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1. Garmin Instinct Features Monitoring Graphite

Garmin Instinct Features Monitoring Graphite

The RuggedGPS watch is built to endure the toughest environments. The standard for thermal, shock and water resistance is U.S. Military standard 810G. Multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, Glonass and Galileo) support helps track in more challenging environments. Train with activity profiles and monitor your heart rate. Silicone is the material of the strap. Automatic data uploads to the online fitness community and smart notifications with a compatible phone are some of the things you can do to stay connected. Use the trackback feature to navigate the same route back to your starting point, and use the explore website and app to plan your trips in advance. Up to 14 days in the watch mode, up to 16 hours in the gps mode, and up to 40 hours in the Ultratrac battery saver mode.

Brand: Garmin

👤I have been on a frustrating activity tracker and smart watch journey. I was looking for something that didn't seem right. I like to hunt, hike, bike, and occasionally run. An accurate altimeter, barometer, andGPS are things that are very important to me. The first thing I bought was the Fenix 3 HR. I thought I had found the one that was impressive in the beginning. The issue was the altimeter. It wasn't accurate. I waited for the Fenix 5. Same issue. It was worse than the 3. I was told to put the watch in warm soapy water. I continued to experience the same issue even after this seemed to reset it back to normal. I decided not to put my watch in a warm glass of soapy water every night. The 5 plus appeared to solve the issues. But then, garmin made a change to the Instinct. This watch has caught my eye so far. It is light and comfortable. The Fenix watches are large and heavy to wear. You forget you are wearing a watch. The features are great. It has everything I need. I don't care about some of the measurements the Fenix gives you. Some people have commented on the display. I don't agree. It would be similar to E Ink from a book. It is a pleasure to look at and readable. It is black and white. The keys are easy to use. The menus are very fast. You can use the settings to get where you want. The buttons are very good and I have not accidentally pressed one while bending my wrist. The accuracy of the ABC sensors is still being tested but so far it is looking great. I can not say enough about this watch. It seems like a great model from Garmin that will fit in with the niche hunting/outdoors market. I will give an update in a month. I have had this watch for a few weeks and have taken it on several hunting trips. I am very impressed with this watch. This watch is light and comfortable. I think I forgot how nice it is to wear a watch that you forget is attached to your wrist, because I have been wearing heavier watches over the years. I didn't like wearing my watches to bed. I would get into my wrist because it was too bulky. Tracking seems to be accurate. When you are tracking an activity, the attitude has been accurate. What I like about this watch is it is comfortable. It is lightweight and responsive. Menus and screen. The buttons arecessed to avoid Accidental Presses. I only have a few complaints and suggestions to improve the watch. When you lock the keys, you can hold any button for a short time in order tounlock the watch. The amount of time it takes to hold the button is too long. It takes about half a second for it to be unlocked currently. This is a small complaint. The screen is a proprietary material. I would like it to be a display made of sapphires. You can't tell if there is a screen protector on the face because I put one on it. The battery indicator should show a percentage as opposed to the 5 bars in a battery indicator. It would be nice if they changed that. Please ask me questions. I would be happy to answer. Over the years, I've done a lot of research on these watches and believe I have finally found the perfect watch for my needs. I've used all of the watches. This is my favorite watch. An absolutely great watch is still available. Every single day, this watch is on my wrist. It is still very comfortable. I have had a couple issues that I will address. It is a button on the watch. The watch was still under warranty. The watch was replaced quickly. They received an A+ for their customer service. I would be SOL if it had gone out after the warranty period. I think it is a one year warranty. I use this watch a lot. It is always worn. It has held up very well. I still think it is an amazing watch for the price. The lock feature on the watch is one of the issues I stated in the review. You can lock the screen. It is very easy to get it unlocked by bending your wrist and hitting a button. This could be a simple fix. The amount of time required to press a button is not a problem. It doesn't happen very often. It can be very frustrating if it does during an activity. This will be my last update. I will buy another watch whenever this one dies because it has been an amazing watch for me. I hope the watch continues to be improved. All the boxes are checked for my needs.

2. Garmin Forerunner Smartwatch Whitestone 010 02445 03

Garmin Forerunner Smartwatch Whitestone 010 02445 03

You can do all of your workouts with a watch that uses multiple satellite systems. You can change up your workout routine whenever you want with preset activity profiles for running, triathlon, multisport, cycling, pool swimming, track running and more. Receive on-device run and cycling suggestions based on your training load and VO2 max. You can get training guidance by having structured indoor or outdoor workouts sync to your device from a variety of apps, including TrainingPeaks and TrainerRoad. You can reach your race potential by analyzing more data. You can easily store and play up to 500 songs from your wrist with the help of music streaming services such as Amazon Music, Deezer, and more. If you want to pay for purchases on the go, leave your cash and cards at home and use the Garmin Pay network. You can make it through your longest races with up to 1 week of battery life in the Smartwatch mode, 6 hours in theGPS mode, and 30 hours in UltraTrac mode.

