Best Gps Receiver for Dash Cam

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1. Vantrue Adhesive Windshield Receiver Windows

Vantrue Adhesive Windshield Receiver Windows

Vantrue N1 Pro / X4 / X1 / X1 Pro Dash cam has a miniusb port and a gps receiver module. You can use the gps mount to check the location of your vehicle on the map. Attaching to a clean and smooth surface will give you maximum holding strength. The slide mount system allows you to remove the dash cam without damaging your window, and you can remove the mount without damaging it. The package includes a gps mount and sticky tape. The package includes a gps mount and sticky tape.

Brand: Vantrue

👤The mount works well. The mirror mount that I was using with my N2 Pro was made prior to the N4 so they are incompatible, so I ordered the adhesive mount. The new N4 has a third camera that gets plugged into the power port on the N4 and the power cable that goes into the power port on the base is incompatible. The mirror mount that I was using had no ports and not the power port that I needed. The base of the mirror mount does not work for me in Chicago. I experience both the cold and the heat. I used the mirror mount because of the issues with the suction cup-based items that have previously been caused by this. I was able to get help from Vantrue, who suggested using the mount. The mount is working well so far.

👤The standard mount takes a large amount of space, pushing your camera way down from the top of the car, the power cord also enters at the top of the mount, making the situation worse. This mount is great because it is easy to mount the camera high on the windshield, and it has a power port in a convenient location. They don't advertise this mount as much as the standard version. This is the only version that should be there.

👤The original mount for my camera has had a lot of problems. I live in a hot area and the cup always came off the window. I replaced it with this mount and it has not budged since.

👤The option for the dashboard camera is must have. The vantrue n1 pro won't handle the heat and humidity of Georgia during the summer. The mount has worked well and allows the camera to be tucked away behind the mirror.

👤Pre-track inspections are dependent on the inspector's comfort level with camera mountings, and I wanted all the gps data for review of the laps I did. It was very close to the action and worked perfectly with the camera. My camera has an extra sticky pad, but I didn't have any issues with it.

👤So far, so good. I had the mount installed for about 2 weeks and have not had any issues with it. I'd have to watch the video to see if the gps portion works, but the mount portion seems stable.

👤It takes a long time to sync. It doesn't seem to update the time on the camera.

👤The camera was on a 2 minutes loop recording, and I counted all the video clips that were not working, but the gps was working.

2. Vantrue Adhesive Windshield Receiver Windows

Vantrue Adhesive Windshield Receiver Windows

Vantrue N2 Pro / N2 / T2 / R3 / X3 Dash cam has a miniusb port and a gps receiver module. You can check the location of your vehicle with the gps mount. Attaching to a clean and smooth surface will give you maximum holding strength. The slide mount system allows you to remove the dash cam without damaging your window, and you can remove the mount without damaging it. 2 weeks of free shipping is included with the package.

Brand: Vantrue

👤I had issues with the N2 Pro's packaged mount falling, so I decided to use the adhesive mount. It seems to be much more sturdy and comes with additional glues. Vantrue decided to move theusb port to the right side as opposed to the left like they do on their cameras and other mounts, which is a concern for me. Is it possible to make a mount even more low profile by removing the gps feature? The N2 Pro is a large dash cam and I don't need it. Thanks!

👤Your car's diagnostic device is on the left side, while theusb connection is on the right side. Maybe this mount is for British cars.

👤During installation, broke. It's illegal to mount window cameras in the US, so I didn't need a dash cam. It's too fragile for long term use. The power connection was on the side. It wasn't worth the wait or the price to compromise. One of the best dash cam companies is Vantrue. This was not a priority. I will buy one if they make one out of metal and dash-mounted. Articulation is important.

👤I wanted it to stick to the windshield and not fall from the mount. Since the power cable plugs into the mount, I can remove the camera without removing it.

👤The camera should have this mount. The mount is total garbage. The camera should come with both since it costs twice as much as its competitors.

