the S-10. I was very happy when I got the watch. I was very disappointed in the unit's function as I was playing with it. My wife is an avid golfer and she agreed with me that it was very difficult to operate the S2 because of her familiarity with it. I sent it back.

👤The first Approach S10 from the gps city would not be charged and would be sent back through Amazon. I sent it back requesting a new one and it will not charge. I am trying to save money by quitting the city.

👤I have the Approach S20 and the Approach S10 for my wife. S10 is better. Bigger display, faster processor, cheaper, and doesn't have all the bells and whistles that no golfer cares about. If you have a choice, go for the Approach S10

👤Not working. This is not a good one. It's a crazy thing. It is not working without charging. Why did you sell them to us? This isn't the first problem. Below are some things to read. I will complain directly to Amazon. Maybe you can't sell in Amazon anymore. I own a stake in the company.

👤Less than an hour is how long the battery life lasts.

👤It is not accurate by at least 10 yards. I would like to return it.

8. TecTecTec Tracking Preloaded Worldwide Lightweight

TecTecTec Tracking Preloaded Worldwide Lightweight

The ULT-G GolfGPS watch has features that will make it easier to do your job. There are a lot of useful features in your game. You can connect the watch to your phone for free course updates. Unusual features can drain your mobile's battery too fast. Learning to use the ULT-G watch is very easy. There are four buttons to use. Once the initial set-up is complete, with the touch of a button, the device will connect to the satellite and begin displaying course information. Measures distances to the front, back, and middle of the green. Take a look at the distance of your shots. You play golf. You can find information about over 38,000 courses around the world. The clock tells the time. Reliable is a durable design. Dust resistance and water resistance will help in hostile weather. The 2.5 rounds of battery power will take you through. There is a one-year warranty, lifetime software support, and high-class customer service. Money back guarantee. They will give you a money-back guarantee. There is no risk if you purchase it. You will get your money back if you don't like it. The cost of the ULT-G watch is the only thing you have to pay. Money back guarantee. They will give you a money-back guarantee. There is no risk if you purchase it. You will get your money back if you don't like it. The cost of the ULT-G watch is the only thing you have to pay.

Brand: Tectectec

👤I bought this because I wanted to leave for Florida for the winter months. It is a basic watch with a front, middle and back range. Pre-ordered. I used my range finder to compare it to my watches. I compared this watch to other people's watches and found it to be spot on. It is very easy to lock in the satellites. A great buy. I use it everyday.

👤I used my ULT-G for two rounds after I received it. The easiest to use device is my third golf range finder. It is easy to provide distances. I have a laser golf range finder. The distances shown on the Golf watch are very accurate, thanks to the laser range finder. I use a Neo Ghost as well. I like the ULT-G golf watch more than my Neo Ghost as I don't have to misplace my pockets to look for the watch and it provides readings faster. The three devices all have the same distances. The range finder is easy to use and has a ready availability on my wrist that will make it my go to device for golf range finding.

👤The watch does everything promised when it is working correctly. When you have a technical issue like my photo shows, and you try to contact their technical support or customer service, you may be disappointed in their handling. I was able to get a refund after several calls to Amazon Customer Service. I left the email response and the follow up with TecTecTec, it was unacceptable. I like the product, but their customer service has made me rethink my investment in it. I don't know if this is a typical incident or an isolated one.

👤The first 9 holes were played using the watch. The app is simple to use and seems to be an accurate comparison to the SwingU app on my phone. It took me a long time to find the course I was on. I played 2.5 holes before it linked up. I'm playing 18 on Sunday and Monday. Will update after that, it seems to find the courses better than the first time I used it. I wish it didn't have a few features, for example keeping score, but it is meant to be a simple, straight forward gps. When my software became unresponsive, tectec support sent a firmware update and it worked again in a few moments.

👤I wrote a review of the golfGPS watch in October. The instructions were easy to follow and the watch was operational in a few minutes. I've been using it twice now. Even in the bright sunlight, readouts are clear. It calculates the distances and automatically loads golf courses near me. I have a range finder and a gps device, and all of them were within 1 yard of each other. The watch is comfortable to wear, less awkward to handle than the other devices, and seems to be very durable, which is a plus. I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks to TecTec. There is an update. My watch stopped working. Within an hour, customer support answered my email. I was given instructions on how to reset the watch by a nice person named Isabella, but he didn't resolve the issue so I had to return the watch. As well as being knowledgeable of her product, she was clear, concise, and professional. I am confident that I will be as happy with my new watch as I was with the original. Thank you, and thank you, TecTec. Bill Brown was a very satisfied customer.

