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1. Industrial Qualcomm GLONASS Concurrent Receiver

Industrial Qualcomm GLONASS Concurrent Receiver

The SiRF V is an industry. The operating temperature is -40 +85 degree C. TheProlificPL2343 is a Linux, Windows, and a chromebook compatible device. The 1.5m cable is water proof and has a magnet built in. 9600 baud is made in Taiwan. 9600 baud is made in Taiwan.

Brand: Ffmedia

👤It is small and magnetic. It should be a good thing that it is powered by theusb and doesn't require batteries. I tried 6 programs and this device was not compatible with them. I have a PC that is up to date. The driver and website that were included in the directions on this device were worthless. The driver didn't do anything because the gps viewer link was broken. Fortunately, windows 10 was able to recognize the device, but you had to make sure that you specified the right COM port for your mapping program. It's possible that it'sGPS and GLONASS capable. I was only able to get it to work in TopoFusion, using 9600 baud rate. There was no way to know how many satellites I was connected to. The device wouldn't connect to any satellites unless I set the gps on the window sill. Most PC programs are designed to receive signals from a serial port. You need a range of programs depending on the situation because no single program does everything you want. I don't know why this device doesn't work across the board, in theory it should be able to be compatible with several programs using the generic NMEAGPS base protocol. I can tell you that the instructions are worthless. I worked on this for hours. It won't work on an ICOM-7100 with a female mini-usb. If it is not compatible with a range of popular programs, this device will be useless. I wanted this to work because I like the form and magnet, but I do not recommend this product, and I am returning the 2 that I bought.

👤The review is only for initial impressions. I only had the device for a short time. I will have a long term review later on. I have used many cheaper gps devices and this one seems better. I used a gps device. Couldn't be any harder to use. It took me 20 minutes to write the code. No need for bad drivers. You can just read the ttyUSBN and read the output. Looks to be of good quality. There is a model that may offer 5 updates per second. If you need higher frequencies, consider it. It is more than enough for me.

👤L liked the fact that the gps was sensitive indoors. While inside my house, I am able to simultaneously sync up and lock into 11-13 satellites. My use for this device is to make sure my computer clock is always on. Couldn't be happier and have recommended this device to 3 friends.

👤Satellite reception is much better than the previous receiver.

👤It is easy to use and install.

👤I converted my tablets to a giant gps that's really cool. Good product and easy to install.

2. VK 162 G Mouse External Navigation Raspberry

VK 162 G Mouse External Navigation Raspberry

There is a multi-PLATFORM. It supports the following: Linux, Windows, and the like. Plug and play is supported by the Stratux project. 7 ft. cord is used for remote mounting. The new chip is the U-blox 7. It's durable. IPX6 is dust-tight. It's durable. IPX6 is dust-tight.

Brand: Stratux

👤I've bought 2 of these over the course of 2 years. I use them for my gps device while flying. The gps is very good. I get 10m position accuracy and it locks onto a gps position. The wire near the plastic gps housing developed issues such that the wire would no longer provide a signal. I had to open the units and bend the wire on the end near the housing to find a wire position that would allow the serial port to communicate again. I wrapped the wire in electrical tape and placed it in the bent position. Both of them continued to work. I'm going to try a braided cable for my Stratux and a G mouse for a test to see if I can get something that will last longer.

👤I found a gps receiver that will work on my pi network time server. It took me several minutes to get a minimum of 3 satellites required by the software on theRaspberry Pi, even though my other gps was ok. I had to fuss with it because it wouldn't remain locked. After plugging it in and starting the gps server, it would lock onto several satellites within seconds and remain locked to those satellites. I monitored the operation for several days using U-Center windows software and found the gps to be fast and sensitive, picking up and locking onto over 4 satellites within seconds. The gps is 5 feet from a window. It is even faster outside. My NTP server is up and running because of its default output. My computer time needs to be accurate to milliseconds, and an accurate NTP server is needed for my ham radio equipment.

👤I bought this to use in a data logging project I'm building for my car. It's great to have support out of the box. It's very easy to get data from third party applications. Works well with Kismet. I mounted it to the roof of my car and it has not had any issues moving around. It is easy to route through weather stripping and door mold for a hidden wire installation with the built inusb cable.

