Best Gps Watch for Women Hiking

Women 28 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Amazfit Smartwatch Military Certifications Water Resistant

Amazfit Smartwatch Military Certifications Water Resistant

Performance monitoring features include evaluating your current training status. The battery life is up to 7 days in the wristwatch mode. The military standard and 1.3” AMOLED display. A military standard watch with 12 military certifications enhances the robustness and resistance to harsh environments. The 1.3” AMOLED color screen with always-on display makes important information available simply by raising your wrist. Ultra-long battery life. The Amazfit T-Rex watch has a 20-day ultra-long battery life on a single charge. Stays with the user over the long haul, allowing you to wear it without worry and never think about charging. The high-precision gps system. T-Rex uses a high-end Sony chip and dual-satellite positioning system. Satellite search and positioning have been made more accurate by the increased signal efficiency. The fitness watch has 14 built-in professional sports modes and is waterproof to 5ATM. It is possible to wear it while swimming in pools and open water. Focus on your health. The bio- tracking optical sensor on the smartwatch is self-developed by Huami. The watch encourages you to stand up and become your best self. The Amazfit T-Rex is a practical tool that comes with a wealth of smart functions, including weather forecast, event reminders, call reminders, app notifications, and more.

Brand: Amazfit

👤I bought the T-Rex to use as an everyday watch, instead of using the 945, which requires daily charging at my current activity level, and which I use as a music player. I was not expecting the T-Rex to measure up to the $600 Garmin, but I was willing to see how it would stack up. I used the indoor cycling class, outdoor running, and walking with my wife for my fitness walks. The only things you get for spinning are duration and estimated calories. I think the T-Rex would fit the needs of most runners, even though the app is set to display only what you want it to, but with distance, pace, heart rate, and auto-pause, it's not as useful. The walking app on the T-Rex is similar to the running app, but it has one odd quirk, as the T-Rex shows the walking pace in MPH. On 12-mile runs and 7-mile walks, the variation in the T-Rex was within.03 miles, so not too shabby. The T-Rex has an always on display, but you have to choose between a digital or a pointer screen. The raise your arm feature will show you actual screen choice if you enable it. I understand the power save feature, but I would like to be able to use my screen choice for my always on display. You can get a notification with a message, but it doesn't allow you to preview it. You get a notification for phone calls, so don't expect the phone to work on theios. The T-Rex does not have the important always enabledAB, which is separate from the AOD. The screen is not readable in the dark, but it is readable in the sun, which is very annoying. When you raise your arm, your screen choice can be activated, but there is a delay. I noticed that the rubber band picked up the smoke smell from the wood chips when I was grilling, but it was removed with a good bit of scrubbing with a scented detergent, odd but worth mentioning. I can use it without activities for 2 hours and still get 4 days between charges. Amazfit has focused on battery life, but in my opinion, as an activity tracker, athletes will prefer to have screen feature choices for the AOD andAB, knowing that they sacrifice battery life. There is limited storage because the internal storage will notify you when you need to sync the activity history to your phone. The music controller app on the watch is useless because you have to restart it every time you change the music player on your phone. The app is required for the initial setup of the watch. The Amazfit T-Rex is an excellent value and a decent activity tracker, with the potential to become a great activity tracker with a few software modifications. I did not receive any products or compensation for my review. I am trying to answer the questions I had when I was considering the Amazfit T-Rex. Hope to see it in stock soon.

2. Timex Expedition Digital Chrono Alarm

Timex Expedition Digital Chrono Alarm

The Fast Wrap strap has a hook and looks like it fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference. A month, day, and date calendar with a 100 hour chronograph. There are 3 daily, weekday or weekend alarms with a 5-minute backup. The case is black and silver-tone and has a green digital display. Water-resistant to 100m is suitable for swimming, but not diving. This watch has two time zone settings and can be used with low-light viewing features.


👤I have had this watch for nine months and it is a good watch, but a few things to consider if you haven't seen it in person. The case is small. This is more of a ladies or kids watch. I have a thin build and small wrists, and it looks small on me. 2. The numbers and lettering are small. Middle-aged eyes can be hard to read without glasses. 3. The strap is small. I have the watch as loose as the strap will allow. You will need a different strap if you have large wrists. The functions are good and the watch is rugged. I wish I had ordered the larger model, but I hope I can help someone else.

👤I am a very outdoors person and this is the only watch that has been able to survive my activities. I have been doing search and rescue for over 8 years and have beaten this watch for over 10 years. Also, etc. The watch keeps working even when it gets beat up. The watch is still running strong despite the fact that I have repaired it many times. I bought a new one because the wrist band is pretty trashed and the face of the watch has a lot of scratches, and I decided to give it a rest. The watch works well. This is the best watch I have ever purchased.

