Best Gps Stand for Car Dashboard Magnet

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1. TORRAS Friendly Dashboard Windshield Compatible

TORRAS Friendly Dashboard Windshield Compatible

This universal cell phone car mount uses a third-generation suction cup, with three layers of super glue, which makes it stick to your car dashboard or windshield. The most suitable wrapping angle for the car mount was found after a year-long test. The arm is wrapped more than normal mounts. It hugs the child like a father's arm. The heavy duty phones, such as the iPhone 12 pro max / iPhone 11 pro max, are a perfect choice because of their strong arms. Kidproof! It's scratch-proof! The small silicone pads have been rigorously tested. They use the latest vacuum nanotechnology, which can adjust the shape of the silicone according to the size of the phone, to ensure that there is no gap between the phone car holder and the phone. You don't have to worry about your phone falling off during the journey! The car phone mount can be installed on the dashboard, the air vent or the windshield. It won't stop working even on the off road, it's a great choice for most of the cars, pickup trucks, SUV, trucks, taxis. Say goodbye to the easy-scratched plastic panel car mount with the military grade PP material. Excellent appearance and high quality! It's a great decoration and a car holder as well. The Super secure car phone holder has a tight grip on the phone and a lock on the dashboard.

Brand: Torras

👤It's a nice holder. The pinchers aren't deep enough to hold a thicker style case. It's a shame.

👤I didn't have a good experience with this 3 in 1 cell phone car holder. I left a review with 2 stars. Linda from customer service at the company called me the next day to say that she was concerned about my disappointment in their product and was wanting to make things right. She gave me several options of other devices that would fit my needs better in a car mount. I could not be happier with the one pictured. It was shipped to me within 4 days after I decided on that model. It has a "hook" on the back of the air vent blade that can be adjusted to lock it on tight, and two feet that can be removed from the lower side to make a mount. You can hang a full water bottle on this thing. I like that it has some space between the vent and back of the mount so air can still pass through without being blocked. Linda was so helpful and concerned about her customer that she did everything she could to make them happy. She provided excellent customer service. If you're looking for a reliable cell phone mount for your car, I highly recommend the products from the Torras company. They will do whatever it takes to make it right if you don't like their customer service. Thank you Linda for all you did! I will buy from that point again.

👤When using a gps app, I wanted a cell phone holder for my car. The holder is perfect for me. It is easy to install and fit in my car. The directions for installation were good because I am not good at putting products together and installing them. I was thrilled to find out that the holder fits my phone perfectly, even though the description only said it fit 7 to 11 or 12. It is easy to use. The release button is located at the top of the holder. You can release the phone by holding the button until the clamps are open. You have to remove the phone. The phone is secured in the holder by squeezing the clamps together. Done! If I wanted to change the angle of my phone, I could adjust it by rotating it sideways or forward in the holder. What is the bottom line? I am able to see my phone while driving. I think this is a great solution for anyone looking for a similar one.

👤I like the cell phone holders. I don't like writing a lot of reviews. These things are cheap, but the Torras group has listened to customers, made changes, and become the better manufacturer for your products. I have had 2 of them over the last year. They are excellent. Gave one as a gift. Good job, Torras! Will continue to be a customer.

👤After 3 months, I received a replacement version of the suction cup from Torras Customer Care. I said that I would give it a try. It was installed in a few days after it was in the mail. I like the design of the new cup. Time will tell if the new included tape can handle the heat and bumps. For the time being, it is a 5. I was expecting good mounting tape, but it is an okay product. The design is versatile enough to make it easy to switch between the two mounting mechanisms. I need to mount on the dashboard on bumpy roads, but the included tape doesn't work. When my phone was mounted to the air vent, it fell even faster. I had to buy a few more dollars to mount the mounting tape onto the dashboard, because I had to shelf out a few more dollars. I need the phone to stay still, even though it might be hard to remove later. The last thing I want is my phone flying around and hitting the emergency light button, which happened to me when I used the original mounting tape.

