Best Gps Rand Mcnally Truck Driver Refurbished

Driver 3 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Rand McNally Navigator Lifetime Refurbished

Rand McNally Navigator Lifetime Refurbished

Show current conditions and forecast, or choose from 10 different map overlays, including precipitation and wind speed. Fuel prices can be found on the map, or you can search by fuel type or brand. You can find local businesses and restaurants by name. Choose between a primary and alternate route. Set warnings for upcoming speed limit changes, and set display preferences and warning distance. Set warnings for upcoming speed limit changes, and set display preferences and warning distance.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤The device worked for a week. Tech support told me to reset it. I reset it. I was told I was doing 170mph. I was about to cross into Canada while I was in Illinois. As a truck driver, it was not helpful. The biggest name in the business should be doing better.

👤I think the GUI is designed for a bigger screen, so I would recommend the 7" model. Many wrong selections while bouncing around looking for tiny on-screen icons. I have had no problems with the hardware. The product they are selling has a rating of 5 stars. No problems for 8 months. I got used to the software. This is not the result of a sale. I used to save my trips on my old 720 and 730's, but now they're a must. I forget the first stop when I turn it on. I load the saved trip. Routes can be dumb. You can work around it.

👤Very bad. Route me through 5 tons of streets in less than a month. If you are using it in a semi, do not trust it. I will return it. I have to check the roads for semi trucks, but I am better off with a car gps. Truck roads that are 100% allowed for trucks are not allowed. The gps is not strong enough to hold the weight on rough roads. My gps has dropped at least 5 times. It doesn't find easy addresses, that's no problem for maps or my previous gps.

👤The screen of this device shows a message that says "TruckGPS isn't responding". Do you want to close it? The problem was fixed by scanning and repairing. The device is not responding again. There is a recording that says, "We're working on it." Stay on the line for other issues. It is unacceptable. An internet search shows that this is not a new problem, and it is widespread. I bought a replacement gps from another brand. So long. You have lost a customer because of a bad product and lousy support.

👤Fuel tracking and routes for different size trucks are features I like. The map is hard to read and I use it to run maps on my phone. It's great to drive through areas with low or no cellphone data signal, which seems to be more and more of America since the 5G change. I use my phone when I drive over 10,000 miles a month. It would work best for someone in an RV or semi truck with a internet connection, but I have to rely on the internet to get up to date information on crashes, road closings, and traffic. It's a good deal, as other truckingGPS with the same features can average 500 and this is half the price.

👤The interface is terrible. If you have to, make it 7in. This was after an update, so I didn't list a road that had been around for at least 5 years. If the address can't be found on the map, there is no way to pick a location. The street level view is terrible. It's not possible to make the view stay that way. I worked for this company for 9 years and the road I wanted to turn down was restricted to trucks. Couldn't find the address for the oldest Brewery in Pennsylvania. I was very disappointed because I thought that the best TruckersGPS would be by Rand McNally. Very sad.

2. Rand McNally OverDryve Navigation Bluetooth

Rand McNally OverDryve Navigation Bluetooth

Any truck can be a connected truck. The most popular premium trucking device on the market. There is a built-in satellite radio receiver. A high-resolution screen. It's possible to use a hands-free calling and texting device.

Brand: Rand Mcnally

👤I've had 3 of them. I thought that the first one was a refurbished unit that had been abused and returned, so I bought a new one. It had the same issues as the refurbished unit. In the second week of being in the truck, the green lines go horizontally. I believe that the best software on the market is damming the hardware. I will have to go back to my home. It works well. I would not use this device for a week.

👤I should have listened to the other reviews. It was in a plain cardboard box. I thought I was getting a new one. I have used it for six hours and it has frozen three times and said to search for gps another hour. I only have time for my first trip. Definitely coming back.

👤Most of the time it is cold. Product breaks easily. Not recommended to anyone.

👤The magnetic charging dock on this device is over heating, which is a joke because it is in the magnetic charging deck.

👤I didn't have it for two months and tech support sent me a cable that didn't help. I need this for the road truck driver. I can't get to the post office to send it back because I'm not home for months at a time. It was a bad choice.