9. Garmin Approach Premium Virtual 010 02200 00

Garmin Approach Premium Virtual 010 02200 00

Approach S60 has a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel and interchangeable Quick Fit bands, while the large 1. 3” color touchscreen display has a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel and interchangeable Quick Fit bands. There are more than 41, 000 full-color maps. Virtual Caddie suggests a club based on typical distance, wind speed and direction, and where the golfer should aim on the map. You can quickly scroll through the map with Hazard View. The PlaysLike Distance feature accounts for uphill and downhill shots. The PinPointer feature tells you the direction to the pin even if you can't see it. The green view feature allows manual pin positioning, as well as distances to the front, middle and back of the green.

Brand: Garmin

👤I jumped right to this after skipping the S60 and the Approach S6. First and foremost, the watch is very good. A huge display helps to see all the details on a hole. There is a great visibility in the sunlight. It's based on current weather and windspeed and will give you a "plays like" distance. For tournament play, this can be disabled. You can find distances to every hazard by clicking. When on the hole. Pin point flag placement on the green is very easy. Hit your shot, pick your club and move on. You can see your entire round and club distances on a 2D course map. The club tracking set can be used for automatic tracking. The caddie can recommend clubs based on your previous performance after 5 rounds. The swing tempo training aid worked well for me in the previous S6. HR sensor, running, and biking are included. Up to 20 hours with a golf gps on and 14 days without. My S6 and S60 were taken away by this. The only way to update is through the app, as a PC is no longer required. Update 2/25. Adding photos of the golf app after a round is incredible. If I could add another star, I would.

👤This watch does it all. It tracks every shot I take. It keeps a record of the exact location, distance, and direction of every shot I take. You can see the round, club distances, club direction, and other performance metrics when you sync to Garmin. At the 9th hole at my local course, I came up short of the green in over half of the time. It is uphill. I didn't have enough club to get there. The "plays like" feature gives you the distance to the pin adjusted for the slope, wind, and other factors. You can see how far away it is. It can be a bit difficult to get the exact distance using your finger to target an exact spot on the screen's map. It takes a few seconds to slide the target. There are other cool non-golf features, such as weather, wind speed and direction, Sunrise and sunset, Heart rate, and steps.

