Best Gps Smart Watch for Men Samsung

Men 27 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. SAMSUNG Bluetooth Fitness Tracking Analysis

SAMSUNG Bluetooth Fitness Tracking Analysis

Track your way to real results by detecting up to 6 exercises and tracking up to 39 more. It is possible to rest better if you analyze your sleep patterns. If you ever detect a high or low heart rate, you can get real time notifications. You can use your phone to stream your music, get notifications, and more on your wrist. A thin, lightweight and durable swim ready design comes in a variety of colors and interchangeable bands. A long lasting battery can last for days on a single charge.

Brand: Samsung

👤I have had this watch for almost a month and it is fantastic. I use 25% of the battery life with the heart rate monitor. It is fully charged within 15-20 minutes when I charge it during my nightly shower. The counter seems to work. It syncs with the app, which has always been an issue with fitbit and SAMSUNG phones. One issue that this addressed for me was that when I push my daughter in a stroller with fitbit, it wouldn't track my steps because my arm wasn't moving. You can easily hack that issue by putting your phone in your pocket with this watch. The playground is easy to log as activity and tracked as a dynamic workout. I can't speak to the degree ofFunctionality on the apps that I have on this watch. I can say that the speech to text works well for responding to text on the watch. The assistant is still useless. This was not surprising to me. It was not as disappointing. Pulling out my phone will not kill me. The watch is a solid win for me and I am beating my previous experience by miles. Thanks again for delivering a quality product! I am still loving my watch. I downloaded an aftermarket watch face and saw a decrease in battery life. It was drained down to 36% in one day. I went back to using the watch face that came with it, but only 25% of the total life in one day. If you buy this and find that your battery is draining fast, it's likely that your downloaded watch face is the culprit. Just an opinion! The watch is still going strong! I've done everything I can. Once the water setting is turned on, it doesn't have to be submerged. The band is comfortable. I haven't noticed a decrease in battery life. I use 25% of the battery everyday. I was pretty pleased with my purchase.

👤I bought this watch for myself as a birthday gift. I liked the watch a lot. I felt a burning sensation on my arm as I was walking. The back of the watch came off when I took it off. I called the company and they had me send it in for repairs. I got an email saying I owed $138.64 for the repair. I called them and they said my product was under warranty until June 20, but it wasn't covered because it was water damage. I didn't wear this watch to swim, wash dishes, or have it anywhere around water. The only water that it could have been exposed to was my sweat. They insisted that I had to pay for the repair of the watch because it had been damaged by water. Horrified! Don't buy this product.

👤The watch was nice. There are issues with the activity tracking. I was not able to burn over 6000 calories with just a 30 minute walk before 1:00 PM as a 5 foot 9 inch woman. I would recommend this if you want to use it as a smart watch. If you want this to be a fitness and health tracker, look elsewhere. I am returning a watch.

2. Samsung Bluetooth Unlocked Advanced Monitoring

Samsung Bluetooth Unlocked Advanced Monitoring

The life of the battery is based on usage. Features may be supported on different platforms and countries. Not compatible with phones without the Play Store. You can count on style, with two sizes, two finishes, three colors and 50,000 watch faces. Leave your phone at home. You can call, text, stream music and get notifications on the watch. You can use the Health Monitor app on your phone to share the PDF report of your ECG recording with your health care provider. The long- lasting battery of theGalaxy Watch3 can last for more than a day on a single charge, and you can always get a boost from your compatible phone with Wireless Power Share. Stronger intuitions. The next-level fitness. You can spend your time moving while the watch tracks seven popular activities. Run coaching will help you get more out of each movement. Level up your time. The automatic sleep tracker of the watch offers insights on how to get a better night's sleep. It helps you with breathing guides and monitors your stress level. It's a smart watch. A life of smart life. Integrated Bixby voice function can read your texts, make a call or initiate coaching on command. You can leave home without a wallet. All your data is safe because of the security platform. ANDROID COMPATIBLE: Pairs with other devices.

Brand: Samsung Electronics

👤This is a great watch. I like the heart, sleep monitoring, and the ability to use the SOS capability. It took about 45 minutes on a Saturday to set it up, and after that, it works as a stand alone device with my primary phone number. I can leave my phone at home on occasion. Sp*tify music service is free for new customers. Music and photos can be moved to the watch. The sound quality on phone calls is clear and loud on the built-in speaker. I have a 7 inch wrist and the 45mm fits perfectly, it's not heavy or tiring. I chose the silver color because of the nice quality build, design, and look. The phone carrier has a buy one get one free policy. I chose to buy directly from Amazon and also their extended warranty plan. I got a Sp*gen brand black case and screen protectors. The black plastic strap is easier to wipe down and sanitize than the leather strap. If you have a phone with you, you don't need the 3G connection, but I suggest ordering the 4G model, it is about $50 more and you have the option to turn service off. You may need an additional charging point for your home or office. The ability to charge and power my phone was not great. Is this Smartwatch compatible with non-samsung phones? I am happy with my purchase on Amazon. If you're on the fence, get the phone as time is running out. In the past two months, I have not used this watch as much. The price has dropped over the course of a decade. I find it not as reliable as I thought. * Even if you are not wearing a watch, the heart rate measurement on the watch still measures your heart beat. The feature is nearly worthless as the measurement skews my statistics and averages on heart measure. If I had to do it over, I probably wouldn't buy it again. It is still nice.