👤For the last 6 years, I have been a faithful R/M customer, and I have been with the 540 series for years. Very happy. I got my money's worth from them, and they replaced everything with this model. I think the unit was tested in a lab but not in a truck. The design is poor first off. Hit one good hit and fall to the floor. I run the I-5 now. I had to mount up on the window so I could rest on the dash. I have to deal with overheating, getting hot and locks up,freezes and looses gps signal on a daily basis. The sun was not an issue when I bought it back in February. When you really don't want it to, it will freeze or loose the gps signal. I wanted it for the fact that I can put my music on the unit and it will make my radio system noise when I listen to audio books. When the truck is shut down and restarts, it doesn't hold the previous route's memory. You can't add to the route like previous models when you want to route to a symbol. This is the worst unit I have ever owned and it wasn't cheap, but it wasn't inexpensive. I have nothing positive to say about this model and wish I could have returned it. Don't buy this model. I wish I had my 740 back.

👤It takes up to 10 minutes to get a gps signal. The Tablet shuts down when it gets very hot. I've had 3 different rand mcnally truck gps and all 3 failed after about a year from the battery getting hot. The internet works fine when you go to the browser after this one gets hot and it won't update maps. This was the last one I got from rand.

3. Rand Mcnally 0528015966 Explorer Advanced

Rand Mcnally 0528015966 Explorer Advanced

The junction view has advanced lane guidance. The trip planning includes toll costs.

Brand: Rand Mcnally

👤The screen will go blank while you are on your way to the destination, then you will see a red box with a picture of a computer and gps connected to each other. To get it back to normal, I have to shut it down. I turned off my phone but it still happened, the cig.lighter plug-in is the only thing connected to it. I tried to do a diagnostics check but it kept coming up "Device not connected" I've always swore by the man, never again. R.I.P.

4. Rand McNally Navigator Display Navigation

Rand McNally Navigator Display Navigation

The sixth-generation TND truck is called the TND 750. There is a new design inside and out. You can display the current forecast across your route with in-depth weather overlays that show precipitation, temperature, and wind speed. 3D buildings and landmarks. Drivers can follow detailed routes with 3-D images of nearby buildings and landmarks. There are on-screen warnings for speed limit changes. There are on-screen warnings for speed limit changes.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

5. Rand McNally TND550 Truck Specific Interest

Rand McNally TND550 Truck Specific Interest

Maps navigation software includes Lifetime Maps for the USA and Canada. Audio/Video Speakers have a watt output. Microusb connection The wireless connection is: 3.0 b/g/n. The screen has a resolution of 480x854 and has a touch panel with a 250 lux battery capacity. The performance processor core is a quad-core. +14 to +140F.

Brand: Rand Mcnally

👤It is hard to see the speed and time on a gps. There is too much on the screen. It is hard to hear the sound of the speaker. It was easy to return because I bought it on Amazon.

👤This is the third map I have owned. I like this one a lot. The navigation is very easy to use and change on the go. It is easier to setup and program a new model. I have an older, noisy truck and the power button can be difficult to use after the unit has been off for a while. I have found that turning it off overnight helps the battery life and charging port work.

👤I have had two of those. The three have been problematic. They seem to last a long time before they are worn out. Developing shorts that prevent charging/powering the unit is an example. Factory resets were required for all three of the failed updates. All three of them experienced successful updates, which deleted location bookmarks. Two experienced updates disabled the ability to export bookmarks, preventing the user from backing up all locations programmed into the unit, therefore causing the user to lose all of that data the next time the unit fails, is replaced, or is updated. The route planning in cities is terrible. The gps doesn't know about many streets, truck stops, and long-term construction zones because the maps aren't kept up to date. Tech support from Rand McNally is useless. They replied to my email with a detailed description of the problem, and then closed the support ticket, marking the issue resolved. I would be on hold until I got an answer. When adding a location bookmark by coordinates, the saved location name includes the coordinates in parentheses after the title I gave the location. It is not a big deal, but it is annoying, and it is worse because the new and improved TND450 didn't do that. The older model of the TND450 has a worse route than the newer model of the TND550. The maximum volume of the TND450 is larger than the maximum volume of the TND550. It was a shame that Rand McNally didn't use testing, quality control or competent tech support. Both the TND 450 and the TND 550 are flawed and poorly executed, but they have a lot of potential.

👤How can a gps unit lose power? The charge light is on but the battery is low. This is my second device by rand McNally and I am very disappointed.

👤The fine line of convenience seemed to have been lost by the man. One version is too big and the other is small. There is no size or value in this one.

👤The volume was very low. I put addresses that the gps can't find. The product is not updated.

👤The gps does some really stupid things. I am used to it from Mcnally.

👤I could not hear the voice prompt because it was so low. Maps were not bad.

