Best Gps Range Bag Backpack

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1. G P S Executive Backpack Range Black

G P S Executive Backpack Range Black

The system has aremovable visual I.D. There is no need for transportation to and from the range. The foam cradle can hold up to 5 handguns.

Brand: G5 Outdoors

👤When I first got into shooting handguns, I bought a big range bag. I should've looked for a good range backpack instead, but I bought that over the should bag. I need to carry weight on both shoulders, but that bag is excellent. I can't think of a better place for organization and a list of thoughtful touches. You can put the pistol rack back in if you stack it in the bottom of the bag. If you wanted to get 800 rounds in there, you could fit the rack nicely, and it would only take 50 rounds of 9mm. You could probably carry the same amount. I usually carry 250 rounds of 9mm, 100 rounds of.40 cal, and a 500 round box of.22 to the range each trip. There's definitely room for more, that's handled with ease. I snickered at the cups that came with it. Not laughing now. They are very useful. Those who think this is expensive believe that it is worth it. I like the look of the back too. It doesn't look like a wannabeoperator, but is built to task.

👤Everything about this bag is perfect. It seems sturdy and well put together. It has a lot of storage for everything. I'm trying to find more stuff to put in it. There is a slight disadvantage for me. The carry tray for pistols has no accessories. I have a lot of things on my pistols. I had to modify the foam in the carry tray to fit. This bag was the perfect replacement for my old range bag. It's so convenient to wear this on my back and free up my hands.

👤The backpack has lived up to my expectations so far. It's nice to have 5 handguns in one package, along with glasses, earplugs, and all of the other little things, instead of 3 or 4 cases, etc. It holds my guns. The pack is showing very little wear after a dozen trips to the range. Excellent design.

👤The backpack is of great quality. It is comfortable to wear and has good options for placement. The foam handgun rack is strong and holds most handguns securely. I returned the product. The foam rack takes too much room and leaves a large amount of room inside the bag that can't be used. After loading my other necessities, there was not enough room for magazines or bullets. The bag has too much space and no magazine pouches.

👤The range backpack has a knotch. It has a place for everything you'll ever need at the range. The quality is excellent. Unless you bring more than 5 handguns at one time, this will be the last range bag you need.

👤This bag is amazing. I have a list of things I would like to change. I can not think of one thing that would be different from this bag. This is your bag if you take multiple guns to the range.

👤I have had this bag for 6 months and I am still very pleased. The bag is wearing well and the quality of the material is excellent. There is a place for everything in the design of this. The bag is stealth and doesn't scream "gun bag" like most products. This bag is low-profile and I wish more manufacturers made it.

2. Military Tactical Backpack Rucksack ARMYCAMOUSA

Military Tactical Backpack Rucksack ARMYCAMOUSA

APPEAL: The backpack is amazing. It can be used for school, travel, and a military assault rucksack. It can be used for any backpack situation. You will love having so many different places to put your stuff. It has a hydration compartment. There are many compartments to store and organize your life. The pack has 3 days worth of clothes and other essentials. A backpack for combat, range, survival or hunting. It is impervious to water and can keep everything dry in a storm. USEFULNESS: You can shrink it down to a smaller bag if you don't need the extra room or expand it to 5 inches deeper if you need more gear. Their backpack will impress you. It can be made into a bug out bag or a 72 hour emergency kit. The 600 denier polyester makes it tear resistant and has great straps and zippers. When you are not hiking, camping or trekking, the waist strap is not necessary. 40 lbs can easily be handled internally. The capacity of 39 to the expanded 64 liters is only weighed 3.6 pounds. If you don't like your tactical backpack after you use it, you will get a 100% money back guarantee. They will give back your money. Their customer service wants you to be satisfied with your purchase. Absolutely no risk. The backpack comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Today is the day to get yours and more for family and friends.

Brand: Armycamo

👤I needed to review this backpack. Some of the reviews are very bad. Even if you are 6' 10", it is not small. The shoulder pieces fully adjust to fit even the most portly individual. It is heavier than I expected due to the heavy weight. It will be very durable and water resistant. It can be difficult to get into the main pocket quickly, but the side buckles are designed to hold so that is a good thing. The zippers work well. This backpack is really nice. If you can only get 3 days worth of clothing and accessories, you either don't know how to pack or are taking way too much. I can get a week's worth of it with my camera and tablets. The backpack is 5 times the cost.