👤I've always liked Timex watches. It's hard to find one that isn't big. I have to have the velcro because the buckle straps catch on things at work. This version was the perfect size, strap, and color to match my scrubs. The box was damaged when I got the first one. The buttons on the watch didn't want to work. After it warmed up from the cold mail box, I assumed it was just a temperature issue. It was unreliable because it would randomly reset itself. The return/exchange process was free and fast. I'm happy to not have a naked wrist because the second watch performs perfectly. I use both alarm features to remind me to take my medication, and the date/time functions are needed at work. It's water resistant, it's sturdy, and it's encounters with rambunctious animals daily. I'm not a fan of smart watches, so I'm grateful for Timex and the Expedition line. It's a good thing.

👤I got this watch on the first day. You can assume that everything is going well if I don't update. You will be able to see an update if there is one. I bought this watch because I know Timex is a trusted brand, and the watch looks like the one my grandpa wore when I was a child. It arrived 16 hours later after I ordered it. The strap is comfortable and easy to use. The strap is 20mm wide, and I have small hands and wrists with a 160mm wrist. The watch is perfect for my size. The buttons are hard to press, but I found a way to set it easily after searching online. I don't want the watch's settings messed with accidentally, so I like this. I am very pleased with my purchase so far and plan to use it as an everyday wear watch and only take it off to shower. I hope Timex lives up to their quality as a brand that watches last a long time, and I will update as to how it lasts.

3. Amazfit Battery Fitness Tracker Resistant

Amazfit Battery Fitness Tracker Resistant

You can use your Amazfit Bip U Pro smartwatch to talk to Amazon. Thanks to integratedGPS, you can track your distance and daily step count. 60+ sports modes and 5 ATM waterproof help you exercise at a higher level. You can wear a fitness watch for swimming and it will record your achievements underwater. The Amazfit Bip U Pro smart watch can provide all-around health tracking, allowing you to accurately track 24 hour heart rate, blood oxygen levels, stress levels, sleep quality, and female menstrual cycle. When fully charged, you can enjoy a 9-day battery life without having to worry about charging. Amazfit Bip U Pro is an ultra-light fitness tracker that weighs 31 grams. The large color screen with 320x302 resolution creates an exquisite visual display, making all incoming calls, messages, and reminders clear. You can get an intelligent little pal to remind you of the incoming calls, text messages, apps, and calendars, alarm clock, weather forecast, and support controlling the music and camera of your phone.

Brand: Amazfit

👤I like the watch. I can't use it, so I would give it 5*. I lost the charge. Amazfit doesn't sell chargers. There are several third party sellers on Amazon that sell chargers. I returned both of the two I purchased. I can't find one of those two. I'm attaching a picture of the back of the Bip and my pink BipS. Yep! A circle or square. A circle doesn't fit in a small square because of the different contact points. I called customer support and left a detailed message, but there was no return call for a week. I have searched their site for an email, but I can't find anything that asks how you like the new app. No contact information. How did I get their number? I received support through Amazon. It's not helpful if you get a number to the company. Maybe they can send me an email. They will respond to my comments here.

👤There are a few limitations to this Smart Activity Watch. It should fit the needs of most users. There are a few items that work well and a few that don't. The heart rate sensor does a good job of continuous monitoring. 2. The gps tracking is very accurate and fast. 3. The life of a battery. The watch has amazing battery life, even with continuous heart rate,GPS and notifications turned on. It has only been a week since I started using it. The sleep monitoring is not a strong suite. It does a good job at night. No naps or day time sleeps are recorded. There is no way to record it. There is no update for Amazfit bip or Bip S 5 yet. There are workout modes. I did not try out all the work out modes, but I did find jogging and cycling to be good for you. It has a good collection of watch faces within the app. It is good to know that this is a developer base, since it is not on Apple or Google systems. 7. The display works well in all lighting conditions. It works best under direct sunlight. It is not as bright as an AMOLED. There are 8. There are notifications. The notifications options work well for most users. It works well. I didn't want all app notifications on my watch. It can get annoying. If you are looking for more control on app notifications, this may not be the right choice. The app gives a nice summary of all the key elements of Amazfit, such as HR, steps, calories, and sleep. There are also details in the drill down. The app can be more intuitive with more detailed information. This watch is good for someone who is looking for an activity tracker with decent functions. It's hard to find another with the same amount of features and functions in the same price range.

👤This thing phones home to China and it's comments are for the void of consumers who aren't Linux-using. You have to download their app and create an account to use the watch. There's no way around it. The people on Github who have made scripts to spoof their API haven't found a way around it. * Migrating away from their official app to an open-source one could be much easier. You have to get an Auth key from their server to use your own app. There is a Deleting your account is a nightmare. They don't make it easy to find their portal from a web browser. It's not easy to access customer service. They only speak Chinese and wouldn't help me with the problems I had after I deleted my account. The interface for deletion accounts was broken. It was much more difficult for me because many of their websites and portals were blocking my addresses. It took me a month to complete this process. It makes it possible to use apps like Gadgetbridge, but there has to be better. Trying to deal with Amazfit/Zepp/Mii is going to give you headaches. Sleep tracking is not useful. I bought the watch because of this. Gadgetbridge doesn't seem to support the watch yet. I hope it improves over time as development is very active. * The thing is a brick if you don't track physical activities. Not a lot of active activity besides step counting. You could download Pedometer from SECUSO and get a match in just your phone.

