Best Gps Watches for Kids No Phone

Kids 3 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker

Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker

You don't have to take it off when it's raining and washing your hands in daily life if you upgrade the iP67 waterproof smartwatch. Support gps location, two-way call, emergency call, activity tracking, camera, make friends, voice chat, remote voice monitor, alarm clock, safe areas, math game, etc. The watch can be set through the APP. Children can make and receive calls through the watch, and can also send voice messages to the parent mobile phone app. There is a button on the right side of the kids. If you set the emergency function that calls 3 phone numbers for calls in 2 rounds, it will answer the call in 3 seconds. Certainly for an emergency. The built-in gps+LBS tracker is more powerful than single modes. The gps tracker error will be less than 100 meters/330 feet when you're outdoors and less than 4 miles when indoors. Parents can check the location on their phone. Real-time location tracking is achieved all day. The best gift for kids is the soft Silicone watch that is anti-fall and durable. The touch screen protects the child's eyesight. The picture is not glaring. If you want to use the watch with a sim card, you need to purchase an additional sim card from T-mobile.

Brand: Pthtechus

👤The product was good quality. The features were for a young child. I don't think they will like it if it's for a kid older than that. I had to send the watches back because the sim cards they had recommended wouldn't work with the watches, and like a lot of people on here, they are difficult to set up. It would have been easier to be patient and take the time needed to figure it all out if I loved the watches. I decided to send them back and look for a little more appropriate ones because of how "kiddish" they were.

👤It works once you 800-273-3217 After, you spend a lot of time chatting with tech support and your screen will crack almost immediately and again and again until the watch is useless. My child wore it maybe 3 times. Immediately, it cracked. Very disappointing. I would like to get a full refund to buy a more durable watch for my son.

👤I bought this for my grandson, but we couldn't get it to work, the games are stupid and pointless, and the app doesn't work. I missed the return window by a week. I'm screwed out of the money. I hope you don't buy this POS for your kids or grandkids.

👤Don't buy if you're warned. The 2g service is about to end. It's not expensive, it took a while to figure it out. I'm okay with that.

👤You would need to be a genius to figure it out. Someone else is going to try to figure it out.

👤It's ideal for a child. It is only 2g and doesn't have a phone. A nice sturdy band is on the person who takes pictures. The gps feature requires a app to start. I watched the follow along video on the internet.

👤I tried two watches. Returned both! The directions are hard to read. It took hours to set it up. It didn't work well. It was not true that the things to work on were forGPS. It was not worth my time or money. You have to pay the charges on top of the watch purchase to add free usage. It's ridiculous if you bought the watch.

👤I didn't figure out how to set it up. Way to hard. I'm returning.

👤We tried to get in touch with the Amazon returns centre to inquire about the Sim card, which was not available in Australia, as none of the telstra or optus ones worked. We sent it back because we didn't get a response to our query. This product is compatible with your country. Would have been great for our son.

👤The marketing for this watch is not accurate. It's a cheap toy from China. Don't buy.

2. BIGGERFIVE Fitness Activity Pedometer Waterproof

BIGGERFIVE Fitness Activity Pedometer Waterproof

Their children's watch has complete functions, including gps positioning and SOS functions, as well as low battery reminders, video chats, and classroom mode. The ultra slim lightweight fitness tracker is designed for kids 5-12 years old and has a strap length of 5.1 inch. The material does not contain harmful substances. All day activity tracker You can see the data easily by tapping the watch display or using the phone's app. You can get the data about your sleep trends through the night in the app. The silent alarm clock can wake you up. The built-inusb interface has a long battery life. The fitness tracker can be charged by anyusb accessory. The fitness tracker battery can last up to 7 days. The kids fitness tracker watch has a free app. It's compatible with the phone.

Brand: Biggerfive

👤Unless you give the company access to your phone, you cannot set the time. It needs all that to show steps and tell the correct time. Unless you have a lot of value, you use the phone for nothing. I'm not hyper about privacy but this is making it so easy for the crooks in the world and the fact they make it useless unless they have full access is a red flag to users.

👤One died after 35 days. The review was negative because it was past the return window. The company contacted me personally. The replacement was lost in the mail. It's Arg! They sent another one. I received it and it works. The watch is worth the price because of the great customer service. Highly recommended. It tracks your arm movements so you should put the watch on the wrist. It's a good thing.