👤I was traveling for work with basic clothing and not taking a small carry-on, so I was not sure how people put more than 15-20 lbs in here. I didn't have to extend the bag but the inside top section tore. A bag that's actually built solid can be had for another 20 to 30 dollars. The outside parts seem to have been sown right, but inside they are bound to tear. If you're carrying tools, you wouldn't want a bag like that. I could have a bad production run or a bad bag if I put in up to 45 lbs., as there are not tests on Amazon. I got a solid product and should've paid more. I can't return it.

👤Our son is going to a military-style training camp. They had to haul their own packs for 5 days through the woods. I can't say that the bag was sitting in the open rain all the time. The bag was in the shelter, but it was exposed to some rain. There was nothing in the bag that got wet. If you want to keep your stuff dry inside a pack, always put it in a ziploc bag. There is only one pocket lined with plastic. We got this bag because it had a lot of attachment points. This is a military style bag. It did the job and lived up to the claims, because it was rugged and withstood the training week. We are going to get 2 more since it is a sturdy bag. We wanted to field test the bag before writing a review. The photo was taken when we picked up our son.

👤The back pack is the best I have ever seen. There was a whistle on the front clip and a velcro American flag, but they were not mentioned. The bag is a little heavy but worth the weight. There is plenty of room. When the bag is expanded. The phone is too small for the pocket on the strap, and the waist straps don't go all the way across my stomach, but that is my fault because I have gained weight. Who cares about that? If you need a bag, this is it. I highly recommend it. It will fit your travel needs easily. The material is strong and flexible.

3. Outdoors Handgunner Backpack Cradle Handguns

Outdoors Handgunner Backpack Cradle Handguns

There are three handgun storage cases. There are 4 outside pockets for accessories. Load stability can be achieved with a padded waist strap. The frame is internal for rigidity. The visual I.D. storage system is easy to use.

Brand: G5 Outdoors

👤Awesome bag! Everything is heavy duty. The body strap gets in the way. It doesn't have a pocket for it to be tucked in. There were no delivery issues.

👤My husband loves this pack when we go to the range. It is easy to unpack at the window of the range.

👤My friend bought a range bag for me. It has everything you need for 3 handguns, including a loaded one. Well made and functional. Love it.

👤Is there a better tactical range bag out there? I don't think so. The hard shell pistols compartment is very good. It's worth every penny. I highly recommend it.

👤The bag is great. It held everything we needed when we used it at the range. Would definitely recommend it.

👤This is what I expected. Great bag! Fast delivery!

👤Ich beste, was die Zweck gesehen, meine Schtzenkameraden. Wendet das Teil den Eindruck, ob es "ewig" halten wrde. Is it possible that Jederzeit is happening?

4. Toddler Harness Yimidear Walking Old(Red)

Toddler Harness Yimidear Walking Old%EF%BC%88Red%EF%BC%89

If you keep your baby close, you can control the children's activity range in the mall, the supermarket, the park, the zoo and other places where there are a lot of people. You should reduce your tax burden. The baby is not as tall as adults. It is easy to strain your child's arm if you bent to pull the baby. You don't need to hold the child again, just pull the leash and it will be a lot easier. Materials that are healthy and safe. The cotton material was passed the CPC certification. The metal hook is replaceable. Adults can carry the shoulder straps with them, even if they are wearing thin summer clothes or thick winter clothes. Give your baby space for activities. The baby's favorite thing to do is not to be pulled by the mother, but to run happily. The safe place is where you can remove the leash. The anti-lost belt will become a favorite toy. The weight and convenience of 150g. It's not a backpack, it's a harness that can't hold anything inside. If you put somethings in it like a backpack, it will add danger to your baby if he falls down. The weight and convenience of 150g. It's not a backpack, it's a harness that can't hold anything inside. If you put somethings in it like a backpack, it will add danger to your baby if he falls down.