2. ESamcore Phone Holder Car Adjustable

ESamcore Phone Holder Car Adjustable

UpGRADED VIEWS ANGLE: The eSamcore magnetic car mount can be adjusted to an optimal viewing angle thanks to the upgraded Double swivel ball joints. The magnetic car phone holder can be placed on the dashboard or top of the car. The base of the eSamcore phone holder for car was upgraded. The larger VHB base with flex tabs can be stuck on rough or curved dashboard surfaces, giving it a stronger hold than other traditional dashboard car phone mounts. The mount base is 1.51 X 2.71 inches. It's a plus. The squared magnet head is designed to prevent cell phones from slipping from the magnetic car mount. The upgraded 4 N52 magnets can keep your cell phone stable. The package is easy to use and includes a metal plate for smaller phones, a rectangular metal plate for larger phones and a spare VHB glue. Before attaching the cell phone car mount to the dashboard, please make sure it is clean and dry. There is wide comparativebility. The car cell phone holder is compatible with most phones. Max/ X / 8 / 8 Plus/ 7 / 7 Plus/ SE/ 6s/ 6 The S21 Ultra is also included. S20/ S20 Ultra/ S20 Plus, S10/ S10+/ S10e/ S9/ S9+/ S8/ S8+/, S20 Ultra/ Note 20 Ultra/ Note 10/ Note 9/ Note 8, Sony Xperia,Xiaomi Redmi Note If the dashboard is wet, dry it for at least 15 minutes. If the weather is cool, you can turn on the heater for a while, keep the environment warm, and install the car mount to preserve the best result.

Brand: Esamcore

👤I have had mounts that my phone falls off of. This one has a strong magnet and is very sturdy. I like that this one is taller than the others I've had. I can sit it in both positions. My son tried to get mine an hour after it was delivered, so I will be buying another one very soon.

👤I like its adjustability.

👤The phone is held tightly and I'm able to get a better view of it. The mount I bought from Walmart was terrible, the weight of my phone was too much for the arm. It would never hold in place because it kept flopping down and around. I'm glad I found this mount, it does everything it's supposed to do.

👤The tape was not strong enough to hold it. There was no way to weigh it down because I put it on a slight curve. There is a problem with staying down with my own tape. This worked well. I needed a taller one because the dash sticks up. It worked out well for that. The plastic ball screw together types don't last in the heat of the AZ.

👤The mount is the best. I want to give it 100 stars because it fits my dashboard nicely. When I make sharp turns or have to brake unexpectedly, my phone doesn't go flying off because of the strong magnet. The heat in California is triple-digit. This fits my car.

👤It takes up zero space and works well. The metal plates stick to the devices and the glue works well. I needed to use a second device in my truck to control my wireless brake controller, so I mounted the spare phone on the mount. The phone is still there despite not being used for weeks.

👤Everything you need to mount your cell phone holder is included in a small package. Their glue doesn't work very well as a matter of fact. You will have to buy something else. It doesn't take up a lot of space and it's not as heavy as most phone mounts. It can be used anywhere, and not just on your window. If you get some good glue, I feel good. You can use it for a gps mount as well.

👤I wanted this phone mount to work. The mount will fall off if your dash has a slight curve. I like the phone mount, it's just the glue that comes with it that's powerful enough to hold it in place, if there's a curved surface. The phone mount is great and I was able to get it to work with a strong glue.

3. Magnetic Rotation Universal Dashboard Smartphones

Magnetic Rotation Universal Dashboard Smartphones

The magnetic phone holder can create a powerful attraction that supports your device while allowing you to drive. VHB glue provides strong stick force between the dashboard and the phone holder, which can firmly stick to any plane in the car, fix your device, and adapt to a variety of road conditions. It is placed in the dashboard without blocking the view, and does not need to look down at the device to ensure safe driving. The best viewing angle can be provided by the free rotation of your device with an adjusted ball joint. Pick and place with one hand, and make calls with one hand. The Magnetic Mount is compatible with the following: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 11 Pro/11/xr/XS Max/XS/x, and the S20 Not available for iPad.

Brand: Coolpow

👤The magnet was amazing. I had an accident in my truck and the phone was still on the dash. I couldn't believe it!

👤The Mount works well. The metal disk on the back of the phone makes it impossible to use a wireless charging pad. I don't recall seeing this in the paperwork. The disk was so hot that I burned my hand when I picked up my phone. I don't want to think about what would have happened if I had left it there for a long time.

👤The product holds my phone perfect without moving. Is there a way to get more of the round sticky magnet circles that you put on the back of your phone?

👤The engineering grade is abysmal. The magnetic surface for the phone cannot be lowered beyond a 45 degree upward angle if it is mounted on a horizontal surface. If you choose to ride on the roof of your car and look at your phone, this angle is fine. If you don't have a sun roof, what do you do? You would feel silly riding out there and not being able to see your screen. You won't be able to see it better from the front seats because your phone is on the roof. The magnet is strong and it appears to be well constructed. I think you could use the device to hang pictures on the wall of your living room if you wanted to. That is the best use.

