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1. Circular Adhesive Mounting Windshield Dashboard

Circular Adhesive Mounting Windshield Dashboard

6 PCS Super Strong Double Side Sticker for Car Phone Mount is a must have for any car. Excellent performance, waterproof, Simultaneous fixation and seal. The strong pads are compatible with the camera. The Double Sided Clear and Round Tough Disk Sticky Tape is compatible with the Mpow 033 car mount holder. The Long Arm Universal Magnetic Cradle is a replacement for the Dashboard Cell Phone Mount. Cut into it. If you need a certain size, you can cut it into smaller pieces. When removal is required, strong glue leaves no trace. These sticky pads can stick to a lot of materials.

Brand: Mu-cn

👤These discs are great. All of our vehicles have gps units on them. After a few months, the included mount loses its strength and rarely stays on. The discs change that. None of the units have fallen off of the mounts yet. I wish I'd discovered them a long time ago. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤These are difficult to mount on a windshield. The camera was next to the mirror. The mount on the cup has fallen off many times. Since using these to hold it on camera, it has not fallen off the window. Great product.

👤The reviews seem to be pretty good, but for me it didn't work out. I used it to put a gps note in my car. The mount was in my car for almost 2 years but eventually became detached and I needed to replace the double-sided tape. I put the alcohol pad in and then put the 3M tape in the back of the mount. It seemed to work well. I waited 24 hours before putting a phone in the mount. The tape didn't seem to adhere to either side of the mount after it was partially separated from my vehicle on one side. I don't know what I did with the rest of the pads so I can't check if it was an issue with the product or the tape. I'm pretty sure it was just the single piece based on 3m reputation and reviews, but I have to go off of the one piece I actually installed.

👤The original phone mount melted off in the summer heat, so I needed a replacement pad. I bought these in hopes of not having to buy a whole new phone mount, and was excited at first when it seemed to work, but my phone mount fell right off soon after. I tried many different pads and it wouldn't hold. I bought a new phone mount that works and hasn't fallen down. I don't want to have to buy new plastic if I can just donate it to someone else.

👤I wanted to mount a shower head in our bathroom. The old disc gave up after a decade, and this was the perfect replacement. The mount is solid and easy to apply. This is really good.

👤This is exactly what I was looking for. I need a new sticky pad. I had to cut it off because it was too big for the surface, but it was easy to fit on the surface of the car's charging port and the windshield. I don't know how easy it will be to remove, but I hope it comes off okay when the time comes. This will be useful for other reasons. I think this is a good idea. Good and powerful!

👤This won't hold a phone in the car. After many years of having it, my old one melted. Within 30 minutes, it failed. This may be good for items that are light.

👤I have a phone mount in my car that sticks to the window after a while, but it wasn't sticking anymore. I replaced the sticky parts on the phone mount. I put it back on the car and it works great holding my phone up on the mount.

2. Styling Warning Vehicle Tracker Motorcycle

Styling Warning Vehicle Tracker Motorcycle

Sunblock, waterproof, reflective with lights. There is a gps tracker sticker. 2PCS size 10x5 cm. It's ideal for car, motorcycle, bike, laptop. The postion is clean, flat and smooth. A sticker. Sunblock, waterproof, reflective with lights. Sunblock, waterproof, reflective with lights.

Brand: Horayten

3. Anti Theft Vehicle Stickers Tracking Warning

Anti Theft Vehicle Stickers Tracking Warning

These sticky pads can stick to a lot of materials. Car thieves are warned to find an easier target. The stickers are four inches wide so they won't be overlooked. The yellow stickers stand out and can be seen clearly before troublemakers start kicking the tires on your car. Just enough. When you want to sell or trade in your car, the thick vinyl stickers stay put until you want to take them off. The weather-resistant viny lettering. These stickers will stay bright and alert in sunny parking lots and rainy driveway. The backing on your car, truck, or van is sticky. Protect your car, truck, RV, and more with this set of six. The thought of a global positioning system can make would-be thieves and vandals think twice. Protect your car, truck, RV, and more with this set of six. The thought of a global positioning system can make would-be thieves and vandals think twice.

Brand: Sutter Signs

👤I have cameras on my vehicle and have issues with some people who live near me in an apartment complex. My vehicle has a security system that warns those up to no good. My make of vehicle is a hot model for thieves, so I have wired in a gps device. I own two Acuras and have 3 with these modifications and stickers. The quality of these and their adhesion is great from 1-10 and a 10 would recommend it to others who live near shady people. The thickness decals are almost as thick as they are.

👤I put the stickers on the windows because young kids were always trying to get the doors open.

