Best Gps Shock Collar for Dogs Phone

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1. Dr Trainer Automatic Rechargeable Progressive Correction

Dr Trainer Automatic Rechargeable Progressive Correction

The dog collar is safe and humane. The B1Pro is easy to use, just put it on, and it will work automatically, which will help correct poor behavior, teach commands and strengthen obedientness. The anti-barking collar has advanced bark detection and sensitivity level adjustment, which is more friendly to pet lovers. Train your dog in a way that is safe and humane. You will find the other world surprise you if you download the Smart Dr.Trainer APP. The anti-bark collar has two modes of custom sound and 100 levels of intensity loudness. You could combine different functions with the APP, such as the level of Sound & Vibration, and adjust thetrigger loudness to prevent false triggering. No barking collar works in automatic mode, sound/ vibration is combined to effectively stop the barking. It could be used as a short distance dog training collar. APP is an additional function for you to tailor your own design dog bark collar. Go to the Barking History Page to get the latest report when the APP is connected with the B1Pro. You will find that the dog is less loud after you know the frequencies of the barking. Make training more enjoyable by recording the voice commands '' Daby, Keep Quiet''. Get a full charge in 40min, long- lasting up for 15 days, and you can use it for 6 months. A waterproof receiver lets your dog wear a collar in the rain or wet conditions. The bark collar can be adjusted for necks up to 27 inches. Buy it with confidence and peace of mind. They will take a sincere approach to correct any problems that are found.

Brand: Dr.trainer

👤I bought this to help my dog with no barking that was more than just a beep. But! This. Something. Will. Not. You can connect. I'm not sure how to reprogram the app because it's useless. Don't waste your money.

👤It worked great at first, but then the sensor that detected barks stopped working after a month, so collar only vibrated when I manually did it from my phone. It doesn't work great when the app can't connect quickly. Really disappointed.

👤The collar is harmless to my maltipoo dog and it is perfect for when we can't bring him to places and have to leave him at home. This works the best for me because I have other ones.

👤We like how easy it is to use, and we get a report from the device on how many times our dog barked. After the second use, our dog only barked once.

👤I have a Belgian Shepherd that when she starts barking the collar dose can stop but it's not enough to keep her from barking.

👤We have two different types of collars for our dog and I think this one works the best. You can use an app on your phone to control it. My dog has corrected himself just based on the noise of the collar, it is not your traditional shock collar, it only has sound and vibration settings to correct behavior. The app is very easy to setup and works with your phone, so if you leave your home, you can come back and run the history. The battery has been great so far and we have only used one bar. I would only recommend this for minor water use. We are impressed with the difference we have seen in our doggo. Good product so far.

👤Our dog was easily tracked. It was 10/10 accurate.

👤I have tried and moved on from other brands of no-bark collars. This is a good one. I have not received any compensation for this review. This has no shock feature that I like. I just wanted something to limit my dogs barking while I am away, but not hurt them. My boys are noticeably more quiet when the collar is off, and it has worked like a charm. You can see when the collar is activated with a time, date, and bark type, if you have two collars on the same app. There is a The remote feature is bad because you can't enter the app until you pair it back again, but the collars still work even if you don't pair it back again. The app is easy to use. The battery life is not very long. There is a After having the first dog for a while, I bought another one for myself because I was so happy with this product.

2. Cube Tracker Replaceable Battery Waterproof

Cube Tracker Replaceable Battery Waterproof

Attach CUBE to anything and let the community be your search party. Are you taking family photos? CUBE is a shutter button for your phone. Did you misplace your phone? Even if the app is not running, use your CUBE to locate your phone with ring, vibrate, and flash. There is no need to replace CUBE every year. You should replace the battery once a year. Extra battery is included. CUBE will ring if you press find and use the app to show last known location on a map. If you leave something behind, there is a separation alarm.

Brand: Cube

👤I didn't want to pay 120 for a cat specific tracker because my cat is a house cat, however I would always get scared if I couldn't find her, or if I needed to put her away. She is a kitty. I can walk around with the cube and see the signal strength as I get closer. You can make the cube do a ping sound if you have at least one bar of close proximity. It's funny.

