Best Gps Speedometer for Bike

Speedometer 7 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. MEILAN Navigation Speedometer Waterproof Rechargeable

MEILAN Navigation Speedometer Waterproof Rechargeable

Enjoy your cycling and a 1 year warranty, no matter how you do it. They will offer you a better service if you contact them freely. GPS Real-time navigation, built-in high sensitivityGPS chip, support 3 systems: BEIDOU,GPS, and GLONASS, fast achieve global positioning. After M1 is connected to the APP, you can plan your ride in the APP, and the APP and M1 are connected to the navigation services. Also, note: Real-time navigation is what Finder has, there is no offline maps function. The large screen and waterproof has a 2.6inch high definition dot matrix screen that is visible from all angles in the sun. IPX5 is a waterproof grade. The battery can last for 40 hours without the need for a backlight. Product life of usage can reach 3 years and above if the test is 100% high and low temperature. BLE4.0 technology can be connected with a heart rate monitor. Don't worry about the link's stability. The M1 does not include: Speed sensor, cadence sensor, Heart rate monitor, power meter. M1 can store about 50 hours of riding data, which can be exported and uploaded to sport websites such as Strava and Komoot, and then detailed data and track can be checked after uploading, you can also view your riding record. The M1 supports display of up to 48 kinds of data, including riding time, speed, cadence, heart rate, power, altitude, slope, cumulative rise, longitude and latitude, heading, left power, right power, etc. You can change the type of data you want to display in the settings, you can also use the up and down keys on the right to change the size of the display window, so that important data can be displayed more clearly.

Brand: Meilan

2. Garmin Performance Touchscreen Monitoring Popularity

Garmin Performance Touchscreen Monitoring Popularity

When coupled with compatible sensors, dynamic performance monitoring provides insights on your VO2 max, recovery, training load focus, heat and altitude acclimation, nutrition, hydration and more. New bike alarm, group messaging and tracking, assistance and compatibility with Varia rearview radar and lights are some of the cycling safety features. The mountain biking model has integrated Trail forks data, and the cycle map with popularity route helps you ride like a local. The Connect IQ Store has free apps, data fields andwidgets. The dynamics of the ride are measured by the jump count, hang time, and Grit, as well as Flow, which tracks the smoothness of your descent so you have a score to beat next time. Up to 20 hours with the gps, and up to 40 hours with the charge power pack.

Brand: Garmin

👤I just got a computer. The size is perfect. The touch screen works well. The display is responsive and easy to see. You can plot your course by using the app on your phone and then push the course to the gps device. It gave me a lot of off course warnings when I first rode it, as when the route was created, it sometimes had me on the highway. The gps was set to save battery life. The pictures of my ride cut corners. I will see how it goes when I change the setting every second. The speed sensor and the cadence sensor are the ones I like the most. I couldn't tell you the size of the tire by the speed sensor on the wheel. You can see different pages of data on your ride. One of the screens has a nice picture of the elevation changes so you know in advance if a hill is coming or if you will be going down a hill. Adding the heart rate data field was one of the changes I had to make. Even though a HR strap is included in the box, the heart rate is not included on the screens. It was easy to add during my ride. My ride was assumed to be a Mountain ride by the 830. You can change your Default RideType under the Activity Profiles setting. I am very pleased with the new model and I highly recommend it. The price hurts a little.

👤I did a lot of research before making a decision. It has more features than I will ever use but it has everything I need. It is difficult to setup. The pair kept failing. The issue was fixed with a simple reboot of the phone and garmin. The touch screen works well, but it is slow to respond to touch. It's not terrible. The battery life seems good, but I think about 8 hours of use is the most you can get out of a new unit. I would recommend charging after every 5 hour ride. I only ride my bike on the road. I use a map and a HRM. For my display, I have miles, time, HR, and 5 mile laps. It's easy to Upload courses from garmin connect. The map feature has worked well for me and let me know if there is any advance notice for upcoming turns. It warns of upcoming curves. The notifications are a bonus. Seeing texts come in and knowing the weather is a nice feature. The emergency feature is nice. My family responded immediately after I accidentally sent an emergency response while trying to turn off the unit. Oops. The upper left corner of the screen cracked after I dropped it. I had no issues with the unit, but I was worried about the water getting into it and ruining it. I contacted garmin support to let them know I would be willing to pay for a new screen. They said they would cover the unit. Wow! That is how you do it. garmin support is something I can't say enough about. Topnotch. Within 10 days, I had a new unit. They have my business.