👤The vacuum cup that drops with the car in the middle of traffic is not something I like about this product. Does exactly what it says it does, and gives your compatible cameraGPS capabilities which will register in the dash- cam's image.

👤I got this mount because it would fall off. The plastic cup is dried out by the heat and UV light. I had shipping problems when I ordered the mount, but it's worth the wait. I'm using the computer. I'm still here. I'm happy. You will be happy you did.

👤The Vantrue N2 Pro Dash cam mount needs a replacement. It also includes a 3M pad. The original cup is failing frequently.

3. VANTRUE Rearview Mirror Mount Rexing

VANTRUE Rearview Mirror Mount Rexing

It works well with Vantrue N2 Pro, N2S, T3, N2, X4, X3, T2, T1, X1, X1 Pro dash cams. The rear view mirror mount allows you to mount the dash cam behind the mirror without blacking the drivers view. You can adjust and position your dash cam as you please, with the perfect viewing angle. The soft padding ensures a firm mount and avoids damaging the surface to the mirror pole. It is easy to install and remove. Most vehicles have a rear view mirror pole of at least 0.4” Before purchasing, please check the pictures.

Brand: Vantrue

👤I spent an hour trying to figure out how the Vantrue mirror mount works with the VantrueGPS add-on for the N2 Pro camera, but I found out they don't actually work together. You can either have a rugged mounting solution or the gps add-on for the N2 Pro camera. Poor design. I want to use the data from this mount for my videos.

👤If you own a Vantrue N2 or N2Pro, you know that the original sucky window mount has a connection for power built in. You are connected to power if you use that mount. The mount is made by Vantrue, but it doesn't connect to power. Since there is no power connection in the camera itself, you cannot use this mount with either of the Vantrue Models above. Thank goodness. The return process is easy for Amazon.

👤I bought two cars for my two children who drive. A neighbor's dog attacked my daughters car while it was parked at my ex husband's house and caused over $1,600 damage. The ex and police officer neighbor were very upset about the incident. My daughter caught the Doberman on her car and both the officer and my ex said good luck in proving it. I installed two Vantrue Pro cameras that were hard wired to detect motion. Guess what? My son was allowed to drive his car to my ex husbands because the Doberman was out of control. Thanks to Vantrue, theENTIRE ATTACK was caught in a high definition video. The image quality is amazing. The dog is let out of the policeman's fence at 8:17 the morning of the second attack. Their house is close to my ex husbands. The sound quality is amazing. The dog is scratching, tearing and clawing at my car. The cameras produce amazing video and it was the best purchase I have made in a long time. Highly recommend!

👤The n2pro is a good idea, but it doesn't stay secured at all times, so be careful with it! Maybe it will work better.

👤I have a Miata that has a small window. If I were to use the original mount that came with my Vantrue N2 Pro, I would return it because it was too small and hung too low. The mount sits right below my mirror. Due to the soft rubber straps that surround the area being clamped, the area is fully adjusted and rattle free. The mount will lose the function of the gps device.

👤At first, this product was great. It fell off the mirror twice. The included clips don't actually secure the camera like the suction cup does, it can just slide off. I have to tighten it every so often, as I'll get in my car on hot days and the camera will be facing down. I was a little annoyed to see that this does not support charging via the mount like the original one does, and I have no idea why it doesn't support it when it's from the same company. The other flaws are annoying. I'll do this one until it works as it's supposed to. It's a shame because I was really happy.

4. Adapter Convert Connector Compatible Receiver

Adapter Convert Connector Compatible Receiver

The miniusb 2.0 cable is compatible with a lot of things. It is a minimalist solution with a high quality aluminum body. The Miniusb device can be charged with the standard type-c cable. The miniusb device has a cable. Data transfer can be done at a rate of up to 480 Mbps with the help of theusb 2.0 protocol. 56K pull-up resistors are built with for safer and more reliable quality. Data sync and charge can be done with the standard type-c cable. The Mini 5 Pin is compatible with many devices, including the Hero HD, Hero 3+, PS3 controller, Astro A40/50, MP3 player, Digital Cameras, and other devices. If you have any questions or dissatisfied with their products, please contact their customer support team.

