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1. Circular Adhesive Mounting Windshield Dashboard

Circular Adhesive Mounting Windshield Dashboard

6 PCS Super Strong Double Side Sticker for Car Phone Mount is a must have for any car. Excellent performance, waterproof, Simultaneous fixation and seal. The strong pads are compatible with the camera. The Double Sided Clear and Round Tough Disk Sticky Tape is compatible with the Mpow 033 car mount holder. The Long Arm Universal Magnetic Cradle is a replacement for the Dashboard Cell Phone Mount. Cut into it. If you need a certain size, you can cut it into smaller pieces. When removal is required, strong glue leaves no trace. These sticky pads can stick to a lot of materials.

Brand: Mu-cn

👤These discs are great. All of our vehicles have gps units on them. After a few months, the included mount loses its strength and rarely stays on. The discs change that. None of the units have fallen off of the mounts yet. I wish I'd discovered them a long time ago. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤These are difficult to mount on a windshield. The camera was next to the mirror. The mount on the cup has fallen off many times. Since using these to hold it on camera, it has not fallen off the window. Great product.

👤The reviews seem to be pretty good, but for me it didn't work out. I used it to put a gps note in my car. The mount was in my car for almost 2 years but eventually became detached and I needed to replace the double-sided tape. I put the alcohol pad in and then put the 3M tape in the back of the mount. It seemed to work well. I waited 24 hours before putting a phone in the mount. The tape didn't seem to adhere to either side of the mount after it was partially separated from my vehicle on one side. I don't know what I did with the rest of the pads so I can't check if it was an issue with the product or the tape. I'm pretty sure it was just the single piece based on 3m reputation and reviews, but I have to go off of the one piece I actually installed.

👤The original phone mount melted off in the summer heat, so I needed a replacement pad. I bought these in hopes of not having to buy a whole new phone mount, and was excited at first when it seemed to work, but my phone mount fell right off soon after. I tried many different pads and it wouldn't hold. I bought a new phone mount that works and hasn't fallen down. I don't want to have to buy new plastic if I can just donate it to someone else.

👤I wanted to mount a shower head in our bathroom. The old disc gave up after a decade, and this was the perfect replacement. The mount is solid and easy to apply. This is really good.

👤This is exactly what I was looking for. I need a new sticky pad. I had to cut it off because it was too big for the surface, but it was easy to fit on the surface of the car's charging port and the windshield. I don't know how easy it will be to remove, but I hope it comes off okay when the time comes. This will be useful for other reasons. I think this is a good idea. Good and powerful!

👤This won't hold a phone in the car. After many years of having it, my old one melted. Within 30 minutes, it failed. This may be good for items that are light.

👤I have a phone mount in my car that sticks to the window after a while, but it wasn't sticking anymore. I replaced the sticky parts on the phone mount. I put it back on the car and it works great holding my phone up on the mount.

2. Adhesive Replacement Dashboard Windshield Stickers

Adhesive Replacement Dashboard Windshield Stickers

The selection of high-quality Genuine 3M adhesive pad, double-sided self-adhesive, provides strong and durable support, high/low temperature resistant, stronger than ordinary glue patches. The plastic plate is compatible with the dashboard and dash cam holder. Let your hands go. It's suitable for clean and flat, and some textured or wet surfaces in the kitchen. There is a dual suded round glue that works on the dashboard, metal, and handsoaps dudel dispensers. It's widely applicable. You can cut it to fit your device. Easy installation. Simple installation steps can be completed. It can be easily removed and cleaned. 100% Satisfactory Service Lifetime technical support is provided for the best after-sale service. If you have any questions about their product, their customer service team is available to help you 24 hours a day. They want your satisfaction.

Brand: Pop-tech

👤This patch is easy to apply. It said it would work on textured surfaces. It doesn't. I have used alcohol wipes and they still lift right back up. It's almost like those rubber sticky toys you flung against the walls as a kid to watch roll down, not the actual glue patches or command strips. I got it for a dash mount cell holder. It falls over if I try to put my phone in the clip, because it rocks when I look at it wrong. They do not work on textured surfaces like they claim.