👤I received a free 2 year extended warranty and wrote this review on the companies page. Thank you for that! I have purchased the same fitness tracker over and over again because of the strap breaking. I love my watch. It's lightweight, affordable, and waterproof. I recommend it to all of my friends because I love it. I have tried a lot of cheap brands from Amazon, but this is my favorite. It's the only one that's comfortable on my wrist. It's amazing to have a 2 year warranty. If you're shopping for a child over 6, this is the one. If you're an adult with a smaller wrist, this is the one. I am a busy mom. I do everything in this watch. 1500 lbs of concrete has been installed without a problem. I swim in our pool all summer long. We went to the beach for a week and it worked. It is difficult to read in the sun. No big deal, shade your wrist. The band lasts about a year, give or take, because of the small loop that holds the floppy part in place. I have been buying it for less than $30 for many years.

👤There is an update. My son was away for 7 weeks. He had a broken watch after he returned home with it. The charging side snapped off instead of the piece on the side opposite that snapping off. Next time, I'll be ordering something different because this will be his 3rd watch in under a year. I bought another one for my daughter who also loves it. I reached out to the seller via Amazon after I ran into an issue with the first one I purchased. The seller replaced the device for me immediately after I received a very quick response. Definitely recommend. I bought this for my son a few days ago and he only took it off to shower. It's easy to set up and use. The display and watch size are perfect for him. He likes to track his progress throughout the day, and he likes to keep a weekly progress on the app. It's a perfect watch for active kids. The app only works on phones so it isn't compatible with his iPad.

3. GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone Waterproof

GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone Waterproof

A multifunctional digital watch. The smart watch supports a lot of things, including calling, step counting, voice/video chatting, weather checking, camera, and album, 3 screen styles, alarm clock, class schedule, contacting friends, flashlight, camera, games, and more. The watch is just like a mobile phone. It is perfect for parents who don't want to buy a mobile phone for their kids. Kids smart watch is the best cell phone alternative. 4g smart watch phone with 2-way video calling feature, face to face video talk with your child anytime anywhere. The smartwatch can also send pictures. Video and voice chat interactions are more interesting. This design is great for parents and children. The Kids Safety Tracker has a 4G gps location system, more precise positioning than a 2G net watch. Through the day, it can check location history. Know where your kids are. If your children are in an emergency, they can press the button for 3 seconds and then call the numbers you set for help. If you are outside of the US, please check with your carrier. Global Network Support This is a phone watch for kids. It can be used in a lot of countries. The network frequencies are 4G, 2G, and 3G. T-Mobile and SpeedTalk are the places to purchase a sim card. Don't purchase a smartwatch with a sim card. The kids watch is made from high quality material, anti-fall and durable. The hand strap is made from soft Silicone and it does not scratch the hand. It is a perfect gift for boys and girls. If you have a problem with their smart watches, please contact them first. Within 24 hours, they will reply for you.

Brand: Pthtechus

👤I've tried a few kids watch phones and this one works. The 4g is necessary. The 4G on this works. The watch fits well. The band is perfect. I kept the plastic cover on the screen that came in the package to protect it, but after I removed it, I realized the screen had a small bubble under it. It's better than the others. The app for this works well. It's not made in the U.S., but SE Tracker shows me where my child is. When he goes to his friends house after school, I can see that they've arrived by following him on the map. I can see if he's inside the building or outside at recess on the map, so it tracks location well.

👤I bought this watch and a pink one for my children and their families. These were supposed to be used as an emergency contact. The Asurian insurance plan was purchased for each. As long as you were inside the house, the watches would work. These are not user friendly. We tried and tried, so I had a employee set them up. The gps didn't work. The watches were under warranty for a year so the insurance company couldn't do anything since we were past our 30 day return policy. I reached out to the seller a number of times, but didn't get a response. I was willing to pro-rate the return because they don't do what is advertised. The seller said to mail it to China. The postal fee for sending them up to China was over $100. The vendor won't help since I'm past my 30 day return. Lesson learned. Do not buy from people who will give you a return to China. The vendors are selling cheap items. I bought these for the peace of mind that the kids were out and about on their bikes. It's junk!