Brand: Jxmox

👤The JXMOX is not compatible with the specifications of theusb. The only thing you'll get out of the device is that it works for dumb charging from a cable. If you try to use a thunderbolt cable with aPD, it won't work. If you try to charge a Macbook pro with a susb C or thunderbolt cable, it won't work. If you want to transfer data from a Macbook pro to a Thunderbolt cable, then this device won't work. The units that I got do not function in accordance with the advertised specifications.

👤Who came up with the review criteria for this item? Is it sheerness? What is the thickness? Is there an appetite? Maybe the last one means that the plugs fit perfectly, but that's not the whole problem. I didn't want to use my old minusb cables that are more than a decade old, and all my new stuff, so what's not to like here? If you have stuff with that interface that you're still using, this is great to have at hand. I got these because construction worked great on one of my older boards, which is my main reason for getting these. I got a Chinese pulse/oxygen (PO) that uses miniusb and connects to my phone with ausb-c, so I don't need to use their included messy cable that only went to a ordinaryusb A plug, and I also got a Chinese pulse/oxygen (PO It was cheap.

👤I was able to convert my mini keyboard to ausb C.

👤I bought this to use on the cute cable I got for my mechanical keyboard. I took the keyboard home when I got a wireless one, but when I got home I realized the keyboard was still in one piece. I didn't think much of it, but I thought it was my clumsiness. I had to bring my keyboard back to work after I realized that it was malfunctioning and only worked with the cable in a specific position. I took it back home and as I was plugging it into my computer, the cord moved and the piece of junk snapped off on my keyboard again. I have to get my keyboard fixed because it was not me. Avoid all costs.

👤I tried it on a few cables. It won't work with the cables you would use to connect to your computer. It will not allow me to use my microphone on my Dell laptop. It will work with the same cables you would use to charge your phone.

👤It was a great first use. On the first removal, fell apart. I had to get a replacement order from Amazon. The case was separated from the innards. A moderate wind could blow the case off. The picture with the packaging shows that replacement adapters are equally bad. I didn't buy something so I could do a fix myself, but I suppose I could take some glue and fix the problem.

👤To keep weight and space down, I carry fewer cables on my bicycle. The problem is that every bicycle light uses this stupid connection. I would need a special cable to charge them. I can use the usbc cable to charge my lights with this adapter. The lights work great after I charged them. I don't have anything that uses this data. I can't test transfer speeds but I can charge it.

5. Jansite Mirror Antenna Receiver Module

Jansite Mirror Antenna Receiver Module

Only applicable to the Jansite mirror dash cam model ASIN. B09BR3TKG5 is called B08H5NYRKJ. The gxplayer installation package will be added to the memory card after the gps antenna is connected. To see the trajectory and speed, click on the computer. If you connect to the gps and set the time zone, the time and date will be automatically adjusted, and you don't need to set it manually. Time display error occurs because the time zone is not set. The backup camera mirror shows the speed at work. It can be set to MPH or KMH according to your needs.

Brand: Jansite

6. Vantrue Dash Windshield Adhesive Mount

Vantrue Dash Windshield Adhesive Mount

A dash cam mount can be used to replace a damaged or lost mount. It works for Vantrue N4, N2S, X4S, T3 dash cam. Attaching to a clean and smooth surface will give you maximum holding strength. The ball head gives flexibility for positioning the camera. The slide mount system allows you to remove the dash cam without damaging your window, and you can remove the mount without damaging it.

Brand: Vantrue

👤This is a must have if you have an N4.

