Best Gps Shock Collar for Dogs Fence

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1. AngelaKerry Containment Rechargeable Waterproof 15lbs 120lbs

AngelaKerry Containment Rechargeable Waterproof 15lbs 120lbs

POSITIONING TECHNOLOGY If your dogs are out of bounds, you can shock them with aGPS location technique, which is more stable and accurate than the other traditional wireless fence. Strong anti- interference ability. The traditional wireless fence signals can be easily disturbed by metal or obstacles. The stability of gps signals is better than that of radio-frequency signals, so they use gps technique to avoid the same problem, you never have to worry about your dogs being accidentally injured. TheMATIC PROTECTION DESIGN If your dog leaves the boundary zone, the stimulation is limited to 20 seconds and shuts off for one minute before repeating for another two minutes. If the gps signal is weak, it will automatically suspend work, so your dog won't be warned if they are indoors. All functions are integrated in the collar which is waterproof and works automatically. You can use it wherever there is aGPS signal. 1 year warranty. They take good care of their customers. If you don't like the item, you can return it and get a full refund within 90 days. There is a one year warranty as well. If you need help setting up the dog fence, training your dogs or dealing with any issues, contact their customer care center.

Brand: Angelakerry

👤Product works well, but you have to be precise with the set up. If you can get the gps videos from the company that is the best. My dog, a female Rottweiler, who was trained with an electric collar, figured out in less than 10 minutes that the beep means go home. I don't use the shock setting anymore. Attach the prongs and then press 888-353-1299 Use a test device to see if the light goes on for the settings. 1/2 of the diameter is the radius. The circle has a diameter that is straight across it. Press L until you see a flashing number. Hold the device until it stops flashing. Walk towards the outside of the circle. Press up or down to see the count. The device should sound when you get to your desired location. There is a The device works if it beeps at the desired location. There is a If you turn the device off, it will reset to factory settings. Good luck... It's difficult to get it to work, but I decided to use this option for my dog to stay home for $100.

👤There is no base in the house, so it was a little uncertain. It works great when we set it to the satellite outside. It's much more affordable and easy to use. When our dog hears the beep, she just heads back to the house. Would definitely recommend it.

👤If I could give this a zero rating, I would, but there is no zero. I tried it and it kept zapping my dog. I live in a clear area and have an excellent gps device. One time the device just did not turn off, but for some reason it started zapping my dog. I had to put my hand between my dogs neck and the device. It was making me feel unwell. They want me to pay to return the device that was faulty. It will cost you either half or a quarter of what the device costs to return it if you mail it to china. I have to pay to get this device back.

👤All were very happy with it. Does the job well without a lot of trouble. The bad: * It maintains a consistent boundary area once it is set. There were no false signals and no variable boundary. There is a * You don't have to reset the center point if you don't turn it off. * The shock level starts with warning and gradually increases to your set level, giving the dog a chance to come back without a shock. * I like that it is done through a collar. It's portable, but it's hard to get into mode that sets the center point, and sometimes it doesn't go to flashing00 that indicates it's setting. Just had to keep trying. I was not able to hold charge for 20 hours, more like 10, and I would like to see a setting that turns off warning sound and shock instead of having to take off the collar when leaving property. I am happy with how it works after using it for several months. When the dog was inside the house with the collar on, it did three times. The gps might have gotten a bad read during the storms. If the dog is alone in the house, I don't recommend leaving the collar on.

2. TTPet Aboveground Containment Waterproof Rechargeable

TTPet Aboveground Containment Waterproof Rechargeable

It is easy to install. The system includes 650 Ft boundary wire that can be expanded to more land with the purchase of additional wires. You can place the wire on the ground or underground to keep your dog where you want it. Automatic dog training. Once you install the system, the collar works. As your dog tries to cross the boundary wire, it will send a sound and a shock. The closer your dog goes, the more intense the shock will be, which will help you train him back to the play area. Support multiPLE dogs. The receiver is waterproof and can be used for all kinds of dogs, including dogs with a neck size of 8 inches or more. You can easily control an unlimited number of dogs by purchasing additional compatible receivers. Professional and thoughtful design. The electric fence can be adjusted to control the width of the boundary. If the wire is broken, the wire break warning can be used. When the low-battery indicator is displayed, you should charge your receiver. There is a lifetime warranty. There is a 90-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty for each product that you purchase from the company. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact them.

