Best Gps Tag for Dogs

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1. Trackable Keychains Smartphone Anti Lost Backpacks

Trackable Keychains Smartphone Anti Lost Backpacks

It's suitable for pets, luggage, children, etc. The package comes with 4 smart trackable key finders of different colors and with 4 keychains, enough quantity for your daily use and replacements, and you can hang the location trackers anywhere you want with the easy to carry keys. When you press the remote control button, the receiver will sound and you can hear voices from smart trackers within 45-55 feet. Each pet locator is easy to carry. The small size of 1.65 x 1.57 x 0.39 inches/ 4.2 x 4 x 1 cm makes it easy to carry, and the key rings can be hung with the keys, or placed in a specific position. Good choice of gifts: gps tracking devices can be applied by yourself, or given to your friends with poor memory, or juniors who are still too young; For them, these smartphone keychain alarms are good gifts to receive; and also, with these anti-loss device, you can find things You can find keys, pets, wallet, cars, luggage, and other things by pressing the button on the tracking device, and when the smart trackable key finders are out of your phone's searching range, the key finders and your smart phone will alarm together.

Brand: Konohan

👤Not good for pets. The alarm was going off because my cat didn't leave the yard. I wanted a longer distance for my pets. This would not work for animals.

👤I used it on my cat for a month but he lost his harness and I couldn't find it. The map on my phone read bad.

👤It is easy to set up and use. I attached two controllers to the dog collar controller because I was tired of the wife blaming me for the controller's loss. She left it in her bath robe pocket the last time she was lost. One failed to work but was quickly addressed by the seller.

👤It's only a few feet from your phone when it's out of range, but it's cheap. I could see my dog if I lost him.

👤Doesn't work. Only shows the location of your phone. Your phone freaks out when you go too far away. This doesn't do anything unless your item stays with you.

👤I can't get the gps to work. If tag gets too far away from my phone, it loses track. It seemed like I would be able to locate my pet if it was lost. There are too many dogs that run loose in the neighborhood and a cat that sneaks out. If she got out and started to roam, I got this to find her.

👤The device only works when nearby. It doesn't allow me to track my pet's location if it's lost. It's not useful. The size was too large for small pets.

👤I can't believe I bought these. A mistake.

2. Protective Backpacks Silicone Tracking Cover Accessories

Protective Backpacks Silicone Tracking Cover Accessories

It isdurable and portable. The air tag case is portable and lightweight, and it is scratch resistant, so no heavy burden is given to the pets. Their air tag case has a unique and attractive bones design that is attractive to dogs. It can also be used for other animals. The case glows in the dark, which makes it easy to locate. This air tag cover could be attached to your pets' collar to prevent accidental loss. The air tag can be used to track the location of your pet no matter where they are. It's easy to install, just put the collar or straps through the air tag holder. The airtag case can be attached to your backpack. It's perfect for air bags. The holder fits your air tag perfectly, without any negative influence on the signal function.

Brand: Amerpin

👤I love it, it fits perfectly in my dog's small collar, and it glows strong in the picture, it's not super dark in the room. Still, glows a lot. I love it!

👤I put an Airtag in one of the holders on my dog's harness. It glows in the dark. It does not pull my dog's hair. My sister-in-law needs a dog.

👤I bought the air tag for my dog because I know the chip is only as good as the person who brings him to the vet. When I am out of town and he is babysat, I like to be able to open my app and see where he is during the day. In the event he went missing, I got it. You can zoom in to see the building he is in. Outside or inside.

👤These are too large for our small and medium dogs. They don't hold the tag right to the collar, but if you don't wiggling, it would work.

👤It's great to use on cat and dog collar. The tag is easy to use and it glows in the dark. It's worth the price.

👤I bought the Air tag to use as a tracker for my dog. I bought a luggage tag instead of a dog collar because there was no stock in stock at the time. I had to use my phone to find the AirTag after it came unsnapped a couple of times. She doesn't have a strap hanging down, so she has a Silicone case. It was perfect! Oh. It glows in the dark.

👤I keep this on all my dogs. He is a large dog. They are in place. The AirTag is still on his collar. Really liken.

👤The don glows a little less bright than pictured, but they are great! My dogs like the pull on each other's collar when they are playing and they are protecting the air tag as intended.