👤I used one of these for my Ventrue dash cam because it would fall from my car. It has been 3 1/2 weeks since it was attached to the glue. It's only a small gripe that you have to stick the window like it is and not touch it for 24 hours to make sure the strength of the glue is maximized. It's gotten the job done so no complaints from me.

👤The device was in an old car. When the last was removed, this worked well.

👤I have a small car. The original glue was melted by the Texas summer heat. The sticky pad is amazing. I cut it to fit my small device and it has been sticking to the windshield ever since.

👤These help a lot to your dashboard or rear window.

👤It is very sticky that makes the suction strong.

👤I've used this for 3 different cars and 2 of them fell off. Very disappointed.

👤Je l'ai utilisé pour coller un long pommeau de douche. Cette ventouse ne tenait jamais. Problme. Le paquet vient. Je recommande.

👤The item arrived on time. I was able to modify and use the wrong size. So far, so good.

👤It was easy to install and held after a week of -20 to -30c. Will have to see if it takes 50c this summer.

3. Windshield Adhesives Double Sided Dashboard Mounting

Windshield Adhesives Double Sided Dashboard Mounting

6PCS 80mm (3.15") Circle Double-Sided Extra Strong Adhesive Tapes are available for Dash/Camera/GPS/Ipad/Car Phone Sucker Holders. You can attach a disk to a car dash with these dashboard glues to get a smooth surface for your phone mount. It is easy to use and clean the surface of the glue before use. Wait at least 24 hours to use. The car mount base should be stuck to the white side of the glue. After applying some pressure on the car mount, you can peel off the red film from it. You can cut the windshield glue into smaller pieces if you need to. It's compatible with most dashboard mounts and other long arm mounts, as well as the camera mount, wireless charging base, and dash camera mount holder. It's suitable for car phone mounts, gps, camera, wall holder, dashboard toys, tiles, wall pictures and more. The label is rounded to make peeling off the red release film of the pads easy. If you want to use it on your car dashboard, first peel off the white release film, then stick the glue to the dashboard pad or the base of the cup, then peel off the other red side film. Press down to increase the contact of the glue. Wait 24 hours to use. The adherence of these circular stickies pads is 40% stronger than the ordinary glue on the market. These pads let you bond quickly and easily with no drying time. It resists heat and humidity, protects the surfaces from scratches, and is easy to peel off.

Brand: Azxyi

👤Completely worthless. They don't stick the dash. They stick to the plastic disk that you mount the phone holder to. What good is that if the other side doesn't follow the dash? Don't spend your money on a garbage product. If I could, I would give it zero starts.

👤The alcohol pads that came with the order were all dry and I left it there for 48 hours. After I put my phone on, I drove off the sticky from the dash and fell.

👤I was hoping this would work for the phone Mount. It was the wrong product.

👤I was a little skeptical but it works. Once it is there, you really have to know where you want it.

👤It stays and does fall off.

👤I was getting something else different, I thought it was going to be the replacement for the suction cup, and the ones that I received were big. I'm pretty sure it was my fault for not paying attention. I didn't buy the correct product.

4. MGQFY Dashboard Replacement Compatible Windshield

MGQFY Dashboard Replacement Compatible Windshield

4 PCS Super Strong Double Side Sticker for Car Phone Mount is a great gift. Excellent performance, waterproof, Simultaneous fixation and seal. The strong pads are compatible with the camera. The Double Sided Clear and Round Tough Disk Sticky Tape is compatible with the Mpow 033 car mount holder. The Long Arm Universal Magnetic Cradle is a replacement for the Dashboard Cell Phone Mount. Cut into it. If you need a certain size, you can cut it into smaller pieces. When removal is required, strong glue leaves no trace. These sticky pads can stick to a lot of materials.

Brand: Mgqfy

👤The product was packaged well. It was ahead of schedule. I cleaned the device and allowed it to dry. I got in my car and saw this, after being held like a champ for two days.