Brand: Ttpet

👤The wire was tiny. It seems to be working well so far. When our dogs run off when we aren't looking, we hear a lot of crying and low moans, and one of them tried to cross it. I don't think we will have any more problems after that. Customer service has been excellent. They offered a used kit to send us for free, so we could buy another one. We will be waiting for that. I'm pretty happy.

👤The setup was easy, but the testing was confusing because the system didn't detect the collar every time. The wire is very thin and snapped twice. I'm not very pleased that I put the collar on my dogs. The system was set at 30 then 10 and never worked again. At one point my dog sat on the wire. I will return the product if I get the same results with the new wire I already have.

👤We wanted an alternative for our old dog to be able to be in the front yard with us, but she tends to wander off. Since our deed restriction doesn't allow fences in front yards, this is a great way to do that. It was easy to set up after a rain storm. The charge stays for a long time and the shock does not hurt her. I like that it has two collars so we can always have one ready for her. She is in the yard with us as we relax.

👤Product worked well for me. I used a twisted wire to get my dogs to walk over it and a heavier wire to finish the last 100 ft. The supplied wire is thinner and cheaper than the ones I used. The fence is buried under 750 feet. At the side of my house and along the road, I created a loop in the shape of an L. The green light blinks when I turn the collars off. The red light blinks. It will be okay, but I saw it a little backwards.

👤So far, so good. It was very easy to setup. We have had it for a couple of weeks and it works great. The 95 lbs Labrabull won't go near the wood fence that he has been jumping on. He is breaking our fence. I love it!

👤It was very easy to install. I have been using for a week without any issues with my fence jumping pups. The wire has held up well for the price. I charge the collars after 3 days. When the dogs are let out periodically during the day, they are taken off when inside. I had a problem with the kit's adapter that was supposed to be used for both collars and the transmitter. After contacting the sellers, they offered a used kit to solve the problem and were quick to respond to messages. Customer service is the most helpful I've ever experienced. The used kit arrived today and is pictured. It has taken awhile, but it is definitely true.

3. Dogtra Pathfinder Remote Training Tracking

Dogtra Pathfinder Remote Training Tracking

The WaterProofGPS training collar is perfect for dogs over 35 pounds. The system requires a smart cell phone and a free dogtra app. E-collar and gps are all in one. The gps function requires a cell phone to work. The phone must be connected to the internet. Expendable up to 21 dogs. The brush has a bright orange color. 100 levels of stimulation ranging from low to high, Momentary Nick, Constant Stimulation, and Non-Stimulating Audible Tone modes are available. Dogtra's technology filters out interference with other electronic devices. The device is a great choice for long range hunting. Dogtra's dog training collar unit gives you an ability to track up to 21 dogs as well as other sport hunters, create custom Geo Fence, always have precise and up-to-date terrain maps, 3.5-hour rapid charge batteries, extendable enhanced contact points, and refresh. The quality of the gps dog collar is unparalleled in comparison to the cheaper alternatives. Dogtra Collars are used to modify dog behavior. The USA based customer service is reliable and can be reached by phone or email. Positive reinforcement can be achieved by using the PetsTEK training clicker along with your dog's favorite treats. The collar should not be used with aggressive dogs.

Brand: Dogtra

👤A 50 pound pit/Shepard/Heinz dog that was a rescue from the city loves to explore and run. We live in the woods and he has a lot of room to roam. He wanders to far at times and is a bother to his neighbors. We were afraid of installing an underground fence, but felt we had to do something else. We bought the supplies for the underground 1500' fence on Amazon after coming up with a plan. The late spring weather did not allow us to bury the fence kit. I was worried that it would not work out for us. A friend of mine told me that his friend had bought a dogtra collar and was very happy with it. I decided to send the underground stuff back to Amazon after a few hours of research. The path of the underground fence was going to cost more to install than the Dogtra collar. I had a good idea how to use the product after watching several videos on the internet. "Brock" was already familiar with wearing a training collar, but the cheaper collar only worked in a close proximity so when he got out of sight he knew it." He is a very stubborn dog and has no fear of anything. He knows when the collar is on when he gets a tiny bit of juice. We let him outside to test drive the new collar after we setup it. I set up the area around a year ago. The lines are close to the neighbors to the west and east and parallel to the road. We watched his live path as he traveled around and the maps on the internet are amazing. I got an alert on the phone and yelled at him to retreat when he got close to the fence. Brock knows what will come after the beep if he is still wrong. The neighbors to the east are ok with him playing with their dogs. We had to keep him home. He went out of the fence last night. I can see that and call him back. I gave him a mild tickle after he ignored the call, but he came back on a dead run. We work with him every day and the training gets better. The unit is a great alternative to underground fence. The long range is up to 9 miles. The unit will perform well within a couple miles of our woods, but I don't expect that. The app and collar work perfectly with no issues found as of yet and would recommend searching out videos on the internet to learn more.