3. Anzir Personalized Pets,GPS Tag,Scannable Location,Cat

Anzir Personalized Pets%EF%BC%8CGPS Tag%EF%BC%8CScannable Location%EF%BC%8CCat

This product manual and demo account are free. The best choice for your dog is a personalized dog tag. You can link the dog id tag to the mobile app and change it at any time. Adding health info will help the finder take care of your pet. If someone scans the QR code and shares it, your pet's location will be sent to your email, but it's not a gps tracker. Someone can see your contact info. The tag can be used on any phone. The pet id tag on the website or app is the only thing that will make the code work. The pet id tags are all over the world. Every owner can register their pet in the international animal database. The tag works all over the world. The intenrational animal database is provided by the intenrational animal code. It provides access to the online profile of the pet. There are no additional costs for being free for life. There is a free pet profile page. Petmso member list and gps location sharing function are included. 24 hours/7 days support contact. A wide range of designs are available for custom dog tags. Premium color printing makes thePet tag look modern. The dog name tag is more durable because of the 5-layer print protection. Dog tags are made of plastic and Crystal drops of glue. The dog collar tag is noiseless. It protects silent dog tag from damage.

Brand: Anzir

👤Good product. Anyone with a cell phone can get the information. I would have given it 5 stars if I had more information about my vas scrotum.

👤I liked the idea. It doesn't give an accurate location in case the pet is lost. I tried it on my male cat and the location was correct, and I tried it on the female cat and it gave a nearby location. The tags were tested at home.

4. MYLUCKYTAG Code Pet Tags Dog

MYLUCKYTAG Code Pet Tags Dog

The zinc alloy is made of nontoxic zinc and treated with acrylate to give it a smooth, rust-free and durable surface. The diameter is 1.2 inches and the weight is 0.2 ounces. Setup and use. Scan the tag with aqb code and you will be able to enter multiple emergency contact, upload multiple pet photos, and more. Multiple pets can be managed by one account. No need for an application! Pets have their own pet ID tags. You can change the pet id tag at any time when your address, phone number, age, and size change, and your pet grows older. The pet ID tag is vivid and distinctive. Scan a tag to receive an email. If someone scans the QR code, it will send your pet's location to your email, and you can view the scanned location on the internet. This service is free. Pet ID tags are important to ensure the safety of your pet. services They are passionate about animals and focused on their safety. There are no subscription fees. Click on "visit the MyLUCKYTAG Store" above or below the product title to find a more suitable dog tag.

Brand: Myluckytag

👤It is easy to use. It is amazing that my personal information is not listed on the tag, and that the coordinates of where it was scanned were sent to me in an email. The deal is sweetened by the fact that there is no monthly payment. I will let other pet owners know about this.

👤I have an update to my story. The new tag works amazingly! Thank you. I will purchase from them again. If you're looking for a good quality tag, this is the one to get. The company got in touch with me and is going to make this right. I am happy with their customer service. They are a company with values and stand behind their products. When the new one arrives, will update. I was looking forward to it. The quality of the code is sub-par, it isn't straight on the tag, air bubbles and scratches on the paw print, and it isn't clear on the part that covers the paw print. Was looking forward to using it.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by how user friendly this tag is. All I had to do was take a picture of my pet. I was good to go. I was impressed with the way the picture of my pet was displayed when I scanned it again to make sure it worked.

👤I got the pink tag and it's easy to use. The pink wasn't scanning, but it appears that they fixed it. It's easy to set up, but there's a form that isn't obvious as to what you should type in for my pet. I like that you can add more than one photo, and that someone has to use the code to see the dog's name. That's a plus for me. The email notification for the gps coordinates can be turned on when the tagged is scanned. I liked the way it looked to the person who found my dog. I received an email about the coordinates. The coordinates were half a mile away from me when I opened the location. I received at least two more emails from the scans. The coordinates were almost exact when the last email was sent. I'm not sure why. It will take a while to get the coordinates right. I hope I don't have to use this for another dog someday, but I like how you can easily transfer it to another pet or change your contact information. I recommend.

👤I love the idea and design. You can get pet info by live. The problem is that the gps coordinates for where the dog is at is so far away from where I am that it's hard to tell. I scanned in my house to make sure it worked and it gave me gps coordinates 1/2 hour away from my own home. It's not good if you're trying to find your dog.