Brand: Garmin

👤The forerunner 745 is my favorite. The battery life is good. I usually don't charge it for 3-6 days. The ability to download songs straight from my deezer or Spotify accounts has been great, allowing me not to carry my phone while I run or lift. The lap tracking is accurate, but I find the pace tracking a bit off. I mostly use it to keep track of my heart rate. Once you get to know the device, theUI is very pleasant to use.

👤I have been training and owning Garmin producers for 15 years. I am not happy with what they offer. The wrist based HRM is wildly inaccurate. Other data on the device is compromised as well if the heart rate is accurate. I decided to return the device because it was so frustrating to pair it with the HRM-Pro. It's impossible to pair a new device to your Connect account. I lost 4 years of data when I had to create a new account to pair this device. I regret buying this, as my 235 was better than the 745. The battery life is remarkable and the quality and feel of the strap and buckle are the only improvements. The function is not recommended.

👤I am pretty sure there are a lot of reviews about this watch, so I don't want to get into details. It's great for cyclists since it has the ability to connect to a Smart Trainer and record power and distance. Nice! If you are looking for a smart watch, look elsewhere. If you're looking for a training tool, look nowhere else. I don't mind the fact that the only music controls it has are pause and play, but the pros of the watch are far better than that. Between 4 and 5 days of usage, the battery life is good. The less battery life is a result of the more gps usage. I don't think anyone will regret this unit. If this one is lost or ruined, I will buy another one.

👤When I decided to switch from running to triathlon, I bought the 745 model. 745 is a big step up in performance. The weight is the same as 745, but they are better looking and faster. More detailed sleep tracking, daily activity tracking (floors climbed), additional cycling tracking (power) and some widgets are provided by 745. Overall a great watch. It's perfect for triathlon.

👤This is the best gift I have ever received. I use it every day and love it. It helps me see my progress and motivates me when I don't feel like running. It helps me run faster. An amazing tool for training.

👤This watch is very disappointing. It measures HR in an incorrect way. It shows 170 on my runs.

👤This is an upgrade from the Forerunner 245. Absolutely love this one. The battery can be charged back up to 100% in less than an hour. The suggested workout feature is nice. I use great running statistics to stay motivated. If you are a skinny woman, you should recommend this. I felt like that one was too heavy on my wrist. This one is much preferred by many.

3. Garmin Smartwatch Touchscreen Features Monitoring

Garmin Smartwatch Touchscreen Features Monitoring

The watch case is 43mm and fits wrists with a circumference of 125-190mm. Up to five-day battery life in the smartwatch mode, and up to six hours in the gps and music modes. The broadest range of all-day health monitoring features keeps track of your energy levels, respiration, menstrual cycle, stress, sleep, estimated heart rate and more. You can easily download songs to your watch, and connect with headphones for phone-free listening, if you have a third-party music provider. With more than 20 indoor and outdoor sports apps, you can record all the ways to move. You can get easy-to- follow, animated cardio, strength, yoga and Pilates workouts on your watch screen. Venu; Charging or Data Cable are included.

