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1. Garmin 18x LVC Navigator Unit

Garmin 18x LVC Navigator Unit

The LVC sensor has a bare wire connection. High SensitivityGPS was enabled by the WAAS. A receiver. The end can be attached to a CMOS for original applications. Storage of configuration information can be done with nonvolatile memory. The raw measurement output data is used for customer applications.

Brand: Garmin

👤I use this puck as a high-precision time source. The LVS models have a 1PPS output with a nominal 1uS accuracy. The price is less than the one that it replaced, which was bought a decade ago for $75. The 18x is said to offer better reception. Where I have it placed, it only sees part of the sky. I hoped that it would do better than the other way around. The 18x sees more satellites than the 18 but the accuracy of the signal is not better than the 18. It's good to have a spare and I'm fine with that.

👤Over the years, I have purchased many of these units. It has always exceeded my expectations. For many years, this unit was stuck to the roof of a vehicle, and it worked for many years. It is waterproof. I don't think many vehicles could achieve a speed that would peel this off a roof, and it has internal magnates. If you want to bolt it down, there is a spot for a bolt mount. At least the paint on my vehicles is not discolored. It has an internal battery that can be used to power down for a period of time to help with acquisition. It would always have very fast signal acquisition upon power up, which was less than a minute, and it would work everywhere, including underground parking garage signals. The internal power will run down after an extended power down, and it will take a few minutes to get a good fix. It survived all the seasons and never failed. I purchased several others for balloon mounted APRS trackers, and they worked well, where other gps units would have a hard time dealing with the signal bending effects of a hot air balloon envelope. Several more were purchased due to the 1PPS out signal to create an array of several gps timed NTP server for some product development use, that proved to be so reliable, accurate and stabile. The waterproof hockey puck is a must have. The units have been stuck on the roof of a metal building for many years and have not had any issues. If you need a WAAS enabled gps unit for a project, this is the one. You need a Windows PC with serial to run the configuration/firmware update utility if you want to change any of the unit's options, and you need to solder them to something to use them. The ones I've purchased have always been advertised as connectionless, but they have a non waterproof test connector that can easily be removed.

👤I have a serial card in aSqueeze box that is attached to the 18x LVC gps. The time is not accurately set by the gps units. I use a specific serial card to power the 18x LVCGPS unit. The card can be configured to supply either 5 or 12 volts on pin 9 of theRS-232DB-9, and can draw power from the PC power supply directly via the onboard Molex floppy power connector. The latter option was used by me. Setserial recognized the card as having a 16550A UART with a baud base of 921600 once the jumpers had been set. The best option is to install the unit outside, as the gps unit is mounted on the chimney and the satellite signals are weak. The location gives the gps a clear view of the sky, but the serial cable is not long enough to reach the computer inside the house, so I replaced almost all of the original cable. The wires are very thin, especially the three signal wires. I cut the original cable close to the unit and extended it with my own cable which runs all the way back to the computer and is terminated with a serialDB-9 connector. Remember to use a shielded cable if you do this. There are five wires that need to be used for the serial connection: Measurement pulse output (PPS) from theGPS is yellow, transmit is white, receive is green, and ground is black. I used a shielded CAT 6 cable and joined the pairs together at both ends to give me four of the connections: transmit, receive, and power. I used the drain wire as the ground to connect the black wires together at the end of the cable, and then used the DB-9 to pin the black wires together at the other end. There is a threaded brass recess on the underside of the 18x LVC. I have as well.

2. Garmin ECHOMAP Chartplotter GT24UHD TM Transducer

Garmin ECHOMAP Chartplotter GT24UHD TM Transducer

The components include the Echomap Uhd 64Cv. With Bluechart G3. The Gt 24Uhd-Tm Transducer, Power/Data Cable, and Flush Mount are for the U.S. Bright, Sunlight-readable 6” combo. There is a GT 24 transducer for high-definition scanning and a high wide CHIRP traditional sonar. LakeV G3 inland maps have up to 1' of a lake in their coverage. Network support for autopilot, fusion-link audio system and engine data is provided by Nmea 2000 and NMEA 0183. The quick-release bail mount is easy to use. The quick-release bail mount is easy to use.