Brand: Yimidear

👤This was perfect. My 2yr old daughter is very small so I have it tightened as small as possible. It will fit her perfectly once she gets bigger. Everyone comments on how cute it is, even if there are people who stare you down and say "how could you put your child on a leash like a dog?" I don't care, my child is a child who doesn't want to hold hands all the time, so this is perfect for our trip to Disney to make sure she can explore but allows me to still have a grip on her.

👤We are going to Disneyland. I was afraid that my grandson would "jet" or even try to jump off a ride because of his unpredictable actions and he has a condition called autism. The harness fit well. We were able to use it without a jacket. I didn't try a heavy one. I like the ability to adjust the straps, it allows the harness to fit well. The construction was good. It had a clip for the leash, which allowed us to remove it when he was put back in the stroller, without having to remove the harness. He liked his back pack because it was Mickey themed and it was a fun hat or shirt. He wasn't happy about being leashed but learned quickly that it was a backpack clip, then ride. We used a wrist-to-wrist tether. It allowed us to interact differently. The wrist to wrist is more like an extended hand holding, but doesn't work well in crowds as it stretches the tot far from you and blocks others from passing in the opposite direction.

👤I purchased this because I was so nervous to take my two year old to Disney by myself, but I was not the only parent with a child leash, which made me feel better. The mickey head is really cute and you can take the strap off and have it. It's not heavy like other leashes. Would definitely recommend. I didn't use the leash part a lot but the peace of mind was worth it.

👤My daughter is going to Disney with me. It is so cute! We used it the first day and she realized that she didn't like being on a leash, which was the point. She wasn't used to being a wild child and it was uncomfortable. She didn't want to put it on the second day, so we said she had one chance to not do it. We would need to put it on if she ran away. She was by us when she was walking. I like that it is not a backpack leash, but a vest that she can leave on when she wants to take a break from walking and sitting in the stroller. Definitely recommend!

👤This is for a small child, not a child that is over 35 pounds, and my son did not like it at all.

👤This is for our trip to Disney and Universal. My daughter turned one. I knew she wouldn't want to be held for the whole time. I wanted to have some peace of mind. It was easy to put on, excellent material, but it was too big for her, so when she pulled away it would create a giant gap in the back where the leash pulled, and if she wiggles just right she would be able to slip out of it. It would work best for two years old and up. My daughter was 13 months old. It was too big for that trip, but I like it for future trips to zoos and other activities. I would purchase again. She got a lot of comments while wearing it.

5. DSLEAF Tactical Backpack Magazine Magazines

DSLEAF Tactical Backpack Magazine Magazines

Pull out the rain cover. Large capital: A gun backpack with a magazine storage bag can hold 6 pistols and 23 double-stack and single stack magazines in 9mm,.40 and.45 caliber as well as other accessories. Well-designed. The bag has a sleek look thanks to the MOLLE webbing. You can attach your MOLLE equipment to carry more gear. USER-FRIENDLY: The pistol backpack has a padded back and shoulder straps that make it easier to shoot and hunt. You can quickly open a two-way lock in an emergency. High quality. The tactical range backpack is made of strong nylon material to protect it from wear. The high quality material and reinforced stitching make your range bag last a long time. It is secure and safe. The pistol backpack and mag pouch are great for concealed shooting and hunting. The backpack's dimensions are: L: 16.5"W: 9.05"H: 18.9" The bag has a dimensions of 2.3" and H: 6.3.

Brand: Dsleaf

6. SHANGRI Tactical Shoulder Backpack Deployment

SHANGRI Tactical Shoulder Backpack Deployment

Heavy Duty is made of high density 1000D nylon, stronger, light weight and durable. The standard size has a main padded compartment with 3 divisions and elastic loops inside, 2 side pockets, 1 front pocket, and a top pocket with elastic string and velcro. Multiple pockets and compartments give you plenty of space to fit your needs. It can be used as a tote bag, waist bag, and shoulder sling bag, with the handle, concealable waist band, andremovable padded shoulder strap. There are a lot of MOLLE webbings on the bag, which can be used to organize your gear. It can hold your shooting gear, firearms, pistols, magazines, and so on perfectly, as a compact utility military range bag and go bag. It can be used as a tool bag, a garage, or as a first aid kit, and it can hold gloves, ropes, and first aid kit.