👤If the internet goes down, I wanted a time source for the pi. I didn't have to move my pi because it has a nice long lead. I could put it in the window. I don't know why it says "suction power", it doesn't have a cup on it, but it has a magnetic base.

👤It works well on the boat even when it's inside on the navigation desk, because I bought this to use with OpenCPN. It was easy to setup. If you find that the unit can't acquire enough satellites, you could mount it on the deck in a waterproof enclosure.

👤It is easy to find satellites, and interface nicely with OpenCPN. Plug it in, start xgps and then replug in a couple of seconds. Within seconds, it will start acquiring satellites, because it wakes up xgps to a device being attached. The old one I used was ten times worse than this one. It's a great example of how things have improved over time.

3. Waterproof Receiver Laptop Interface Gain

Waterproof Receiver Laptop Interface Gain

We will send the document to you. The UBLOX 8 engine. The device is configured over a serial interface. Combines low power consumption with high sensitivity. The immunity is exceptional. There are 56 channels for acquisition and reacquisition. A multi-band receiver. Receives SBAS, QZSS and GLONASS. The factory set can be changed using software. You can support the 2.3 version of the NMEA0183. There are built-in WAAS, EGNOS, and MSAS. It's possible to use Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, and the like. Check application notes for compatibility for Linux. There is a free software for the navigation system. Waterproof: If it is raining, you don't need to cancel your road trip since this navigator can be used in the rain or shine. IPX6 is water resistant. The cable length is two meters. The software is software. You can easily connect to your device via theusb 2.0 and use most commercial or open source mapping software.

Brand: Qgp Supply

👤I was looking for an external gps that could work with Windows 10 Maps and other apps that use serial port. The device is perfect for this purpose and it has drivers for both the location sensor and COM port. If you install both drivers, you can use it for Windows 10 Maps and other applications that use COM port to get gps data, as well as other applications that use windows 10 location API. U-blox also provides U-center software which allows to set a lot of settings for this receiver, it's pretty advanced and lets you set a lot of everything. The location accuracy is very good. It works inside a car as well as on the roof. It's a steal for the price. I was not able to determine a few things about this device. The chip used in this device is the exact U-blox chip. If the device is a ROM chip with a future update that won't be possible, or if it's an upgradeable device, then it's not possible. Whether the device has flash memory or battery-backed up configuration storage. Please leave a reply if anyone knows the answer to the question.

👤Plug the gpsd daemon into theusb port and you'll see data. You don't need to use the evaluation software to get this unit going on the Pi because it works on Windows. Download and try the evaluation software. It is worth it. The configuration changes described in Oscar Blanco's review for gpsd should be made. The issue is not the receiver, but the configuration.

👤I used to use a gps receiver on my Windows 10 device to track my road trips, but it only worked in the city, so I used to get no data in the mountains or canyons. The location provided by this receiver is based on data from both satellites and gives me a much more reliable fix. I haven't been able to test it in the worst conditions yet, but it has been able to provide a good fix in several places where the old one failed. The unit is small and has a strong magnet built into the base that keeps it firmly attached to the flat car body panel.

👤I am using this device to make sure the clock on my laptop is not set to go off during the upcoming amateur radio Field Day exercise. For certain applications, the clock must be on. The puck does a great job. Very happy with it! I would recommend both of them.

👤You need to download and install the "u-center" software on Windows. The display is difficult to set up. 3 stars off. It's very sensitive and can pick up a lot of satellites hundreds of miles away. It picks up satellites inside my apartment, so I don't need to go outside or on the roof. I don't know how to set this up to receive Galileo satellites.

👤I have been very happy with the purchase. I'm familiar with the devices used outdoors, but I thought I would try it out with my laptop. For most practical purposes, the accuracy for an often used location needs no further accuracy adjustments, even though it lacks the newest addition to the GNSS satellite systems - Galileo. It's hard to beat for the price and flexibility.