👤After a few days, the sticky replacement disc fell off, after I stuck my phone on to the dashboard. My phone is in the holder. I was surprised that it was in the exact location that the mount had been placed in. I re-adhered it and it fell off in 10 minutes. I cleaned the dashboard and then removed the disc, but I moved the mount closer to the windshield to make sure the disc held. The replacement disc is not as strong as the original one, even though it was ok for about 2 years. It didn't work for me. The dashboard of my car is slightly textured.

👤I was annoyed that my phone holder fell while I was driving or when I inserted the phone. It stays where I want it to. I don't want to catch my phone while I'm driving.

👤These work great, almost too strong, would not suggest putting on a painted surface or pulling the paint off with it. I used them with a security camera in the window. The bar code and product key number of your camera can be seen if the glue is clear. If you have ever used a web based security camera, you can see how this can be issued.

👤My husband has a phone mount that he took out of his car. I bought these as a replacement. They hold just as well as the old one. We've tried all of them and none of them have fallen off. He's all set up in his new car after a week and he's still holding strong.

👤It's sticky! There are sticky pads on the dash board. It works 10 times better than the ones it came with. It comes off easily when you need it and can be used again.

👤I'm not cheap, but I like the things that I like. I have a dash mount holder for my phone. The sticky stuff on the cup needed to be replaced. I would have bought a new mount regardless of the price. I couldn't find one that was as good as the one I had. I was happy to find this set of replacement sticker disks. I was able to get the mount back on the dash in time for the trip, and it's still working.

👤Thin stickers are not good for car decals. It is better for hanging posters, picture frames, and light wall fixture.

👤The internal temperature of my vehicle is usually over 40 degrees. The cup that holds the dash cam failed all the time. The dash cam has not moved since I trimmed the adhesive pad.

👤I used a single piece of glue to attach my gps to the disk plate on my car. The problem I had was when it got too cold or too hot, the cup would fall over. The temperature this week was around 90 degrees and the cup is still attached. I am impressed so far.

5. Mount Plate Replacement Phone Car

Mount Plate Replacement Phone Car

1. Allow you to attach your device to the magnetic car phone mount stand. 2. It's universally applicable. Fit for all of the magnetic car mount holders. It is possible to use all of the phones including the iPhone 11 Pro Max / 11 Pro / 11 / XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus and 6S. Plus, 6 Plus, 5 Plus, 5C, 5Se, 4S, S10e, S All smart phones, plus, 3. 3m glue is strong to attach safely with your device. The iron material is rust-free. 4. The perfect size is ultra-thin, less than half a millimeter. The standard 35mm size can be used for both smaller and larger devices. 5. You get a 5 pack metal plate, 7x 24 Hours friendly customer service, and a 30-day free replacement.

Brand: Glaree

👤Since November, I have been using these and they work perfectly! I added a plate to the pop slide to make it easier to remove it when I need it, and it is even better now as I can remove the entire piece when I need it. It works perfectly on my wizgear mount. I have been using them for about 3 weeks. I wanted to be able to charge my phone from my phone, so I found a popsocket pop grip on clearance and made some changes to it. I couldn't use it with my magnetic car mount because it wasn't metal. I had a metal ring on the back of my case, but couldn't use it to charge my phone. I attached one of these to the popsocket. It is a bit smaller than the popgrip top, but it does what I wanted it to. When I attach my popgrip to my car, it does flip around, but I placed it down my case so it could charge on my base. I am pretty sure that it is not the fault of this disc. I believe the popsocket is to blame. I don't see this as an issue because the screen flips. This helped me make a magnetic grip for my car mount, which was what I needed it to be, and I can still charge my phone from my car mount, which is even better. There were no issues with the glue. The disc is thin, but it works. I don't have issues with sharp edges. I am happy with this purchase and glad I have spare parts.