Brand: Garmin

👤I've been using fitness trackers for several years, starting with the Microsoft Band, Microsoft Band 2, and now the Garmin Venu. I like fitness-focused devices more than smart watches like the Apple Watch or theSamsungGalaxy Watch because I have never really seen the appeal of using a tiny screen on my wrist to read news or navigate a map. It's more important to me that the device tracks my sleep, heart rate, steps and workouts, and that it does all of those things, than it is to install add-ons or apps. I'm quite happy with my Venu after a couple weeks of ownership, but there are a few things that need to be fixed. The battery life is good. With the always on display mode disabled and pulse ox tracking enabled only while sleeping, I'm getting more than five days on a charge. The raise-to-wake function is responsive enough to not bother you, but you can also have the display on during activities only, which provides a compromise between maximum battery life and maximum ease of use. The accuracy of the gps device is generally good. It seems to be a noticeable improvement compared to the Fitbit Ionic, which was pretty good but had a tendency to cut corners. You can change the layout, order and number of screens on the workout display. I haven't made many changes yet, but I like having the option, and I like having multiple screens with several fields per screen, compared to the Ionic's limited selection. It seems like heart rate accuracy is great. DC Rainmaker's tests showed good results and it feels right to me. I like the fitness oriented features like auto step goal, and I haven't yet used the latter. It's one of the few devices that has a touch screen and I still prefer it. When it's raining or you're swimming, the Venu software seems well designed to avoid the problems that can be caused by the finnicky touch on fitness devices. There's no way to stop an activity using the touch screen, which is a common problem on Apple Watches. The watch has built-in support for a lot of different activities, all of which have first-class support on the Garmin Connect website and also sync properly with Strava. The biggest annoyances with the Fitbit Ionic were that it lacked support for skiing and snowboarding, and that the website wouldn't export activities without gps data. In the weatherwidget, phone notifications seem to work reliably. It's nice to have a weather app that works now that the weather app on my device never worked. There are third party apps on the Connect IQ store. I haven't used it yet, but I like the idea of being able to add custom data fields to activities. The price! $400 is a lot of money, especially when you can get an Apple Watch series 3 for less than $200. Although I have a lot of gripes about the watch, it's still a pretty good watch if you don't mind some of the activity-specific limitations. I wouldn't buy into their system now that they've been bought by Google. You can't distinguish between normal bike rides and eBike rides in Connect because there is no eBike activity. Even though it supports many different types of cycling, you can't set this later on the website. Even though other devices with the same gps chip and accelerometer support open water swimming, there is no open water swimming support. I don't think there's any reason this watch couldn't support open water swimming, but it's not a price difference. It feels anachronistic that Apple always releases new WatchOS updates to older devices, and it's annoying that Garmin does this. The software features that could have been included on this device are not included. Since they're licensing these features from FirstBeat, they probably pay more per feature, but at least giving us the option to pay for that extraFunctionality without dropping another $200+ on a Fenix device would have been nice. The Fenix 6 series does not have a glance view. When you're looking for a specific one, scrolling through a lot of different things can be a challenge. The sleep tracking accuracy is not very good. It's more of an art than a science when it comes to determining sleep quality, but it seems that Fitbit is better at it. I get readings from a finger-clip device, and "Body Battery" seems to be useless. There is no way to separate notifications from other apps. You have to manually enable other apps to prevent you from getting dozens of notifications on your wrist, but that is clever by Fitbit, which only defaults to calls and texts and maybe a few others. It's either on or off with the device. The notifications for most apps just show a generic icon based on the app's category, rather than the actual app icon, which is what Fitbit shows. TheGorilla Glass screen doesn't seem to be very strong. Even though I've been taking extra care not to damage my new toy, I have a small scratch on it. Buy a screen guard. The Connect IQ Store app has been broken since I got the watch. The main app is not working. You can install apps from the Connect IQ website. I don't really care about smartwatch apps, but the Connect IQ app ecosystem is not good, and a lot of the apps have poor design. That might seem like a lot of "cons" for a 4-star review, but they're not. The Venu feels like an upgrade from my previous watch, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fitness-focused watch at a reasonable price point. $400 is still a bit of money for a smart watch, but the Venu is affordable compared to the MARQ series, and it is still reasonable. If you're looking for a more detailed analysis from a more serious athlete, check out DC Rainmaker's impressions, I won't link to it, but if you search for "Garmin Venu with AMOLED Display: Everything You Ever Wanted", you'll find it

4. Garmin 010 01772 00 Foretrex 601 Inches

Garmin 010 01772 00 Foretrex 601 Inches

It is durable, constructed to military standards. Accurate positioning can be provided with the use of gps, GLONASS and galileo satellite systems. Smart notifications allow your device to receive emails, texts and alerts if you misplace your navigation sensor. In watch mode, the battery life can be up to 1 month. The user manual is a PDF manual in the product description.

Brand: Garmin

👤I have been using this in the Army for over a year and I love it. I used to have a Fortrex 401 and loved it. There were some issues with the 401 that this solved. I will compare the two. The biggest changes from the 401 to the 601 are as follows. 1. The life of a battery. If you are using these in the military, or just use them often, you need an upgrade like this to justify it. I went from having to change my batteries every mission to changing them every 3-4 days of heavy use. 2. The ability to tell time in a watch is great, it saves you from having to carry something around your wrist, and works well. You wont have to worry about draining your battery supply for a watch because the watch only mode allows you to use this without taking much battery life at all. 3. Back light. The back light is better than the orange light. On the other side of the spectrum, it has a night vision mode that is very dim and can't be seen past 10 meters on the dark nights. 4. There is a screen. It has a bigger screen and a better resolution, making it easier to see what is displayed. 5. The location of the gps device. The gps seems to connect a little faster than the 401, but that is not a big deal. Overall, I think. This thing is amazing if you are in the military or use a lot of gps's. It works well and is small. The battery life alone makes this worth the upgrade if you already own a 401.

👤The army infantry is very useful in the field. The mode was more needed than expected. This garmin has many options and abilities. Didn't notice a huge difference in performance for 401. The screen may scratch easily under use.

