Best Gps Speedometer Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

Motorcycle 7 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Bone Universal Phone Mount Motorcycle

Bone Universal Phone Mount Motorcycle

The phone holder for the bike is the 3rd generation design. The elastic material of the bike phone holder reduces the impact of the bike ride. Provide an anti shake function. The bike phone holder only covers the edge of the screen and is universal. You can mount your bike in 10 seconds. The material is stain- resistant. It can be fastened on a bicycle stem, handlebar or other bicycle accessories. The bicycle motorcycle phone holder has a 1-year warranty. If you have a question about the product or your order, please contact them.

Brand: Bone

👤Holds your phone to your bike. The phone wouldn't fall off while I was riding. You can put it on the frame's top bar. Thanks for a great design. It's very easy to uninstall the bike. I have been using this product for a while. I have reached speeds of 30 to 40 mph and never have to worry about my phone being lost. My older Windows phone is in this picture. The holder is only designed for 6 inches, so I use my V20 in it, which is at the very limit. I don't worry about losing my phone as I ride.

👤I needed a stem mount cell phone holder and this looked like it would do it. "Soft Silicone Material never scratch or damage your expensive devices" was advertised. I had a broken phone on my first bike ride. I ride a Trek road bike. I was on a ride that went down a hill with no speed bumps and the bounce destroyed my phone. The little bounce on the phone holder broke the phone. The pic was taken about 3 hours after my ride. I have no choice but to buy a new phone. I will be buying a better Stem phone holder. Think about how much your phone is worth. I have learned this the hard way. I hope this will encourage others to get a better phone holder. There isn't much to it, so I fault myself for not thinking through the design.

👤I have used my phone on two rides and have no issues with it.

👤I gained more confidence in the mount after a few months. I keep the bands from twisting when I put the phone in. In 650 miles of riding, I have not had any bands come loose. I think it's a good idea. Orig. I've used the phone mount on several rides. I do have proof that it did secure the phone in a fall, but I'm not completely confident that it will hold the S9. I am a little harsh in my criticism as I have proof that it did what it was intended to do, but I fell not being able to release from my pedals soon enough. If the round bands on the corners of the phone have any twist, they will roll off the corner of the phone, I had thought only a small strap was keeping me from that. The phone was held by three straps. My concerns are not about a failure.

👤I would only use the mount for road biking. I did a number of rides with no problems. The only short trail I had was off the road and bumpy the whole time. It's probably better to go with a locking mount. I put my phone over the car. The phone was still playing my music. I landed on my feet and the bike wasn't damaged. Good product.

👤The Pros are very practical and lightweight. Really like the design. It lasted me a month without much use. If you're looking for something longer lasting, I wouldn't recommend it.

2. Universal Handlebar Motorcycle Compatible BlackBerry

Universal Handlebar Motorcycle Compatible BlackBerry

2 Silicone butterfly bands can be used interchangeably, grip and protect your phone in all directions, and prevent you device from falling. The universal fit is compatible with most devices. Also, the S10e/S9 of the S10/S10e of the S10/S10e of the S10/S10e of the S10/S10e of the S10/S10e of the S10/S10e of the S10/S10e Soft red rubber lines can be used to avoid scratches on the phone. The max diameter of the rubber is 1.33 inch. The installation of the rotation is easy and the service is long. You can contact them by e-mail. Their professional customer service is always available for you.

Brand: Ipow

👤The product is sturdy. Even though I messed it up at the end of the video, I wanted to show you how to put it together. It's funny. You will get the point if you watch the whole video.

👤I have 888-276-5932 888-276-5932 888-276-5932s on my road bike. I gave this 5 stars because I am enjoying using it, but I have a few minor issues. It is difficult to install on my handlebars. I don't think I have large handlebars, but I have trouble getting the clamp screwed in since there is not a lot of wiggle room. It is stable once I get it screwed in. I haven't had any issues with the clamp moving during a ride. The ball bearing on the phone holder is a slight issue for me. The holder can drift off the point I set it at, but it is easy to adjust back mid-ride. This has only happened on a road that is very bumpy. The mount is very stable. I am quite impressed with how tightly my phone is held in, even though I was skeptical of the silicone straps holding it in. The silicone straps feel like extra insurance because of the nice snugness of the clamp. My phone didn't move even over rough roads. I would recommend it. I like having directions in front of me.