👤If you're like me, you might be wondering if this collar could possibly be worth $400, and if it works for all that. I am here to tell you that it is worth it. Every time. A penny. I have a German Shorthair Pointer that I want to be able to find when I'm working, but I also want him to be able to wander my fields without being seen, and have the peace of mind that he wasn't going onto roads or other people's property The range works exactly as advertised, the battery life is great, and the shock delivery works from miles away. Everything works offline when I'm out of range of cell service. This collar has made it possible for me to be in my house and not worry about what my son is doing. It was just brilliant. I wish I'd gotten the collar sooner. There are a few notes. The dog statuses can be a little oversensitive, as I have found that 20%- 30% of the alerts for 'pointing' and 'treed' have been inaccurate while directly observing Jeager. I've learned to look for "clusters" of status alert to let me know if he's really located something. 2. This is a sophisticated set-up but as long as you skim the manual, it's pretty easy to use. Don't be a moron like me and throw the manual away because you don't like getting snowed with papers every time you buy something. 3. The "geo-fence" feature can't shock or play a tone when the dog leaves, but you can get an alert if the dog leaves. This has been perfect for me. If you want to teach your dog where the new boundaries are, take your dog for a walk around the perimeters of your fence. If he breaks the boundary, I keep my phone handy and send a push notification.

4. PetSafe Containment Perimeter Waterproof Correction

PetSafe Containment Perimeter Waterproof Correction

A circular boundary can be created in just 1-2 hours and can cover up to a 1/3 Acre yard from the placement of the indoor transmitter. There is no wire toBURY. A wireless boundary allows you to protect your pets without building a physical fence. There are 5 levels of correction. The system has 5 levels of static correction. If your pet passes the boundary, static-free return allows your pet to return home. The battery-operated collaboration: You will get a waterproof, battery-operated receiver collar that fits dogs up to 5 lbs and adjusts to fit neck sizes 6-28 in. Long battery life. The PetSafe RFA-67D battery lasts 1-2 months before the low battery indicator warns you to replace the battery. It's accessible. This portable fence can be taken with you when you go camping or travel in your RV.

Brand: Petsafe

👤Our house is a long ranch style with a basement, and the yard is lower on one end and downhill in the back, so we had to try 3 different locations for the main unit. There was a spot where there was a narrow path out of the area with no signal, but it was a long way back to safety, and it would shock you if you went out there. We found a good place to put the unit where the boundaries were a good sweeping circle around the house. The area on the ends is smaller than on the front and rear. It took a long time to train the miniature schnauzer, but now he is comfortable with his boundaries and we can just turn him out to do his job. If we want to do a long walk, he knows when the collar is on and enjoys a leash walk. We would buy this again, but be advised to follow the directions and training procedure, and it would take at least a couple of weeks. Check the signal with your due diligence and make sure you get it right. We put the collar on a stick so we could hold it at dog height and watch the red light without bending over. We could mark the boundaries correctly.

👤I really wanted to use this product. The concept is intriguing. I really liked the idea of no wires. We have a normal property. The house is in the middle and is relatively square. I thought it would work out. I put the transmitter in the middle of the house so the electric field wouldn't go out near the fence. It didn't work. It took a long time to place the flags. The field changes dramatically when the knob is turned to increase or decrease the size. It makes a difference if the transmitter is moved. I thought I could just move the transmitter a foot to the left if I wanted the circle to move a foot to the left. That didn't work. I had to redo the flag placement because it changed the field dramatically. I finally got the flags placed where I wanted them and tested them all after a couple of days. I was ready to start. I started training the next day. The flags were placed close to where the receiver was located. The field was larger. The field changed several times over the course of a week. The change was large. It was not fair to the dogs in some places. I was frustrated and didn't want to use it. I'm sending it back today. Maybe there is some kind of interference that is messing with the signal. It didn't work for me.

