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1. Receiver Antenna Waterproof Navigation Equipped

Receiver Antenna Waterproof Navigation Equipped

There is an optional atenna stem with a 1 inch 14 thread count stem. It is made of high quality material. This is a car antenna that is compatible with many brands of cars. This antenna improves the positioning accuracy of your car. The antenna has a magnetic base which can be applied to any metal surface. It is easy to connect a computer and add software.

Brand: Wendry

👤I attached multiple systems, including a PC laptop and a Macbook. None of the systems detected it when it was plugged in. Send back.

👤I bought it for the cable. I tried it on my computer. Neither device recognized it. It tried plugging in to 3 different ports on my Rpi, but each time I tried to use a port, it was empty.

👤This item is not compatible with my in dash navigation system.

2. Peplink Cellular Antenna Receiver PUMA 221 Q W 1

Peplink Cellular Antenna Receiver PUMA 221 Q W 1

It's widely used: network routers, PC, camera, and PCIe card. The system has a gps receiver. 600-6000 MHz is the range for 2x2 cellular frequencies. The frequencies are 5000-6000 MHz. UV-Stable Housing is durable. White color, rated, IP68. Mobility 22G antenna, mount, wall, Pole Mount, Double Sided 3M Adhesive Pad are included in the package.

Brand: Peplink

3. Eightwood Antenna Fakra Female Extension

Eightwood Antenna Fakra Female Extension

The package includes a male and female cable. The V.S.W.R is 2.0 and the LNA Gain is 28. The antenna extension cable is called the RG174 3M/ 9.8Ft. Fakra c blue female right angle; Size: 1.77"x1.42"x0.55; package includes 1 pc Fakra gps antenna. Excellent temperature stability, low noise figure, and a strong magnetic base are features. VW works for the following models: Golf 5, Golf Plus, Touran, Touareg, T5 Multivan, RNS300 310, RNS315, and RNS500. Works for Chrysler:RB3; Becker:RB3; and MMI DVD 2G,3G,BNS low line.

Brand: Eightwood

👤Works on Harley Boom! 6.5 GT radios! Look no further.

👤Works well for my harley installation.

👤I bought the RNS-315 unit because my car didn't come with gps, but the dealership wanted me to take apart my roof liner and install an antenna there, and they gave me a quote of $300. I put the antenna on the side of my dashboard corner with some double sided tape after plugging it into RNS-315. I didn't have to have my headliners taken apart.

👤Every startup had a navigation fault message. Only about 75% of the time is accurate. Another unit that works 100% of the time was bought. I'm going to return both and buy a new one, though I'm not really happy with the performance.

👤I tried removing the bottom sticker to allow the magnet to touch the metal, but it didn't work. The larger metal plate didn't fix the problem.

👤I upgraded to a sync 3 system in my Ford Flex and the clock wouldn't change, it just reset to the incorrect time when I tried to adjust hour/minutes. Within a few minutes of starting up the vehicle, I was able to reset the clock on the back of the unit. And it showed correctly. I can now manually adjust the clock. Highly recommended!

👤I used this antenna to upgrade my car. After trying another antenna that gave a fault every time I started the car, I swapped to this one and I have no more issues. There is a The blue Fakra connector has a rotating wire connection at the back that allowed me to route the wire over the obstacles in my car.

👤So far, so good. The piece of junk antenna that came with the Ford F-150 sync 2 to sync 3 conversion was replaced. The problem with the time change on the unit seems to have been solved. It was mounted with strong double sided tape.

4. Receiver Antenna Gmouse Laptop Navigation

Receiver Antenna Gmouse Laptop Navigation

Menu is used to get the data from the gps receiver after instialled U-CENTER V8X. The software can be downloaded from the official website. It's compatible with Win 11/10/ Win 8/. Win 7/Vista/XP/98/CE. The software is free. All-in-view tracking on 56 channels. The U-BLOX 7 Chipset has a Magnetic base, high sensitivity and Strong Singal. Tracking sensitivity is high. IPX4 water resistance, dust-tight, cable length is 6.5 Ft. OpenCPN can be supported on the Raspberry Pi. One year warranty.