👤This watch works. I gave it to my 13 year old to use in an emergency. It can use the app to make calls. It was easy to set up. Make sure you order the start up card from Speedtalk first. You will need to update the APN on the watch after that. The call quality is clear. The watch has a flashlight and can take and send pictures. We used to have a Gizmopal through the company, but it didn't work for us. This was cheaper and works better. I think it's a great idea.

👤After reading the reviews, I was hesitant to buy this watch, but I'm glad I did. The watch arrived at my house a day earlier than I anticipated. I bought this watch for my son so he could take a family vacation. The instructions were not written in a native-English language and it took a bit of fiddling to get it to work. I got everything set up in about an hour. The watch works well so far, but the tracker is off, but not enough to make me uncomfortable. In Pennsylvania, gps is off by half a block but the location service is off by an hour and a half. My son has no issue with the small screen, even though I had a bit of a time working it. I can use the app to set up most things. It takes about 30 seconds between calling and the phone ringing. This may be something with the carrier, not the watch. We only had a few days. I'm pretty happy with it so far. The seller answered any questions that I asked in less than 24 hours. I'm happy I bought this.

4. CanMixs Fitness Activity Pedometer Waterproof

CanMixs Fitness Activity Pedometer Waterproof

Useful functions include calculator, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, calendar, silent mode, and five languages. The wristband is made of flexible, durable TPU material and does not contain any harmful substance, it is suitable for teens and kids. The elder can see the data clearly on the Pedometer counter, and the fitness watch gives a brighter and bigger letter reading. Lifting the wrist will lighten the display screen. Accurate Activity tracker watch and 6 sport modes track kids steps, calories burned,heart rate,sleep stages and blood pressure. You can set a target number of steps when child is finished, and you can reward child if they love sports. Kids can wear a digital teen watch when swimming with the step counter for walking watch. Kids watch boys watch girls monitor their heart rate and sleep at night. You can use the sleep monitor watch to read them directly, which will help you understand your kids health and make reasonable adjustment to life-style. It can measure blood pressure and body temperature for the first time, please turn on the switch in the switch settings on the APP side. You will be able to see incoming call, text, and email on your watch, if you connect the heart rate monitor for kids watch with your phone. More practical features include sedentary reminder, pedometer, remote camera control, find smart watches, brightness adjustment,vibration wrist alarm clock,step counter for kids, and calories counter. One single charge gives you up to 7 days of working time, and there is a built-in plug that makes it easy to charge with any computer or block. Most phones can be used by fitness tracker kids. It's compatible with the following phones: iPhone 11/11 pro/X 8/7 plus/7/7 plus/6s/6s/6s/6s/6s,Samsung, Google, Sony, LG, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, ZTE, and many more. The smart phones that support IOS and later are:

Brand: Canmixs

👤My nine-year-old liked the watch at first glance. Most of the functions of the watch come from the app, so it will not pair with the app. After working with it for almost an hour, I got it to pair once, but it disconnected again when my daughter walked away from my phone. I didn't get my phone to recognize it again. I tried with two cell phones. I returned it because it was so frustrating. The Willful smart watch is an adult version that we ordered on Amazon. It works better.

👤The watch is cool. The band breaks off the charging portion after a month. The reviews had the same problem. It happens after a month of gentle use. It would be a lot of money for a month's usage. The other problem is described in other reviews. The app pairs quickly. The app stops working after the first update. I spent hours trying to get it matched. The history in the watch is lost when the watch is randomly reset. Not reliable. I won't recommend it to anyone.

👤I bought this for my middle schooler because he can't have his phone out to show time. She set the alarm for each class and it will sound when it's over. She likes the function of the clock. The only con is that they don't know if they have hidden spy software. It is a win for the price point. I can't attest to that because we haven't had to test the waterproof features.

👤My son loved it when he received it for his birthday. It was great to keep track of all the health related functions. He charged it when it needed it, which was better than my daughters watch. The plastic part that holds the band on broke only 6 months after we bought it. He didn't have a watch to wear because he was sad. I can't contact the seller for warranty issues because it says it's past the time where it's allowed. I wish they could contact me to discuss this. It was a great watch until this happened.

👤My wife claimed it for herself because she loved it so much. Its light weight makes it easy to charge. It was easy to set up the app. I need to buy another one for my daughter. Easy to charge and last for at least 3 days.