👤I lost my keys this week when I put them into a chip bag and then into the garbage can. It wasn't garbage day. I ripped apart my house to look for them. I was frantic because my house and car keys were on the ring. When you don't know where you lost your keys, good security sense says that you have to prepare for the possibility that someone will break into your home or steal your car. You can't know. It would have cost me $350 to reprogram my car's electronic locking system. I would have had to re-key my home. If my wife hadn't thought about it, I would have been out hundreds of dollars. This was the most anxious and close to miss I've had. I usually misplace the keys in 3 or 4 places. Each time is a hassle. I began to look at key finder technology. I started looking for reviews after finding a lot of companies that make these things. The Tile is the most well received unit. They last for a year before the battery dies. I don't want to be tied to a company's cash register just because of a battery, so I'm not buying new ones at a discount. The other key finder products had good and bad reviews, but I chose The Cube. Let me tell you what happened. I installed the app on three devices before receiving The Cubes. The Cube could only be used on one device. That has changed. I had created a Cube login so that I could see my devices on The Cube's web page, and I had also created a Cube account so that I could log on to each of my devices. When The Cubes arrived at my home, I linked them with my wife's phone and tested them. I opened The Cube's app on my phone and tablets and there was no extra hassle. I tested them on each device and they worked. I used The Cubes to ring the phones and tablets, and then used them as a remote shutter release to take photos. You will want to know how they work. They only use one device at a time. When my wife looks at The Cube's app on her phone, it tells her that my Cube is on my phone. She can't ring my cube. It can only be done with my phone. If I turn my phone off, I can take my phone out of the range or I can turn it off in a minute. She can ring my cube if it is lost. I had a cube that disconnected from a phone, but there was no apparent reason. The cube was touching my phone. The receiver may have been "swamped" by the phone. This is not a new occurrence. Within a minute or so, my phone found the cube when I separated the two. It wasn't instantaneous. If you lose your keys while your phone is away from The Cube, they will be disconnected. As you look for the keys, you need to proceed slowly so that the two have time to talk. Some people complained about The Cube's volume. Unless the surroundings are loud, it won't be screeching. The little button on the unit lights up when it goes off in the dark. I think the update when I affiliated The Cubes to my device apps may have fixed a lot of what others had complained about. Each unit can now be used with different devices. If you report your lost item to The Cube Community through the app, others will find it. I've been testing these things all day and they seem to work. I'll use the little tool that came with The Cube to open the case and insert the spare battery when the battery dies. I'll update this if I discover something I don't like. Today is July 14.

3. SportDOG Brand Family Remote Trainers

SportDOG Brand Family Remote Trainers

The 500 yard range e collar can be used to train 3 dogs with the same remote. Choose to train with a buzz, tone, or 21 levels of static simulation. DryTek technology is used to waterproof and submersible to 25 feet. A low battery indicator lets you know when to charge, and the batteries have a 2 hour quick charge. The neck sizes are 5 to 22 inches for dogs 8 pounds or larger. All stages are described in the age range. The basic training manual was included.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤I have had the 425S for a few years now and love it. The most reliable collar I have ever had. I was excited to try the new dog, but I am very disappointed with its performance. The remote is reliable, but it is not reliable at all. I noticed that my pup was reacting in different ways. I used it and it was fine after I tested it on myself. I tried out the collar on myself again after the first training session as I didn't understand why my dog was reacting so strongly to the V/T function. What I saw made me cringe. Even though the button was on the same setting, it would deliver a different action each time I pressed it. I set it to V/T and after pressing the same button a few times, it gave off a shock. I set it to 1, then 2 and half the time it would vibrate, then the shock would be appropriate to the setting then out of nowhere it would be an equivalent of a 6-7 level shock. The tone button was the only button that worked consistently. I am sad that I ever used this on my pup, I can only imagine how shocked she was even though I had it set to V/T. The 425S is a great collar. If you want to shock your dog for no reason at all, then get the 425X. I was surprised that there was no recall on the 425x. Scary that this product is out there.