Brand: Vfan

👤I was able to get the gps receiver to work with OpenCPN on my cheapo Windows 10 tablets. I plugged the receiver into the port that was provided for it. The driver was installed by Windows 10. I opened the "Option" menu, selected "Connections", and then clicked to look at the available COM ports. In my case, I chose the newCOM7 for me, and chose a buad rate of 9600, which is the same as the standard 4800 default. I clicked "Apply" and voila! The satellite logo in the upper right corner of the screen turned red to green when my boat appeared on the chart. The Ublox program is not needed. The big take-away is that Windows 10 will automatically download the right driver, but it is only for the serial tousb part of the receiver. It shows up on Windows 10 Device Manager as a new COM port, not as a "GPS Receiver" or something similar, but as a new port under the "Ports (COM & LPT)" header. OpenCPN can receive and decode the "GPGSV" and "GPGLL" sentences if the receiver spits them out.

👤I wanted to use Open CPN as a navigation software and install the U-Blox 7 gps sensor. Not this year. The "sensor" is not compatible with Windows 10 without uploading a Virtual Comm Port. On the U-Blox website, they offer the VCP with an.EXE extension, but it is not an exe file, but something called a 10 file. I think you understand the picture. The internet is full of people who are experiencing the same issues. All necessary charts are downloaded and plug-ins are available. If your computer isn'tGPS enabled and you are using OpenCPN, I would suggest you use another antenna. Why 2 stars. I was able to get the software they give to see antenna performance to work, and the lat and lon were correct. I have been trying to work around the difference between a device and a sensor for over four hours. I sent emails to both of them with no response.

👤This device was bought with the intention of cannibalizing it. Attach it to a port and read the output for accuracy. The device I tested used a /dev/cu* device instead of a tty. The time and gps information was accurate. The internal device was in the shell. I had to destroy the shell. There aren't any screws. The RF shield fell off. It had to be re- soldered back on. There are five The Ubx-G7020-KT is the "standard" grade device. The more rugged G7020-KA is not what it is. There is a small battery on the board that can be used for a real time clock. This would allow for quicker signal acquisition. I would expect this device to fail after a few years. I wouldn't recommend this device for harsh environments. The manufacturing process used is flawed and no gasket are used to stop the flow of water. The manufacturing process was not enough to keep the shield in place. There are three The chip is not rated for harsh environments. It was a bargain, but don't trust it if safety or cyber security is ever going to be an issue. The battery was a pleasant surprise, but I wonder why the low end device has this.

5. Garmin 25MCX Profile Remote Antenna

Garmin 25MCX Profile Remote Antenna

It is installed in minutes with just one hole. Includes all the necessary hardware. Completely waterproof. A low profile gps antenna.

Brand: Garmin

👤The previous owner of my plane didn't install an external antenna but did install a Garmin area 510 in the panel. It was spotty and not very well connected to satellites. The antenna can connect to seven or eight satellites in less than 60 seconds. I am very happy with this product.

6. Connector Receiver Transmitter Magnetic Navigation

Connector Receiver Transmitter Magnetic Navigation

Many original and aftermarket gps navigation systems have a Blue FAKRA connection. This is a high performance antenna that will give you excellent gps reception. Help the gps to get a stronger signal. The antenna has a magnetic base which can be easily mounted within the vehicle. The long cable allows for the installation of the antenna in almost any car. If you have lost or damaged the original antenna, or if you don't have a gps antenna, it's ideal. If you have lost or damaged the original antenna, or if you don't have a gps antenna, it's ideal.

Brand: Asun

👤The antenna was ok until it stopped working after a couple of weeks.

👤My built in satnav issue was solved. It was quoted £250 to have it repaired by Ford because of the parts needed. After five minutes, I connected the antenna to my sync system and my sat navigation is working. Cheers.

