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1. NiceTQ 4451640 Charger Tomtom N14644

NiceTQ 4451640 Charger Tomtom N14644

Pritom L10 is a slim-body and lightweight, easy to carry and use in different places, such as kitchen countertop, desktop or outside place. It's good for taking photos and sharing them with your friends and family. The Pritom L10 tablets have double Box speakers, which bring a more powerful ertertainment experience. The mini 5-pin type B is used for theusb 2.0 cable. The transfer rates are up to 480Mbps.

Brand: Nicetq

👤I purchased a sync data charging cable to replace my broken cable and cigarette power plug, but I was unable to update my gps device through my computer. It's all garbage now, and I can easily replace it by using my phone to find directions to my location. If I could've updated my device, I would've been a 5 star rating. If that were the case, I would still use my TomTom. Oh well...

👤I got on line with Tom Tom, but he didn't support my gps, so I bought a new one with the same cord.

👤When my computer won't recognize the TomTom, the connectiion seems fine. I used a different cord. I tried to connect with my computer. Is there a file I need to download?

👤Prompt delivery is the price point.

👤Will not work. The type of cable will not work.

👤This product cannot be reviewed. Didn't know that my car is too old to be updated. Who knew?

👤This was supposed to be a way to charge a gps from a computer and do updates. The end that plugs into the computer is loose and falls out, while the end that plugs into the gps is not compatible. It is worthless and can't be returned.

👤I received a device for my motorcycle ride. Good to leave. Thank you!

👤The mailing cost to return the item far exceeds the value of the item does not work for the application I require.

2. 【Upgraded】 Cigarette Splitter SUPERONE 2 Socket

%E3%80%90Upgraded%E3%80%91 Cigarette Splitter SUPERONE 2 Socket

You will get 1x5FT cable creation. A to C cable has a replacement warranty of 24 months and a friendly technical support. The higher output cigarette lighter splitter has a total power of up to 180W, enough for simultaneous use of various watt automotive electronics, like Dash cam, Radar Detector,GPS, Car Refrigerator, Heated Seat Cushion, Vacuum Cleaner. The 20WPD and dual QC 3.0 ports boost the charging process. Three devices are charged at full speed. The car battery is monitored by the display. When the voltage is under 12V, there is a warning on the display. The car power splitter can be used for both 12V DC and 24V DC. 200W rated power, 5V DC, 7A in total. 15A is a replaceable Fuse. All-Round Protections are certified by the UL. 18-Months warranty. The plug has a built-in replaceable 15A fuse and protective circuits to safeguard your appliances. I agree with you. Make sure to buy the real thing with the "SUPERONE" logo. All-Round Protections are certified by the UL. 18-Months warranty. The plug has a built-in replaceable 15A fuse and protective circuits to safeguard your appliances. I agree with you. Make sure to buy the real thing with the "SUPERONE" logo.

Brand: Superone

👤Far from fast charging. When I plugged it in, my battery was 30% full, but it took me 38 minutes to fully charge, and all my apps were put to sleep. I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if I'm just being picky.

👤The product works as expected. I love being able to turn each port on/off on my own. I use it to control the lights in my car. Since my charge port is always on, I can turn them off using this outlet.

👤I needed this for my car. Excellent job for phone and dash cam. Thank you.

👤Before the brand lasted 3 years, I purchased one. This one lasted about 5 months. Not a good product.

👤Producto lo recomiendo!

👤The old car'susb port doesn't have enough juice to charge a modern phone, so I've been using a dual-12V adaptor with higher powerusb ports built in. I needed to charge my device, so I went looking for a new one. I found this one. It works well so far. The dual outlets have individual power on switches, and you can tell if they are on by the blue light inside. I can switch off the outlets with a button press, but I don't know why. It could be an easier way to kill a radar detector. The device has a display of vehicle voltage, which I used to have with my old one. The addition of theusb-c was enough for me to upgrade. If you want full power, you need to use the other side of the port, because the manual says that one side of the port is shared. The right side is not shared, but you should check the manual. If you use the 12V outlets, you aren't getting the same amperage to all the ports. The manual has fully documented it.