👤Don't buy the XS if you liked the 425-S. I regret buying a Sportdog collar and recommend it to friends and acquaintances. The older model was very good. If the lanyard had not snapped, I wouldn't have needed to buy a new collar. The older model allowed the remote three functions. One for each button. This is the one of the most useful buttons, and everyone I know used it for training a dog. The "X" model only allows 2 functions. Tone and vibrate, tone and nick, or vibrate and nick are the ways you can use them. There is no way to have each button perform a different function. Older model. The tone volume was louder. Both vibrate and nick had their strength adjusted. The new model is called "X". It's harder to get the dog's attention when it's distracted. The strength used to be adjusted. It was the best attention getter for my dog when he was chasing prey and reminding him of the property line. The dog doesn't notice the new one. She occasionally looks to see what touched her, but it could never be used as a safety measure. I called the company because I was certain I was missing something, and hoping they would say "Of course those features are still available!" We wouldn't eliminate the useful features. I didn't read the manual wrong. They ruined a great product. The reason? To allow a sound. If I could, I'd return this immediately, and go to eBay and find one of the older models, even if I had to buy used. I don't have time to ship. I use an e-collar to help with puppy training and early training for my balance/mobility service dog. Raising puppies is a real challenge for people with disabilities. The e-collar allowed me to reach out and touch the pup that was moving so fast that I couldn't keep up. It has been used to call my other dog off pursuit of a deer. The new model of the collar is less functional and has a slight delay in its delivery. I think it's because of the add-a-collar option. I blew almost three hundred on their 825 model because I was training a future law enforcement dog. I gave the 825 away to the pup when he began his official training classes because the model was so bad. The delay renders the collar useless. I know that Sportdog caters to the hunting crowd, and that Sportdog really, truly, deeply does not care what I think; but prospective buyers need to know that the new model is not improved.

4. Bousnic Dog Shock Collar Dogs

Bousnic Dog Shock Collar Dogs

The Bousnic electric shock collar is perfect for training, simple and effective, it has 3 harmless modes, which can help you train your dog to behave well. The remote has a dual-channel to support training 2 dogs at the same time. The remote training range of this e collar is over 1000ft, which makes it possible for you to train your dog in the backyard, the park, at the beach, or anywhere else. The mini collar receiver is more comfortable for all sizes of dogs. Meas. 2.3(L)*1.4(W)*1(H)inch The weight was only 0.12Lbs. Thin and light. The nylon collar is 27 inches in diameter. The collar is comfortable for large dogs. The remote is designed to be comfortable. It is easy to hold and operate. The Bousnic electronic collar is waterproof and has a built-in battery. You can charge the shock collar with your phone. The collar receiver is waterproof and gives you maximum flexibility during outdoor activities. The battery life of the Bousnic e collar is long and lasts for a long time. It takes only a few hours to be fully charged. You should charge it for 4 hours. The receiver will last for 11-15 days, while the remote battery will last for a month.

Brand: Bousnic

👤I bought it from someone else but the seller didn't check the item before sending it to me, it was broken and chewed up. I saw it and didn't care. Customer service is horrible and shouldn't be used to sell on Amazon.

👤The training collar set is for 2 dogs. There are two collars and a remote. They work well. The instructions are easy to follow and the collars can be adjusted for large or small dogs. The collar can be put on and off with the clip. You should give your dog a break from these around their neck. My dogs only need the beep and the vibration options, but it has a shock option as well, and the shock is adjusted. The button on the side of the dog has the number 1 and 2 on it. A good shock collar is a must. There have been no issues with it so far.

👤I thought it was a great deal. For a month and a half, I worked well. Then stopped working again. It means that it is being charged. However doesn't turn on. I contacted the store. They told me they can't help me. I'm pretty sure that I have a warranty with Amazon. Is it me or has the product quality gone down? Learn from my mistakes and save money.

👤There is no lanyard or clip on the remote, and the receiver is small, but it is a great product. I have to shut it off before I put it in my pocket or backpack when I go on hikes with my pups. I am not able to use in an immediate situation. While hiking yesterday, my dogs spotted a coyote and by the time I got the remote out, it had left a trail of dust. This is the first collar that does not have a lanyard. I will have to return it and look for it again.

👤I got a remote because of the ad. I had a different shock collar that worked well but was more complex. I liked how simple this collar was to use and it will be easy for the kids to use as well. It was exactly as advertised after it was received in the mail. I have tried every shock collar on my arm. This is the most powerful shock collar I have ever owned. I tested on the highest setting. I have a pit bull and I will never have to go above the setting of 5 on her. She listens after the beep after seeing my reaction.

👤I got my sister and brother pups. Had gotten a different brand before. I had these collars for a week now and already love them. These are smaller than the bigger ones. The charge will only charge two things at a time. They have to split it so that they can charge all three at once. I charged them last week and haven't had to replenish them yet. The girl is in heat and the husky heeler is a stubborn breed. The boy and girl are being watched. They came in handy because we are traveling for Xmas. I will give y'all a date in a few months to know if they are still working. There is no strap on the controller. It is worth it.

5. GROOVYPETS Waterproof Training Rechargeable Battery

GROOVYPETS Waterproof Training Rechargeable Battery

The remote dog collar has a long life battery with a display that shows when to charge and how long it will last. The quick-release strap can be used to fit large and small dogs. The remote is waterproof and has light rain and splashes of water. The training collar receiver is waterproof. The 650 Yard range is great for outdoor training. To avoid over correction by accident, safety-lock. Mental prongs are used for gentle touches to the neck.

