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1. Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker International

Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker International

Need to keep an eye on something? Attach a SmartTag to those things. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy, there it is! Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags. Attach a smart tag to those precious things in life. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy. Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags.

Brand: Samsung

👤The gift was delivered in 1 day and grandma loved it. She wants to use one in her purse and the other in her suitcase for plane travel. We helped set up her phone and taught her how to use it. My iTag had worse location accuracy. We were worried that her phone wasn't smart enough to use the tags because it wasn't capable of wireless charging. Thankfully they work well.

👤The tags came together and they work well, it's a good kind of loud, and it's possible to change the settings of the tag, the manual is short, but just use the QR code in the back.

👤It was not easy to use.

👤It works great with a phone.

👤I got this for a friend and it was a great gift.

👤If you lose it, it will make you smile.

👤Es facil de usar, la batera no tienes porque.

2. Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Locator

Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Locator

Attach a smart tag to those precious things in life. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy. Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags. You can use with a phone running a higher version of the operating system. The app is required. Four Pack. There is a pack of four smarttags.

Brand: Samsung

👤It took hours to get 6 tags connected. There are serial number errors. To reset the device, you have to rip the covers off the tags. Since buying, the app has been broke more than working. The server error on Smart Things Find still hasn't been fixed. It is nearly worthless. They repeat what you send. You can see all the troubles on the site. The server error was fixed at 8am on 1/22/22. I notified them because there was no info from support.

👤These are useful. We lost our keys and remotes a lot. No more issues were attached. They've been tested in the world. I left one in my car when I was away for a couple of days and was able to monitor it in a large empty lot for 3 days. The tone is loud enough to be heard even when the tag is inside a bag. The button feature works well. I put a single push on my key tag to turn off our TV and long hold to text my wife. Both work.

👤All four tags that read them received an error code. Requests for information to be sent to customer support, but no contact information is available. Two other tags from other vendors work great. If the next set works as intended, will update the review.

👤It works well. It's easy to use and fast. It is not coming with a buckle. The battery isn't fully charged.

👤I bought this because my memory is bad. I put one in my car and the other on my keyring. I have not used it yet, but when it's not connected to my phone, it says that my car is a block away from where I parked it. The keys are not far away. When setting up the tags, you can change the app icon, name, and ring tone to help you locate your missing item.

👤It has a software limitation that makes it hard to enter. If you're not using a phone, you can't bind this device to the app.

👤I showed up at the location where I lost my backpack. After I activated the alarm, I took me less than 3 minutes. I was in the front office.

👤Es un buen paquete econmico. El proceso de configuracin is simple. Dado tiene acomodar anillos de llavero, es fcil acomodarlo junto con las llaves y otros productos similares. No tiene un buen volumen, pero no tiene para el propsito. Tiene algunas funcionalidades, pero tienen un dispositivo. El material con estn cubiertos, es plstico duro, para acceder a la batera. La no es fcil de manejar para rastrear el producto. constantemente se confunde con las direcciones. No parece detectar la difer, es complicado pues no.

👤One out of four air tags is dead on arrival, so I called the support of the company, but they told me it was not usable and I should send it to a service center. They can't help me with the broken charger, I wasted my time on the phone. I have to send the whole pack back.

3. SAMSUNG Official Galaxy SmartTag Pack

SAMSUNG Official Galaxy SmartTag Pack

Use with a phone that has at least 2.0GB of RAM and is running a version of the operating system called Android. The app is required. Two packs. One blue and one black unit. You can use augmented reality to locate a lost item with a SmartTag+ attached. It lets you know you're close to the destination when you're there. You can see the way on your phone screen with the SmartThings app. Attach SmartTag+* to keys, bags, or personal belongings with a smartTag. If you can't locate your lost item, you can use the ring button on your mobile device to make a call. Is your item out of range? You can use nearby devices to find it even when offline, if you have opted into the Find Network. You can use other devices to locate your items.

Brand: Samsung

👤Couldn't connect devices to SmartThings since buying. After having to rip covers off the devices to reset, finally the app connected, but the SmartThings Find has server errors all the time so can't find anything. They should just respond with "our stuff is broken and will take long time to fix so just wait, maybe it will get fixed, but you will never know" As of 8am on 1/22/22, there was an update. The server error was fixed by Smart Things. I let them know that there was nothing from the company.