👤I bought this twice. It was my fault that I didn't read instructions the first time. The first time I put the iron on the outside of my case, it made for great magnetism, but it is very ugly. The magnetism of my phone is still very good after I put the iron on the inside of my phone case for the second time. This is the most elegant and simple looking phone magnets I have found and I have already recommended it to many friends.

👤I am happy with this product. I wanted to upgrade the audio and navigation in my car. We were concerned that the new equipment would damage the audio in the car, so we looked into replacing the head unit. The magnets are a great solution. I attach an IPad with cellular service to a glove compartment with audio and magnets, and use the audio input in the glove compartment. It gives me a bigger view of the maps and audio on my phone. Highly recommended!

👤Wow! I was going to get some cheap plastic. The mount was made of heavy metal. I was impressed with the quality here. It's hard to believe that this kind of machine worked metal can be had for so little money. You will not be disappointed with the quality if you have a good mounting surface. It's just amazing! I am using these mounts for a lighter iPhone 4s because the ball is very tight for my use, but after seeing other reviews that were critical of the ability of the ball to stand "fast", I decided to change my mind. This product handles a lighter phone than an Apple product. I can't comment on it being used in an iPad phone. Apple has gone insane in my opinion of phone size.

4. Kozart Universal Dashboard 360°Rotation Compatible

Kozart Universal Dashboard 360%C2%B0Rotation Compatible

Almost all cars have Magnetic Phone Mounts for the dashboard and air vent. Good choice to most of the cars, pickup trucks, SUV, trucks, taxis. Also, note: 3M is heat resistant and holds up well in Phoenix City, so please wait 24 hours after installation to use. The car phone mount has been tested multiple times. It sticks to the dashboard and most flat surfaces. You can easily remove the phone holder from the dashboard by pulling the cup. The clip of the Car Phone holder Mount is made of a hook shape and has three grasp points which can hold the outlet blades in place. The maximum bearing up to weight of 4 cellphones is achieved by the unique magnetic phone holder. Even when driving on a bumpy road, your cellphone will stay stably. Any device that needs to use the metal modem needs to use IPHONE 12. The attached protective film should be put on the front of the metal plate in order to ensure the removal. Magnet car phone holder mount is universal. Most smart phones and mini tablets are compatible with the phone holder. S9/ S8 /Edge S6 /S5 iPad Air 2/Mini 3 The Pro 9.7 has more. You get a magnetic phone car mount, replacement 3M glue, Air Vent clip, Alcohol Cloth Cleaning Kit,Round metal Pad, and 2 Round PE Film. They will give you a 12-month warranty on the product.

Brand: Kozart

👤Installation on a vent or dash is easy. The phone is held in the well without a case. If the phone doesn't stick well, it comes with two magnetic pads that can be attached to a phone case. The phone can be held with a case on and without a magnetic pad, but it needs to be positioned in a certain way.

👤I bought a magnetic phone holder for my heavier phone. The phone holder on my phone fell off when I tried to use it with a protective case on it. Maybe without the rubber case. It was the same thing, but couldn't feel any magnetic hold. I checked the holder and thought maybe there's a sticker on it that's preventing the magnetic connection. That is nothing like that. I tried a smaller phone and a lighter one. The holder sucks because the magnet does. If you need an expensive paper clip holder, this might be the one for you. Don't waste time, money, and disappointment, buy any phone holder other than this one.

👤This is a great phone mount. I've had a lot of different ones and they all snapped and broke. I like that the holder is thick and durable and doesn't have a lot of potential to break. The product came with some extra stuff. The phone is held upright by the strong magnet and it is not moving on the bumpy roads. This will be the last phone mount I buy.

👤I bought this for my car. I have two options for mounting. I cleaned the surface with rubbing alcohol and will wait overnight to move the part. The vent clip is mechanical and not the one that is friction. I couldn't get it off the phone. The mounts don't work for me after a while. The ball mount is attached with a glue and so far so good.

👤A+ product! A great strong magnet! Other magnetic phone holders dropped my phone. This one healed my s21+ perfectly. This product is very good. Absolutely worth it!

👤We travel a lot. The way my dash is, I didn't have room to use the strip. It works if you put it in the air vent. I was surprised.

👤I love it! This is the best car holder I have ever purchased. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤If the 3M glue had been used before, it would have taken longer to pull it off the mount and it would have been blamed on the curing time. Don't go east on this one.

👤I really like this model. I bought one for my car but it didn't last a week and then I found this one. I like the fact that it comes with a vent holder, which is very solid. Both products are solid and worth the money.