Brand: Groovypets

👤My other units only lasted a day or two each, so it was important to find a unit that could last longer. I can get a week out of these units. The sound is loud and clear, but I can't rate the static shock on my dogs. The nubs/prongs are too short to create a reaction when needed, and there are no options for longer ones. My home is close to the road, so I want to be able to correct my dogs if they get too close to the road. I have chickens that need to stretch their legs sometimes, and a blue heeler who loves to play with them. It's very important for me to have the shock, especially with my heeler who gets so focused on the chickens that it's next to impossible to break that focus off. I've lost a lot of birds to her. If you have a herding breed, I don't recommend free-range foul. It's mine, not hers. I don't think so... The range on this product is not bad. I would like it to be a little longer. I have a hard time getting 250 out of them, so I can't imagine it reaching 650 yards. If you have a short haired dog, I recommend it.

👤I bought this collar because of the long battery life, and it looks great on paper. The collar looks cheap. I was expecting a better quality for $60. The buttons on the remote are very easy to press, so you wouldn't want to put it in your pocket. If you haven't used the collar in a few minutes, you have to load it back up. There is a The lowest level of shock is when my dog dropped me and he's had a year of training on similar collars. Don't waste your time on this company if you shop around.

👤Don't buy, it's not worth the price. It has a good battery life and can fit large dogs. Having the shock and vibrate functions set to the max doesn't help my mastiff. She doesn't feel them. I tested myself and it is weak. The new collars are not as good as the old ones. I tried this as a replacement for my broken collar.

👤What does waterproof mean to you? There is a distinction between waterproof and water resistant. The former means that it can be submerged and the latter means that it will survive being splashed. The product is advertised as waterproof. A must for a dog that likes to swim. This product is not waterproof. It only took one trip to the river to permanently disabling this collar. It's a good product. The range, battery life, and effectiveness of this collar are all excellent. Get something else if you're looking for a waterproof collar.

👤I didn't like or dislike the product, as pictured. When there were no more indicator lights, I would power it on in order to run a practical test on myself. Sometimes he could benefit from encouragement. If I trust anybody's word for anything, item never worked, it was powered on.

6. Lu Ba Rechargeable Vibration Waterproof

Lu Ba Rechargeable Vibration Waterproof

The intuitive modes are perfect for training. Beep Mode and 116 level shock mode are used. The highest shock level is in line with current safety standards. The dog shock collar is not a tool to punish or harm dogs. The buttons are designed for blind operation. The Lu&Ba e collar Receiver is small. Meas.2.36(W)*1.18(W)*0.78(H)inch Only one egg weight was weighed. Thin and light. The Lu&Ba collar can be adjusted to fit many different sizes. The collar is comfortable for large dogs. The remote is designed to be comfortable. It is easy to hold and operate. There is a long battery and waterproof. The training collar receiver is IPX7 which is 100% waterproof. The receiver and remote can be charged in about 2 hours, but can only be used for a few days. There is a canal and 1000 ft. The Lu&Ba remote can be used to train 2 dogs at the same time and help them learn commands quickly. Wireless control for up to 1000ft remote range, and also work great where there are obstacles. The Lu&Ba Electronic Dog Training Collar can be used in the park or backyard. Dog training at home. Even for beginners, training is safe. German dog training experts are online 24 hours a day to give clear and easy instructions for beginners. Reduce the stress of your dog and turn him into a gentleman. Every user can become an expert in dog training.

Brand: Lu&ba

👤Two big dogs have behavioral issues. I was skeptical when I bought these because I thought shock collars were bad. We only use the sound option for the most part because our dogs are good at it and the highest vibration we can get is 9 because it doesn't hurt. My husband was shocked by the intensity after level 4. I don't think anyone should shock their dog unless it's out of control. We never used the shock option again after one of our dogs got shocked on a level 7. We took the time to train our dogs with the collar, and they are better because of it. Do not shock your dog when they are bad. If your dog continues to act up, please teach them that the sound means to pay attention and then a light vibration if they continue to act up. This collar is not a tool to zap your pet with whenever they are bad.