👤Holds the phone. The ball joint/swivel portion tends to move out of place a lot. If you go over cracks in the street, it will move out of place. I have to keep adjusting it to get it back into place. I wouldn't recommend taking it off the road. It would be a great product if it held in place. The company reached out to me after my initial review and told me I had a defected model. Customer service is a 5 star rating. I didn't ask for an exchange or a refund. They sent me a new one after I was contacted. It works well now. The mount holds the phone in place when used. I am very happy with the new product and how it works. They listen to consumers and their inputs very well. They were very apologetic when they were contacted. I've never dealt with a company that went out of their way to make sure their customer was happy. Excellent customer service and a great product.

👤I was initially skeptical about the quality of a $10 product that has webbing to hold my $700 phone, but on the recommendation of a friend who bought one of these, I took the plunge. I can say my phone didn't. I rode with my phone on the mount for over four hours and at highway speeds in excess of 70mph. Mind you. I was worried about the wind drag stripping the phone from its mount because I don't have a windscreen. Nope. The mount works well. It's easy to install. I agree with other reviews that you have to fiddle with the webbing so it doesn't depress the volume buttons, but this is a mild annoyance at best. I'm not sure if I should buy one of these for my ezpass tag.

3. Samdo Speedometer Universal Odometer Motorcycle

Samdo Speedometer Universal Odometer Motorcycle

OverSpeed Buzzer Alarm has a total mileage range of 0-999999 km. All cars, motorcycles, boats, and off-road vehicles have a universal gps speedometer. The SAMDO Marine Speedometer has a Characteristic of waterproof, Rainproof, Dust proof and Anti-Fog. SAMDO gps boat speedometer has less power consumption, longer life, higher precision, and quick location confirmation. The mileage is not re-settable and the SAMDO Marine gps speedometer just keeps adding miles. The signal comes from the satellite signal receiver. The instrument is still recording without power. The signal comes from the satellite signal receiver. The instrument is still recording without power.

Brand: Samdo

👤I installed it on a motorcycle. The answer to the question is yes, it will work in vintage vehicles with a positive ground electrical system. When the orange wire is connected to the vehicles headlight circuit, the backlight will not work. If you want to leave the backlight off with the orange wire not connected, or if you want to install a separate switch to connect the orange wire to (+), you can. Important! It is important to know that the gps cable is live and must be insulated so it cannot touch the ground.

👤This is a good speedometer. I have been using it for a while now and it is still strong. Make sure to spread out the gps sensor. It won't work if you leave it coiled up. Easy to setup and take a while to find the gps, are the pros and cons. > The trip is incorrect and clears itself all the time. > I painted mine because it looked bad.

👤I have one that stopped working after 46 miles. I contacted you and you extended the warranty in the winter time so I will use the program on my phone for free, but I am not playing this game anymore.

👤The truck's speedometer stopped working. It would cost more to replace it than it is worth. My son showed me how to use his iPad to get speed. I ordered one and it did well after connecting.

👤It's easy to use on an engine or gear swap. It's very accurate if you want to return to stock.

👤It seems to find the gps signal quickly with easy 3 wire install. The first time it connected, it took about 30 seconds. There are no tenths on the odometer and there is no trip meter so I am not giving it 5 stars. It's operation is accurate and smooth.

👤Great product. Within 30 seconds, it gets the gps consistent, but only on a few occasions. It feels like speed.

👤Even if the main battery in the engine compartment is disconnected, the mileage memory is very easy to install. I wonder how accurate it is. It's nice to have something to refer to after my speedo broke. The gauge Pod was used for the autometer.