5. Magnetic Car【Upgrade Magnets】Strong Dashboard Rotation

Magnetic Car%E3%80%90Upgrade Magnets%E3%80%91Strong Dashboard Rotation

The 8 N52 magnets have a large magnetic field. The closed magnetic field wouldn't affect the phone signal. Keep your hands off the steering wheel. The Car Phone Mount is small and easy to install. It won't affect the view when driving. Proper installation can avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles, and you can find installation illustrations on the product page. Extra big 3M PC foundation, twice deep steady and updated VHB 3M glue, is included in the 3M adhesive& Full Degree View Car Mount. The mount and foundation are greatly attached with much stickiness and durable. Attaching the mount and dashboard is very easy. The angle of the phone can be adjusted with the 360-degree connector. The magnetic car holder is compatible with all phones and thick cases. It's compatible with the following: iPhone 12 / SE / 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / XS MAX / XR / X / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus and 6 6s Plus. S20, S20+, S20 Ultra 5G, Note10, Note 9, Note 8, S10 and S9 Plus, S8 and S8+, S7 and S7 Edge, S9 Plus, S8 and S8+, S7 and S7 Edge, S7 You will get 2 Pack of Metal Magnetic car mount, 2* Round metal piece, 2* Square metal piece, 4*3M Adhesive, 2*Cleaning Kit, 4*Protective films, and a User Manual. Customer service is available for 12 hours.

Brand: Edorreco

👤Fast shipping came as described. There are two packets of cleaner for your phone. Everything you need! I waited 24 hours before using. I've used it a few times and it has worked well. I have a spare for the future since you get two of them. If I can find it when I need it. Great purchase! The seller contacted me to make sure I received the product. That customer service is amazing. You'll like them if you buy them.

👤This is a decent mount, and I have no issues with it. I have a hard time finding a decent place to live because I drive an older vehicle. The plastic of the dash is more decorative than strong, so I can see it failing with the weight of the phone. The mount is not to blame. My current phone case has a hole on the back of the phone, so it's not ideal for a mount to be on the lower part of the phone. If you have a 12 Pro Max, it's better to have a plate for the magnet in the middle of the case, so that the weight of the case doesn't affect it. My case doesn't allow me to put the magnets inside so I have to go outside. If I had a different vehicle, it would probably work, but dash space on the current one is what is holding me back. Neither of these are the fault of the mount. It's easy to install and I was able to get the mount to hold the phone. It's all about trial and error for me, so once I resolve the other issues, it should suffice for me.

👤The magnet is able to do that. Have had other magnetic holders. This was the worst. The iPhone 11 almost falls off while stationary and won't hold during driving.

👤I've tried many different brands of phone mounts for cars, but this one has the strongest magnetic hold. The strip to hold the magnet is thick and strong, and even holds my iPad in the passenger's seat, as it comes with 2 magnet plates for your electronic device. Customer service is excellent. It's a steal for something around this budget.

👤The amazing customer service from Amy made me give 4 stars. The product did not meet my expectations, which is probably due to the weather. I bought a magnetic phone holder. My expectations were to have it on my cars. The viewing angle was not optimal because the phone was not able to sit in a 90 degree angle, and the adhesion 3M did not work well for me. The cheap dashboard plastic on the car may have been the cause of the problem. The seller was very helpful and understanding after communicating with me. I dealt with a customer service person named AMY, who immediately offered me an alternative option to help me. Amy has offered me a different phone holder. The seller and representative were very responsive and quick to respond. Thank you.

6. MAGDMB MagicMount Universal Frustration Packaging

MAGDMB MagicMount Universal Frustration Packaging

A dashboard phone holder is a safe and quick way to secure your mobile device in your car. The phone car mount is heat resistant and will not fall off while driving. The magnetic phone holder has powerful Rare-Earth neodymium phone magnets that give you a secure grip on your phone. 100% mobile device safety. Simply put the car mount magnet on the back of your phone case. The magnetic car mount allows viewing from any angle. It gives a great hands free experience. Convenient design - Integrated cable clip secures the charging cable to the car cell phone holder. The cradle-free design allows easy one-handed use and access to all controls and ports. Phone mount, MagicPlates, protective film and user manual are included. Backed by Scosche's Lifetime Tech Support and 3-year warranty, buy with confidence. Backed by Scosche's Lifetime Tech Support and 3-year warranty, buy with confidence.

