Best Gps Running Watch Women

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1. Garmin Forerunner Contactless Payments Wrist Based

Garmin Forerunner Contactless Payments Wrist Based

You can download up to 500 songs to your watch and connect with your phone for free listening. Tracks music from streaming services for offline listening. You can leave your cash and cards at home with the payment solution. Provides advanced running dynamics, including ground contact time balance, stride length, vertical ratio and more. Performance monitoring features include evaluating your current training status. The battery life is up to 7 days in the wristwatch mode.

Brand: Garmin

👤I'm a fairly average guy. Not a triathlon and probably not training for a marathon. I am a middle-aged guy who is fighting against the natural descent into slothdom. I go to the gym 3-4 days a week and do weights, swim, and do other exercises. I walk around the track a few days a week, but I only run once in a while. Enough about me. I would like to share my thoughts on the watch. I want more activity tracker than a watch. Good battery life. It will improve with more calibration. I wanted a watch that would guide me through a workout. The display is great, the shape is nice, and the swim training mode is not a touch screen. I have not used this yet, but the battery life is great. The cheapest watch out there is not the best, and it takes a little time to get used to the buttons. Construction of a bomber. The design is great. Accurate tracking. The swim features were great. There are a lot of pre-installed activities. There is a little dark because of the glass. There is limited app selection. Even though this is smaller than the previous ones, I still think it is very heavy. The last nail in the coffin for this incredible watch was a 50% price difference for a watch that didn't hit everything I wanted. The price point for the Gear Sport 2 PROS is reasonable. There is a great display. It worked well. Nice design. There is a good variety of apps. Music can be stored on the board. More than a fitness tracker. The fitness tracking was not accurate. The battery life was not good. The Fenix 5 is better than an Apple Watch. Only had swim tracking, not workout guidance. Excellent price point for the Gear Fit 2 Pro PROS. The display is nice and sharp. The battery life was good. It was.5 miles off over a 2-mile run. There is no pay from the company. Not crazy about the shape or aesthetic. The swim tracking was inaccurate. The price for what you get is decent. The size and shape are nice. A good set of choices. The swim workout function is lacking. The battery life could be better. The Touchscreen is overly sensitive.

👤I have had this watch for almost 3 weeks and it is perfect for my needs. I was tired of carrying my phone and running 20-25 miles a week. Within 10 minutes of opening it, I had loaded my running playlist and was out the door. I already have an account with them and have a phone which saves time since this is my 3rd watch. The watch was recognized by my computer as soon as I plugged it in. When prompted, the library popped up and I just checked it. I didn't know that the watch was only tested with a limited number of ear bud brands, but I am happy to know that the 2 pairs I own are on the list. My primary pair are Trekz Titanium and they instantly matched up. I wear a watch on my right wrist because I am left handed. If my earbuds wouldn't have worked, I would have been sad, but I checked to see if my earbuds were on the approved list. My previous watch, the Forerunner 245, was slower to connect. The watch is lightweight, has a large and easy to read screen, and looks a little dressier than my previous sport watches because of the metal rim around the face plate. I took my phone for a 13 mile run yesterday and continued to play music for 2 hours after I finished my run. The battery was at 70% when I got home. The home screen gives you 4 different pieces of data: time, weekly mileage, date and time of sunset, and I added a step counter on the home screen. I would like to change weekly mileage to monthly. Hopefully that option will be updated. I love the fact that my wrists are small and that my husband's Fenix is a lot smaller than the 645 music. I am very happy with this watch and would recommend it to anyone.

2. Garmin Forerunner Multisport Running Midnight

Garmin Forerunner Multisport Running Midnight

The Multisport features a gps running watch. You can run free on race day if you estimate your heart rate at the wrist. Provides advanced dynamics for running, cycling and swimming, including ground contact time balance, stride length, vertical ratio and more. VO2 max estimate, lactate threshold, race predictor, and recovery advisor are offered. Connected features include smart notifications, automatic uploads, live tracking and more. Their store has free watch faces, apps and more.

Brand: Garmin

👤I would not buy this watch again. I am an endurance athlete who has finished 12 times the iron man and is tech savvy. It gives an accurate pace for running. 2. It provides heart-rate via a wrist-based optical sensor, which is subject to wild swings in accuracy. There is insufficient battery life. This is advertised as a leading multisport watch. I used it in the world triathlon. The device was charged to 100% before the start. The battery failed after a 112 mile bike and 23 mile run. It didn't have enough juice to make it to the finish. It's frustrating to have your watch fail at mile 23 in the Hawaiian Ironman. If you want to race with it, you should not buy it. 2. The heart rate is not accurate. I experienced wild variation in HR during training. The HR sensor would show 180 BPM when my actual HR was 120. Cool morning conditions seemed to make this inaccuracy more common. The web has written about this. 3. Poor sync tech. The Connect app is advertised by Garmin. I have found that sync is unreliable and requires multiple manual attempts. You would be better off with a cheaper brand for basic pace data and a chest based HRM.