👤I like to teach my kids about realistic life lessons since they're still young. My kids were so curious that they kept checking the watch every 15 minutes. They can memorize numbers and get an explanation about health instead of just cars, guns, or bikes. I think this clock will help the kids with irregular heartbeats, because they will be able to monitor their heart rate.

👤The instructions are not enough to charge the thing. Unless your child has a phone, it is not useful. The lack of an intuitive interface and the lack of instructions on how to use it makes me angry. This is a digital watch with poor battery life.

5. Smart Watch Kids Smartwatch Intelligent

Smart Watch Kids Smartwatch Intelligent

The kids fitness tracker watch has a free app. It's compatible with the phone. There are 7 funny games in the smart watch for children. These games can help train the brain. The smart watches have a camera and a music player. The smart watch can be used to download songs. There is no need for an SD card. It has a memory chip. Music and audio data for education. If your area has a 2G network, this kid phone watch will work. Purchase a sim card for SpeedTalk and it will call in and out. It's easy to install, no need to set an APN or bind your cell phone. It is not compatible with other smart watches. Kids watch has 12 and 24 hours time formats. Kids can tell time by looking at it. Useful functions include calculator, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, calendar, silent mode, and five languages.

Brand: Willowwind

👤My son is on the spectrum. He can speak, but not to a stranger. It makes me feel better to know that he has a way to reach us. It's very easy to program our numbers in it and it's also very easy to operate. It includes the functions of a watch like a stopwatch and an alarm. It has a phone that is appropriate for a child, with features like a selfies camera and music. There are some fun games in it. You can turn off the extras during school or after sleep so they don't use them when it's not appropriate.

👤I gave this watch to my daughter because she has been asking for a smart watch. She loves it! The watch is sturdy. It is easy to navigate with all of the features. If she ever needed my information, it would always be on her wrist because of the ability to add contacts on the watch. I will be ordering 2 more for my other children.

👤As a toy. 2G is not available in the US so phone/SOS functions cannot be used. Touch screen is difficult to scroll but will be enjoyed as a camera, recorder, games, and watch.

👤I bought these for my children who are 6 and 5 years old. The games are easy to play and the battery life is decent, but the camera is not the best. They are allowed to take selfies. The only complaint I have is that I can't figure out how to set up the Sim Card for the call feature. I accidentally called the emergency room when trying to set up the feature.

👤The stripped sim card wouldn't open. The instructions are in a small format. There are multiple pages of instruction for operating the watch, but there are no symbols to follow on the installation of the sim. I bought it because it was possible to install the sim card.

👤It's easy to use and makes it possible to have contact with my sons without buying a contact. It's easy to use and helpful to single parents. My sons have more freedom because of this watch.

👤It would be better than what was advertised. Poor pictures quality sounds terrible.

👤I gave this to my little one as a gift. She wanted an Apple watch with her. This looks like it. I thought it would be perfect. It worked until it stopped working. The battery life is not good. It would last all day. The pink color is adorable and it is easy to use.

👤It isn't working, keep asking to insert sim, try different sim, non of them working. Try to contact them but they don't reply.

👤No tiene localizadorGPS, Bonito y fcil de usar para un nio. Suficiente para contacto con tu hijo.

👤Deberan de decir, no tienes agua.

6. Waterproof Kids Smart Watch Tracker

Waterproof Kids Smart Watch Tracker

The watch uses an advanced waterproof design that will not be damaged while the kids wash or swim. Make life simpler for your children. When your child is in distress, they can use the smart watches to inform you. If you press the button on the kids watch, the preset numbers will be called until someone answers the phone. You can set up a bunch of numbers. You can take selfies with a camera and kidsGPS tracker watch with a location base on a cell tower means double safety for children. Parents don't need to worry about whether the watch will bother their kids when they are in class. Parents can set time periods on ''Do Not Disturb'' mode. Functions like game, camera, and call will not be allowed. When the child is beyond the safety zone, the APP will send a reminder to the parents. The minimum safety area is 500 meters. The watch only supports 2G data traffic, please purchase a sim card compatible with 2G network and turn it on. The watch screen brightness can not be adjusted, and you can shut off the watch when you sleep. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Tykjszgs

👤I bought this watch for my son to keep an eye on the bus rides. This watch is terrible. I have bought others for him and my daughter. If you are buying for gps, choose another watch.