👤I didn't know there was a sleep mode. The collars have lasted for many days with a full charge. I have two dogs, a hound mix and a mastiff mix. They were digging in my garden and I was having issues with whining. I don't use the shock feature because they are between 7 months and 1 YO. I cannot use the shock feature on them if I can't use it on me. They need a push to know their boundaries. I let them wear the collar for a week while it was switched on and I would still carry around the remote so they didn't realize that the collar was the source of the vibration. These two are a perfect pair. They have no idea that they are training. They have been doing very well with not jumping into the areas I want them to. The hound thinks twice before doing something. I wish I would have done it sooner. My husband said that he was happy with the design and the results. I only had it for a month.

👤My corgi and my Cava dog have training collars. The other colors were bulky and cheap to make. These are not as heavy as the other ones. The batteries have a charge. They have a softer collar than the plastic ones. I would recommend these for your baby. The colors are still great but the collar is soft and my dog chews it. There is no replacement for that collar that was destroyed. I don't like having to pay that much money to have a new collar.

👤It is difficult to tell if the battery is still on. The red and green lights don't work according to instructions. I pressed the buttons until they worked. The plastic part on the device broke after less than 5 months of use. You can't attach it anymore because it snapped off. I contacted customer service to inquire about the warranty, but they never replied. A representative from the company reached out to me 4 months after I sent a complaint. It was better late than never. They mailed me a replacement product to honor their warranty. They corrected the issue and I changed my rating.

7. PetSafe Smart Bluetooth Training Collar

PetSafe Smart Bluetooth Training Collar

You are always right on time with a signal for your best friend, because the connection stays running in the background even while you use other apps. APP CUSTOMIZATION Select a left- or right-handed profile and set a primary button for the settings that you use the most. It is built for adventure. The collar is waterproof and has a range up to 75 yards. Long battery life. A battery life that lasts over 40 hours can be achieved by charging your dog's collar in 2 hours. It's a smart way to train. The PetSafe SMART dog app is compatible with newer phones. It's perfect for most dogs. It adjusts to fit neck sizes up to 28 in. They are available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions at PetSafe.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The collar is not effective in training your pet. I usually don't leave product reviews, but I wanted to warn others of my disappointment with this product. After a few days of use, the collar looks nice on my dog, and it seems to fit comfortably. The technology needs improvement. I bought a collar to keep my weight down. A dog is getting into the trash. The app could be downloaded on more than one phone so other family members can support training efforts and we're not always hunting for the remote when the dog begins unwanted behavior. It doesn't matter how many mobile devices you have or what type of device you have, it doesn't stay connected. As soon as you open another app, the app closes and your device goes to sleep or your lock screen is activated. When a pet is caught doing an unwanted behavior, it's not possible to have a training collar on. When the dog starts barking, I have to find and open the app on my phone, wait for the device to detect and connect to the collar, and then try again until it works. I press the alert/vibrate as a warning and then the static shock to deter the unwanted behavior. The whole process takes a minute or more and teaches my dog how to bark for the entire time before he gets punished for the behavior. The real issue is the connection. I have cheap speakers in our home that stay connected. The inability to provide an immediate training response is counter-productive. We have used other PetSafe remote collars before and they worked better than this one. I am returning the product because I don't think it's a good idea to use a training tool to deter bad behavior in your pet.

👤My dog is a big dog. I will do what I want at the age where he is very determined. This helps him understand what is right and what is wrong when he is called. The buzzer means come, the tone means good boy, and the static means that is wrong. He is a very stubborn boy and he ignores it until it gets to 13 or 14 or 15. The static doesn't hurt him, he doesn't make a sound, and it's time to stop whatever he's doing. I think it is more of an attitude, oh will you stop nagging at me? I had a different brand of dog collar that wouldn't work with my phone, so I bought this one from this company, I trust them and it works with my phone. Great price and quick delivery.

👤The collar lasts for a while. Sometimes the app doesn't connect to the collar when I need it the most. If you switch to another app, the connection will be lost. The issue with the bluetooth is that it has a short range. The range is a big issue for us, we don't have a small house. It's nice that my husband and I can use the app on our phone instead of using a remote that we often misplace.

8. Dog Training Collar Rechargeable Waterproof

Dog Training Collar Rechargeable Waterproof

Even the smartest dog will occasionally go into "forget you, master" mode. It can be expensive to hire a dog trainer. You can train your dog like a professional with a dog training collar. There are three kinds of dog training shock collar. It is convenient to keep the remote in your pocket, but if you accidentally hurt a dog with a dog collar, have you ever felt bad? A secure lock on the remote of the dog shock training collar can prevent misoperation. The curve design of the transmitter and receiver makes them rechargeable. Is it time to charge frequently? The receiver can last for more than 15 days, and the remote can last up to 45 days, so that your dog electric training dog collar is always ready to train. The dog training collar has a longer battery life. It's suitable for dogs who weigh between 15 and 100 lbs. Are you afraid to hurt your dog in training? The dog collar has a custom level. The level can be adjusted according to your dog. The remote of the dog collar has 3 channels to support training 3 dogs at the same time. You can train your dogs in backyards, parks, or anywhere you want with a remote dog training collar that can range up to 330 yards. You can train your pet in the rain or sunshine with the dog training collar. Also, note: Not suitable for swimming.