👤The power jack on my Ford is always hot even when the car is not in use. The battery needs to be protected with a splitter with switches. Plugging and Unplugging gadgets will eventually wear out the sockets, and that isn't a cheap repair. The blue LEDs let me know if I left one of the switches on. If you want to plug in things from a different place, you should use a long wire, which is messy if you want to just plug in things there. This one is perfect for the latter purpose. It's always nice to have the voltage reading on a splitter. It doesn't have enough juice to last long, but it does give you a warning when the charge is about to go. This splitter has a lot of useful features. If it didn't work out, that wouldn't mean much. It powers my dash cam and charges my devices. Highly recommended.

3. Cigarette Lighter Splitter 2 Socket Voltmeter

Cigarette Lighter Splitter 2 Socket Voltmeter

Pritom Tablet PC comes with a 180 day warranty. The Pritom team provides reliable customer service and focuses on the customer's pleasant shopping experience. If you have a problem, please don't hesitate to contact them, they will give you on-time technical support and better customer service. 5-in-1 Smart ChargerConvert and increase your car cigarette lighter from 1 to 2 sockets as well as 3usb port. Quick Charge 3.0 can charge up to 80% of devices in 35 minutes. Two cigarette lighter sockets give a total power of up to 80W, perfect for your gps, dash cam, Satnav, vacuum cleaner and so on. Internal Smart IC technology is able to detect your devices and deliver optimal current. It is easy to operate on/off switch for energy-saving and devices protection, no need to plug in and out your chargers, reduce wear and tear, and expand lifespan of your device. When the car battery is under 12V, the yellow display on the dashboard will flash a number and warn you. Multi-functional design allows you to be free from the lines in your car. The 90 degree pivot is convenient. The smooth and dirt-resistant plastic surface makes it easy to find sockets in the dark, and the soft blueLED lights make it easy to find sockets in the dark. The car power splitter and your devices are protected from overheating, overloading or short-circuiting by the built-in replaceable 10A fuse and protective circuits. The upgraded plug stays in your car sockets. It was certified by the FCC. There are two high-quality 10A car charger fuses that are given away with thisusb cigarette lighter sockets, 60-day money back and 5-year replacement is friendly offered. If you have any questions, please email them. Qidoe is your ideal choice.

Brand: Qidoe

👤Is that true? My car only has one cigarette accessory. I needed at least two to power my car. This cool little device gave me two ports, but I also received a number of extras such as a Quick Charge 3.0 port and a 2.4 A port. The plug fit into my car well. I like that I can adjust the angle of the charging port so that it doesn't get in my way when I'm changing gears. The buttons on the top of each port let you turn off the ports you're not using. This product is very useful. Love it! All the ports worked well. It will allow me to charge up to three different devices. Very versatile. Nice fit into my car. The angle prevents me from hitting the charging port. The price and value are great. There are no cons.

👤The device was a life saver when I and my wife took a road trip. I drive a two door car that only has one cigarette outlet, so when we travel it can be hard to keep our electronic devices charged. It worked like a dream after I bought this device. My wife and I were able to keep our cell phones charged and our radar detector on. The device is small and powerful. We all received a full charge and not a trickle charge. My wife has an apple device and I have an android device, and we didn't see any warnings about low or weak charging. The device was great. It must have for large families or long trips.

👤I wanted to find a way to not have to remove the DC plugs. I wanted to be able to turn on and off the DC ports individually so that I didn't have to remove the DC sockets as advertised. The led volts gauge will always be powered by the DC dual adapter. When my Suburban is sitting for a week, the meter blinks because it is below 12v. I wish the adapter didn't draw electric. When the vehicle is off, it only takes a little draw from the car battery. It is still a draw. I wouldn't recommend it for only one reason. Otherwise it works.

👤After reaching out to the seller over a year of use, the seller was pretty courteous to provide some solutions and offer for replacement under the lifetime warranty. I was in the car when it almost caught my car on fire. Thank god! I was able to stop it and find out where the burning smell was coming from, and even noticed a few streams of white smoke coming out of my center console. It's better to not keep it plugged in.

👤I received this multiport cigarette lighter adapter yesterday and was excited because it matches the interior of my car and I need it for my dash cam. It will not fit all the way into the 12V sockets. All of them made 100% universal. The port won't be able to touch this device. I was hoping it would work.