👤My training buddies and I both have the same experience. This is an issue with the watch, and it's not a coincidence. I haven't had a watch for more than two years. I loved it until about 6 months ago. It had some glitching issues. I could scroll through the menus one day. I couldn't start a workout. Hit the start button a number of times before giving up. 3 hours later on my bathroom counter it started to change back and forth from start to finish. It finally caught up. I only had a few issues after I did a software update. I couldn't use my top right button in the pool. Couldn't use it, but was with it on. The screen was fuzzy at the end of my swim. I could not see anything on the display when I got home. It had a full battery and for the next 6 hours it toggled, vibrated and died. My friend had the same thing happen to his watch. It is not uncommon for her to contact Garmin. The minimum charge is $110.

👤Absolutely adore this watch! I upgraded from the 230 and have no regrets. I loved my 230, but this watch is just as bad. It does everything I need, and I love that I can go from one activity to the next during the day with all my information on my watch. I run, walk, bike, and weight train.

👤The comments are based on a few years of having this device and the four replacements I have received since. I recommend getting the glass screen protectors. I've broken many protectors, but they only cost a few bucks. I bought this almost two years ago when I was about to start swimming. I wanted to be able to track laps in the pool. I wanted a gps device for running and swimming. I like that I can get notifications on my phone. I turned off all the other notifications. The watch has major issues with charging, but I like the size and shape. I have had to get replacements three times. There is an update. I've had four replacements. The issues are more than that. I've had issues with buttons that stop working after swimming, screens that fail, charging, etc. - If they have to receive your device before sending out the replacement, it will take 10 days from when I ordered until I get it. There is an update. This is better. I have enough experience to make this statement. Sometimes customer service takes days to respond. There is an update. This appears better now. The battery doesn't go long enough when it's in a mode that requires a long hike. It's not bad, but it's annoying when I get a software update that blows out my settings so that I have to go through and re-do those. - I wish I could turn it off because it's annoying and not a deal killer. It tells me when I run on the flat. I am a low-performing runner when I trail run. I understand why this happens, but why do you turn on a feature that doesn't work? I wear it all the time, including at work. It is not too thick. I like the band. Inexpensive replacements can be found on-line. The battery lasts a long time when not using a gps device. At the time, the price point was very competitive for lap counting. There is an update. The sync has gotten better. Over the past year, I've been using both Strava and Garmin Connect. I would love it if it weren't for the reliability issues. I recommended it to 5 people who bought it. At first, they liked it.

3. Amazfit Fitness Super Light Measurement Monitoring

Amazfit Fitness Super Light Measurement Monitoring

You can talk to Amazon on your Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch. Ask questions, get translations, create shopping lists, check the weather, control your smart home devices, and more. Thanks to integratedGPS, you can get precise tracking on your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. The Amazfit GTS 2 mini watch has up to 14 days of battery life. Keep the energy flowing and get rid of the anxiety that comes from constant charging. The 220mAh battery can power you for up to two weeks. The Amazfit GTS 2 mini features over 70 built-in sports modes, which can be used to cover sports enthusiasts indoors or outdoors. The fitness watch can be worn while swimming and can resist to any activities. This smart watch can provide a number of health monitoring functions, including heart rate monitoring, blood-oxygen saturation measurement, sleep monitoring, stress level monitoring and female cycle tracking. The PAI health assessment system processes complex health data with an advanced algorithm to present your physical condition in a simple, single-value score. The AMOLED display has a super light and thin design. The Amazfit GTS 2 mini is borderless. The curved 2.5D glass enhances your most fashionable outfits. The smart watch has a light weight of 19.5 g, a thickness of 8.97mm without the sensor base, and a skin-friendly silicone strap. The 1.55-inch screen has a vibrant color and clarity. Get an intelligent little pal to remind you of the incoming calls, text messages, apps, and calendars, alarm clock, weather forecast, and support control the music playing and camera on your phone. This smart watch can be used with any smart phone.