Brand: Scosche

👤I did a lot of research before buying a dash mount for my phone. I put it in my wish list to get my sister a Christmas gift. I drive a Mazda CX-5 grand touring edition that has a beautiful black leather interior. It's a sexy car and I wanted something that would fit the look of my car and not be too big or clunky, which would destroy the clean lines of the dash and console. I was excited to try it out after receiving it for Christmas. It wasn't what I was hoping for. Allow me to explain. I chose the perfect spot where I wanted to put this on the dash, which is a very smooth, yet somewhat textured rubbery surface, which looks like leather. I thought it would be fine as the surface is relatively flat and is textured. The mount wouldn't stick to the dash well enough to hold my phone's weight for 10 seconds, even though I followed the instructions to the letter. Immediately, it fell off. I tried holding it down for 3 minutes and it wouldn't stick. The company sent me a replacement mount after I wrote to them. I tried it again, following the steps to the letter. After pressing firmly for a few minutes, I left the mount alone for several hours before I tried putting my phone on it. I was happy to see that my car was still stuck. I put my phone on the car. Within 15 minutes, it had fallen off. I decided to stick it to a smooth plastic surface just below where I had tried to mount it before and it held my phone, but because I had already stuck it to the other surface, it had lost some. I went straight for the smooth plastic surface that I didn't want to put in the place I wanted to put it because it blocks one of the air vents. I've debated what rating to give this product because it works like a dream and I love it. I think it's the ideal mounting system for phones and tablets, but it's getting to this point! It was not true that it would stick to textured surfaces. If I stuck it to the hard plastic surface from the beginning, I would have given it 5 stars. I wish I'd known about this from the beginning, but I learned through trial and error. I wish the instructions gave more information about which magnetic plate to use. I put the large plate on my phone, but that was not necessary. The tiny plate has enough strength to hold the phone in a slim case. Even though this is advertised to be usable immediately, I highly recommend you stick it and wait over night before allowing it to bear weight. The best place for the metal plate is at the bottom of the phone, with the long side horizontal. I tried at the center with the plate pointing up and down. I like the way this sits. My clear plastic case is stuck to me. If it doesn't work for you, don't give up and write a bad review, I promise once you get it to work, you will love it, because customer service was very helpful and prompt. It's sleek, sexy, minimal design, strong magnets but not so strong that you have trouble pulling the device off with one hand, and the options this gives you for degrees of rotation are endless! That's wonderful! The magnetic plate that is attached to the device is thin. I don't notice it at all. It doesn't make it hard to slip it in and out of pockets, purses, backpacks, and other items. I think this mount is the best dash mount out there, but unfortunately it didn't live up to its advertising for me. I was going to give it 3 stars, but decided on 4 because of the customer service and the fact that I really really love it! I hope this helps someone else. I did not receive this item for free.

7. Syncwire Universal Dashboard Adjustable Compatible

Syncwire Universal Dashboard Adjustable Compatible

The syncwire car mount comes with 3 years of support. The phone holder cannot be used for your car if there are missing accessories. You can get a replacement. It's not compatible with: thick cases such as Otterbox, wallet Case and battery Case. The 4th Generation Neodymium Magnets are compatible with most phones, including the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro, as well as the Note10+. The magnetic car holder has a smooth surface to maintain its glowing surface and soft yet durable touch. Reliable 3M VHB adhesive pad provides strong stick force. Driving on a rugged mountain road, going over a speedbump, and sudden braking are all situations that are Sturdy in. With a solid metal ball joint, you can change the position of your phone or display. A small cell phone car kit.

Brand: Syncwire

👤I was skeptical about the car mount's capabilities because my phone is larger and heavier than the mount, making it even larger and heavier. I didn't think that a small metal plate could stick to the mount, especially if it was going over railroad tracks, or if the phone was leaning down or moving from where I placed it. I've had this mount for a year. 1) Having my cupholders available again has been great. This makes it a lot easier to look over my maps on my phone, and I don't have a smooth dashboard. In Central Texas it gets hot so I thought the mount would slip/slide and come off in the summer. I'm impressed! I've ever spent $13.75.

👤It was easy to install the car and phone mount. I had some doubts about the strength of the magnet, but I am very happy with it. It is strong enough to hold my larger phone, and it is very good made. My phone has not fallen off when I drive over bumps. It comes with metal plates that can be used to put on the back of your phone or case. I think you will like it. The piece that was attached to the dash fell off. I was hoping it would last a little longer than that, but I guess you could just reattach it and hope it stays on next time.

👤I like the quality of the product and how it will stick to my phone. It didn't stick to the dash in my car. I used up the pads. The company is called Syncwire. I love their cords. The cords stay in my phone, they have solved many problems for me. I have a wireless headset that is the best I have ever heard. I like this phone holder. I hope to work with people from Syncwire to put it on my dashboard. I love this phone holder. The feel of it is solid. Many phone holders feel like cheap plastic held together weakly, this one feels heavy and strong. I had trouble sticking it on my dashboard, even after I cleaned it. I used Gorilla Super Glue to glue it to the dash. I took it on a road trip the next day and it was great. It's easy to use. The tilt function of the ball joint can be used to adjust the screen in the sun. I put my phone where I put it. There was no adjusting the plastic pieces. This is a very good product, and I am enjoying it.