4. TIMPROVE T600 Universal Speedometer Overspeed

TIMPROVE T600 Universal Speedometer Overspeed

Never worry about losing pets again. It can check the historical route, setgeo-Fence, two-way communication, health Pedometer,SOS, etc. Unlike other car HUDs, T600 could work for all vehicles, no matter which brand or model you own, because it is based on the gps module inside. The T600 HUD has a high definition 2.2'' TFT screen, which displays the information more clearly than the windshield HUD, and it may make you feel more comfortable to monitor the speed and bring more. It's a good view to read the information directly without moving your eyes from the road, no need to put a sticker on your car. The HUD will show almost everything you need to know while driving, including vehicle speed, driving direction, voltage, driving distance measurement, driving time, low voltage alarm, over speed alarm, satellite time and number, and altitude. A good partner for driving. The T600 HUD has been upgraded with new functions which make it more competitive than the traditional HUD in the market. Because T600 is based on the gps module and satellite, it can be used to speed up test, brake performance test and other car data information reading. A tool to help you understand your car. Along with their product, they provide friendly customer service if there are any questions or concerns. They will make you 100% satisfied if you have a question.

Brand: Lttrbx.

👤I bought this because it is hard to read the speedometer in my car during the day. The GM design is bad. Quelle surprise. I bought this model because it has a power cord. It worked immediately after I plugged it in. It was relatively easy to adjust the "Speed Adjust" because the default is to read a little high. Most of the time. I don't care about other features. When I turned off the ignition, the only problem was getting it to power off. The accessory power outlets on my car are hot all the time, even when the ignition is off, and that's the problem, not Timprove's. This is not the case with most cars. The customer service consultant at Timprove was very helpful when I contacted them about this. The only reason I gave this unit four stars overall is that the little instruction sheet that comes with the unit is very small and hard to read, and not quite fluent in English. There are millions of people in China who speak and write English very well, and I'm fine with that, but most small electronic gadgets are made in China. Timprove might be interested in hiring one. How many Americans are proficient in Mandarin? Let's not complain too much.

👤I decided to try it out. I like it. I decided to try the TIMPROVE T600 Universal Car HUD Head Up Display DigitalGPS Speedometer with Speedup Test Brake Test Overspeed Alarm for All Vehicle because I was tired of sleeping tickets. It is smaller than expected. It doesn't take a lot of space on your dashboard. It shows when I go over the speed limit.

👤I bought this thing because I have bigger tires on my truck, so my speedometer is not accurate. I bought this about 4 months ago, however I only drive my truck to haul my travel trailer and do dump runs and hardware runs. I drive my truck less than 5 times a month, so it's possible less than 20 times I've used it, but it doesn't work for the last few times I've driven it. If you pay $40 for something like this and use it less than 20 times, it wouldn't stop working all of a sudden. I'm out $40 because my window for a return is past, and I have to savesay away because it's worthless. Don't waste your money like I did.

👤The unit is lightweight but solid. The display is small and easy to read in the sun, but it has a lot of information if you want it. The power cord is long. It is easy to package. The menu is a little hard to use, but once you dial in your settings it is fine. I took it to 75mph and it was accurate with the app on my phone.

👤The display is a little larger and a little brighter but it works as a speedometer. It needs aGPS signal to sit on top of the dashboard. It doesn't rely on the data from the vehicle. It needs power from the 12-volt outlet in every vehicle. It seems to agree with the reading of the regular dial speedometer of my vehicle.

5. BLUERICE Universal Motorcycle Speedometer Tachometer

BLUERICE Universal Motorcycle Speedometer Tachometer

Free lifetime technical support for non-human factor damage is part of the warranty. The BluerICE Universal Motorcycle Gauge is compatible with all size wheels. BluerICE Digital Motorcycle Speedometer could change Mph to Kph without restriction. BluerICE Universal Motorcycle Speedometer is compatible with 4 stroke 1 cylinder, 2 cylinder and 4 cylinder motorcycles. The BluerICE Digital Speedometer has multi functions. The right indicator is the battery and water temperature indicator. The Blue Rice Motorcycle Tachometer is universal for all kinds of motorcycle.