Brand: Amazfit

👤I am coming from a bunch of bad stuff from Bangood and AliExpress. This is the best watch I have had. I'm in the SAMSUNG/ANDROID OS so I don't have to worry about my wrist. The life of a battery. I received this on Monday. It was charged up and started wearing. I have been exploring all of its options, so I have been harder on the battery life than normal wear. My watch has 32%, but it is Fri morning. I have all the settings turned on to track. I think I can squeeze a week out of it. The user interface is simple and straight forward. I don't need silly bubble icons, just gimme a list and click on what I want. Excellent features. Your normal tracker. There's more to the watch, including a heart rate monitor, SpO2, skin temp, stress monitor, weather, alarm, and a DND feature to keep your watch from buzzing at night. You can set the screen to not turn on when you turn your wrist so you don't blinding your wife while sleeping. A barometric altimeter, a compass, and a few other things are included. timer and count down. Clean and straight forward. I was not a fan of the tracker. The app doesn't drain your phone battery. There is a store with more than one watch face. This review is not about the other watch faces apps. Amazfit GTS 2E is excellent. I haven't found a flaw that doesn't get me through the day. This model does not have a speaker so you can't be like Dick Tracy and call from your wrist, but who needs that anyways? I need a watch that shows incoming calls, text, and emails. This thing has an excellent battery life. I can get a week without having to take my watch off at night.

👤I've had this watch for over a month now and I really wanted to love it because I love the design and a lot of the features. I don't write reviews for products, but I am disappointed in the heart rate monitor of this watch. I bought the watch for tracking workouts and to upgrade from my old fitbit but it is useless as it is off by 60bpm for my HR and will say I'm relaxing when my HR is 160. The calories count is completely inaccurate because of this. I've tried adjusting the fit of the watch as well as where it rests on my wrist, but nothing has made it more accurate. The sleep tracking doesn't pick up on naps as it claims to and there will be times where I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and it doesn't register this as "awake" at all. I haven't been able to get phone notifications to be sent to the watch. I've spent hours online trying to figure out why it isn't working. I would return it. I cut the wrist band because it is long. The watch face options are great, but the app itself is pretty decent. I wish I had spent more money and gone with a newer version of the apple watch.

4. Garmin Forerunner Smartwatch Advanced Dynamics

Garmin Forerunner Smartwatch Advanced Dynamics

A running watch with advanced training features. Evaluates your current training status to indicate if you are undertraining or overdoing it. You can get free adaptive training plans or create your own custom workouts on their online fitness community. Provides advanced running dynamics, including ground contact time balance, stride length, vertical ratio and more. Tracking and safety features include incident detection, which sends your real-time location to emergency contacts through your compatible phone. Their store has free watch faces, apps and more. Up to 7 days in the wristwatch mode and up to 24 hours in the gps mode.

Brand: Garmin

👤A bit about me. I've owned several older watches from other companies, including the Forerunner 235, Fenix 3 and Fenix 5X. I bike indoors 1-2x per week and run 25-35 miles a week. Stryd Live footpod 4 is what I use. I sync my data to Strava and it has been a great watch. It's a huge watch with a lot of great features, but I didn't use it all. It doesn't have music, which I really wanted. I don't like carrying around my phone while running so the idea of a watch that had that feature was appealing. - I wasn't ready to pay over $600 for the music feature. I was looking at the Forerunner , but it was expensive, and the Vivoactive 3 is not a pure running watch. The Forerunner 245 Music was released in May of 2019. The screen is Gorilla Glass 3, which is less likely to scratch than some older Forerunners, and it's lightweight and barely noticeable on my wrist. You can load pre-designed courses, workouts, and training plans. I like the fact that the 245 can hold 500 songs and can be used with Deezer and other music services. I decided to downsize from the extremely large and heavy Fenix 5X to this watch. I don't regret the decision, but I would like the size of the Forerunners to be somewhere in between. If you're not running ultras, the battery life for this watch is fine. I'd be willing to give up a little weight in exchange for a bigger battery to keep this one going longer between charges. The barometric altimeter is not a must have for me in Florida, but it allows me to measure elevation and stairs climbed, which may be less accurate than using a gps device. I haven't experienced this when running, but it did start to cut in and out while I was walking. My assumption is that this happens because the antenna on the watch is too far away from my ears when I'm walking, as opposed to closer to my chest when I'm running. 99% of the time, I'll be running while listening to music. I have read that one solution is to make sure the watch is on the same side of your body as the antenna for your headset. If you're having the same issue, you might want to try that. I continue to like this watch and my overall rating hasn't changed. I've found it to be very accurate when running and the battery life is holding strong. I have not scratched it since I bought it. If you're like most people and have a Prime membership, you'll love the added Amazon Music support to the watch. I had an issue with my heart rate reading while riding my indoor bike. My heart rate reading will be below my actual heart rate and won't budge much after that. I'm hoping that they come up with a solution soon. The Mpow Flame2 is a good pair of headphones. They maintain strong connection while running.

