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1. FindMyPet Premium Silicone Protective Tracker

FindMyPet Premium Silicone Protective Tracker

The air tag holder case is non-toxic. It's soft and comfortable for your dogs and cats, unlike other pet collar airtag holders. The holder is waterproof and easy to wash. There is no negative impact on your Apple Air Tag's gps tracking capabilities from your dog or cat wearing this small loop case holder.

Brand: Findmypet

👤It works well on Kong collars. The air tag is firmly in place. I put it on the collar so that the air tags are facing the collar to make sure they don't fall out of the holder. The accuracy of the air tag is not affected by this.

👤It works well with my dogs.

👤I need something for my peace of mind, but I haven't needed to track my puppy yet. This is a very good deal, it is soft enough to be comfortable, it is strong enough to be secure, and it is easy to connect the AirTag to his collar.

👤It was made for what the product was for.

👤I put the air tag on my dog's collar.

👤It works. My puppy dropped her AirTag more than I wanted.

👤I have a Great Pyrenees.

👤It works perfectly on their collar and is not too bulky on my 7lb kitten.

2. Cube Tracking Motorcycles Portable Subscription

Cube Tracking Motorcycles Portable Subscription

Real time tracking and a sim card included. Monthly subscription is needed for use. Track vehicles, cars, trucks, children, spouse, dog, elderly, motorcycle, ATV, boat, equipment, tools, employees, assets, car fleets, and valuable belongings. Track real-time via your phone, web app, or Amazon. The battery lasts from 10 to 60 days. You can get accessories to make sure your tracker is always charged. Get real-time notifications when the tracker leaves the area by setting upgeo-fence zones in the app. The tracker has a low battery and a button that can be used to send notifications about the tracker's movements. You can check the location history of the device for up to 5 years. A tracker needs a data connection just like a cellphone. There is a monthly fee for unlimited tracking worldwide. Customer service is quick and painless. Their US based customer service experts will take care of any questions so you will be 100% satisfied. LIFETIME WARRANTY as long as service is active.

Brand: Cube

👤I bought it because I have a fur baby. It helped when she ran around the neighborhood before I could get shoes on. It is definitely worth the money. I didn't think I would be the one to get one. We lost a dog after Christmas and my kids don't want another dog.

👤I don't think this is accurate. My dog will be sleeping in the same room as me and I will get an alert when he leaves the fence. He traveled five miles and back. He was with me. I am disappointed.

👤I bought 3 of these trackers to track the movement of my PODs. Units are fully charged. The battery died 3 days into the move, so the settings say to ping every 10 minutes. The battery died 4-5 days into the move. The battery died in the move. One of my PODs was lost in shipment. The product let me down. The option to return these units has been removed. The units are pretty accurate when it comes to positioning. ! Important! There is a If you choose the month-by-month service, the company will continue to auto-draft payments until you uninstall the payment options. The return option appears to have expired after I was able to retrieve all of the units.

👤If you want to track it when it's outside of your phone's range, I would not recommend buying this. This device uses your phone's gps to report it's location. Permissions to your phone location are turned off if the device is in a different country. I live in the USA and it shows it is in Africa. It is forcing "always allow" on the phone, then uses it instead of the gps device. I'm not sure if it's because the creators want to track us or not. They don't want it to use the gps service we are paying for. If it is not connected to the phone's location services, it will give occasional locations, but not enough to actually find the unit. Most of the time it won't give the option for live tracking. It appears that both your phone and the device have to be connected through a wireless network for it to offer live tracking. It will not offer "live" if it is outside and moving. There is a total piece of junk.

👤The sleek black gps fits nicely on our dogs collar. We wanted to be able to track her if she escaped from the yard, so we signed up for the service. The map is clear and we know where she is. It's a lot of fun to track her walks as we take her through the neighborhood.

👤I bought this for a fleet vehicle and was worried when the description said to make sure it wasn't under metal. We had it mounted under a back seat in a vehicle with no sunroof because it never lost signal and was tracked in real time. The battery usually lasted a week.