👤The gps antenna is located near the base of the aerial unit on the Ford c max, which means you don't have to get to the back of the sat navigation unit to use it.

👤I put the gps in the car and it picked it up in less than a second, but the satnav seems to be malfunctioning, so I might have been having a problem for a while.

👤Gsp signal was received on the sat-nav. There are 11 satellites and 7 sat-nav connected to them. Cheap fix.

👤The price worked out well for me on my Mercedes CLS, I wish the fixes were as easy and cheap as this.

7. Garmin GA GPS GLONASS Antenna

Garmin GA GPS GLONASS Antenna

Terminated with a BNC.

Brand: Garmin

👤The signal strength was getting weak with my old antenna. This is plugged into my gps map 215, which works fine. This was plugged in using the BNC conector. Satellite acquisition can be done in a minute.

👤It works better than expected. It's easy to install. It works great after a year of use.

👤I returned because of the poor customer service.

👤It was very hard to snake through any tight space, and it was very hard to cut off the connection.

👤The universal output BNC connector is similar to this unit.

👤Cumple con lo qe dice.

8. BrosTrend 1200Mbps Adapter Wireless Antennas

BrosTrend 1200Mbps Adapter Wireless Antennas

It's compatible with Windows 95/98/98se/2000. You can get 867Mbps. Excellent for online 4K video, gaming, high quality music and Facebook, the speed on the 5 GHz band is 300Mbps. This dual bandusb wi-fi is useful. This Long Range WiFi Adapter comes with 2 pieces of 5d Bi High Gain Wifi Antennas, which will ensure range extended and stability on your computer. You can use the extension cable to connect it to any of theusb ports on your computer or laptop, or you can also plug it in and use the optimal wi-fi signal reception. Directly to any of the ports on your computers. The gold plated port works 10 times faster than the silver plated port and is compatible with theusb 2.0 port. It is possible to have universal companybility. This Wireless Adapter works with any wireless device, it is recommended to download the latest driver from BrosTrend Official Web. The security of the advanced version of the WPA3. Supporting the latest Wireless Encryptions: WPA3/WPA/WEP, AES/PSK/TKIP, and 802.1x is a way to protect your devices and network privacy.

Brand: Brostrend

👤The wireless network adaptor works great once you make some changes to your computer settings. It has good range and good wireless speed. There is a You need to make some changes to your system if you keep getting disconnected from the network. The system adjustments should be included in the instructions. 1) The power saving mode for the wireless adapter should be set to "maximum performance". In the Power Options, you can set theUSB Selective Suspend setting to "Disabled". There are 3 more To turn off a device to save power, click on the box labeled "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" in the device manager. The adaptor will stay connected to the wireless network once these settings are made. Without these adjustments, your system might put your network adaptor to sleep, which will cause your computer to be disconnected from the wireless network.

👤The unit appears to be of high quality. I am getting a high speed connection at the farthest point in the house, it works great and the range is very good. I initially had problems with my Windows 7 machine, but figured out that by: 1. Under Power Saving Mode, you can set the Wireless adapter to "Maximum Performance" 2. Under the Windows Power Options, set the "USB Selective Suspend Setting to "Disabled" 3. Click on the Network Adapters, then properties, then Power Management, and then UNCHECK the box that says "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power." It will stay connected indefinitely with those three steps. It seems that many people are frustrated by the unit constantly being disconnected, so it's not clear why the instructions provided with the unit don't give them. During Covid, there were problems with the adapter cutting out during long video conferences. It failed a couple of days later. It was replaced with a TP-Linkusb wi-fi accessory. It is a little slower, but has worked well so far.