4. Garmin DriveSmart Traffic Hands Free Information

Garmin DriveSmart Traffic Hands Free Information

It's easy to use a gps navigator. The maps are easy to see. alternate routes are suggested by the traffic company. Yes, the backup camera is compatible with BC 30 or BC 40. Voice activated and ability to pair with a compatible phone. Notable historic sites and the U.S national parks directory are part of the HISTORY network. Without a computer, built in wi-fi for map and software updates.

Brand: Garmin

👤I used a cellphone as my primary navigation tool and purchased the DriveSmart 65. The cellphone navigation systems are great, but I didn't like the convenience of the stand-alone units. I didn't like the fact that the navigation apps weren't easy to see when I manually used the phone for a phone call. There are two more Unless you use a different app or download offline maps from the internet, there's no navigation when you don't have cellular coverage. There are 3 more I never found the offline maps to work for me, there was always a problem with resolution that I could not resolve. Offline mode was not always used to work in general. I tried some of the other free offline navigation apps, but they seemed to be behind in updates, and did not seem refined, leaving me with a slight but ever present apprehension in my mind. I didn't like the small screen size when in portrait mode, even though I had an iPhone Plus. There are five The navigation app on my cellphone ran in the background and was not visible to view. I didn't see all of the trip info functions that the vehicle navigators offered. The app navigators had the same trip info, but it was hard to see. The DriveSmart 65 was more expensive than the 55, but the extras screen real estate was worth a few extra dollars for me. It is hardware. The screen is beautiful! Great resolution and bright colors. The brightness is turned up all the way. The 6.9 inch is the perfect size for me since I like to have all of the trip data functions showing on the screen at all times while allowing for ample space for the map/ navigation which is the most important part. The screen seems to be made of glass, but I am not sure if it is scratch resistant. The frame has a minimal amount of bezel which adds to visual appeal but makes accidental touches easy when trying to adjust the postition/angle of the unit on the mount. The screen is responsive to touch and there is little lag navigating through the menus, as it should be for a device at this price point. The speaker is loud and clear. I don't know what processor is in the unit, but I hope it is an upgrade from last year's model. It is smart to get the best hardware within your means, especially if you plan on keeping the device for several years, to ensure it will be able to effectively run the software updates. I don't like the way the power cord plugs into the back of the device. It would be great if it was plugged into the side or bottom, because it would be easier to mount the device on a desk if the power cord was not sticking out. The mount is standard and works well for mounting on a window, but I have seen it fall off of a vehicle. I bought a friction dash mount from Garmin because it seems to work well for now. I can't state my findings because I haven't had the battery disconnected from a power source for that long. It is very easy to use the software. It seems that the years of production have allowed time for most bugs to be worked out. The high detail map option provides a lot of detail and is helpful in keeping the user oriented from a geographical perspective. When you zoom out with the intent to use it indefinitely, the unit will automatically zoom you back in to the default setting, even though it does not really want you to have full reign on the map. You can have phone notifications for email/text/etc to show on the unit if you sync your phone to it. The option to make and receive phone calls when you sync the device to your phone is available for those that may need it. The unit has the ability to update maps without a computer. After attempting to update the maps 4 times, I got error code each time and the device aborted the process. Maybe it is because my internet connection is not high-speed. It will be great to see if there is a similar issue among other people. The maps will have to be updated with a PC. Conclusions: The device performs well as expected. Excellent native route planning and accurate navigation. The screen is bright and high resolution. It's right in the sweet spot. I am not convinced that the features this unit offers are practical enough to justify the higher price. If the processor is better than last year's model, this is a good value. It was a factual decision. I don't have to use my phone as my main navigation when I have a stand-alone navigator. Happy with the purchase, even though I mentioned some things. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a navigator.

5. Navigation Positioning Microcontroller Compatible Sensitivity

Navigation Positioning Microcontroller Compatible Sensitivity

The phone data cable can be used directly on the computer point of view, and the default distribution of active antenna can be quickly positioned with the IPEX antenna interface. The original UBLOX 7th generation chip is used in the GT-U7 main module. The software is compatible with the GT-U7 module. The host computer-owned serial port function allows for the sending of IPX interface active antenna without the need for an external serial module. If you have a problem with their product or need product use documentation, please contact them immediately. They will be able to help you in 24 hours. They try to provide the most professional service they can.