4. Altimeter Barometer Thermometer Climbing Trekking

Altimeter Barometer Thermometer Climbing Trekking

Black and positive display. The function of the 3 ATM is: alarm, water resistant, and weather forecast. The case is made of plastic, with a thickness of 13mm, and has a strap that is 22mm in width and 220mm in length. The data range. Weather forecast: 4 icons, Thermometer: -10, and a Altimeter: -9,164m. The first model of the Sensor Master series. The global standard of ABC watch is one with a compass, barometer and altimeter. Useful in a lot of situations. Hiking, climbing, camping, cycling, fishing, etc.

Brand: Lad Weather

👤I ran across the Lad in May to get ready for my backpacking trip. I wanted an ABC watch, but I don't wear big watches and didn't want to pay a lot for something that would sit on my bureau after the trip. If the Lad didn't work out, I wouldn't be out much money. I looked at it for two weeks before the trip and noticed that the compass was dead on, the altimeter was malfunctioning, and the barometer was malfunctioning. I went backpacking across Scotland with it. The watch was very strong. On the train ride to our starting point, I had my gps showing the topo charts. The watch was within 1 meter of the map every time we reached an elevation point. My Lad's watch was better at displaying altitude in 1-meter increments than my Lad's watch was in 5-meter increments. My watch was closer to the lines on the topo at times. I stopped using the lensatic compass I brought with me because the compass on the Lad was so accurate. Had it been left behind, it could have saved the weight. I have two gripes. The watch's lens is soft and scratches easily, and the compass bezel is useless. If you made the watch smaller, more people would be comfortable wearing it every day. This is a great watch. It's a great bargain at its current price.

👤The watch is comfortable to wear and has a sturdy field. It is on the large side. It has a temperature sensor, but it doesn't show the correct temperature. I thought there was no background light until I realized that the button was not easy to push and that it was fine once you became accustomed to it. I think it is a good deal.

👤I bought this watch because I like to hike but don't want to spend a lot of cash on a watch that I'll probably break. I thought I'd give this watch a try because it had good reviews and was the right price. I love the features of this watch. The display is bright enough to read. The digital compass works great, I bought it for it. The weather predicts the weather based on barometric pressure. I will use the barometer when I go hiking next. The watch's function is worth 50 bucks. I built a paracord watch band after taking the band off. One camper is happy.

👤I had time to use the watch before I wrote this review. I only bought the watch because I wanted a large display. I'm getting old. The watch has been great. If there is anything I could do to make sure the watch is water proof, it would be absolute assurance. I am an outdoors man who hunts, fishes, hikes, and works skill trades. I use the watch daily, but I take it off before showering, swimming or working under water, because I use it daily to wash my hands. The temperature is accurate if you take the watch off and let it cool down to the ambient temperature on the arm. Oh yes. The weather function is very accurate.

5. Garmin Vívoactive GPS Smartwatch Refurbished

Garmin V%C3%ADvoactive GPS Smartwatch Refurbished

You can use your watch to pay for purchases with your cards from participating banks. Personalize your watch with thousands of free watch faces, apps and widgets from their Connect IQ store. There are more than 15 indoor and outdoor sports apps. The case is made of fiber-reinforced polymer with a steel rear cover.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤It has a number of features, including step, stair, heart rate, stress, VO2 max and sleep tracking, as well as the ability to record a number of different sports activities with or without gps data included. A wide selection of downloaded applications, app screens and clock faces make this watch quite changeable. A new clock face and a fewWidgets were added almost immediately. It doesn't offer the advanced sports metrics found in more expensive devices, but it can broadcast heart rate data to other ANT+ devices. I can send my heart rate to my older Forerunner 620 when I want to see advanced running metrics. I can send complete cycling data to any ANT+ compatible bike computer. The price for this watch new compared to the Felix 5 series of watches is fine with me. I have no complaints since I bought the refurbished model and it works like new. I will update this review if that changes.

👤Looks new. Theuctions are mostly new. There were some glitch that may have been normal. The unit was locked up while it was on the charge. It was fixed by power cycling. If not charging, did not happen again. A watch face wouldn't install correctly. I assume that both of these problems are not product defects. A bike ride is recorded. None of our gps devices registered the same ascend elevation after elevation was off. There was no prize there. At the end of the day, the battery was not as strong as it could have been. If you record a workout, you will need to pay. It could make it 2 days. I have not seen how long it will last. Will update if necessary. I bought a warrenty. * The battery only lasted 4 days on one charge.