Brand: Dog Care

👤This is for a very strong person. After using it, he stopped pulling. He will sometimes pull if I don't put it on, but I find turning the remote on freaks him out and he's obedient again. I am a 270lb guy and this hit me at 10. I recommend sticking under 10 because anything higher will scar your dog emotionally, especially for those that don't want to listen.

👤I just bought this collar and it is amazing. The charge lasts for weeks before being plugged in. I went from having a dog that was crazy when people walked by to a dog that can walk off a leash. The collar is very affordable and worth the money. I will continue to recommend this to friends and family.

👤This is my second collar from this company and we love it! This one is much lighter than the first one and will slide onto the collar that our dog wears. The remote is easy to carry in your pocket. The switch is on the side. The battery saving feature will shut down when not being used after a time and is easy to turn back on when needed. I have been showing this newer version to all my friends and I am very pleased with it. I had to add more. The Banjo decided to take the remote out for a spin. We found the house in the back yard after turning it upside down. It was covered in dry grass and wet, but it did have some dirt on it, so it was not sure if she had buried it. The best thing about it is that it still works. Banjo only knows where and what it went through after it was MIA for nearly 24 hours.

👤I don't have to shout to get him back just a few moments after I take him out. Good battery life. I am happy with the Dog Care ones, the receiver is securely on the collar and won't fall off somewhere on the trail.

👤Some dogs respond well to a soft tap on the nose. Ours sees that as an invitation to play rougher. He thinks it's fun to keep away from shoes. When you leave the room, he goes crazy in the playpen. Some people think you are cruel for shocking your pet. The power level was set in 99. We all tried it on our bare arms before we tried it on our dog. The static charge is sent from your forearm to your fingers. We pulled away. My 4 year old daughter wanted to try it too. You may think we are bad parents, but after experiencing it ourselves, neither of us saw any harm. We put it on her arm and pressed the button. She sat there and laughed, "That tickles!" We put it on the dog and he doesn't feel it. We slowly turned it on and he felt something. It got his attention. I don't know what it would do on 99. I don't want to try it. We've never gone over 25. He's a different dog when he wears a collar. He puts it around his neck most of the time. If you want this collar, don't listen to the people who are against all forms of punishment. If he continues, we use the vibration as a warning that he's going to feel the zap. The signal from the beep is that he should come to us. We haven't tried it in the water yet, but the quality seems to be fine for me. The numbers are a bit jumpy when adjusting the intensity level. It's not that big of an issue but it takes a bit longer to adjust it.

9. Dr Trainer Waterproof Vibration Adjustable Rechargeable

Dr Trainer Waterproof Vibration Adjustable Rechargeable

Smartphone APP Control. Do you fear hurting your dog in shock mode? B1s Bark Collar can set each level of static, sound, and anti-trigger through the APP. The traditional remote can be used as a short distance dog training collar, but the portable app replaces it. It has a built-in progressive mode, which is safer and humane for your dogs, and you can directly use it without the APP. Dr. has three training modes. Sound &Vibration and static are the three most efficient and safe training modes. The B1s smart dog bark collar can set three different modes, depending on your pet's weight and breed. You can combine these functions and adjust them through the APP. A more effective way to solve uncontrollable dog behavior problems is a more scientific method. The B1s dog shock collar updated it to prevent the mechanism progressive modes from being useless for your dog or overstimulating hurting your dog. If this bark collar is triggered 10 times within 1 minute, B1s will be temporarily disabled for 2 minutes. The security make sure there is no accidental shock. The Dr.Trainer no bark collar is equipped with a smart triggering sensor, it will detect and filter, and there are 100 Decibel Levels you can adjust based on different situations, no more false. The dog bark collar works for about 15 days under normal circumstances. The waterproof level design can be used in adverse weather conditions. They give 12 months free exchange or refunds, so you can contact them via the order details.