3. Computer Speedometer Waterproof Handlebar Bluetooth

Computer Speedometer Waterproof Handlebar Bluetooth

The built-inGPS with 3 satellites positional systems, includeGPS,GLONASS, GALILEO ensure a stable connection on every ride. The display has a 25 hours battery life. ANT+ sync sensor and app compatible with "ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors, supports heart rate/cadence data recording, you can sync your account in the APP, you can automatically sync your riding track and data to STRAVA. The G+bike computer is waterproof and rechargable so that you can enjoy the cycling experience in all weather conditions. It can be used for more than 80 hours without back light, which is suitable for long-distance cycling. Support heart rate monitor and cadence sensor. The G+ feature has 15 types of data by 3 pages, including speed, mileage, time,gradient, current speed, current cycling distance, average speed, altitude, alope, maximum speed, current clock,total mileage. There are separate purchases of a heart rate monitor. 1-year warranty for after-sales service. If there is a problem with using, please contact them, their customer service team will help you out. 1-year warranty for after-sales service. If there is a problem with using, please contact them, their customer service team will help you out.

Brand: Towild

4. ICOCOPRO Speedometer Waterproof Backlight Multi Functions

ICOCOPRO Speedometer Waterproof Backlight Multi Functions

The green and white color on the odometer display can be seen as a day and night backlight. The design of wireless automatic function causes the slight rattle sound from device. With solar panel,speedometer for bike mph can automatically charge in the sunshine or light, provide extra power to the cycling computer while built-in 2 batteries to keep your ordinary electricity need. Save your money by extending battery service life. When mounting the sensor with the battery, please pay attention to the power connection. The iron piece should be pressed to make the equipment and battery fully contact. The built-in 22 functions of the speedometer for bike works well to measure speed,distance,riding time calories and etc which is what any serious bicyclist or fitness fanatic needs. The bicycle computer wireless is suitable for most types of bicycles, but may not suit some type with large spokes. Wake up and sleep at the same time. After no signal inputs for 300 seconds, the screen of the bike speedometer wireless will go into a sleep mode. The cycle computer will wake up when you shake it or input it. The bike mile tracker is more convenient and durable with the wireless and waterproof design. No need to worry about the rain when installing the wires on your handlebars. It only takes a few minutes to install. The interface is easy to navigate with only two buttons. Just enjoying your ride. Speedometer for bike provides a large display for easy viewing during dark hours. The light will be on for 4 seconds per time between 17:57 and 17:57. During the first 30 days, you could return with any reason. Their priority would be your satisfaction. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Icocopro

👤The instructions on the computer are terrible. They are very vague. They have a lot of pictures that aren't accurate. It is very confusing that the person who wrote them doesn't know how to write in English. The video that shows set up is on the Amazon page. It is better. The device is very nice despite the instructions being bad. It shows time, speed, average speed, max speed, calories burnt, odometer, and tempature. You need to open the panels on the back of the sensor and the device and take out the batter and replace the battery in order for it to work properly, something not mentioned at all. I like it now that it is set up. I wanted to destroy it before I figured out how to set it up. Hope this helps!

👤This little device is easy to set up and install if you can get past the poorly written and translated instructions. The batteries are included. The unit feels secure on the bike with the supplied zip ties and I like how it also comes with rubber backings for both the sensor and the speedometer. The ambient temperature is one of the nice functions. I'm going to love having this accessory on my bike.

👤The bike computer was installed in 15 minutes. It works well and would recommend it to anyone. There was an update on 8/09/2018. The odomoter went crazy while riding my bike after I purchased this bike computer. You can't tell what speed you're going. Too late to return it. I will take it off my bike and find a new one. It did work for two months, so I would rate it one star.