Brand: Shangri-la

👤The bag fell apart over time after being purchased in 2016 and rewritten in 2021. You could tear the straps with your hands. The mille fell apart as the zippers started slipping. I threw the bag out. I used the fabric in my jeep. Before buying, read the reviews and product size options. There are many reviews about the size of this thing. They have size options for people. Listen! I read reviews and found that a large is what I need. It is perfect. This was bashed for having too many straps. FACEPALM... People don't like anything. The buyer needs to understand that the straps are there to cinch the pack tight so the load doesn't shift. You can tuck the straps in a few places. There is a hollow space behind most pockets. I put excess straps in these pockets. The stitching seems very secure and it is well built to fit my storage needs. The part that goes against your back is what I like most about this. The pack can be attached to other packs. My main reason for buying this is to attach it to my jeep seats. I can use it as a way to get around. It is perfect. After the first official use. I put the bag on the seat covers. I put the molle strap through the seat. I put the gear weight evenly through the bag. The stitching began to give. One of the bags molle straps failed at the stitching when it was under 10 minutes of packed weight.

👤A bag that fits a lot of stuff. I use this bag as a range bag. I am able to fit a full size and a small 9mm pistol at the same time, plus: Some Howard Leight Impact Sport earmuffs, eye protection, 6 magazines, 300-500 rounds of 9mm ammunition, 506" shoot-n-c targets, plus. It gets heavy, but the bag is strong, and I have had no problems with a few range trips. I prefer the shoulder strap to the waist strap. I like the look and quality of this bag.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I have traveled just shy of 300 miles with this bag. The normal load I carry is between 18 to 25 lbs between sneakers, which fit in the main compartment, and a long sleeve and short sleeve, 2 ponchos, and a few tools. I can use a water bottle to expand the fabric tube and then use a bag empty to compress it. The bag is on my waist. Is it too low to affect my stride or is it too high to interfere with my range of motion? It's right, I have to admit. The bag is very well compressed, and I have not had any slippage of the straps while riding. It sits well on my hips and doesn't have to be cinched like a corset. The material is great. I've had a few skidouts and washouts and a couple bus sandwiches, but no tears or damage. I would recommend waterproof baggy inserts if you wanted to stay dry inside. If you get out as much air as possible, no fading or washing of the color, the salt stains came off easily enough with a cold water wash, the drainage holes in the bag do help. I hope this helps you find the right baggage for your adventures.

7. SOG Ninja Tactical 24 2 Liter Olive

SOG Ninja Tactical 24 2 Liter Olive

It's convenient. The men's backpack has a three-dimensional design that helps with heat elimination. The wide mesh shoulder straps with sponge pads help relieve the stress on your shoulder. The shoulder strap has a lanyard design that can hang sunglasses. A large bookbag is ideal for men and women. A modular design with a large main compartment and front pocket is great for daily commute, travel, and hiking. The foam back has multiple air channels and is comfortable on your shoulders. Tactical features include MOLLE webbing for attaching a variety of optional accessories. The front of the pack has a hook-and-loop for attaching a flag patch.

Brand: Sog Specialty Knives & Tools

👤The pack has good organization and a decent size. You can strap a jacket down or compact the pack with the buckle straps. I would like it to have a hook above the h20 compartment to hang a bladder. I would love this backpack if it weren't for the stitching and design. The outer pocket has two edges that are too sharp. It puts too much stress on the zipper when opening and closing, and in just 8 months of daily use, the corner edge gave out. I can't recommend this pack to anyone because of the lack of warranty information. If you plan on relying on it for survival situations. If you need a bugout bag, spend more money on other things.

👤I bought a backpack for myself to keep in the car with the stuff I usually need, such as bug spray, sunscreen, and first aid kit. The backpack has plenty of compartments and attachments to keep all your items organized in, I quickly learned I can throw far more in the bag than I initially wanted to use. It works well with this back, I added a flashlight, a few pens, and nail clippers. Any molle attachment should do fine. The hydration bladder pocket works as advertised, though there is not a real hose hold on the shoulder straps to keep the hose in place. You can either add your own hose holder or make it work with the existing straps. I like the option to take the hose out either side. The molle and buckle straps are one of the best parts of this backpack. I put a small pack on the front, but you could strap a sleeping bag or bed roll on in several orientations. The bag has held up to being thrown around the car, in the woods, around the house, and general use. The backpack material doesn't show any tears or defects. I ordered another one for my wife to use around town this summer with the kids and on vacation.

