Best Gps Speedometer Car Wireless

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1. VJOYCAR Speedometer Universal Original Motorcycle

VJOYCAR Speedometer Universal Original Motorcycle

If there are places on the product manual that are not clear enough, please feel free to contact them. They will respond in 12 hours. Collecting speed from gps satellites. It is 100% universal for all vehicles, including car, truck, pick-up, SUV, scooter, train, motorcycle, bike, boat, golf cart. Car driving speed, single driving time and mileage are displayed in the gps HUD. The mileage is on to the other side of the country. If you want total driving mileage, please choose the model C80 or C90 What is the speed unit? If you see number 100 on the screen, it means the speed unit is MPH, if you see number 161 on the screen, it means the speed unit is KM/h. Over-speed alert is one of the functions. The default setting alert value is 120. Once over value, it will give a warning. If you want to off speed warning, just adjust the over-speed value. How accurate? If you need assistance, please contact me. It is off from the car engine speed. The device doesn't have an on/off button, it takes 2 hours to get a gps signal, the device doesn't have a battery, and the device doesn't have an on/off button.

Brand: Vjoycar

👤I bought this for my car. When I'm driving with my hand on the steering wheel, it covers my speedometer. I have to lift my hand to see it. I was not expecting miracles for accuracy, but I thought it was worth a shot. The unit is packaged nicely in a small box. I had to add a small piece of gasket material between the mount and the unit because it was a loose fit. I didn't want it to fall off while I was driving. It comes with 3M double sided tape. I added 3M double sided outdoor tape that is a little more tacky after removing it. I had a problem with my car falling over on my dash after I put it on my dash at night. I left it on my seat while I was at work on a hot day. The combination of the hot dash and the tape sitting in the sun seems to have created a better bond and it has not fallen off my dash since. The technical aspects are next. It is very easy to set up. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes for this unit to pick up the signal, and I have also never had to sit and drive while it connects. It comes with a flat cord, but it doesn't have an A/C accessory for cigarette lighter plugs. I don't have a computer in my car. I bought an accessory on Amazon for $5. It has a lag of about 3 seconds during acceleration and deceleration but once you're at a steady speed it adjusts quicker. The unit that I got seems to run faster than my speedometer, but that's not a dealbreaker. The unit has a cheap feel to it. I'm impressed with it's accuracy. The screen is easy to read during the day and hard to read at night. I use it for work and road trips. The fatigue alarm that goes off every hour is annoying. I don't know how to turn it off. If you remember to power it off and back on, it won't sound like it. On cloudy and foggy days, the accuracy seems to be thrown off, but it has to be thick cloud and fog.

👤I bought the VJOYCAR C60 several weeks ago and am using it in a vehicle that has a digital Km/h display but not mph. I wanted digital speed as well. The gps is working perfectly. The unit is true. The set up is not complicated. It takes half a mile to lock onto a satellite and do its maintenance. It was within 1 to 2 mph out of the box. The speed was adjusted slightly. This was achieved by pressing and holding the up arrow and entering buttons at the same time. I found that pressing the up arrow got me into the calibration every time. The trip mileage is displayed shortly after the traffic signal is stopped, which is a nice feature. The feature is not activated if the stop signs are long. The longer the trip, the better the data is. There are a number of similar devices that are labeled by each of the different companies. The nice thing is that he contacted me after my purchase to deal with any issues. I didn't know that the unit needed a wiredusb connection for power, so he gave me a 12v adapter. I don't have to sacrifice my phone or music accessory. I'm happy with the device. The true test will be the Midwest winter temperatures, but for now I'd buy it again.

2. MEILAN Computer Wireless Speedometer Waterproof

MEILAN Computer Wireless Speedometer Waterproof

XOSS G+ is easy to use, it saves time in installation and setup of traditional speedometer wiring. The built-in high-sensitivity gps chip is used. Fast global positioning is possible with the use of gps and GLONASS. Setting the time zone is all you need to use M3. The time will be adjusted according to the local time. The local time zone can be queried from the internet. The anti-glare MONO LCD can be clearly seen at all angles in the sun and night, and can be used for night riding. The backlight level is 1 if you press the top two buttons at the same time. Any charging device with a 5V port can be used to charge the USB RECHARGEABLE, PEAK RUN TIME 8HUSB rechargeable. It is normal for theGPS searching signal to cause high power consumption after 8 hours. The equipment supports 9 types of cycling data display: riding time, current / average / maximum speed, speed comparison, current time, altitude, ODO, riding distance and total time. Make sure your M3 is connected to the gps before you ride. 30 riding records can be stored in automatic storage. Long press the right key to enter the history data view, then exit the history interface. The M3GPS bicycle computer doesn't support some functions. If you have any questions, please contact them and they will help you solve your problems quickly and accurately.