👤I put the product in hard to access areas on my car and motorcycle. I had to do it all over again after I got a notification that the batteries need to be replaced because I had to place them in hidden spots and take apart various things to do it.

👤I used the location sound after the first two weeks and it said the device couldn't be found. The device doesn't turn on after the batteries are replaced.

👤Looks nice, but arrived with a dead battery. The 1% left a few days after it arrived. Same thing happened to the second battery. Both batteries were almost dead when they arrived.

👤The battery description on Amazon is incorrect. I bought batteries on my way home. The package was opened. . No way. You can save yourself a trip if you buy CR2032.

👤Like others the batteries are low or dead.

👤It was easy to use. The batteries were low. Other than that, no issues.

4. Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Locator

Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Locator

It's necessary to keep tabs on something. Attach a SmartTag to those things. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy. Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags. You can use with a phone that has at least 2.0GB of RAM and is running a newer version of the operating system. The app is required.

Brand: Samsung

👤I bought this for my fiancée because he lost everything and it works great. I bought a couple more for myself because of his bad habit of misplacing things. Life saver! Every morning I lose my phone or keys. I can use my phone to find my keys and I can also press the button on the smarttag to ring my phone. I hope I never lose both at the same time.

👤This is great. I like them. They don'tsync from your phone after a week. For example. You haven't used the clicker in a week because you lost your phone. If you press the clicker, it will not find your phone. I don't think it will work if it's not connected to the internet. I don't think it will work outside of your home. A great idea. Needs some work.

👤These tags are great to have. Each set of keys has one for me. The smart things app is being used. I can track all of these tags. I like that you can control the tags through smart things when you return home, and the battery life seems great. When I walk into the house, 2 lights turn on for me when they sense the tags nearby. I have a lot of things in my smart home, but eventually I'll use these smart tags to control other things as well.

👤Don't get it, it's used. There are two "Inspected Repacked" labels stuck to the boxes that destroyed the readability of the OR code. There is a I will accept that it was returned twice and the battery is weak.

👤The companion app can operate on any device, except for twisting your arm. It was upsetting. When I bought three, I overlooked this feature. They are going to the trash. I'm using this opportunity to remind myself to never buy another product from the same company. Interoperability is important. Any consumer should boycott manufacturers that pull this nonsense. I am sorry, I gave them money.

👤I tried to replace the battery with different ones but it never came back, and the sound feature is not working so it's impossible to find what I lost. It's a bit Meh. I wanted it to work.

👤I misplace my keys a lot and this has helped me stay sane in those last minute moments when I'm rushing and I'm like "now where are my darn keys?" I wish there was a quick find button on the screen so I don't have to open the smartthings app.

👤I read that the SmartTag only had 80% battery life, so I decided to get one first. This was a Christmas present for my uncle and he only had 80% battery life. I own an AirTag that came with 100% battery life. I am assuming it will come with full battery life. He and I were both disappointed.

👤Tiene una cobertura y es excelente. Tiene 4 meses, as, un poquito grande. Puedes activar el dispositivo para emita un sonido y saber dnde est. O alejando. I ha encantado.

5. Samsung Android Long Lasting Electronics Expandable

Samsung Android Long Lasting Electronics Expandable

It feels good. While looking good. You may get to the end of your song before you remember you're wearing them, because the design of the second Buds is 10% smaller and lighter than the first. Everyone will love the fact that the Tab A8 is a screen everyone will love. A long-lasting battery lets you go unplugged for hours to keep the family fun going, and the power and storage for all comes with an upgraded chipset and plenty of room to keep files. Go for hours on a single charge and back to 100% with the fast chargingUSB C port; the battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors. With theGalaxy Ecosystem experience, your devices, including your phone, laptop computer, and tablet, all automatically talk to one another, opening up a new world of convenient possibilities. Your Notes, All in One Place: Do more with your notes with the ability to automatically sync everything from to-do lists to school work, whether you are on your phone or tablet. Kids Digital Learning: Children can enjoy access to a library of books and videos that are kid friendly and parent approved. It's easy. Transfer. No matter what operating system you're using, Smart Switch makes it easy to move your data and favorite files. It's easy. Transfer. No matter what operating system you're using, Smart Switch makes it easy to move your data and favorite files.