👤I plan to have my grandson carry it with him when he rides his dirt bike so that I can track him if he isn't back on time. If they disappear, this would be useful for dementia patients.

3. Qihengzy Portable Bluetooth Mountable Speakers

Qihengzy Portable Bluetooth Mountable Speakers

APP can be remotely controlled. Pair the free app with your phone. When you press the remote button, the receiver sounds "beeps" and you can hear voices from the gps tracker. Attach the wireless tracker to anything they always forget a key or wallet and keep track of them, the 2-way key finder will let you track lost items or be notified when they are out of range with a ring or flash. Finder is a smart tracker that is light and easy to carry, it is also a real-time viewing locator, which is great for avoiding your kids, pets are lost. Provide a last seen pin-drop on map via APP to help you find your items and search your car in parking site. There is a multi-function. There is an anti-lost alarm, a gps tracking device, and a remote control self-portrait. You can use a remote shutter to take a self-portrait, you just need to press the finder button. Please read the instructions carefully.

Brand: Yhan

👤I think this is a great idea for a dog. The tracker was so large that it was hanging down into his water dish. We didn't realize it was getting wet until we found it in several pieces. He chewed it up while still on the collar, because it was big enough that he could get it in his mouth.

👤The locator is cute and can help me find the key quickly.

👤The locator is small and cute, it can be used as a remote camera shutter to control the camera, I like it very much.

4. PETFON Tracker Real Time Tracking Monthly

PETFON Tracker Real Time Tracking Monthly

There is no monthly fee for the Petfon gps tracker. The small, durable, and rainproof device allows you to track your pet's activity and location in real time. The Petfon gps tracker uses a variety of wireless technologies for accurate positioning. The Rada serching feature can help you find the lost dogs. Petfon is easy to use and install. Follow the instructions to download the Petfon app. You can see your pet's activities and see his location at any time with the app. The ranges can be up to 3.5 miles in an open environment. It will be effected by surarroundings. GEOFENCING,MULTICOLOR,CUSTOMIZABLE VOICE COMMAND: If your pet leaves a safe area, you can get notified instantly with the Petfon gps tracker. The lights on the gps tracker can be turned on to locate your pet in dim light or at night. Voice commands can be recorded and stored on the tracker to communicate with your pets. The weight and the rainproof are included. The Petfon is small and durable. It does not work for swimming in wet weather, thanks to the rainproof feature. Petfon's battery can last up to 8-16 hours and comes with a charging station. It's perfect for going off the grid. Petfon2 is a different color than Petfon1, and it is dirt resistant. Petfon2 software has been changed so it is more stable. The initial positioning time is 10 seconds shorter than Petfon1, which makes the tracking quicker and more accurate.

Brand: Petfon

👤I bought this device for my Border Collie because she was bad about crossing the road to chase deer. We live on land. The main point is that it works, so you should take it off and charge it at night. I get a notification almost instantly on my phone when she is 100 yards away, and within 60 seconds I get a second notification that she is back in the leash perimeter. I was able to record my voice saying "Come" which freaks her out and sends her running right back towards the house every time it rained despite all the negative Amazon reviews that said it doesn't work in bad weather. It's great for us. I love the remote control, but there have been a few times when she didn't turn right after exiting the perimeter, that I pushed the button on the remote. She turned around and went back to her house. Maybe others are not charging. I want to make sure it works during the day. The device has helped us. I had tried some of the top products and they didn't work for me. The device is a lifesaver, it keeps my dog on my property, without the need for a fence. I highly recommend this! Thanks to the engineer who made this, it is easy to use and works well in Montana.