👤I wish someone would sell a reasonably priced tracking system for my boat.

👤What do you think about it? They're not big or small. They stick well outside of the window, but would be difficult to remove if you needed to.

👤I have a gps device in my car. If they were smart, they would leave the vehicle alone. They could face jail time if they are tracked down quickly.

👤It stays stuck on the sticker.

👤The price was good and the size was great.

👤The sticks are right size. It was waterproof.

👤Excellent theft deterrent, use on my trailer.

4. Adhesive Transparent Replacement Wireless Double Sided

Adhesive Transparent Replacement Wireless Double Sided

6 sticky pads can be used to fix a Suction Cup Mount when your sucker is not. Try Galundge for a lock sucker. Don't fall again! Adhesive can only be used once. Silicone items can not be directly adhered to. The package does not include the mounting disk. Before using alcohol prep pads, please clean the surface of the glue with a alcohol pad. Wait at least 24 hours to use. The sticker pads help firmly lock the wireless charger into the needed place, allow your phone to be easily separated from the charger with one hand after charging, and protect the charging port from falling damage. These high- strength, double-sided pads let you quickly and easily create a long- lasting bond attaching various surfaces wherever you want, like car dashboard, car dash, windshield, desktop. The double-sided stickers roll with no drying time. It resists heat and humidity, protects the surfaces from scratches, and is easy to peel off.

Brand: Galundge

👤The package includes six alcohol prep wipes and six adhesive pads, according to the seller. The package only had six pads. Cheaters!

👤It is in the heat of the Texas summer. So far, so good, holding my dash cam in place.

👤Doesn't stick. I followed directions and it fell on my dash. I tried about 3 or 4 times before giving up. The extra parts don't come with it.

👤A bad item is sticking with glasses. Its not coming out anymore!

👤The original owners of the car mounted a pad on top of the dashboard to mount a phone. I have had the car for 7 years, so it is longer than when they mounted it. The pad is secured in a way that it won't move. I wanted to try this solution because I've tried a few and none would hold for more than a few minutes. I was very impressed at first. I was able to mount the cup from the Qi charging station on my dashboard, wait a day before using it, and then have the gps mounted at eye level, which was great. It would have been a 5 star review if I had written it, as there are plenty of parts, cleaning supplies, reasonable price and it seemed to function exactly as intended. The sad weatherperson on the news last night pointed out that it was not a heatwave, but a 4 day period where the first day and last day were in the 90s. The newscaster was annoyed that there wasn't a heat wave, I think she spent her time telling people not to run unnecessary equipment and cooling stations were open. Despite the 105 degree temperature, it's not a heatwave. She was annoyed. I was annoyed because the almost heatwave resulted in the pad falling. I put my phone on the stand as I drove away on the last day of the heat, but it fell down as I got out of the car. Everything I own is covered in dog hair and the sticky side of the pad is exposed. If you're not in an area where the temperature regularly hits over 90 degrees, this may be a good solution, but I don't want to break my phone in that area.

👤I have a problem with my phone cradle system every summer because it gets stuck in the heat. The little stickers seem to have cured it. It was in the 90's yesterday and my car was pointing into the sun so the dash would have been really hot. The cradle held up. I have a Note phone that is not one of the small ones, so I feel more secure putting it in the holder. We used 3 of them to secure some led light strings inside of a metal sculpture that is in the sun all day. The sculpture was too hot to touch but the glue held.

👤During a mild climate, failed to adhere longer than a few days. It won't hold in the summer. Not recommended.

5. Anti Theft Vehicle Stickers Tracking Warning

Anti Theft Vehicle Stickers Tracking Warning

TrackR is compatible with both theios andANDROID. Say: "Alexa, ask TrackR to find my phone" The set of 8 includes 4 pc of front and 4 pc of back sticker combo. It can be used on the inside of the vehicle windows so that it won't get damaged or removed by someone outside. It can be used on your car, bike, motorcycle, truck, or RV to display the warning message. The weather-resistant viny lettering. These stickers will stay bright and alert in sunny parking lots and rainy driveway. The backing on your car, truck, or van is sticky. Big and bold. The stickers are 3 inches wide. There are yellow stickers that can be seen clearly. Big and bold. The stickers are 3 inches wide. There are yellow stickers that can be seen clearly.

Brand: Totomo

👤This review is for the TOTOMO (Set of 8) Anti-Theft Car Vehicle Stickers withGPS Tracking Warning. I wanted to put these on my new car. You get eight stickers that go on the outside and on the inside. The ones that go on the inside are not exposed to the weather. Regardless of which one you choose, they all stick very well and are very visible. The part that says warning was cut off because it was too big. It used to be 1.5 feet tall, but now is just 1 foot tall. The smaller size makes it look more authentic. I only used two stickers. I put one on the driver side window and one on the passenger side window. I think that putting a sticker on every window would make them look less authentic.