👤It was 3 years of support. The product I purchased last September was a big fan of, but the glue failed this past month. I messaged Syncwire to see if I could get another backing for the magnet, since I like it so much. I was told to search for a replacement on Amazon since I didn't purchase it from them. I'll be moving on to another product, not keeping loyal/return customers with that kind of support.

8. VANMASS Hands Free Windshield Telescopic Compatible

VANMASS Hands Free Windshield Telescopic Compatible

The 2022 version of the Grandmaster Design took 6 years to test 156 different types of material. The structure is certified as luxury look. TheVANMASS magnetic phone mount brings a sticky cup and steel-cored vent clip from 3000+ surveys to accompany you anywhere. Put-on and takeoff should be handsfree. Reusable after rinsing. 4 industry-leading technologies for top safety were created thanks to millions of users' voice. Extreme 9LB magnetic force for all devices. The sticky&suction force is 50LBS. The resistance to vibration was 10,000 times greater. Millions of users preferred the 3-stage Slim Telescopic Alloy Arm, which is longest, most aesthetically pleasing and no block your driving view. The magnetic car mount is fully protected in the elegant and eco-friendly box. The package has a V-pattern that brings Victory and Vitality to you. The package includes a magnetic head, a Suction Cup Mount, an alternative air vent clip, and a user manual. Soft Silicone is attached to the magnetic head to protect it.

Brand: Vanmass

👤I can't say enough good things about this Magnetic Phone Car Mount. That is just the beginning. The customer service from the instructional e-mail to all of the email assistance was a cut above the rest. Great communication in the form of messaging and e-mail. I drive the forest service roads to Springer Mountain in Georgia, which is in the middle of the North Carolina mountains. I put on some tough bumps and hard driving on the vehicle, and the phone mount, and this thing won't slide or shake off, no lie. I attached the metal plate directly to the outside of the case, without using transparent tape. I had an issue with it not adhering to the case, so they suggested using it directly. My case is a little different. If you're concerned about scratching the case, they suggest a transparent tape. I didn't care about that at all. I mounted it to the outside because the magnet sticks better between the phone and the case. It's a personal preference. There is a The metal plate and dash disk are going to be installed. It is important to clean the dash. I rubbed alcohol on the surfaces and let it dry. The instructions say to apply pressure on the dash disk and metal plate for a short time, and then let it sit for 24 hours before use. If you do, you'll be happy as well. You will be better off with a bit of patience. The temperature was 60 degrees, which is not cold enough to install in cold weather. You can warm up your car by turning on the heat. I might not have to buy this again. I will buy more for friends, family, and fellow shuttle drivers who put in some tough driving conditions. Thank you for your kind words.

👤I bought this phone holder because my previous one was not strong. It falls a lot. This product works well. It is very sturdy and holds my phone. It is very easy for me to take it off and put it back when I am driving. The product is of good quality. I will recommend it to my friends.

👤I prefer magnetic phone mounts because they are easy to attach and remove my phone from. The phone is held to the mount with a strong magnet. I have it in my truck and I can see it bouncing around. It has never left the mount without me physically removing it. The mount has many different ways to mount it and it has a telescopic arm that allows for more custom placement for each driver.

👤I bought this for my husband and he is enjoying it. It helps him to take calls without having to use his hands. It has a good amount of force compared to other car phone mounts. It is easy to set up. You can place a lot of your comfort in the long neck. The product is great all around. Extra magnets and different sizes are a bonus. If you haven't already, you need to purchase one.

9. Trianium Magnetic Dashboard Adhesive Bendable

Trianium Magnetic Dashboard Adhesive Bendable

There are metal plates that interfere with wireless charging capabilities. Before using a wireless charge, remove the plate. The Strong Magnetic Force has a durable case that holds four heavy-duty magnets, a smooth rubber magnetic pad, and a 3M-adhesive sticker. Even though the car rides are bumpy, the mount will keep your phone stable. There are metal plates that interfere with wireless charging capabilities. Before using a wireless charge, remove the plate. Optimal viewing The mount has a ball head joint. You will get the most comfortable viewing experience by rotating your phone in any orientation. Also, it has a cable management clip to keep your charging cable organized. There are metal plates that interfere with wireless charging capabilities. Before using a wireless charge, remove the plate. Attach the metal plate to your phone with the included protection film. Attach the metal plate over the film to keep it from being damaged.