4. GlobalSat BU 353 S4 USB Receiver Black

GlobalSat BU 353 S4 USB Receiver Black

A built-in gps patch antenna. A built-in roof mount Magnet. 48 channels of all-in-view tracking SiRF Star IV is a gps device.

Brand: Globalsat

👤The NMEAGPS Receiver is used for applications. Does not provide location services to Windows. It was weatherized to handle all but submersion. It can be attached to many surfaces without damage. The body panels of a car are included. complies with the standards of the NMEA. The interface is a standardusb-to-serial The COM4 settings are used by the NMEA interface. There is no support for Windows location services. The device is an NMEA device. It will work in any location that works with NMEA, but no modern Windows applications. It is only IPX6 rated, meaning it is not truly waterproof. It can handle a lot of rain. Only one location update per second. This is not a 5hertz version. There's a software package that will connect to an NMEA device and create a Windows Sensor for use with location services. This is a software solution for the hardware manufacturer's lack of native software. There are some bugs. It works. The package in question is calledGPSdirect. My only problems are with the software. I know the device complies with the standards it claims to support. There are newer standards in 2015.

👤They started giving me times in 1905 after using these for a while. I get the correct date when I boot up. The receiver no longer responds and sends data after I tried to go back to the script I wrote. Until the date changes, it works well with gpsd. It works well, other than producing data that is useless. I'm not sure if we're talking about the same device. The one I have connects to a port at a rate of 5000 baud. A driver is needed to read serial data. Any application can read the data once the driver is installed, I wrote a Python script that opens the device and reads the "sentences". The first consideration is that the initial read could be a bit long. The reader has to sync with the stream, which is not difficult considering the second consideration, which is each sentence is terminated with two newline characters. When you get a full line that starts with a '$', you sync by reading. I can read the data from the receiver using "cat". The heading sentence is not generated by the receiver. The antennae is bulky, but magnetic.

👤This is my 3rd one. I use them on Windows 10 64 bit machines to do the time setting for some applications that I run. The mini-disk that comes with the puck has a utility. Your windows time is dead on if that utility is running. Turn off Windows internal time setting so they don't compete. Highly recommend the software. The program and gps ran 24x7 and the difference between and this was +0.011 seconds. I have an Amazon purchased gps repeater that is stuck on a broom handle against a window in my basement and I am seeing 7 satellites from it. The sensitivity is very good. The HDOP is 1.9 and thePDOP is 2.5. Anything below 4 is considered great.

5. Vantrue Dash Windshield Adhesive Mount

Vantrue Dash Windshield Adhesive Mount

A dash cam mount can be used to replace a damaged or lost mount. It works for Vantrue N4, N2S, X4S, T3 dash cam. Attaching to a clean and smooth surface will give you maximum holding strength. The ball head gives flexibility for positioning the camera. The slide mount system allows you to remove the dash cam without damaging your window, and you can remove the mount without damaging it.

Brand: Vantrue

👤This is a must have if you have an N4.

6. Pritom Android Octa Core Bluetooth Speakers

Pritom Android Octa Core Bluetooth Speakers

The sleek and tinyusb-c hub is compatible with almost all type-c devices, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad Pro, as well as operating systems including Windows and macOS. You will get a 24 months warranty for the product quality. The PritomTronPad L10 is a high performanceANDROID TABLET that comes with the latestANDROID 10 OS, 3GB RAM and the more powerful and energy-saving Octa-core Processor that enables quicker app launch, smoother videos and better overall performance. It's more convenient to deal with files, songs, pictures, videos, and games on this tablet because it comes with a max 128 gigabyte Expanded Micro TF card. If you want to buy a Pritom L10 tablet case, please search it. You can download thousands of apps in the Google Play Store if you own a 10 inch tablets, it has the latest OS and certifications. You can enjoy up to 10 hours of mixed reading, watching TV shows, and surfing the web with the 6000mAh battery and lower-powerCPU. The type-C interface support 15W fast charging made the experience better. The Pritom L10 tablet has a brilliant HDIPS display. Watching videos and playing games with bright colors, crisp text, and vivid video viewing is enjoyable. The performance of the visual experience is shocking because of the hierarchy of images and rich colors on the tablets. The Eye Health mode makes the reading experience more comfortable. There is a protective cover case for the L10 tablets. The aluminum alloy case is used to assemble the tablet. The 2.5D glass display will be more resistant to scratching and will be a better looking display. The Pritom L10 has an ultra-thin, full-fit and narrow design. It is portable to carry to anywhere. It's a good device for kids and adults. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with them, the team will be here in 24 hours. Pritom L10 is a slim-body and lightweight, easy to carry and use in different places, such as kitchen countertop, desktop or outside place. It's good for taking photos and sharing them with your friends and family. The Pritom L10 tablets have double Box speakers, which bring a more powerful ertertainment experience. Pritom L10 is a slim-body and lightweight, easy to carry and use in different places, such as kitchen countertop, desktop or outside place. It's good for taking photos and sharing them with your friends and family. The Pritom L10 tablets have double Box speakers, which bring a more powerful ertertainment experience.