👤I just got this and it's so good. There are videos here and elsewhere that will show you how to install this, but the instructions don't give you any guidance. It would be nice if the instructions were laid out. It took me a while to get the magnet to align but it worked out. The instructions did include a chart for the tire's circumference, but it took some time to set the clock, wheel diameter, and details. It came with foam pads so as not to scratch your bikes frame, and plenty of ties in case you mess up. The device is ambitious in its information provision. It seems like it will be in the ballpark from my tests, so I will update this as to accuracy. For the price, you can't go wrong.

👤Time will tell how long the batteries in the transmitter and unit last with the additional solar energy. The price is right and it is easy to use.

👤I'm very happy with this. I was not difficult to setup according to everyone's review. I have put over 100 miles on it so far, and I do everything I want it to do. I will put one on my wife's bike next.

👤Some of the directions didn't translate correctly into English. Correcting that should be done by the company because they do count. The perceived quality is affected if not correct. If you watch the video, you will see that there are paper insulators in the battery compartment. You don't know that paper is not a conductor. Zip ties are easy to replace. To determine inches, measure the wheel's circumference with a single circle roll. ply X inches times 25. By the way, 2.54 cm. One inch. If you move the decimal point, the unit is millimetres. Get it? To ensure accuracy, enter the product. Put your weight on the seat with a helpers. The set up is easy if you make sure there is enough space between the stationary sensor and the moving metallic piece. Works for me. We will see about longevity.

5. XOSS Computer Speedometer Waterproof Bluetooth

XOSS Computer Speedometer Waterproof Bluetooth

The four classic colors for you to choose from are black, blue, red and orange. There is always one for you. The XOSS G+ bike computer wireless supports working with heart rate monitor and cadence sensor device, which presents more professional riding data. The XOSS G+ wireless cycling computer has a high-sensitivity gps chip, which allows the bike computer positioning system to be connected to 3 satellites. It is important that you position accurately the location of your riding. Also records the track. The XOSS G+ bicycle computer has functions that help you ride scientifically and effectively. Average speed, altitude, slope, maximum speed, total mileage, current speed, and current cycling time are included. Data transmission to Strasbourg. Sharing your riding record and experience is easy with the Professional XOSS Cycling Computer Riding APP. The XOSS APP can be used to set the time zone. The bike computer can set the last two datas. The screen of the bike gps computer is HD and has an auto-backlight to make it easy to read. IPX7 waterproof protection allows bike computer work in the rain.

Brand: Xoss

👤As of Nov 2021. I have had a G+ gps bike computer for a year. The device is loose on its mount. When I hit bumps, the device will fall off the mount. The mount is covered with a very fine powder. On my trike, the accessory mount puts the device about three inches from the top of the left front wheel, and it appears that road salt gets into the mount and causes a loose connection that allows the device to bounce around. I will have to replace the mount, but I don't think this will fix the problem because of the wear on the attachment flanges. There are some software issues with the device. The device will sometimes turn itself off, which means that the workout is lost. When the device is connected to the phone app, workouts that have been recorded do not always show up as new workouts, so I need to connect the device to the phone app before new workouts show up. The time on the device is incorrect until the time setting on the XOSS app on the phone is reset, which is problematic because the time on the device is set to sync with the time on the phone. The G+GPS Bike Computer was installed about two months ago. I did not attach any sensors to it. I wanted to track speed, time cycling and distance, and it does this for me. To get the G+ to work, you need to create an XOSS account. I almost returned the G+ but decided to try it out after learning I needed to create an account with a company resident in Hong Kong. The G+ is attached to an accessory mount above the left wheel. The dark gray background of the screen makes it difficult to read the smaller numbers on the screen when moving and in bright sunlight. I only see speed when I'm riding, and I need to stop to read the other data screens. If I could mount the G+ closer to my face, it would not be a problem. The mounts provided with the G+ do not fit the accessory mount on my trike, and there is no extra rubber bushings to accommodate different mounting points. I had to make my own mounts to work. The G+ is a good device for recording data, but once you have stopped recording, the ride data can't be seen on the device. Overall, I am not impressed with the G+.