👤I bought the 601 to replace the 401 that was stolen from my luggage a few months ago. Foretrex is the only line of gpss that do the job for me when I'm hiking or dog sledding in the winter. I can operate it with gloves on, and the batteries can be replaced quickly after the cold kills them. I've operated the 401 in temperatures as cold as -38C/ 36F without any issues. ICs have gotten a lot more power efficient since the 401 hit the market, and the biggest upgrade that the 601 provides is the greatly improved battery life. The way I burn through the batteries will pay for the unit within its lifetime. The improved screen resolution and support for Galileo are nice, but not a big deal to me. I had a lot of trouble getting the 401's interface to work with modern PCs because it was persnickety. The 601 seems to have fixed that. You don't need to use the software to work with it because it is a mass storage device with a full GPX file system. I was able to populate the Foretrex with waypoints from a database of mountain peaks by copying a hand-written GPX file to GARMIN/ GPX/WPTS. GPX on the Foretrex filesystem. The new band is cheap and not as comfortable as the old one. It's hard to remove it to get to the battery compartment. The Berry Amendment requires that units sold to the US military come without the band that is made in China. It's probably easier to attach your own band with some compromises made by Garmin. Bigfoot's one-star review only mentioned the missing satellite-accuracy display, but I've been able to reproduce it. I'll take his word for it, but I haven't missed any. The maximum elevation drift off I've seen is about 60 feet, which is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556

5. Garmin Ultraperformance Multisport Charging Titanium

Garmin Ultraperformance Multisport Charging Titanium

The Power Glass solar charging lens harvests the sun's energy, giving you more power and time between charges. The power manager and battery saver modes allow you to turn on and off the sensors. Rugged, lightweight design features an always-on display and steel or DLC-coated titanium buttons. VO2 max tracks your cardiovascular fitness level and adjusts based on trail conditions. You can log your time at aid stations with ultrarun activity. ClimbPro trail enhancements give you information for descents and flats. Run/walk detection can be used to review after a race where you walked.

Brand: Garmin

👤The battery life for a slower triathlon is awesome. It is easy to prepare a screen. Solar option reduces anxiety. It doesn't work very well. I had a Forerunner 935 and the battery life was diminishing, but the functions/menu are nearly identical but with an obvious delay with each press of the buttons with the Enduro...updates have not helped. The lighter Titanium version is worth the extra money because it has less wrist impingement. I like the elastic metal free band. It is larger than my 935 which I miss and watch out for. I need to put a screen protection on.

👤Do you want a smart watch that can track a lot of sport specific metrics while lasting 30 days? This is it. The price is high, but it lasts for a long time. If you're familiar with the Fenix line, you'll know that it's the same, but no music, and a multiple of battery life. The elastic band is comfortable and durable. It's also very absorbent as well.

👤It was designed for endurance athletes. I do a lot of running and this is perfect for me. There are a lot of bugs that crashed when saving the activities and lost all the workout load when using the software 15.20. The software update 16.30 was issued by Garmin and it resolved the problems. The interface is easy to use. The control buttons are easy to use. If you ever experience accidental touch on the watch, it's better not to have it. It is pretty accurate. It doesn't matter on the road or inside the mountain. While you are in the middle of nowhere, the gps can track the trail fairly accurately, and it is reliable to trace the previous trail. I would still carry the topo map with me on a trail run. It does not have the features that are found in Fenix 6X. It is not targeting to be a sports watch, but a super battery endurance watch. The battery lasts more than 2 weeks without the need of charging, with me running for an average of 2 hours a day using gps and ultra or trail runs for 5 - 7 hours a week. When it dropped to around 30%, I charge every two weeks. The biggest feature of this watch is that. If you're looking for a sports watch that has a lot of features, then you should go with the Fenix 6X, it's similar to the Enduro, but it lacks a lot of features. If you are more concerned about running out of juice during an ultra marathon or triathlon, then Enduro is for you. I just want to say that the reviews are not comparable because they are targeting different groups. After the software was updated to 16.60, all the data was lost after a 12.50 mile trail run. The watch was frozen at the saving screen for a long time before it started to work again. The problem seems to have been solved with the update to 16.70, but we will see if it persists. The update was issued by Garmin. Since then, some new features have not crashed.

6. Garmin 010 02427 00 Smartwatch Touchscreen Display

Garmin 010 02427 00 Smartwatch Touchscreen Display

The wrist has a circumference of 125-190 millimeter. A bright color display with an always-on mode makes it easy to see everything clearly. Monitoring your health is important to you and includes everything from your Body Battery energy levels, respiration, hydration and stress to sleep, your menstrual cycle, estimated heart rate and more. There are more than 20 sports apps that can be used to keep moving. You can create your own workouts using the preloaded workouts that include cardio, yoga, strength and evenPilates, but you have to use the app on a compatible phone. Smart notifications are delivered right to your wrist when you pair your phone with a compatible device. If you want to pay for purchases on the go, leave your cash and cards at home.

Brand: Garmin

👤This isn't a fancy Apple Watch, but it does everything I needed it to. You don't have to pay a monthly membership to use features like O2 saturation the way you do with FitBit watches. It looks nice. My heart rate, oxygen levels, sleep, and steps are tracked. The Apple watch does not have continuous heart rate monitoring. If I need to, I can alert my emergency contacts and send them my location. I bought this watch for medical reasons, and I am very happy with it. The price is great and the function is better.