👤I was about to install an in-ground fence when I realized there might be wireless units available. It turns out that there are features that I wanted in an in-ground unit, and this one seemed to have them. You must understand the limitations of the wireless nature of the unit and balance that with your needs and the physical layout of your property before committing to wireless. The unit will perform almost as well as an in-ground installation if all agree that it should be installed and configured correctly. I had to setup the system in 1.5 hours. I setup the unit in the following steps, which made sense to me after reading the manual: 1) Measure your property and determine the radius/diameter of the free area desired I found their intersection when I measured the diameters. Determine the point in your house that is the geometric center of your property. This will give you an idea of where to put it in the house. The manual says to install the base transmitter at a few feet off the ground and estimate the boundary line distance to set it to. If your property isn't perfect, walk around your property and test the farthest points that the boundary line should be set to. The base unit setting needs to be adjusted. Test the base unit again. Train your dog. The base is made of plastic junk with a power supply, a circuit board, and an antenna. If you install it and never touch it again, I think it's a good idea, but if you're planning on using it on the go, I think it's a little cheap. The construction of the collar receiver is very good. It's awesome if this type of unit will work for you, compared to the installation hassles of an in-ground system. You will be disappointed if your setup doesn't lend itself to wireless. It is recommended.

5. SportDOG Brand Family Remote Trainers

SportDOG Brand Family Remote Trainers

The 500 yard range e collar can be used to train 3 dogs with the same remote. Choose to train with a buzz, tone, or 21 levels of static simulation. DryTek technology is used to waterproof and submersible to 25 feet. A low battery indicator lets you know when to charge, and the batteries have a 2 hour quick charge. The neck sizes are 5 to 22 inches for dogs 8 pounds or larger. All stages are described in the age range. The basic training manual was included.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤I have had the 425S for a few years now and love it. The most reliable collar I have ever had. I was excited to try the new dog, but I am very disappointed with its performance. The remote is reliable, but it is not reliable at all. I noticed that my pup was reacting in different ways. I used it and it was fine after I tested it on myself. I tried out the collar on myself again after the first training session as I didn't understand why my dog was reacting so strongly to the V/T function. What I saw made me cringe. Even though the button was on the same setting, it would deliver a different action each time I pressed it. I set it to V/T and after pressing the same button a few times, it gave off a shock. I set it to 1, then 2 and half the time it would vibrate, then the shock would be appropriate to the setting then out of nowhere it would be an equivalent of a 6-7 level shock. The tone button was the only button that worked consistently. I am sad that I ever used this on my pup, I can only imagine how shocked she was even though I had it set to V/T. The 425S is a great collar. If you want to shock your dog for no reason at all, then get the 425X. I was surprised that there was no recall on the 425x. Scary that this product is out there.

👤Don't buy the XS if you liked the 425-S. I regret buying a Sportdog collar and recommend it to friends and acquaintances. The older model was very good. If the lanyard had not snapped, I wouldn't have needed to buy a new collar. The older model allowed the remote three functions. One for each button. This is the one of the most useful buttons, and everyone I know used it for training a dog. The "X" model only allows 2 functions. Tone and vibrate, tone and nick, or vibrate and nick are the ways you can use them. There is no way to have each button perform a different function. Older model. The tone volume was louder. Both vibrate and nick had their strength adjusted. The new model is called "X". It's harder to get the dog's attention when it's distracted. The strength used to be adjusted. It was the best attention getter for my dog when he was chasing prey and reminding him of the property line. The dog doesn't notice the new one. She occasionally looks to see what touched her, but it could never be used as a safety measure. I called the company because I was certain I was missing something, and hoping they would say "Of course those features are still available!" We wouldn't eliminate the useful features. I didn't read the manual wrong. They ruined a great product. The reason? To allow a sound. If I could, I'd return this immediately, and go to eBay and find one of the older models, even if I had to buy used. I don't have time to ship. I use an e-collar to help with puppy training and early training for my balance/mobility service dog. Raising puppies is a real challenge for people with disabilities. The e-collar allowed me to reach out and touch the pup that was moving so fast that I couldn't keep up. It has been used to call my other dog off pursuit of a deer. The new model of the collar is less functional and has a slight delay in its delivery. I think it's because of the add-a-collar option. I blew almost three hundred on their 825 model because I was training a future law enforcement dog. I gave the 825 away to the pup when he began his official training classes because the model was so bad. The delay renders the collar useless. I know that Sportdog caters to the hunting crowd, and that Sportdog really, truly, deeply does not care what I think; but prospective buyers need to know that the new model is not improved.