👤I like this bag. The bag was replaced with a new one. All of my gear is rolling around together. I needed a gear bag that I could put in my purse and hang on the passenger seat. I work out of pool patrol cars. I have to move around for every shift. Taking on a passenger means moving things around. Things got lost when I put my bag between the seats. It's necessary for sufficient space for gear of various sizes, secure storage if things get slung around, and a convenient size for hanging on the passenger seat. The bag is labeled 3/3. The molle system and inner pouches can be used to organize awkwardly shaped gear. I have a molle attachment kit for my bag. This bag is 10/10 recommended. The hooks and straps are used to secure items to the outside. I was unsure of the size. The bag was the perfect size for my needs. The chest strap snapped behind the head rest keeps my big in place, secure, easily accessible, but also easily replaceable should I want to take it with me. It's nice to be able to grab my bag and go after a long day of work without having to search the car.

8. Backpacks Unicorn Backpack School Bookbag

Backpacks Unicorn Backpack School Bookbag

3 in 1 backpack set The lunch bag size is about 9.2"x 6.3" and the pencil bag size is about 7.8"x 2.3" Girls school backpack, lunch box, and pencil bag are made of water resistant material and have the same design as the school bookbags. It is a lightweight back pack that is perfect for school trips. The girls schoolbag has a main compartment with a laptop compartment and two exterior pockets that can be used for a pencil bag or a snack. The lunch bag is large enough to hold your lunch box, fruit, a cup of yogurt, salad or a bottle of drink. The pencil bag is big enough for pencils, keys and other small school essentials. The girls backpack set is cute. The straps are comfortable to carry. It's a great gift for you kids, it's perfect for students school daily use, travelling, camping and etc.

Brand: Peonys

👤After less than 3 months of use by a kindergarten who only carried a lunch bag, water bottle, and folder in it, it started ripping apart along the seam of the zip at the base of the handle on both sizes. The seller didn't replace it, but gave me a refund of $10.60, which was less than the cost of the item. Very disappointed.

👤The bag was bought for a young child. The size is correct. 16 inches long. The dark chocolate colour of the bag is really nice. The straps are comfortable. The zippers are strong. The side pockets are strong. The lunch bag can hold up to two bento boxes or lunch containers. It's insulated as well. The school bag and lunch bag are easy to clean. A pencil case is also included. Very pleased with the purchase.

👤The book bag is a great fit for my daughter, who is quite tall for her age. The shipping was slow as I seemed to have ordered while they were busy. The seller was in contact with me quickly with updates on shipping. The bag is very cute. My daughter loves it!

👤This bundle is very good. The three pieces are very cute. The pockets are high quality. The backpack is strong. The backpack has a front buckle. The pattern is printed well.

👤The bag has a lot of room and my daughter loves it. I'll buy another one if I have another daughter. I would recommend this to a friend.

👤The lunch box and pencil pouch are too small for the bookbag. The pencil pouch is too small. I had to buy a different lunch box because it was too small.

👤My granddaughter and I love this backpack. It comes with a matching lunch bag that has insulation in it. It comes with a pencil case. The product and price are unbeatable. It was very well-made.

👤The backpack was well made for the price and the colors were exactly like the picture.

9. Prospo Military Tactical Backpack Shoulder

Prospo Military Tactical Backpack Shoulder

The fabric lining is made of polyester. The military tactical backpack is made of 1000D fabric with water resistant coating and Wrinkle resistant. The size is 12 inches by 30 inches by 30 CM. The weight is 2.82lb. 40L is the capacity. The molle shoulder backpack has a molle webbing system on the front and side. Two-way cord zippers, comfortable padding back area, ventilated mesh padding shoulder strap, chest strap and waist belt are all included in the price. The rucksack can be used as a 3 day assault pack backpack, bug out bag backpack, range bag, combat backpack, survival backpack, hunting backpack, military army backpack or trekking backpack.