Brand: Garmin

👤I mounted it with a rotating puck and the brackets are flimsy, I'm worried it's going to vibrate too much when I bang through chop in my classic whaler. Anyone who's ever ridden a classic whaler in chop knows what I'm talking about. We haven't had it on the water yet. I'm worried about it. It might have to be reinforced. It was kind of odd. My 1994 Humminbird was replaced by this. Bombproof screen. I can't compare the fish finder features to anything else, but they seem amazing to me, given what I'm used to. The charts look great. The charts I've been using from the NOAA are not as good. It's got a depth map for almost every lake around me. It's perfect for an inland fisherman. I was able to modify the chart display and set routes. The bells and whistles are crazy. I have a phone that I use for everything, but I also have an SD card that I put in it to save my depth data, and now I'm thinking about new boat upgrades, like an NEXA2000 RPM interface for my classic outboard and anAIS radio. I mostly bought it for the chartplotter and fish finder capabilities, which are outstanding so far.

👤We don't take the boat out without it. The maps are very accurate and the lake has a lot of submerged timber and sand bars.

👤I use the garmin 63cv for the maps and the smaller ff on my kayak. I fine the fish just as I do the extension.

👤It is very easy to use. Lowrance 5x was junk.

👤You can see the screen in the sun light.

👤Easy install and clear instructions make it work. It was a good experience, better than I expected.

👤The directions are hard to understand. The technical writing needs to be changed. The unit is easy to install.

3. Dashboard Mounting Universal Adhesive Diameter

Dashboard Mounting Universal Adhesive Diameter

3M Sticky Tapes can be upgraded to provide smooth, glass-like surfaces for car mounts. 3M PE foam can be fixed on textured surfaces. It is applicable to most suction cup gps/ mobile holders. There are no tools required for installation. Every APPS2Car product has life time customer service.

Brand: Apps2car

👤The dashboard pad is separated from the sticky pad in the heat, so it's placed on my dash. This is not extreme because it is San Diego heat. The 3M sticky pad came from the dash, but the suction pad came from the sticky pad. It works well for suction cup mounts on surfaces where the cup won't fit.

👤The Iottie Suction Cup Phone Mount requires 3 pack of dashboard mounting disks. The product is made of plastic. I put the first one on and it split in a month. The plastic disk separates from the glue on the dash. Within a month, I put the second one on. I put the third one on and it lasted about 6 months and then split apart. I didn't see any reviews that described the kind of failure that I experienced, despite the fact that a number of people said that the glue failed to stick to their dash in hot weather.

👤The dash mounting pads offer an excellent solution to mounting a cell phone mount onto a vehicle. It should hold an average sized phone. Make sure to follow the instructions and clean the dashboard surface where you are going to mount it. If you want to install the pad on a hot dashboard that has been exposed to the sun, be careful as it will not allow enough bonding since the heat from the surface of the dash will still be emitting heat. If possible, place the vehicle early in the day or in an area that has not been exposed to the sun. The cure time is three hours, but I would recommend waiting at least five hours before placing the cellphone mounting device since the cup will attach to it.

👤The cups are very easy to stick to and hold on to, and the backing on the disc is very strong. I used one on my bathroom wall to mount a mirror for shaving, and the second one I tried to use on my car, but it didn't work out. I mounted a phone holder on my car for a few days, but on the third day it fell off, it was a sunny day with a high of 75 degrees, and I was 2 hours into my drive. The only good news is that it came off cleanly, so there was no trace of glue, but the back of the disc has lost its ability to stick, so it is useless now. I thought about trying to remount my phone cradle with the third and final disc on the dash. The third disc will fail the same way the other one did, so I will just blow it up. If you are buying this for use inside your car or truck, don't waste your money, but if you are getting it to use inside the home or office, it's great.