5. Garmin Forerunner Running Training Support

Garmin Forerunner Running Training Support

Gps running with a training plan. A small running watch that estimates heart rate at the wrist and has aGPS to track your pace and distance. You can use the free coach adaptive training plans to get expert, personalized coaching right to your wrist. Connected features include smart notifications for incoming texts and calls, automatic uploads to their online community, live tracking and controls for the music playing on your phone. Tracking and safety features include incident detection which sends your real-time location to emergency contacts through your compatible phone. There are sports apps for running, cycling, indoor track, treadmill, elliptical, yoga and more. The battery life is up to 7 days in the wristwatch mode. The components include the Forerunner 45S. Documentation for charging cable.

Brand: Garmin

👤The Foreunner 45s are in White. I want to compliment the customer support of the company and give them an A+ rating before I discuss the specifics of the watches themselves. They have always replaced the watches if they can't resolve the watch issues. If you have a difficult technical issue, you can always call Eric, a tech rep that can answer the question and get you on your way. Amazon support is the best in class. I have always found the watches from Garmin to be more accurate. How do I know? My wife's Versa registered almost 4-miles while my wife's Fitbit registered 3.1 miles around the high school track. My wife was upset when I told her she over estimated her runing distances. I told her that I'm just the messenger. The 45s will have a smaller profile at 39mm. I know it will be big enough for an old man to read it on the fly. The accuracy and longevity of the watches made by the company is making them more attractive. I will give you a run down of how it performs during tennis and pickleball matches after I receive my white 45s. Stay informed.

👤After about 4 months, my 45 died. Absolutely dead. Nothing worked. Customer support was the place I contacted them. They will replace it. They sold me back to them at my expense after I shipped the faulty watch. They will not ship me the replacement until they get the piece of shit they sold me. I don't have to pay to send this watch back to them because I didn't use it after 4 months.

👤I bought this watch to track my running workouts. The appearance is great. The height is thinner than older, clunky Garmins, and the diameter is perfect for my medium sized men's wrist. I like how the watch face is always on, but not always visible, with the option to push a button to heighten illumination. Recording a workout is simple, it takes a few minutes to lock on, but start/stop, laps, save, etc. are all easy to do. Once I downloaded the apps to my phone, I could sync my workouts to the Garmin. The heart rate monitor is accurate. The faces are clear. The weather is even told by it. The watch band is too flexible, sometimes hard to thread into the clasp, is my only negative. It might be more rigid. I think this watch is good.

👤I got a 39mm one. I think the smaller the better because I have a small wrist. The screen has a big size that makes it easy to glance over while running. The color was not purple. Still very nice! It was easy to figure out functions. garmin app is required to have your phone and watch in sync. You save and use your phone garmin app when you complete your run or walk. All of your data can be seen. There are many options to upload from there. I have kept this for a few weeks and have run a lot. The battery life was not an issue. Some people complained about the flexible rubber wrist band, but I liked it. You know about the rep of Garmin. I got a watch for my first marathon. Very pleased so far!

6. Polar Ignite Smartwatch Wrist Based Waterproof

Polar Ignite Smartwatch Wrist Based Waterproof

Become your truest potential by using the sports smartwatch, Polar Ignite, for women and men who want to push their limits the right way. It's perfect for group and team exercise. It is possible to design a slim design for 24/7. A wrist-based OHR monitor, speed, distance, and route tracking with integrated gps, calories, and color touch display are some of the essentials that your new smart workout partner has. Nightly repentance. Nightly Recharge is a measure of how well your body recovers from stress. The FitSpark Daily Training Guide is designed to give you tailored and ready-made daily workout guidance based on your recovery and readiness. Sleep plus. There are some things that can happen. The new Sleep Plus Stages feature will give you detailed sleep insights.

Brand: Polar

👤The form factor of the Ignite was nailed by Polar. This is the only tracker that takes the cake. It is the lightest tracker I can wear while sleeping. My varied activities throughout the week have finally been tracked with accurate wrist based Heart Rate andGPS. The gps system has measured up to the actual distances so far. The sleep metrics are very easy to understand, although the logic behind them is beyond me. It is interesting to see the metrics on a level that I can adjust my sleep schedule to. The new features that recommend the workout of the day are pretty cool and seem to be a new feature for a Polar watch. I haven't had a chance to follow these yet, but I am interested in seeing some recovery recommendations since that has been a pain point for me.