Brand: Prospo

👤I bought this for my fishing gear. The reviewer said it was too small. They must have had a suitcase. This backpack was large enough to hold all of my gear and clothes for a camping trip. I purchased molle clips and accessories that allowed me to ulilize things to the outside. I'm thinking of buying another one for travel. I loved the pockets and the ability to organize. The flag comes off with ease because it is just velcroed on.

👤If you are doing the same thing, I searched far and wide for this specific military back pack for all the right details and a reasonable price. This version has more straps for MOLLE than the others I have found, and it has straps for both the chest and waist. The silhouette of the pockets is amazing. I love how easy it is to modify. The price made me pick this over the rest. It is cheap and provides everything I am looking for, compared to other bags with less features and name brand counterparts. There are long strands that come off of the pack's Velcro section, which is the only downside. It's not a big deal, it's the same thing as the $60 counterpart. Please adjust the straps for the waist to have extra hanging off to connect it to the pack for I had only less than an inch. Its great that it's replaceable. It is my fault that I didn't think of that before riding motorcycles. The satisfaction team helped fix the problem.

👤A good pack for money. You will not be disappointed. There are a lot of attachment points. It seems like construction is quality. All of them work well.

👤The bag is awesome. Excellent material. All my fishing gear was packed with it. It works well with storage boxes.

👤I've been looking at saddle bags for my old motorcycle but they looked too modern and expensive. I started looking at backpacks as an alternative to wear on my back while riding the bike. I think these backpacks are a great deal for the low price and I am very impressed with the quality. I am bolting plastic cutting boards in the back sleeve to keep them straight and stiff on my motorcycle. I use roll top waterproof bags to keep my stuff in, so I'm not worried about the backpacks being waterproof. I will try to remember to take a picture of them when I get them all mounted up, but for now, I recommend them as backpacks for those looking for a well designed frame-less backpack/rucksack.

👤I'm writing this review shortly after receiving it and not after a long time of use. I think the color looks better than "flat Dark Earth" or "Kahai" because it's more "Coyote" than it is. The overall feel is more like a standard book bag. It is very light and bare. The compression straps are the best feature. The shoulder straps are cheap. I don't think this bag would be good for extended rugged use. I don't think the double stiched exterior straps will hold up very long, because the inside is single stiched. The molle straps are not close enough to use NATO gear or accessories. It's not bad for a simple grab bag that will live in a closet.

10. Maxpedition Rollypoly Folding Pouch Khaki Foliage

Maxpedition Rollypoly Folding Pouch Khaki Foliage

OrCA is a word. A name that you can trust. When it comes to the most important part of your day, they make no compromises when it comes to the highest quality standards. There is movement! They want you to see how great their Tactical Military Backpacks are. Each purchase is covered by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Give it a try. You will thank them later! They finish their bags with a triple coat of polyurethane for water resistance and add a final coat of Teflon fabric to repel the elements. Their competitors put generic slides on the zippers, but they use complete YKK slides. Military grade nylon is added for straps, handles, and modular attachment points. The panels of 1000 Denier nylon are unseamed and they reinforce each stress point with a thread made of nylon.

Brand: Maxpedition

👤A great pouch! I'm wearing a minimalist belt. It's possible to hold 3 mags, 1 pistol mag, and 2 pistol. Very small. You're doing something wrong if you need a 7 mag dump pouch. There is a belt loop on the back. The belt loop will keep my setup as low profile as possible. This thing is swimming on my battle belt. The belt loop is large enough to hold a 2.25" belt. I put a patch on the inside of the belt loop to keep it from falling off. This worked well.

👤The pouch is made of cordura and appears to be decent quality. There is a single row of PALS/MOLLE on the back to fit onto your belt or pack, as well as a UTX latch at the top for attachment to a strap or a vertical belt loop. The pouch can be cinched shut with the rope buckles on the backside. There is a port at the bottom. To roll it back up, you fold the bottom up once and collapse the wings inward on top of that, then roll it all upwards into a strap. It is not an American made product. Can fit a 1L bottle of water or up to 3 x 30th 5.56 mags, but I would have returned it. I used a multi-purpose MOLLE buckle to attach my belt and it was secured with no wiggle and only needed a single loop. I have several Maxpedition products. Pictures to show size comparisons, build quality, attachment setup and utility. The cordura Easy attachment options fit snug and collapses to a very small area. The price is worth what I paid, but I would not pay more than that.