7. Onuoda Replacement Vehicle Charging Traffic

Onuoda Replacement Vehicle Charging Traffic

It is easy to install and remove. Most vehicles have a rear view mirror pole of at least 0.4” Before purchasing, please check the pictures. The design for your gps is specially made. The TA20 is designed for models without a built in traffic receiver and will provide power for them. The input is 12v - 24v and the output is 5v 2a. It's compatible with the Nuvi Series, the RV Series, the zumo Series, the Dash cam Series, the eTrex Series, the Drive Series, and the DriveSmart Series. The series include the Dzl Series, the DzlCam Series, and the Fleet Series. If your nuvi has an embedded digital receiver for the Traffic Messaging Channel, you need a built in antenna to receive digital signals. Simply plug one end of the cable into your vehicle cigarette lighter connection and the other end into the back of the nuvi satnav or your nuvi suction cup mount cradle and you are ready to power up. 45 days is a refund and 12 months is a warranty. They can make the warranty because of strict production management mode and high quality material. 45 days is a refund and 12 months is a warranty. They can make the warranty because of strict production management mode and high quality material.

Brand: Onuoda

👤I bought this cord as a replacement for a cord that would lose power occasionally. I was excited to get a less expensive product that did the same job. The product claims that it has the reciever for traffic, but it doesn't. The power cable is disconnected. To receive traffic information, you need to connect the power cable to a power source and your device. The cord is plugged in, but it doesn't charge. I will return it because it doesn't allow me to use all the features of my device.

👤This is not a Traffic Antenna Charger, it is a plain old everyday charge and will not give you connection to the traffic system, read the first line of the description, specially designed for charging your gps in the car. The vehicle power cable will give you power. 180 days warranty and 30 days refund. We can make the warranty because of strict production management mode and high quality material.

👤A cheaper alternative to the power supply that works the same as the original one. The build quality is slightly cheaper than the original option but it will hold up to wear and tear as long as you don't rough it up. This option is a great alternative for anyone who has lost or misplaces their charger. I use this product every day as a truck driver.

👤I needed a replacement for a stock charge. The antennae in the cable are needed for my traffic receiver. The cord is long enough to fit on my minivan's window.

👤It was plugged in in nuvi 57 LMT and drive 50 LMT. Both of them received the cable, but they were not able to receive traffic information. Have not road tested the cable. I will definitely report again if it fails. This cable is a good deal. On 6/26/2019, it was reported.

👤I bought this as a replacement cord for my gps device, but it doesn't work like others I've tried. It charges but is not compatible. I can't use traffic on my gps.

👤This is a slight improvement over the previous power cord that didn't allow for traffic. The biggest issue is that the unit doesn't always turn on unless you twist it, which may not be turned on if you start your car.

👤The charge works great. Let's know about the traffic.

8. Vantrue Capacitor Starvis Parking Detection

Vantrue Capacitor Starvis Parking Detection

The front and rear cameras simultaneously capture the road front and rear in crystal detail. The discreet design of the dash cam allows it to be stuck to the window for optimal field-of-view, thus not attracting attention and making safe driving. The rear camera cable is perfect for trucks, pickup,s, and SUVs. The single front recording captures crystal clear video at 4k 2880x2160P@ 24FPS or 1920x1080P@60FPS, which makes key details like road signs and vehicle number plates legible. The built-in gps module allows you to view the Live speed in dash cam. If an accident occurs, you can use their Windows and Mac compatible gps viewer to see the exact driving route, speed, and location on the map. When the front dash cam motion sensor senses an object moving, both cameras will record and save those important events. The dual lens dash cam can be used in low bitrate recording mode, which allows it to record at a high rate for 24 hours a day in parking mode, which saves memory space and provides a safer parking environment. The dual-lens dash cam is equipped with a Sony Night Vision lens and Sony Starvis CMOS. It automatically adjusts the camera exposure and delivers clear images even at night. The Super Capacitor is a power source that is heat resistant and can be used instead of a battery to extend the life of the camera. The videos are locked to the event file to prevent them from being overwritten. When the card is full, Seamless loop recording auto-inflates the oldest file. Time lapse takes photos at a set time interval and then edits them to a video clip. Email replies within 24H and a full 18 months warranty are included. The Vantrue microSD Card B07WXH12TC has a capacity of up to 512GB.