👤The cyclometer we chose has gps. The distance from the stoker's bars to the back wheel is too long for a wireless speedometer to be put by the stoker's seat. We decided to use the gps service. The gps is flaky on this cyclometer. It gets hung frequently when it tries to start. It gets hung if you stop for too long. The cure is to turn it off. That reduces your trip mileage. The device has a short battery life. The device lasts a few hours. It will be dead in the morning if it is left on overnight.

6. SY Bicycle Speedometer Waterproof Multi Functions

SY Bicycle Speedometer Waterproof Multi Functions

The feature on the odometer helps plan for bicycle maintenance. Wake-up function that automatically wakes you from sleep mode when you sense the bike's vibration. The display is bright to easily view statistics. It's convenient and durable because of its small size, light weight and waterproof design. The bicycle computer can measure speed, distance, and riding time. Any serious bicyclist or fitness fanatic needs to know what to look out for. The day and night backlight provides a backlight for easy viewing. When a button is pressed, the backlight will turn on. The design of wireless automatic function causes the slight rattle sound from device. Simple installation that only takes a few minutes. The interface is easy to navigate with only two buttons. It's possible to make a custom tire size for accurate tracking. Common bicycles are compatible with this bicycle computer. Some electric-assist bicycles may not be compatible with this bicycle computer. The computer display, sensor, and magnet should be compatible with the device. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Sy

👤When will Amazon realize that they are losing customers because everything that's featured is made in china and doesn't work at all? Cheaply made and goes out after five minutes from sliding on the spokes. The cheap plastic that this company and its millions of copy cat products use causes it to snap in half. It skips around changing mph for the time being. The screen is very small. Try riding over 20 mph on hills and terrain and see if you can see the screen. I would rate this a -5. You can't. If you have broken English electronics, avoid them or plan for refunds and headaches.

👤The product arrived on time. Installation was easy, even though I found the instructions a bit fuzzy, but I've installed enough of these to figure it out. I haven't tried it yet but it seems accurate and the buttons are easy to use even with bike gloves on. I was very happy with my purchase. Follow up on 15Nov 2021. I received a coupon that said if I gave a positive review, I would get a gift card or a bicycle light. I wrote the review, and I stand by it. I had to jump through hoops to redeem the coupon. They have yet to honor their coupon, and they asked multiple times for me to supply the link to the review, screen shot, and review. Don't do business with liars.

👤The reviews were mostly positive, but after installing the battery the wheel circumference was gone. The other battery was used but still nothing. The screen turned green for a while, but then it vanished. The hotmail service did not give any information. The store said I would have to pay for the return if I didn't have a return label. The price of the item was increased by a few bucks because there was no information on getting a return label. When new one arrives, will update. Don't use this seller. They did not provide a return label and there was no return address to send it to after I decided to ship it at my expense. They will give me a new one with free shipping, but I have to return the one that is not right. I will end up paying for something that doesn't work. It was just OK after getting a new one. It works but not as advertised. It does not wake up on its own. If you don't turn it on after a few minutes, it won't register the additional miles or time. You have to turn it on! It's easy to forget and keep riding until you notice it's not on. Most bike commuters turn on automatically. It works. There is still a false claim.

👤The wireless speedometer was more than I expected. After spending $50 on a wired version, it had stopped working and I found a wireless unit for a great price on Amazon. It is very easy to use and has many of the same features as higher end units. Even in rough terrain, the receiving units and transmitters stay in place and give accurate readings of distance and speed. It's not an oversized unit and has a backlit screen feature that can be turned on either manually or automatically. It is well worth the purchase and I would highly recommend it.

7. Garmin Performance Computer Monitoring Popularity

Garmin Performance Computer Monitoring Popularity

The computer has a gps device. It's compatible with the power meter. Power meter compatible displays power data from compatible third-party power meters. When coupled with compatible sensors, dynamic performance monitoring provides insights on your VO2 max, recovery, training balance, heat and altitude acclimation, nutrition, hydration and more. New bike alarm, group messaging and tracking, assistance and compatibility with Variant radar and lights are some of the cycling safety features. The mountain biking model has integrated Trail forks data, including trail difficulty ratings, and it includes a Furuno Cycle Map with popularity routing, which helps you ride like a local, plus off-course recalculation and back to start. The Connect IQ Store has free apps, data fields andwidgets. The dynamics of the ride include jump count, hang time and hang time, as well as Grit, a measure of the ride's difficulty, and Flow, which tracks the smoothness of your descent so you have a score to beat next time. Up to 20 hours with the gps, and up to 40 hours with the charge power pack.