6. SportDOG Brand Tracking Collar System

SportDOG Brand Tracking Collar System

The US version of this gps dog finder and trainer allows you to train your dog by providing 99 levels of static stimulation, along with tone and vibrate options. The handheld device has a tilt-compensated compass and a backlit screen with a scale from 100 yards to 75 miles. This system uses HopTek technology to track and train your dog up to 7 miles away, and you can train up to 12 dogs with the purchase of TEK Series 2.0GPS + E-Collar Add-A- Dog Collars. The Handheld device will show the direction each dog is headed, how far from you they are, and whether they are moving or stopped. The handheld device is waterproof and the gps collar is rechargeable. SportDOG has become the most recognized brand in the electronic tracking and training categories because of the heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind that they design in the field.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤I expected it to work because I spent $600 on it. The remote shows my dog running all over the place up to 73 yards in all directions while I watch the sky. The corner markers are not accurate and I have a clear view of the sky. There are a lot of errors when the dog and I are in the middle of a large geographic area. After each refill, the collar needs to bepaired with the remote. The batteries last less than a day. The gps shows no contact between the collar and remote. I contacted SportDog customer service and they helped me out with a new component. The errors are still with the replacement. The tone, vibrate, correction function works perfectly. The gps function does not work. I am a military radio operator. I know the functions. I must conclude that this device is not reliable. I'm sending this item back and will try an electronic collar with expectations of better results. The November 21, 2018, update is here. Sport Dog replaced the TEK 2.0 system five times. The collar won't pair with the handheld remote for a few weeks. The system should work all the time. Five times customer service has taken the issue to their customer service advocates, Matt or Christine, but they don't call me back. I am told that Matt or Christine are not available when I call back. I have spent $600 on something that doesn't work and can't get good customer service. SportDog customer service does their best to help me, and everyone I have talked to has done their best to help me. They told me that the system should work. The issue is not that I am in a suburban area with good gps coverage. A replacement for TEK2.0 will not be available until mid January. Until the TEK2.0 is available again, they will provide a remote trainer without the gps feature. I'm not happy.

👤I have had this unit for five days and have had time to test it. I bought it because I hike with my dog a lot and in Oregon we are hiking in the forest. I don't want to call out to my dog if he doesn't need to because he is easy to lose sight of and I don't want him to run off. I had read the negative reviews but had a great experience with my SportDOG 425 so I was scared but not loathing. I decided to take the plunge. My observations are as follows: The unit is easy to set up. threading the lanyard on to the handheld was the most difficult part for me. The instructions are easy to find and follow. I am a 67 year old technical laughingstock and I had no trouble following the setup guide. It took me 45 minutes because I am slow, but I will be fine. The unit was tested on my German Shorthaired Pointer on the Oregon coast and it worked perfectly. I went for a couple of hours on a trail in a forested area. Again, flawless. I was worried that the heavy tree canopy and the ravines would prevent the unit from receiving a signal but it worked great. There are 3 more The handheld is easy to use. I played with it for about an hour prior to using it with the dog and I was able to navigate around it easily. It's like learning to navigate around a new phone, you just have to use it for a while. It can be hard to see in the bright sunlight. The handheld is small at just over 10 ounces. It's too heavy to wear around my neck for me. I think a belt clip or holster is more useful than a lanyard for carrying a shotgun. I will try a carabineer to see how it works. I did not need the help of SportDOG's customer service department to set this up, but I have contacted them on two other occasions for questions about my 425 and found them to be available, knowledgeable, and willing to help. They don't have a real overnight shipping option at any price. If you order a part on Thursday morning, you won't get it until Monday because it's next business day after a day of processing. There are five It's fun to tell kids that your dog is a robot and that you can control it with a remote. I don't think this unit will fail if you need a gps tracker for your dog.

7. Freedom Distribution Enterprises Invisible Containment

Freedom Distribution Enterprises Invisible Containment

MULTI-FUNCTION SYSTEM The range is decided by you, at 30/60/90/ 150/300 meters. When your pet leaves this range, the receiver collar will give a warning sound and a static electric shock. It is important toFamiliarize your pet with the functions they are trained to do in training mode. Please follow the safety set up video. They offer a set-up video that can be watched on YouTube, written instructions can be found with your kit, and they provide incredibly detailed safety set up instructions. They recommend following the safety set-up system to ensure maximum efficacy of your wireless dog fence and ultimately maximum safety for your precious pet. There is a raining mode. The number 1, 2, or 3 will be displayed on the screen. The collar of the dog is represented by these numbers. The system has two collars. The keys are "+" or "-". Make sure to train your dog on the new boundary so that they know when they have crossed and to return home. Some dogs will take a moment to understand but once they do this fence will be the ultimate safety device. The system shows the distance in meters. Press the blue buttons to select the appropriate size. There will be variation because of other obstacles. Follow the instructions for safe use. The sound, vibration, and shock buttons are on the right side of the transmitter. The higher the number, the longer the function will run. Your new dog fence adopts a 2.4 GHz frequency without interfering with your other devices. It must be tested and set up according to the instructions included in the book. The system includes a transmitter and two receivers for each reflective stripe dog collar. This will save you time and money. Your dog will thank you for the freedom and time spent with you.