Brand: Meilan

👤This is what I needed for my rcxas rustler. I can now find out how fast it goes.

👤Navigating the menu is a bit confusing at first, but once you get used to it, it's pretty simple to use. It does what I need, but won't be for everyone. To keep track of estimated battery life on my electric trike, just for speed, total distance and trip mileage. Acquires is accurate. I like the mount and wish there was more. I could swap bikes. I don't want to pay another $10 for another, and I can't find another like the one it comes with. I mounted it on a cross bar because it was designed to mount on the vertical stem. They could have made a better design, but it works. I'll be using it to charge it while it's off, but I can't comment on battery life, but I'll be using it to remove it at the end of a ride, or the day. The easy twist off makes it harder to steal it. I sliced the wire of the computer and got it to replace it. This is comparable to a wired non-GPS at a great price point.

👤Want to know the name of the street? How about speed, fastest speed, distance, and duration, with or without a screen display or speed sensor attached to the fork? This is it! It works, and it's worth it.

👤The directions are not clear and the writing is small, so be cautious. It is hard to comprehend. There are good directions on the video sharing website, so the best thing to do is use it. One thing that may or may not be important is that there are only two data lines, which is ok for me because I only want speed and distance. If you want 3 lines of data, forget it. The second concern is that it depends on being able to get a signal which is fine where I am but in some places it probably won't work if there is no gps.

👤I received this and rode my bike. This was great because I don't like to read little print to learn how to put a speedometer on. My friend put the video on while I was getting my gear. I looked down and it was working after a mile or so on the ride. I would ask my friend if she had a wired speedometer and she would tell me. The distance was not the same. We had completed 3 miles more than my friends. I did not fool around with it yet. I just wanted to know my speed and distance. Something will be updated.

👤The bike computer is very easy to use, and no need for a wheel monitor. The gps works! There was no tricky positioning of the wheel sensor. I had a bike computer, but it was a pain to use, and you had to enter the bicycle wheel size each time you changed the battery. There are no complicated menus. I can see everything I need with a simple push of a button. The altitude information is useful when riding on hills. I want to be able to calibrate the monitor because it says that I am 40' below sea level. It would have 5 stars if it weren't for that.

3. Multi Color Windshield Projector Overspeed Interface

Multi Color Windshield Projector Overspeed Interface

Sleep modification The meter will be in sleep mode after the car parking is done. All main unit products will have a 3 years free warranty. Purchase it without worry. Taylor Goodbye will speak to the victims. The head display is designed to show the dashboard information at the driver's front sight to avoid breaking traffic rules. HUD works on when the car is running, and it will stop when the car is powered off, because of the auto power on and off design. The display is high. You can adjust the brightness manually, and it will reach the best state while you are driving. The use of technology can make display information sharper. The display content includes speed, engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, mileage measurement and more. It will show fault code for you. It can be applied to cars with the EUOBD. The friendly REMINDER is here. When the speed limit is set in advance, it will flicker and alarm. The fatigue driving indicator light will flash when the driver is tired. It will remind you for the high water temperature alarm. You can apply for a return within 180 days if you're not happy with the product. You can email them at any time if you have a problem with this product. As soon as possible, they will reply. You can apply for a return within 180 days if you're not happy with the product. You can email them at any time if you have a problem with this product. As soon as possible, they will reply.

Brand: Vgeby

👤A nice display. I figured out half of the settings without reading the manual, and the other half was easy to set after doing a little reading. The display is bright. I waited to review this product until I had a sunny day. It works well. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because of the automatic Highspeed mode. Everything is turned off when this mode is on. Most of the other data I could probably do without a lot of the time is why. They get rid of the Tachometer as well. It would not make sense to have both the MPH and Tach show up in highspeed mode, or to increase the Highspeed mode to above 55 mph. At the moment it is always on or off at 80 km. I like to know what the engine is doing when I'm driving. A lot of information is displayed if you need it, so it would be a good recommendation for the casual driver.

👤The HUD is easy to install and it works. Even after adjustment, the accuracy for fuel consumption is still high. There is no time display or travel time.

👤The product does what it is advertised to do. Instructions are poorly done and confusing when trying to set up a unit. It's hard to decide where to put it. There is no forgiveness for the reflector. You are stuck there once placed. If you don't get it right the first time, you're screwed. No email address or phone number is needed to communicate with a support person. Hope this works and doesn't stop working!