Brand: Pritom

👤The picture was beautiful and the tablet performed as expected. It was a Christmas present to my wife. She loved it until a couple of weeks ago when it stopped working. The display was constantly changing between different displays. The tablet didn't work when I tried to power it off. I was able to restart the device when it started in safe mode. I can't figure out what happened because I can't get the tablet to turn off. Trying to reach customer support. When I have more information, I will update the review. Customer service is outstanding. I was asked to do a factory reset on the tablets and they made it easy to follow. The touch screen still didn't work after doing that. I was asked to send a video showing how the touch screen was working. The next email said they were sending a new device. They apologized for the problem and no more questions were asked. Excellent customer service. I will update this review again once I receive the replacement tablet. A brand new tablet was delivered yesterday. It's up today. It works and is excited to use. Thank you Pritom. There are sometimes problems. It's how a company responds that I want to do business with. I'll buy from Pritom again. Great product!

👤I had bad experiences with tablets in the past but I needed one to read and play light games. I decided to try this out because my ipad lacks those apps. The tablets is very thin. The brushed metal back is different from other tablets in this price range. It is very fast and can handle most games without laggings. You can compare the benchmark results. The 3.5mm headphone port can be used to connect to a keyboard through the magnetic pins underneath. This is a good and affordable tablets for everyday use.

👤Nice device. For the price, screen resolution and tech specifications are respectable. During set up, responded quickly. The apps run smoothly. The camera is decent, but not as good as a flagship phone. There is an update. The touchscreen stopped working. The Tablet has not been dropped. Hardly used. The screen is in perfect working order. Just stopped using the touch screen. It didn't last a year. I bought a case with a keyboard and TouchPad so I can tell it's just a touch screen. It's useless without the touchscreen. I think it's a chrome book.

👤My son is using this for his online classes. The battery lasts a long time. We used it for a few days before leaving. The sound is good for playing games, watching videos, and going on zoom. My son likes it and has it with him all day. There is a place where you can limit the amount of time you spend on the internet.

👤There is a new update. Customer service is a joke. They told me that the game I am trying to run is the problem. The world is okay if you stick your head in the sand. My three year old grandsons are speaking better English. This is my fourth Pritom. There is a My rating is now one star. Even with the internet off, this tablet is very slow. FarmVille is unbearable because game play is so slow. This is my third Pritom. The Pritom case doesn't offer much protection, as my last tablet died a horrible death. fingerprints are still horrible, this Pritom has a screen protectors pre-installed. I'm returning the table because of a problem. It's so bad that I can't play my games. FarmeVille 2: Country Escape and Pokemon Go are my games. Not high end gaming. There is an update on the second tablet. Not to zero the display brightness is real cautious. Even when maxed out, the speakers are not very loud. The camera on my phone is garbage. The first night it was bright, this new tablet. I reduced the brightness setting a few times until it reached zero. You should be able to see something. I've not heard a reply from Pritom as to how to correct the problem, so I'm going back to AMAZON.

7. Charger MagSafe MacBook Tablets GPS USB

Charger MagSafe MacBook Tablets GPS USB

Don't worry about the prblems once you order the product, there is a lifetime warranty. A 63W car charging station with aPD port and aQC port supports charging two devices at the same time. S-protech quick-charge technology is protecting your device from short circuit/over voltage/over current and over temperature, hence protecting your devices and batteries from damage. The innovative and space-saving design of the type c car charger increases the efficiency and aesthetic value of the car. Plugging and unplugging of devices is easy with the anti-slip design and compact size. The dual-port SHELL car charging mount can charge 2 devices at the same time. Protection with high-quality material. The latest protection mechanism certified by the UL is incorporated into the design of the car iphone charger. Premium quality material guarantees safety. The FCC wanted to avoid interference to the radio. It is possible to use the Shell car usb charger with all of the devices that are powered by the internet. Plugging and unplugging is easy to do. There were no dead battery issues again.