6. Rand McNally TND530 Truck Lifetime

Rand McNally TND530 Truck Lifetime

Ice and Carbon are new interface options. The bus route option. It's compatible with electronic logging solutions.

Brand: Rand Mcnally

👤I have read a lot of bad reviews on this unit and I can only say that these people did not read the instructions very well, you must link the unit to your home PC and use register the unit to update the unit for the first time, once this is done, you will be I haul all hazmat nation wide and have used this gps everyday for the past year and it has not let me down once! Don't try to update or register. While using wireless internet at a truck stop. You can do it on your PC. It will not affect your love for it.

👤Very accurate. My father has been teaching me how to drive for 10 years. He asked for some help with his knowledge of the road. He helped me and drove everything. Try one of these new gps devices. He said that he would pick Rand McNally. The old man said he would have liked to have had these when he was a driver. I use the gps in my truck at work. I drive anywhere from a hundred miles to 450 a day. Use a little common sense when using this product, but it will get you to where you need to go. I use this gps with a combination of road maps, knowledge of roads, signs, and a good sense of direction to get a good idea of the area I'm going to. The gps has helped me get to my stops when I've used it. I run NY,NJ, PA, DE,VA, OH. I go to a lot of places that you wouldn't think a truck would go, and this gps has helped me get there. The combinations are 38,45,48 and 53ft. Some destinations are on large lots, so the gps will not always take you to the front gate. Your destination is the entire piece of ground. It will get you there, with a little common sense. The battery life needs to be improved. The gps was designed for truck drivers.

👤The warnings are worth it for commercial drivers. The mount does not fall off like other units. I like to use the zip code search to find addresses.

👤I reviewed my last one on another page. I worked for 2 years and stopped. I ordered this one because I needed it. I usually do it all with my last one, but I connected to DOCK and did it all. I put it in my settings after taking it to my personal vehicle to test it. Nothing. There is a black screen. I'm returning it and ordering something else. I love this unit and I don't want to get something else, but it's probably the right thing to do.

👤What a piece of garbage. It couldn't find I-22 in Alabama for 2 years. Maps are still not as good as the ones on the internet. Half the time, it can't find specific addresses. I used it for bridge notifications. It does that well. I couldn't open the unit to replace it because it broke. The map company is not as good at directions as the search engine company is.

7. Rand McNally OverDryve Dashboard Tablet

Rand McNally OverDryve Dashboard Tablet

The Connected Truck device has a gps device. Lifetime map updates for truck with weather and construction. Provides hands-free calling and texting. The satellite receiver is from the company. Voice assistance is provided by the likes of Apple's Siri and the internet giant's Now.

Brand: Rand Mcnally

👤The screen is good. The mount was not secure enough. I used double stick Gorilla Tape to secure the "Smart Mount" to the screen in my car. I was not using my cars info screen, but it has worked well. The manual doesn't cover everything. The internet support is not good. They have been very helpful once you have the patience to be with a live person. In my few tests, the navigation has not been as good as I would have liked. I do not regret my purchase.

👤I bought the New Pro 8 overdrive. The screen quality is good, but the unit is not. I was looking for a place to go, but it couldn't find it. When I tried to update it, I was told to check the internet. I was able to see that it was unable to update, but I checked to see if it was connected. It said it wasn't, but I connected it to my phone. But. I was watching a video. The system was unable to be updated because it had to be connect. I called tech support only to be told that their server was down and they didn't know when it would be back up. I am returning the item because the unit wouldn't power on for 5 days and I'm waiting for a refund. If you want to have the same issue, you can purchase a cheaper deviceq. It is over a rated product that has proved one thing, it is not worth the money or issues.

👤The engineer that designed the system should be fired. I've had it fall off 10 times on rough roads. The unit can't find a lot of addresses. The unit has a habit of freezing up.

👤The mounting system leaves a lot to be desired. I think the mounting system would be better. It has plastic little tabs that snap on to the base and break when hit by bumps. It needs to be a mounting system for computers. The next gps I buy will probably be from Garmin. I really like the Rand McNally truck gps.

👤I have had this since July of 2021. The battery is just 6 months old. Don't buy it from here. Not worth the money.

👤It's rubbish to waste money on that gps. It does not warn when the road has a restriction in terms of the length of the truck-trailer, or when it wrongly warns of a low bridge, on many occasions. I don't think it's a good idea.

👤Not worth the money. Why? It takes a long time to update because it doesn't find all of the locations. Find something else!