👤There are 8 stickers. There are 4 front and 4 rear stickers. The stickers look real and stick perfectly.

👤My vehicle was damaged recently. Hope this warning will keep thieves away.

👤In the fall of 2021, we have cars and catalytic converts being stolen in Portland. I can't afford to have a shield or actual gps tracker installed right now, but I will get them with my tax return. Hope these help is helpful. It comes with 2 types and they are very visible. One is for the inner windshield and the other is for the outside of the car. Notice how well the poke out. 2 thumbs up.

👤There are a lot of robberies and theft in my neighborhood during the holidays. My truck has recently been upgraded with a lot of new, cool aftermarket features and I think this sticker is just what I need to deter people from bothering with it. It looks legit. I need to get a gps system on my truck.

👤It deters thieves and vandals from breaking into your car.

6. Adhesive Replacement Dashboard Suction Double Sided

Adhesive Replacement Dashboard Suction Double Sided

The Volport 3M round flat stickers are designed for the Suction Cup Mount. It's compatible with dash cam, gps, car cell phone mount, iPad, tablet holder, soap dispensers, bathroom shower caddy / headshelf, and more. There are car clips, dashboard mounting disk, hook, towel rack/ring, RV, backup camera screen, hanging hooks. You can cut or trim the sticky tabs to fit your needs. 2. The high temperature resistance performance of the 3M heat resistant tile is for dash cam mount,stainless steel holders,decorations,security camera,shower washcloth holder,towel bar,shower walls, motion sensor light,hanger, and more. 3. The adherence of these thin durable 2-sided circular waterproofing foam adhesive stickies parts pads is 40% stronger than the ordinary glue on the market. The 3M double face strength sticky part is waterproof. The tacky double sided gripping fixate anti gravity gel strips patches pad is a Multipurpose tearable tacky double sided gripping fixate anti gravity gel strips patches pad. 4. The large circle 2 sides refill adhesion tape replacement kit comes with alcohol packs to clean the surfaces before applying. Remove the old stickly dots gel from the mount and clean the surface with alcohol pad first, then tear off the 3m film to stick it to the bottom of the cup, and press down for 10 minutes. 5. 4 x 3.15 inch wide (80mm diameter) 3m heavy dutyremovable heat proof small double-stick sticky padded both side backed mat tape, 4 x alcohol pad and user guide are included. If you need help with their product, please contact them and they will offer you their best after-sales service. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Volport

👤I needed someone to help me with my dash cam. It would just let go of my car. I no longer have that problem since I added one of these sticky pads. My dash cam stays put even though my truck does not offer a smooth ride. These are wonderful. I wonder if they could work on my wife's mouth. Did I say that? Just teasing.

👤There are many items like this one that have a hard surface to attach the mount. Not this one. It has two sides. Attach the disk to the mount with one side attached to the dash. The mount is locked to the disc and cannot be used in any other car. It was too inexpensive to return. I'll keep them in my shop in case I need them.

👤Not a cup mount. It's not a mount for cups.

👤I have a Vantrue Pro dash cam that is mounted on the car's dashboard. The cup wouldn't hold anymore after three months. I tried every trick I could think of and within 24 hours it would fall again. I applied one of these and pushed it against my car for three minutes. It fell again after I let it go. I wondered if it would stick to itself better if I stuck one sticker on the glass and the other on the dash cam, and then stuck them together. The color of these stickers is something to think about. They are an unattractive greyish-beige and that is visible in the windshield. I have to suck that up because my dash cam must be mounted where it is, but if you are uptight about your aesthetic, just know you are going to see it from the outside of your car.

👤The product didn't work like it should, it fell down while I was driving and caused a hazard for me, it didn't stick for my phone holder. I was done with the product when the seller tried to offer me a replacement, but I didn't like it. The seller's customer service is good.

👤Terrible product. The money was wasted. It was necessary to cut to fit my mount. No big deal. I got it to fit and it held up for 5 months. There is a I need to replace the broken mount because it no longer held the mount after 5 months. There is a It melted in the sun. It has been 85-90 degrees here so it has not been extreme. There is a It's very difficult to get off of my car. I don't recommend this product.

👤You have to wait for the base to open. Its held up well. The temp has been close to 100 so it is solid. I didn't have to buy a new phone holder.