👤Returning to do an update. The seller went above and beyond to make this right after I contacted him. They have updated their codes so that they are better at scanning the pink tags. I received the new one today and I am very pleased with the changes they made. Just opened the package. I lost my package when I ordered it. The front of this one is scratched and the code won't work. Such a waste. So disappointed.

5. DLENP Protective Silicone Tracking Accessories

DLENP Protective Silicone Tracking Accessories

How to wear a bandana. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact them, they have the answer in the video andVideos section. The DLENP airtag cover is specially designed for pets. The AirTag will not shake when it is hanging under the pet's collar. The fit for pet loop holder is a protective air tag collar holder that can be clipped to school bags, backpacks, and any items that fits its size. You don't have to worry about your pets being lost. Good protection for their pets, kids and parents. The airtag loop is made of soft Silicone material, it is easy to use. The protective case cover can protect your device from damage. You can wash and clean this Silicone cover, it won't change no matter how you knead it. Put the AirTag device to the dog airtag holder and then connect the airtag case to the dog collar. Installation in 30 seconds. There is a cute pink color bone pattern air tag dog collar holder. Before placing an order, please check the product size. If you have any problems, please contact them and they will reply within 12 hours.

Brand: Dlenp

👤My pup seems to like the extra weight. I took my long hair chihuahua off her collar after I saw her hair being wrapped and knocked in the holder. Pets with thick hair should not be alarmed.

👤My cat chewed up cheap material in the first week.

👤It works well on the collar and is flexible to fit around it.

👤Too large. Not for small dogs. There is waste.

👤The case is more secure than the original, and I am very satisfied with it.

6. DLENP Protective Silicone Tracking Accessories

DLENP Protective Silicone Tracking Accessories

Each package comes with a AirTag Case and a Keychain. It should be bundled with most things. A backpack, suitcase, wallet, airpods, husky, corgi, rugged, bike, or clip on the collar of a pet dog or cat are examples. The DLENP airtag cover is specially designed for pets. The AirTag will not shake when it is hanging under the pet's collar. The Airtag dog collar holder can be clipped to school bags and other items that fit its size. You don't have to worry about your pets being lost. Good protection for their pets, kids and parents. The airtag loop is made of soft Silicone material, it is easy to use. The protective case cover can protect your device from damage. You can wash and clean this Silicone cover, it won't change no matter how you knead it. Put the AirTag device to the dog airtag holder and then connect the airtag case to the dog collar. Installation in 30 seconds. There is a cute black color bone pattern Air tag dog collar holder. Airtags and dog collar are not included.

Brand: Dlenp

👤I bought these for 3 dogs. The apple tag is not in place. The tags were lying in my yard after one day. The material is very flimsy. Would not purchase again.

👤The airtag dog collar holder is sturdy and cute.

👤This is a tag that slips in the collar and is not like a normal tag. Within an hour of my dog being outside, the Apple ID tag fell out of the holder and we can't find it in the snow. I have to buy a new Apple ID tag as this was a waste of money.

👤We put one on our cat and dog because they go indoors and out. The dog can break the electric fence's battery line so we can track her. The cat follows her mom through the door and likes to hang out outside. We know where he is with the tracker. I love it!

👤This thing is great. My dog doesn't notice anything. Sometimes hair gets pulled around it, but I don't like that. It doesn't seem like he's bothered by it. He has been wearing the AirTag for 2 months and it has not been lost.

👤The air tag for our dog who has escaped from our yard a few times has helped keep it secure.

👤The airtag is all scratch up because of this holder.

👤Don't buy. Within 48 hours, the $30 iPod tag was gone. It is flimsy.

7. Tracking Keychain Anti Lost Reminder Compatible

Tracking Keychain Anti Lost Reminder Compatible

Can't find your lost items? Press the button and follow the sound. It is possible to locate keys, wallet, TV remote control, glasses, dog collar, and other items that are easy to misplace through the provided keys. LOUD ENOUGH AND LONG DISTANCE RANGE The sound is loud enough to be heard from the upstairs level, behind a pillow, in a coat pocket, etc. It is possible to find the key through walls, cushions, and doors. The range is perfect. A great gift. The key finder set is the ideal thing to have when you're in a bind. It will make your parents or friends happy, no matter how you use it. ULTRA-LONG BATTERY LIFE You can easily replace the CR2032 battery yourself. Your purchase is guaranteed. If you don't like the key finder, you can contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Wisazly

👤The manual was broken English. The product advertised for pets stops working once it gets out of the range of the gps device. Will not connect again. The location tracker doesn't keep a history or pin where the item is. Trying to get to work on false advertising. Very sad. Do not recommend this product. I am sure I will have to either eat the cost of shipping or deal with a hassle for returning the box as I threw it away. The app has not been updated in a while. It was a very bad purchase.