Brand: Dr.trainer

👤The setup was easy. The ability to set my own thresholds for detection was a huge plus over previous purchases of other bark collars. The battery life was the best part. It was still going after a week without charging. I was safe at that point, but I am sure it would have lasted longer. I will be buying more for my other dogs because of the app.

👤It is plain and simple. This isn't worth the money. This device is useless if your dog does not have a loud bark. The lowest bark sound it can pick up is about 60 decibels, which is about the average sound of two people talking. A large dogs bark can reach 80 decibels. If you're too far away from the phone, it won't work. If you're on the opposite side of the house from your pet, don't try to use it. This is a very useful COLLAR.

👤I liked this collar. It can be controlled by my phone and I love that it has different ways to train the dog. I have only been using with my dog for a couple of days but I can already tell it will help a lot. I only used the sound and vibration to correct her behavior, and she has been doing better with jumping and barking.

👤I have a dog who likes to bark and chase people. The collar works. I like how easy it is to change the settings on your phone. I have only been using it for a few days, but my dog has already made some improvements. He hates the medium pitch sound. I haven't needed to use the shock setting yet, but I made sure to disabling it.

👤Two dogs are barking. The little one thinks she is in charge. She likes to bark at loud noises and since we live in an apt, there are a lot of slamming doors that she will bark at. He whines at noises he hears or sees on the TV. He is a rescue so he has a lot of difficulty. We haven't needed to shock them yet. The beep and vibrate alone are enough. Sometimes the big one's whines are so high pitched they are not picked up by the collar, so we like the remote which allows us totrigger the collar. Sometimes the little ones collar will go off randomly if she shakes or if we are petting her. This is why I rated the collars poorly.

👤The collar is great. The first one I bought was not good. I wanted to give the app another try because I felt so strongly about it. I got two more pitbulls. After a couple of weeks one of our dogs was too stubborn and wouldn't stop barking, so we had to enable shock. I lost the second collar when I took it off the dog. She must have hid it. I would like to be able to track it from the app. I took it off. I couldn't make the sound from the app. It was thrown in the trash as we searched for it. I don't want to buy a third one.

10. DOG CARE Bark Collar Effective

DOG CARE Bark Collar Effective

The bark collar for large dog provides efficient and safe training modes which can solve uncontrollable dog barking problems. Simply pressing the button will switch between these modes. The dog shock collar can be tailored to fit your dog's needs, and you can set the sensitivity level for barking. Do you want to change your dog's bad behavior, but always feel too busy or lack of professional knowledge to do so? You don't have to worry about it anymore. It helps your dog stop barking. The dog care bark collar has a safety protection system that will stop working if your dog doesn't respond to it for a short time. Have you ever felt bad for the dog that got accidentally shocked by the falsetrigger? No more accidental shock would happen to your dog with this dog bark collar. The bark shock collar is under strict control and only when barking is near it can the shock release. The anti bark collar has a progressive training method. The level will be adjusted by the collar. A clear battery indicator. The dog shock bark collar has a low power consumption and a durable battery. When the battery power is low, the first light of the dog shock collar for barking from the left will flash to tell users to replace the battery. The barking shock collar for dogs has a light indicator on the modes and sensitivity levels to help you see the real time working status. The strap of their dog barking collar has different sizes and weights. One more set of battery will be provided for you, as well as the battery affixed in the bark collar. You won't have to deal with the hassle of preparing the battery. Silicone rubber covers will come with the package to protect your dog's skin.

Brand: Dog Care

👤The collar is great so far. I saw a change in the barking problem within the first three days after using the sound feature alone. I had a golden puppy. She used to bark at people entering and leaving the house, anyone opening the door or windows, the mail person leaving the box, sticks hitting the house, etc. She doesn't bark anymore. The device calmed my dog down because she didn't want to get shocked. The occasional attempt to bark and whine is done thanks to the collar. People can enter my home without being barked at or jumped on. They don't bark at people walking past my house anymore. I can take them for walks. My life has changed a lot. It's a blessing to me. This is the answer to your prayers if you have an annoying barker.

👤I needed this for my larger dog because he barks at people when he eats his food, and I put this on him to make him stop. This collar is very good.

👤They have two models that don't know how to decide if you get older or newer. The newer one is not shown in the pictures, it is slightly thinner and has 3 buttons. It seems like it works the same as the other. I like the look of this product. The bark sensor can pick up my dogs huffing and give me corrective action before he starts barking. One of those odd sizes is not the biggest fan of the battery. The first one will last long enough to do most of the training, and the second one will cement it, so here is hoping that with it's power saving features, the first one will last long enough to do most of the training. Our neighbors dog is loud and barks a lot, but I haven't heard it cause our collar to go off. So far, all in all very happy. I would change it to a rechargeable battery via micro use, like their remote training collar.