👤This is a watch that I love. It's like new, there are no marks anywhere. Came with instructions. It was done straight up to my phone and computer. It took about an hour to charge and update. The HR and blood pressure monitor pulse were compared. The battery lasts about 5 days. 2.5 hours is how long I use it to workout. I have it connected to my cell phone. There are lots of things on the Garmin. You have to download the app for that and set it up, but I love this one, it shows you how to burn calories and burn fat. It's waterproof and easy to use, what more can you want for fitness? It's perfect for my lifestyle.

👤I've been using a pebble time for a long time and I was happy with it. I bought a new phone in September and it didn't have the Pebble app for the new phone. I returned a Fitbit Versa because it wouldn't stay connected to the phone and didn't provide reliable gps tracking. I decided on the Refurbished Vivoactive 3 after looking at options in the same price range. I am happy I did as it has performed well for me and it is very attractive. The user interface is easy to use. It doesn't need a phone or a connection to record and activity because it has its own gps. I use it as a smart lock to keep my phone open because I have never found it disconnected from the phone. I don't think the battery life is great, but I put my watch face on the charging cable every night anyways, so it doesn't matter to me. The only thing that is not nice about the Vivoactive 3 is that it is easy to long press the screen against the body and change the watch face. My answer is to set the screen to lock when recording an activity and to manually lock it after I have stopped and saved the activity.

6. Garmin Multisport Smaller Sized Features Grade Adjusted

Garmin Multisport Smaller Sized Features Grade Adjusted

The design features a 1.2 inch sunlight-readable display with a diamond-like carbon coating and is rugged. This is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition. There are advanced training features that include pace guidance, VO2 max, and training status estimates. The display resolution is: There are over 2,000 worldwide ski resorts, multiple global navigation satellite system (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) support and built-in sensors for 3- axis compass, barometric altimeter, and preloaded TOPO maps. Music storage with premium streaming service, support for Garmin Pay, smart notifications, and more are available. The battery can be used for up to 9 days in smart watch mode, up to 6 hours in gps and music mode, up to 20 days in expedition gps activity mode, and up to 34 days in battery saver watch mode.

Brand: Garmin

👤I changed my rating from 4 to 5 stars because I have been able to make changes to my life based on the new information collected by the F6x. The lock on the gps is super fast outside. The F6x is an all around improvement over the older model and it is a great watch. Coming from a Fenix 3 HR, I was hoping the upgrade/migration process would be easy. The watch face would be the same, like custom activities would just carry over. I figured out how to create a custom activity within Connect, but it doesn't list the custom name like it did with the F3. There are no watch faces that are similar to the F3 HR. The minutes are not inline with the hour, which is my biggest issue with the F6x default digital face. The digital face for the F6 Solar is what is expected, minus the sun gauge in the middle. The F6x Solar face should be a default digital one, with the hours and minutes inline and the other data fields around it, for other F6x users. The Fenix 3 HR has a grey bezel that can be worn with anything, while the F6x is shiny and can be worn with anything. Agreed. Thankfully, the older style band was able to be swapped for the shipping band, which had a nicer feel. If you purchase the pulse ox, it will take the battery from 21 to 15 days. The battery will be taxed from 15 to 10 days if the pulse ox setting is changed. Not a fan of the F6 charging cable and prefer the old style F3 cradle due to cable length and the new cable places the watch in an awkward angle that feels like it will break off or weaken the connection. The F6x is burning 50 to 80 calories more than my F3 HR, because they do the same cardio activity with the same HRM strap. The gym is always the same temp, but not sure if the F6x is accounting for it. In the same conditions as my usual run, there was a 38 calories reduction from F3 to F6. The heart rate was tested against Precor gym equipment and it was the same for all ranges. The watch screen is clear and readable. The screen size and clarity make it possible to see HR from a distance during the same MMA activity. It is less bulky on my wrist than the F3 HR, but would prefer a larger battery. The F6x alarm clock has a stronger sound than the F3. I didn't purchase the solar model due to the fact that it was not as scratch/break resistant as my F3 HR Sapphire model, which had never had any cracks or scratches over the course of many years of continuous use. I hope the comments are read and made better. The F3 HR was life changing for me back in March of 2016 and I want to see the F6x Sapphire in Black in person that comes with the leather strap. The ability to track sleep is not appreciated. Two pictures of my sleep while using the 6x. Even with a pulse ox, the Apple Watch cannot do something like this. Recovering time is required for any physical exertion. After having this watch for more than two weeks now, my only gripe with it is the shiny carbon grey (to me its light grey) bezel and the default digital face needs to be looked at from an otherwise great product. Since 13.1, it has been fixed with issues with connect locking up and not snycing. I have updated my phone to the latest version of the operating system, as well as the latest version of the navigation software. Have been using the 6x without any problems.