Brand: Samsung Electronics

👤Most people buy this with the expectation that they can add a MicroSD card and download videos. Not true! There is a They will download to your internal storage if you download movies through the internet. If the microSD card is selected as the download location for each app, it will make a copy that can't be found or moved on the internal storage. This may be an easy fix. I will update my review when that patch is released. You have been warned. I had tech support. A waste of time.

👤The tablet arrived in good condition and works as expected. I'm not sure what that is for, but you may want to consider the fact that the operating system, audio for ring tones, and "other" were all included in the box. I went with a model that had more memory.

👤I installed a 128GB card after purchasing a 32 GB tablet. It works well for a few days, but the other folder in storage jumps up to 16 gigabytes. If you uninstall 6 of the ones you installed, the device will be completely out of storage and you won't be able to download apps. The "system" folder takes up 10 gigabytes, and the apps take up around 4 gigabytes. I have about 15 apps that I have downloaded. I am only using this device to watch TV and not download anything. Because of the lack of storage, I can't even send the pictures to myself, even if I wanted to. I have had the same problem with the device 3 times. It's like there is an automatic update that takes place in the middle of the night that ruins the "other" storage folder. You cannot see the contents of the "other" storage folder if you tap on every other storage folder. Customer service from the company is not good. The SD card is useless. It only allows you to store pictures/videos, and you have to download all apps to internal storage before you can transfer apps. Internal storage is important. It's a pretty cool device, but it's not usable because of storage issues. Excellent battery life, great screen resolution.

👤I have two apps on this device. There were no pictures, videos, or music downloaded. I have 99% of my storage used. This can't be used for web browsing. One of the worst purchases I've ever made.

👤I bought this device to use with my drone. I'd tried many other tablets. None of them were compatible. I love the size of the display on this tablet, it works perfectly with my drones. I like to watch the videos on Amazon Prime. The image and sound quality are excellent. The app response time is very fast. It comes with pre-installed applications. Storage space was freed up because the extra applications were easily removed. You can add a chip for additional storage. I think that you will be happy with the purchase and that I recommend this product. I don't have anything negative to say about it.

6. Bluetooth Wireless Cancelling Charging Resistant

Bluetooth Wireless Cancelling Charging Resistant

You can escape and tune in to your own moment of Zen, all with a single tap, answer calls and instantly switch to talking with voice detection, and let in the sounds that matter most with 4 ambient levels. Relive the memories of your favorite song with a high quality sound system built into every ear bud. The ear bud is 0.77 inches in diameter. The case dimensions are: W x H x D. Water won't ruin your workout, and the IPX7 water-resistantGalaxy Buds Pro can keep the beat going even with a little rain. Their new design reduces background noise, so your voice comes through loud and clear, no matter where you are. You can share your phone's battery by placing your earbuds on the back of your compatible device for on-the-go charging, as well as get the juice you need to jam for hours. Touch Music Control allows you to control your music without reaching in your pocket, so you can stay in the moment.