👤Something is wrong with this product. I have concluded that only one of the antenna adapters works. Only one plug is active and both antennas are fine. This might not be that big of a deal if it wasn't for the fact that the single antenna port that works has a horrible signal. It's worse than my laptops. A signal strength of 90db can be found less than ten feet away from my router. No matter what orientation of the antenna port is used. A signal strength of 25db is shown when I switch over to my built in card. I updated the drivers on Windows 10. I've tried this on two Windows 10 computers and it works the same way. For this kind of product to pass quality control should make people think twice about buying it. My 10 year old has a 54mbps adapter and it works great. It's a really bad product. The signal strength is at best, 74db, and I'm within 3 feet of my router. The device is causing interference on its own. It's the only thing that makes sense. I would love to open it and see if I can fix it with a quick solder, but I want my 25 bucks back. I bought a second one 2 months after the initial one and can say with 100% certainty that the right antenna connection on both units enhances the 5 GHz signal. The left antenna increases both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, while the right antenna shows no 2.4 GHz bands at all. This must be a mass manufactured defect in either a particular batches or all of them. It's hard to believe that 2 units were purchased months apart. If you observe the same results, I suggest that you test connection signal strength with only one antenna connected to the right side port and report in your reviews. The data on signal strength with all combinations of possible antenna configurations will be shown in the images. I've tested the individual antenna that came with this. They are very good when used with another accessory. The main body can't use the antenna power because it's messed up. I took apart the antenna to make sure it was built correctly and with good quality. My suggestion is to just use the Panda Wireless PAU09 The N 600 dual band. The panda unit works well. It works with Kali Linux. I took an hour combining tests for this review because I hate this product and the company who makes them, so I decided to keep the faulty unit. After contacting support to inform them of a dead-on-arrival product, they requested that I pay to ship it back to them, and then wait up to 2 weeks for a replacement to be sent from China. Is that true? The company should be responsible for the problem if the customer pays for it. This company and product should be messed with. Let the data speak for itself. The product you should buy is here: GO.

9. Netgear 6000450 MIMO Antenna Connectors

Netgear 6000450 MIMO Antenna Connectors

It is comparable. Seat Car Models. This portable antenna is a great way to improve the performance of your mobile broadband devices when indoors or in fringe zones. It's possible indoors or outdoors. The bands are 700- 609, 1710, 21st century, and 2500-2700 MHz. Areas with low 3G or 4G signal strength can be improved. It's compatible with the NETGEAR MR1100.

Brand: Netgear

👤Make sure you use the signal strength to position it. It's hard to notice when a phone only updates the strength every 35 seconds. Make sure you position it based on the readings. That is time consuming. It works great when you do that. I bet all the negative reviews come from people who plug and pray. It is possible to get a worse signal if you position it wrong. That's how antennas work. The performance came from less fluctuation of the signal strength overall, but I got a 710db better signal in the best places in the house. Without the external antenna, I would have dips in the signal strength. I would go from 25Mbps to less than 3Mbps and back up. It would seem random. In the dead of night, there was no congestion on the tower. My uploads used to be occasionally in the single digits, but now they are never that low unless the tower is congested. Usually around 20 now. I get closer to 30Mbps with load balancing. It improved my ping times by 10ms. I get 37ms from the internet. I'm close to a tower but deep in the woods at the same elevation as the tower's base, I get a lot of fluctuations due to seasons and weather. I'll be buying another one for that price. I use two AT&T hotspots and a load balancing router for home internet replacement. It can be done. It's not cheap. Yes, unlimited is available with AT&T. So far...

👤The price was great and I ordered on for my 7730L hotspot. I had just two bars when I set up at the campground that had almost no internet. I did note that the internet was slow, even though I didn't run a speed test. I connected the antenna, stuck it in a window, and picked up another bar for a total of 3. I ran a speed test and got 20Mbps download and 5Mbps upload. Yowsa! I spent 10 days at that campground and didn't experience any internet issues. It is definitely worth the price.