👤This product was not what I was looking for. The system was difficult to set up and the only way to plug it in was through the OBD. It might work for some, but it wasn't a good product for me.

👤The product feels cheap for the money. The button on the side was stuck. The button was released by a few pushes.

👤My car was an obd1, so I didn't work on it. I received an obd2. I ordered an obd1, but I am sitting on a $60 book end.

👤It was installed on the Honda C-RV. Working well. The wish units for fuel consumption could be changed.

👤The unit won't work if your dashboard has a curve. If the display is distorted, it has to be laid on a flat surface.

4. TIMPROVE T600 Universal Speedometer Overspeed

TIMPROVE T600 Universal Speedometer Overspeed

Never worry about losing pets again. It can check the historical route, setgeo-Fence, two-way communication, health Pedometer,SOS, etc. Unlike other car HUDs, T600 could work for all vehicles, no matter which brand or model you own, because it is based on the gps module inside. The T600 HUD has a high definition 2.2'' TFT screen, which displays the information more clearly than the windshield HUD, and it may make you feel more comfortable to monitor the speed and bring more. It's a good view to read the information directly without moving your eyes from the road, no need to put a sticker on your car. The HUD will show almost everything you need to know while driving, including vehicle speed, driving direction, voltage, driving distance measurement, driving time, low voltage alarm, over speed alarm, satellite time and number, and altitude. A good partner for driving. The T600 HUD has been upgraded with new functions which make it more competitive than the traditional HUD in the market. Because T600 is based on the gps module and satellite, it can be used to speed up test, brake performance test and other car data information reading. A tool to help you understand your car. Along with their product, they provide friendly customer service if there are any questions or concerns. They will make you 100% satisfied if you have a question.

Brand: Lttrbx.

👤I bought this because it is hard to read the speedometer in my car during the day. The GM design is bad. Quelle surprise. I bought this model because it has a power cord. It worked immediately after I plugged it in. It was relatively easy to adjust the "Speed Adjust" because the default is to read a little high. Most of the time. I don't care about other features. When I turned off the ignition, the only problem was getting it to power off. The accessory power outlets on my car are hot all the time, even when the ignition is off, and that's the problem, not Timprove's. This is not the case with most cars. The customer service consultant at Timprove was very helpful when I contacted them about this. The only reason I gave this unit four stars overall is that the little instruction sheet that comes with the unit is very small and hard to read, and not quite fluent in English. There are millions of people in China who speak and write English very well, and I'm fine with that, but most small electronic gadgets are made in China. Timprove might be interested in hiring one. How many Americans are proficient in Mandarin? Let's not complain too much.

👤I decided to try it out. I like it. I decided to try the TIMPROVE T600 Universal Car HUD Head Up Display DigitalGPS Speedometer with Speedup Test Brake Test Overspeed Alarm for All Vehicle because I was tired of sleeping tickets. It is smaller than expected. It doesn't take a lot of space on your dashboard. It shows when I go over the speed limit.

👤I bought this thing because I have bigger tires on my truck, so my speedometer is not accurate. I bought this about 4 months ago, however I only drive my truck to haul my travel trailer and do dump runs and hardware runs. I drive my truck less than 5 times a month, so it's possible less than 20 times I've used it, but it doesn't work for the last few times I've driven it. If you pay $40 for something like this and use it less than 20 times, it wouldn't stop working all of a sudden. I'm out $40 because my window for a return is past, and I have to savesay away because it's worthless. Don't waste your money like I did.

👤The unit is lightweight but solid. The display is small and easy to read in the sun, but it has a lot of information if you want it. The power cord is long. It is easy to package. The menu is a little hard to use, but once you dial in your settings it is fine. I took it to 75mph and it was accurate with the app on my phone.

👤The display is a little larger and a little brighter but it works as a speedometer. It needs aGPS signal to sit on top of the dashboard. It doesn't rely on the data from the vehicle. It needs power from the 12-volt outlet in every vehicle. It seems to agree with the reading of the regular dial speedometer of my vehicle.