👤I bought this watch because I wanted a clean and lightweight design watch in a casual environment that would keep me honest about my training activity. It has met my expectations so far. I have used this watch for many things, including swimming (25M pool), road cycling, trail and road running, and especially for the "sleep tracker" feature. After one week, the experience in my training has improved as I make small changes recommended by the device, and I have found the watch easy to use for all these activities. The touch screen is intuitive and I like having only one button to push. The heart rate information on the watch was easy to see. I like the suggested work out routines and have started to follow them. I like the polar flow app and how it easily syncs and uploads my data from the day. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I use the app, as I review my activities and see the evaluation that comes with it. I want to work out again the next day. I had to sync my watch with the Polar Flow App instead of making the adjustment on the watch to enable "auto stop" and set lap length in miles. The watch works perfectly for me now that this has been done one time. This Triathletes really likes this device. I'm going to buy two new black and yellow watch strap colors just to keep my look fresh for the rest of the summer and fall because I'm reading that the watch straps are easy to change.

👤The watch has an issue with the gps. The polar has a lot of issues when it comes to tracking the path, compared to my phone gps. I was not expecting the accuracy of a gps device, but at least it was close to a mobile phone. The HR monitor works well and the sleep functions are great. The features are limited and the user experience is compromised because there is only one button.

👤My exercise program is limited by heart rates after a recent heart attack. I have been using a chest strap monitor, which is the most accurate heart rate monitor. I was looking for an accurate wrist HRM. I don't always need a chest strap. I bought the Ignite because it performed well on a video that compared it to a chest strap. I am very happy. I did a comparison of my heart rate with the Ignite and it was very close to my upper limit. The chest strap is quicker to react to changes than the ignite, but that is fine with me. I tested both activities and the Ignite was accurate within a few seconds. The watch should be snug above the wrist bone, according to the manual. I think that placement is an important factor for accuracy. There is a comment on battery life. When I am doing a training activity like walking, running, or biking, the watch measures my heart rate continuously, tracks my location with a gps device, and I can choose to have the watch face light up when I raise and turn my head. The watch burns 10% of the battery life per 30 minutes with those functions on. It burns 4% per 30 minutes if you set it on an indoor activity. I'm not sure if that's the reason for the difference, but the indoor activities don't have to use the gps feature. My wrist is small, about 7 inches around. I was worried the watch would be too large. It is light-weight and the band is light, so it doesn't feel big. The yellow band that I bought is light and made of Silicone. The buckle is light. It is easy to adjust it to the right tightness because it has holes every 3/16 inches. I'll accept the risk in return for keeping the weight of the watch light because I'm not sure how long it will hold up.

7. Timex Ironman Run X20 GPS

Timex Ironman Run X20 GPS

Ladies' Watch Timex TW5K87400 is a great way to keep up with the latest fashion and accessory trends. The material of the bracelet is plastic. The box material is plastic.


👤A running watch with basic features is what I wanted. It's easy to use. It's smaller and requires more charging, but it's not necessary to watch a You Tube video to figure it out.

👤Excellent value for money, times and the ability to know how far I have traveled. This is not for you, you want to tell everyone else about it.

👤L'ho acquistato consapevole. Per quanto riguarda la durata della batteria. I vari percorsi con i vari valori, ma non possono essere esportati dal Timex. La pecca pi grande per. I impiega veramente per collegarsi. Ho fatto un test con il Timex. The Timex ha impiegato vari minuti. I vari percorsi effettuati, qualcosa di meno scomodo della sportiva dove inserire.

👤Ho preso questo orologio sportivo. L'unica cosa la men. Non propriamente intuitivo e c' bisogno di leggere il manuale. Per magari pu essere. Ottimo acquisto. A+.

👤Bequem und das Look ist relativ. Leider ist das gps signal, so beim gute Wetter gar. Ich wusste aber, die Daten ist die berspielbar.

👤In corsa, senza occhiali, piccole, and appena passi in un sottopasso pedon.

8. Garmin Forerunner Premium Triathlon Smartwatch

Garmin Forerunner Premium Triathlon Smartwatch

Premium running/triathlon watch with music. You can easily download songs to your watch, and connect with headphones for phone-free listening, if you have a third-party music provider. Vo2 Max and training status with adjustments for heat, altitude Acclimation status, training load focus, recovery time, and aerobic and anaerobic training effects are included in performance monitoring features. You can leave your cash and cards at home with the help of the Garmin Pay solution. You never get lost during your workout because of the full-color maps. Tracking and safety features include incident detection which sends your real-time location to emergency contacts through your compatible phone. Up to 2 weeks in the wristwatch mode, 10 hours in the gps mode with music or 60 hours in UltraTrac mode.