👤I have had several watches. This is the best version of the watch so far, the first iteration was the fitbit charge, the second iteration was the LTE version, and the third iteration was the fitbit charge. The 45mm version is mine. The fit and finish of the watch is very nice and I am glad they kept the rotating bezel. It is very smooth. I don't think I could imagine having to use my phone like other phones. If you only want to use it for step counting, then no problem. If it weren't for this handy feature, scrolling through hundreds of spotify songs would be a real pain in the neck. It's much easier to adjust your brightness, volume, and other controls using the bezel than it is to change for every single feature. You won't go back if you try it. The puppy can do a lot and the battery life is surprising. I can use the app for 2 days. If you want to make a lot of calls or stream music on 4G, it will eat the battery much quicker. It can fully charge from 20% battery life in about 45 to 50 minutes. I come in from being out all day and put it on the charging station and do some work at the desk in 1 hour. The fit, finish and overall quality are outstanding. It is a very heavy piece of equipment. It feels like a timepiece on your wrist. I am amazed at how much tech the engineers can cram into this house. It does not feel like a lump of stone and is very comfortable. If you're used to a fitbit or charge 4, that's a nearly "barely there" type of accessory on your wrist. The display is amazing. It is easy to read even in full sun. There is no annoying sound. I can keep it at 1/2 brightness and it is very bright and clear, but my eyesight isn't the best. I am a fan of youtube music, but it isn't an app for this watch. Even if your phone isn't around, you can still stream using the internet. I don't think you understand how cool this feature is. Most smart watches have music apps where you can listen to music on your phone, but the watch is more of a remote control. You can download a lot of files which is a pain. Nope... I can use spotify to stream while I am on a walk or jog. You can setup your playlists on your phone or laptop. If you don't want to stream, you can download the playlists. If you want to listen to what you want, turn your main phone off and slap in 2 wireless earbuds. If you didn't download the right playlist or haven't set one up, just scroll through the ones they already have for nearly every genre of music and go with it. If you're looking for a good sound, the built-in speaker is a good choice. It's loud and would be obnoxious if it was at a high volume. The app is pretty good. My new fitbit charge 4 is not as accurate as the step counter and distance measuring. I sent the charge back because it would count 1000 steps while I was driving. The single lead electrocardiogram, SpO2, stress meter, etc. is good for most of the time. I think that the best app on the phone is the one from Fitbit, which gives you a clearer picture of your health. For the most part, the health program of the company works well. The health monitors on the phone are easy to use and I have had no problems getting them to measure consistently. I was told that it would take blood pressure. If you live in Korea, you can have this function. I hope that the bees will be able to have this function soon. The Gear 3 would have an advantage over the other smart watches. Good grief, blood pressure, and heart rate are what I mean. Even though this was possible on a watch, who would have ever done it? I am sorry to say, but they may have hundreds of apps for the watch, most are mediocre at best. You would think they could put out decent stuff for such a good watch. They are limited by the Tizen chip. I think they could sell a lot more puppies if they changed to an operating system that is more mobile. They watch faces, but only a few apps would be so useful. Good luck trying to find a good assistant, a good gps app, or a good music service because they are not available. If the smart watch market was destroyed by an android system that gave official music, maps, and other services, it would be because of their existing tech. Well done! That is my opinion. The lack of good and honestly necessary apps is the reason I am not giving it 5 stars. A longer battery life would be great, but its current configuration isn't frustrating. I don't feel battery anxiety like the apple watch, going off others' experiences, not my own, never had one, sure that they are great watches as well. It is just about as good as it gets for the $369 that it cost me, after wearing this out for the past several days, and still being one of my favorite features. The 2 to 3 year replacement plan will be in the spring. It is 10% of your purchase price. These are expensive and complex things to fix and one good smack against the wrong type of surface and scratch up paper weight.

3. SAMSUNG Bluetooth Fitness Tracking Analysis

SAMSUNG Bluetooth Fitness Tracking Analysis

Track your way to real results by detecting up to 6 exercises and tracking up to 39 more. It helps you analyze your sleep patterns and encourages you to wind down to keep you refreshed and at your best. If you ever detect a high or low heart rate, you can get real time notifications. You can use your phone to stream your music, get notifications, and more, right on your wrist. A thin, lightweight and durable swim ready design comes in a variety of colors and interchangeable bands. A long lasting battery can last for days on a single charge.