Brand: Samsung Electronics

👤There is a wall of text on your screen if you click read more at the end. I have a lot to say about these headphones, so grab some popcorn, a soda, and strap in. I have only tried these for a few hours, so I will update this post if my opinions change. I am not an experienced audio engineer. I like the many different aspects of audio. I've tried many different headphones over the years and love the character of vinyl. I have a weird ear canal that makes it hard to get in- ear headphones to fit. The Airpods are the only thing that fit my ear well and are my main daily pair of headphones. I have a pair of Skullcandy Crushers for when I want a pair of car subs attached to my ears, and Jaybird X3's with Comply tips for skating and exercising. The Note 20 Ultra is my testing device and it is set to the extreme quality setting. It is fit and convenient. Everyone's ears are different, so this category is very subjective. This is the first pair of headphones that fit my weird ears out of the box. I did the shake test and they stayed in there. The design and build quality of comfort is very good. The design and build of these buds are top-notch. The case is the same size as my Airpods and feels very solid. The mirror finish on the buds is nice to look at. Overall, very well designed and built, gets a perfect score. This is a subjective category. I don't like bright headphones that sound too high and make my ear hurt, so I steer away from them as soon as I see them. I will only be commenting on tracks and genres that I like and listen to. The sound coming out of these is amazing. I had the Airpods Pro for a while, and they sounded similar but I wanted more bass. This is what I was looking for. You have a couple of preset options to tune it to your liking. I'm hoping that in the future you'll be able to dial in the sound signature to your liking. I'll break it down by genre. I wanted to see if the backing cymbals could be heard in the rest of the song. It is clear along with the rest of the track. The bass is very tight and strong. This segment will have a recurring character of clarity and great bass quality. I Love You to Death is a song I used for the shake test. I like to test the audio quality at high volume with this track. I can confirm that the buds sound the same. The guitars are clear, the cymbals don't destroy my ears, and the screams are great. Another track that gets a lot of play is Suck My Kiss by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Flea's bass is clear as day. The drums are very loud. I chose this track to hear how tight the bass was. The bass on this one can sound different depending on what headphones you use. It's tight and strong with these. This one was also clear. This song is perfect for its heavy bass. The track through the Crushers will shake my head, it's great. The buds are handling the drum machine in the background. Most headphones force me to limit the volume because it sounds so loud. Not on these. I don't have to worry about it. The bass was a bit disappointing. I used the bass booster EQ to amplify the bass and it still sounded good. Well done. I tested the bass booster on this one. When it was enabled, it began to eat into the clarity of the mids. It sounds clear if you don't have the EQ. This song's short, sweet bass can sound different depending on your headphones. The bass is very well-controlled. This is the moment for figuring out if headphones are too bright for me. Todd's vocals can destroy my ears on headphones. These handle the track very well. Everything seems to be in balance. These buds produce a great sound, without over-emphasizing any aspect of the sound profile. The highs are pleasant and the bass is nice and subdued. The mids are clear. I was surprised by this track. The bass guitar is new to me. I realized how much I was missing when I used the Airpods. The stereo separation is perfect and everything is well defined. Everything about this one sounds great, so not much else to say about it. Another example of pure clarity is the track What Was I Thinkin' by Dierks Bentley. I was able to hear and discern every instrument. A joy to listen to. The bass is tight, it adds to the sound, but it's not overblown. All of these tracks sound great to listen to and you can get a 5/5 media control. I dislike these headphones. The single tap works just fine. If you try to double-tap it will be hit or miss. I'm not sure if this can be solved through software or if my finger just doesn't hit the touch surface as well as it would like. When I double-tap to skip a track, it will register it as one tap, and then I will stop my music. I double-tap to try to get it to skip, but it just starts playing where it left off. On the third time, it will skip the track. Adjusting the buds will cause them to register as a tap and will cause you to pause your music just to get it pressed in your ear better. Sometimes it does this when you take out the buds from the case and put them in your ear. It's a big pain in the butt right now, and you don't want to buy these for Bose or Airpod Pro level ANC. They're good at sound isolation when you're playing a song, but you can't say "WOW" like with the Airpod Pros. The only testing I've done so far is to clean the house and listen to the noise canceling music while typing this review. I can't hear my keyboard, but the ambient sound mode is on and it's clear when a track is playing. I'll report back with my findings after conducting further testing on these. It gets a quarter. They are good at blocking the lower frequencies and I have done some testing with them. It takes a little bit for the noise canceling program to catch up with the noise around you, but it blocks out most of the noise around you. It's great at removing wind noise at moderate speeds. It gets a 3/6 based on the new findings. Not great, but not terrible or useless either. AMBIENT MODE. I'm happy to see that someone has finally implemented a function that allows the ambient mode to auto switch on when you're speaking to someone. I've done the testing so far and it's worked perfectly. The Airpods' function is almost as good as the ambient mode. It works well and I am blown away by the headphones. I spent over two hours writing this review. They do everything they are supposed to do. I hope that the software updates will fix the issues I have with them. I will recommend these to my friends when I replace my Airpods. Well done, you have a winner on your hands. Well, that's it. The build and comfort are perfect, the sound is amazing, and the ANC and touch controls are terrible, but I would recommend them.

7. Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Cancelling Lightweight

Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Cancelling Lightweight

Attach a smart tag to those precious things in life. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy. Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags. Your ears did not have it. It's so good. The booming sound of the ear buds makes you feel like you're on stage with your favorite band. Listen to the noise. In Voices: Active Noise Cancellation blocks out unwanted sounds, helping you keep your focus wherever you are, and Low Latency Ambient Sound mode picks up the sounds you want to hear, so you always have the perfect audio level for every moment. It feels good. While looking good. You may get to the end of your song before you remember you're wearing them, because the design of the second Buds is 10% smaller and lighter than the first.