👤I was hesitant to buy the Venu SQ because my last watch was so heavy on features that I didn't know how to use it. If you're like me, a casual athlete, you might be interested in fitness walking, yoga, or even a new runner. It is very simple to navigate, and it doesn't have all of the frills of other products. I'm kind of computer stupid, so I'm all about simplicity. You should get it. You will be surprised like I was.

👤The watch does what it says it will do. Some important features that are covered by the Forerunner and Fenix lines are not included. This unit doesn't provide insight for recovery or progress if you are training. There is no recovery time, performance indicators or insight. Those are important metrics for anyone into fitness, and it seems odd to leave that out. Those are the most important metrics. How hard did you push, how easy was it to take the next workout, etc.

👤I've had a Charge 3 from Fitbit since late last year and have been quite happy with it, except for the poor selection of watch faces. I wanted to see if there were better options out there now that it's been two years since I last used one, so I tried the new Fitbit Sense, but was very disappointed. I gave the Venu Sq a shot because I was curious about the company. You're going to love this watch if you don't mind a pretty bumpy setup process and spending a while configuring everything to your satisfaction. I know I did. It's easy to understand and responsive, and it's pleasing to look at. Even with the SpO2 meter enabled during sleep, the battery life is excellent. I can't say much about activity tracking, as I only walked a couple miles with it on, which was fine. There are some fantastic metrics to look over if you're into that, as a lot of attention has gone into the app. The Connect IQ Store was not something I was impressed with. I decided not to keep this watch because it was garbage. I take a lot of naps, and the only way to enter them manually is by using the app. What genius decided that everyone only sleeps once per day, and during a pre-determined window of time? It's ridiculous. Fitbit has some serious problems of their own, but their sleep detection is ahead of the game. This was a deal breaker for me because I know that Garmin's focused on athletics and metrics.

7. Garmin Forerunner Running Training Support

Garmin Forerunner Running Training Support

Gps running with a training plan. A small running watch that estimates heart rate at the wrist and has aGPS to track your pace and distance. You can use the free coach adaptive training plans to get expert, personalized coaching right to your wrist. Connected features include smart notifications for incoming texts and calls, automatic uploads to their online community, live tracking and controls for the music playing on your phone. Tracking and safety features include incident detection which sends your real-time location to emergency contacts through your compatible phone. There are sports apps for running, cycling, indoor track, treadmill, elliptical, yoga and more. The battery life is up to 7 days in the wristwatch mode. The components include the Forerunner 45S. Documentation for charging cable.

Brand: Garmin

👤The Foreunner 45s are in White. I want to compliment the customer support of the company and give them an A+ rating before I discuss the specifics of the watches themselves. They have always replaced the watches if they can't resolve the watch issues. If you have a difficult technical issue, you can always call Eric, a tech rep that can answer the question and get you on your way. Amazon support is the best in class. I have always found the watches from Garmin to be more accurate. How do I know? My wife's Versa registered almost 4-miles while my wife's Fitbit registered 3.1 miles around the high school track. My wife was upset when I told her she over estimated her runing distances. I told her that I'm just the messenger. The 45s will have a smaller profile at 39mm. I know it will be big enough for an old man to read it on the fly. The accuracy and longevity of the watches made by the company is making them more attractive. I will give you a run down of how it performs during tennis and pickleball matches after I receive my white 45s. Stay informed.

👤After about 4 months, my 45 died. Absolutely dead. Nothing worked. Customer support was the place I contacted them. They will replace it. They sold me back to them at my expense after I shipped the faulty watch. They will not ship me the replacement until they get the piece of shit they sold me. I don't have to pay to send this watch back to them because I didn't use it after 4 months.

👤I bought this watch to track my running workouts. The appearance is great. The height is thinner than older, clunky Garmins, and the diameter is perfect for my medium sized men's wrist. I like how the watch face is always on, but not always visible, with the option to push a button to heighten illumination. Recording a workout is simple, it takes a few minutes to lock on, but start/stop, laps, save, etc. are all easy to do. Once I downloaded the apps to my phone, I could sync my workouts to the Garmin. The heart rate monitor is accurate. The faces are clear. The weather is even told by it. The watch band is too flexible, sometimes hard to thread into the clasp, is my only negative. It might be more rigid. I think this watch is good.

👤I got a 39mm one. I think the smaller the better because I have a small wrist. The screen has a big size that makes it easy to glance over while running. The color was not purple. Still very nice! It was easy to figure out functions. garmin app is required to have your phone and watch in sync. You save and use your phone garmin app when you complete your run or walk. All of your data can be seen. There are many options to upload from there. I have kept this for a few weeks and have run a lot. The battery life was not an issue. Some people complained about the flexible rubber wrist band, but I liked it. You know about the rep of Garmin. I got a watch for my first marathon. Very pleased so far!

8. Garmin Forerunner Easy Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner Easy Running Watch

You can use a gps device to track how far you run. Estimates heart rate at the wrist all day and night. Connected features include: smart notifications, automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking and music controls. All-day activity tracking shows steps, calories and intensity minutes. You can join challenges, receive insights and share your progress in their free online fitness community.