Brand: Samsung

👤The smart watch features are better than the other two, but it feels like both the fitness and the smartwatch aspects have been compromised too much. The battery life. I used up 20% of my battery two nights in a row, so I set the settings to frequent HR monitoring, tilt on display, and one of the pre-installed watch faces. I used up 25% of my battery life on my morning run, which was on a treadmill. I can't imagine that I'll be able to get a full day on one charge with this, because I didn't get my usual notifications, calls, and emails from work on the weekend. I have to travel for work at times, so I have to find time to charge this thing before I go to bed or during the day. I have a first generationHuawei that performs just about the same or better than this watch, and has to be charged twice a day, so why would I pay more for the Active? The magnetic charge takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery. You need the new duo pad to charge it on the regular one. The Active undercounted by 2000 steps, per both my Versa and HUAWEI. As a result, undercounted calories as well. I need a reasonable estimate of calories burned. I would think a sport watch would do better than this. On a simple dog walk, I couldn't get the HR to track for the first ten minutes, then never came on again. On my morning runs, I have to wear a watch on the inside of my wrist that tracks my HR. It does track my HR at night, so that I can get a read on resting HR, which is very disappointing, as I'm used to. It's easy to wear to bed and lightweight. The sleep info on the website is not as good as FitBit's. The Active cut the calories on my walk in half, but the gps tracking worked well compared with the HUAWEI. Huh? Emails, texts, notifications came in nicely. It's easy to read. The small screen makes it difficult to reply to things. I don't have large fingers and I hit the wrong button on the screen so that I accidentally send the wrong email or notification. It's very annoying if my goal is to use this thing while I'm working out and be able to respond to notifications quickly. The weather on the watch face doesn't update automatically, so you have to manually update it to see what the current weather is. Really? This seems basic to me, as I have weather on many of the faces I use, and none of them have this problem. I don't load up my watches with a lot of apps. This has what I need. I don't like the 'circle' of apps without the rotating bezel, it's hard to navigate through them, and the screen is small, so it's hard to not hit the wrong app. This is just okay. The features on the watch are better than the features on the Versa, for example being able to read full emails on the watch and reply to them by text, voice, and autoreply. Basic questions will be answered by Bixby. It's better to get up and move instead of the Active's 'get up and do torso twists' which it doesn't track and so keeps reminding you to do them. Wear OS on a decent size watch face is still better than replying to notifications on the Active because your fingers don't accidentally smash the wrong button. I can live with the lack of a loudspeaker on the Active because they did it to save space and weight. Will probably return it. It's just not good.

4. Samsung Electronics Smartwatch Detection Bluetooth

Samsung Electronics Smartwatch Detection Bluetooth

Get ready to crush your goals with body readings. Right. On your wrist. When you go to bed, your sleep tracker starts monitoring your sleep levels. Take care of your heart with accurate ecg monitoring and keep an eye on possible atrial fibrillation, a common form of Irregular Heart Rhythm, and share it with your doctor using the health monitor app on your phone. Make every workout count, by getting the most out of every exercise session with advanced workout tracking that recognizes 6 popular activities, and stay motivated by connecting to live coaching sessions. Via your phone or with your friends.

Brand: Samsung Electronics

👤I will tell you why we are at 1 star. The looks and feels like a quality smart watch. The display appears to be top notch and the screen is responsive. The app is easy to setup. The app setup is garbage and requires you to download the health app. You can either enable 2FA or make an error and close the app. You need a phone with a built in ecg function to use it. If the required apps lead to a negative customer experience then the product is not good.

👤It's not me. It's you. I've been a long time user of the S7 active and the Gear Watch 2, having started with the S7 back in 2016 The app is great for tracking all-around fitness, from calories to cycling routes. Their products and customer service are lagging despite having a top-rate fitness app. The changes in the health app seem to indicate that they are moving towards a walled garden approach like Apple. They have removed support for connected apps and the list of non-samsung devices they support in the fitness band Arena now contains a measly list of sub-par discontinued products from other vendors. They want you to use a device from the manufacturer. They haven't addressed the biggest shortcoming in their devices, which is battery life. Why can't I get a Wearable from a company that can last for 30 hours with aGPS active and 1 week without it, but not from a company that can make a Wearable that can last a full day of normal use? I had a problem with my original watch, which wouldn't charge after a couple years, and it would be dead by the time I went to bed every night, but now several generations later the complaints about battery life are already pouring in. Even the worst relationships have their bright spots, even though I was very reluctant to change. Riding over a hundred miles a week on top of having work and children takes dedication and sacrifice. I was willing to try to work within the confines of the poor battery life and use phone gps tracking on long rides to continue using it. I was willing to accept the decision that forced me into it. I pre-ordered a sports watch after researching it for weeks and pondering over an expensive accessory. I was waiting for the package since I had a ride planned that weekend. It didn't arrive. The shipment was going to be delayed for another 5 days. If the product hasn't arrived from the manufacturer, you would think someone would have figured out how to let customers know at some point before the evening. So... I was waiting for the new date. When the date arrived, it said, "Arriving today by 10pm." I was given another delivery date two weeks away, but once again it didn't. I canceled the order the next day, only to see that it had shipped and was on its way to me. Nice. I had a small twinge of remorse, but it was very small. I found other fitness tracking apps, got rid of my overpriced gadgets, and am done being held hostage by overpriced gadgets. The disappointing experience with this one is thanks to Amazon and SAMSUNG. I have to drive out of my way to get the rest of my money back. I understand that things are delayed. When that delay can't be communicated in a timely fashion, I don't understand. You sold a product on pre-order and gave a delivery date when it was already being reported that supply was an issue, but failed to let customers know until the last minute. Considering the reports of bugs and poor battery life, it's time to pick something else.