Brand: Bluerice

👤Don't waste your money on this product. The unit does not function properly because of poor quality or construction. I am giving up on this pile of stuff because I've spent too much time watching videos and reading install instructions. There are wires that are not even mentioned in the wiring diagram that is provided with the unit. I received a unit that won't program no matter what I do. I have probably set the clock many times because it won't work as it should. The trip meter only tracks miles on the odometer. The stock sensor in my 2000 Katana 600 won't read the speedometer because it doesn't function with the provided sensor set up. I've spent a lot of time checking and rechecking the wiring and watching videos of installing and programming the unit but no results. When the speedo doesn't function at all, it's not clear how it shows anything on the trip meter. The oil change interval light is the dumbest feature of this unit. It's not a warning light for oil pressure, but it tells you when you're due for a change. Is that really true?

👤Once you figure out how to apply the wiring harness, it works great. The ATM50-A1 is a GY6 clone. It takes a bit of work to set it up. I had to get everything installed and working, but the math formula for setting the speedometer accuracy is not very good. Go for a ride and log the max speed with a gps speedometer on your phone. The max shown speed is compared to the dashboards. Then adjust the dashboard configuration a little bit. It took me 20 minutes to get it right. The wiring harness is straight forward. One of the power wires goes straight to the battery to keep the clock set if you don't wire it correctly. To write down the original odometer reading, I recommend using a white sharpie. I found out that my stock odometer was wrong, and that the speedometer was wrong, as I was doing closer to 45. The fuel gauge is not easy to understand. My fuel is being read backwards no matter how I wire it up or how I set it up. Full and empty are both empty. I'm all ears, if anyone has any advice for that, please let me know.

👤You need to understand the number one thing before you take the leap. You need a wiring diagram for your rides. A basic understanding of wiring is required. If you have that, you should not have any problems with this upgrade. I wanted to convert my Suzuki to a digital bike, so I moved it from the tank to the handlebars. I was able to use it. I did not hook up the gear indicator. The model does not have one. I was able to hook the nutral up.

👤It works well. It's the best buy for the money. It's easy to install. The paper work was not clear on proraming. We were able to get it working just fine. Aaa+.

6. SAMDO Universal Motorcycle Speedometer Stainless

SAMDO Universal Motorcycle Speedometer Stainless

Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included. The SAMDO Motorcycle Speedometer Universal Version is compatible with this. The big hole diameter is 1.2 cm, the small hole diameter is 1.0 cm. 304 is a weather resistant steel. There is a screw nut and metal pad. B0716TGCRT, B07R1TN12 and B07TYYD4KV are for Asin.

Brand: Samdo

👤I bent them and made them work for my motorcycle. This was enough for the motorcycle build I'm going with.

👤It worked perfectly on my Ninja 650 street fighter.

👤The product image has the grommets shown.

👤The dirt bike has a speedometer mount.

👤The nylon locks that come with the brackets help hold things in place.

7. Kingneed Universal Speedometer Humidity Detector

Kingneed Universal Speedometer Humidity Detector

MULTI-FUNCTIONS The HUD displays the vehicle's driving speed in time, but also shows single driving time, single driving mileage, total driving mileage, humidity and local time. Let them know what the key information is for your trip. The Humidity Detector can monitor the air humidity in the car in real time to avoid fatigue and discomfort caused by driving in dry environments. The arm function. There is a Fatigue Driving Alarm function. Make your driving safer. It is possible to collect speed from gps satellites. It's 100% compatible for all vehicles, including car, truck, pick-up, scooter, train, motorcycle, bike, boat. Plug and play is easy to use. The wide input voltage is Suppot and can be used as a dual power supply mode. There is no need for a professional installation. Plug and play is easy to use. The wide input voltage is Suppot and can be used as a dual power supply mode. There is no need for a professional installation.