Brand: Shell

👤The yellow is not nice. I always resent paying to advertise a company, but this is an adequate phone charging point. Doesn't get hot and delivers the power needed. It feels cheap, but so far it seems to be strong.

👤The opposite of my ex- wife... The guy works well but looks off. Do I need a phone charging station? I'm not sure. It gets the job done.

8. CableCreation Braided Charging Premium AL Alloy

CableCreation Braided Charging Premium AL Alloy

The transfer rates are up to 480Mbps. Gen2usb 3.2 type-c to type-a cable supports 10 gis data transfer You can transfer HD movies or songs with the help of the cable, but it does not support data transfer or charging between two laptops, nor does it support video output. 60 watt fast charging will charge your computer, phone, and tablets up to 20V. The built-in 56k Resistor protects your devices from damage. Output power can be up to 3 Amp. The A to C cable is compatible with all of the above. Ultra/S21/S21+/S20/Note10/Note 10 Plus/Note 20 S10/S10e/S10+, MacBook, MacBook Air, Chromebooks, Dell XPS 13, Premium aluminum alloy shell and gold-plated connector add additional stability and strength to this cable, which is a must-have for daily use. You will get 1x5FT cable creation. A to C cable has a replacement warranty of 24 months and a friendly technical support.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤Strong and thick. It was too much over built. I like it!

👤The cable is 100% recomendado, and it is also Transferencia de datos, para el caso de prueba de la transferencia.

👤I bought this cable to connect my Macbook Pro to a computer. None of the devices connected to the USB KVM are detected if I plug the cable directly into my laptop. If I connect the cable to my old dock, the dock into the MBP will detect the downstream devices. I know it's not an issue with the KVM because I can use the cable that comes with it and the one that comes with the USB-C accessory. I have a power adapter plugged into the switch, so it's not an issue with power. The purpose of the cable is lost if you have to go through this dock.

👤The cable seems to be strong. The price for that is not cheap. The stupid cat likes to chew cables, but it is taking more abuse than other cats.

👤I bought this cable to use in my car. I don't have any issues with it. It works perfectly with my car. I don't lose a connection. I used the original cable that came with the phone. It didn't charge after about 2 months, and I couldn't use my phone through auto. I'm still using this cable and it's working great. I recommend it to anyone who uses it in home or office. It's worth it.

👤The cord is thick. There's a strap that you can use to pack it up. It's the only thing I'm going to use for my phone. The galaxy fold z3 is a total battery hog, and will still slowly drain even when charging. I can run several applications with this cord and it will still juice it up. The cord is the best.

👤I bought this cord because I wanted it to quickly transfer data and charge faster. It takes 6 and a half hours to charge my phone battery from 15% to full, with this cord. The rubber coating on the end of the cable makes it impossible for my phone case to fit it. I lost the box so I will not be using it.

👤Allowed my computer. My Prime Pro PC will be able to communicate with my Apple IPad Pro 12.9” through ITunes. The X-570 MB only has one port for charging the IPad. The IPad wouldn't connect to ITunes through this port. The cable plugged into the other ports worked. I am happy now.

👤I was able to find a cable that could transfer data from my new 2021) ssd to my old macbook pro that has ausb 3.0 port. This cable is very sturdy and robust and it transfers data very fast. I will use this for a long time.

👤Good luck running this cable over with your chair, it is very thick and durable.

👤The cable works great with my computer.

9. HiLetgo G Mouse GLONASS Receiver Windows

HiLetgo G Mouse GLONASS Receiver Windows

There is a gps receiver for windows 10. There is a gps receiver called the g-mose. Windows 10,Vista/XP/CE are supported. The reference coordinate system is called the WGS. Tracking sensitivity is.