Brand: Trianium

👤I received a review sample of the car mount to get my honest opinion. The mount works great but the double sided glue that it comes with doesn't work in Arizona's heat and I had it on for about a week before it detached from my dash board. The mount is perfect after I got a double sided tape that was rated for high heat. There is a The metal and magnet back plates were strong enough to hold up during the fall and were strong enough to hold up during driving. I am happy with the mount.

👤I've been looking for a phone mount for a while. There are not many places to place a phone mount. This one is what I needed. If you don't put it on a flat surface, the bendable portions of the dash mount are great. The Magnet holds my phone and it's versatile. The big question is how long the glue will stick, but it appears to be solid for now. It can't be beat for the price.

👤I bought one a year ago and thought it was good, but I bought this one now. This one is amazing. My phone is large because I have a note 5. You can throw your phone at it and the magnets will catch the steel plate on the back of the phone. The magnetics are very good on this product. I got it in 2 days.

👤I don't know how many mounts I have. I've had some that had the messy gunk attached to the vent and some that had the suction attached to it. The magnet is really strong and it is simple. Finding a flat surface to put it on is the only problem. There were limited areas on my truck. There is a spot close to the door and vent. It's held up nicely and I like that you can adjust the position and there's a small hook on the back to hold the charging cord. I am happy with my purchase and will stick to it. The tape seems to hold up well. Not been able to test how it holds up to the summer heat, and only one issue for everyone to know is that you need a flat surface to stick it to. I've thought about putting it on my car, but I wouldn't want to hurt it. The dash is the best place to put it, but newer vehicles are a little more curved so finding a space to fully adhere to is a challenge.

👤I got this for my daughter. Our state recently passed a "hands-free" law because she had no good way to keep her phone out of her car. Since she uses a case on her phone, this looked like a ticket. The base can be mounted to the dash. You just apply one of the thin metal plates to the inside of the case. I thought it might take up too much room, but it wasn't a problem. You can't tell if it's in there when you insert it. When you get into the car, you just have to put your phone on the mount and pull it off. I only gave it 4 stars because I'm not sure if it will leave any trace when we remove it, and I'm still a little uneasy about how it's attached to the dash. I'm sure some gum-out will do the trick. I will update this review with the results if and when we remove it. This mount is small and convenient to hold your phone while driving.

10. Universal Car Phone Mount Magnetic

Universal Car Phone Mount Magnetic

This car holder can be installed in any car and works with any cell phone or gps device. It can be used with up to 3 different devices. It is easy to install. Bring your phone to the mount and feel it lock into place. The magic of the magnet is what makes clips and cradles useless. The mount provides a panoramic view. It is handy and holds up. Their small magnetic phone car mount looks awesome and performs better than any other mount. A thin metal disc can be used to hide a phone. The car phone holder is 100 to be safe and secure. There are 28 US states that prohibit phone mounts. Get a phone mount for your car. If you don't like your new phone car holder, just contact them and they will make it right.

Brand: Accessories

👤I received my Caw car mount last week in time for my road trip next weekend. I use the Caw car mount around town. I purchased it for a road trip next week and if my opinion changes, I will update my review when I return. The Car Car Mount is working well so far. The mount holds my phone without any issues and I would highly recommend it. I hope that I won't have to change my review when I return from my trip next week because the back roads are full of ruts and pot holds, which will be the real test of how strong the magnetic hold is. This will be the real test. I will keep you posted. I just returned from a road trip through Alligator Alley where the roads are rough, pitted and pot holes, and the Caw Car Mount held my phone while I used the gps on my phone. I was very pleased with how well the mount held up, and I would recommend it to anyone, even if I had to replace it. I'm not sure if it will last a long time in the heat of Miami.

👤Great product! I followed the instructions. I pressed hard to install it. The 3 minutes was too long. I did. I just watched a video on the internet. I put my phone on there after waiting 24 hours. It was perfect when I did it. I had limited options because my Ford Fiesta doesn't have a nice clean spot to install a larger mount. I was worried that this one wouldn't work. I was able to find a smooth plastic surface for it. I'm happy with it. It looks good and does it's job. It's small and looks like a knob. I will have a picture later. I have an Iphone 7 with no phone case, so it's not too heavy. I got an apple 12 for christmas with a phone case, 1 month later. Still light. Stays on! The box had extra magnets. I got a smaller rectangular magnet from somewhere else. The phone and the case had a magnet stuck to them. It didn't stick to the phone. It's 15 miles to my boyfriend's house which is on a bumpy road. Held up well.