Brand: Garmin

👤After one week of not using the watch much, the back button broke, and I had to replace it. Is it Kidding? It is thought to be used in the water. Will return it and come back to it. There is a Sleep tracking is worse than 50 bucks. Buttery life is not as good as advertised. More than 600 bucks? Absolutely disappointed.

👤I was hesitant to order because I was unsure if I would get the product I wanted with all of the components. It was the exact bundle and watch that was listed on the site, and it arrived quickly. All the features are still being looked at. It is their top of the line running/tri watch. The larger display for visibility and data rich screens is what I love about it. The music option is the only thing I am upset about. Although the watch supports Amazon music, I don't think I can download any of the Amazon books I have, or at least not yet. It will be the best sports watch on the market.

👤I am not a pro athlete. I use this watch on average twice a week along with the tri, I like to track my heart rate when I exercise. I use the watch/chest strap on my bike and run. I ordered new batteries and a new O ring after the chest strap said low battery. The chest strap had bad reviews. The chest strap worked for one work out, but it no longer works, connects, or nothing after I changed everything. I'm stuck using the watch to track my workouts. I don't feel like I'm spending more money on a chest strap.

👤I do more cycling if the default is based on running. The battery lasts about 4 days before it needs to be recharged. Excellent menu choices for all sports. Several levels higher than before.

👤Had a chance to get one of the many variations of the Edge, but chose the FR945 for itsVersatility as a training computer, on and off the bike. It took a while to get to my doorstep, but it did as expected. The items I bought that same day from different vendors arrived at my mailbox on time, but the FR945 hadn't shipped until a week later.

👤The wrist heart rate monitoring is unreliable and is one of the reasons I bought this expensive watch. I am a competitive mountain biker. It's very disappointing and worse when they don't offer a solution except to use the chest strap. The strap needs to be tight to work. The difference between one use and another is more than 50 bpm. If the HR is important to you, don't recommend the 955.

👤The connect feature is great. I like the running coach. I am not an experienced runner and it is helping to improve my running. The battery life is good. I use it every day to track workouts, but I go several days between charges.

👤Good battery life, good heart rate monitor/blood O2, good gps accuracy, nice to have control over laps during a workout, and very cool features from Firstbeat.

9. Garmin VĂ­voactive Smartwatch Contactless Payments

Garmin V%C3%ADvoactive Smartwatch Contactless Payments

You can use your watch to pay for purchases with your cards from participating banks. Personalize your watch with thousands of free watch faces, apps and widgets from their Connect IQ store. There are more than 15 indoor and outdoor sports apps. Keep an eye on how you handle stress by monitoring your fitness level with VO2 max and fitness made estimates. You can get connected features such as smart notifications, automatic uploads, Live Track and more when you have a compatible phone. The battery life is up to 7 days in the wristwatch mode. The display is 1.2 inch in diameter.

Brand: Garmin

👤After owning for over a year and having the newer Vivoactive 4 and Apple Watch 5 just released, it's obvious that the watch is very comfortable and can wear 24/7. If you replace your watchband with a metal quick release one, it looks nice. It doesn't make a loud noise when watching sports. The battery life was not advertised. You get 13 hours of use in gps mode. It's about 10. It's better than Apple Watch. I swim/bike/ride regularly and play soccer. I leave the watch on to track how much I run. The watch records and provides the most important metrics for all of the sports it says it does. The website of Garmin is good. You can see the pace after 200 m/yds if you swim in the pool. Swolf score is one of the metrics given. No problem for me here. You can use the watch to record the ride. It's hard to see while riding. I use mine to broadcast the optical HR to my bike computer and it works great. The gps accuracy is on par with other gps/ohr watches. It's nice to know that I can leave the phone at home and listen to music on a run. I can now download music if I am a Prime member. The watch has a barometric altimeter that does a good job. If you care about the issues with altitude, get the VA3 music, it's important to you. I have more experienced eyes and have trouble seeing in dimmer light, but you can adjust the brightness to compensate. Be careful as bright will affect battery life. It's good and I don't have to worry about seeing what I need to see when running or swimming. I'm big into daily activity and sleep, but it seems to be accurate and good to know. It's just right for me. I can see who's texting and decide to pick up the phone from the watch. I don't need to reply with a watch. Not all credit cards can be linked, but if you have a card that does, the option works well. I was able to use my Wells Fargo ATM card. I guess ok if I need to in a pinch, but not my first choice. They added more cards and I was able to add another visa card. I think this is an excellent watch for the occasional to semi- serious athlete who wants to watch their heart rate during pool swims. It can be used to train for a triathlon or just occasional workouts. The newer VA4 is not worth the extra money. I prefer this watch over Apple Watch 3 because of its battery life.