7. UMIDIGI Compatible Monitoring Sleeping Tracking Uwatch5

UMIDIGI Compatible Monitoring Sleeping Tracking Uwatch5

A large color display. More, Bigger and Better. The Uwatch 5 has a large color display and 2.5D curved glass that makes it easier to see. This watch has an aircraft-grade aluminum bezel and silicone strap, which makes it comfortable to wear. Uwatch 5 can combine two of the three different positioning systems to offer more accurate, faster and precise positioning during outdoor workout. You can take a photo on the watch or control music with the Smart Assistant. The watch can read message notifications. The Weather forecast, Flashlight, Find My Phone, and Alarm are some of the other features that are available. Your personal health tracker is your blood oxygen. Monitoring, high precision real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and health reminders. All are indicators of your health. They track your health. Smart watch for phones. The Uwatch 5 is compatible with most of the above phones, but only displays the latest three messages. The hand-free lifestyle can be accomplished by reminding yourself of the watch.

Brand: Umidigi

👤Nice watch. It is very comfortable to wear. It's a nice complement to my Ear Buds. I like Umidigi because it has very affordable prices and excellent quality, I buy two or more of their products, one for me and one for a friend. The watch's functions are great. I have had watches from Umidigi before and they keep getting more features. I have to check if I can put different faces on it. When you press the upper button, it will give you a list of the different features on the watch. The difference sports/athletics functions can be seen if you press the bottom button. I wouldn't recommend it as a medical device, but the functions such as Sleep, Heart Rate, Step Count are very accurate. I use the one from my phones, not the charging cable. I don't know what scenario this would be useful in, but it has an optional feature that leaves the screen on for 5 minutes. The music player is responsive. I'm sure I'll buy it again as a relative or friend will be interested in having one.

👤I was looking for a tracker. I was surprised at how expensive they were. I thought I would try it. I own a Power 3 cell phone from the company. It's a good middle of the road phone and a good middle of the road watch. This is more of a fitness tracker than a cell phone. You can get your messages, but you can't make them or answer them from the watch. This watche is for someone who works out regularly and is active. I would recommend this watch to my friends if they were looking for a fitness watch.

👤The hardware is very impressive. The screen is bright and vibrant. The touch response is good but sometimes lags. The charging adapter only snaps in one direction, so it's well designed. The wrist bands are comfortable. The software needs some work. The pair went very well. There are only a few functions other than reading the sensors. The photo snapshot function is something I am interested in. It has its own in-app utility for taking photos. The photo was worse than the native app. I would use it as a sport/ activity tracker, play music and check messages if necessary. It could become a daily driver if more functions are added.

👤The price is good for the options you have. I used to own an apple watch. I thought it was very expensive for what you get. I got a fitbit that was more suited to my needs but not as many options. This seems to be a perfect match for my needs and a few extra options at a great price. The health related features include a sleep monitor, blood oxygen check, and monitor. The battery is great. The full charge lasts over 4 days. I have problems with my fitbit and my phone because of the bright screen that allows me to view it outside in direct sunlight. It is a good feature. The magnetic charge cable is nice. The watch is comfortable. This is a great purchase value. I will be buying a second one for my wife so she can keep track of her vital signs. A smart choice.

8. Garmin Forerunner Running Training Support

Garmin Forerunner Running Training Support

Gps running with a training plan. A small running watch that estimates heart rate at the wrist and has aGPS to track your pace and distance. You can use the free coach adaptive training plans to get expert, personalized coaching right to your wrist. Connected features include smart notifications for incoming texts and calls, automatic uploads to their online community, live tracking and controls for the music playing on your phone. Tracking and safety features include incident detection which sends your real-time location to emergency contacts through your compatible phone. There are sports apps for running, cycling, indoor track, treadmill, elliptical, yoga and more. The battery life is up to 7 days in the wristwatch mode. The components include the Forerunner 45S. Documentation for charging cable.

Brand: Garmin

👤The Foreunner 45s are in White. I want to compliment the customer support of the company and give them an A+ rating before I discuss the specifics of the watches themselves. They have always replaced the watches if they can't resolve the watch issues. If you have a difficult technical issue, you can always call Eric, a tech rep that can answer the question and get you on your way. Amazon support is the best in class. I have always found the watches from Garmin to be more accurate. How do I know? My wife's Versa registered almost 4-miles while my wife's Fitbit registered 3.1 miles around the high school track. My wife was upset when I told her she over estimated her runing distances. I told her that I'm just the messenger. The 45s will have a smaller profile at 39mm. I know it will be big enough for an old man to read it on the fly. The accuracy and longevity of the watches made by the company is making them more attractive. I will give you a run down of how it performs during tennis and pickleball matches after I receive my white 45s. Stay informed.

👤After about 4 months, my 45 died. Absolutely dead. Nothing worked. Customer support was the place I contacted them. They will replace it. They sold me back to them at my expense after I shipped the faulty watch. They will not ship me the replacement until they get the piece of shit they sold me. I don't have to pay to send this watch back to them because I didn't use it after 4 months.