👤I bought this to fix my phone holder. The original cup was sticky for a month or so. The sticky pads could not last long. I followed the instructions to a T and tried different sides of the alcohol pads, all to no avail. The phone holder is heavy so it may not work for lighter models.

7. Vehicle Monitored Bumper Safety Magnet

Vehicle Monitored Bumper Safety Magnet

It is hard to be warped, cracked or torn. Keep your drivers safe. The driver of the vehicle that uses the magnet should be aware that speed is being monitored. It's great for personal or commercial use. The size is 12 Inches by 3 Inches.

Brand: Sweeler

👤My daughter's driving habits are tracked to give her a score that she is rated on. She had a problem with tailgaters. The large magnet seems to help, because it's large enough to be noticed. It won't eliminate the jerks, but at least it's something.

👤A lot of patients in wheelchairs are being transported by me. The magnetic symbol makes other drivers aware that we drive in accordance with the posted speed limits.

👤I bought two of these because I made a mistake by driving through a car wash after applying it. It was knocked off. I did not notice until days later. There is no fault of this product.

👤I have a gps enabled dash cam that I use to record my speed, but I drive under the speed limit for those drivers who don't like it, and I have never had anyone blast their car horn at me. I have had some drivers tailgate me, but nothing like driving my Honda Civic.

👤It was for my work truck so I might as well have it on my bumper. The letters could be bigger.

👤The drivers are asking where I got it. Our manager is getting some for the drivers. It's wonderful not having a radio in your car when you're working.

👤I put this on my car to keep tailgaters away from me.

👤What I ordered. It seems worthwhile. Magnet is holding up, so it does what it's supposed to.

8. Langersun Stickers Warning Protected Motorbike

Langersun Stickers Warning Protected Motorbike

It takes 1-2 hours to be fully charged with a built-in 700mAh battery that lasts up to 15 days average use. The quality guarantee is for one year. It's ideal for car, motorcycle, bike, helmet. Sun block is nice. Quality 3M610. Quality 3M610.

Brand: Langersun

👤I put the little stickers on my bike for security. Thieves don't know if gps tabs are hidden. Good alternative.

👤The 2 pack of stickers were ordered by me. They were well packaged and arrived on time. I was concerned when other reviews said that the stickers were all in one. In my first picture, you can see that there is a protective sticker on the paper that you have to remove before you can take the sticker off. I am guessing that it wasn't cut out right. The sticker was cut off when I got it. That's the reason for the 4 stars. This can be seen in my second picture. The white background on the stickers seems to be reflective. Since I put it on, I don't know how it will hold up. I put it on and it stuck very well. I rubbed alcohol on the area to make sure it was clean. I am happy. I want it to be delivered. If it was centered when it was cut, it would be a full 5 stars. I want people to take the sticker seriously. The off set cut takes away some of that. I would recommend this product. I will buy it again.

👤They are the right size to fit on my ebike. They are so far so good that time will tell.

👤These stickers are used for security through obscurity. It definitely helps out with the bike alarms on my bike.

👤When I received this item in an envelope, I thought it was empty, but after shaking it, I realized what was in it. The delivery was good and the description said it was a large envelope.

👤I know how to apply vinyl stickers in 10 days, even though they are curling up at the corners. The seller told me to deal with Amazon. I have to return the old or get a new set. The design is nice, but product quality and customer service are not up to par.

👤The warning sticker is perfect even though there is no gps tracking on the sticker, I had a gps tracking chip fitted to my Mt Bike so the warning sticker was perfect. Cleaned surface, applied sticker.

👤These are bigger than I thought, but they're cheap and bright. Hopefully it will be a deterrent.

👤Good quality stickers with metallic effect.

9. FONGWAH NTAG215 Stickers Amiibos Nintendo

FONGWAH NTAG215 Stickers Amiibos Nintendo

The space has a usable amount of space. The Amiibo NTAG 215 chip has a 504-byte usable Momery. The ntag 215 can be used to make animal crossing amiibos. The ntag 215 sticker can be used to make Nintendo Amiibo, which can be used to make games such as Mario Kart. The read-write lock function can be edited or read-only. The tag cannot be edited or reset. Amiibo can only do one thing at a time. There are Amiibos game stickers. It's compatible with all of the devices.

Brand: Fongwah

👤I use the stickers to launch the apps. You need to touch the upper part of the phone to use the short-range sticker. If you need to take them off it's not hard, and they don't leave glue marks. As other thinNFC stickers, they can't be used on metal, as they interfere with the signal transmission. You'll need more than one sticker for that.

👤I had to learn how to use them. My advice is to go to the internet and find a way to do what you're trying to do. It is possible.