Brand: Samsung Electronics

👤The ANC for the Buds 2 is described as "Meh" by a lot of early reviews. This is my first experience with that technology. I don't have any other frame of reference so bear that in mind. I think over the ear headphones are the best. How much can they do? Do you want to wear headphones while you mow the yard? My old $20 wired cheapies were compared to the new Galaxy Buds 2. I ran a noisy box fan and turned on ANC. The volume was halved. I almost turned off the fan. I turned on ANC after running the lawn mower. The volume was halved. I still heard it, but it wasn't as loud. Cars drove down the street in front of my house when the mower was not on. I didn't hear them. There are four If I put my head in front of the fan, I could hear the wind blowing. When my coworkers call me from the golf course and assign me extra duties, it's just like that. You know what I'm talking about. I could still hear the fan and the mower, but I was able to turn down the volume of my show to hear clearly. I like the idea of listening at a lower volume to protect my hearing. I'm not sure if it's too late for anyone to read this review, but I'll update it tomorrow after I take care of yardwork for any of you who have an interest in that. It's the same thing. It's not the "cone of silence" from Get Smart. It's worthwhile. A regular guy is not comparing it to tech 4x as expensive.

👤I've been a big fan of the OGGalaxy Buds for the past two years, so naturally I was interested in these new ones. I couldn't get them to fit in my ears, and I also encountered a lot of small irritations that bothered me to the point of giving up on them. The audio quality is better than the original Buds. The audio has more depth to it and there is a lot more bass. I can't say how these sound in proper terminology, but they sound great to me. Ambient sound mode is better than the original Buds. It's much easier to hear what's going on around you, and there are several levels of ambient sound so you can get exactly the amount of outside sound you need. It doesn't have the ambient sound mode of the original Buds. One of the major selling points of these earbuds is. Active noise cancellation is a method of noise cancellation that helps you hear what you're listening to more clearly. The ANC on these earbuds doesn't do much. It didn't make a difference if you're a musician or not, and the constant hum of an air purifier in my room wasn't cut down by that much. I would expect the ANC to work well, but it doesn't, and the hit to battery life isn't good. The original Buds have better noise cancellation because they fit in my ears better and provide a better seal for noise isolation. They wouldn't fit in my ears, no matter what eartip size I tried. This is the most fundamental aspect of a pair of earbuds, it doesn't matter how many amazing features they have if they don't fit correctly. They have a better chance of falling out and getting lost because they don't have wingtips like the originalGalaxy Buds, so they have a better chance of falling out and getting lost. They would come loose in my ears when I yawned, ate, or did any other kind of jaw movement, so I had to grab the buds and push them back into place. I will discuss the next few points after this. One of the main reasons to buy the ANC over the original Buds or Buds+ is that it is worthless when the earbuds are loose. I don't like the design of the Buds 2. They are very small, round and glossy, which makes them very difficult to hold. The lack of wingtips makes this worse, as I find myself gripping the wingtips when I put in my Buds or take them out. I don't think the design of these buds will make them any more comfortable, and trying to grasp them is incredibly frustrating, even though they are smaller and lighter than previous versions. I was worried I would drop them when I put them in my ears. The wingtips, the touchpads on the ends, and the plastic surfaces in the middle of the original Galaxy Buds made them easy to grip when you wanted to put them in or remove them. The larger size did not hurt. On the other hand, the new Buds are a unibody design, so it's not clear where the bud surface ends and the touchpad begins. The touch areas are not defined. It seems like every time I want to use them, I can't get them to work, and when I just want to adjust the buds in my ears, they just pause or skip whatever I'm listening to or watching. It's not clear where the actual touch surface is, so accidental presses are constant, and since they didn't fit me well, I was constantly having to touch the earbuds to adjust them, meaning plenty of accidental touches were had. The triangular touchpads of the original Buds were easy to feel out, as compared to the rest of the buds. I felt like the original touchpads were more responsive to my touches than the ones on these were. I realized how much I use the touchpads on my original Galaxy Buds, and how functional they were, because of the frustration I experienced with these. The case is not as good as the original. The cases for all colors were white, with the color of the buds in the middle. Why? I have a white case. I don't get a black case unless I shell out $20 more for a quality external protective case, which adds bulk, and I prefer a dark color, but I don't get that option unless I shell out more for a quality case. I used the original Buds case as a phone stand. It is well-suited to this purpose because of its wide pill shape. It is not possible to use the Buds 2 case for this purpose. When the phone is in landscape mode, pressing the sides of the screen will cause the whole thing to collapse, which is annoying. The glossy finish makes it too slippery to be used for this purpose. I find the glossy finish on the new case inferior for several reasons, including the fact that it is not as sleek as the original case. One is a fingerprint magnet. I'm afraid I'll lose my earbuds when I'm out and about because the case is so slippery. The original case didn't have either of these problems, the matt finish was grippable enough and didn't collect finger oil like a phone screen. The square shape of the case makes it impossible to charge it on a stand. The pill shape made it possible to stand it up on its short end and the wireless charging coils would meet up, meaning it could be charged on stands and pads. I used the extra level of flexibility many times. This new case is not an option. The snap when you close this new case is inferior to the original case. It's great to close your ear bud case with a satisfying snap, but it's not as much here. Eartips are not that great. I had problems with the fit and the tips of the earbuds turned inside out half the time, which required correction. I don't know if they're using inferior materials or not, but I have to deal with a significant portion of the time when I want to stop using them. When opening the case, there is no popup. There is a card at the bottom of the phone screen that shows the battery content of the buds and the case. When I opened the case of the Buds 2, I never got a popup like this. Why? It was nice to be able to see the battery percentage when opening the case, without having to use the app or create a dedicated screen for it. The animation of the buds flying out of the case and to their respective positions on the popup is a nice touch borrowed from Apple. It's possible that this needs to be enabled in the app somewhere, but I never had to do that with the original Buds 2 I have, and I don't think it's a bad idea. I'm sorry if the review is long and nitpicky. I want to give you a more complete picture of what you might be able to expect if you buy these earbuds, so I'm just interested in presenting every thought I had throughout the course of trying to like them. They aren't bad by any means, but when you get annoyed by a small problem and a larger problem and so on, the nitpicks add up to a lot of frustration, and that made me quit even trying to sell these to my brother. I am considering buying the Buds+ for my return to college as they combine the tried-and-true design of the original Buds with the best features of the Buds 2, notably better audio quality and ambient sound mode. The Buds 2 have 7.5 hours of time with ANC off, and 5 with it on. The case is $50 cheaper than the new ones, and it's also much better. Hopefully this helped you make a decision, and I hope you have a great day. Josh H.