5. ACECAR Windshield Projector Measurement Temperature

ACECAR Windshield Projector Measurement Temperature

OverSpeed Buzzer Alarm has a total mileage range of 0-999999 km. The HUD displays driving data on the front windshield such as speed,RPM,water temperature,voltage single mileage,compass,digital clock, etc., it is pretty clear in the sunny. It helps the driver stay in top condition by avoiding the danger of the driver looking down at the dashboard. Function: speed, engine RPM, water temperature,voltage,km/mph switch,power test, single mileage measurement, water temperature icon, clean fault code, fuel consumption,compass,time. You can change the function you display with the button. You can choose one of the two ports that are available. Only one interface needs to be connected. Plugging in two ports at the same time could cause your car to burn out. The clear fault code function can help your car clear fault codes without you having to go to the repair store. It has alarm functions that make driving safer and easier, such as over speed, engine RPM, water temperature, and fatigue driving. The unit has two cables:OBD2 and theusb cable. They don't need to damage your car but they can use it and modify it. If your vehicle is manufactured after 2008 and you want to use OBD2 mode, please contact them for confirmation. FCC certification is Superior quality. The chip has powerful performance and compatibility to make sure dual system, dual-run memory and dual-core processor high-speed operat. They warranty the HUD head-up display for six months and will repair or replace it free of charge in the unlikely event of failure. You can contact them from your Amazon purchase history.

Brand: Acecar

👤This is a small display. It shows you the direction and time. Useful information. The positives end. The speedo and tach poll theECU once per second. It's not useful for around-town driving speeds because it's so late, and you'd be unable to use it for highway cruising. If you need steady road speed, you already have something that does that because everybody has cruise control. It's not really a benefit to bring it closer to your field of vision. The directions are so small they are hard to read. The letters are half the size of the row on the eye chart. It makes sense to not include any instruments that are unreadable because they're so small, for a device that's supposed to improve safety by putting critical information closer to the center of your field of view. The car's DC voltage is shown for the first 20 seconds after startup. It's not a problem; it's useless. Unless you're trying to diagnose your car's charging system. There are other ways to do that. I don't want to see the car's voltage in real time every time I turn it on. I can't imagine who would do that. The tach only shows 500RPMs. The delay in data refresh from theECU means that by the time it shows one bar, your engine could be turning 2k faster or slower than the next reading shows. Despite the relatively very few options for this kind of device, and this one does function at least, mine does. I have to give this a poor rating because of the slow refresh rate. The tach and speedo are useless when you're speeding around town or on the highway because of the significant delay. For roughly the same price, there are better options.

👤I should have known better. I was still hoping, even though I knew it wouldn't be an aircraft HUD. The HUD-M12 can be used in either gps mode or OBD II mode. I can't say how well the gps mode works because I only used the OBD II. The installation is a play. The display is the heart of the report. I wanted to see altitude, time and speed. You can't remove the large tyke which you can't remove, compass initials which are too small to be read quickly, and legible clock because they are too large. I'm not sure if the altimeter can be used for any other read out or if it's only available on the gps display. I plugged it in at night and found the display on the window right in the center of my field of view. The letters and numbers were double vertically, unlike an aircraft HUD. The display was washed out by strong daylight. I used the supplied film to project it onto. The film isn't transparent so you can't see it in your field of view. The film ended the double letter and numbers and made the display legible in the bright daylight. The M12 was able to find the correct time and MPH display, which was close to the vehicle's speed. I would have had trouble if I had to use the set up buttons. The display box has these arrayed on it. You can't see them to set them. I feel like I haven't improved my ability to access vehicle data because the display can't be placed in my line of sight. Were I 18? I would think this is neat, but I'm far from 18 now. The HUD- M12 has worked perfectly for the last 3 days, but I don't know how much it will cost. I think my main dislikes are having to use the film and what is displayed. I don't need to remove 1/3 of the display. The tach is something all HUD manufacturers insist on. All of the cars I've owned in the last 10 years came with one. The film can be used to read the data in the sun and darkness.

6. Speedometer Real Time Monitoring Satellite Positioning

Speedometer Real Time Monitoring Satellite Positioning

The head up display vehicle electronics has a built in multi- axis gyro and gps system that can provide you with slope, declination, downward slope and upward slope. You can get data such as vehicle speed,altitude, vehicle driving direction, and satellite real-time clock. The speedometer for car has tilt angle prompt, pitch angle prompt and overspeed prompt functions. The device will remind you if the tilt angle or pitch angle exceeds 30 degrees or the vehicle speed exceeds the set prompt value. Real-time monitoring of vehicle data and setting parameters of head up display is possible. You can see the pitch angle,inclination angle,latitude and longitude coordinates,speed, time, driving distance,power supply voltage and other data of the vehicle through the head-up display. The gps speedometer can set parameters, such as setting the speed unit (MPH&KM/H),overspeed reminder,speed,clock,font color, etc. The high-precision satellite gps signal module is very suitable for self- driving, as it can locate the number of satellites and provide altitude, latitude, and longitude. It has a wide range of applications that are suitable for cars, SUVs, off-road vehicles, station wagons, vans, etc. The HUD car heads up display uses a high-definition screen, and the screen brightness can be adjusted according to the light sensor, so you can see clearly and comfortably. The HUD car heads up display uses a high-definition screen, and the screen brightness can be adjusted according to the light sensor, so you can see clearly and comfortably.