Brand: Hiletgo

👤It works on Windows 10 and the Pi. It will take some time and technical ability to get it going. It is not possible to use gisnass with gps/waas simultaneously. It's limited use for most. Don't abuse build quality, you will be fine. --- The review is for technical users. Instructions, software, drivers, etc. are not included in the VK172. It uses the u-blox 7020 chip and outputs a stream of standard messages. Special configuration messages can be sent/received without the software, but it's not as easy. I used Windows 10 for initial testing. It was assigned a serial comm port after plugging it in. It depends on what drivers you already have installed. I used PuTTY terminal software to connect to it after using device manager to find the correct comm port number. It showed the sentences immediately, even though the baud rate was set to a different standard. I downloaded the UBLOX "u-center for windows" software to see if it worked. Within a few minutes, I had a lock on my position and the blue led started to flash. This was not near windows. After a while, it picked up a signal from the WAAS and was receiving satellites. I felt the device was barely warm after 20 minutes. I tested it with a real time gps mode and it worked just fine. It took nearly 5 minutes to get a 3D fix after I tried it again the next morning. It may be that night time RF signals get less interference or that it didn't retain the ephemeris data. At night it was around 2 and at day it was over 3-4. When moving the receiver close to a window, two WAAS satellites were picked up. The daytimePDOP improved to 1.3-1.8. A full cold start in this location took 5 minutes and 20 seconds to get an initial fix. A hot start took less than a minute. A warm start took 31 seconds. It isn't too useful in reality because it's advertised as working with Glonass satellites. The configuration through the software seems to show that Glonass isn't enabled. The documentation states that neither gps nor qzs can be enabled. After disabling all other systems, I was able to enable Glonass. The only advantage would be if it received both at the same time. Since it doesn't, there is no point in bothering with it. I did a quick test on the Pi 3 after playing with Windows. I connected to the serial port using the putty program. I watched the expected strings. Gpsd seemed to work after a bit of effort. I looked inside. The ublox G7020-KT gps chip, ft25h03s 4Mbit serial flash, small battery like component, and patch antenna are notable components. The battery is just over 1 watt. The markings are obscured, but I think it's an XH414 which is a battery-operated device that can be used for a hot start. The soldering was good, except for the mechanical contact points which had not flowed properly, the signal pins were fine. I did not need to touch up the weak solder joints. It is a decent unit if you don't need the two things at the same time.

10. Otium Cigarette Splitter Replaceable Compatible

Otium Cigarette Splitter Replaceable Compatible

A car charger and an independent knife are included. You can increase your car cigarette lighter sockets from one to two 12V / 24V sockets with an independent switch and support gps and other car products at the same time. You can charge 2 devices with a single type-C charging port with Max 1A output current or 1.5A output current. It supports the iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3. MULTI-Passive safety system and replaceable blade. The smart recognition chip and safe fuse are replaceable, so you can cut off the current to prevent the product and your devices from over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection. The volcano and low VOLTAGE inDICATOR are part of the Voltage Monument. Once the power center is on, the car battery can be monitored with a display. Use a small amount of electricity to keep battery state of health and safe. Plug this Otium car outlet adapter into your cigarette lighter and you won't have to worry about wires. All-in one design with flexible rotation makes your car neater, and brings you more convenience activities in car.

Brand: Otium

👤There is nothing exciting about having a cigarette lighter. The ability to provide a constant voltage reading of your car battery terminal is one of the highlights of this sockets. This is important. When the engine is off, the car batteries have a +12V voltage. When the engine is on the car's alternator, it raises the voltage to between 13.2V to 14.0V, which in turn will help your battery last longer. You know you are in trouble if you notice the voltage is less than 12.0 volts. Either your battery failed or your alternator failed, that's what caused the drain. If you have a problem, this feature will let you know. Great idea and product.

👤This was ordered for use in the F-150 pickup. That part works. The blue light is soft. The one sent to me has no power source. The front of the device is plastic and there is no LEDs present. The item and box are stenciled with the model C46 They did answer the email but said it was Amazon's problem. Really? The item is marked as a model number. A lower model without a display? This was put in two vehicles to see if it worked. To the seller, this is a note. The product is not manufactured correctly or marked incorrect. It is your problem. No one cares who sent the item. Even though you passed the buck to someone else, you get a one star for answering the email.