Brand: Garmin

👤The Edge 530 is a good bike computer. It did everything I expected, and did better than any previous one. There are people who don't understand what they are buying. A consumer electronic device is what this computer is. It will need to be updated and is not perfect. There are two more A fancy computer. No two ways about that! It isn't the top of the line, but it is more than a speedometer. I don't have anything bad to report, so I will move on to the good. My Edge 520 was good for 7 hours. The 530 ran for over 12 hours on the Seattle to Portland train. Good communication. There are no issues connecting to HR, power meter, phone, speed sensor. I had to upload maps of the area on the Edge 520. It's all built in. There are four There was no touch screen. That is a good point for me. The interface is very similar to the 520. GLONASS has added accuracy. There are improvements to the Strava segment. It is not for everyone, but it handles favorited segments very well, and it is a nice feature. The possibilities are taken to a new level. This is part of the connect IQ and allows you to download custom data fields and make your device work for you.

👤I thought buying a navigation device would make me not have headaches. I was wrong. I can't pair my Edge to my phone because it doesn't recognise my sensors, and I have to keep reseting it to turn it on. The 530 was terrible according to a review I read. I didn't trust him. You should stick to the 520. I called Garmin Support and they were nice, but there was no solution for me. They told me to wait for an update because they already had some issues with the phone. When you buy a $400 device, it's not what you expect.

👤I don't have an issue with the bike computer but the bundle is supposed to come with a Silicone case. The box has it listed on it. The bundle did not include a case and when I contacted the seller, they said their bundle did not include a case. This is BS because the case is listed in the box. I can only assume the seller got the bundle and then took the case with him. The price is the same as on the site, so I am missing a case that I paid for. The seller is not trustworthy.

👤It is very complicated. I took the unit to my local store. The Garmen unit is one of the models they sell. I asked a sales person to help me set up the navigation system. He was familiar with the system. His first words were, "This is going to take you a while to program and to figure out how to use". We spent 45 minutes trying to set up the system. It became confusing which button did what. We weren't able to have the unit save our choices even when we selected them. This was just the beginning. He was telling me how easy the touch screen system was to use. I didn't want to spend more money on another system. I paid $2,000 for my bike and now we're talking about a Garmen accessory that was going to cost $500 or more. He told me how to download and create my own routes. I had enough. I would like to ride my bike and get some information about my speed and location. I can get this from my phone with an app, which is cheaper and less frustrating. This piece of equipment is sophisticated and provides the best and most detailed data, but it is also very frustrating and time consuming to use and setup.

8. MEILAN Computer Wireless Speedometer Waterproof

MEILAN Computer Wireless Speedometer Waterproof

Customers will receive a three-month replacement and one-year warranty from the date of purchase. If you have a question, please contact them immediately by email and their customer service team will help you out. The built-in high-sensitivity gps chip is used. Fast global positioning is possible with the use of gps and GLONASS. Setting the time zone is all you need to use M3. The time will be adjusted according to the local time. The local time zone can be queried from the internet. The anti-glare MONO LCD can be clearly seen at all angles in the sun and night, and can be used for night riding. The backlight level is 1 if you press the top two buttons at the same time. Any charging device with a 5V port can be used to charge the USB RECHARGEABLE, PEAK RUN TIME 8HUSB rechargeable. It is normal for theGPS searching signal to cause high power consumption after 8 hours. The equipment supports 9 types of cycling data display: riding time, current / average / maximum speed, speed comparison, current time, altitude, ODO, riding distance and total time. Make sure your M3 is connected to the gps before you ride. 30 riding records can be stored in automatic storage. Long press the right key to enter the history data view, then exit the history interface. The M3GPS bicycle computer doesn't support some functions. If you have any questions, please contact them and they will help you solve your problems quickly and accurately.