👤The watch had decent functions for my kids and I ignored the negative reviews. The watch was horrible when tested. Not connecting well to the phone to manage the watch. You can't change the time unless it's connected to the phone. Unless you leave the house, you cannot check if you have signal. My kids were in a different town because of the gps positioning. I talked to the seller and got a new watch. This one was able to connect to the phone better and make calls on the sim but would drop calls all the time. It's frustrating for my family. It was thrown in the trash. You can't use this as a stand alone watch for kids.

👤You purchase a watch. You have to buy an card. You have to pay for a phone number subscription. There's no one to help you with it when it doesn't connect. It's too late because you have a month to return it.

👤Can't connect to the internet. There are thousands of worthless videos to show you how. Nothing works. Total waste of money.

👤It was very difficult to setup. The gps is not accurate. The watch looks good. That's all.

👤Couldn't get it to work even after trying. Returning.

👤It was difficult to get started. My 7 yo immediately tried the number. Had to come back. I think this is better for older kids.

👤It was difficult to set up. Customer service never responded to me. The sim card doesn't work.

7. Waterproof Watches Recorder Christmas Birthday

Waterproof Watches Recorder Christmas Birthday

It's easy to use, just insert a sim card compatible with 2G networks. You can still use other functions if you don't have a sim card. It depends on what you need. The included cable can be used for data transfer. Kids smart watch have a two-way call, camera, camera, SOS alarm, waterproof, clock, music player, calculator, Recording, Low-power, Alarm, 8 kinds of game, and many more. It is a great gift for kids. Don't need to download app, just insert a sim card compatible with 2G networks. You can still use other functions if you don't have a sim card. It depends on what you need. The included cable can be used for data transfer or charging, it's very easy to use for kids. The Gizmo watch has a camera and a music player. The smart watch can be used to download songs. There is no need for an SD card. It has a memory chip. Music and audio data for education. Their kids cell phone watch supports two-way high-definition call which is very simple to communicate with child. When in a dangerous state, press the button about 3 seconds and the watch will call 3 numbers in 2 rounds. Kids are in an emergency situation. Smart watch for kids using Silicone material, soft and comfortable, leaving no trace. Please charge the device before use. 90 days money back, 1 year warranty and life-time friendly customer service are provided by them. If you have a question, please contact them. As soon as possible, they will solve the problem.

Brand: Phyulls

👤The watch is limited for young kids. The magnetic nature of the charger makes it67531 and67531 so it will stop charging when it blows on it. You cannot change the names of the SOS numbers, so you only get a preprogrammed entry for the names. You can't change those. Your child needs to know who he is calling from the phone number. If you want to use the phone functions, you will need a sim card that is paid for on a monthly basis via a separate wireless carrier. We activated a sim card and my son started getting calls on his watch, so we had to stop. The watch doesn't have a function to allow you to block numbers or allow calls from specific contacts, because the carrier recycles phone numbers. It's not the actual watch issue but a wireless carrier issue.

👤The kids watch is amazing. It has an emergency function. If the child is in an emergency, the two emergency phone numbers can be stored like a mom and police car. It has games, a camera, and an mp3 player. It's a perfect gift for your child. It will let them feel grown up. It's very easy to use and set up and it will give you peace of mind. It's made from thick materials. It has an amazing battery life. The value is great.

👤It is a great design. Looks better than the picture. The touch screen feels the same as the phone. I bought this watch because I want my kid to dial an emergency call.

👤My son likes a good watch. It looks like a toy. It is ok for 5 years old.

👤Unless you buy a chip for it, this watch doesn't call. Read the instructions. Pushing the button 3 times can call the police. The battery doesn't last long. It charges fast. It's similar to a small cell phone. It is fun for kids.

👤The product said it was accessible, but it is not. Very disappointed! It doesn't allow you to input contacts names. Zero stars! Immediately returning!

👤The Touch effect is very beautiful and practical for students. The watch is more convenient and quicker to carry than a mobile phone, and it can match the effect when worn on the hand. It has good functions in all aspects and is very fashionable. Children can wear the material of the watch. Children are happy. I like this watch.

👤The touch screen is flaky. It is easy to use. The product is cheap.