👤I used the 6000450 Antenna to connect my Nighthawk LTE Hotspot Router. I purchased an antenna to hopefully boost the cell tower signal to a 4 or 5 bar signal, as I am currently receiving an average of 3 signal bars in my home. The antenna has two T-9 connections that are almost 20 feet in length. The antenna comes with 2 cups and clips to hold it in place. The antenna can be mounted to a wall with two key holes that are visible in the photo. I received my signal from the cell phone tower and plugged the T-9 into my Nighthawk routers and it still had the same signal strength as before. I unplugged the T-9 connection from my Nighthawk, turned it off, plugged in the T-9 connection, and then turned on the Nighthawk, but there was no difference in signal strength. I moved the Nighthawk out of the window and left the Netgear antenna in the window, which I saw no difference in signal. I used the internal antenna of the Nighthawk to see a decrease in the signal bar after I unplugged the Netgear antenna. I plugged the Netgear antenna in to the Nighthawk and saw 3 signal bars, then moved the antenna behind the same wall as the Nighthawk and saw a decrease of 1 signal bar. The signal from a cell tower to your device is not "boosted" by the Netgear Antenna. If your device is in an area of your home that doesn't receive a good signal, you can use the T-9 connectors to connect the antenna to your device. If you could move your device to the exact same location and angle as the antenna, you would get the same signal strength. This antenna will allow your device to receive the same strength cell signal as your device would if it were in the same location with a quality internal antenna. If the antenna in your device was not designed with a quality internal antenna in mind, then you could receive the cell signal better. In my case, the antenna in my routers seemed to be as good as the one in the Netgear one, so, in my opinion, there was no improvement in signal strength when I used the Netgear one over the one in the Nighthawk. The same signal strength was given by putting both devices in close proximity. When I purchased this device, I was hoping for an "electronic boost" in the signal strength I received from the cell tower. I received the same basic results from my two antennas, similar in quality and reception design, in receiving cell tower signals: 4G.

10. Summitlink External Antenna Vk 162 Remote

Summitlink External Antenna Vk 162 Remote

Plug and play with the pi. The extension cord can be mounted on the aircraft for better reception. It is capable. The U-blox 7 is a chip. IPX6 is dust-tight. It is capable. The U-blox 7 is a chip. IPX6 is dust-tight.

Brand: Summitlink

👤This was part of a Stratux construction and only got to use it a few times so far, but it seems to work best when set up at a distance from the ADSB unit. I keep it attached to the housing by a rubber band, but I was noticing that I was getting better accuracy on my iPad's organic gps than I was through the unit. Next flight, I put a distance between the receiver and the unit.

👤The device is very accurate after it gets a fix. It's better than my BU-353, better than the Vk-172, and much better than the AdafruitGPS Hat for the Raspberry Pi in terms of accuracy. It usually takes a couple of seconds to get the initial fix, followed by additional satellites for a more precise fix.

👤I bought this to replace the intermittent internal SPS chipset that comes with the Stratux kit and was very pleased with its performance. It is worth the money.

👤It functions as expected. The item description does not mention a magnetic base. It seems that this device is manufactured and sold under a number of different names.

👤The box was worked out of. They haven't taken it flying yet.

👤I needed a time source for a computer that didn't have internet. This worked well.

👤The puck does not have a magnet that it should.

👤I was hoping that it would work with the two windows. The red dot in the center of the Atlantic Ocean was where it wouldn't find the satellite. Nice device.

11. Jacksking Antenna Multi Functional Receiver Interface

Jacksking Antenna Multi Functional Receiver Interface

Click "Ask a question" in the new page if you have a problem. This is a car gps antenna that is suitable for many brands of cars. The antenna allows your car to receive stronger signals and improve positioning accuracy. The magnetic base of the antenna can adhere to any metal surface. The gps module is easy to use and connect to a computer. The material used for the gps repeater is high quality.

Brand: Jacksking


What is the best product for gps usb antenna?

Gps usb antenna products from Wendry. In this article about gps usb antenna you can see why people choose the product. Peplink and Eightwood are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps usb antenna.

What are the best brands for gps usb antenna?

Wendry, Peplink and Eightwood are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps usb antenna. Find the detail in this article. Vfan, Garmin and Asun are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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