8. Rand McNally TND750 Featuring Screen

Rand McNally TND750 Featuring Screen

The sixth-generation TND truck is called the TND 750. There is a new design inside and out.

Brand: Rand Mcnally

👤The gps is garbage. I'm returning it and going back to where I came from. The screen is so small that you can't see the icons or mileage in a glance. It can't say "speed warning", but it can say "peeed warning" and "beep warning". The route is terrible. It wants to make you do a U turn and go back, even though avoid U turns is activated. The 2.0 format is a big swing and miss.

👤After my 740 stopped holding a charge, I purchased the TND 750 on Amazon. I use the gps for two years and I like the motor carrier references on the screen. I rely on my gps and atlas to follow my routes. I assumed the 750 was the updated version and that the charging issues of the 740 had been solved by Rand McNally. No, no, no! The 750 lasted me for a day. It wouldn't charge at all, and I tried different cables and the plug provided in the package. It wouldn't work while plugged in, just kept flashing low battery and shutting off. I had to pay $425.00 for a 740 at the truck stop. I will be returning the junk to Amazon for a refund. Amazon's return policy is very easy to use. Stay away from the 750. JUNK!

👤I am running my 740 next to Gps so I can follow the trails that I have saved because I could not transfer my trail and address book because the 740 says the files are corrupted. My last two 740s were great, but only last 15 months before they stop working. The paper road atlas is a waste of money, and it should be returned to the TND730.

👤I wish I'd checked the reviews before buying it. I had a great little unit, the TND520, for 7 years before it started to get beat up. I thought it was time to retire. I said it was a piece of shit, so let's get the all new bigger model. The battery won't hold a charge, can barely hear the volume when it's talking. The first one I got was replaced by Amazon, but the second one had the same problems. I will not be buying R MCN again.

👤The hardware is still better than the previous model, but I don't trust it more. Routes on alternates are less than satisfactory. I have not run into any problems like others have. It is supposed to be an updated version of the 740. The magnet is a lot better than they said. I don't see it falling even if I hit it. I have been doing this differently and not leaving plugged in the entire time. I had to plug it back in after 7 hours. I still have my car. It is at the end of its life with the battery. I want to test the new one before I start running them. The 750 is more accurate than the 740. Since I don't want to use it's delay feature, I have had to adjust mentally with travels time a bit more. The navigation screen is the same. Unless I want to check for an update, I don't keep it connected to the internet. I have no idea about those features.

9. Rand McNally Intelliroute Truck Lifetime

Rand McNally Intelliroute Truck Lifetime

Show current conditions and forecast, or choose from 10 different map overlays, including precipitation and wind speed. Fuel prices can be found on the map, or you can search by price, fuel type, or brand. Choose between a primary and alternate route to find local businesses, restaurants, and more. Track fuel purchases by date and state to calculate the current and average fuel economy. For two team members, keep mileage and timer separately.

Brand: Rand Mcnally

👤The product does work, but it is the most annoying gps I have ever owned. I don't like little things that it does. There are long names for exits instead of short names. It gives you 5 different names for the exit and strings them together like an endless sentence, but it goes off without fail every time you turn it on. I am trying to make sure someone doesn't do something stupid in front of my truck and make my turns. I said not to display my directions because of a non important warning. Hearing its voice makes me want to jump on the babies. It can take a while to find their name for a location. There are little things that annoy me.

👤This is not the best gps out there. It does it's job, but has room for improvement. I drive trucks for small deliveries, but I am not an over the road driver, I just drive in trucks that are no taller than 13 feet and no longer than 24 feet. I was diverted to a 10 foot bridge after turning off the road. I was the main reason for buying it, and this frustrates me greatly. It doesn't tell you exit numbers. In 6 miles, keep right. If you're supposed to take the exit or avoid the left lanes, this makes you feel uncertain. I miss a lot of exits and turns because of this. The pictures on the screen don't help. It gives some other directions that are not clear. I was on a road. The two lefts lanes turned left and the two rights lanes turned right. I was told by the gps to go straight. It was a bit confusing, as keep left or right would be more clear. It gets you where you need to go, but it's frustrating along the way.

👤Where to start? I am a professional driver and I use a gps device about 85% of the time. Right off the bat, let's get one thing. I was one of the people who blamed every address failure on the device. These devices use gps satellites to determine their positions and 24 of them are using them. State DOT people don't forward information to the mapping companies, that's the main reason for address failures. I used to have a nuvi 465, but now have this product. The first company in America to make a device for Truckers was Rand Mcnally. I've used both the device and the other, and I can say that this device has more capabilities than either of them. You need to research to change your gps POI and Favorites files to use on this device. The Extra_Poi_Editor and your file manager can be used to accomplish this. Please read the manual for the best results.