👤I didn't follow the directions on the first two, but on the third I let it set for a week before I tried to mount my phone holder, and as soon as I put it on it pulled the pad off. I used the cleaning pads and it failed. The iOttie's pad worked but I had to remove it to remount it. The original pad was more flexible and could conform to different surfaces. The 3M type tape was not able to hold it's substance.

4. Receiver Antenna Gmouse Laptop Navigation

Receiver Antenna Gmouse Laptop Navigation

Menu is used to get the data from the gps receiver after instialled U-CENTER V8X. The software can be downloaded from the official website. It's compatible with Win 11/10/ Win 8/. Win 7/Vista/XP/98/CE. The software is free. All-in-view tracking on 56 channels. The U-BLOX 7 Chipset has a Magnetic base, high sensitivity and Strong Singal. Tracking sensitivity is high. IPX4 water resistance, dust-tight, cable length is 6.5 Ft. OpenCPN can be supported on the Raspberry Pi. One year warranty.

Brand: Vfan

👤I was able to get the gps receiver to work with OpenCPN on my cheapo Windows 10 tablets. I plugged the receiver into the port that was provided for it. The driver was installed by Windows 10. I opened the "Option" menu, selected "Connections", and then clicked to look at the available COM ports. In my case, I chose the newCOM7 for me, and chose a buad rate of 9600, which is the same as the standard 4800 default. I clicked "Apply" and voila! The satellite logo in the upper right corner of the screen turned red to green when my boat appeared on the chart. The Ublox program is not needed. The big take-away is that Windows 10 will automatically download the right driver, but it is only for the serial tousb part of the receiver. It shows up on Windows 10 Device Manager as a new COM port, not as a "GPS Receiver" or something similar, but as a new port under the "Ports (COM & LPT)" header. OpenCPN can receive and decode the "GPGSV" and "GPGLL" sentences if the receiver spits them out.

👤I wanted to use Open CPN as a navigation software and install the U-Blox 7 gps sensor. Not this year. The "sensor" is not compatible with Windows 10 without uploading a Virtual Comm Port. On the U-Blox website, they offer the VCP with an.EXE extension, but it is not an exe file, but something called a 10 file. I think you understand the picture. The internet is full of people who are experiencing the same issues. All necessary charts are downloaded and plug-ins are available. If your computer isn'tGPS enabled and you are using OpenCPN, I would suggest you use another antenna. Why 2 stars. I was able to get the software they give to see antenna performance to work, and the lat and lon were correct. I have been trying to work around the difference between a device and a sensor for over four hours. I sent emails to both of them with no response.

👤This device was bought with the intention of cannibalizing it. Attach it to a port and read the output for accuracy. The device I tested used a /dev/cu* device instead of a tty. The time and gps information was accurate. The internal device was in the shell. I had to destroy the shell. There aren't any screws. The RF shield fell off. It had to be re- soldered back on. There are five The Ubx-G7020-KT is the "standard" grade device. The more rugged G7020-KA is not what it is. There is a small battery on the board that can be used for a real time clock. This would allow for quicker signal acquisition. I would expect this device to fail after a few years. I wouldn't recommend this device for harsh environments. The manufacturing process used is flawed and no gasket are used to stop the flow of water. The manufacturing process was not enough to keep the shield in place. There are three The chip is not rated for harsh environments. It was a bargain, but don't trust it if safety or cyber security is ever going to be an issue. The battery was a pleasant surprise, but I wonder why the low end device has this.