👤The benefits of the S60 and S40 were merged by Garmin. You can now have the best of everything. You can have fun with distances, battery life and easy to navigate hazard list. This watch is important to me and I would buy it if it was important to you. The s60 was my watch for two years and I stayed with it because of the "plays like" distance. It is important for me to factor in elevation when I play, but this watch's scruple feature was implemented badly, requiring too many button pushes and making finding distances very hit or miss. I was happy, but always wanted more. We ate lunch on the golf trips and had to turn it off at the end of 18. Didn't. My review of the s62 is here. The face is slightly lager. The ads say 17 percent more face area, which is good, but the s60 seemed too small to look at the hole view. Is the s62 bigger? The real benefit is that it is more readable in the sun. The better the sun is, the easier it is to read. I like it so much, it's a winner. I downloaded a free blue face from the poor man's watch store. It looks good in watch mode, and I was able to modify he information. There is a good reason to buy this watch on its own. It's crazy. I only got 1 and a half rounds on the s60, but I get 3 full rounds and some on this watch. It's good. It's 25 percent per 18. I put it back on the charge at 25 percent, but could probably get another round out of it. Time to organize SATs is much better here. This is quicker than waiting for the s60 to find them. I didn't know how good it was to find it so quickly. I wouldn't want to go back. Could this be any better than before? Yes. You get wind of this watch when you open the golf app and sit in the cart. Direction and speed. I factor it in with my human brain, and it helps me to know its 10 mph off the left quartering. There is a Hazard List. My friend has the s40, which is still better. You move through that list of dangers. I hated that s60 didn't have squat. It was difficult to get to the water. I'll take s62. The map will default to the nearest Bunker if you touch it, but there are interactive buttons in the face. You cycle through the nearest hazard. Does it work? Yes. Is it better than s60? No question. I find it odd but it works. It finds the water on my 11th hole and gives me distance to rough? To clear, edge to front and edge to back. It does a better job knowing that I am starting on the 10th hold, and it's noticeably better than my old watch finding it automatically. I like this better. It's not as easy to move it to a different hole as it was before, and you have to do a few things to do it. The s62 needs to access a Change Hold menu and then cycle through the numbers. It works. It's fine. It won't bother you if you didn't have the s60 or s40 It's quibbling if you did, but you don't have to do much. The heart rate is boom. This is great. If only I could figure out why it reads 20 beats higher than my Apple Watch, it would be nice. Is it pulse 2? It's also cool now. You have to stand still for a half minute or so to access the widgets and start reading. And you have it. It's nice. It's odd, but the Golf App states (strokes gained driving, approach, chipping) is a nice feature, as is the stat by course. Without having to input anything. I'm hitting 67 percent of the fairways, as good as DeChambeau, but more than 80 yards shorter. The price is what's bad. It's not terrible because you get a lot of other health activity data. There is a secondary market for the s60 on auction sites, and I got $200 for my s60, which I found to be worth it. It made sense to bring the cost down on the s62 because it will probably be replaceable in two years. Over the years, I've had 4 different golf watches. If you prefer the watch to the phone style devices or lasers, this watch has the best features out there at the moment. The price of Tag Heuer is less than 1500 bucks. Skycaddie has a subscription option, but it's mostly used for e-liquid. I recommend this to the serious golfer who wants things like steps, stairs, flights, heart rate, and pulze ox.

10. IZZO Golf Swami Watch GPS

IZZO Golf Swami Watch GPS

There are over 40,000 courses in the world. The golf watch comes with 38, 000 golf courses worldwide and no download or subscription fees are required. Their watch is the ultimate golf distance finder, it accurately measures distances to the front, center, and back of the green, as well as layup and carry distances. It's easy to use, with auto-course recognition and auto-hole advance technology. Reliable: The battery can last up to 10 hours. The display is easy to read and has a water-resistant construction.

Brand: Izzo

👤After years of service, my old Garmin S2 was finally giving up the ghost. The headline states that I like this watch. It is accurate. Standing on the marker on the hole in my club, the watch reads 150. There is more information about layups and distance to and over penalty areas. Documentation is a joke, and that's the reason I didn't rate this 5 stars. The package has a quick start guide. A small print. I was able to read it. One must go to the IZZO website for the user guide and low and behold it is a picture on a web page. You can blow it up to make it readable. How much is it to make a PDF download? Oh my gosh! IZZO recommends doing a course update before doing a firmware update. The software is a little difficult to use. I charged ahead and did a course update, even though I wasn't sure if the firmware update worked. The latest versions of these are not on the watch that I believe is a new product. -- It can take a bit of time to get a gps lock at the course, which is definitely longer than my old gps. The watch works well and gives me more information than my previous watch. I haven't tried the fitness or scoring options, so I can't speak to that. The battery life and charging time was amazing. On a typical 18 hole day, it finishes with 3 bars. When I get home and charge it, it shows battery strength of 70% to 77% and it charges to 100% in 15 minutes. The Garmin S2 would take many hours to charge, with 20% left. I recommend this watch at this price point. Hope you can read this far. The watch lasted less than two years. I bought 1/2020. Work stopped this morning. It picks up the satellite, but does not list any golf courses. No use now. I found out this morning on the golf course, and it made me even more annoyed. I'm going to spend more for a navigation device. Hopefully it will last longer. It did work for 20 months and was re-rated to a 3.