👤The Caw Magnetic Car Mount System has been great for months. I needed a new magnetic disc for my phone to fit on my car mount, so I went to the store and bought it. They don't do what they should. They won't stick to my phone no matter how clean I get it. The second I attach the disc to my car mount, the little disc just comes off, my phone falls onto the car floor, and the disc stays attached to the mount. I'm very disappointed.

👤I had a lot of issues with these disks. I applied a disk to the case for the phone. My phone is usually in my pocketbook. The design is not present on the disk. The phone dropped off on the first bounce after I tried to hang it on my dashboard's magnetic holder. The disk wouldn't adhere to the back of my Tom-Tom gps. The gps fell off as it stuck to the magnetic holder. I can't recommend this product.

👤If a case, the disc is applied to the back. It is not coming off. It's a good thing, but make sure you place it right the first time. The discs seem to interfere with wireless charging. The case has to be taken off in order to charge. There is a The phone does not fall from its perch while it grips.

6. VizGiz Magnetic Dashboard Replacement Universal

VizGiz Magnetic Dashboard Replacement Universal

That's a metal plate, not a magnet. The metal plate is not used for a magntic phone holder. The package includes a 4 round plate in 4 colors. Remove the magnet plate and replace it with a magnetic air vent mount, dashboard magnet car mount and universal magnetic phone holder. The metal sheet is very thin and can be hidden inside of a phone case. 0.1 cm/ 0.039" thick. You can apply colors to multiple color mobile phones. The color perfect matches the Apple phones. Black, Rose Gold and Gold. You can put the metal disc between the cellphone and the phone case. If the phone case is thicker than 1mm, please stick it on the outside of the case to avoid interference with magnetism. The phone mount plate sticks to your phone back firmly and securely with the help of a strong sticker on the back. There was no worry of falling off. Wait for 24 hours before using the metal plate to make sure it sticks firmly.

Brand: Vizgiz

👤It took me 5 or 6 days to get these, even though I paid for prime shipping, and now they don't stick to anything magnetic, so what are they supposed to be for? So frustrated.

👤Magnet is weak and can fall on road bumps. The glue is not enough. After a few days of use, came off. I did a good job of cleaning the device, but it still wasn't enough.

👤Product description was not accurate. The mounting plate doesn't stick to anything. The metal plate is supposed to stick to the circular plate, but I got plastic stickers to mount it.

👤There is a cover over the metal plate that creates a weak magnetic field between the metal plate and the magnet.

👤Would not stay on. Keep falling off. I returned them.

👤Don't waste your money. If you want to use them in the car for your wireless charging, they don't work.

👤The magnets don't stick when driving. It fell off the mount while I was driving. It is incredibly dangerous. Would not recommend.

👤Works like it should. It was pretty on my phones.

7. ISaddle Double Sided Adhesive Windshield Dashboard

ISaddle Double Sided Adhesive Windshield Dashboard

The package includes 2 x 2.76 inch. Double face heat resistance round dashboard pad mounting disk, 4 x alcohol pads, 1 x user manual If you need help with their product, please contact them and they will provide you their best after-sale service. They want your satisfaction. It works like the G1W/Yi Smart Dash cam. 3M Double-Sided Mount Stands are compatible. In your car, dash board, or rooftop. The ball head gives flexibility for positioning the camera. Attaching to a clean and smooth surface is easy to get a custom holder. Purchase now and you will get a 100% money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong within a year. Purchase now and you will get a 100% money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong within a year.

Brand: Isaddle

👤The shorter of the two lugs provided with the mount fit my Dash cam, which I purchased a couple years ago on Amazon. The previous mount fell off the window every few months. I could not attach the double-sided sticker to my car because it wasn't strong enough. Unless they are steeply sloped, the swivel will not work for windshields. It's fine for a lot of cars, but not my Jeep. The Jeep's window is too upright. I had to attach the mount to the plastic trim above the window.

👤This mount is perfect for the YI dash cam. I use the smaller one because it's easier to just remove the dash cam from the larger one. The glue is 3m so it won't fall off when you put it on your car. If I needed to replace my windshield, I would purchase this again. It's great when you can't get the YI dash cam attachment off of the old car.