Brand: Garmin

👤Are you a runner who wants to take training to the next level, but can't afford a really expensive device? Wondering why you need one? I was in your shoes. The Forerunner 35 is a nice activity tracker. I give it 3 stars because I think it's deceptive to sell a device with features that aren't really useful for training. This is a good activity tracker that is posing as a training tool. Many reviewers say that the Forerunner 35 isn't for serious runners, and that they believe "serious runners" need all the complexity of a very expensive watch. I need to know how long it is. Fancy data isn't going to do much for my running. This watch has everything a serious runner needs. Reviewers say the device isn't for serious runners because none of the features are useful to someone trying to train seriously. Virtual pacing, heart rate and distance information, interval programming, and other things are on the watch. Most of the features don't work well enough to matter during a training session. You can get a nice ballpark pace during your slow runs, but it's useless for speed work and can become really frustrating. The HR monitor works very well for general pacing info on easy runs, the price is good and the device is adequate after initially updating with the GarminExpress app. The feature that really drives me nuts is pacing. It can take up to 3 minutes to catch up to your pacing change, which can cause huge spikes in pacing as you overcompensate. As long as I didn't make any drastic pace changes, it was ok. It's useless for interval work. 2. Virtual pacing doesn't work because you have to be off pace for a long time before it will let you know that your pacing is off. It seems that they have given it a full minute buffer on pace notifications. You can't change the pace during a run, so your warm-up and cool-down will set off constant notifications. You will need to manually pause if AutoPause doesn't work. It takes 3-4 seconds for the watch to start and stop, meaning you have large spikes in your data. You can only set one interval time and then run it over and over, which runners don't really do. Ladders, cut-down, etc. are not allowed. I still have to carry my phone. I have a timer. It's useful to have a pacing device for my runs, but I regret not spending a little more on it. I don't think you need fancy analysis from a really expensive watch to be a better runner. You should find out how well a device's features work before buying.

👤I researched many different running watches before buying this one. I was delaying coming back to this watch because of the negative reviews. Let me tell you who this watch is for. I hated the Apple Watch when I had it. I would get annoyed if I used the watch for features like texting and calling because the screen is small. I never used the sleep tracker because it would die every day and I would have to charge it at night in order to use it the next day. It's really annoying. When running, mileage was always off. It was off by a lot. I could probably have fixed it, but I was too lazy to do so. The watch is for a runner. If you aren't a serious runner then you can get away with something else but the main reason I needed a watch was to track my mileage and timing only during my daily runs and races. I average around 30 miles per week and so holding my phone while running just wasn't cutting it. I like technology and am a young person. I didn't need a watch to do all the things that I had before but never used. This was one of the negative comments that I kept seeing. I need it to tell me my distance accurately so that's what it's for. It gives bonus points that it tracks your sleep, so to me it's amazing. I don't have to worry about accidentally hitting a button without a touchscreen. It's easy and I don't need anything else. If I waited for it to die, I would have to charge it weekly, but I never do. It's huge for me because I had the Apple Watch. I've run with it on a track and multiple times. I know it's correct. Since January, this watch has had no issues. You can sync the phone to the app when you're done running so you can see everything in more detail. The pacing is something I will address. The average pace is slow and takes a while to catch up. I've been running for a long time and this doesn't bother me at all. I am pacing down. I'm looking at the time. I should be at.3 at 3 in the afternoon. I know what my time is going to be. This doesn't bother me because it's always at that time. I've been using the Apple Watch since I got it and it does what it's supposed to- accurately give you your running distance and time.

9. Garmin Adventure Smartwatch Touchscreen Whitestone

Garmin Adventure Smartwatch Touchscreen Whitestone

Smaller-sized multisportGPS watch has an always-on 1.2” display, long battery life, and a new ultratough athletic design with fiber-reinforced polymer case. The button controls that work in any environment are matched with a responsive touchscreen interface for quick and easy access to selections. You can take your training to the next level with built-in sports apps. You can get a wrist-based heart rate, stress, and sleep tracking device, but it is not a medical device. The built-in sensors for the 3-axis compass, gyro and barometric altimeter allow you to navigate the outdoors. Download TopoActive maps for any region to keep your explorations on track, and check out preloaded maps for thousands of golf courses and ski resorts worldwide. Enjoy everyday style with access to smart notifications when you use a compatible phone, music storage, and their Garmin Pay solution in supported countries and payment networks. The battery can be used in a variety of ways, from 11 days in the smartwatch mode to 37 hours in the gps mode.

Brand: Garmin

👤1. Vo2 was almost instantly detected. Batter life is crazy. Absolutely amazing 3. The middle left button is the best way to scroll. I will be used to it after a couple of rides. 5 is better than the gps. The model going from standard to X is much bigger than you might think. The watch is much larger than my 6. If a 7 solar was available, I would go that direction. The EPIC is amazing if battery life isn't your primary concern. The screen is much nicer. I want a watch because we do a lot of camping and travel. I don't need a cord. 7. You can't do much from the phone when changing data fields. I have a hunch that an update will fix the problem, but right now I get functions that only say on watch. There are 8. Still need a chest strap for certain tests, and no great way to get cycling vo2 without a power meter.