Brand: Meilan

👤It is easy to install with a large display. The instruction book is hard to understand and in a small size. It became intutitive after riding, as there are just two buttons - top left turns it on/off and top right scrolls through the menu, including distance, average speed and more. Stores past rides. After a few seconds, the gps signal is acquired. The biggest complaint I have is that when I used it for a measured straight line ride over asphalt on a converted rail line with no hills the display for speed jumps all over the place would vary from 4.5 km/hr to 12.5 km/hr at a steady. The display showed a total distance of 21 km, but I know I rode a long time. The distance should be 16.9 km. I will keep trying to use it. Before my next ride, I will try to read the operating manual again.

👤I thought I'd give one of these bike computers a try. Since this one was supposed to have good reviews. It just quit working yesterday after less than 2 months of use. It wasn't recording my travels at first. I tried to turn it off, but realized the left button no longer worked. I tried to charge it again even though I knew it had a good charge. It made noises while on the charge. Never done that before. The ON/OFF button issue was not affected by charging. Basically it is junk now. The operating manual has no information about any issues. When it doesn't work, it goes in the trash can. LAME.

👤I broke my computer after 3 years with a non-GPS, wireless computer. The computer worked perfectly once I got the mileage settings set. I decided to try out the computer. I was hoping the M3 would work for me. I liked the idea of not having to set the settings. I was surprised that it was smaller than my last computer, but I had no problems reading the display. The mileage and speed were off. The mileage was not close. It increased the route by half a mile. The speed works well until I get under trees. There are a lot of trees on the roads where I ride. The speed drops when I'm under trees. My experiment with a computer was a flop. I bought another one of the ones I had before.

👤This computer was not a good use for bikes. I followed the instructions in the box and there was a lot of setup that had to be done, but it wasn't a deal breaker for me. I was going to have to keep the instructions with me even after I had it set up because it was the deal breaker for me. You can get the XOSS for roughly the same price. It's easy to use and you only need the instructions to set it up. I got a charge out of the M3 but it never came back on. I gave it 5 stars because it was fairly accurate when it worked.

9. Computer Backlight Speedometer Adjustable Waterproof

Computer Backlight Speedometer Adjustable Waterproof

It's easy to install and fit with the XOSS out-front extent mount. The new upgrade model has an adjustment mechanism that can be adjusted according to the size of the bicycle handle. When you need to drive at night, you can set the backlight permanently. The screen turns off if there is no signal after 5 minutes. The computer will turn on automatically when you move or press a button. The small size, light weight, wireless and waterproof design make the bicycle odometer more convenient and durable. It works well to measure speed, distance and riding time. The built-in ball switch is easier to operate than a conventional bike odometer. The bicycle computer can capture data in real time using a premium chip. It can help you plan your training. It is easy to use the menu screen to change settings. The bike has 22 functions. The functions can be operated with 2 buttons if the spokes are at least 2mm in diameter. Installation of bike speedometer wireless is easy, without the need to install complex cables. It can be used on rainy days. It is recommended that you dry immediately after use. The installation steps of the manual make it easy to use. You can read your statistics from the bicycle speedometer with the large display. Wireless transmission is super anti-ference. The colors on the display distinguish between the two days. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Qiaodiren

👤It didn't work for a day, so you should get a gps speedometer and skip any product from this company.

👤It shows the primary colors of red, blue, and green. I bought something different and reasonably priced because it is circular.

👤The unit didn't fit the screw that was used to mount the magnet. The strap was not tight enough. The unit was smaller than advertised.

👤This does not have a speed of the trip calculated. If you need to know the time while riding, you have to stop the bike and pull out your phone. That is dumb and ridiculous. I can't believe someone was paid to make this.

👤The thing was mounted with zip ties and almost broke.

👤It works! It is easy to read. It seems to be correct.

👤The instructions on the bike computer are too small to be read with a scepter. I couldn't get it to copy the preset until it seemed to me. After installing it, the sending unit wouldn't respond at all, and I gave up and returned it. The bike handle bar is too big for the special upright holder. Product a bust.

👤I bought this to see how fast I can go.