8. POLAR Vantage Multisport Wrist Based Notifications

POLAR Vantage Multisport Wrist Based Notifications

The fitness tracker has a built-in wireless built-in charging system that can be used to charge it. You can get up to 7 days working time with the fitness tracker. Improve your performance with insights about your current condition and support for 130+ sports, including swimming and cycling. Training data can be automatically sync to other websites. The M2 tracks your sleep and recovery. You know when you can push your body further. Up to 30 hours of training. The running program helps you achieve your goals. Cardio and strength training are included in the personalized workout suggestions of FitSpark. The Training Load Pro tracks your load. The ultimate fitness and biking activity tracker has a FuelWise smart fueling assistant that reminds you to refuel and maintain adequate energy levels. You will never miss a beat with features like music controls, weather, call/text notifications and more.

Brand: Polar

👤I was disappointed when I received my new fitness watch because I had been waiting for an update to my old one. Even in the light, it was so dim. There was no way to adjust it like you would on your phone. I couldn't see anything on the watch so I couldn't set it up. All the photos and pictures of the watch face must not be real because in the video I uploaded, my $35 watch beat the Polar watch on appearance. Being able to see what's on it is priority number one, and I can't use it if I can't increase the display brightness.

👤I expected a quality watch but due to the unresolved issue with the ANS/Recharge, I encourage others to look at other brands. The ANS/Recharge data worked well for 3 nights after it was purchased. Each requirement for sleep. The M2 doesn't give ANS/Recharge information. The watch is very snug and could interfere with circulation. I was told that I had to wear it for 4 nights. The stock information was suggested by numerous email exchanges with their tech support. A suggestion to reset the watch was also tried. It failed as well. There was an update for the M2 that I hoped would fix the problem, but the ANS/Recharge information was still unavailable. They suggested that I return the watch for repair. I'm going to have to pay for shipping and insurance on the watch I'm going to send for repair, I think it's a defect. I don't know where I will take this. I'm not happy with their tech support or warranty policies. If there were any restrictions on age or medical conditions that would prevent the advertised "heart" and "recovery" measurements, the issue was never addressed. The band is comfortable and keeps good time.

👤I like this watch. I used to own a Charge 3 and a Whoop band on each wrist, but I wanted the watch part of Fitbit with a long battery life and recovery tracking. The M2 is perfect. I would much rather have a screen that is good in bright sun and doesn't drain the battery than a screen that is too fancy for a fashion watch. The watch is very comfortable and affordable. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I upgraded from the A370 to the one I needed. I run a few times a week. I'm just an average guy trying to stay healthy, and this watch is great. It would be great for people who want to seriously train for an event. I've been using the watch for a while. The app is easy to use and works great. You can track your heart rate, calories, fuel sources, and time after exercising. You can see your route, min/mile, cadence, and heart rate max ranges for running and walking. You can add notes to your workout. The gps is accurate. I ran the same route 3 times and showed different distances. I think it's pretty accurate to have only 1/100th of a difference between 3 sessions. It's convenient to control audio from your phone. The watch allows you to leave your phone in your pocket, adjust the volume, skip forward or back, and pause whatever you are listening to. The sleep data is interesting. It provides an accurate assessment of your sleep. I think it has missed the mark a few times. I think it's an interesting addition to the watch. I know when I've slept well or not. I won't use a lot of the features on this watch, but it works well for tracking your exercise and having data to look at. It also tells time.

9. BAUISAN Smart Watch Kids Calculator

BAUISAN Smart Watch Kids Calculator

The network is called 4G Network. This is a phone watch for kids that supports 4G. USA customers should purchase a sim card from Speedtalk. It can be used in a lot of countries. The Smart Watch's APP is compatible with both mobile devices. Before you insert the sim card, turn off the smart watch. If you have a problem with the installation, please email them. The newest smart watch for kids has a 1.54′′ touch screen, smooth working system, 2 hours of charging, 12 days of battery life, dual HD cameras, and 3 alarms for schedule timing management, calendar, calculator, flashlight, and stopwatch. Looking for a gift for a student? Here it is! The Touch Screen Watch has an operating system that ensures it will work for more than 5 years. This watch is designed to be the best, the most durable and the most easy to handle smart watch for children, with a quick response touch screen, exquisite workmanship, powerful software and novel design. It is a great gift for a birthday or festival. The smart watch has front and top dual-lens cameras, selfies or taking scenes, children can easily take clear images or videos to record their beautiful moment. Children can take photos, record videos or play games with no restrictions on the watch. The first smart watch for kids must be safe and easy. The wristband is made from food grade silicone, sweat-proof and allergic-proof, and it is easy for kids to use. The watch built in a 480 MAH high-energy ring battery has a large battery and can be charged in 2 hours. The watch has a solid battery that lasts a long time. It is a great gift for students between the ages of 4 to 12. If you don't add it to Cart, you'll miss it.