8. Samsung SmartTag EI T5300 Bluetooth Tracker

Samsung SmartTag EI T5300 Bluetooth Tracker

Need to keep an eye on something? Attach a SmartTag to those things. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy, there it is! Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags. Use with a phone that has at least 2.0GB of RAM and is running a version of the operating system called Android. The app is required.

Brand: Samsung

👤The smart things app is free and is more accurate than gps alone.

👤It works when it's near my phone or my husband's phone. It doesn't work as soon as it's not working. It was easy to connect to my husband's phone and take a small army of tech genius to connect it to mine.

👤I know that the product is sent with plastic that separates the connection so that it doesn't empty over time. There is a I received it without the separation plastic so the butter will probably end soon. The shipping was very fast.

9. Samsung SmartThings SMV110VZWVB GPS Enabled Nationwide

Samsung SmartThings SMV110VZWVB GPS Enabled Nationwide

There is a separate service plan purchase required. A device with a gps signal. Automatic notifications and real–time location tracking.

Brand: Samsung

👤Couldn't set up the tracker with SmartThings. I was not able to complete the setup because I was very technically competent. You have to pay for the tracker and ThingSpace account in addition to the subscription fee to use it.

👤They no longer support the newer versions of the operating system after you purchase updates.

👤I have two that work. It's not possible to add new trackers to the accounts. It's not clear if it's a problem with the phone or something else. Multiple people have reported the problem to the support of the company.

👤I couldn't setup the device with the other company. I have to create a VZW Biz account through the thingspace portal. The account couldn't be created because I am an individual customer. The device is still supported by the company, but I couldn't get it activated. Will be returning it.