👤I bought this watch to track my running workouts. The appearance is great. The height is thinner than older, clunky Garmins, and the diameter is perfect for my medium sized men's wrist. I like how the watch face is always on, but not always visible, with the option to push a button to heighten illumination. Recording a workout is simple, it takes a few minutes to lock on, but start/stop, laps, save, etc. are all easy to do. Once I downloaded the apps to my phone, I could sync my workouts to the Garmin. The heart rate monitor is accurate. The faces are clear. The weather is even told by it. The watch band is too flexible, sometimes hard to thread into the clasp, is my only negative. It might be more rigid. I think this watch is good.

👤I got a 39mm one. I think the smaller the better because I have a small wrist. The screen has a big size that makes it easy to glance over while running. The color was not purple. Still very nice! It was easy to figure out functions. garmin app is required to have your phone and watch in sync. You save and use your phone garmin app when you complete your run or walk. All of your data can be seen. There are many options to upload from there. I have kept this for a few weeks and have run a lot. The battery life was not an issue. Some people complained about the flexible rubber wrist band, but I liked it. You know about the rep of Garmin. I got a watch for my first marathon. Very pleased so far!

9. Garmin Forerunner Running Suggested Workouts

Garmin Forerunner Running Suggested Workouts

The easy-to-use running watch monitors heart rate at the wrist and uses gps to track how far and fast you run. Take the guess work out of training with suggested workouts of varying intensities based on your training history, fitness level and recovery time. Plan your race day strategy with the PacePro feature, which offers gps-based pace guidance for a selected course or distance, but is not compatible with on-device courses. Race time predictions and finish time estimates are helpful training tools. Track all the ways you move with built-in activity profiles for running, cycling, track run, virtual run, pool swim, Pilates, and more. The advanced features of your body include intensity minutes, fitness age, all-day respiration and more. The Connect IQ Store gives you the ability to personalize your watch with free watch faces, data fields, apps and widgets. Up to 20 hours inGPS mode and up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode.

Brand: Garmin

👤The original Vivoactive was losing battery life, so I upgraded it to this watch. The battery life was a big selling point for this watch. I did two 5 mile runs in the first 2 weeks and it was at 30% by the end of the 2 weeks. I didn't think I would like it, but I like it. I'm used to large watches. This one is small but not as large as I'm used to. The size is right. I've only used it for running and biking. The suggested workouts feature has not been used by me. The notifications use a light background and a short vibration. The buttons are easy to use. I did an extensive move after I got this watch, and it got banged around a bit, but no marks or scratches on it. If you want a lot of features on the watch, you should not get it. If you want long battery life, accurate gps tracking, and good sleep/health/heart rate tracking, you should get this watch. I would make this choice again.

👤There is an update. The watch has undergone several software updates and the battery life has improved to what was promised. It has mostly stopped the sudden, steep drops in battery life (no more going to bed with it at 80% and waking up to 40%). I think the software updates helped. When I bought it, it was v1.something. The first few times I charged this watch, the battery life was amazing. The charges have gone from 2 weeks to 30 hours since then. I have removed several features that are supposed to improve battery life. I used it for a workout and the battery went from full to 40%. In the last 4 hours, it has dropped from 40% to 30%.

👤I got this watch with great expectations. I like the look, but I would have liked it to have a "Strength Workout" or "Gym" activity profile. The battery life is my greatest disappointment. Within 3 days of getting my brand new watch, it was obvious that my battery was draining and I was not using it. I would be lucky to have a few days of battery life. I was told that a software update was pending after I made contact with the company. After some help, my battery life improved, but now it seems to be draining again. I made contact with the company again and waited for a response. It's very disappointing for a watch that's not even two weeks old.

👤I have never owned a watch like this before. I was looking for a replacement for that that died on me a couple weeks ago. I didn't want to use a tracker again and decided to use a tracker from Garmin. I settled on the Forerunner 55 after looking at many models. It had everything I wanted. A quality brand with HR, sleep tracking, notifications and - like most Garmin products - has a good reputation of being a great fitness tracker among other things. For the watch itself. The first thing I noticed was that it was small. It was about 10mm smaller than my Ionic. I like a watch that covers my wrist, so this was already a problem for me. I knew that the watch didn't have a touch screen, but I was willing to give it a try even though it didn't have a physical button on the side of the watch. I didn't like having to press buttons. It took me 30 pushes of buttons to wake me up. I found it to be cumbersome and inefficient. The display doesn't look like a touch screen. It isn't very bright and doesn't have a bright color indoors. The display is quite dim and it was difficult to see. You can increase the display's brightness by pressing a button, but it's not that great of a difference. The watch face was set to pure white. They looked like a dull grey. After seeing how dim the display was indoors, I went outside to see what it would look like in the sun, and it was even brighter thanks to the reflective properties of the display. It made the display look like I would want it to be all the time - bright white and dark black. It doesn't have a bright touchscreen so it's the biggest drawbacks for me. When I lifted or twisted my wrist, the screen would come on. I was able to see the display clearly. If I wanted to see the time I had to push a button to increase the brightness. It seems like an unnecessary thing to have to do. Unless you're outside, it's not an issue. The watch is nice, even though it is not perfect. It looked like good quality. It was responsive when entering commands. The companion phone app is better than the Fitbit's, it comes with a lot of apps and features. I didn't use this watch for a full day before I decided it wasn't for me. There was nothing against the watch. I would probably think it was a great watch if I continued to use it. It was not for me for the things I mentioned. If the display looked the same when it was in the sun.