Brand: Vantrue

👤If you hardwire this camera to your car's battery and leave it on parking mode, it will slowly drain your car's battery. The next time you try to start your car, there are 4 factors that will determine if it will be dead. 1. The amount you drive. If you drive a decent amount, you should be able to charge your car's battery enough to keep the camera alive. If you have a short commute, you may have a net discharge each day. 2. How often do you drive? If you leave your car parked for a few days. If the camera keeps recording, it may drain your battery. Depending on where you park. Where you parked. If you park on a street, in a lot, in a driveway, or in a car port, your camera may be active most of the day. People, cars, trees, and even birds cause your camera to turn on. 4. The type of battery. The average car battery is not designed to be constantly charged and drained. It isn't designed to run for a long time. It's designed to give you a burst of power to start your engine. Your battery's lifespan will shorten if you drain frequently. You can see sulfate crystals on the terminals. Some car batteries are designed to provide both power and sustained power, and they don't lose as much off their lifecycle by draining frequently.

👤The camera was packaged with some items. 1. The front S1 Dash Camera has a second one. Rear camera 3. The mini-USB is a 12 V adapter. The rear camera has a cable to connect to it. There is a mini-usb cable outside of the car. There is a front camera mount. The rear camera mount is 8. There are additional 3M stickers. The only thing you need to add is a card that the manual recommends, so I bought a card that was recommended by the manual. The setup was easy and the sticky mounting part held the camera well for over 3 weeks. The plugs are put in a way that makes it very easy to install yourself and they have 90 degree bend upward so it is very easy to do a professional looking install. If you want to have it hardwired, you can use the included 12V lighter plug to enable recording even when the vehicle is not running. The settings were configured to do a 5 minutes loop. If you have it set to 5 minutes loop, the bigger the memory card, the longer your history will be. It's easy to find and save the clips you need from the split video files. I increased the even sensitivity settings to most sensitive mode. Since I have a lot of storage and time until I have to clean up the clips, it's worth it. There is a button to press if you want to manually lock a file. The neat thing about the software is that you don't have to look for them in hundreds of 5 minute files because they are saved in a separate folder on the microSDXC card. Very nice detail. If you need to connect to perform updates, the front camera is easy to remove. I had a small issue that I had to email support for. I was able to install the update painlessly after they released an update to resolve my issue. If you have an old smaller card that isn't even a phone, it will be useful to use that during the update so you can load the update on that card instead of using the larger card. The camera has been running for 20 days and has not had an issue with power up or power down. All the event based recording have been saved. I would highly recommend this camera for its ease and reliability. You need to get a Samsung card.

9. Vantrue Receiver Module Suction Windows

Vantrue Receiver Module Suction Windows

Vantrue N2 Pro / N2 / T2 / R3 / X3 Dash cam Mini Suction Port Car Cup Mount withGPS Receiver Module is compatible with Windows and Mac. You can check the location of your vehicle with the gps mount. It doesn't work for Vantrue X1 / N1 Pro / X1 PRO / X2 / R2 Dash cam. It doesn't work for Vantrue X1 / N1 Pro / X1 PRO / X2 / R2 Dash cam.

Brand: Vantrue

👤This is the first car that has a gps device. The accuracy is within reasonable error and I have ever experienced it. The location of the charging port and the size of the mount are the same as the original one. This mount and the N2 Pro Dashcams features make for an excellent around town, highway, or even taxi camera that will protect your wallet in case of the worst. I tested the accuracy by driving around town in situations such as heavy accelerations, heavy braking, and regular use. In all of the testing I noticed a small delay, about a second or two, before the speedometer caught up with my current speed, or slowed down in the case of braking. The heavy acceleration performed well. I saw a delay of 1.5 to 2 seconds before the speed was registered, but the accuracy was dead on. The heavy braking performed well. The accuracy was within reason, as I saw a delay of about 2 to 3 seconds before the correct speed was registered. Normal use performed well. I saw a delay of about 1 second before the correct speed was registered, and the accuracy was dead on. When you stop at a stop sign, the speed limit on the car's speedometer may not register 0 MPH unless you wait a little longer. There is a * Sometimes when you accelerate the car, the speed can be overstated by a couple of MPH, but it will come back to normal within a couple of minutes. The mount seems to be of the same quality as the original, and seems to hold up to loud bass. The new location of the charging ports allows for less obtrusion in the drivers vision. The original had a port facing the left, while the new one is nearest to the headliners.