👤It has been upgraded several times since the initial review. I can see which direction my cat is moving as it is shown in real time. It is convenient to go out to get the cat. My cat is now registered as a cat, not as a beagle, because it has a cat category. I love the added features of the device, like the radar and almost real time tracking. It shows where my cat likes to hang out. It has improved the lives of cat owners. Thank you! We live in a suburb. My cat is in the garage. He goes out in the morning and comes home by 4:30 pm. He is about 11 lbs and active. The device is slightly bigger than I wanted, but my cat doesn't seem to care. It picks up the signal 80 percent of the time, but then it goes offline because my cat got under a deck. It works great when it works. I opened the door to the garage because I saw that my cat was on his way to my house. It shows its daily trails in a nice way. It gives me peace of mind to know where my cat is. He was a stray and is happy when he is outside. I have been looking for other tracking devices and this one is the best so far. You have to update the app to add a cat. My cat is registered as a beagle, which is not fair.

👤I received a gps tracker in the mail a few days ago and I am very pleased with the device. The app is easy to install and use, and I didn't have any issues with the tracker and receiver beingsynced to my phone. I was excited about this product because my dog likes to run the neighborhood and we live in a rural wooded area. The tracker seems to loose connection easily. It has been done while I have been in my house with the receiver and outside with my dog. I don't know why it is losing connection. The device is powered on. I wanted it to work for us. I decided to keep it because it seems to work better after we shrunk the safety zone. My dog went out of the "geo-fence" and the receiver wouldn't let him go. Our house is situated in the middle of 15 wooded acres and our dog is allowed to go outside without being on a leash or inside a fenced in area. He would wander off and visit neighbors before I knew he was gone. I wanted something that would allow me to be a lazy dog owner. The app was able to notify me when he went beyond the safety zone because of the size of the fence around my house. I pushed the button outside and my dog ran after me. The tracker and receiver disconnected when he went to lie under the greenhouse to get out of the heat. I was able to put the receiver outside on the porch railing and have my phone inside with me, the connection didn't seem to have trouble staying connected. I think this would work well with him on hikes. There is a new update on 9/23/19 that is not waterproof. We went kayaking on the river and my dog swam with a tracker attached to his collar. We tried to put it on the top of his neck, but he must have gone under to get the tracker wet. After drying out, the tracker stopped working. I've been unable to get a replacement tracker from the company. I was able to purchase a new tracker after contacting Petfon tech support.

5. AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Tracker

AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Tracker

There is a gps tracker for vehicles. A new version of the famous GL300. After the first service purchase, 2 months of free service will be added. If you buy more time, service is less than 25 a month. This is the longest version that works on the CAT M1 Technology. There are no hidden fees. Ready to use. Better coverage and longer battery life. The front button is pressed when there is an alert: movement,parked, speeding, device on/off, low battery, entering or leaving zones. The battery life is measured in days or weeks. Tracking history for 1 year. You can track from any computer, phone or device. 1 minute location updates while moving. It can be configured for location updates with no additional cost. It is the newest version of the technology.

Brand: Americaloc

👤The support department is great, and this tracker is easy to use. I was able to track my cheating husband to his girlfriend's house and then to every restaurant he went to for her, which will become important in court. I could tell what parking space he was in because of the accuracy. I had every right to follow the car that I tracked because it was in my name. I would check your state laws to make sure you are covered if the car is only in his name. I spent thousands of dollars on a private detective when he cheated. This device is worth every penny. You can have all the info you need in bright satellite colors with time stamps if you purchase a subscription to the tracker. I hid my box in a plastic one that I used for personal supplies and he put it in the trunk for me never knowing he was doing something. The tracker's history helped me make him history as well, so let's just say that!

👤I don't like to leave bad reviews. The gps unit witch seems to work well, but somehow gave us a false reading. We keep this unit in the backpack. I check the location from time to time. The location of the unit was very different in the emergency room. The movement would appear to show that the unit traveled directly from the school to the hospital. After calling the school, it was discovered that the kid and the gps unit were still at the school. Thank you for 20 minutes of terror.