👤I have had this for over a year and I still love it. The bands have held up, the watch face protectors have saved my watch, and I only replaced it once. Check in for 8 months! I love it! Gym work outs, road workouts, yoga and more are tracked. When I am stressed, I can track my sleep and heart rate. Still love it! I have had this watch for 6 months and wear it daily. I absolutely adore this watch. I researched for months before buying this one. I didn't like the idea of having a gps device and it did the job. I wore FitBit watches left and right before that. They are not built to last. I regret not buying a white watch base for the VivoActive. The battery life is not great. If I don't work out as much, mine will last for 4 days. Since I work from home that is not a big deal. I have to take the cord with me when I travel. Before you go to the airport, take off your watch. It causes me trouble every time. The phone notifications drain the battery. I would like to only give the watch call, text and delivery notifications. All notifications that come to your phone are included in your watch options. I bought different bands for this thing and it is durable. There is no bulk on my wrist because these bands tuck into themselves. I got a nick in the glass of my Garmin because I ordered the door frame too late. The film cover is great, but I forget about it. The cover on the device works just fine. The charging cord is in my car. I am driving and I need to replenish my watch. It charges quickly. The green heart rate lights can be a little loud at night. I am sure there is a way to turn them off, but I am not sure. I downloaded a different face for my watch. I like that I can see everything in one place, and it even shows that I have an alarm set. The calendar view app is great because I can see what I have done. The process of sync can be a bit difficult if you don't sync a few times a week. For a few weeks of data, maybe 5 min. I am very pleased with this device. I wear it all the time.

10. Garmin Forerunner Running Suggested Workouts

Garmin Forerunner Running Suggested Workouts

The easy-to-use running watch monitors heart rate at the wrist and uses gps to track how far and fast you run. Take the guess work out of training with suggested workouts of varying intensities based on your training history, fitness level and recovery time. Plan your race day strategy with the PacePro feature, which offers gps-based pace guidance for a selected course or distance, but is not compatible with on-device courses. Race time predictions and finish time estimates are helpful training tools. Track all the ways you move with built-in activity profiles for running, cycling, track run, virtual run, pool swim, Pilates, and more. The advanced features of your body include intensity minutes, fitness age, all-day respiration and more. The Connect IQ Store gives you the ability to personalize your watch with free watch faces, data fields, apps and widgets. Up to 20 hours inGPS mode and up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode.

Brand: Garmin

👤The original Vivoactive was losing battery life, so I upgraded it to this watch. The battery life was a big selling point for this watch. I did two 5 mile runs in the first 2 weeks and it was at 30% by the end of the 2 weeks. I didn't think I would like it, but I like it. I'm used to large watches. This one is small but not as large as I'm used to. The size is right. I've only used it for running and biking. The suggested workouts feature has not been used by me. The notifications use a light background and a short vibration. The buttons are easy to use. I did an extensive move after I got this watch, and it got banged around a bit, but no marks or scratches on it. If you want a lot of features on the watch, you should not get it. If you want long battery life, accurate gps tracking, and good sleep/health/heart rate tracking, you should get this watch. I would make this choice again.

👤There is an update. The watch has undergone several software updates and the battery life has improved to what was promised. It has mostly stopped the sudden, steep drops in battery life (no more going to bed with it at 80% and waking up to 40%). I think the software updates helped. When I bought it, it was v1.something. The first few times I charged this watch, the battery life was amazing. The charges have gone from 2 weeks to 30 hours since then. I have removed several features that are supposed to improve battery life. I used it for a workout and the battery went from full to 40%. In the last 4 hours, it has dropped from 40% to 30%.

👤I got this watch with great expectations. I like the look, but I would have liked it to have a "Strength Workout" or "Gym" activity profile. The battery life is my greatest disappointment. Within 3 days of getting my brand new watch, it was obvious that my battery was draining and I was not using it. I would be lucky to have a few days of battery life. I was told that a software update was pending after I made contact with the company. After some help, my battery life improved, but now it seems to be draining again. I made contact with the company again and waited for a response. It's very disappointing for a watch that's not even two weeks old.