Brand: Kingneed

👤The bad boy was put into a battery brick. I was saved a lot by waiting for the speedometer to be fixed. I tested the speed and milage against my other vehicles and it was accurate up to half a mile an hour. Over all the little device.

👤Trying to get the miles and speed down seems to be a problem as of now.

👤It looks like a good solution. It is fast to fail. Don't waste money or time.

👤This is to verify the speedometer on my 1978 Jeep, which has no plug in. The cigarette lighter is plugged in. It works well.

8. Maizad Speedometer Odometer Motorcycle Calculation

Maizad Speedometer Odometer Motorcycle Calculation

It's great to use with any brand of motorcycle. The gps hud speedometer can display speed, local time, altitude, mileage statistics, and automatically identify time zones, allowing you to know key information in real time. Security Alert- Over Speed alert and fatigue driving alert to ensure your safety during long-distance driving. Green light display can protect the driver's eyes, make the driver feel more comfortable, especially suitable for long-distance driving. The HUD projects the real and instance speed with a gps satellite. Plug the device into the car'susb port. Mobile power can be used to power bicycles. It is suitable for all vehicles and is applicable to trucks, motocycle and bicycle which are not supported by the OBD hud.

Brand: Maizad

👤The unit does not know what time zone it is in, what the correct time is, or what the correct speed is due to the quality of the components inside. You can make these changes in setup. To save money, there are not buttons for each function. I had to use a gps device to set the speed on the unit, but it was off 5 mph. It is not easy to make changes since it is set to primary desired use - speed. In daylight, they are easy to see. There is a double sided tape mount. The case is made of soft plastic. It would probably not hold up in hot weather. It needs a dimmer knob to operate at night.

👤It's a junky gimic. It made me buy a cts3

👤I needed an odometer that was described as a speedometer, but it only functions as one.

👤I expected the mileage indicators to be switchable to miles. This is not an option. I don't use it very much in Kilometers here in the states. I don't know its accuracy. I don't want to be converting back and forth so much. Occasionally.

👤It works well. There is some lag in the change of speed of the auto. Really like the function of the odometer.

9. Motorcycle Bike Phone Mount Holder

Motorcycle Bike Phone Mount Holder

Universal Studios. Their bike phone holder is compatible with phones up to 3.5′′ wide, and can fit handlebars from 7/8" to 1-1/4" in diameter. The clip-on style handlebars will not fit super sport bikes. It's safe. Their premium motorcycle phone mount allows you to safely secure your device using two points of contact, a premium plastic grip, and a Silicone net. Securing: The phone holder for bike use is made from premium quality plastic and has a strong silicone net that won't crack or break in extreme weather conditions. It is comparable. This bicycle phone mount is compatible with all of the following phones: the iPhone 13 Pro, 13, 13 mini, 12 Pro Max, 12 Pro, 12, 12 mini, SE (2nd Gen), 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, XS Max, XS, XR, X, and the S Refer to the guide for more. Customer happiness is a topic. Their customer support team is available to assist you with all your needs, whether you're buying this bike cell phone holder for yourself or as a gift for the bike enthusiast in your life.

Brand: Roam

👤I use this phone mount every time I ride my bike, and it's been about a year since I got this. The price is unbeatable. I was worried that my phone would come loose on the trails, but the design is very secure and not once has my phone come loose. The side buttons on the phone can be accidentally pressed by the straps that secure the phone, but it's easy to slide the straps on without getting close to them. There are times when I want to take a picture with my phone while I'm riding. I'm not sure if a design that secures the phone safely would be easy to free up, but I do know that it takes a little doing and sometimes I miss the picture. It is an excellent product.

👤I bought this for my motorcycle. I use a cruise around at 80 to 90 miles an hour on my custom bike. It fits my handlebars because they're big and they give you two different sizes for them. You can get multiple sizes for your phone. It's great to get more pieces, but they're also sturdy. You know that your phone is secure and won't blow off the bike when it costs 800 to $1,200 a phone.