👤I bought this product to keep track of my child who is visiting her mother in Texas for the holidays. We are in a custody case for our child who lives with me in Mexico. I am using this product to make sure that my child doesn't leave the country but still has the chance to see her mother, because I want to make sure that she doesn't go. I put this product in a pocket in her backpack, another similar product in the lining of her suitcase, and a third software on her phone. I assumed that one of the three would make it through an attempted abduction and give me enough time to alert the authorities at the border. The purchase, delivery and setup of the GL300W was very easy. The setup was done online and the purchase was easy. The device showed location in my home within 10 minutes. I setup the competing device and cell phone at the same time. Similar experiences with those as well. I had to run a trial before my child left for Christmas break. I set the distance of the fence to 0.1 mile around my home and the school property. I put the unit in the backpack. I set up the email notifications that I wanted to receive. The trial was about 8 days long. When my daughter left home to go to school, I was surprised that I could see the exact route that took her to school. I could verify that my daughter was where she was supposed to be on a daily basis. When my daughter came home from school, it was obvious that the product was still in school. This product did not have a glitch. The trial was successful. My child left for Christmas and the unit tracked from our home to the airport. It picked up signal again when it landed in Texas after it lost connection due to no cell service at altitude. It has been two weeks and it has tracked without fail. My daughter is going to come back tomorrow. I'll see how it tracks back home. I was assured that the product will work internationally after I contacted customer service about the ability to track into Mexico. Customer service has been great so far and I was very responsive after a few hours. Their pricing is very reasonable for what I was looking for, there is no long term contract required, and I cannot put a cost on the safety of my child and my peace of mind relative to that goal. The product does what it says it will do and does well from what I have seen so far. I was skeptical initially, but those doubts have passed. The product is reliable. Transactions and tracking are done on the web. If I had a recommendation for improvement, it would be to have a user friendly app for both phones. I was able to figure out what I didn't know because I am a computer literate person. There are videos on the internet that can help you with questions.

6. SPOT LED Energizer Visibility 94550

SPOT LED Energizer Visibility 94550

Their pet ID tag is water and dust resistant, which means your dog can run and play as much as they want. Their bright lights can be seen from up to 1/2 mile away, so you can keep an eye on your pet at night. If your best friend goes missing, you will get a location alert as soon as their tag is scanned. When it's time to replace the CR 2032 battery, simply remove the back and put a new one in. Press in the center of the tag to turn on the lights and choose your light mode. Questions? Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Spot Led

👤The website doesn't work. It will sit on 'processing' until you get numb with the boredom of it. When I try to log in, it doesn't recognize me despite the email saying I registered. When I tried it again, it sent me to a website that said to download the speedup software. I was sent to a blank page after trying again. It was the third time. I was stuck in the loop of putting my details. I was going to return this and ask for my money back, but what? No returns.

👤Didn't survive very long. I can't read the code or write on the tag anymore. Not water proof. Two of them failed and are no longer useful.

👤I ordered 2 of the pink. It was easy to set up. I can't believe the price you are charging for the information. It is a great peace of mind that I never need to use these. I wish they could leave an alternate phone number. I still have both, but I wanted to add it as of 3-21. The code is still readable. Over time, I was very impressed with the quality.

👤The person that scans the barcode can see what you put for your pet's lost information, and I got a message that said the person's cell phone location. The bio allows you to post what you want in the comments and attach pictures so the person that finds your pet will see it. When you squeeze it once, a blinking light comes on, twice and a slower blinking light comes on, and three times for a solid light. He is easy to see at night because we use the light. It is cute when it lights up his path. The small device is easy to attach to the collar because it is on a keyring. The only thing I would change is to use a bigger keyring or a different kind of clip to secure it. There is a

👤I bought it for my cats. The visibility is not very good. I added a lighted collar. The batteries are easy to wear down. I change it once a week. You have to be careful because it hangs so low in the water bowl. It would be better if it could be attached to the collar. It might be too heavy for my cat. I would not spend money on this. I took the second one back. It isn't worth it.