👤I'm not happy. I want to list off the things I like about this unit. It shows mile markers instead of telling you what exit to take. The mount is very easy to use and it's easier to use than the Garmin mount. I can't think of a number three. The front of the unit has a green light when it is on and red light when it is off. This isn't bad during the day but at night it's a distraction. The light was covered with tape. When you are at an interchange, it doesn't give you lane information. It might tell you to stay to the right or left, but it doesn't tell you what lane you're in. I have the latest maps but I often find myself driving in the middle of nowhere. Is this a big deal? I try to always know when I am going. Does it make me angry that a unit that costs over $300 doesn't have correct maps? Yes! It can't find addresses that are imputed. I'm not talking about addresses that can't be found on mapquest or on the internet, I'm talking about basic addresses. The speed limits in the unit are not always correct. Again, this is an updated unit, so you would think the speeds would be correct. You would be wrong. When I am in a 75 zone, I get a "speed warning". 6) I can change the screen from "day mode" to "night mode" but I can't dim it during the day. This drives me crazy. I want it to find the shortest route, but if it comes up with something more than 100 miles longer, I want it to give me a route 25 to 50 miles shorter. It's still not the fastest or shortest. I could touch the screen on my device and it would give me the nearest address and my gps location. This doesn't work on this unit. 9) I could see the birds eye view from my screen on my gps device. If I had a programmed route it would show me the whole route and I could drag my finger and zoom in as needed. It would show me where I was if it wasn't in a route. I could zoom in or out. You can't do this because Rand McNally doesn't allow it. If you have a trip programmed in, you can sometimes do it from your route log, but if you are not navigating, you have to zoom out to see what you want to see. It doesn't tell you if there is a weight restriction or low bridge until you are on top of it. The pros and cons of this unit outweigh each other. I like how many truck stops it has in its database, but I'll be going back to Garmin.

10. Rand McNally 528013076 Intelliroute Tablet

Rand McNally 528013076 Intelliroute Tablet

The features and capabilities of a truck gps device. There are pre-installed apps for accounting document scanning. Access to apps for entertainment. The on-board dash cam is compatible with back-up or rear-view cameras. The screen size and device dimensions are listed.

Brand: Rand Mcnally

👤I would give it zero stars. This didn't want to work from the beginning. After opening and charging, it was taken out on the semi. The results were reported. I used my phone more for maps. It wouldn't charge. Maps were wrong or you were taken places on a 4 wheeler. Forget about using it as an electronic log device. Unless you have constant access to the internet. Don't waste money.

👤I use it for the gps. I seem to get where I need to go with no problems. The warnings work. I need a hotspot to use live traffic. The sound is bad when driving. The voice can't be changed. The sound on my gps was clear. I like watching the big screen. I have to keep it plugged in. The camera video quality is not good. I bought a go pro that is better than the video on this. I have a memory chip but have to clear it to continue recording. I had to uninstall apps to get photos. I have to wait until I get home to use the internet. I do not use tripmaker. I was expecting higher quality for the amount of money I paid.

👤I bought this item and it only lasted 100 hours, so it will not give a route or even show you where you are on the map. Don't waste your money.

👤This is the biggest piece of junk on the market, it always freezes up, you can call support for help, but they can only do a temporary fix. They don't know how to fix a gps that has a known problem. I was told that the problems were caused by a magnetic field. I asked for my money back but was told I couldn't get it back and they wouldn't replace the unit. They are stealing people's money.

👤I don't know if it's just one I bought or what, but this gps is not on Amazon. The magnetic mounting piece that came with it was defected and the charging mechanism stopped working after a month. I bought a second magnetic piece. If you don't have a signal on the gps, I have to charge it on the magnetic piece because it's not sending a strong enough charge to keep it charged. I have to run a second charge to the screen. Don't waste your money.

👤The camera has no loop option which makes it useless as a dash cam, and it also cuts off while driving so you're never sure if you're recording. The piece of garbage was unreliable. I'm disappointed that despite all the bad reviews, Mcnally hasn't done anything to improve the product. There are serious issues that haven't been fixed. Don't buy it, save your money.

👤When I open an app, it shows that the program has stopped. I tried to connect it to the internet for an hour but it didn't work until I restart the device. When I tried the navigation, the screen moved from day to night mode every 2 seconds. I will never buy it again.