10. Kingneed Speedometer Digital Odometer Overspeed

Kingneed Speedometer Digital Odometer Overspeed

MULTI-FUNCTIONS The HUD displays the vehicle's driving speed in time, but also shows single driving time, single driving mileage, total driving mileage, and local time. Let them know what the key information is for your trip. The big screen size display makes it easier to read. Green light will let the driver more compfortable and protect their eyes, specially for long distance driving. The arm function. There is a Fatigue Driving Alarm function. Make your driving safer. It is possible to collect speed from gps satellites. It's 100% compatible for all vehicles, including car, truck, pick-up, scooter, train, motorcycle, bike, boat. Plug and play is easy to setup and use. There is no need for a professional installation. Plug and play is easy to setup and use. There is no need for a professional installation.

Brand: Kingneed

👤It is easy to see the big numbers. If you can't see it, you need to have your eyes checked. I was surprised how easy it was to set it up. I got this to see if it could replace my digital dash speedometer, which died on my truck. It works great! The speed is very close. I didn't have to change it. It takes a minute or so to lock on but that doesn't bother me. It's ready to go when I put my seat belt on. This is much cheaper than having my dash fixed. Time will tell how durable this thing is. I will let you know if it breaks.

👤I am not a truck driver, but I have been using a free AP on my phone as a heads up display, recently it updated and I am getting ads whenever I come to a stop in a town. The display is larger than the phones. I use this because of the way the dash is built, I can't see the speedometer, and it eliminates having to take your eyes off the road. All my needs have been filled so far.

👤Well worth it! I am a mail carrier and I can't see my speedometer. I can see it from where I sit, no matter where I install it. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a speedometer. It works amazingly.

👤It was alright until it stopped working.

👤This was a cheap and easy fix for my Speedo truck that does not work.

👤Only the number of miles is recorded, then no other odometer reading.

👤I bought this because my cable broke. Plug it in and I know what I'm doing. The display is large. It has other features but I use it for my MPH and it works well. Definitely recommend.

👤My dad is 72 years old and is struggling to read the dash. He's worried he'll become a dangerous driver soon because he said it takes him too long to find. I found the dash odometer. We knew that you get exactly what you pay for. Dad made a bristle board shade that would glow better in the sun. He bought a piece of the unit to attach to the window, and a piece of the base to attach to the dash. The supplied base was going to be a big piece of useless rubbish. Dad loves it. There are no other numbers visible on the side of the vehicle. He said it makes him a safer driver. It's a great aid for an older driver if you put a few bucks into this unit. They keep their eyes above the car.

👤I'm really happy about this.

11. CAT EYE Computer Odometer Speedometer

CAT EYE Computer Odometer Speedometer

The odometer feature can be used to plan for bicycle maintenance. Your favorite stat is the current, max, and average speed, total distance, trip distance, elapsed time, pace arrow, and clock. Don't sweat the small stops: caught at a red light? Do you stop for coffee? They've got you covered. When you stop, your CatEye computer stops counting time and average speed. The Velo 7 has a wired speed sensor. You can forget about the battery if it lasts up to three years. The Velo 7 is an entry level computer that is perfect for beginners.

Brand: Cat Eye

👤This is only for road and cross bikes. It's hard to mount a sensor on a mountain bike with a front suspension. My mountain bike is not exceptional. I couldn't mount to be within 5 cm. Not even close. I spent an hour building the mounts for the old computers. They would fall off before I could get out of the neighborhood. CatEye should include mounts that are made for mounting. Too many bike accessories are made for road bikes, but not for mountain bikes. It is not possible to predict or measure if ill is within 5 cm without the sensor. I searched for "5 cm" and "mountain bike" on the CatEye website. There was no warning of a potential problem. I don't like returning products, but in this case, it's either mislabeled or inadequate.