👤I'm really impressed by everything it does and how well it works. A huge fan of the transflective screen. It looks like a normal watch indoors. I can check it in bed. It's beautiful outside. If you use a streaming music service and want to play it on your watch, it needs a fix. It can play music, but it can't play a specific song. Instead, it can only do a single playlist from start to finish or random on shuffle. You pick a list and hope you get the songs you want to hear. Fix that, and it's perfect.

👤I've been using the Fenix 5S+ for more than 3 years. I returned the Fenix 6s because it doesn't support Asian languages. I ordered the Fenix 7s solar the next day. Let me tell you about the differences among these generations. Part 1. The battery life of the 7 is much longer than the 5. Three weeks is more than five weeks. This is huge, but I think it's mostly from better power management. I wear it for 24 hours and never take it off. I swim three days a week. I time my swim by the time I get to the beach. 10% of the battery is often brushed off by it. The 7 takes 4% off the charge. 7 is less than 5. See the pictures. This is huge. I can see the difference on the wrist. The dimensions are almost the same. 3. 7 now reads the rate of breathing and the amount of oxygen in the blood. All languages are included in 7. You have to buy 5 or 6 in the country with your desired language. The watch you buy in the USA can't read anything written in Chinese. That was ridiculous. I'm happy that it's 21st century now. There is a touch screen. Most of the time, I don't use it. It is possible that I need it when I view maps. The touch screen helps to zoom in and out. If not completely useless, viewing map on 5 is quite painful. Part 2. There is no difference between the two generations other than the touch screen. Most languages are supported by 7 and 6 don't. If you don't need other language support and don't use map often, you can grab a Fenix 6 instead. It would save you a lot of money when it's on sale. Part 3. I expected a few things but didn't get them. Wireless charging is available. Plug-in charging isn't necessary nowadays. Data transfer is not the reason. 2. There is a rumor that a band is charging. It isn't easy, but that would be a giant step. 3. I would like the screen contrast to be as good as 5. The white is not that white and all other colors are faint. It is worthUpgrading from Fenix 5 but not so much from 6. I returned my first 7. All the sensors were shut down. It's usually triggered by swimming. All of a sudden, the watch wouldn't work unless you restart it. It happened three times in three weeks. The replacement didn't have that issue for a week.

10. Garmin Vívoactive Smartwatch Features Monitoring

Garmin V%C3%ADvoactive Smartwatch Features Monitoring

This is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition. You can easily download songs to your watch, and you can connect with headphones for phone free listening. With more than 20 indoor and outdoor sports apps, you can record all the ways to move. You can get easy to follow, animated workouts on your watch screen. Up to 8 days in the watch mode, and up to 6 hours in the gps and music mode. Personalize your watch with thousands of free watch faces, apps and widgets from their Connect IQ store. Tracking features include incident detection and assistance, which send your real time location to emergency contacts, when you pair with a compatible device.

Brand: Garmin

👤I like automatic movements and occasionally a quartz watch. Have avoided the "Smart Watch" fad. I've been wearing a fitness band with a regular watch and was looking for something that could carry off both purposes at the same time. I don't look like I'm wearing a phone on my wrist. I'm a guy who likes to use his phone. I don't like the Apple watch. That's okay. If you're looking for a device like this, you have a choice: you can buy a true "smartwatch" with a bright and shiny display, the ability to track your steps, or read your emails. A crummy battery life. You can buy a fitness device with features. Like a navigation device. I choose the navigation device. I bought the 40mm size because it looks like a regular watch and doesn't look goofy with dressier styles. It doesn't have the bright display of the Apples and theSamsungs, but it does have the "always on" display which is easy to read in any light. You can program it with a wrist snap or a tap in dark areas. Again, it's like a regular watch for me, which is a must. You can download others or modify the face with the app. It works for me. It's the fitness part that shines, and it tracks every bodily function you have. The steps are just the beginning. There are lots of pre-programmed workouts. If it's important to you, you'll be happy to know that the competition in the fitness arena is covered by Garmin. You can read texts, but not all of them. I have a phone. I don't want to read emails on my watch. The VA2 looks like a real watch. The fitness stuff cannot be beat. The battery life does not help the Apples or the SAMSUNGs. I get a few days with the basics on. If you don't care about the fitness criteria and want a wrist display for your phone, then you're out of luck. The Apple store is where you can get thee. Make sure you have a charging point. If you want a watch that looks classy and is packed with health and fitness utilities, then this is the one for you. Get the navigation device. There are no regrets here.