👤Cool. I hope we never lose our dog, but if we do, I hope this makes it easier to return him to us. We can set up a profile for contact.

👤Do not buy false advertising. Website to keep an eye on the dog. Work! I am getting my money back. I feel bad for pet owners who don't know the Q code and don't know how to find their dog. ARG!

7. Luminour Compatible Silicone Location Tracker

Luminour Compatible Silicone Location Tracker

This case is compatible with AirTag, which will prevent your device from being lost, scratched, dropped, or damaged. It's easier to see your pets during glow night. It will be much brighter in the dark if you shine in the sun or lamp. This case fix the device on the pet dog cat collar. The device Shake horizontally and vertically when the pet moves. The finder is easy to install and not easy to misplace. Multi-colors for you to choose are compatible with AirTag.

Brand: Chansmart

👤I put the air tag on the dog's collar. For some reason it rattled. These fit perfectly on the collar.

👤The holder tore after less than 2 months of use. It is less than par. It was on my dog's collar and hasn't been touched since it was placed.

👤The Apple tag holder is perfect for my dog. She likes to dive into dirt mounds and is rough when she plays. The holder goes over the collar. I am not sure how they would work for small dog collar since there are so many sizes. It was easy to get the Apple tag in the holder. I have had it for about 10 days now.

👤My dog destroyed the first AirTag holder I bought. I didn't want to spend as much since I expected these to get chewed up again, but the first one cost several times as much. I bought the luminescent ones and they glowed brighter than the one that got chewed on. The AirTag holder is larger than the other one, so that it sits on the collar, which is the only downside. I am happy with this purchase.

👤Good material. My dogs harness doesn't open or close. I had to slide this over the spot where the leash is attached. After taking my dogs off the leash, I stayed in even after the air tag was down. It wouldn't come off and can be used in the trails. I used both pups on this pack. Would recommend.

👤The Airtag fell out on my dog.

👤The tag will fall out when these stretch. Within a couple of weeks, I found my two labs laying on the ground with their AirTags laying on the ground. The holders are not tight to begin with and they loosen with age. Not recommended.

👤These things were perfect for what I needed. One of our dogs likes to run away when we let him out side. I bought apple airbags to track them, but I couldn't figure out how to attach it to them until I found this. I put the air tag on the inside of the collar to make it work. It was perfect!

8. Family1st Real Time Strollers Industry Required

Family1st Real Time Strollers Industry Required

LIFETIME SUPPORT is important. The device only works in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Does not work in Australia. They offer unlimited support for their products. If your device produces undesirable results, they'll give you a full refund of your hardware and subscription charges. Additional cases can be purchased from ASIN's. A pet collar attachment case is included with the device. With a fast 4G network, their gps tracker offers an honest and secret way to track vehicles, teens, pets, senior persons, luggage, and all other valuable things. covert real-time tracking with up to 5-second updates through mobile, PC or web app You can use smart alert systems to let you know when a 4g gps tracker enters or leaves a restricted zone. You can track actions, control alerts, and produce custom reports that provide essential information such as a low battery, exact location, or even a helicopter, thanks to the instinctiveUI. The sleek and compact design of their vehicle gps tracker makes it easy to fix in a car, stroller, backpack, purse, luggage or seat pocket for tracking your valuable asset. It's convenient to take it anywhere and keep track of it. For up to 2 weeks with high-speed updates, savesay The portable gps tracker has an extended Li-Polymer battery that lasts up to 14+ days. Family1st provides lifetime warranty and unlimited support for their products.

Brand: Family1st

👤It costs 25.00 a month to subscribe to the product.

👤My son is going to bike to school. It was important for me to know when he left the school. It was a dilemma for me as I didn't want to give him a phone yet. I found this tracker while searching for something. It's small, a little bigger than the D size battery, and it fits inside my son's backpack pocket. When my son puts his bag in the locker and it's hard for the tracker to communicate with satellite, it stops working, but it picks up the signal when he starts moving. The customer service is great. I've gotten a response within the first hour after I've e-mailed them twice. If you want to track your loved one without an expensive phone, this tracker is for you.