Brand: Duoyi

👤The item can be used to watch your speed. The angle monitor feature is random. When my jeep is on the road, it varies 1%. It jumps when idling. It would not work in a trail when driving. If you press slowly, the one button will work. It is easy to make a change if you go too quickly.

👤Plug and play is very accurate. No issues or problems will buy another vehicle for me.

👤The HUD has a lot of cool options.

7. VJOYCAR R1 Speedometer Universal Windshield

VJOYCAR R1 Speedometer Universal Windshield

Free lifetime technical support for non-human factor damage is part of the warranty. Why does the HUD have a HUD? My car is fast. When driving at 60MPH, head down for 1 second, like a blind. This is a high definition HUD of 3D reflection display, it can project and display the data on its own display, no need to paste the film on the car's window as a normal HUD. The HD mirror HUD can display without a double image because it has double image under direct sunshine. It's a universal digital speedometer gps HUD, collecting driving speed time and all other info from gps satellites, and it can be connected to a car via a car port or car adaptor. There is no damage to your computer. The HUD can display vehicle driving speed, real time clock, trip driving distance, trip driving time, gps signal and altitude. There are 6 kinds of interface: speed, clock, trip distance, trip time, speed and altitude. The default speed unit is MPH. HUD AlarmsFatigue driving alarm and over-speed alarm. Each value can be on or off according to your need. You can drive between country and city. The new design is classic blue and white, driving speed and time/speed/altitude/tip time/trip distance. First time usage, take off the screen protection films on both sides, and make sure plug into 5V USB output, once have any problems, please don't hesitate to let them know, thanks.

Brand: Vjoycar

👤When it works, it is a great concept. The display is bright and clear under all lighting conditions because it is like a real HUD with its own reflecting surface. The speed of the gps device was similar to my other device. Menus are easy to navigate and buttons are easy to find. It is frequently glitchy. The second one was worse than the first. The display would cycle through a bunch of gibberish and it would be useless for a while. I will keep driving to see if it improves, but for now I will trash it. The housing reflects in my car. I put the soft side of Velcro around the top edges. If the glitchiness isn't fixed, it may end up being a waste of money.

👤You can get that uneasy feeling when you place an order from obscure Chinese companies. This one is a real winner. It's easy to set up, and the 3M brand stickies are great for placement. They are stuck in place and can be removed if desired. The speed shown changes as you change it. If it consistently shows a speed higher or lower than your true speed, you can tell it by the "offset" feature. It shows my car's speed. It was easy to set up and use the product from obscure Chinese companies, but the instruction manual wasn't clearly written. The display is very bright. I love the way the display works and you don't need to adhere any reflective material to it. We ordered another one because we were so happy with this. Excellent job, VJOYCAR!

👤The HUD was easy to set up on the dash. The height was adjusted and secured with bumper feet and glue. It gives an accurate mph reading. There are no setup directions. The time is wrong because it doesn't have directions to change it and it is in the middle of the day. If you want an mph readout, the unit does that, but nothing else because of the lack of meaningful directions.

👤The Vjoycar R1 is easy to use. I have had problems with other devices, but it acquires gps satellites in the garage. The acquisition time was about 45 seconds on the first cold start and 30 on the second. The light level adjustment works well with great visibility. The elapsed driving time is a great feature. A non marring trim pry tool is a big plus. The elevation is only displayed in meters.

👤This little device is perfect for the individual who wants a mph and per trip odometer. It's a great buy. I wouldn't use it because it has other features. If and when that happens, the next vehicle will have a dealer installed unit that will allow the car computer to display navigation and other car details directly on the windshield. This little unit will make me happy until that happens.

👤A lot of companies don't stand behind their product. This one does. The fit and finish of the unit are important. It came with cable managers. I had some trouble with the first unit, so I started a process for an exchange, and the manufacturer made a design change based on my issue, and sent me a replacement. If the digits do funky things, you should know that the replacement is fixed, and the unit works as described.