5. Dashboard Mounting Resistant Windshield Replacement

Dashboard Mounting Resistant Windshield Replacement

It's possible to mount a disk 95mm on any cup and solve the problem of suckers falling off. It has a glass-like surface that can be used to secure dash suction cup phone cradle, windshield cell phone holder, gps navigation, receiver, car tablet stand, outdoor camera car mount,car decorations, wireless charging, shower suction cup holder, wandphone magnetic mounting system, grab bars. The 3M VHB Self-Adhesive can hold up to high temperature. The discs are 40% more sticky than ordinary sticky glue. The dash mount plate is waterproof and heat proof. You can use it no matter what the weather is like. The glue pad base is firmly fixed in the flat dash. The dash mounting pad is easy to use. It is recommended to clean the dashboard before installing, peel off the red film from the dash mount plate, and attach the holder to the dashboard with a non slip double sided foam tab. The dashboard sticky pads are only used one time. It can't be used again. Installation of the sticky disk with dual side adhesive backed for a phone mount is difficult on a relatively flat surface. You have to press it down for 60s to make it better. Don't touch the sticker with your hands. Allow 24 hours for the glue to cure to the surface. The longer you wait, the better. There is a packing list with 3 x 3.74 inch round large dask disk pad, 4 x alcohol pads, and a user manual. VOLPORT chases to provide high-quality product and satisfactory after-sales service for buyers. If you have a question within 12 months of receiving your product, please contact them and their customer service team will be happy to help. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Volport

👤I attached the phone holder to the surface. I like how the product was stable. My phone is in good shape. Thumbs up!

👤Unless your dash is completely flat, this won't work with your dash mount devices. I needed a new base for my phone holder, but it was too rigid to stick to any surface that wasn't completely flat.

👤The mounting pads work well. I have a curved dash so it won't stick. I trimmed one of them to fit the phone mount base and was able to get it to stick to the dash. It saved me a lot of time because I was going to drill holes in the dash for the permanent mount.

👤If the glue holds, I'll give it a five. So far, so good.

👤It only worked for a few days.

👤It was easy to fit and replace.

👤It was very good. I use a ram mount for my tablets. If you clean the mounting surface it will hold. Highly recommended.

👤It sticks, but it doesn't have any suction. The holder for my phone has a sticky pad on it that keeps falling off. I won't get back the money.

👤I use this for a Ram mount on my dashboard, and the mount has not let go. This item was really good.

6. Adhesive Replacement Dashboard Suction Double Sided

Adhesive Replacement Dashboard Suction Double Sided

The Volport 3M round flat stickers are designed for the Suction Cup Mount. It's compatible with dash cam, gps, car cell phone mount, iPad, tablet holder, soap dispensers, bathroom shower caddy / headshelf, and more. There are car clips, dashboard mounting disk, hook, towel rack/ring, RV, backup camera screen, hanging hooks. You can cut or trim the sticky tabs to fit your needs. 2. The high temperature resistance performance of the 3M heat resistant tile is for dash cam mount,stainless steel holders,decorations,security camera,shower washcloth holder,towel bar,shower walls, motion sensor light,hanger, and more. 3. The adherence of these thin durable 2-sided circular waterproofing foam adhesive stickies parts pads is 40% stronger than the ordinary glue on the market. The 3M double face strength sticky part is waterproof. The tacky double sided gripping fixate anti gravity gel strips patches pad is a Multipurpose tearable tacky double sided gripping fixate anti gravity gel strips patches pad. 4. The large circle 2 sides refill adhesion tape replacement kit comes with alcohol packs to clean the surfaces before applying. Remove the old stickly dots gel from the mount and clean the surface with alcohol pad first, then tear off the 3m film to stick it to the bottom of the cup, and press down for 10 minutes. 5. 4 x 3.15 inch wide (80mm diameter) 3m heavy dutyremovable heat proof small double-stick sticky padded both side backed mat tape, 4 x alcohol pad and user guide are included. If you need help with their product, please contact them and they will offer you their best after-sales service. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Volport

👤I needed someone to help me with my dash cam. It would just let go of my car. I no longer have that problem since I added one of these sticky pads. My dash cam stays put even though my truck does not offer a smooth ride. These are wonderful. I wonder if they could work on my wife's mouth. Did I say that? Just teasing.