👤This is the first time I've used a bicycle computer. After my kids got old enough to be on their own, I started riding again. I commute ten miles or so to and from the usual places, but I also started going on longer trips out into the countryside. After all that time spent pedaling and pedaling, one begins to wonder certain things, like: "How fast am I going, how many miles am I traveling on these trips, and how long is all of this taking?" After a few trips, this bike computer is much easier to use than any phone. It's better to use a computer like this one for one specific job. Everything is included in order to install the VELO 7. You might need more zip ties. It took about an hour. I own a mountain bike. It has shocks, V-brakes and handlebars. There's not much space left to add accessories like this because of the two handlebar clamps that take up some space to either side of the center bar, and the pannier that is situated out in front and just above the brake and shift cables. Installation was easy even with all of this stuff. If you want to install the Cuz Front Shocks on the rear wheel, you need a long wire to run from the wheel to the computer. It doesn't matter because everything has been thought out so that you can install the computer to any shocks you want. You can either mount the VELO 7 on your handlebars or on your goose neck. There are two sets of half circles on the mount. If you're thinking about mounting the computer to your handlebars, know that the mount can't be back flat to the ground. The mount is rigid and does not tilt. It is a deterrent to theft. While you're away from your bike, the computer can be removed from the mount. Just put it in your pocket. Also, note: If you want to make the computer's data output as accurate as possible, you need to measure the wheel's circumference accurately. Measure the distance the wheel travels in one rotation using a flat surface like the cement in your garage. Do this while riding a bike. You might be off by a few centimeters if you go by the chart. Your tire flattens under your weight, which shortens the actual radius of the wheel. Once you have this measurement, you can use it to make a calculation. Write that number down as you input it into the computer. Also, note: The location of the sensor parts on your spokes and forks isn't important. The computer doesn't use your wheel's radius for calculating data, but instead uses your circumference. It's easy to install, but what about the computer's functions? That is even better! There is fidelity. I would describe the VELO 7's functions as follows. There is only one big button to push and one big screen to look at. You have only one hand to push one button, and the other should be steering. You want to be able to quickly and easily glance down and see the information on the big screen, because you should be watching where you're going instead. There is a speed on the screen. So too is something called PACE ARROW. It is obvious that speed is important, but it is not as important as pace. The arrows tell you when you are going faster, slower, or the same speed. The letters MPH, miles per hour, and KPH, kilometer per hour, are always shown on the screen. When you start your trip, MPH starts flashing and stays flashing until you stop. The computer is making the necessary calculations and the MPH is flashing. The flashing MPH is related to thelapsed time. Pressing the big button causes the screen to be scrolled through: tm, elapsed time, DST, current trip distance, average speed, max speed, ODO, total of all miles regardless of current trip distance, and CLOCK, the time of day. There is one INTERESTING note. When you stop the bike, the computer will stop counting time. This is a positive thing. When you start peddling again. The flashing MPH tells you that time is running out. They are both the same. Pressing and holding the big button for a few seconds resets everything. All except ODO and CLOCK. Both ODO and CLOCK are permanent. The All Clear button is on the back of the computer. There is a small button on the back of the computer. All clear clears the computer to the factory settings. ReSET allows you to change the CLOCK, MPH, and KPH of your wheel. All this without the ODO being reset. The battery lasts for a long time. We'll see. After a while, the computer goes quiet and the clock is the only thing on the screen. The computer wakes up when you start a new trip on your bike. It's Kums! Setting up the computer is probably the hardest part of the whole process, but it's not really difficult once you get used to it. You have to use the big button on the front to input information after you push the reset button on the back. It's similar to setting up a wristwatch. Remember those things? Push the wrong button and you'll have to reset everything again. It can get very frustrating. It's not that bad. It's easy to install. It was easy to use. The design is intuitive. It gives you valuable data when riding. I know some people who are smarter than me. A large screen. This thing will get you to the church on time. The price is good for what you get. Highly recommended! I started having intermittent signal generation problems. When riding, the computer would stop at zero MPH. It would start again, then stop. Things got worse and stopped. I thought it was the sensor on the wheel, but then I realized it was the two sensor parts that were too far apart. That was not the case. A loose wire on the mount was the problem. I must have removed the computer from the mount too forcefully because one of the metal pickups was just enough from the wire to stop making contact, either that or they were never properly aligned to begin with. I had to change the pickup's wire. I used a sharp knife to pop out the pickup from the wire. I pressed it back into the wire. The computer began to work again after this trick was done. There are no more intermittent signal problems. This can drive me crazy. I'll just file this one under "working out all the bugs." It's still highly recommended.


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