👤There is not enough adjustment for the SUV window angle. The mount is not suitable for vehicles with bad windshields. The camera will point at the hood if used. It is possible to bend the plastic to get it to work. This was the only mount I found that was not a cup. I'm trying to use this with my 2003 car and the Yi Technologies dash cam.

👤I bought it because my rear dash cam vacuum mount fell off. I decided to go with the 3M fixed mount because of the vacuum tension. I'm very happy with this purchase after a couple of months. The extreme winter in the Midwest was -50F. It is holding it's ground. If you live in a warm area, I recommend buying it over a cup mount.

👤This works great for my Drivepro. It has a limited angle of tilt that is suited to modern cars, but an older car with a more vertical windshield will be a problem.

👤If your window mount breaks or gets damaged by the sun, this mount is perfect. I used this mount to hold my dash cam onto the dashboard instead of the window, so that I could slip a screen on the window when I parked my car, and not have to worry about the sun damaging my car. The mount works well and holds onto the dashboard much stronger than I expected.

👤This was purchased for my R1 Pro Dash cam. It doesn't fit the R1 Pro Dash cam right out of the box. I used my dremel to cut a small part from the end. I can't fault the mount for not having universal compatibility, it took less than a minute to make the modification. Completely satisfied with the result.

👤I had a mount that fell off the car when I cleaned it and re-set it. The stick-on version of the mount works great. The camera has not moved since I installed it. Excellent!

👤The iSaddle CH02B was the only compatible 3rd party mount that I could find that was compatible with my dash cam. So far, so good. The size is right and the distance to the glass is closer. I can't say that it will survive the cold of winter or the heat of summer, but it is very good and I only had it for a few weeks. It's a good thing that fingers crossed.

8. Metal Plate Magnetic Mount Replacement

Metal Plate Magnetic Mount Replacement

1. The metal plates can be used to attach your cell phones to the Magnetic Mount. You can stick them on the back of the phone. The Metal Discs / Disk do not have Magnets, just Replacements Plates for Magnetic Car Mounts. 2. The cell phone magnetic plate is compatible with most phones. 6S Plus, 6S Plus, 6S Plus, 6S Plus, 5S, 5C, 5S, S9 Plus, S8 Plus, S8 Plus. 3. Magnetic Plates are widely compatible with different Brand Phone Car Mount. There are more than one location on the dashboard, Vents, CD Slot, Dash, and Windows. 4. The phone magnets are ultra-thin and strong to minimize the phone's bulkiness. 2 Standard Size for Big Mobile Phone and Larger Pad Devices is 2.56'' X 1.77''. 5. 6 packs of stylish thin magnetic phone car mount replacement plate and customer service are what you get.

Brand: Glaree

👤You get a nice number for a good price with the design on the metal plates. I found the glue not strong enough. I tried the first one and it wasn't working. I just put it on there, but the magnet plate I got with the mount worked just fine. I followed the instructions more closely and tried it again. I pressed the second plate onto the back of the phone and it worked. At first. It came off in a few days. I had to order replacement plates from the original manufacturer.

👤The prices are competitive. They were packaged individually. The metal works well with the magnetic mount in my car, and itAdhered well on the protective case on my phone. The item wouldn't adhere to the 3-D diamond texture of my wife's phone case. No complaint, I can understand why. If you have a textured case, be careful if you use any glue.

👤I love the look of these, but they are more permanent than I expected, and if you pick too strong of a magnet, it does make life difficult. After about a week of normal wear, the design has 888-405-7720 888-405-7720 I have to figure out how to put a new one on.

👤I tried to glue the thing to my case but it didn't work because I cut some slices of the Silicone to make sure the glue wouldn't fall off. If you have a Silicone case, you will have a problem getting it to stick. It works perfectly now that I have it. I've gotten a lot of praise for it. I like that it has a pattern.