10. Garmin Fenix Slate Gray Black

Garmin Fenix Slate Gray Black

The MultisportGPS watch has a wrist heart rate technology. The physical size was 1.8 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches. Cockpit watch band compatible with the Cockpit. The rugged design features a rear case and buttons. There is a display type that has sunlight visible and transflective memory. You can see the effects and progress of your workouts with the performancewidget. The case material is about something. The rear cover is made of fiber reinforced polymer. Connected features include smart notifications, automatic uploads to the online fitness community, and free watch faces and apps. The display size is 1.2 inches. The outdoor sensors include gps and GLONASS satellite reception. The battery life. The mode is up to 2 weeks. The mode can be used for up to 24 hours. UltraTrac mode can be used for up to 60 hours without wrist heart rate.

Brand: Garmin

👤Don't buy GARMIN on AMAZON. Go directly to the GARMIN USA page. I bought this watch in May and March. It stopped working. I contacted the company because I bought it here, and they told me they couldn't do anything about it. My watch is registered in Southeast Asia so I need to replace it. I don't speak any Asian languages, so it's hard to solve this problem. I was treated by AMAZON.

👤I bought this watch from REI because some vendors were overcharging. The review is based on a mountaineer, climber, and hiker perspective. This watch is great for hiking, climbing, and ski/board mountaineers. I can make a video. The 1:24,000 scale map upgrade is perfect for climbing routes and navigating. The trails are accessible on the map. I sold my handheld. This is a replacement for heavy and bulky handhelds with an insane amount of features. Track G-Metrics accurately with the activities included and they are included for me. I own a camera that I can use from my wrist. I also get low battery warnings in the same way. I can get a full day of tracking with about a quarter of the battery left, even though the battery life isn't the best. On multiple day climbs using an external battery or solar charge is not a problem. I am amazed at how fast it charges. This watch is a beast. If you want a fitness watch on steroids, this is it. If you like big screens and cheaper options this is not for you. I recommend this option if you are on the fence about a handheld. The RAVPower 10050mAh outdoor portable charge was charged from 16% to 100% in under 2 hours. The half day of mountaineering/splitboarding/climbing is over. The battery level was over 50%. Not bad! The new update nerfed my altimeter. It's 192 feet off the ground. I adjusted on my climb. Please see the picture. The actual elevation is 13,822 feet. This is a new issue. The metal around the face is too easy to scratch. There was an update on 8/12/17 The altimeter is off. Don't buy. If you want to know the truth. The watch connects and disengages randomly with the PC. The reviews in the same issue show that battery life is now poor. The day started at 98% and ended at 6%. Really? The new update has made a big difference in battery life.

👤I'm not a watch designed for the sports guy or girl. I do some swimming and workouts, but I'm not a triathalon guy. I sit in front of a computer all day. Why the fenix? My last watch was a pebble steel. This is the closest comparison. The fitbit ionic was the most recent that I've been through. The priorities are 1. Always on. Sorry, apple watch people and ionics... If I have a kid on one hip and a bag of groceries in the other, I don't want to be doing weird flex/gyrate to get my hand in the right position to see the time. I want to look at my wrist to see the time. Next time you look at your watch, close your eyes, and open your eyes, you should think it's not a big deal. It's a slight pause, but that's what you get with a watch that isn't LCD. It's pretty when it's on, but seriously? I want the time or the text. 2. There is sunlight. The Fenix uses a color screen. It's even more bright in the sun. It's dark at night, but it has a back light, like an apple watch or fitbit ionic, where you have to roll it towards yourself, or pick it up just right. I don't hang out in the dark all day. I want to see the time/texts when I'm out and about. Readability. You can read the entire text or email with the Fenix/Pebble. I don't know why, but the ionic didn't let me see anything but the date, part of the subject and who it was from. The fenix allows you to see that and then read the rest. Like the pebble. 4. It is possible to be connectability. Both the Fenix and Pebble have a solid connection. I had trouble keeping the ionic connected. I had several others that were worse, but they cost less than $100, so I can't compare. 5. The interface. The buttons are button navigation. This is a 2 way street, but think about your life here. I happen to swim, which means my hands are wet, which is not good for touch screens. I don't like going to cold places where I have gloves on because that makes touch screens less compatible. It took some getting used to, but after a week or so, I was able to navigate around the Fenix even faster than the pebble. It's very quick and you can reach many items from different directions. It's pretty cool. 6. The app store. Both the Fenix and Pebble have custom apps made by independent programmers. I think it's coming up, but it's not as large as a selection of programmers. I think that the app-store will grow more quickly because of the javascript/typescript base that Ionic uses, but I think the hardware has some problems that a software fix isn't going to solve. I'll never use the gadgets that the Fenix has, but it's cool to have them. You need to track your gps location and altitude when hiking or biking. The Fenix does it all. For me. There is a note about the #1 issue of " always on". Look at the pictures I have posted. I am at work with a keyboard. If I get an email and I'm coding away like a nerd, I want to look at my wrist and see if I can ignore it and just keep typing. If you're a coder, you know how hard it is to take your hands off your keyboard to check something or even switch over from your email program, even if it's just a few keystrokes. You lose your flow.