Brand: Deegoo-fpv

👤I bought a module to use as a time reference. It gets a fix inside my house. I didn't have to change the settings on the module. I connected it to a NodeMCU controller and it worked as expected with the Tasmota NTP server. Tasmota doesn't take advantage of the signal from this module, so this configuration is not a high accuracy NTP server. That's not the fault of the module. The way Tasmota interface with the gps module is to blame. I connected it to the Pi. It worked with both and got a precise range when the PPS signal was used. The Pi 3B+ was more accurate than the Pi. It has a quad core processor and can dedicate a single core to monitoring the signal. I only tested the accuracy of the Pi's. I did not test the accuracy of the NTP clients connecting to the Pi's NTP server. The gps module was interfaced with by gpsd and Chrony under linux. The gps modules line can be accessed through the /dev/pps0 device provided by the Linux kernel. This only shows the beginning of a second, but does not show the time of day. The calender date and time can be obtained from a secondary time source. The calender date and time is provided by the gpsd daemon. I never found an advantage in configuring gpsd to access the device because Chrony can access it directly. Adding another layer to the pps and chrony is not a good idea. ppswatch is a Linux utility that shows information provided by the gps serial interface cgps, and gpsmon is a Linux utility that shows information provided by the gps module. This information was used in the setup.

👤I ordered two of them a few weeks apart. The first one worked well. I plugged the antenna into the power and dropped it onto my workbench. Within a short period of time, it had a 3D fix that would start doing 1PPS. It would get a fix a few seconds after you power it on. Incredible! I was able to use the 1PPS output for my project, even though I INRDeals I bought a second one. The second one only heard a single satellite and sat for over an hour. I switched the antennas because I thought it was a problem with the antenna. The amazing one stopped working after I got 11 satellites. The antenna was bad. There is a Even with a good antenna from the other one, it never got a fix. It is a wonder when this module works. It is useless when it goes bad. With the incredibly low price of this module, you might be able to take a chance. It seems like you'll be deeply disappointed.

6. Charger Adapter Replacement Vehicle Traffic

Charger Adapter Replacement Vehicle Traffic

This cable is power only and does not include traffic updates. You can charge your device while using the navigator. Full-speed charging is provided by the output usb charging. DC 12V and DC 5V-3.1A are used. The cable is long enough to ensure that you can connect your device quickly. It is possible to work with the Nuvi 255W 40lm. 52lm 55lmt 56lmt 58lmt 65lmt It is backed by a one year warranty from FouceClaus. Contact their customer service team at any time for any questions or concerns. It is backed by a one year warranty from FouceClaus. Contact their customer service team at any time for any questions or concerns.

Brand: Fouceclaus

👤This item makes my drive drop into PC sync mode whenever it powers on. It started doing this about a week ago. If you sit it to hit cancel, you won't be able to use the garmin for navigation. The weak design of the outlet causes it to push itself out of the sockets. They should have used the rubber grommet at the tip to hold it in the receptacle sockets. The spring pressure is against its function.

👤I bought this to make my job easier. I keep my phone on the side window, my gps on the dash, and I want them to stay charged, especially the gps which has a short battery life. The small size is very nice. I was pleasantly surprised when my phone started charging right away. This worked because my phone seems to be picky about cords. I plugged in the device and it didn't work. I gave up and ran some things after a couple of heavy sighs. When I got out of the store, I started the car and the gps device woke up. It worked. I thought so. After about five seconds, the gps tells me the charging point is not working. BAH! I will return it.

👤When I use this charger, it works to charge my device, but it won't work for traffic information, and I get a message saying that it's not an authentic device, and that it's not a good idea to use it for traffic information. I stopped using this charging cable because the Garmin can access traffic information. It's unfortunate because it has the two ports that I like. I need the traffic information for my commute.