5. Galaxy Watch3 LTE Monitoring 41MM

Galaxy Watch3 LTE Monitoring 41MM

A long lasting battery that lasts for days on a single charge is what lasts for days. You can leave your phone where you are and still be connected with this model of watch. You can use the integrated mic to make calls with the data. You can use voice commands through the digital assistant. Please check with your carrier to make sure they are compatible with your network. If you want to experience the great outdoors and break out of the gym or living room, theGalaxy Watch3 can keep you on the right path. It is rated for shock, temperature, dust, and high altitude resistance, and is also rated for water resistance. Built-in gps tracking can help you get back from a hike or jog. The built-in battery has enough power to last up to 43 hours. You can either use the included wireless charging pad or use your phone to get power. The watch can detect stress and give you breathing guides to help you relax.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤The company is ridiculous. I have been fighting with them for three weeks. They issued refunds for one of the returns because they forgot the other. They would fix it right away. The 2nd watch was acknowledged as being returned. My bank doesn't know anything about a refund. This has been a mess. I will never deal with them again. They were sent back as returns after they were not working. I am not sure if I will get my refund.

👤This is the 3rd watch I've owned. The Active 2 has a virtual bezel, but I like the rotating physical one on this watch. The rest of the features are very similar to other new or newish watches. I use the phone as a watch but it costs me $10 a month to use it as a stand alone phone. Sometimes I leave my phone in the car. Still get calls and texts. I like this watch the best of the ones I've owned.

👤It took about 30 hours for 80% to contact the seller. I got no response so I'm putting a bad review on the table.

👤It was refurbished and a great buy, even though it wasn't the original box. I looked for what I needed. It works great with no scratches.

👤I have had good luck with less expensive products in the past, even though I was skeptical about buying a "renewed" watch. I have had this watch for 3-4 days now and the battery has gone from 100% to less than 20% in less than 6 hours. Regardless of the watch face you choose, it's still a watch face. It's almost impossible to charge the watch without turning it off once it gets to about 20% battery or less, as the charger that was provided overheated the watch constantly. I will be returning this item and not buying it again.

👤It is what you would expect. All the bells and whistles of a smart watch. I have a bad habit of scratching and damaging watches, so I bought a cover and screen protectors for this watch. You can get a lot out of it without matching it, but it unlocks the full potential. I enjoy it and have no negative thoughts.

👤For a significant savings, I purchased a refurbished watch. Who cares if there is no original box. The watch and accessories were new. I was very happy with the purchase. I haven't enabled the function yet, but will soon. Hopefully that won't be difficult.

👤I like my watch. It's small and bulky like all smart watches. The battery needs to be charged during the day if I wear it for sleep tracking.

6. Samsung Galaxy Watch Bluetooth SM R810NZDAXAR

Samsung Galaxy Watch Bluetooth SM R810NZDAXAR

Stay active with built in health tracking and a Bluetooth connection that keeps everything at your wrist, go for days without charging, and live a stronger, smarter life with the GALAXY WATCH. You can go nonstop for days on a single charge. Results may vary based on typical use. Choose from 2 sizes and 3 colors of theGalaxy Watch, which has stylish watch faces so realistic they hardly look digital, and a collection of interchangeable bands. Pairs with both phones via a battery size of 270mAh. Music play time is up to 9 hours. Refer user manual before use.

Brand: Samsung Electronics

👤I have had the 42mm version for about 3 weeks now, so I'm going to review it. I don't think there's a better watch at the moment, but I'm only giving this watch 4 stars because I don't think the technology is better. S Health works well for HR tracking, but less well for weight training. I'm not sure if it's thrown off by rapid fluctuations in my HR, moving around a bit on wrist during exercise, or what, but it often loses track of my HR, lags behind spikes and dips, and doesn't seem to reach true peaks. I use an app that allows custom workout design, but it doesn't track HR or count reps, but you can manually enter reps and use S health to track HR.