Brand: Bauisan

👤My son plays his music on the go because I added music to his memory card so he could play it on the go. My son loves taking pictures with the camera even though it is not very good. I had trouble getting the memory card to play the music, but I got it working after some tinkering. If your child is like mine, he/she will take multiple videos and photos and fill it up quickly, so you should upgrade the card to have more memory.

👤It's easy to use the great watch and games that are fun after 2 minutes of playing.

10. 90°Rotatable Digital Smartwatch Electronic Learning

90%C2%B0Rotatable Digital Smartwatch Electronic Learning

The kids watch is made from high quality material, anti-fall and durable. The hand strap is made from soft Silicone and it does not scratch the hand. It is a perfect gift for boys and girls. If you have a problem with their smart watches, please contact them first. Within 24 hours, they will reply for you. The kids smart watch is specially designed for 4 to 12 years old children, with 1.54"IPS touch screen, built-in games, a camera, a flash light, a pedometer, calories, support earphone and audio music player. Hope to have fun with learning. Kids watch with camera is a 90rotatable camera that allows you to take pictures and selfies with one camera, just adjust the angle, which is really a big fun for your children. The kids game watch has built-in funny games. Children can play through the touch screen and select the game they want, training them in coordination and thinking with their digital watch. You can play the music in the memory card if you select AudioPlay, but the music should be copied to My Music file before playing. The fitness tracker includes a motion sensor for active play challenges, a pedometer to count steps and calories, and will help your children to form positive health habits from childhood. The brand they sell this product on is: ProGRACE.

Brand: Prograce

👤I got a pink and blue one for my son and daughter and they seem to be good quality. After having them on the kids for a few months, I return and review them.

👤My 7-year-old boy has been asking for a watch that can play music and count his steps and this was the perfect one. It took a while to figure out why the music was not uploading. But eventually it worked. I was surprised that the music sounded great on the speaker without the need for headphones. I hope this review helps others. I used a free video to mp3 conversion on my laptop. I inserted the card after my son chose his favorite music. I put the mp3 tunes in the watch after I removed the My Music file from the card. It didn't show any music. It worked the second or time after it was switched off. We never had any trouble after I removed the card to add more music. My son loves that he can choose any song he wants from his own music library, but only with headphones. He loves the pedometer, which calculates his steps throughout the day. He likes to run and have it count his steps and calories burned. It was easy to format the time and date in 12 hours. He wishes there were more games. All his friends love the watch and it is very stylish. He takes selfies with the camera on his phone and laptop, and he can see them on his phone and laptop. It was a fun tool to have, but not the best quality pictures. I'm glad we didn't give up on this watch, because it's amazing. We had to first insert the sd card in the watch to create the "My Music" file before uploading the mp3 songs to the computer.

👤It has a camera that works. I did not read the product details before buying it. I didn't know it needed a memory card. The games are installed for 4-7 years old. I am a teacher. I know if the games are healthy for young children. There is a flashlight. I like the radio station on it. I like it! My son likes me.

👤A good watch for kids. It was a birthday present for my niece, who loves it and was showing off the games to her friends. The watch was in the box and ready to play. It's not necessary to download content or apps to get started. It has a camera and several games to play with. It seems a great watch and present.

👤I gave it to my son as an eid gift. It's easy to wear and he loved it. The strap is made of something. My little one chews it a lot, but it is still in good shape. It comes in a clear view box. It lasts longer. It has a good feature like game, calculator, flash light, alarm clock, camera. I don't have a memory card, but it still works. My son uses it to sleep. It has the same feature as cell phones. The Pedometer tells you how many steps and calories you use. It has my son's favorite childhood game brick and racecar. He was happy to have it. My 4 year old uses it and plays games with it. I'm willing to buy more for my daughter. Strongly recommended.