👤There are many items like this one that have a hard surface to attach the mount. Not this one. It has two sides. Attach the disk to the mount with one side attached to the dash. The mount is locked to the disc and cannot be used in any other car. It was too inexpensive to return. I'll keep them in my shop in case I need them.

👤Not a cup mount. It's not a mount for cups.

👤I have a Vantrue Pro dash cam that is mounted on the car's dashboard. The cup wouldn't hold anymore after three months. I tried every trick I could think of and within 24 hours it would fall again. I applied one of these and pushed it against my car for three minutes. It fell again after I let it go. I wondered if it would stick to itself better if I stuck one sticker on the glass and the other on the dash cam, and then stuck them together. The color of these stickers is something to think about. They are an unattractive greyish-beige and that is visible in the windshield. I have to suck that up because my dash cam must be mounted where it is, but if you are uptight about your aesthetic, just know you are going to see it from the outside of your car.

👤The product didn't work like it should, it fell down while I was driving and caused a hazard for me, it didn't stick for my phone holder. I was done with the product when the seller tried to offer me a replacement, but I didn't like it. The seller's customer service is good.

👤Terrible product. The money was wasted. It was necessary to cut to fit my mount. No big deal. I got it to fit and it held up for 5 months. There is a I need to replace the broken mount because it no longer held the mount after 5 months. There is a It melted in the sun. It has been 85-90 degrees here so it has not been extreme. There is a It's very difficult to get off of my car. I don't recommend this product.

👤You have to wait for the base to open. Its held up well. The temp has been close to 100 so it is solid. I didn't have to buy a new phone holder.

👤I bought this to fix my phone holder. The original cup was sticky for a month or so. The sticky pads could not last long. I followed the instructions to a T and tried different sides of the alcohol pads, all to no avail. The phone holder is heavy so it may not work for lighter models.

7. Dual Electronics XGPS150A Multipurpose Augmentation

Dual Electronics XGPS150A Multipurpose Augmentation

Add Gps. You can strengthen your Gps signal on any device by connecting via wireless. The free downloadable app provides accurate gps coordinates, position update rate change, and much more. Being able to add accurate gps to your device will allow you to use hundreds of available apps. The Gps receiver has a battery life of over eight hours of continuous use and comes with a usb charging cord. That will stick to most surfaces.

Brand: Dual Electronics

👤It works better than I anticipated. I have an older WiFi only iPad Mini that I wanted to use for navigation but it doesn't have built-in gps. When I connected my iPad mini to the dual XGPS105A via a wireless connection, it asked to download the accompanying app. The app is useful. It tells you the number of satellites you are connected to, the signal strength, position information, and the battery status. I turned it on in the house because I couldn't wait but I was able to connect to multiple satellites with ease. I thought I would have to go outside. With the gps locked and loaded, I tried out some maps. Both worked well. My weather radar map is now location enabled. Awesome. I have taken it down the road a few times now, about 100 miles total, without issue, but I will update this review once I have a longer road trip under my belt. I didn't expect to see the app mentioned in any of the reviews or forums. This thing is special. I can't wait to try it out against other devices, like a newer iPad, windows tablets, and some surveying equipment. I will report back, but so far it's been good.

👤Don't buy anything from AXXERA or DUAL. The unit will work for 25 times, then the internals will short out, killing the battery, but they will sell you another battery. Next year there will be some other name. They changed their names to keep up with consumer fraud. Don't buy anything made by these people. You will be sad.

👤I bought a gps receiver for my Jeep. This product works in conjunction with my Apple iPad and provides pin point accurate gps for any app you are using. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to connect to my iPad via BluTooth once I turn on the puck. This could be my fault. Overall very pleased! It's easy to charge up at home or in your vehicle. Very easy to use. I stuck a piece of tape to the back of the vehicle and it still works.