👤Will not update all the time. It was 20 miles away. The battery ran for 4 hours.

👤Just got it and set it up. Everything was easy to navigate. The included instruction is clear and to the point. I was able to register, sign up for a plan, sign into my account, download the apps onto my iPad without a hitch. The website on my laptop is top-notch and the app is very easy to use. The gps data is very accurate but sometimes it takes more than a minute to update. The "Map it" function is not available in the app. It is only available on the two platforms. We will give it a few weeks to see how it performs. If there is no problem, I will order more in the future.

👤The instructions are weird to begin with. They tell you to go to an email address. That doesn't work. You need to email support for everything. I'm leaving overseas today and can't find out if this thing works outside of the country. No answer when calling support. We expect more for this money. There are a lot of better options out there. When I return from my trip, I will send it back.

👤The smallest portable device in the family does wonders. I would recommend this product and service to anyone who wants to keep an eye on their teen's driving habits, we have a new teen driver at home, and this device has helped us maintain peace of mind while he's out. It is hidden under the passenger seat. The support team at Family1st is very responsive and quick to respond.

👤The online manual for the tracker was very good. It was very easy to follow. I was able to set the device up quickly. The tracker will be used to plan and prepare school bus routes. We can get an accurate reading of the times between stops to help provide efficient routes for drivers. It would be helpful for the administrative staff to know where the buses are. It provides additional security for the bus. Next week, it will be used for a school field trip. The app is easy to use. We are very pleased with what we have seen.

9. Tagg GPS Pet Tracker Attachment

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker Attachment

When your pet gets out, you can send text and email notifications. Track and view daily exercise levels to ensure a happy pet. There are award-winning apps for the iPhone and the iPad. Attaches to your pet's current collar. There is an interactive map of directions to your pet. It's not recommended for dogs under 10 lbs. Attaches to your pet's collar.

Brand: Whistle

👤I feel like I can give a fair review now that we have purchased. We have never had more than a few days of battery life. The dog stays in the home zone 80% of the time because it is in an excellent location. We keep it clean and protected because it's never been exposed to water. This was a minor annoyance, but it was worth it because it saved our German Shorthair Pointers life after she ran away, got hit by a car, and kept going. Tracking takes 3 minutes, so a fast dog like ours can cover a lot of ground in that time. She stopped from exhaustion and we were able to locate her. We wouldn't have found her without Tagg. She has gone on several other occasions where she has never notified us or notified us after her departure. Sometimes with limited battery capability, it dies when trying to track her. We were grateful to have a tracking system because these limitations were annoying. The last 6 months have pushed our opinion down to one star. The tracker died the week the warranty expired. A customer representative told a person that they could buy a new one for 99. After another try, we got an understanding rep and a refurbished tracker was sent out. One of the new ones only had 2 days of battery life, and died a month later. By death, I'm referring to no alert, no tracking, no charging, and nothing. Repeated calls and emails are required to get customer service. They will respond within 72 hours. It doesn't happen. Two weeks later, I received another tracker because of patient persistence and repeated problems. The tracker lasted 3 months. And died suddenly. Again, I called into customer service. The guy was nice and we went through all of the issues and said that this will have to be upgraded to our technical team. You will hear back within 72 hours. 5 days later, no reply. There is a So, the decision? A good concept. Terrible customer service. We paid for a service. Customer service should be more time sensitive by the nature of this product. We have paid for 18 months and there has been at least 6 weeks since we paid that our dog has been untracked due to faulty product and extremely slow company response. Add to that a product that is glitchy. I would look at another product. Hopefully Whistle will take notes on the issues and adjust accordingly. They have lost not only me as a loyal customer but also my recommendation to others as well.