👤Two small dogs can sometimes slip out of the house if the door is open. I wanted a gps to see which yard they are in when this happens since they never get far a couple houses down, I worry I won't be able to find one or they will be hurt. The range connection is close by. The directions looked like they were written by a translator and it was difficult to follow because they were very broken and hard to read. The second dog lost the connection after it walked 18 inches away. You will get what you pay for. The packaging and cheap plastic is not worth the hassle to return.

👤Not enough range to use for our pups outside. Returned.

👤They were dashed because of high hopes. I don't understand how the app can be used to find lost things when it doesn't say in service or when the app is disconnected when you're more than 20 feet away from a madame. Will be back within two hours. Take off.

👤I use gps on my dog to keep him off the road. No more wondering around for hours trying to find him. Takes me to him.

👤No lo recomiendo, Muy intil, se cae la seal constantemente.

👤This item won't pick up in the house. You have to be close to the item. I bought three. Please give me back my money.

👤It's hard to set up items. Even with magnifying glasses, it's hard to read the introduction. It's Frustrsting.

8. Tracker Anti Lost Waterproof Bluetooth Accessories

Tracker Anti Lost Waterproof Bluetooth Accessories

Brand new and high quality. Brand new and high quality.

Brand: Kodeng

👤Don't buy this product. I got mine and it didn't do anything. The app is confusing. Don't buy it.

9. Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker EI T5300KMEGWW

Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker EI T5300KMEGWW

Attach a smart tag to those precious things in life. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy. Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags. You can use with a phone running a higher version of the operating system. The app is required. Four Pack. There are four different colors in this pack of smarttags.

Brand: Samsung

👤A nice price for a bundle. "serial number not found" error was also present. You need to clear the cache for SmartThings, uninstall it and then pair it up. You should consider yourself warned.

👤I had high hopes for them. It took an hour for tech support to add the tags after using a note 8. Now... I can't track them because there is another part of the app that has a network or service failure. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. I added split tunneling on my PureVPN to allow it through. All the location permission were set. It was good to go. The find section of the smartthings website started to update. But... When you try to use it. "Network or server error try again" The support for the company is really trying. I don't blame them. I think it's just the app. Or. My phone isn't compatible with this app.

👤I tried to add this product to my smartthings. I cannot add the device to smartthings because it doesn't match the box's code. The device does not match the serial number.

👤It's very easy to find keys.

👤The best thing ever! I lost a lot of my keys and this has helped me locate them more quickly. It's worth the buy.

👤Wow! I waited so long to try these suckers that I can't believe it! I misplace my keys, debut card, and other important items. These tags saved me a lot of time, money and trouble. They are easy to use. It can be used to find your phone. That is so cool. They are an excellent value.

10. Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Gen

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Gen

Premium or Premium Protect provides enhanced services such as Smart Alerts, and Free battery replacement. Start with a SmartThings Hub to get started with your smart home. It makes smart devices work together with it. Put smart devices in your home. Choose from a wide range of compatible devices. You can control your smart home with either the SmartThings app or the Amazon voice assistant. When you are asleep, awake, away, and back home, tell your house what to do. The power is in-wall and comes with about 10 hours of backup power from 4 AA batteries. The protocol is Z-Wave. The range is 50-130 feet and the operating temperature is 41 to 95F. The brands that are compatible are: The free SmartThings app for the iPad, iPad mini, and iPod touch is required, as well as an internet-connected wi-fi router with an available Ethernet port. The brands that are compatible are: Faster performance and enabled offline processing can be achieved with a more powerful processor and local app engine.