👤For almost two months, use the dual XGPS150A with my iPad 2. Since the iPad 2 didn't have a gps receiver installed, I decided to use the dual XGPS 150A, which is described in the technical documentation to receive 12 gps and up. The dual XGPS15A is a free navigation app that has a very simple and minimalist design. The dual XGPS150A receiver is small and has Haptics very pleasant. The gps is green. The Bluethooth connection is created relatively fast after switch on, but the GLONASS satellites are not supported, but they are displayed in the app, but they are crossed out. It happens in dense forests on winding roads and in large cities close to tall houses. When you're on foot in New York, Boston, and Chicago, the pressure point is non-tactile, so locating is almost non-existent. The dual XGPS150A would no longer splash water and dirt if you removed the plastic cover and cut a hole in the non-slip pad.

8. VK 162 G Mouse External Navigation Raspberry

VK 162 G Mouse External Navigation Raspberry

There is a multi-PLATFORM. It supports the following: Linux, Windows, and the like. Plug and play is supported by the Stratux project. 7 ft. cord is used for remote mounting. The new chip is the U-blox 7. It's durable. IPX6 is dust-tight. It's durable. IPX6 is dust-tight.

Brand: Stratux

👤I've bought 2 of these over the course of 2 years. I use them for my gps device while flying. The gps is very good. I get 10m position accuracy and it locks onto a gps position. The wire near the plastic gps housing developed issues such that the wire would no longer provide a signal. I had to open the units and bend the wire on the end near the housing to find a wire position that would allow the serial port to communicate again. I wrapped the wire in electrical tape and placed it in the bent position. Both of them continued to work. I'm going to try a braided cable for my Stratux and a G mouse for a test to see if I can get something that will last longer.

👤I found a gps receiver that will work on my pi network time server. It took me several minutes to get a minimum of 3 satellites required by the software on theRaspberry Pi, even though my other gps was ok. I had to fuss with it because it wouldn't remain locked. After plugging it in and starting the gps server, it would lock onto several satellites within seconds and remain locked to those satellites. I monitored the operation for several days using U-Center windows software and found the gps to be fast and sensitive, picking up and locking onto over 4 satellites within seconds. The gps is 5 feet from a window. It is even faster outside. My NTP server is up and running because of its default output. My computer time needs to be accurate to milliseconds, and an accurate NTP server is needed for my ham radio equipment.

👤I bought this to use in a data logging project I'm building for my car. It's great to have support out of the box. It's very easy to get data from third party applications. Works well with Kismet. I mounted it to the roof of my car and it has not had any issues moving around. It is easy to route through weather stripping and door mold for a hidden wire installation with the built inusb cable.

👤If the internet goes down, I wanted a time source for the pi. I didn't have to move my pi because it has a nice long lead. I could put it in the window. I don't know why it says "suction power", it doesn't have a cup on it, but it has a magnetic base.

👤It works well on the boat even when it's inside on the navigation desk, because I bought this to use with OpenCPN. It was easy to setup. If you find that the unit can't acquire enough satellites, you could mount it on the deck in a waterproof enclosure.

👤It is easy to find satellites, and interface nicely with OpenCPN. Plug it in, start xgps and then replug in a couple of seconds. Within seconds, it will start acquiring satellites, because it wakes up xgps to a device being attached. The old one I used was ten times worse than this one. It's a great example of how things have improved over time.

9. ISaddle Dashboard GPS Mount Holder

ISaddle Dashboard GPS Mount Holder

ROVE designed it in the USA. IDEAL REPLACEMENT No tools are required, just place the gps dashboard mount holder to the car, and you're good to go. Better than a Suction Cup Mountholder, Never worry about falling down from a window, and make your device works like a heads up display. iSaddle Universal DashboardGPS/Phone holder can fit 99% of Poluar devices in the market, no need to buy a new gps navigation mount for your upgrade, and it can fit music speaker and other things more. Keep the screen clear and protect your device with a large front cover. There is a mount everywhere. iSaddle dashboard holder can be mounted anywhere you want, it can be stable to flat place with a 6.22" gel base. It's easy to remove and clean, so you can use it as a phone Mount or PC Mount. If you get dirt or lose it, clean the holder by water. It's Mount Everything! The gps declination mount is for all the gps navigators. DriveLuxe StreetPilot RV The car mount holder is for all phones, including the Note 10 9. There is a Tablet PC Mount holder for the iPad Mini. There is a365 days warranty. Purchase now and you will get a 100% money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong within a year. There is a365 days warranty. Purchase now and you will get a 100% money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong within a year.