👤I've been a Tagg user for over a year. The product has never been perfect, but it has been made better by the new ownership of Whistle, who have taken a 4 star product and run it into the ground so fast that I'll be surprised. If you look at the other recent reviews, you will see that this is not simply one bad experience. I tried to be patient and give this company some time to sort things out, but sometimes the tracker won't work for a day and then it won't work again. Since Whistle dumped Tagg's working software for their own mess, some people haven't been able to get theirs to work. I get an alert when my pet leaves the zone but the app won't give me updated locations when I request them. Whistle has been unable to fix the issues. Their customer service seems to be just as bad, with long wait times, unanswered emails, and closed tickets. Sometimes Whistle seems very enthusiastic to make things right. They can't seem to follow through and actually do it, and then most of the time there is just silence from them, like everyone over there gave up or is cowering under their desks. Over the last month, Whistle has no clue about gps tracking and they had no business buying Tagg. The company has no idea how to properly combine two companies, so much could have been done to avoid this. I've never been able to get that function to work, so unless you want an activity tracker, hold off on buying one. If they are still in business, they should be able to fix this by Jan 2016 It's not worth the frustration. As a pet owner, we pay a monthly fee to have some sort of peace of mind, but we never know if Whistle will even work, so we never have that peace of mind. The tracking system has been brought back to how it was under the ownership of Tagg since Whistle posted this review. The rating should be upgraded to 3 stars. I don't recommend buying the Tagg. Even though Whistle's product information states that the unit is bulkier than the original unit, the clip is very large and will dig into your pet. The Whistle branded tracker is probably a re-branding of the Tagg. Plus. I would assume it uses the same bulky clip. The Whistle's gps and app appears to be working correctly for the time being. I am using this unit on a cat, so don't think I mentioned it before. I've had no issue with the size of the tracker for him, he's a small medium sized Maine Coon. I had an issue with the Tagg Plus and sent it back because of its weight and size.

10. Tile Mate 2 Pack Discontinued Manufacturer

Tile Mate 2 Pack Discontinued Manufacturer

Start voice alarm. The new voice activated feature allows the device owner to forget about the hardware until they need it. The device's built-in voice activated feature will turn on the device when sound is heard around the tracker. If there are no sounds, the hidden voice recorder goes to sleep mode, which will save disk space and extend the battery life. You can find keys, bags, and more with their free app on both the iPad and the phone. Give them to your friends and family as a gift, or keep track of more for less. When it's within 200 feet, use the Tile app to ring your mate or ask your smart home device to find it for you. Tile works with a number of digital assistants. If you are outside of the range of the Tile app, you can use it to find your Tile or use the Tile Network to find it. Even when the phone is silent, use your tile to find it. Premium or Premium Protect provides enhanced services such as Smart Alerts, and Free battery replacement.

Brand: Tile

👤I've been using tiles for a while. I think they are a vital product because I can misplace small objects. The ability to locate your keys, wallet, purse or whatever is a huge help. The way it works is that you put a tile on an object that you are worried about losing, and then you load the tile app on your phone. Your phone keeps an eye on your tile objects. When you tell the app to locate your object, it will try to connect to it via the internet. If it can connect, it will play a sound that will help you locate it. If it can't connect, it shows you where it was last able to connect to. If you left it at work and now are at home, you will know. It's pretty neat! This product has gotten worse this year. When you try to locate an object that you've had in your possession, but it's not nearby, it will tell you where it was a month ago. It's worthless because it was a really useful use case. It's still useful to locate things that are nearby, but if it's not nearby, it's no longer helpful.

👤It was ordered to use with his and hers keys. After trying to set up with instructions on the app, I chatted with customer support for an hour. There was no relief. I am a graduate engineer and usually able to make things like this, but they are either malfunctioning or beyond my capacity. Unsatisfactory product.

👤I thought I could use the tiles like a gps tracker when I bought them in a four pack. I couldn't find it once I disconnected from my phone. You will never find your keys if you misplace them in public. If you are looking for a tracking device, this is not it.