8. Speedometer Suspended Satellite Altitude Compatible

Speedometer Suspended Satellite Altitude Compatible

This hud display uses 3D reflection display, free-form surface technology, optical coating to correct image distortion, image HD without ghosting, and display the images and datas on transparent display board of product, it does not need to stick the reflection film on. Even in the sun, the data is clear. The head up display can integrate with the car, but also demonstrate the technical temperament of HUD equipment. The appearance material is made of two different materials, and it can resist high temperature, but it does not change color. The light intensity can be adjusted by judging the ambient light. This model of the hud display for car computer and speedometer has a powerful chip that can alarm the dangers if it goes awry, like the problems of anchoring because of overspeed. It can help you focus on the road and not look down to read the dashboard, which can lead to accidents. The YUGUANG hud display has a high refresh rate of 10 times, which makes it fast and there is no delay. It's suitable for all models. Simple mileage is one of the main functions. Driving direction, quantity of satellites, altitude, system time, compass, actual altitude, driving speed, individual driving distance, total driving distance, overspeed alarm, free switched between kilometers and miles. This head up display for car is very easy to install, no need for complicated wiring and matching, also no need for professional car repair technicians, it has equipped with ausb cable to connect the HUD and cigarette lighter. If you plug in the HUD, it will turn on automatically when the car is on, it doesn't need to be damaged. It is compatible with all cars. This head up display for car is very easy to install, no need for complicated wiring and matching, also no need for professional car repair technicians, it has equipped with ausb cable to connect the HUD and cigarette lighter. If you plug in the HUD, it will turn on automatically when the car is on, it doesn't need to be damaged. It is compatible with all cars.

Brand: Yuguang

👤Since a lot of people don't calibrate their speedometer, gps is a great idea to use. Could improve on. The display doesn't keep up with the speed. I used my phone and a navigation device to compare and it was very smooth. Calibration of speed. Better and more accurate speed calibrations are needed. The speed is thrown off by adjusting by 1 The connection interface. A straight angle plug is more efficient than a right angle plug for those that don't run the wire down and up. A normal interface could be used instead of a proprietary plug. The body could be thinner, although all huds seem to be thick. Those that don't know the 24 hour format can use the 12 hour format. sticky mounting pad This should have been the same size as the bottom of the hud. It was useless.

👤Have you ever surprised your husband with a new car? It is not easy, but I knew he wanted this HUD, I got it and gave it to him as we walked out of the dealer, unhappy, until we stopped. I handed it to him and motioned to the car at the same time. He asked what the big green bow on the car was. I told you to get rid of your old beater. He was surprised by his HUD and vehicle. It was the best day ever for me. I have been driving his new car for two weeks because my car had to go into the shop. He will have a lot of time to play, drive and have fun. The HUD is consistently 1 MPH over the speed limit.

👤The product works as advertised. It is visible from dark nights to the sun. Sometimes the speed doesn't ramp up or lower down as quickly as it should, but that isn't too big of a deal. I wish the HUD wouldn't display 5mph higher than your actual speed for safety. I love this product and it is a game-changer in terms of price and function. The distraction caused by looking down at the speedometer was reduced.

👤It doesn't fit on the dash of my Miata, but it works perfectly on the steering stock. Completely visible with the top up or down. The motor will turn on and off when plugged in. Very happy.

👤The hud is glitchy. I followed the directions to get to my truck. Garbage is flashing across the screen. I can't use it because it doesn't show anything and I don't know what the speed is. It was accurate to a couple mph. The unit is useless so I didn't bother adjusting for accuracy.

👤It seems to be within one mph. I like the display at night. It's very convenient to see my trip mileage as well. It is in place on my car. I am worried about it drawing down my battery and I don't know if I should plug it in when I get home.

👤The speed is very slow, only 1 to 2 MPH over at highway speeds, it will be 5 to 10 MPH over. I am driving a car.

9. Universal Wireless Speedometer Temperature Altitude

Universal Wireless Speedometer Temperature Altitude

100% money back guarantee. If you have a question or have a quality problem, please let them know, they're always here to help. HUDUpdated Head Up display, no need for projector film on car glass, display all data on its own colorful display, no double image under sunshine as other normal HUDs. The only portable HUD display on the market. The same logic as speed testing radar is used to avoid speeding tickets. Digital Speed GaugeHD TFT Colorful Display: speed in km/h or mph, time clock, temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, altitude, over-speed alarm, fatigue driving alert. The user can change the speed and make it the same as the dashboard. Plug the cable into the Usb port or power bank and it will work. A new design has a solar panel and internal 500mAh battery power. When it senses car motion, it will be on, and when it's stationary for more than 3 minutes, it will go to sleep. If the speed is not accurate, please contact them.

Brand: Vjoycar

👤I like the design of the unit. The speedo function seems to be accurate. The temperature as well. It's not so much altitude. When stationary, never gets the same reading twice. The display is the biggest issue. The display is washed out in bright sunlight. I will make a small visor to protect the display. Hopefully that will solve the problem. It should be easy to make the display brighter. I think they kept the brightness low to save on battery life. I would like to see a compass function instead of the altitude/temp display. It should be easy to do with gps. The first iteration is good, but it could be an awsum product.