👤I couldn't use the disc that came with my magnetic car holder after I got a new phone. I thought they were pretty. I bought even though I didn't need all of the pieces I expected. The large oblong plate gave me flexibility to mount the phone higher or lower than the disc would have allowed. My phone has a feature that is located in the middle of the phone. I don't charge my phone wireless, but I think the oblong plate can be placed in a way that doesn't block wireless charging, but still provide enough magnetic pull to keep the phone securely attached to the mount.

👤I bought the product on August 17th and it's failing on my phone case. I have a vent mount and my phone keeps falling off because the glue on it isn't doing its job. I'm not sure if the circle shape will be any better than my original, but I will try a different one when I get home. I have no complaints about the plate holding up.

👤I was a little worried about buying them from a 3rd party manufacturer, but they work great! I have been using it for a few weeks now and it seems like it's the same strength as the one I got with my car mount. It sticks to the mount. I like the design and it has not gotten damaged. We are still going strong despite the fact that it has taken a few tumbles.

9. Universal Mount Dashboard Sticker Holder

Universal Mount Dashboard Sticker Holder

Two style mounts for your choice for various occasion, clip mount is compatible with 95 percent of air vent and high-quality plastic materials are not easy to break. You can use the stick mount for a long time. It allows you to see the best view of your phone and display by rotating it. When you rotation the car mount, it clicks in place, and it will stay secure once the desired angle is chosen. Enjoy using a phone while driving. The Ultra-stable features make you feel safe. You don't have to worry about falling of the car holder and cell phone when driving on a bumpy road. Avoid distracted driving by enjoying music, movies and gps navigation. The cute angel style design is perfect for collapsible sockets. If there is any quality issues, please don't worry, they will solve the problem better, all products sold by them have been tested 100%.

Brand: Kswng

👤The first Pop Socket Mount I bought worked great and I spent $13 for it. I broke it because I was in a hurry. I bought another one and it lasted a day. I did a search on Amazon and found this. It came with two mounts for the Air Vents and one stand for wherever you want to put it. The two different options worked for us. The Air Vent mount can be used from one rental car to the next since the Husband travels often. The Air Vent has a screw that tightens to where you need it. He has a pretty decent weight with his case on his phone. It stays on and doesn't move. I was glad I read the other reviews and found the position I wanted and stuck the mount on. The reviewers warned that it will not budge. The stand has stayed put despite the heavy weight of the phone. I love it! I was able to use both holders for less than the price I paid for one pop sockets holder.

👤This doesn't fit all popsockets. I have a pressed flower popsockets, it's not completely flat, like most popsockets, the flower part is slightly thicker than the designs on other popsockets, it didn't work for me. It isn't a universal vent mount, but it is a good product if you want to use the sockets that come with it.

👤The sticky one holds my phone very well. The ball-joint adjusts to hold my phone at the right angle. The vent-clip is very strong. The vent points downward because of the weight of my phone. I ordered this set because I wanted the sticky one, but I can see how the clip can be used if you can't use the sticky one. Even if the air goes down, you can still adjust the ball-socket to hold the phone at the correct angle.

👤I bought a pop sockets mount for my car a couple months back and the part that held it was rubber/ Silicone and after a few months it broke and my phone fell out of it, so I just attached the piece that holds it. It is a lot more sturdy than the one I had before. It came with an extra mount, so if I ever break it I have a back up. The pop sockets that came with it were actually good quality. I got 2 car mounts and 2 pop sockets.

👤There are no directions. I can't imagine how 2 of the 4 pieces are worth anything. If you plan to use it, be prepared to rip yours off because it doesn't fit the universal size ones. There is a The distance from where it is mounted is probably an inch. Had I known, I would have chosen a better location. Too late.

👤I've had this mount before, but I couldn't get it to stick to my car. I'm using the vent option. The weight of the phone means that the vent closes when it's on the mount. The dash mount on the newer car was cleaned recently so might try it again after that wears off a bit. I cleaned it. It's still very slick.