Brand: Freedom Distribution Enterprises

👤The training collar has a battery in it. If the power goes out, the backup battery will run and the dog won't be shocked. It should last at least a few hours.

👤It says it would go 300 meters, but I wouldn't even go that far without lighting my dog up. If you ever lose power, your dog will be shocked until it's restored, there is no safety feature to tell it not to.

👤So far, so good. I hate that my dogs will go under our fence. When the recall fails, we bought this to help. It's so far worth it. My pups love it because they get to run without being tied up. When we add the other two dogs, I will be interested to see how it works. Sometimes it sounds like it should, but I don't know if it drops the connection. I am not sure what is happening when I hear the beep, it stops when I hear it. 11/26 - We bought a new collar because we liked it so much. It won't pair. The other collar that came with it has unpaired so it won't pair so much.

👤We tried this with our 9month old puppy and it didn't work, he would sit at the boundary line until the battery died, then he would dart off. It would shock us when we tested it. We decided to send it back and get a second one in case it was the device. After receiving the second one, it was delivered very quickly and I didn't have to return the first one. It seemed to work for the first day, but then it wouldn't work anymore, even on high level, because the "shock" wasn't affecting our stubborn dog. We went to petco about a month ago to buy a dog collar and have not had a problem since. I am waiting for a refund because I am not sure if it was the device or the dog that caused it.

👤The company and their customer service was excellent. I don't know if the amount of trees and instructions on our property were the problem or if we were doing something wrong. We tested the system in multiple places. We weren't getting the results we needed. I hope more people try it out. We will be burying more wire because of the concept of not having to bury wire.

👤There are too many dead spots in my yard to make this work well. I don't think I can let my dogs out with this. It's too late to return it. To make sure it works for you, be sure to set it up and test it right away.

👤There is a variable signal from the base to the collar. The signal is easily blocked by walls. After a few months, one collar stopped working. When the collar is charged, it does a great job of keeping our dog in the yard, but it runs down very quickly. Our fog tests the boundaries and that contributes to the short battery life. I have been pleased with the product.

8. PetSafe Barriers Adjustable Proofing Stimulation

PetSafe Barriers Adjustable Proofing Stimulation

Protect the outdoors. The pet barrier is designed to keep your pets away from places you want them to avoid. Purchase additional barriers to keep your cats and dogs away from an unlimited number of areas. There are two options for setting up the setup. You can use boundary wire to create a barrier up to 150 feet away or you can use a wireless setup. There is a safe correction. When your pet enters the off limits area, the transmitter sends a static correction to their collar. An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system if they are wearing a PetSafe Pawz Away Receiver Collar. The waterproof receiver is light. It is designed for dogs over 5 pounds with neck sizes between 6 and 28 inches. Waterproof culvert: The transmitter is hidden and blends into your landscape. There are comparable products. YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground, Pawz Away Extra Indoor/Outdoor Collar, and Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier are some of the items that are included. YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Rechargeable Collar.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The only thing that keeps me and the cat happy is this product. PetSafe would rather rip people off at $35 a time. The product dies when the original battery dies. I thought the first one was just a lemon, but after three, I realized it was a shoddy product that doesn't last beyond one battery cycle. We've spent about $200 on this money pit. I'd pay more for something that will last. PetSafe seems content to nickel and dime its customers until they realize the scam, instead of charging more for a better product.

👤This product works. It doesn't work as described. We have had success with this product and our pets. It performs well in some situations. Not much in others. The maximum area that this device can cover is 12 feet. This is not accurate. The shock collar kicks in somewhere between 3-6 feet away from the transmitter. I suppose you could say it has a diameter of around 12 feet, but it feels like a lot less. The small area that the device can cover and compounded with the collar only letting out a shock after the pet has been within range for over 3 seconds, gives your pets the chance to either gain access to an item or do some damage before they meet any resistance. The pins on the collar will not shock your pet's fur. The area of your pet's neck that the collar pins will be touching is the one you need to shave. This can't be used to keep your pet out of an area or to contain them in an area. Our animals quickly learned that if they dart past it quickly, they will be safe on the other side, since the shock only kicks in after 3 seconds. If you have a small couch, chair, desk, or item that you want your pets to stay away from, it does work well. The instructions say not to leave the collar on your pet for more than 12 hours. Your pet cannot learn the rules if the rules are not always in place. We have left the collar on our pets for many days at a time and they have not shown any signs of irritation or discomfort.