11. Smartwatch Waterproof Watches Tracker Pedometer

Smartwatch Waterproof Watches Tracker Pedometer

One single charge gives you up to 7 days of working time, and there is a built-in plug that makes it easy to charge with any computer or block. Most phones can be used by fitness tracker kids. It's compatible with the following phones: iPhone 11/11 pro/X 8/7 plus/7/7 plus/6s/6s/6s/6s/6s,Samsung, Google, Sony, LG, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, ZTE, and many more. The smart phones that support IOS and later are: The 4G Kids Wrist Watches is a new version of the 4G Smartwatch. Two-way call, gps tracker, anti-lost, class mode, HD camera, historical tracker, safe zones, alarm clock, low battery, and more are all included in the phone watch. The watch is just like a mobile phone. It is a great gift for your child. The kids have a waterproof and 2-way call watch. When washing your hands or playing with water, watch is water resistant. Kids smart watch is the best cell phone alternative. 4G smart watch phone with 2-way video calling feature, face to face video talk with your child anytime anywhere. The smartwatch can also send pictures. Video and voice chat interactions are more interesting. This design is great for parents and children. Real time positioning is provided by the wifi gps tracker. Through the day, it can check location history. Know where your kids are. The accuracy depends on the carrier's database and the location of the communication base station. This tracker will combine the data of gps, gps radio, and gps location service to get the most accurate positioning. Provide protection. If your children are in an emergency, they can press the button on the smart watch for 3 seconds, and the watch will automatically call 3 numbers, until someone answers it. Kids in an emergency situation. The network is called 4G Network. This is a phone watch for kids that supports 4G. USA customers should purchase a sim card from Speedtalk. It can be used in a lot of countries. The Smart Watch's APP is compatible with both mobile devices. Before you insert the sim card, turn off the smart watch. If you have a problem with the installation, please email them.

Brand: Cjc

👤It works but it gets warm when he uses it. During business hours, they are responsive. Make sure you record the IMEI number on the back of the watch because it is wearing off. The app doesn't work very well. We couldn't call the watch so we had to unpair and repair it. Overall, okay. For the last 4 days, we have had this. Initial impressions. I ordered this for my grandson because we didn't want him to have a distraction in school. The Timex version is double the cost and the reviews are not very good. I ordered this one. I tried to get it set up. The rep at TMobile was pretty sure that it wouldn't work, but after several hours it seemed to start working. It was confusing because the watch could call our cell phones, but when we called it, our calls went to voicemail. I went back to TMobile and the same person said that you always have to call from the app. If we just call normally, our calls will connect. The app is here! It is called SeTracker 2. You need to download the app and pair the watch with it. The administrator of the watch is who does it first. I wish I'd realized that the only way to change is to unpair and start over again. I don't really need all the notifications that the app is sending, but I would like to be able to use some of the features, like phone call or texts. I don't think I need all that information for his mom, but it is good for him. I bought an extended warranty. The pros are 1. Hopefully, he will wear it. 2. It seems to work as described so far. The cons are 1. The manual is difficult to read. 2. I messaged them according to the manual, but they didn't reply. 3. It seems slow.

👤The watch is easy to use. The settings for safety are perfect for children. The battery life is good. The app can be slow at times, but it does what it is supposed to.

👤Don't buy this watch because it won't work on 4 different networks and nobody will support it.

👤I've been looking for a smart watch for my 7-year-old son for a while now, after some research, I decided to go with this one. I'm very happy I did. It has all the features I was looking for. I love the feature, it's exactly what I was looking for, and it's peace of mind. The messaging feature is great. My son and I communicate with each other all the time. Can't wait for him to use it. Don't hesitate to buy, great watch all around!

👤Ready setup with very clear instructions... The SpeedTalk Mobile sim card was used immediately. Very easy... My child was very happy with this purchase.

👤It took hours to set it up. I couldn't test the sim in other devices because the watch ate it. There is no English customer service. Cancelling the account and starting over was what I tried. It was rubbish to speak to Speedtalk chat. Don't waste money or time.


What is the best product for gps watches for kids no phone?

Gps watches for kids no phone products from Pthtechus. In this article about gps watches for kids no phone you can see why people choose the product. Biggerfive and Pthtechus are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps watches for kids no phone.

What are the best brands for gps watches for kids no phone?

Pthtechus, Biggerfive and Pthtechus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps watches for kids no phone. Find the detail in this article. Canmixs, Willowwind and Tykjszgs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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