👤I gave this a try and it works just fine after many failed attempts to find a charge for my Drive Smart 61. The 90 degree angle does not interfere with my dashboard mount. My original DriveSmart cord didn't give traffic. I can use this device to charge my phone and get better traffic conditions. It doesn't enter into data transfer mode every time I plug it in, and the display is not dim like data cords are. I have only had it for a couple of weeks but it is so far so good that I cannot vouch for its longevity.

👤Leaving the cable behind and having one ready to use in the other car is important when I move from one car to another. I can plug it into the "lighter" sockets and add a phone and computer charge into the same array because it has two USP ports built in.

👤I wish I had found this sooner, I use a garmin nuvi 580 LmT -S trucker gps, and I can charge my phone and trucker headset, and it works great with my tractor trailer.

👤The cord won't charge my device. It is nice that it has two ports. If you don't want to be able to charge your device, it's a decent buy.

👤It doesn't support traffic reports so everything works fine. I have to keep my garmin connected to the power.

7. Navigation Glonass Stratux 10 Raspberry

Navigation Glonass Stratux 10 Raspberry

The VK-172 is a gps module that can be used for Windows and Linux. The productGPS protocol data is the default output of Vk 172 g-mouse. You can modify switch PS / GLONASS protocol data with the help of the software or serial commands. Put this module into a linux machine. No configuration or additional drivers are required. The User Manual can be found if you install the driver first. This listing page has a Technical Specification on it. If you need driver links or videos for VK-172, please contact them. How to contact us? Click "Ask a question" in the new page if you want to email them. If you need driver links or videos for VK-172, please contact them. How to contact us? Click "Ask a question" in the new page if you want to email them.

Brand: Stemedu

👤I want to get out of the way that I'm not an expert and just use this for accurate time, location, and messing around occasionally. This module has performed very well in my testing. You can't really complain about it. My first lock took about 5 minutes, but the first one didn't take long at all. The module seems to work if it's connected to a power source. When you see a green light, you know you have a lock. The quality of that lock can be very good, but you should at least have 2 satellites locked up. After I downloaded the software and driver from the U-Blox website, I plugged the gps receiver in with a cable and set it next to a window, I decided to try it on my Windows 8.1 PC. I saw a flashing light on the gps receiver and a few satellites were locked on in the software after 5 minutes. I had 7 satellites locked and 10 that were being heard. There was a small drift in speed, altitude, and latitude/longitude, but that's to be expected in modern cell phoneGPS receivers. That's a pretty good price for a cheap little device. I think I'll have better luck outside, because that was indoors. I plugged it into the device I was going to use it with, the Raspberry Pi 4 being used as an amateur radio field computer. I got a lock and an accurate grid locator when I plugged it in and configured it correctly, which is what I wanted since the Pi doesn't keep time by itself unless you use an RTC. The receiver looks pretty nice, and works exactly as it should. It can't be beaten for fifteen bucks. I'll probably end up buying more in the future because it works very well. 10/10

👤I needed a reliable time source for the ham radio digital programs and this was recommended to me. If you download the recommended software on this page, it may interfere with the software that is needed to update the computer time. I use a timer. There are many others available. I ordered a second extension cable for my other computer and it was very pleased. 73, WB4GUD.

👤A gps dongle? I was skeptical because most of the antennas are 6 to 36 inches long. I plugged it into the mt PC and after it loaded the appropriate driver, I started to see the gps data. That is boring. What about a computer? Check the video. It is too easy. Make sure your copy of Raspbian is current. To verify the TTY assigned to the dongle, open a terminal window and use apt-get install minicom. Then you have minicom -b 115200 -o -d. You have a device. What could you do with it? You can put it in your kid's trunk to see where they go. It's a good idea to put it in the sales rep's car to see if they actually visit the customer. Before you do that, check the laws of your state.

8. Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Adapter Factory

Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Adapter Factory

This product makes it easy to use wireless CarPlay. It's very convenient to convert wired to wireless. It connects to your phone when you get in the car. It was much easier to plug the phone in. The car is compatible with Factory CarPlay. It is compatible with the i Phone5 to 13 Pro Max. It doesn't work with units that don't have wired Carplay. This works with most aftermarket K-enwood, A-lpine and P-ioneer decks as well. 3. The main function is to enjoy automatic and wireless connection to CarPlay. You can retrofit your existing system to make it wireless. It's easy to play music, get directions, or use a voice assistant. The most widely used car radio brand is the CarlinKit brand and it's very compatible with most vehicles. Your car will have everything you need to listen to music. The principle is 4. Their device has hardware for both wireless and wired connections. The phone is connected to the wireless network and then disconnected. From that point on, it works only on the internet. The plug-and-play solution is very easy to install and it automatically connects the phone in either pocket. CarlinKit has a 1-year worldwide warranty. Tech support will answer your questions and help you set up or update your product. CarlinKit has a 1-year worldwide warranty. Tech support will answer your questions and help you set up or update your product.

Brand: Carlinkit

👤I had a glowing 5 star review on this product that went into a lot of detail about how great this product was and how much better it was than others on the market. The review seems to have been taken down. I came here to edit it and found it was gone. The reason for the edit is not clear, but it is the reason for taking it down. The product worked well for the first three months. It was great. I am having issues where it randomly disengages and restarts. On short trips, it's anNOYING. Sometimes it happens once or twice and sometimes it happens several times over a trip. I'm considering reverting to wired because it's so annoying. I contacted the manufacturer to see if there was a fix. I will change this review after I get a response. Here are the instructions from the manufacturer, please don't worry, we will help you solve the problem. Please try the solution. The box should be put into the car and displayed with the connection interface and password. The version number is displayed in the middle of the interface, so please don't update it first. There is a settings button next to the update button. Looking forward to your reply. I will update this review after a few days of testing. I have not had connection issues since I reset the CarLinkit, but I did not follow the manufacturer's instructions. After I have had time to test, I will update the review again. 2nd It's been a couple weeks since the reset and I still lose connection all the time. I put a lot of time into reviewing everything I buy on Amazon for personal and business reasons, because I rely on reviews when I make purchases. If the review is helpful, please show your appreciation by clicking the "helpful" below.

👤Once connected to the Apple Carplay, the CarlinKit works great. My problem is trying to get it to connect. I had to take it out of my car. Wait a minute and turn off my phone. I turned on my phone's internet service after plugging in the unit. Sometimes I had to repeat the process after the connection was successful. My car is a Mercedes GLE 350. There were issues with the iPhone 11 and 12. I used it for a couple of weeks. I was having issues with the connection several times a day, but I would rather plug in my phone.

👤I bought this unit in April and it quit working 41 days later. Contacted Amazon. They said it was outside of the 30 day return and they needed to contact the manufacturer. I sent the manufacturer an email, filled out a contact form, and sent an inquiry, but no response or acknowledgment from them a week later. If you need support, buyer beware.

👤If you buy this and connect it to your car and it doesn't power on, it's because you're plugging in the wrong end. The small side of the cable needs to go into the box. The other side of your car must be larger than theUSBA end. If your car only has aUSBC port, you need to buy a separate female to male accessory. Will report back after a few weeks if I find any bugs.

9. Navigation Direction Reminding Satellite Navigator

Navigation Direction Reminding Satellite Navigator

The navigation with a large display helps you find everything well, especially suitable for professional truck drivers and older people. Despite the size, the base holds the navigation very firmly. The navigation system can be attached to the dashboard with the help of the 3M holder. Professional truck mode9inch truck gps navigator, professional truck customization, avoiding roads such as width, height and weight restrictions, and more. Estimated arrival times are provided with acoustic warnings and route planning. It makes your driving safer with progressive voice navigation. Other security alert types include average speed camera, red light camera, railway crossing, high accident area, city entry point, and dangerous area. Support Postcode, Address, Coordinates, Favorite and POI Search is a function of the car gps function. There are 24 routes options. Support for Map orGPS time setting. The gps sound can be transferred to your car with the support of a broadcast, but not a radio. Real voice navigation. Choose from a selection of voices that will give you navigation. You don't have to look at the screen all the time if you listen to a real man or woman voice broadcast. It makes driving safer and reduces fatigue. Average speed camera, red light camera, railway crossing, high accident zone, City Entry Piont, dangerous area are some of the security alert types. 2D / 3D map display in kilometers, meters, miles, feet, and yards. The latest map materials for the United States, Canada and Mexico are pre-installed in navigation equipment. There are updates for the rest of your life. You can upgrade through the official website. 2D / 3D map display in kilometers, meters, miles, feet, and yards. The latest map materials for the United States, Canada and Mexico are pre-installed in navigation equipment. There are updates for the rest of your life. You can upgrade through the official website.