👤I wanted to write a quick review of this product, it was small and compact, and came with all the instructions and parts. It has two modes, the shock mode and the vibrate mode. The intensity can be increased. My dog is a yorkie terrie mix. I adjusted the collar to its max shortest circumference so it fit just right for him, even though it was a bit big. The instructions said it was meant for 22lb and above. I paid more money for a bark shock collar before buying this item. This is better than the one I bought at pet co. If you're looking for a shock collar that's versatile, go with this one. See the pictures!

👤Our 7 month old puppy had a tendency to get our attention, so we bought this collar. We put the collar on her as soon as it arrived and less than 24 hours later she no longer barks at us. She never made it past the second beep before I realized that she needed to stop. I'm amazed that she's cured her barking habit. I made sure it wasn't going to hurt her. My girl got the hint from the sound and the vibration. I'm very happy with my purchase. I would have liked to have bought it sooner.

11. DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

Dog Care dog training collar has three training modes to correct bad habits. The dog training collar can adjust from 1 to 99 shocks. Gradually adjust the shock intensity from the lowest level. The 8-hour automatic shut-off function reminds you to check the collar in time to avoid dogs wearing it for a long time, and the security keypad lock of the dog shock collar with remote for medium dogs prevents accidents from pressing the shock button wrong. The strap of the dog training collar with remote is 27 inches long. The range of the collar is 4 to 27inches. The dog shock collar with remote can be charged in two hours, and it is convenient for travel. Dog Care shock collar is up to 1000ft control range and can be used with large dogs in any outdoor space.

Brand: Dog Care

👤My 8-month old lab is around 65 lbs and he is a very active dog, so this training collar is great for him. She likes to run out of the back yard whenever she can. The bad behaviors were almost gone after 2 weeks of using the training collar. It is a life-changing product. Highly recommended!

👤I have a loud voice. I didn't like to say "No!" whenever she did something. In a strong tone. She can be taken on bike rides in a busy downtown with a leash. There are many dangers to her. She would be hurt by other things. Om'gosh! I'm addicted to this collar. It's changed my life. Teddy used to pull on her leash during walks, but now she rarely does that. I only use the vibrate mode, but it has been enough to break the bad habit. The collar has an auto retractable mechanism that will not cause irritation to your dog's neck. The security keypad lock is used to prevent misoperation on the remote. It's important to build a dog up instead of breaking them down. The collar is supportive and encouraging. A great trainer!

👤This product arrived very quickly. This is the same model as the previous one. There are pros and cons to this item. The previous model had a battery level icon on the remote, but this is not a con for me. I think this collar is worth the money. I haven't had to use the shock yet because my dog responds to the beep and vibrate feature.

👤I think this is the best bang for your buck training collar on Amazon. It's already started to end my mini bull's bad habits after a week of using it. I tried it out on my thigh and it turned my lights on, because the collar shock level was at 43 of 99. I use a collar that lets the dog know to listen, so he doesn't have to look up reviews. There is a The strap used on the collar is good, but for 35 bucks it's still great. The remote is very user friendly.

👤Aggressive behavior at feeding time can be prevented with this training collar. The collar worked well. It only took a few sessions for the collar to work. The strength of the remote was not increased. We will work on barking late in the night. The collar will support this effort as well. The battery charge does not last as long as I would like. The goal is to stop the behavior without using it often. I am happy that the collar and remote charge using theusb connection instead of expensive batteries.

👤Do you want your dog to be more obedient? The dog training device is suitable for your dog. I have a keki, and it is naughty, I heard from a friend that he bought a dog training device, so I bought a whole set, which is a remote and a collar. I bought a separate collar so that I can control two dogs at the same time, after I found that both of them can be used. My friend will put her dog in my house when she is away. They are very cooperative and can know what I don't want them to do. They are not just biting things anymore. I will recommend this dog training device to my friends who have dogs.


What is the best product for gps shock collar for dogs phone?

Gps shock collar for dogs phone products from Dr.trainer. In this article about gps shock collar for dogs phone you can see why people choose the product. Cube and Sportdog Brand are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps shock collar for dogs phone.

What are the best brands for gps shock collar for dogs phone?

Dr.trainer, Cube and Sportdog Brand are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps shock collar for dogs phone. Find the detail in this article. Bousnic, Groovypets and Lu&ba are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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