👤I had the s7 edge and the gear s2 smart watch. I was happy with the phone and watch, but not so happy with the watch. I owned the 7+ and the iPhone X for a few years before I switched to apple. I liked the X. I did not feel that it lived up to the hype, however I did grow accustomed to my Apple Watch. I jumped ship after reading great reviews of the S9+. I adore the phone, but I have a problem with needing a new watch. I waited a few months because I knew that the first new watch from the company since the s3 would be the one I was waiting for. I've made many decisions, but this was the best one. The galaxy watch has made me forget about my Apple watch, even though I can't speak for the S3. The build screams quality and is more masculine than the Apple Watch. I didn't think I would like the silver. I wanted the 46mm instead of the 42mm. I'm glad I got it. You must see it to truly appreciate it, pictures don't do it justice. The black band was nice, but not my style, so I bought an authentic s3 band in orange/red that easily connected to my watch. I am very pleased with the product. I feel that since the battery incident with the note a few years ago, they have stepped it up and are providing a superior product to apple. Thanks for the watch.

👤I've been wanting a smart watch for a long time and finally decided to get it. It had to be reasonably priced, have aGPS, and be able to have offline maps. I really liked the look of the Gear S3 Frontier and the new 42mmGalaxy watch in black, and I love the rotating bezel. I tried out the S3 Frontier and the Galaxy watch and came to the following conclusions. The style of both watches are very similar. The 46mm Frontier watch is larger than the 42mmGalaxy. The thicker watch band on the Frontier makes it look larger than it is. I bought a smaller band that was similar to the style on theGalaxy to remedy this. The 42mmGalaxy won for me. The watch was much smaller than the screen, as you can see from my comparison pictures. The two watches have the same thickness. There are 3 more The Frontier's bezel was easier to use. It's slightly taller and has a bigger notch on the side. The Frontier has a better fit into the face of the watch, so you have to use the side or top option, whereas theGalaxy has a better fit into the face of the watch. On both watches, navigation through the different apps was very easy. The two buttons on the side of the phone allow you to select and navigate. Maps tipped the scale in favor of the Frontier for me. The HERE WeGo app provides directions from your location to your destination. Very similar to how the internet works. It also supports an offline feature where you can download maps of an area. You can have them available without being connected to your phone. It doesn't have a satellite or topographic view, but I tested it out locally and the trails I took were all on there. I can see where I am on the map if I go hiking and get lost. I tested WeGo on the new watch, but I couldn't download offline maps because I was not connected to the phone. I checked with their support team and they said they would consider it in the future, but that doesn't help me now. I decided to keep the S3 Frontier and return the galaxy. I couldn't justify spending almost double on the Galaxy when it wouldn't meet one of my biggest criteria, which was the offline maps, because it won on size and waterproof rating. For the price point, it's perfect for my needs as a gps watch.

7. Samsung Bluetooth SM R800NZSAXAR Version Warranty

Samsung Bluetooth SM R800NZSAXAR Version Warranty

Stay active with built-in health tracking and a Bluetooth connection that keeps everything at your wrist, and live a stronger, smarter life with the GALAXY WATCH. You can go for days without charging. You can go nonstop for days on a single charge. You can power up without slowing down. The average expected performance is based on typical use. Results may be different. The watch faces are so realistic they hardly look digital, and are available in two sizes and three colors. Choose from a collection of interchangeable bands. Pairs with both phones via a connection. The box has a galaxy watch, additional strap, and small item. The Quick Start Guide and User Manual for the Wireless Charging Dock.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I reached out to the seller but haven't heard back. The description says it comes with multiple straps, but it doesn't. I haven't been able to get a full charge yet, however, I've heard the wireless charging on these is a bit tricky. I regret buying this over a new one, which would have come with instructions.

👤The product looked brand new when it arrived. The 50 meter water resistance and the rotating bezel were important to me. It works well at the gym to control my music and exercise. It has a longer battery life than the S3.

👤I was skeptical but everything came out as advertised. It was brand new and came with both bands and chargers. This buy was very happy with all of them.