Brand: Isaddle

👤I use this for a gps and it's not very strong. The gps goes off the left or right. You have to adjust it constantly. On the bottom, where you can set your phone, it slides forwards and backwards to adjust the viewing angle. It doesn't stay where you put it after a week and a half of use. I don't recommend this for a small device.

👤There were problems with all the different devices I tried to hold my gps to. The biggest annoyance I found was that the brackets that held the gps in place would often engage the screen when I accelerated or braked, throwing up different screens, or adding weird things to it. The product is not perfect, but it is better than any other I have tried, allowing me to use my tablets on my dash. I have to change it about once a day as it slips a little but that is not a big deal. I think this product is very good.

👤I really like it. When you put 3m tape on a surface it will stick and it's hard to get it off, so you have to move it. When you find a spot you want to use, make sure you do it first. I have a 7" gps and it works great.

👤I've been happy with the unit and the price. I needed a touchscreen interface for my phone, and it works well. When everything works out. I don't have to take my phone out of my pocket. Happy with that. It definitely doesn't have decent ground loop cancellation, despite the description. I had to add one more. The mount didn't work for my car. I wanted to move it between vehicles so I wouldn't use the glue every time. I bought a different one. Sometimes the unit forgets that it's connected to my phone. I have to do it again. It seems to happen after I have a new device connected, like my headphones.

👤This was used to setup the backup camera display in our truck. Doesn't adhere to the dashboard surface. The clam shell is not tight. We make the tiniest turn when our display slides out. I may have another purpose for it, I'm going to hold onto it.

👤I wanted a heads-up holder that didn't involve permanent glue or suction cups. This was the perfect fit for my car. It looks like an add-on because it matches my dashboard.

👤The corner of the dash is too wide for this to be used in, because the window slants there. The sticky pad base is good for the dash surface. The corner of the dash in my Ford Fiesta is where I will use the wider clamshell. We will see how that goes, I haven't used it yet.

👤The mount holds my RV at the perfect angle in my truck. The recess is in the middle of the dash. The mount slide has not been used in a tight turn. My cell phone is held in place when the gps is not on. It would be easy to hide it when not in use since it isn't perma-mounted. I gave the unit a 1-star because it doesn't have any power. It does not need it. Very happy.

10. Humminbird Precision Receiver Heading Sensor

Humminbird Precision Receiver Heading Sensor

All of the following models are compatible with the ASGPS NMEA adapter: SOLIX, HELIX, HELIX 10, HELIX 9, HELIX 8, HELIX 7 G2N, and G3N. HD DI combo, 959ci. HD XD combo, 1159ci HD combo, 1159ci HD DI combo, 1199ci HD SI combo. The receiver has a 3.25" diameter, 1.5" high and comes with 20' cable and a stem with a 14 thread count. The compatible Humminbird product requires software that is at least 6.570. The ASGPS NMEA cable is required for connection to SOLIX and ONIX Series. The ASGPS is required by APEX. InterLink will not work with this gps receiver. It is 1.5 inch high and comes with 20' cable. Fast position fixes are accurate within 2.5 meters.

Brand: Humminbird

👤I bought this unit to make my Solix 12 position information more accurate. It was mounted on a Ram D VHF antenna mount, which was perfect for my bass boat. There were no interference problems. I am using it to map the bottom of a historically significant bay. It allows me to run a parallel track with close spacing to make sure my DI and SI collections are fully covered.