👤I had doubts about the holding power of this beast. It is very easy to install. I like the surface. The phone doesn't have to click when it makes contact with the base. It holds firm, but lets go with a tilt. It's easy. You can mount it to any surface. I live in the desert and it gets hot in the summer. That is the only thing that scares me. I am not sure if the glue will stick in that heat. I have a few months to wait and see.

👤I needed something that wasn't so bulky and would fit in my cup holders. I thought this product would be great for me. It is what I wanted and the only thing I would complain about is the glue on the product. It took a few attempts to get it to stick on, but I changed out the glue for the extra on that was provided with the product. It stuck on right away. I have had this product for over a month and it is still good. I like it. It would be great if there were more magnets and glue that comes with it.

11. IOttie Dashboard Windshield Samsung Smartphones

IOttie Dashboard Windshield Samsung Smartphones

Press the locking side arms with one hand and place your phone against the button. The mount's arms will automatically close when you drive. The Easy One Touch Mechanism can be used to Mount or Remove your phone. There is wide comparativebility. A universal cradle that fits any size case is included with the new larger Easy One Touch button. The organ is made of magnets. The magnetic tab is located near the bottom foot. TELESCOPIC ARM: The telescopic arm now extends from 5 inches to 8 inches, as opposed to the Easy One Touch 4 which only extended to 6.5 inches. You can have a variety of viewing angles while you are on the road. The bottom foot can be adjusted. The bottom foot can be adjusted by squeezing the spring button.

Brand: Iottie

👤I bought this in March of last year. It worked for a while, but then the cup started coming off more frequently. I washed it with warm water and let it dry. This helped for a while, but then the weather got warmer. There was no point in trying to put it back in place. The pad came unglued because of the heat. It was a shame that the holder wouldn't stay mounted.

👤It was working well to start. I held my Moto Z Play. It was difficult to place in a different area. I parked for more than four hours and the gum melted. It's useless now.

👤I bought the Easy One Touch 4 because of its features and price. I still use the original because it still works and nothing new has come out, so I hold the phone. The Easy One Touch 4 had only one problem, the glue coming off after a few months, but I was able to get a replacement in a few days. I buy the Easy One Touch 4 for my family and friends because of the price/ performance ratio and after sale support. I ordered the Easy One Touch 5 because I wanted to see if it had made any improvements. The packaging is the same, but the stock image shows the mount being used in a "luxury" vehicle, which tells me that the company is trying to move upstream. The packaging looks better and the color is the same. I don't think anyone cares about the packaging except for conscientious people. Every component inside gets its own bag, which is likely to prevent dust and damage to the glue. This is the best option if you want to fully seal the box. The manual has multiple languages and tells you how to adjust the magnetic charging cable holder. The pianogloss black has been removed in favor of a less fingerprints prone matt black and the push panel has been upgraded to a more subdued and less soft-touch rubber. The push panel, which is used to automatically pull the arms, no longer bears the brand name, but gains a texture. This design choice is intelligent because it lowers tooling cost and looks more premium. The rubber grips have been slightly altered to give them more grip and depth to help hold a phone securely. It is good to see that there are no issues with devices falling out. There is no reason to change what already works. The instructions state a "curing" time and temperature to mount the base and arm. If you don't follow the instructions, the glue may fall off. If you have a car that has been recalled for something like UV degradation, you may have an issue with the glue, but it isn't saying it won't work. Inside the box you will find a small black strip of rubber with 2 magnets on opposite ends, similar to a Breathe Right strip. This is to keep your charging cable from falling between your chair and center console. Everyone I've shown it to did not have any issues using it with their phone, because there is enough clearance for most phones and cases. If you want your phone to be as close to you as possible, or if you have a long dashboard, the arm has been extended an additional 3 inches. The tension mount on the back of the device has 888-270-6611 The magnetic cord organizers used to be controlled by a dial, but now they can be moved up or down depending on the phone's height. The cost increase is not worth it because you still have to touch your phone to mount it, it takes 3-6 seconds to plug in, and the cable will already be underneath the mount. I am aware of a mount that is the best in its price range.


What is the best product for gps stand for car dashboard magnet?

Gps stand for car dashboard magnet products from Torras. In this article about gps stand for car dashboard magnet you can see why people choose the product. Esamcore and Coolpow are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps stand for car dashboard magnet.

What are the best brands for gps stand for car dashboard magnet?

Torras, Esamcore and Coolpow are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps stand for car dashboard magnet. Find the detail in this article. Kozart, Edorreco and Scosche are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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