11. Navigation Xgody Guidance Americas Lifetime

Navigation Xgody Guidance Americas Lifetime

The TruckGPS System must work based on the active gps signal. The built-inGPS chip works without a network, so you don't have to rely on your phones and cellular connection and the phone is free to use. USA Canada Mexico Maps, which has 2D / 3D map display, has been pre-installed with theLifetime Map updated for Free. If you need to update the map, please contact them. Europe, UK, Ireland, Australia, and so on are downloaded but not pre-installed. The 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen has a high resolution of 800 x 480 and 8 gigabytes of memory. There is plenty of room for you to store the maps and materials in the truck gps navigation system. It is also visible in the sun, making driving safer. The Voice Steering System of the gps navigation system helps you avoid danger. Upcoming Sharp Turn Alerts, Speed Limit Reminders, Red Light, and High-Speed Camera Voice Notification are all received. The roads which have width restrictions or height restrictions can be avoided with a custom truck route. After receiving it, please use the car charging station to fully charge then use it. The XGoDY 7 inch gps navigator has regular maps upgrades and questions. Their company has a professional technician team that can help customers. If you have a question about this product, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you. After receiving it, please use the car charging station to fully charge then use it. The XGoDY 7 inch gps navigator has regular maps upgrades and questions. Their company has a professional technician team that can help customers. If you have a question about this product, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you.

Brand: Xgody

👤Get it, over the road trucker review. It is affordable and does everything the expensive gps does. I have owned this gps for about 2 months and it has not let me down. It tells you how fast you are going, how far from the next waypoint you are, and the time of arrival. Time zones are adjusted from Satelite. It is not worth paying $400 for a gps when you can buy a better one. It is good to know that if I do update it will be free. Just buy it! You can beat it for $70 bucks. 2 months owner!

👤I have been using the gps for two weeks. It was worth the money spent. I use it in my semi and it has taken me where I need to be. Great purchase.

👤I replaced my old gps with a big screen one and it works great! Offline maps help in a rural area but nothing compares to having a real gps device. I put the screen in the corner of the car because it doesn't interfere with driving and because it doesn't take up a lot of space in the window. There are so many options for navigation on the touchscreen that it is very sensitive. This size is better than the 5. Audio is clear and can focus on the road. It was a great GOS for the price and definitely recommend it.

👤This gps is not worth anything. The routes are so old that they are unreliable and trying to update the maps is a joke. The clock is not set to the correct time. The device turns itself off after 20 minutes of use. The cheap plastic sun visor is a joke, it doesn't fit together properly, and it snaps when you try to attack it with the gps. The money was wasted.

👤I had to use a magnifying glass to see the print and icons because the instructions for setup were poor. Adding to Favorite addresses was very confusing and I was only able to input two addresses with no names.

👤The product is inferior compared to the other products. Poor mapping doesn't allow high number addresses. I was impressed with the looks but not worth the money. I bought a new one after I sent my old one back.

👤I thought I should try it closer to home after purchasing this for a future trip. The cup wouldn't fit on my dashboard or the front window. I used an aftermarket holder. I was about halfway to my destination when it stopped. It won't turn back on after I messed with it. I should have given the money to charity.

👤I bought a gps for a trip to visit relatives. I'm not very tech savvy and it was hard to find alternative directions when I inputed my out-of-state address locations. My 35 year old tech savvy son had issues. If you have a map route to follow, the gps adjusts nicely to route changes along the way. Common sense tells you which way to go when you pull off the road for gas or a rest area, even though the gps only indicated the wrong direction in a couple of minor spots. I like the fact that it confirmed the road you were on, as the road signs were often not posted. It advises you of the correct speed limit. I plan to input the next address after I reach the destination, as it seems to pick up the town or route location on the gps just fine. The sun visor was too small. I would recommend this device.


What is the best product for gps rand mcnally truck driver refurbished?

Gps rand mcnally truck driver refurbished products from Amazon Renewed. In this article about gps rand mcnally truck driver refurbished you can see why people choose the product. Rand Mcnally and Rand Mcnally are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps rand mcnally truck driver refurbished.

What are the best brands for gps rand mcnally truck driver refurbished?

Amazon Renewed, Rand Mcnally and Rand Mcnally are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps rand mcnally truck driver refurbished. Find the detail in this article. Rand Mcnally, Rand Mcnally and Rand Mcnally are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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