👤I use this with my Iphone Xs for mountain biking and have never had the phone come loose even after small jumps. I loosened it after the crash, but it didn't come out of the corner straps. I love that I can use my trail mapping app and have all the functions of my phone, even though the old bike computer had limited functions. I gave my son and daughter one because I liked it so much. The upgrade over the old bike computer is what they love. The pivot needs to be tight to keep your phone from moving, but it can be done with a light rotation with pliers.

👤I was worried that it would be a junk product. I tested it on a junk phone. At just over 80 mph, there was no movement at all. I took a few test rides on the bike and grabbed my phone. After hitting the freeway, I repeated my 80 mph test. The phone was still in place despite being bigger. I don't suggest that. I opened the bike up to over 100 and held on. I am pretty sure my bike was telling me to knock this off. I'm confident in the product. You can change them out if they become questionable. Well designed for me.

👤I bought this for my custom Harley. I had to replace my phone after the ball and stem snapped off on the highway, ruining it. Very sad.

👤That lasted a week. If you own a Harley, I don't recommend it a lot.

👤Had great expectations for this mount, since it has great reviews. Only lasted a few days. My phone fell to the ground when the main hold snapped. The best they could do was to give me a replacement mount after I contacted the company to explain what happened. They didn't offer to replace my phone or screen. It was very disappointing.

10. Bike Phone Mount Adjustable Motorcycle

Bike Phone Mount Adjustable Motorcycle

The bike phone mount has 4 high strengthstainless steel arms with corners claws to hold your phone in place on the bike mount. To make sure your cell phone stays securely attached to your bike handlebars even on a bumpy rocky road, you must use an aluminum alloy nut and rubber gasket. Safety and stability are important. It's easy to install the bike phone holder without any other tools, just put it on and remove it. The bicycle phone mount comes with a clockwork that can be locked or unlocked. Convenient operation. The RYYMX motorcycle phone mount allows you to adjust your phone to any angle that suits you. The RYYMX bike phone mount holder is compatible with any cell phone with a screen size 4-7 inches. Only support the phone that is under 0.47" You can adjust the size of the clamp to fit your handlebars. Shockproof Protection Silicone pads keep your phone safe from scratches and vibration. The motorcycle phone mount holds your phone.

Brand: Ryymx

👤I know a good phone mount when I see one. The mount is great. I'm buying three more for my bikes and scooters because I like this so much. I want to see what this company has for cars. There are things that stand out. The quality is better than one would expect. The plastic is made of plastic. The metal arms are very strong. Everything works with precision. The $900 phone is safe with this thing. I put my S8+ on top of Note 8. Both were secured in the corners. The lock switch has a bonus tip. Push each arm into the corners. The switch is on the back. The phone mount is very secure. The mount comes with rubber strips so you can tighten it. I feel better using this mount than I do with all the others I have, for example, those where you stretch rubber bands on each corner. The locking metal arms are better than those. There is a bonus tip. I still secure my phone to the bike with a lanyard that I fastened to my phone's case regardless of how confident I am with this mount. The lanyard might save the phone if the mount fails.

👤It was very easy to install on my motorcycle. It looks neat and firmly holds the phone. I like the lock feature. This holder was a great deal and I highly recommend it.

👤I was worried that this product would not be able to work on my KLR650 since it costs so much, but I was pleasantly surprised to see one that was so cheap. I thought I would try it, my biggest concern was the phone falling, so far it's stable and nice, but I would definitely recommend it.

👤I wanted a mount for my phone so I could use it while riding my bike. Even though it was a little pricey, this mount had good reviews. It is easy to install, I love that about it. It is removeable and no special tools are required. The security "arms" don't block your screen. I have a mount for my phone that fits it. The arms take some getting used to because you have to make sure the button is in the right position to extend them. When you release the button, the arms will open. The mount is in place while I ride. It comes with a lot of shockproof pads to make sure your phone is safe. The instructions on how to install the mount were not clear.