👤When ordering sight unseen for the description and photos, it's important that they are accurate. The items that should have been in the description are here. The blue light is only visible when nothing is plugged into the sockets. The switch that controls the recess needs to be in the "on" position for the blue light to work. The cigarette lighter recess switch must be in the "on" position if the blue light is to help find it. The other item is related to the voltage. The reason we ordered this item was to get the red display instead of the amber display. The amber display was associated with the old design. We wanted the red voltage display to match the other displays in our car, so we found this model sturdy like the new design is supposed to be. If the car battery voltage is below 12 Volts, the voltage readout will "blinks" about once a second. I didn't find this fact in the description. When the engine is not running and the car battery is less than 12 volts, it blinks. This could happen when you try to sleep in a car with the engine off. When the car engine is running, it doesn't blink because the alternator is cranking out enough power to charge the battery. This should be in the description. The sellers want to improve the model based on feedback from customers, as shown by the comparison table between models in the written description. I wanted our business to go to a seller who has been responsive to the customer and we paid a few dollars more for a similar model. The description for the new model shows the "red" voltage readout that we wanted. The star was deducted from five to four because we received amber instead of red.

11. Garmin 010 10723 15 USB Cable

Garmin 010 10723 15 USB Cable

The package is easy to install, please refer to the installation video in the listing before your installation. Amazon ships in Frustration-Free Packaging.

Brand: Garmin

👤This is not a mini version of the old style connector used by modern devices. It is not made by the company. A waste of money and a misleading product description.

👤I'm not sure why there are so many reviews that say it won't transfer data, it's not a Garmin cable, and it doesn't work. The cable I received is not the same as this one. It works the same way as the original Garmin cable, transfers data, charges the gps, and works in every way I can think of. It was tested on aGPSMAP 64SC. There are a few reviews from people who thought their inability to buy the correct cable meant that there was something wrong with the cable itself, and therefore rated their competency in buying the correct product instead. Don't buy it if it isn't the same as what you use. It works for the rest of us.

👤Don't pay attention to the reviews. I believe that Amazon applies reviews to any product they want. The cable won't download data. Only the power input will be used. I had many of these. The reviews said the data transfer cable would do it for me. Wrong! This will charge your device off of your computer. Don't bother updating your maps if you want to.

👤This won't work with my nvi® 2597LMT. I tried on different computers and no one would let me use them. I was very disappointed with this cable. Not a product from the company. It seems like a generic imitation.

👤I bought my NUVI in November of 2015. Had no problem doing updates. I wiped out the programming and reinstalled it. It worked a lot faster when I did that. I tried to do an update a week ago but couldn't. The problem I was having was that my computer would show the device in Explorer, but the software wouldn't recognize that it was connected. Oh my! The cable could have gone bad. I ordered this because I crossed my fingers. The software was fired up when it was plugged in. Away! I am updating my maps. It will only take 30 minutes, not 2 hours. I have Windows 10 now. I don't know why they want us to rate sheerness and thickness. It's possible. I didn't give a rating to "Sheer" and only gave a star to show it was thick. I think this is a better cable than the one I got when I bought the device. It is larger. Both ends were correct for the connections. I was glad the description said GARMIN CABLE, but I was not sure if it was right, so I canceled my previous order and got this instead.

👤The purpose of buying this was to charge/download maps to my navigator. The attached power cable can't charge your device. Use the cable that was provided. I don't have that cable anymore.

👤This cable was a perfect replacement for my devices. Most of the " will not charge..." comments are the result of inadequate power source. 5 Amps is required to charge my Drive 61. The majority of autousb receptacles deliver 2 or 2.1 Amps. Some wall chargers have the same limitations. The cable is not to blame. The device can't tell the difference between the power source and the limitation. It blames the cable for its lack of food. The only problem I have is the longevity. These cables can't handle vibration and have very fine wires. My car vibrates because the engine can't be balanced like modern cars. This cable is a perfect replacement if you don't have enough power. I wish the wire strands were heavier.


What is the best product for gps usb c?

Gps usb c products from Nicetq. In this article about gps usb c you can see why people choose the product. Superone and Qidoe are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps usb c.

What are the best brands for gps usb c?

Nicetq, Superone and Qidoe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps usb c. Find the detail in this article. Globalsat, Vantrue and Pritom are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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