👤Overall reviews seemed good so I bought two packages. I thought I would beat the odds. I opened the first box and tried to program the second one, but it didn't work. The second box seemed to work until today. One day later. I found one of our car keys and put it on the tracker that had been malfunctioning. It no longer works. It won't try to find my phone, no sound comes out of it. How long until the other trackers are brand new? The other 6 are doing a great job. I love that you can name them and take pictures, as each one has a different house key assigned to help keep track.

👤I was looking forward to trying out Tile for the first time, but was disappointed. I bought a 4-pack of tile mate on sale at Amazon. They don't work very well. 1. It can take up to 30 seconds for the unit to start making noise. At times, the screen on your phone will say that it is connecting, but at other times it will say that the Tile is not connected. 2. The tile will stop making noise when you walk towards it. Within 15 to 30 seconds, your phone will tell you that the Tile has stopped working, and then it will start the connection process again. 3. If you try to change the ringtone, the app will tell you that the tile is not connected, even though it is next to your phone. It will say that there is a software update, and it will sit at zero completion forever. 3. Tech support seems to be wasting my time. I explained that I was having trouble with the first two tiles that I activated, and tech support responded by asking a number of useless questions and then offering solutions to problems that I never reported. I asked if there was a way to update the units' firmware after I explained that the two units that I had activated were not working. They offered to replace the two units that I have not activated. They warned me that deletion was permanent after they offered to remove the two that weren't working very well. They said it was impossible to restart the units. They told me that there was no software update for the tiles and that I had to do it myself. None of these messages gave me any useful advice on how to resolve the problems. The Tiles are the root of all these problems. I was unable to figure out why this happens, and Tile Support never got to that issue. They kept asking me irrelevant questions.

11. Generic Anti Lost Accessories Backpacks 2 24x1 46x0 6

Generic Anti Lost Accessories Backpacks 2 24x1 46x0 6

The protective sleeve is made from a premium silicone material that is odor free and is easy to clean. The sleeve protects AirTags from accidental falls. The AirTag is water resistant. The AirTag holder is easy to install and fits around the collar of your pet. Attach the dog and cat collar with the width up to 1.5 inch, as well as to backpacks, cameras, suitcases, purses and bicycles. This sleeve was made for the AirTag device and will allow you to keep track of your pets, kids, and valuables. There are multicolor options available. The AirTag Protective Case has a clip holder.

Brand: Generic

👤This accessory is great for my apple tracker. It fell off my cat's collar and I have to track it. My cat showed up on her own, oblivious to the fact that we were looking for her. She goes for three days without eating. It's really sad...

👤I gave the spare airtag to Gucci because I had a spare one. I usually let him go to the beach to give him more space. One of my friends asked me where my dog was while we were on the beach. I didn't know what to do, he runs around but never too far from me. It didn't take long for me to find him because I had my tracker on him. The guy was befriending another couple on the beach. I was happy I had the tracker on. Thank you.

👤I have two of the perfect cases that fit my dog's color, but they are not the same as the one I used for the Apple air tag. The rubber does its job. Good value for money.

👤I got a case for my cat. The design is soft and durable. It functions as advertised.

👤It's cool to use on our cat.

👤I bought this airtag case for my dog. It's very soft and nicely designed. It was easy to attach it to the collar.

👤I ordered a case for my dog's tag. It fits securely on a collar. Great product. I highly recommend it.

👤This is a good case for the Apple Air Tag. Good quality and will stay on the pet. The pink color is cute.


What is the best product for gps tracker for cats tractive gps cat lte?

Gps tracker for cats tractive gps cat lte products from Findmypet. In this article about gps tracker for cats tractive gps cat lte you can see why people choose the product. Cube and Yhan are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps tracker for cats tractive gps cat lte.

What are the best brands for gps tracker for cats tractive gps cat lte?

Findmypet, Cube and Yhan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps tracker for cats tractive gps cat lte. Find the detail in this article. Petfon, Americaloc and Spot Led are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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