👤I bought this product for an indoor cat that had defeated every other attempt I had made to keep him off the kitchen counter and dining room table. He has a basket of toys, window perches, and a cat tree, but he just loves jumping on our counter. The cat knows how to sneak up behind the Ssscat motion detecting spray canisters and knock them out. He did the same thing with the motion. I tried using double sided tape, but he was able to peel it off with his teeth. I finally bought two of the PetSafe barriers and put one under the dining room table and the other under the kitchen sink after a long arms race. The cat knows where the barriers are, but as soon as he hears the warning, he gets out of range. He occasionally looks for the perimeters that are listening for the beeps, but rarely allows himself to get zapped. I'm sure he'll need to wear the collar on and off for a long time due to his perimeter checks, but I'm happy with the solution. The collar was limiting the range of motion of his neck, so I swapped it out for an actual cat collar.

9. DOG CARE Dog Shock Collar

DOG CARE Dog Shock Collar

3 intimate training modes and security switch mode help you adjust the training mode according to the dog's state and solve the uncontrollable behavior problem of the dogs. Dogcare training collar is ideal for training 9 dogs at the same time with only one remote, it provides you complete freedom to train your dog in huge spaces. The receiver collar for dogs can last for 15 days, while the remote can last for 45 days. Both can be charged with the included general 5V microusb charging cable. Dogcare's waterproof training collar brings dogs playing. No fear of mud, no fear of wading, and no fear of damaging the receiver, offer you maximum flexibility during outdoor activities. The nylon collar is weightless than 0.2lb and fits dogs with neck sizes 0" - 27". It is suitable for all sizes of dogs, meeting the different needs of large and small dogs and not burdensome.

Brand: Dog Care

👤There is a new version of this collar that is useless. Once the new collar goes to sleep, you have to turn it back on. I don't know when someone is going to knock on my door, so I can't prepare for it. I received an email from their customer service thanking me for my request. The old version of your receiver will be activated by sound and movement. If your receiver has an on/off button, you have to turn it on by yourself. The design issue is the problem. We try to save the battery. This issue has been forwarded to our manufacturer. They are working on it. I appreciate your feedback. The old version was perfect. I don't know why they did the new design to save the battery. If you don't have an on/off switch, consider yourself lucky.

👤I used to recommend this collar to my clients, who wanted to use a combination of the two, but not shock them, and it has a key that keeps you from accidentally using any buttons while it is in your pocket. It was perfect! They have made it useless and problematic. Every day you turn it on your dog will hear the warning sound which every dog who has ever worn a tech collar is scared to hear. You get to start triggering them daily because it no longer stays turned on indefinitely. It makes the collar useless because you have to make them forget about the collar in order for them to associate it with their choices, and that's not something you can do with a training tool. How do you turn on the collar when it's constantly being turned on? It's EEEESSSSH! Don't use unless you want to freak out your dog when they aren't doing anything and have them know that the collar is what determines if they need to listen to you.

👤The training device is a miracle. I have a dog and he would howl and bite me when he was excited. He was so sad that he wouldn't listen at this point. We tried to bell but it didn't ring. We gave a very low zap. It was not comfortable. I cried. We have never had to use more than the bell since that time. He knocked my 7 year old grand daughter to the ground and attacked my 3 year old grandson. When he would get excited about something, he took out after me and my husband. We were always great. This is 100% I recommend.

👤We have spent hundreds of dollars on training shock collars. This is the only collar that works at this price point. To see how your dog reacts, set your power at 10. We have two dogs, a German Shepherd 50 lbs and a Shepherd Retriever mix 80 lbs. Our 50lb Shepherd was accidentally set at 40 for our 80lb dog. She was running backwards screaming because it zapped her so hard. It was really bad for her and she is now set at 15. Very effective training devices were rarely used. This one is very clean and straight forward. Highly recommended. There are 8 ineffective collars that have made their way into the trash can.