10. Fouriers Computer Universal Adhesive Comptiable

Fouriers Computer Universal Adhesive Comptiable

The double-sided stickers roll with no drying time. It resists heat and humidity, protects the surfaces from scratches, and is easy to peel off. You can put your phone on the computer mount with the compatible GARMIN Edge 1000 800 500 510. 3M VHB semi-permanent attachment is made of plastic, strength and supper light. Size: L 60mm x W 50mm. Designed for the Edge 25. Not including computer mount and phone case is included.

Brand: Fouriers

👤I use it for my phone. I bought a spare bumper. Cleaned the back with alcohol. The bumper spot and mount's 3M tape were warmed up. They were pressed together on my bench. Came out well. I use it on rides to play music.

11. Adhesive Dashboard Mounting Replacement Windshield

Adhesive Dashboard Mounting Replacement Windshield

Universal CompatibilitySelf The problem of suckers falling off is solved by using a sticky gel mounting disc 70mm. The dash has a phone mount, a gps navigation mount, a camera mount, a toy mount, a monitor, and a mirror. You can use the phone dashboard car mount back stickers without worry in the hot summer months. The 3M VHB dashboard cell phone grip replacement adhesion pads are 40% stronger than ordinary sticky glue. It is easy to fix your Navigator brackets, car phone base, heavy duty dashboard mount base, you can stable and secure your vehicle in bumpy roads. The dual sided circles on-dash mounting pad disk comes with alcohol wipes to clean the surfaces before applying, after the surface is dried, peel off the 3m adhesive film to stick the surface of dashboard or windshield, auto windscreen, glass, front window, please wait. You can use the sticky backed foam tabs sheets on the bottom of the cup. The mounting disk is easy to remove, you don't have to use a tool to remove it. The best car mount for cellphones. Make sure the surface of the chosen area and the cup of the gps/telephone/magnetic/rear view camera holder are clean before applying a new glue. The package includes 2 x 2.76 inch. Double face heat resistance round dashboard pad mounting disk, 4 x alcohol pads, 1 x user manual If you need help with their product, please contact them and they will provide you their best after-sale service. They want your satisfaction.

Brand: Volport

👤The heat of the Texas sun has caused my dash cam to fall off of my car. I ordered the VOLPORT 3M circle heat resistant double side disk which I fitted onto the suction cup. It was a perfect solution. The heat of the Texas sun made the glue strong. I'm very pleased with the product.

👤The first time I tried to install a ford mustang, I didn't use it for long. I worked all day until I got home and my mount came off. The next time I put it on, I put every height on it, and didn't use it for a week, so I let the NC hot sun do it. I used it for a couple of days. I noticed it was coming off my dash again the next day. I'm not sure if it works on a mustang.

👤These are sticky on both sides. If you have a dash cam or something that you don't want to leave in the car all the time, then this isn't for you. I don't want to leave a dash cam in the car all the time. It's so tight you'll have trouble getting it off your car. I don't understand why they make them like this since they want to be able to remove your item from the base plate.

👤I left it on longer so the glue could set better, because the diameter was a little smaller than the part it was replacing. There were no complaints.

👤I don't like writing reviews so soon after I receive a product, I want to use it for a while, and see if proof is in the pudding. It will be the same in 6 months if you ask for my review.

👤The mount on my truck wouldn't stick to it. I bought this hoping it would work and it did. It was perfect. Allow it to sit for a day for full healing. I used mine immediately and it worked great. The package contains 2.

👤After following the instructions, let it set up for 48 hours. It was easy to install. I have not had it long, but it appears to hold up to the phone holder and is very strong.

👤For a few weeks, this stayed on. Then it fell off, leaving the dashboard in tatters. The side that was for the cup became the cup that was used for the phone.


What is the best product for gps sticker mount?

Gps sticker mount products from Mu-cn. In this article about gps sticker mount you can see why people choose the product. Pop-tech and Azxyi are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps sticker mount.

What are the best brands for gps sticker mount?

Mu-cn, Pop-tech and Azxyi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps sticker mount. Find the detail in this article. Mgqfy, Glaree and Vizgiz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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