Brand: Samsung

👤The Hub has exceeded my expectations and is working with various Z-Wave Plus devices. My wife and I live in a large home. I have two access points, one in the basement and the other in a bedroom on the top floor, both of which are iw-fi. I have an echo on the middle floor and an echo on the top floor. The hub is connected to a local area network. I am replacing an old security system that has no chance of incorporating home automation. I decided to look into security products. I wanted a complete all-in-one answer, not just one system for security and one for automation. I also wanted the integration of both Amazon and IFTTT. The hub is entered. It was perfect. I purchased several products to test the system before replacing the old security sensors. The Ecolink door/window sensors are large. I tried many smaller sensors, but they didn't work. Every device connected had no issues. The software and integration are working well. When my wife leaves the house or returns, the system will send a text and push notification to my phone. I can turn on the lights when I park the car. My front porch lights go on and off at sunset and sunrise, using the Smart Lights capability. When my wife walks upstairs to the bedroom, she can turn on the bedroom light by saying "Alexa, turn on the bedroom light." I haven't tried to set up rooms yet. I think that will be easy. Are you ready for this? There are two apps on the Windows 10 Store that allow you to use the devices while sitting at a PC. The app is very easy to use on the iPad, the iPhone and the Android device. You can put your favorites on the lock screen. The app is open-sourced. If you are willing to try it, you can code your own apps. Groovy is an easier and more concise language than Java but runs in a Java Virtual Machine, so you can use it to code a smart app. If you want to code actions based on events, you can use IFTTT. I had no problems in the first month of my testing. I am always opening and closing doors and windows, walking by the motion detector, giving a workout, and changing the dimming. The CR123A battery is used in the Ecolink devices and they still show 100% after a month. The Ecolink devices report their battery level. My house has two wi-fi access points. The Z-Wave Plus devices act in a mesh network and so far no problems have arisen. I would recommend Z-Wave to everyone. The coverage is better with less power draw. There are several online courses about coding a SmartThings app. If motion is detected, you have to code an app to turn on a light. Some window/door sensors are not detected as a window/door sensor but as a switch. They don't show the current status when they report an activity. There is a The security part is next. Scout Alarm has a partnership with Smart Things. My requirement was for one system to handle both security and home automation. There is no contract required to use Scout. You can pay me at a discount. I will have to continue testing for several more months before I remove the old security hardware. As my testing progresses, I will update this review. All in all, groovy!

11. AnimalRescue Com Q Tag Code Dogs Enabled

AnimalRescue Com Q Tag Code Dogs Enabled

Store Contact Information includes multiple phone numbers, address, email, identifying images, behavior assessments and more. Real-time alert on all scans is enabled by the gps enabled. If your pet has been scanned, they will email you a map of the last locations. The tag was engraved with a laser. There is a lifetime warranty on the double side.

Brand: Q-tag

👤When you register for the Q-tag at, you are allowed to include important information about your pet. The information is instantly registered when you hit activated. An ad comes up when I scanned the Q-tag. You will be able to see all the information on your pet. When your tag is scanned you can see the location on the website. I am very satisfied with the product so far and hope that if my cat gets lost, this will be a useful tool to get him home. I have a standard name tag with my pet's name and address for people who don't have a scanner.

👤The website does not work.

👤It gives me some sense of security, since I know I can get my dogs back more quickly, if they get loose. My dogs have tags engraved, county licenses hang from their collar, and I added the Q-Tags as well. Why? There is insurance. I liked how their system was set up. It works when I use my phone.

👤When both of them got out together and decided to visit people in a nearby development, it worked for me several times. They usually get a call back late in the night. Before I let them out in the yard, I double check the ranch gates. My phone has a "Fast Reader" App that I use to read tags on active outdoor dogs.

👤Excellent tag. I love that I can tell people my dog is friendly even though he looks menacing. If you travel frequently with your dog, it's very clever. The jump ring could be bigger but other than that it is great.

👤If you have another tag on there too, I don't think the QR Code rubs off easily. If you have a dog license tag, make sure you face it away from it.

👤I thought it had aGPS capability so you could see where your pet is. This is the same thing as a regular tag that has your contact info on it. Save money.

👤I don't know why someone didn't think of it sooner. It doesn't really do anything until you need it, however, the relief and calm feeling this thing gives is tremendous. It's a good feeling to know your pet is safe.


What is the best product for gps tag for dogs?

Gps tag for dogs products from Konohan. In this article about gps tag for dogs you can see why people choose the product. Amerpin and Anzir are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps tag for dogs.

What are the best brands for gps tag for dogs?

Konohan, Amerpin and Anzir are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps tag for dogs. Find the detail in this article. Myluckytag, Dlenp and Dlenp are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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