👤The gps was received on 5/23/21 The brand new golf gps does not fully charge as reported by another person. I had it for 16 hours. Within a few hours, it was up to 80%. After several more hours, the charge didn't increase. I disconnected and reconnected the charge and it bounced between 81% and 84%. I'll see how it performs tomorrow. The buttons are sticky. I will update after I take it on the course. I am disappointed so far. I used it during play. The indicator dropped after the 4th hole. The gps worked well throughout the round. Yardage was off by 5 - 10 yards on a few holes as compared to my phone and a friend's. The auto advance worked well. It appeared to periodically update the yardage rather than continuously. At times it was noticeable. I would have to look many times to get the final number. Maybe it saves on battery life. There was no hazard info on some holes. I don't know if that is a rare item or a common missing data item. Time will tell. I will update in a few days and decide if I will return or exchange. I have not heard from the manufacturer. 5/26: While charging for almost two full day days, the gps never fully charged maxing out at 81%. The indicator showed that it was charging. I used it again today. The power indicator was almost empty by the time I left the parking lot, and I play fast. There was no hazard information on a lot of the holes. I'm letting it discharge before I charge it again. It is possible that doing so will reset the battery. I will send the unit back to Amazon if not. There is still nothing from the manufacturer. I tried another unit after processing an exchange with Amazon. It only cost 81%. I took it and the older one to the course today. The replacement unit is terrible. The buttons do not work. I hold them and nothing. The buttons on the unit don't work after I reset it several times. The problem was that they started us on the 10th hole. I will return it soon. It's a shame. They seem to be well designed, but the manufacturing and quality control kill it. I don't know what to say. I kept the original one after returning the faulty one. I took the suggestion of another poster and removed the unit from the charging port once it reached 81%. When I play a round of golf, the unit reports fully charged at least halfway through. It seems to be worth trying. I hope it lasts.

11. Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch

40, 000 courses in over 170 countries are pre-installed with free wireless course updates via the phone app. The round analyzer measures shot distances with an auto-recording for post-round analysis. The round analyzer measures shot distances with an auto-recording for post-round analysis. The sheath corset is a fully-hinged, sleek watchband. The display resolution is 128 x 128. It's a truly comparable. The TruSwing golf swing sensor provides metrics to improve your swing consistency. The display size is 0.9 inches. Track your activity on or off the course with move bar notifications. It shows steps, calories burned, distance and time of day. Stat tracking keeps track of greens in regulation and putts per round.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤My first S20 was this one. I gave my first away as a gift and needed a replacement. I bought a refurbished one to save money. I gave away a brand new one and it works the same. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The watch is not black. It is gray. Why? The strap is hard to fit in the holder. Great on the course with accurate distance.

👤I bought this product to use as a golf gps watch. I don't use the activity tracking features so can't comment on them I switched from a unit that failed in about 2 years. A poor level of product quality led to a decision to buy a gps device. I reviewed entry level and more expensive products and picked this product because it has the features I wanted. The device is easy to use after doing a basic review of the user documentation, and my experience has been very good getting satellite locks quickly. The battery life has been good. I can charge and get 3 rounds. I am satisfied with the accuracy of the unit, I have not had any issues with under or over clubbing because of the distance. The screen size limits how much data can be seen. There are trade offs in range finder products. I don't have to worry about losing the unit, running out of battery, or losing the information because I get it quickly. The device is light weight and I don't notice it or use it to distract me. Caveat on this point because I wear a device that tracks my activity.

👤I found the gps watch to be very useful after learning how to use it. It has a lot of options that I don't use, but I'm sure that others would find it useful. The accuracy is exceptional. The instructions are the only knock on this watch. The writer generalizes where it should be more explicit step by step instructions.

👤I had the watch for a while. It works like new despite being refurbished. For three rounds on a single charge, the battery life is long. I only use it for golf and it is much better than the previous watches I had. scorecard works well, as does distance of drive, as well as gps. The customer service is great. I contacted them about a course I play where the layout had changed, and the next week the new configuration was on the course list. The response was remarkably efficient and impacted all other customers.

👤With the added bonus of giving you the steps you have taken, so serves as a Fitbit as well. It doesn't show the time when you are in golf yardage mode, so you have to. It doesn't show you the date if you switch out of the mode. I would give it 5 stars as a golf yardage watch.

👤I don't have to carry around my handheld device anymore. This thing is great when the cart path only policy is in effect.


What is the best product for gps watches for men golf?

Gps watches for men golf products from Garmin. In this article about gps watches for men golf you can see why people choose the product. Skycaddie and Wearable4u are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps watches for men golf.

What are the best brands for gps watches for men golf?

Garmin, Skycaddie and Wearable4u are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps watches for men golf. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Renewed, Tectectec and Izzo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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