11. Garmin Small Smartwatch Touchscreen Patterned

Garmin Small Smartwatch Touchscreen Patterned

A small stylish watch that has a decorative lens that shows a bright display with a tap will complement your look. Choose from classic or sport designs with a variety of color, metal and band options so you can find the perfect piece to fit your look. Understand your body by monitoring your respiration, pulse ox, energy levels, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, hydration, all day stress, sleep, and estimated heart rate. Stay connected with smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, calendar reminders and more when you pair your compatible phone with a compatible one. Tracks yoga, Pilates, cardio, mindful breathing and more with sports apps; connects to your compatible phone's gps to track outdoor walks and runs. You can see how active you are with step counting and calories burned. The LiveTrack feature lets friends and family track your outdoor activities in real time while you're out, and the assistance feature can send your designated contacts a message with your real-time location. The battery life is up to 5 days.

Brand: Garmin

👤The safety feature is great. It will send information to my emergency contact if I tap several times. That makes me feel more secure. This is a great watch for small wrists. It's marketed for that. My wrist is small. Yes, it's small. I have a hard time finding a tracker that is comfortable, not bulky, and still meet my needs. The first photo is the size comparison. The other two won't curve around my wrist. The band's benendability is only a small part of it. Part of it is inflexible. They are both less expensive choices. The lilies fit my wrist well. It goes around my wrist. The face could be smaller. I would love to see this. This is fantastic for now. It fits perfectly, is comfortable, and has more features than the previous trackers I had. I think the tracker is close to being perfect. Several icons are ready with just one touch. No more scrolling for icons. Track activity manually or not. Also, about battery life... It's not long lasting. It's going to drain the battery faster if you have a lot of things going all day and night. Go into your settings and make some changes. I like to charge it while I shower. I always have a charge. You can find a routine that works for you. Take the plunge if you have a small wrist. This is a great fit. Pictures don't do it justice.

👤The device fits my needs. The watch gives me the information I want. I have simplified needs as a walker/hiker. I want to know my heart rate, sleep tracking, active minutes and text/call notifications from my phone. I don't need built in gps, music, or pay. It is small and light. This was the replacement for my device. I'm very pleased with her.

👤I only get 2 to 3 days out of a charge, and I bought the watch expecting closer to 5. It is my first smart watch. The battery issue is the only thing I dislike about it. I've only had this watch for a month and the battery lasts less than 12 hours. I can put it on at 6am. I leave work at 4pm. I was disappointed. I can't keep track of sleep because it has to charge. I only have the first 10 hours of my day tracked during the day. What is the point? I contacted garmin customer service and they were very helpful. The original was sent back after I received a replacement. The settings were adjusted and it lasted longer. I do landscaping and this watch holds up well.

👤I have small wrists. I had been using the Forerunner for a long time and had no issues. I almost felt like I was suffocating. I used it for everything. I was addicted to it. I had been looking for a smaller watch for a while, but they didn't exist. I had to have it when the girl came out. It is a much smaller watch and it is fashionable. The watch face is blank until you wake it up. You have to either turn your wrist toward you or tap it twice. I like the watch. I deal with it, but it is an issue. When I first got my watch, I had some issues, such as not being able to add stairstep to my watch, and my distance was off. The navigators are very knowledgeable and helpful. It takes a little getting used to, but it's good now. There is no way you can get 5 days of battery time with a phone and no built in gps. To extend the battery life, you will have to make adjustments to the settings. You will get 3 days. I like putting my own photos into my watch faces, so it's not good that I can't download them. It's a good watch for what it is, not the most elaborate, but it gets the job done, especially if you have small wrists.


What is the best product for gps watch for women hiking?

Gps watch for women hiking products from Amazfit. In this article about gps watch for women hiking you can see why people choose the product. and Lad Weather are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps watch for women hiking.

What are the best brands for gps watch for women hiking?

Amazfit, and Lad Weather are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps watch for women hiking. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Renewed, Garmin and Umidigi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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