👤I have used the watch for over a year. There has been no noticeable degradation. Music used to be free of problems with skipping or choppy sounds. Multiple skips have gotten worse in the last 6 months. It's not the headphones that cause issues with music when connected to my phone. I was looking for a watch that could download a spotify app, connect to headphones, and have a long battery life. I've been wearing the watch for about a week now, and I've been impressed with how easy it is to connect the watch to my phone and internet. I use a pair of headphones. It was very easy to pair them with the watch. There are almost no issues with playing music from the watch. I'll have a few milliseconds where the music is choppy. It's almost not worth mentioning, but in case others are having issues. The gps tracking seems to be great so far. When not listening to music, the battery life is great. Over a 12 hour period, it only uses up 5% to 8%. When listening to music and wearing headphones, the battery life could be better. The battery drain was 30% during a 2 hour period of listening to music. It was good enough for me, but could have been better. I have not had any issues with lag with the touch screen responsive. There are a lot of applications on the watch. It can be difficult to navigate at first, but within an hour of wearing the watch, I was comfortable.

11. Garmin Vívoactive Smartwatch Contactless Payments

Garmin V%C3%ADvoactive Smartwatch Contactless Payments

You can use your watch to pay for purchases with your cards from participating banks. Personalize your watch with thousands of free watch faces, apps and widgets from their Connect IQ store. There are more than 15 indoor and outdoor sports apps. Keep an eye on how you handle stress by monitoring your fitness level with VO2 max and fitness made estimates. You can get connected features such as smart notifications, automatic uploads, Live Track and more when you have a compatible phone. The battery life is up to 7 days in the wristwatch mode. The display is 1.2 inch in diameter.

Brand: Garmin

👤After owning for over a year and having the newer Vivoactive 4 and Apple Watch 5 just released, it's obvious that the watch is very comfortable and can wear 24/7. If you replace your watchband with a metal quick release one, it looks nice. It doesn't make a loud noise when watching sports. The battery life was not advertised. You get 13 hours of use in gps mode. It's about 10. It's better than Apple Watch. I swim/bike/ride regularly and play soccer. I leave the watch on to track how much I run. The watch records and provides the most important metrics for all of the sports it says it does. The website of Garmin is good. You can see the pace after 200 m/yds if you swim in the pool. Swolf score is one of the metrics given. No problem for me here. You can use the watch to record the ride. It's hard to see while riding. I use mine to broadcast the optical HR to my bike computer and it works great. The gps accuracy is on par with other gps/ohr watches. It's nice to know that I can leave the phone at home and listen to music on a run. I can now download music if I am a Prime member. The watch has a barometric altimeter that does a good job. If you care about the issues with altitude, get the VA3 music, it's important to you. I have more experienced eyes and have trouble seeing in dimmer light, but you can adjust the brightness to compensate. Be careful as bright will affect battery life. It's good and I don't have to worry about seeing what I need to see when running or swimming. I'm big into daily activity and sleep, but it seems to be accurate and good to know. It's just right for me. I can see who's texting and decide to pick up the phone from the watch. I don't need to reply with a watch. Not all credit cards can be linked, but if you have a card that does, the option works well. I was able to use my Wells Fargo ATM card. I guess ok if I need to in a pinch, but not my first choice. They added more cards and I was able to add another visa card. I think this is an excellent watch for the occasional to semi- serious athlete who wants to watch their heart rate during pool swims. It can be used to train for a triathlon or just occasional workouts. The newer VA4 is not worth the extra money. I prefer this watch over Apple Watch 3 because of its battery life.

👤I have had this for over a year and I still love it. The bands have held up, the watch face protectors have saved my watch, and I only replaced it once. Check in for 8 months! I love it! Gym work outs, road workouts, yoga and more are tracked. When I am stressed, I can track my sleep and heart rate. Still love it! I have had this watch for 6 months and wear it daily. I absolutely adore this watch. I researched for months before buying this one. I didn't like the idea of having a gps device and it did the job. I wore FitBit watches left and right before that. They are not built to last. I regret not buying a white watch base for the VivoActive. The battery life is not great. If I don't work out as much, mine will last for 4 days. Since I work from home that is not a big deal. I have to take the cord with me when I travel. Before you go to the airport, take off your watch. It causes me trouble every time. The phone notifications drain the battery. I would like to only give the watch call, text and delivery notifications. All notifications that come to your phone are included in your watch options. I bought different bands for this thing and it is durable. There is no bulk on my wrist because these bands tuck into themselves. I got a nick in the glass of my Garmin because I ordered the door frame too late. The film cover is great, but I forget about it. The cover on the device works just fine. The charging cord is in my car. I am driving and I need to replenish my watch. It charges quickly. The green heart rate lights can be a little loud at night. I am sure there is a way to turn them off, but I am not sure. I downloaded a different face for my watch. I like that I can see everything in one place, and it even shows that I have an alarm set. The calendar view app is great because I can see what I have done. The process of sync can be a bit difficult if you don't sync a few times a week. For a few weeks of data, maybe 5 min. I am very pleased with this device. I wear it all the time.


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