👤I have been using the pebble since it was first released. The time was right to look for an alternative because of the switch to a new phone and the death of the old app from the Play store. The battery life is the first thing. It is not possible to get the battery life of a typical smartwatch. I was able to take a few days off. I can have two sleep cycles before I charge because the device has lasted 48 to 54 hours. I went from 10% to 75% in an hour. This is enough for my needs. I turn off the screen when I'm sleeping to maximize battery life and run the Always On display at adaptive brightness. The design is important. It looks like a real watch. I don't have a protective cover on my watches, so I can't comment on the added bulk. It will do a good job at imitating the real thing at a glance, as it stands with a realistic watchface. I was going to add an add-on cover to make the whole watch silver but I decided to go back to stock. The interface. The simple action of rotating the bezel is very similar to the push-button layout of the Pebble. There are so many more actions you can take with the addition of the touchscreen. I'm concerned about leaving the Pebble because the touchscreen is hard to accidentally use and there are unexpected watchface changes. There are notifications and a calendar. It was the best feature of Pebble. Once you have configured the watch for quick access to calendar, it's easy to see why theSamsung is so good at it. I keep my appointments the same way. It works well. A huge thing is interacting with notifications. I don't have to pull out my phone to sign in anymore. Tracking steps and sleep. The Pebble is not as good at this as theSamsung is, tracking many different exercises and even generating exercise reports when labor is unexpected. While carrying bags of mulch around the yard for a half hour, the SAMSUNG reported back how many calories I burned, a real surprise! The sleep tracker can be used to find the optimum sleep position, as well as the time in each level of sleep. Music and calling. I haven't used this much in the real world. My voice was clear and understandable in testing. I know some of you will like it, but I don't feel comfortable with it. I don't have any experience with music but I think it will affect battery life a lot. The size of the phone is still a good one, even though it's a bit bigger on my wrist. I immediately changed the band to Horween leather and it looked great. It's very easy to swap the 22 band size with the quick release strap. The Pebble was always square and techy, no matter how much you tried to dress it up. It can be a challenge to wear a properly fitted shirt with a watch that is more than 2 inches in thickness. A more casual button down is fine. What about competition? I strongly considered the Garmin Fenix 5 series, but ultimately felt it was too expensive and focused on sports activities, and not enough on business-level notifications such as emails, texts, appointments, Teams/Slack messages. It is beautiful. I am an Android user so Apple Watch was never on my radar. Downsides? The battery life isn't as good, so finding opportunities to charge it without disrupting sleep or work is a challenge. Third party watchfaces eat more battery without third party apps. I don't like how paywalled watchfaces and watchface apps are, and access to the SAMSUNG watch apps sometimes requires additional fees which are rolled into purchases. The Always On Display mode dims the screen and may be hard to read in bright sunlight, because it is on in the picture of the two watches side by side. I am very pleased with the watch and conversion to Amazon Renewed. The product arrived exactly as expected, no third-party adapters or accessories were included, and there was no plastic wrap on the metal parts of the watch. Will look this way again when they improve the watch for round 2.

8. Samsung Midnight Bluetooth SM R815NZSCXAR Renewed

Samsung Midnight Bluetooth SM R815NZSCXAR Renewed

The box has a galaxy watch, additional strap, and small item. The Quick Start Guide and User Manual for the Wireless Charging Dock. Stay active with built-in health tracking and a Bluetooth connection that keeps everything at your wrist, and live a stronger, smarter life with the GALAXY WATCH. You can go for days without charging. You can go nonstop for days on a single charge. You can power up without slowing down. The average expected performance is based on typical use. Results may be different. The watch faces are so realistic they hardly look digital, and are available in two sizes and three colors. Choose from a collection of interchangeable bands. Pairs with both phones via a connection.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I only received the watch, 1 band, 1 charger, and 1 cord, but the box should have more. I can't get a full charge because the charging device was not original. I left it for 12 hours and didn't charge anything. The watch seems to work well so far. I'm not happy with the missing items. I don't recommend this seller to anyone.

👤People have experienced missing parts. Only one band set, one cable, and one charger were received. Extra bands and extra charger are not included. If you pay the full price and buy a new watch, you won't have to worry about missing accessories. It's going to cost you the same. I tried to contact the seller, but no luck. Save yourself from headaches.

👤"Renewed products work and look like new" is what Amazon says. The item I received was used a lot. It wasn't cleaned properly. I could not put that on my wrist because of the scratches on the watch face that are very easy to see. "Use Original Charger" is the warning it keeps giving. Sometimes it makes the watch too hot. The battery never charges more than 91%, so it's not safe. I placed another order for a new one after returning it.

👤I admit. I was a little suspicious after reading the reviews. I couldn't beat the price. The box came in two days and it had all the official products from the company. I've gotten my watch to where I like it, and if I need another one, I'll buy it.

👤I have been trying to get this work for a long time, but I can't get a job because they sold me a demo watch. I was ripped off a piece of junk. The picture shows it. I added the serial number so you can see it. This is a demo watch and it's a leisurely watch. It says it on the back. The demo unit is not for sale.

👤It was packed very tightly. It came with an old one. The watch is in great condition and has no dust on it. The stand was brand new and had all the sealed plastic on it. The only wristbands that came with it were the ones attached to the watch. I think it's worth saving $100, other than those few things.

👤I was hesitant to purchase through this store because of the bad reviews and the fact that some of them had smart watches with defects. I got a perfect watch. Just luck? You probably know that they have a 90 days return policy, but I don't know. The watch is working well. There were no problems. Great. It is recommended. Are yours not good? Just return it.

👤It never charged more than 98% after being left charging over night. As soon as the watch was removed from the charging station, the charge would be dropped. It appeared new, but it was in perfect condition. The charging dock, plug, cord, and single attached watch band came with no instructions at all. Waiting for a new watch to arrive, I decided not to fuss with the refreshed ones.