👤I have never owned a watch like this before. I was looking for a replacement for that that died on me a couple weeks ago. I didn't want to use a tracker again and decided to use a tracker from Garmin. I settled on the Forerunner 55 after looking at many models. It had everything I wanted. A quality brand with HR, sleep tracking, notifications and - like most Garmin products - has a good reputation of being a great fitness tracker among other things. For the watch itself. The first thing I noticed was that it was small. It was about 10mm smaller than my Ionic. I like a watch that covers my wrist, so this was already a problem for me. I knew that the watch didn't have a touch screen, but I was willing to give it a try even though it didn't have a physical button on the side of the watch. I didn't like having to press buttons. It took me 30 pushes of buttons to wake me up. I found it to be cumbersome and inefficient. The display doesn't look like a touch screen. It isn't very bright and doesn't have a bright color indoors. The display is quite dim and it was difficult to see. You can increase the display's brightness by pressing a button, but it's not that great of a difference. The watch face was set to pure white. They looked like a dull grey. After seeing how dim the display was indoors, I went outside to see what it would look like in the sun, and it was even brighter thanks to the reflective properties of the display. It made the display look like I would want it to be all the time - bright white and dark black. It doesn't have a bright touchscreen so it's the biggest drawbacks for me. When I lifted or twisted my wrist, the screen would come on. I was able to see the display clearly. If I wanted to see the time I had to push a button to increase the brightness. It seems like an unnecessary thing to have to do. Unless you're outside, it's not an issue. The watch is nice, even though it is not perfect. It looked like good quality. It was responsive when entering commands. The companion phone app is better than the Fitbit's, it comes with a lot of apps and features. I didn't use this watch for a full day before I decided it wasn't for me. There was nothing against the watch. I would probably think it was a great watch if I continued to use it. It was not for me for the things I mentioned. If the display looked the same when it was in the sun.

11. Garmin Forerunner 235 Black Gray

Garmin Forerunner 235 Black Gray

Stay connected with smart notifications and automatic data uploads to the online fitness community. The display has a 215 x 180 resolution. No separate foot Pod is required for the built-in accelerometer to capture distance and pace data. Tracks distance, pace, time, and heart rate. After an hour of being inactive, activity tracking counts daily steps and calories.

Brand: Garmin

👤The screen is bright white and colorful and makes it look like pictures. The running pace has a delay. I don't really care about the features. We all know that the wrist located heart rate monitor is inaccurate. I think it can still be used with a chest monitor. I think that the company is getting arrogant. It should be easy for them to come up with a great running watch, but they seem to only care about things like music and phone notifications. Please give me a device that is accurate and responsive without all the bells and whistles.

👤1 week has passed. I am satisfied with the purchase. The battery life is good. It was half a full charge for 5 days. I knew my way around the functions after a day of learning the watch interface. The first night I wore it, it kept buzzing and giving me updates. My wife kicked me out of the bed and I learned not to disturb function. Within 5 seconds, it finds the gps signal. It only adjusts my mile pace in 5 seconds and it takes a few seconds. It may take 30 seconds to show that I went from a 7 min pace to a 9 min pace. This is my first navigation device. I am impressed.

👤99% of people need a watch that meets their needs. There is a I settled on the Garmin forerunner 235 after many weeks of comparing fitness watches. I know it is an older model. It is still the best. The newer model is more expensive but it is simpler to use and works better. I got 12 days as a fitness tracker. It's time to say goodbye to Fitbit. Multiple watch faces have a great selection. The stock band should be replaced with almost any other band. It is slow to light up when I turn my wrist, and I have to press the button sometimes. The screen is bright with a minimal light. It has been made that way.

👤This watch and garmin app do everything I want it to do, including time, distance, elevation gain/loss, heart rate, calories burned and lap times. I think the real beauty is the simplicity, it's not complicated and I don't need it. I don't care for the look of this watch. I like the look more and more, so I'm coming around on that. The battery life is so good that it's not a big deal, but the watch's overall brightness is a small problem. I would recommend this watch to any runner.

👤I entered the watch world after a few bad experiences with cheaper watches. I use it for running and biking. It is spot on with gps tracking and pace. It has a few different settings. The battery life for what I use it for is about a week. It's normal to watch the rest of the time. The only issue I had was that the heart rate monitor would be inaccurate. This happens when I ascend a steep incline and I know my bpm are much higher than the 87 it says. I get a reading of over 200 bpm when I hike at an easy pace. I am not. You can either get the chest strap with it or be ready for that.


What is the best product for gps running watch women?

Gps running watch women products from Garmin. In this article about gps running watch women you can see why people choose the product. Amazfit and Polar are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps running watch women.

What are the best brands for gps running watch women?

Garmin, Amazfit and Polar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps running watch women. Find the detail in this article.

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