👤Who's phone doesn't get automatic update if you don't work on andriod 11. The products fault should be fixed not the update.

👤I will return this product because it won't work.

👤I wanted this product to work, but it needed to be activated with the phone company, which took me 20 tries.

👤I tried 50 times to get it to connect, but it was a total failure. I'm not sure what's happening with this product. The s10+ of the galaxy.

10. Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Locator

Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Locator

Need to keep an eye on something? Attach a SmartTag to those things. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy, there it is! Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags. Attach a smart tag to those precious things in life. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy. Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags.

Brand: Samsung

👤The product description needs to state that these only work with certain models of phones. If you don't have the right phone, you can't set up the tag in the app because you don't have the right one.

👤You need it to work all the time for something that is only used when something is lost. My cat wouldn't start the sound or show location when I lost it the other day.

👤I had these tags for 5 months and they did the job. I used them through the summer and fall, but the battery wouldn't last long. I was wrong. I have to buy a replacement battery and figure out how to change it.

👤Love it. It needs to be cheaper so I can get more. A better holder to keep it attached.

👤Seor funsiona.

11. Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Accessory Attachment

Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Accessory Attachment

If you think your lost item is nearby, tap the ring button on your cell phone and follow the sound to the volume you set. This walks you step-by-step to the lost item, and gives you a unique visual way to locate it with a SmartTag+ attached; it even lets you know you're close with a green sensor light when you're at the destination. Recovery From Far Away: Your item is out of range. No problem. Even when offline, the Find Network can use scanned data to find it privately, and you can also switch to other devices, like a smart watch, to locate your items. One-Click Convenience: SmartTag+ can turn on the lights in your home before you even step inside, so you don't have to worry about it. The range of the SmartTag is up to 120m without obstacles, but the actual performance may vary depending on the environment where they are used. To use SmartTag+, you need to have a registered account on SmartThings Find, and you need to have an ultra-wideband-enabled phone. If there's an obstacle between you and the tag, the accuracy may be reduced.

Brand: Samsung

👤I spent an hour trying to get the "SmartThings Find" part of the application to work. A network or server error occurred. Try again later. I found a small blurb on the support website that said "Smart Things Find is not compatible with the devices of the other companies." Really? You couldn't put it on the product page. If I knew this was the case, I wouldn't have spent the extra money and just bought a tile.

👤The rating has been lowered. The replacement unit failed. The refund was cheerfully issued, but it didn't work the next day. These things can't get wet. I bought 3 of these to keep track of my cats and as an alternative to expensive and bulky gps trackers. I have a phone that is the anchor. The size is larger than I had thought, but it is light and well-tolerated by my 10 lbs cats. Smartthings Find relies on other devices to register the location of the tag. In our blue-collar neighborhood, there are enough devices to make it useful, but not enough coverage. If you want to find cats in hiding, you can use the phone camera and the augmented reality function to locate the device. The tag can be made to sound with unexpected reactions by your cats at this range. You can use automation to turn on smart appliances, like a light over your pet's food dish. 5. You have little time to change the battery when it suddenly goes to low because the battery indicator shows 1/3 full. My tags need to be changed every month and a half. If you try to find the tag using the "find nearby" function, it will drain it very quickly. One of the three tags failed due to the fact that one of the cats drank from the well of the fountain instead of the stream. The device is resistant to splashes. The wonderful team at Smartthings tech replaced it without fuss. The replacement unit worked the next day after it failed. There was no sign of water inside. These can't get wet. I'm happy with the tags, but I hope that the detection protocol includes any nearby device, not just the ones with the blue screen of death.

👤I'm going to give credit where it's due. This smart tag saved me a lot of pain. Someone stole my bike while I was inside the shop. This tag was right with me because my alarm failed me. I was able to track the bike and confront the person who stole it. I would be crying tonight if this piece of magic wasn't there. This tag should be given to every person with something that can be stolen. Thank you, SAMSUNG! There is an update! The price of the new one was raised from 29 to 39 dollars. Not a good move.

👤The item is good and useful but I have to buy a new one because the battery expired and it's difficult to open the case to install it, the second issue is that it's difficult to open the case to install the battery as it requires force which may led to scratch the The product is working well and there are no other issues.


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