9. SAMSUNG Bluetooth Fitness Tracking Analysis

SAMSUNG Bluetooth Fitness Tracking Analysis

Track your way to real results by detecting up to seven exercises, and tracking up to 39 more, right from your wrist. It helps you analyze your sleep patterns and encourages you to wind down to keep you refreshed and at your best. There are compatible devices, including a non-samsung phone, an apple phone, and an ipod. If you ever detect a high or low heart rate, you can get real time notifications. You can use your phone to stream your music, get notifications, and more, right on your wrist. It was thin. Light. A thin, lightweight and durable swim ready design comes in a variety of colors and interchangeable bands. A long lasting battery that lasts for days on a single charge is what lasts for days.

Brand: Samsung

👤I got this watch because I wanted to know my blood pressure during the day and when I exercise. I pre-ordered this feature because I have never done it before and will probably never do it again. There is a A watch with a light on it. Even if I had to calibrate my blood pressure against a home cuff, it would be helpful to know the pressure. I called the company and they didn't have a time frame for when the blood pressure app would be available. The watch is nice, has a great design, and is easy to use.

👤Permission is required to access the HR sensor on the watch. The sensor is on 24/7. This can happen even if the HR is never checked. Having this sensor on all the time makes a huge difference, it runs the battery down very quickly. On sensitive skin, it gets uncomfortable. The only way to turn off the sensor is to uninstall the app from the watch. None of the health apps work once this is done. 99% of the function has been removed. I have had two of these watches do the same thing. I thought it was a setting that needed to be turned off. After spending 40 minutes with tech support, I was told that it was a feature that lets people know that the sensor is working. It makes no sense that my sensor only came on when I requested it. What about at night? When night mode was selected, it would be visible in a dark room. It's mind-blowing that the company says it's supposed to be that way, even though it knows this is an issue. I am returning the original and the replacement that I received for my money back.

👤If it gets wet, this watch doesn't count as water resistant, it doesn't count as a swimming watch, and it doesn't count as a warranty. I wore mine while swimming. It was fine in the pool, but about 45 minutes later, the screen went black and it never came back on. The watch buzzed with notifications, but I couldn't see anything. They told me it had water damage and I would have to pay $150 to fix it. I can get a new one for $169. How did it get water in it? There is no damage to the watch. Terrible customer service! I was on the phone for over an hour talking with 4 different people.

👤If I tried to use any of the "cool" faces on it, the battery life would have gone down. I set it to the one that is the battery saver and it worked. It usually held a charge for a few days. I did an update on the software that was sent to me and it appears that it sucked the life out of the battery. Within 2 hours, it is completely drained. I was dead within 2 hours after I had charged it. They told me to reset the watch after I called. I can't get it to charge with the one they sent me. It was very frustrating. The return window has also closed. I have to send it to them to fix it. Very disappointed. If I were you, I would skip this one.

10. Fossil Carlyle Stainless Touchscreen Smartwatch

Fossil Carlyle Stainless Touchscreen Smartwatch

Wear OS powered watches can be used with both iPhone and Android phones. interchangeable with all Fossil 22mm bands The battery is 24 hours plus a multi day extended mode. The magnetic charging cable snaps to the rings on the watch caseback for easy use. You can charge up to 80% in an hour. Health and fitness: Heart Rate & Activity Tracking using Google Fit; Built-inGPS for distance tracking; Swimproof design 3ATM; New enhancements allow you to track sleep history, monitor your restfulness and set sleep goals. The smart watch has thousands of watch faces to personalize your look and it is always on display. There are hundreds of apps from assistant to fitness, payments, music, social, news, games, and more. It's perfect for all your activities because of its swimproof design and charging in less than an hour. Stay connected with notifications for calls, texts, apps and automatic time, time zone and calendar sync on a smart watch. When your phone is out of reach, answer and make calls directly on your watch. The life of the battery is based on usage. Features may be supported on different platforms and countries. Not compatible with phones without the Play Store. You can use the WearOS app on your phone with any of the following.