👤It works well for spoofing amiibos. I haven't had a fail yet.

👤It works well for the intended purpose.

👤These work well and are easy to use.

👤It was perfect for the Nintendo Switch to make Amiibos.

👤If you haven't used them before, you will need to watch a video or search for them on the internet. It is very easy to do once you learn how to do it. A lot of modern smart phones can program these to create Amiibos. It's up to you whether that is ethical or not. Some people think charging $5 for a pretend creature in a game is not ethical. You can find out all the ways that the Stickers can be used by searching for the term. These are basic, bare-bones stickers that work well so far. My son programmed a few of them. I was able to "issue myself" a spare key to a building that uses these as the "entrance key" so that if I forget my keys, I have one of these stuck on an old credit card and I'm never without my key. Learning how to use them is easy. This is a great way to start without spending a lot of money and you can learn how to do it cheaply. They have given us no problems so far, and they seem well made. I hope my review helps. I rate the items I review on Amazon based on my experience with them. I don't generally do a laundry list of features that are already in the description, instead I try to share my personal experience with the product in the hope that you may be using it with a similar "every person" point of view and not a professional. I don't need a review that tells me every detail of the product because I feel like most of us are buying products for the same basic reasons. I'm not a professional reviewer, but I like to share my experience with products, and warn other Amazon customers when something isn't as described or as good as advertised. I would like to thank you for reading my review.

10. Windshield Adhesives Double Sided Dashboard Mounting

Windshield Adhesives Double Sided Dashboard Mounting

6PCS 80mm (3.15") Circle Double-Sided Extra Strong Adhesive Tapes are available for Dash/Camera/GPS/Ipad/Car Phone Sucker Holders. You can attach a disk to a car dash with these dashboard glues to get a smooth surface for your phone mount. It is easy to use and clean the surface of the glue before use. Wait at least 24 hours to use. The car mount base should be stuck to the white side of the glue. After applying some pressure on the car mount, you can peel off the red film from it. You can cut the windshield glue into smaller pieces if you need to. It's compatible with most dashboard mounts and other long arm mounts, as well as the camera mount, wireless charging base, and dash camera mount holder. It's suitable for car phone mounts, gps, camera, wall holder, dashboard toys, tiles, wall pictures and more. The label is rounded to make peeling off the red release film of the pads easy. If you want to use it on your car dashboard, first peel off the white release film, then stick the glue to the dashboard pad or the base of the cup, then peel off the other red side film. Press down to increase the contact of the glue. Wait 24 hours to use. The adherence of these circular stickies pads is 40% stronger than the ordinary glue on the market. These pads let you bond quickly and easily with no drying time. It resists heat and humidity, protects the surfaces from scratches, and is easy to peel off.

Brand: Azxyi

👤Completely worthless. They don't stick the dash. They stick to the plastic disk that you mount the phone holder to. What good is that if the other side doesn't follow the dash? Don't spend your money on a garbage product. If I could, I would give it zero starts.

👤The alcohol pads that came with the order were all dry and I left it there for 48 hours. After I put my phone on, I drove off the sticky from the dash and fell.

👤I was hoping this would work for the phone Mount. It was the wrong product.

👤I was a little skeptical but it works. Once it is there, you really have to know where you want it.

👤It stays and does fall off.

👤I was getting something else different, I thought it was going to be the replacement for the suction cup, and the ones that I received were big. I'm pretty sure it was my fault for not paying attention. I didn't buy the correct product.

11. Laminated Sticker Trailer Tracking Control

Laminated Sticker Trailer Tracking Control

Sunblock, waterproof, reflective with lights. PROFESSIONAL QUALITY The stickers are made in Germany. The top layer is protected from the sun. The majority of their stickers do not yellow in time. They can be applied to any surface. It is guaranteed for more than 8 years when installing the stickers correctly. Skino made it. The brand is characterized by design, quality and style. The products of Skino are durable and can endure harsh weather conditions for many years. Thank you for choosing them.

Brand: Skinoeu

👤I have all the security gear and this one makes a person think twice. It is worth every cent.

👤They are more like 1.75" x 3.75", but look like a quality sticker. Let's see if they can survive the test of time. If they end up garbage, I will update. There are five people in this picture


What is the best product for gps sticker large?

Gps sticker large products from Mu-cn. In this article about gps sticker large you can see why people choose the product. Horayten and Sutter Signs are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps sticker large.

What are the best brands for gps sticker large?

Mu-cn, Horayten and Sutter Signs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps sticker large. Find the detail in this article. Galundge, Totomo and Volport are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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