Brand: Navruf

👤It is large and easy to use, as you can see from the photos, it is around the size of my hand. More like a computer than a navigation device. Everything you can think of. There are games, radios, pictures, videos, and Sat Nav. I am very impressed by the price. The screen display is clear and never gets any trouble from the sun, even though the video might not do it justice. The gps navigation is very fast at loading.

👤Over the years, I've owned a lot of gps units. This is the best unit I have ever owned. The voice command feature can change the game. When you cross the centerline, the driver assist features alert you. This unit is great.

👤This project is disappointing to me. It's not learning routes very well. The most confusing way to get to my destinations is the most direct route. The large screen makes it easy to see on this product.

👤There was no paperwork in the package that I received the gps. I wanted to return the product but didn't have an address. Contacted Amazon, but they were unresponsive. What can I do?

👤Most cars will have a difficult time with this unit unless it is somewhere other than the windshield. Even though car is in the title, I think this unit is designed for larger vehicles. You may be looking for one for an RV as well. The unit is accurate and packed with features. Go through the settings before you go on your first trip to make sure you get the best use for your situation. This unit is a steal for drivers of trucks or RV's. I've used it in my car as a passenger side mount, like a police officer would have their computer. I drove by the voice commands. This can be in a better location if you are in a semi or RV. The speed limit alert is very accurate. It has games and media player capabilities for down time. The unit is a great price.

👤This gps is very good. I like it. The only problem I had was that the sticky didn't stick. Constantly falling. Didn't have any kind of glue. I usually don't put it on a window, but this time I had to. I had to glue the stand to the dashboard.

👤I thought I was buying a navigation device. I blame Amazon for this since I searched for it. My comparison is with my other unit. It takes forever to find the address and start directions for this brand. I can't read the street names because the screen size is too small. I don't like having to enter the city and then the street. If I prefer nuimer than street, I can travel from the correct city. I should have bought a device from the factory outlet. I kept this one because my daughter thought it was acceptable. The unit is cheaper at the store.

👤The display is clear and easy to use. The navigation is difficult. I entered searches for places like the Grand Tetons, but they were not found. It has to be returned because it doesn't support Map updates from the MAC. There isn't a detailed manual to find online, and the limited instructions it comes with indicates to work your support questions through Amazon. I need something that is easier to use and supports me.

10. GlobalSat BU 353 S4 USB Receiver Black

GlobalSat BU 353 S4 USB Receiver Black

A built-in gps patch antenna. A built-in roof mount Magnet. 48 channels of all-in-view tracking SiRF Star IV is a gps device.

Brand: Globalsat

👤The NMEAGPS Receiver is used for applications. Does not provide location services to Windows. It was weatherized to handle all but submersion. It can be attached to many surfaces without damage. The body panels of a car are included. complies with the standards of the NMEA. The interface is a standardusb-to-serial The COM4 settings are used by the NMEA interface. There is no support for Windows location services. The device is an NMEA device. It will work in any location that works with NMEA, but no modern Windows applications. It is only IPX6 rated, meaning it is not truly waterproof. It can handle a lot of rain. Only one location update per second. This is not a 5hertz version. There's a software package that will connect to an NMEA device and create a Windows Sensor for use with location services. This is a software solution for the hardware manufacturer's lack of native software. There are some bugs. It works. The package in question is calledGPSdirect. My only problems are with the software. I know the device complies with the standards it claims to support. There are newer standards in 2015.