👤This shows your actual MPH on your recorded drives. You can see the route you took with the software. There is a I was unable to give this a 5 star because of the location of theusb port on the device. The N2 Pro's port is on the side of the device so you can technically install it right up to the upper edge of the screen. You need to push it at least an inch down the window to get the port on the top of the device to work. It also restricts how close I can get my car to the mirror before swinging it into a locked position, which is an added impediment. The whole enclosure comes with my car. I believe there is a little man or woman in the room who decides how dark it is out there and switches the mirror to night time mode, saving me the wrist action involved in doing so manually. I don't think so. I don't recommend buying this product.

👤I bought this because I wanted to be able to prove location, speed and time if I was involved in an accident. It has worked well and is worth the money. I was able to prove that I was not speeding with the help of the data and video from my Vantrue N2 Pro. This is a must have for any of the above listed cameras. It is not an expensive add on to buy. Thank you Vantrue!

10. UGREEN Charging Compatible Controller Receiver

UGREEN Charging Compatible Controller Receiver

If you have any questions or dissatisfied with their products, please contact their customer support team. A mini B to mini A cable is used to connect your computer or hub to a digital camera or other portable device with a mini B 5-pin connection. The miniusb cable supports high speed data transfer up to 480Mbps, backwards compatible with full-speedusb 1.1 and low-speedusb 1.0. The miniusb 2.0 cable is flexible and durable, and it is more reliable to ensure stable and fast data transfer. Premium nylon braided cable is more durable. It's compatible with many devices, including the Hero HD, HERO 4, HERO 3+, PS3 controller, Astro A40-50, MP3 players, and other devices. Triple shielding of tinned copper, aluminum foil and ground wire ensures stable and fast data transfer. Friendly non-slip design for easier plug and unplug experience, durable nylon braided provide the miniusb cord maximum conductivity and minimize data loss

Brand: Ugreen

👤I use these cables to connect my telescope and camera to a computer in the cold weather. The cables are stiff in the cold, which makes them more likely to strain as the telescope moves. These are woven and are ideal for this use.

👤Feb 5, 2021. I'm using a 6 foot cable for my Canon scanner. The cable is connecting the computer to the internet. Adequate shielding, turning on a desk lamp with fluorescent bulbs, and re-booting of the scanner were some of the things that caused it to happen. The mini B jack on this cable gave a snug fit on the port of the scanner. The original did not give a click or feel, which had been unplugged before.

👤I buy UGREEN products because I love them. Quality, Durability, and great for the price. I have many UGREEN cables. I continue to buy them because I am happy with all of them. Highly recommended!

👤I like it a lot. It was used to power my dash cam. My dash cam can catch amazing drivers on the road.

👤I needed a cord for the hand. It's not easy to find. Works well.

👤Extending the power cord on a dash camera. Works well.

👤Good connections with good quality cable.

👤Works are described. It is definitely sturdy construction. It was damaged a little when I got it. I was able to fix the problem.

👤After I added a microphone arm to my set up, I bought this cable as a longer, more flexible one. The yeti works as expected, with no issues, and the seats are good.

👤I used this as a replacement cable for my blue yeti mic as the cable they provide is very cheap. This worked perfectly. Good quality cable!

👤My microphone was purchased to use. The cable is high quality. Couldn't recommend more.