👤I decided to purchase another mini dump pouch. I bought one at a local store and wanted another. The original one that I bought was the one that held the Guyot Designs bottle straight to my pack. The bottle is too short, but it has a loop to grab from the top, so it's all good. I wanted to keep one on my hiking belt so I bought a second one. The one I bought from Amazon has a top that is drawstring and will be used as a pouch. If you use it for this purpose, you should know that it has a small drainage grommet on the bottom so that if you get caught in the rain, you won't get wet. The material is thick enough to bead most water off. Give it a coat of protection and it will be good to go. The roll-up feature is the best part of these pouches. You can roll it up into a nice, compact bump on your pack when it's not in use. There is no bulky pouch to catch on the branches. It's about the diameter of a standard baseball when it's rolled up, it's the best way to compare it. I know I don't regret my purchase, so I hope that helps you with your decision.

11. G P S Handgunner Backpack Range Digital

G P S Handgunner Backpack Range Digital

There is no need for transportation to and from the range. The foam cradle is designed to hold 4 handguns and can be slid out with them for cleaning or storage in your gun safe. The visual I.D. storage system can be used to organize your gear. There are 6 extra magazines in the side pockets. If there is a sudden downpour, the rain cover protects gear.

Brand: G.p.s.

👤Almost returned it. It's built well and is laid out well. My guns didn't fit. No matter how I tried, it wasn't going to work. Uh! I started the return process and thought about changing the layout. Got a kitchen knife, got some carpet tape, and went for it. Only have 3 pistols. Maybe this is an alternative toGPS. Works well for my needs.

👤I love this bag. I haven't used it yet, but I want to see the pictures. The range bag has everything you could possibly want. The pockets are labeled. There's more room after the first appearance. I have enough room to fit 200 9mm/.38 rounds and ears. The zippers feel strong and sure. There is a pocket for everything. The top handle is meant to be used with the bag full, and it definitely feels like it. There is a I'm showing a S&W Bodyguard hammer less revolver that fits in to the bag since I know it's an issue for some people. I don't see anything bigger than that. The revolver was tight.

👤The backpack looks very well made and there is one possible exception: the zippers. I wonder what will happen with them since they don't seem to be as smooth- moving as I would like despite the fact that I "lubed" them all with a generous application of wax from a crayon. If I could contact the manufacturer, my concerns would be reduced a bit, but I couldn't find any information on how to contact them. The company's web page listed contact information for regional US distributors, but there was no way to contact the maker directly. I didn't see any mention of product warranties. The compartment for organizing handguns is divided. They will fit my full-size 1911. There are smaller semi autos. I can fit a small snubbie revolver in, but not one with larger frames or fatter cylinders. I can't fit my Browning Buckmark with a small red dot sight. There are 10 pockets/pouches on the bag, each marked with a small graphic indicating what goes inside. I am a disorganized guy, but I am used to having a rectangular range bag with a compartment for magazines and tools on both sides. Everything else gets thrown in the big opening, including handguns in holsters or gun socks, hearing protectors, cleaning rags, and so on. Even though I am disorganized, I know that there is only one place where everything else is. I didn't bring it if it wasn't there. The problem with this new backpack is that some of my things might not fit in a compartment with a particular label, or be better placed somewhere else. I ask myself if I forgot to bring it to the range and where I put it. Too many choices? I think I will get used to putting stuff in the right places and remembering where it is in the backpack, but I don't know at my age. I really like the backpack, but there are some things that I don't like. Do I regret buying it? No... I have no recourse if the bag gets damaged in the near future, unless one or more of the zippers gets damaged in a reasonable time after purchase.


What is the best product for gps range bag backpack?

Gps range bag backpack products from G5 Outdoors. In this article about gps range bag backpack you can see why people choose the product. Armycamo and Yimidear are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps range bag backpack.

What are the best brands for gps range bag backpack?

G5 Outdoors, Armycamo and Yimidear are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps range bag backpack. Find the detail in this article. Dsleaf, Shangri-la and Sog Specialty Knives & Tools are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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