👤The holder is fairly simple, but not perfect. The mount is flexible and will fit most bikes. The arms that hold the phone are spring loaded. There is enough padding to protect the phone. It is easy to put the phone in the mount by spreading the arms, but it is more difficult to remove it. It is difficult to spread the arms without thinking about the phone. The locking tab is difficult to operate and it is in an awkward place. Overall an adequate holder, but with limitations.

11. Metal Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount

Metal Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount

You can mount a cell phone to any bike, motorcycle or ATV with tubular handlebars. There are no tools required for installation. The extra secure clip has silicone belts that grip the phone firmly. The phone will not fall if you make the most extreme ride. Simply adjust and secure your phone to any angle and position that suits you, and enjoy the comfort of your ride! Full phone access includes screen, buttons and mic jack. You don't need to unmount your device. You should keep your hands on the handlebars. 100 to be safe! If you don't like your new bike phone mount, just contact them and they will make it right.

Brand: Accessories

👤So far, so good. I was worried about phone holders after the last one broke and I had to catch my phone. I am starting to trust this one because it is metal. I am attaching a note to the holder. I can mount the phone in many different places. I mount it horizontally to be able to take video while riding at slow speeds, but feel confident in saying that video at higher speeds could be taken with the right phone case. It's at least good enough to get a liscence plate of a vehicle. The holder has an issue with the bottom clamp hitting the button on the note 8. I have a headset in my helmet. A short video of my first trip out with this holder was included. I need a new phone case and I need to change the holder. The plastic water proof cover is moving. The video would be shaky if the holder wasn't good.

👤The product is wonderful. It was exactly what I needed and it was better than I thought it would be. I don't want it to be any better. I always appreciate a good product, and this is one of them. The unit that holds my phone and the one that holds my handlebars are both made to hold my phone and handlebars securely. I use it for navigation on and off the road. Thanks again for the great product.

👤Great mount! Sturdy is made from steel and other rugged materials. It doesn't loosen itself even under continuous vibration. I replaced my shoddy McGuyver mount with my new Claw because it takes me about 90 minutes to cut my lawn. Never do this. It is not safe to use a power tool without proper training and attention. With decent headphones, I can keep an eye on the ball game and listen to it in the background, but I'm done with it. The elastic loops around the corners of the phone are holding it together, and the spring-loaded tension claws seem to hold well by themselves. If it works well on a dusty machine, it will be even better on a bike. It has a simple, secure design and feels solid. I hate plastic from overseas markets, but burley is still sleek and functional.

👤I've had phone mounts for my vehicle. The mount pivot snapped because of 7 hours of constant vibration, but my last one remained attached. I came up with three criteria that needed to be met by my new phone mount, one of which was strong enough to not snap or break while holding a large phone. For 8 hours a day, stay fixed in position for navigation. It had to be able to mount onto a 1.7" roll bar to remain attached. I am happy to say that this mount accomplished all three with flying. I spent 7 hours on a trail yesterday and we felt like we had spent the day riding a jack-hammer. The phone did not move. Any. Not the least bit. This is amazing, considering the large size of my Note 9. The mount is sturdy. It has an extra pair of mounting bands. I was initially concerned about the stretch for my phone, but they worked well. Cawcar provides an extra pair that is stretchy and durable. I intend to use this mount for a long time, so I will add a few more sets.


What is the best product for gps speedometer motorcycle handlebar mount?

Gps speedometer motorcycle handlebar mount products from Bone. In this article about gps speedometer motorcycle handlebar mount you can see why people choose the product. Ipow and Samdo are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps speedometer motorcycle handlebar mount.

What are the best brands for gps speedometer motorcycle handlebar mount?

Bone, Ipow and Samdo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps speedometer motorcycle handlebar mount. Find the detail in this article. Lttrbx., Bluerice and Samdo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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