👤They started giving me times in 1905 after using these for a while. I get the correct date when I boot up. The receiver no longer responds and sends data after I tried to go back to the script I wrote. Until the date changes, it works well with gpsd. It works well, other than producing data that is useless. I'm not sure if we're talking about the same device. The one I have connects to a port at a rate of 5000 baud. A driver is needed to read serial data. Any application can read the data once the driver is installed, I wrote a Python script that opens the device and reads the "sentences". The first consideration is that the initial read could be a bit long. The reader has to sync with the stream, which is not difficult considering the second consideration, which is each sentence is terminated with two newline characters. When you get a full line that starts with a '$', you sync by reading. I can read the data from the receiver using "cat". The heading sentence is not generated by the receiver. The antennae is bulky, but magnetic.

👤This is my 3rd one. I use them on Windows 10 64 bit machines to do the time setting for some applications that I run. The mini-disk that comes with the puck has a utility. Your windows time is dead on if that utility is running. Turn off Windows internal time setting so they don't compete. Highly recommend the software. The program and gps ran 24x7 and the difference between and this was +0.011 seconds. I have an Amazon purchased gps repeater that is stuck on a broom handle against a window in my basement and I am seeing 7 satellites from it. The sensitivity is very good. The HDOP is 1.9 and thePDOP is 2.5. Anything below 4 is considered great.

11. Microcontroller Compatible Sensitivity Navigation Positioning

Microcontroller Compatible Sensitivity Navigation Positioning

The link to use the template is in the description. The gps module will not search for signals when the weather is bad and it will not search for stars indoors. Please make sure that the gps module is in an open location when using it. The main module of the GT-U7 needs to be set to 9600 instead of 4800 to drive a hardware high precision clock. The phone data cable can be used directly on the computer point of view, and the default distribution of active antenna can be quickly positioned with the IPEX antenna interface. The host computer-owned serial port function allows for the sending of IPX interface active antenna without the need for an external serial module.

Brand: Makerfocus

👤The U-Blox Neo 6m is a clone of this chip. There is a It's a device that uses 5 volts. Both 5v with Rx and Tx. The Baud rate is higher than typical modules. Once you are connected, it works with TinyGPS and AdadfruitGPS libraries. The U-blox U-Center software can be used to interface directly with the chip. The U-center is complex and daunting. Since the device is a clone not every feature is guaranteed to work through U-Center but many useful settings do. The software is a direct software. The baud rate may be different for the serial and theusb connection. It costs me a lot of pain to learn, so I'm going to try it out. I am using several of this module. It gets a fix very fast.

👤The unit is a great value. It appears to use an authentic U-Blox chip under the metal can and white label. Most U-Center software functions seem to work. I made an NTP time server using theRaspberry Pi 2. Accuracy can be reached down to a few 10s of seconds. This requires configuring the Pi to accept a signal from one of the pins. I used the "GPSD" and "NTPD" packages to interface with the unit. When first powered up, the gpsd appears to update the time and other parameters that allow a quick "cold fix" when the TX and RX serial lines are connected. There is a word on power and levels. The module on the board is 3.3v. The board has a 3.3volt regulator that can be used to power theusb port. The Vcc pin is connected to the input. This is the updated version. The Vcc pin is the only one that can be used to power the module. The Vcc pin on the onboard voltage regulator is not functioning properly. It appears to function normally, but will be subject to very frequent dropouts of 3D lock and other erratic operation. Also. If a computer is connected to a computer and the board is operating from 3.3v on the Vcc pin, the device providing power to 5v on its 3.3v output would be required. Be careful. 3.3v is the logic high input/output levels of the TXD, RXD and PPS pins. The link in the listing clearly states these interface pins are not 5 volts. If you use a device that uses 5v as its logic "high" to connect to an input on this device, you will damage the chip. It may work for a while, but it's stressing the chip beyond the maximum ratings. The data on the receiving device will be very sensitive to noise and corrupted data, so the data on the outputs is not damaged. It may seem like it works, but you should invest in a cheap 3.3v level conversion chip for a few dollars if you want to connect to an auderc. The device is exactly the same as the pi.

👤I love these things. It works beautifully with the TinyGPS library and is 5V friendly. You can modify the ublox u-center software if you hunt it down. I've been using them for custom clocks. Don't set the time! Even from a cold start in the basement, aGPS lock can be achieved in minutes.


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