👤The unit is a good price for it. The solar charging is useless even with it mounted on the dash of the car in the middle of summer. I kept it plugged in during use. The problem is that when the unit sees a 12v charge signal, it goes back to KPH from MPH, so you have to reset it every time. If your cigarette lighter turns off when the car is turned off, you start the car. The product is small and cheap, so it would still recommend it.

👤I have been using the HUD for three days. Based on price, find it very nice. The feature works well. It is perfect for any type of vehicle. I had trouble staying in MPH versus KM on the first day. It is staying in the US version. I am not sure why the time is displayed in 24 rather than 12. I would suggest suppling a black charging cable instead of a white one. The white is hard to see in a car. The product development is amazing.

👤The setting of MPH always causes it to go to KM/H after a while. During winter, I can accept charge device in a few days. It is not acceptable to reset MPH setting after a charge. The device is simple and accurate, and it is less light reflecting on the windshield. I decided to try to get a replacement because I hope this is a bad unit. The conclusion will be updated soon after the replacement device arrives.

👤I don't use the solar piece so I can't speak to that. I have a cigarette lighter that starts up when I turn on the car. I need it because I can't see the regular speedometer at the 60-80 mile an hour range because of my steering wheel. The unit is easy to see because it is sitting on my steering column. Just sits there and doesn't move. It was easy to setup, I just figured it out on my own. It solved my problem at a reasonable price.

👤Unless you are certain that you will keep it, don't buy it. This item cannot be returned. I bought two HUD devices to compare them and am stuck with a $40 item that I do not need or want. I would never have ordered it if it had been made clear that my decision was final. The return policy was misleading. Very disappointed.

10. COOLOUS C80 Speedometer Windshield Projection

COOLOUS C80 Speedometer Windshield Projection

Along with their product, they provide friendly customer service if there are any questions or concerns. They will make you 100% satisfied if you have a question. Satellites lock in quickly and theGPS Speedometers collect the speedometer from the satellites. When a car tire is replaced, the engine speed is not accurate. The same logic as speed radar can be found in the gps hud. All vehicles, car, motorcycle, boat, train and other assets are compatible with a universal HUD. Plug it into a power bank if it is used in a car, or buy a car adaptor if it is not used in a car. The vehicle speed on the windshield is displayed on a stand-alone display, which is easy to see. The over-seed alarm setting is 120KM/H or 120MPH. Press the up or down to adjust it. The car driver will be alert when the over-speed alarm is active. If there is no need for an over-speed alert, adjust it to a speed that is impossible. It is easy to use and you can get it to use within 5 minutes. No wiring is needed for the VSS, it's compatible with all cars and trucks.

Brand: Coolous

👤Press twice and get 002 but can't change, just change to 001 or 003, not the speed calibration. The display was turned off when the adjusted altitude was all the way down. There is a Since I only need it at night, I have a barely acceptable speedometer. There has to be better devices for the price. The first impression is not worth the money. The speed was 6MPH. The manual says I might be able to adjust (from 'default' can adjust + 2.5 to -9 MPH). At 300 feet, it reads 1418m, but it doesn't seem like it can be 'calibrated' enough. The manual only allows you to adjust from +500m to -500m. Most current smart watches have better accuracy. I may be able to adjust the speed to something useful, but not at the altitude.

👤The speedometer works well. In meters, the altitude is not so much. Customer service was good. Responsive and courteous. They wanted to make sure I was happy. The 3rd unit works well. I use an older van to haul my dirtbike. The speedo is not consistent. I need to know my speed because I drive on the highway. Don't meet with CA Highway Patrol! I used the App waze to tune the unit. The unit is consistent. I put the unit in front of the van. I don't have to look far from the road. The character is tall. No visibility problems during the day or night. You can either leave it on or turn it off. It is not an accurate indicator. I don't like the sound of a beep every hour.

👤The unit was described as one that projects information onto the road. It mentions "Projector Film" in the title. That description is completely incorrect. This unit is only direct view, meaning that it must sit directly in your line of sight. The seller cut and pasted the description from other listings without actually understanding what "projector" and "film" really mean. If you're looking for a display that doesn't project information onto your car's window, this unit may be the one for you. You'll probably want something else if you expect to be able to see the information projected onto your windshield.

👤It is a bit slow. It takes a while to grab hold of a satilte. I use this in a maf max car so I don't have to deal with speedo calibration on a car with out a changeable speedo gear. It works well so far. I would like to see it priced lower, but 20 would be fair.