Brand: Fossil

👤I've been waiting for years for an upgrade to my Urbane, and I'm happy to say that it's been upgraded to a 4.5 stars. I was holding out for the watches with the latest processor. They are here! The watch is close to perfect. It has all the features I was hoping for, including a smooth operation, great screen with auto brightness, and impressive waterproofness. The rest of those items deliver as promised, even though I haven't tested the waterproofness. I'm enjoying the payments. The sunlight booster makes it easy to use in bright sunlight. It has a speaker, but I usually don't use it because of discreet notifications. If you want it, it's there. I haven't tested that yet, but you can take phone call audio on the watch. I'm not sure if the watch microphone works with phone calls, but if the phone mic is on, things might get weird for the other person. It has the ability to monitor your heartbeat in the background, and it has the usual features. I thought that was cool, until I found out that it affected my battery life. I don't think the watch can survive for 12 hours. It's not something I need, so I disabled it and just took my heart rate when I wanted it. The only downside of this watch is that. The watch can do a lot and the battery can't keep up. You can do something about it. If you're like me, you can go through all the settings and disabling things you don't need or care about, like background heart monitoring, tilt-to-wake and "OK Google" listening. The battery life has been extended to a point where it can last through a full day with about 1/3 life left when I go to bed. There are a few battery saver modes that should work for you if you don't want to turn off features individually. They would be great for short trips without a charge, but I feel like they are too much for daily use. If you have a handy charging port, it won't take long to get the watch charged up. I haven't tested this, but I heard it takes an hour to go from zero to full. The watch is more comfortable to wear than my Urbane is. The black Silicone version was the most comfortable, but I bought the STAINLESS STEEL version for the looks. If you stay with Fossil brand, the bands are 22mm. I like the three side buttons. The middle one has a rotating crown that scrolls the screen up and down, but it does not perform the standard Wear OS functions. I was surprised when I realized I didn't know it. The other two buttons can be assigned to any app you want. I assigned the settings to the bottom and the pay to the top. I bought this watch a few days after it was released, and I was waiting for it for a long time. If you're in the market, I highly recommend it as there's nothing better out there.

11. POLAR Vantage Multisport Wrist Based Notifications

POLAR Vantage Multisport Wrist Based Notifications

The fitness tracker has a built-in wireless built-in charging system that can be used to charge it. You can get up to 7 days working time with the fitness tracker. Improve your performance with insights about your current condition and support for 130+ sports, including swimming and cycling. Training data can be automatically sync to other websites. The M2 tracks your sleep and recovery. You know when you can push your body further. Up to 30 hours of training. The running program helps you achieve your goals. Cardio and strength training are included in the personalized workout suggestions of FitSpark. The Training Load Pro tracks your load. The ultimate fitness and biking activity tracker has a FuelWise smart fueling assistant that reminds you to refuel and maintain adequate energy levels. You will never miss a beat with features like music controls, weather, call/text notifications and more.

Brand: Polar

👤I was disappointed when I received my new fitness watch because I had been waiting for an update to my old one. Even in the light, it was so dim. There was no way to adjust it like you would on your phone. I couldn't see anything on the watch so I couldn't set it up. All the photos and pictures of the watch face must not be real because in the video I uploaded, my $35 watch beat the Polar watch on appearance. Being able to see what's on it is priority number one, and I can't use it if I can't increase the display brightness.

👤I expected a quality watch but due to the unresolved issue with the ANS/Recharge, I encourage others to look at other brands. The ANS/Recharge data worked well for 3 nights after it was purchased. Each requirement for sleep. The M2 doesn't give ANS/Recharge information. The watch is very snug and could interfere with circulation. I was told that I had to wear it for 4 nights. The stock information was suggested by numerous email exchanges with their tech support. A suggestion to reset the watch was also tried. It failed as well. There was an update for the M2 that I hoped would fix the problem, but the ANS/Recharge information was still unavailable. They suggested that I return the watch for repair. I'm going to have to pay for shipping and insurance on the watch I'm going to send for repair, I think it's a defect. I don't know where I will take this. I'm not happy with their tech support or warranty policies. If there were any restrictions on age or medical conditions that would prevent the advertised "heart" and "recovery" measurements, the issue was never addressed. The band is comfortable and keeps good time.

👤I like this watch. I used to own a Charge 3 and a Whoop band on each wrist, but I wanted the watch part of Fitbit with a long battery life and recovery tracking. The M2 is perfect. I would much rather have a screen that is good in bright sun and doesn't drain the battery than a screen that is too fancy for a fashion watch. The watch is very comfortable and affordable. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I upgraded from the A370 to the one I needed. I run a few times a week. I'm just an average guy trying to stay healthy, and this watch is great. It would be great for people who want to seriously train for an event. I've been using the watch for a while. The app is easy to use and works great. You can track your heart rate, calories, fuel sources, and time after exercising. You can see your route, min/mile, cadence, and heart rate max ranges for running and walking. You can add notes to your workout. The gps is accurate. I ran the same route 3 times and showed different distances. I think it's pretty accurate to have only 1/100th of a difference between 3 sessions. It's convenient to control audio from your phone. The watch allows you to leave your phone in your pocket, adjust the volume, skip forward or back, and pause whatever you are listening to. The sleep data is interesting. It provides an accurate assessment of your sleep. I think it has missed the mark a few times. I think it's an interesting addition to the watch. I know when I've slept well or not. I won't use a lot of the features on this watch, but it works well for tracking your exercise and having data to look at. It also tells time.


What is the best product for gps smart watch for men samsung?

Gps smart watch for men samsung products from Samsung. In this article about gps smart watch for men samsung you can see why people choose the product. Samsung Electronics and Samsung are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps smart watch for men samsung.

What are the best brands for gps smart watch for men samsung?

Samsung, Samsung Electronics and Samsung are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps smart watch for men samsung. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Renewed, Samsung and Fossil are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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