👤Can't review a product that was large to use for charging my phone, but appears good quality.

👤The rear dash cam problems were caused by the cable resistance being too high when I purchased 3m from another brand. I bought this (3m) after returning that one. It works well. It is easier to install in the car. I would highly recommend this cable.

11. Sweguard Charging Compatible Controller Receiver

Sweguard Charging Compatible Controller Receiver

45 days is a refund and 12 months is a warranty. They can make the warranty because of strict production management mode and high quality material. You can connect your computer or hub to a digital camera or other portable device with a mini B 5-pin connection. The Sweguardusb a to mini b cable supports the speed of up to 480 Mbps for data transfer which is backwards compliant with full-speed USB 1.1 (12 Mbps) and low-speed USB 1.0 (1 Mbps) and provides 2A power charging for devices. Universal CompatibilityMini It is possible to use theusb 2.0 cable for TI 84 PlusCE Graphing Calculator, Hero HD, Hero 3+, PS3 controller, Astro A40/50, MP3 player, Digital Cameras, and other devices with Mini 5 Pin. The miniusb tousb bend over 10000 bending is made of tangle-free nylon braided material and wear-resistant aluminum shell, and the combination of nickel-plated connectors and foil & braid shielding keep the ps3 controller cable maximum conductivity and minimize data loss. Theusb mini b is protected from data loss and interference by using gold-plated connectors, nylon braid shielding and bare copper conductors. This data cable is bend tested and provides a safer and more reliable charging option.

Brand: Sweguard

👤I was looking for cables that would work with older hard drives. These worked well. The transfer rate is quicker than the cables that came with the hard drives. I don't see anything to complain about.

👤It's an odd cord. I was relieved to know I ordered the right one. I don't use theusb cord on most things. The Leap Pad and star projector only have this cord.

👤They worked out perfectly for me.

👤Ich ist das Sweguardusb Kabel Set bestellt, sondern bei Smartphone laden. Kompatibel ist fr 5V / 3,0A/6V 3.1A und schnelle Datenbertragung. Premium nylon geflochtene Typ c Kabel. Ihren Smartphones bei Hause SAMSUNG. Im Zubehr ist die Kabel, die jemals besorgt. Im Standard-Kabel ist immer. In die Tonne treten, man leider in die Kabel. Ich war die Kabeln und der Qualitt von Anfang. Sie beispielsweise beispiel Zudem ist die Verbinder extra. Einfach top! I am 100%ige Kompatibilitt. Egal ist die Endgerten die Kabel. Schnelle Datenbertragung sowie Laden. Man ist braucht, so is man in dem Klett. Ich nun seit. I am wochen. Einsatz und bin rundum ist. I was in the Wohnung, uns das krzere im auto. In der Summe ist die Sweguard -Kabel. Wer in der Suche in guten Kabeln in Lnge und schickem Design ist. There is a person named Klare Kaufempfehlung.

👤Super Kabel! The Ladebuchse has a Sitzen fest. usb-Stecker ist fest und wackelt. Ladeleistung super. Datenbertragung problemlos! 13 Euro is the price of the Drei Kabel. Sicher, die gute Investition, ist die drei versch. Lngen. It's a super Produkt!

👤Ich bin bei der Ware, weil mein Handy. Ihren 20 mal ist das Kabel in mein handy. Man braucht, dafr. Keine Kaufempfehlung! Im originale Aufladekabel von the SAMSUNG Note 9 ist besser.

👤Ich bin berzeugt und der Stoff berzug schtzt.

👤Stecker sitzt schn fest, so man is es gleiche.


What is the best product for gps receiver for dash cam?

Gps receiver for dash cam products from Vantrue. In this article about gps receiver for dash cam you can see why people choose the product. Vantrue and Vantrue are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps receiver for dash cam.

What are the best brands for gps receiver for dash cam?

Vantrue, Vantrue and Vantrue are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps receiver for dash cam. Find the detail in this article. Jxmox, Jansite and Vantrue are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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