👤Someone wrote that their mother-in-law needed something to see the speed. I ordered even more because I only have one eye and this is big and bright for me. It is a blessing. I don't have to try to see what the regular speedometer is reading in my Ford Explorer. I keep my eyes off the road.

👤It's easy to read, not glaringly bright, but quite visible. All legal speeds are shown in less than 90 degrees of indicator swing on my sportbike. The stock instrument makes it difficult to hold legal speeds. There is no doubt about your speeds, because this display mounted easily in a visible space. I don't use the other functions, but it does what I want. Roadside radar speed indicators are always in agreement with it. Good value.

11. ACECAR Upgrade Universal Speedometer Overspeed

ACECAR Upgrade Universal Speedometer Overspeed

Measure wheel size before you start setting the computer. The valve should be marked vertically on the surface. If you want to mark it to 0, make one full spin and stop with the valve in the same position as before. Measure the distance between the markers and put the value in the computer. HUD is what it is. Short for head up display. It displays driving data on a 4.3 inch screen. The HUD is designed to keep drivers from looking down at the dashboard. The safety of drivers is ensured. Driving latitude and longitude, vehicle speed, driving direction, voltage, driving distance measurement, driving time, low voltage alarm, over speed alarm, satellite time and number, altitude, freely switch between kilometers and miles,speed up test, brake performance test, are included. Simple function display can be switched freely. ACECAR HUD has a 4.3-inch full screen and is equipped with a high-definition 2.75-inch TFT LCD screen, which displays the information more colorful, clearly and Super Slim, full of technology. It will bring more fun and technological sense to your driving experience, as a variety of operating interface modes and colors can be switched freely. The car HUD is based on the gps module. It works for all vehicles. The HUD will start or turn off automatically with the vehicle's engine running. Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode is used. Superior quality is what the FCC certification says. The test results are very accuratly, and you can know the performance status of the vehicle. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

Brand: Acecar

👤Zero is read for the first minute. Zero is read for the first 2 minutes. Zero is read for the first 5 minutes. For the first 10 minutes, Zero is read. Zero is read for the first 20 minutes. Zero is read for the first 30 minutes.

👤I thought that the unit would know the speed limit on the road you were on and that it had aGPS capabilities. I can only set an alert for one speed at a time. I need to look at the speed limit on the sign, pull over and enter it into the unit, then drive until the speed limit changes, repeat? There is a If I am doing this wrong, I would change my review, but I can't find any useful information. Is it possible to set it to alert you if you go over the speed limit?

👤I needed a display that showed me distances and time. This gave me more. It was easy to read and the speed was accurate. I had it for a couple of weeks. Sometimes it took a little longer to pick up the satellites. I need this for my work. It might do to cloudy days. Yesterday it was sunny and bright, but never picked up any satellites. I had 8 stops. Plug it in and take it out. It was left on for an hour and never registered. The distance compass and speedometer didn't work. My travel time worked. The most important things stopped working. When I set it up, I was so happy to have found it. Very disappointed. I can't afford a clock for my car.

👤It was easy. I attached it to my dash with double sided tape after plugging it in. I was doing business. I know it's accurate because I have something to compare it to when my speedometer doesn't work. It is a bit bright when it is dark, but I'm not used to it. I didn't bother to read any instructions. The update stopped working within a week. It is possible that the double adapter is causing this to not work at certain times. I stopped using the double adapter and the gps works only 10% of the time, but it could be my 2002 car lighter, who knows.

👤It does what it says it will do for a low price. Older vehicles that don't already have it have the function added. The power outlet or cigarette lighter sockets are used. You will have a plug from the sockets to your dashboard. The function of the unit is worth the drawbacks, but the only solution is double back glue. I bought three of these units from different places. They're great!

👤The functions of the device work well. It has a bit of a delay from the actual speed, but I expect that as it is a calculated speed from the gps satellites. It has stuck to the dash well with the 3M double sided tape, just have to see how long that lasts. The display is easy to read and can be tailored to show what you want. The power cord is long enough for me to put the display on top of the dash and then down and under the dash to an outlet. I am very pleased so far.


What is the best product for gps speedometer car wireless?

Gps speedometer car wireless products from Vjoycar. In this article about gps speedometer car wireless you can see why people choose the product. Meilan and Vgeby are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps speedometer car wireless.

What are the best brands for gps speedometer car wireless?

Vjoycar, Meilan and Vgeby are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps speedometer car wireless. Find the detail in this article. Lttrbx., Acecar and Duoyi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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