👤Works as advertised. I put my Helix 12 SI up front. I now have a stationary heading indicator. The online video shows you how to program your Helix to use the external sensor instead of the internal one.

👤I mounted this unit on the rear deck. The chart is easy to navigate, and I am certain that the craft is going in a certain direction. It is worth owning. The only way to get there is with an antenna. I secured mine to the rear deck with a simple method. The satellites are able to see the antenna from several hundred miles above you. They can see over your shoulder.

👤I use my Helix 7 on my trolly motor to keep my heading on point.

👤Before drilling holes, be sure to try out the install location on your boat. The unit has a magnetic compass, so any motor, speaker or magnet will throw it off.

👤The accuracy is increased to within a few feet.

👤I have mounted this on my Polaris Ranger for ice fishing and will purchase a second for my boat. I was hoping for better accuracy in the gps, heading sensor, and speed areas.

👤Happy husband, happy wife, happy life? It was a good purchase. It is what it says it is. If you use Graphs to find the fish, you need one.

👤The product is authentic. Excellent price.

11. LandAirSea Waterproof Magnetic Personal Location

LandAirSea Waterproof Magnetic Personal Location

Tracking people, vehicles, and/or assets with a personal gps device. Ultra-compact design, built-in Super Strength Magnet. Attaches to vehicle are hidden in a backpack, case or purse. Track and map in real time on web-based software or SilverCloud App. Text and email notifications, location reporting, and historical playback are included.

Brand: Landairsea

👤I bought this because I suspected my boyfriend was unfaithful. I caught him doing the dirty with his ex-employee in his car the day it was delivered. Once you get to the point of wanting to find proof, you will find what you're looking for. It's funny thing... I didn't get to use the tracker yet because it was still on the charge.

👤The product is perfect. The case doesn't need to be strong. I was looking to find out where my husband was and it tracked the vehicle to the location. Evidence of his infidelity has given me peace of mind. Thanks for your help.

👤If you don't want to know the truth about a cheating person, don't buy this. I agree with that statement. This device will lead you straight there, so be sure to stop denying and be prepared to see the hard facts. The 30 second plan was too slow for me. The 10 second plan worked well for me. The company's people are amazing. The tech support is great. In the US. Very helpful and responsive. I only used it for a couple of months. Simple. You can use it under the vehicle. I found putting inside the truck to be just as accurate as putting outside. It's All True was the previous review. I am not a techie type person. I don't use tech whenever possible. I have to step up to the plate in certain situations. I have read at least a hundred reviews of this unit and many others in the same price range. The product is what was advertised. There is a It was easy to open an account on my phone. It took under 5 minutes. You have to pick a plan. There is a monthly fee. It's a small price to pay if you're serious about tracking someone. It was easy to get it up and running. It took 10 minutes. Max. It was partially charged out of the box, but it needed to be fully charged. The baby is accurate. I took it with me to run my errand and it showed me my location. At every stop. I know it has more features when using a computer, but I haven't had time to check it out. It is well constructed. The directions were easy to follow. It has a magnet in it. You don't have to buy a separate case. It seems like the battery life is good. It looks at all the boxes.

👤When it works, it works well. At times, the tracking does not update until the device is a long way away. Both of the gps units I purchased had the same issue. Better units out there are not reliable or safe in a covert situation.

👤The product was garbage, I put it on the car, and after one drive it fell of the car, and the battery died even though it was supposed to be at 60% life. $50 was wasted on the product and another $25 was spent on it. It was the worst waste of $75. Don't buy!


What is the best product for gps puck mount?

Gps puck mount products from Garmin. In this article about gps puck mount you can see why people choose the product. Apps2car and Vfan are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps puck mount.

What are the best brands for gps puck mount?

Garmin, Apps2car and Vfan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps puck mount. Find the detail in this article. Volport, Volport and Dual Electronics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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