10. PetSafe PIF00 12917 Wireless Fence System

PetSafe PIF00 12917 Wireless Fence System

For US market only. The portable wireless transmitter has no wires. You can create a circular perimeter of up to 1/3 of an acre. The collar is designed for comfort and charges in 2 to 3 hours. There are 5 levels of static correction and a tone-only mode for training dogs over 5 pounds. There are three collars and a flag.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The system is working well for our pets. My 12 year old trained them according to the book. They had a fence their entire lives. They were able to adapt well to this. After adjusting for the pain, my dog no longer does this. It's a circle only and probably wouldn't be used on a small yard. It worked well because we have just under 2 acres. You can only change the circle to be larger or smaller. We moved the circle further from where we needed it. I would love to have an app that would let me know where the dogs are. An app would've fixed this because it was annoying to bend down for a large circle to put flags out. You have to figure that out and adjust. I'm very impressed with the cost savings from underground and how well it works. I would buy it again if it was mobile.

👤The wired system is for metal roofs. The Transmitter died after two weeks. The metal roof is not compatible with the transmitter.

👤I bought two systems, one for front and the other for the back yard. The front was added as recommended because the back yard was limited. My dogs were confused by them. I have to pull them out of the tether. Not good at all.

👤Three dogs are on this system. It took about a week for them to get used to the perimeter. If you have smaller dogs, keep the power turned down. Love it. If the power goes off for any reason, the dogs will get shocked, and that's the only issue I have found. I let the dogs in the house during the storm.

👤I had an underground fence system at a previous home. The cost of keeping my dogs in the yard has gone up so I looked for a more affordable product. One correction is all it took. I live on the top of a hill and have a crazy yard with a pool, metal Carport, and a hill with drop offs, and the unit works perfectly. The charge is likely to last three weeks. It takes no time to get back to business. I need small investment to keep my babies safe.

👤The underground wire fence was difficult to install for two years. The dogs have responded well to the fresh air and it is such a breath of fresh air. When we take the camper into the woods, we can take this with us. There are no chains or tie downs to drag around.

👤The product is not working in my home. I have moved it three times. There is an inference with the 3 collars. They all receive the signal in different places. If it was only a few feet, it wouldn't be a problem. I have a difference in the placement of the flags. The company tells me that the transmitter is at least 5 feet away from any metal. The brochure says it needs to be 3 feet. This cost me $600 and I am at a loss. I can't leave the transmitter outside in the elements because it works great when it's outside. It is probably too late for a refund for me. I still have to check. I've spent a lot of time trying to get it to work. I had the transmitter replaced once. The product information doesn't make clear that small household items that have a little metal will interfere with the transmission. I'm not sure if it's the problem since it's not near any metal. I should have invested in a chain link fence because it has been a huge hassle.

11. Smoostart Wireless Containment Boundary Waterproof

Smoostart Wireless Containment Boundary Waterproof

No need to bury wires, it's simple and convenient. There are 5 levels of coverage. The center of the transmitter is 100 ft (30m), 200 ft (60m), 300 ft (90m), 500 ft (150m) and 990 ft (300m) from the beginning. Your dog can play in this space without being concerned about being lost or restricted movement. When your dog crosses the limit, the collar receiver will give an audible warning for 5 seconds. If your dog does not return to the restricted area after being warned, it will be shocked by the collar receiver for 5 seconds. The dog will be warned and killed for 8 seconds if it doesn't come back after being cut. The dog's collar receiver has an audible warning if the dog still isn't back. After power on, a transmitter and receiver can connect extremely fast without using the code pair. You can add the Training Collar to your needs. A transmitter can match up to 3 other people. If you have three dogs in your home, you only need to purchase one Wireless Dog Fence set and two additional Training Collars. Save your money. The training collar uses reflective material to increase night safety. Comes with waterproof and snowproof function. On rainy and snowy days, your pet can play in your yard. You don't have to worry.

Brand: Smoostart

👤It doesn't work. Have contacted Amazon before.

👤My dog is a bit stubborn and this is useful. We tried to do it and it worked well, but she hates it. I am not sure how much it will be used. I need more space for her to be protected.

👤It is difficult to get adjusted just right.


What is the best product for gps shock collar for dogs fence?

Gps shock collar for dogs fence products from Angelakerry. In this article about gps shock collar for dogs fence you can see why people choose the product. Ttpet and Dogtra are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps shock collar for dogs fence.

What are the best brands for gps shock collar for dogs fence?

Angelakerry, Ttpet and Dogtra are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps shock collar for dogs fence. Find the detail in this article. Petsafe, Sportdog Brand and Sportdog Brand are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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