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1. PetDwelling Pet Profile Emergency Location

PetDwelling Pet Profile Emergency Location

It is made of Non-toxic Durable Zinc Alloy. The front of the design is long lasting Non-Fading Epoxy coated and has a link to a pet profile on the reverse side. The warranty is for one year. This isn't a gps tracker. There is a free account. A pet profile with name, photo, description of your pet, pet health info, owner contact info and a gps location map will help you take full control and protect your pet. You can make your pet's profile your own. A secure cloud to store your pet's photos and videos. You can use free setup and use to link your pet profile. You will receive an email alert with a scanned location stamp on a map if your pet is found, if you enter the URL to view your pet's profile. Any browser or phone can be used to manage pet profiles. No applications were needed. There are additional features. Scan and URL are the ways to access the QR Tag. Pet Dwelling provides live support for more than 50% of the lost pet recovery. One pet can link to multiple tags. Multiple pets can be managed by one account. Track members who are nearby. There is a privacy setting option. Pets can be shared on social media. There is resilience and security. Hundreds of pet owners have been helped by Pet Dwelling in the last 9 years. The company is based in NYC. Pet Dwelling is concerned with member data privacy. Pet dwelling is safe to use and affordable.

Brand: Pet Dwelling

👤I hope the manufacturer replaces this or refunds my money and then I will change the rating but it is horrendous. I bought this at the end of August and the disc fell out in the house. I tried to put it back, but it snapped in half. I have a big dog. I have children. This is a rough house, but 4mths? That is crazy! It has been on his collar. I will change the rating if this is corrected, but I will not remove my review because it is a great product. I would say that it was corrected. We will see.

👤I was trying to find a small order of O-rings to replace a broken one. I found this tag and thought it was worth a try. I registered the tag and didn't think about it. My phone rang when my daughter came to visit. I saw that my dog's tag had been scanned. My daughter laughed when she told me that she was just curious about what would happen if she scanned the tag, since she was in the same room as Lola. It works. It looks like social media is a good place to use to find us if she ever needs help getting home. I'm happy she has it.

👤I had to put it to the test when the dogs got out. I got an email about a scanned tag and a phone call from the person who called me as I was heading towards that area from the email. I am so excited to have these on my dog's collar.

👤After a month of owning it, the tag fell apart. The metal insert that held the code fell out and got lost. The ring snapped off after the tag. The product would have been great if it wasn't so bad. There is a good idea behind it.

👤Only vets and shelters can check for micro chipping, which is the best option. The majority of people have a phone. I thought this was a great idea. It's a good thing because you can store all kinds of information that you can't fit on a regular tag. It's important that your pet is well taken care of while in someone else's temporary care. You get an email when it's scanned. If you get an email on your phone, you will get a notification that your pet has been found. The map is on drugs. After I set up the profile, my husband scanned the tag to demonstrate how it works. The tag on my pet's body was scanned in New York. We live in Texas. I scanned it. Again in New York. The good news is that this is not a gps locator. It would be a relief if you were immediately notified that your pet's tag had been scanned.

👤The product works as intended and is great for anyone that wants to quickly communicate important information to people that recover lost pets. My dog has a chip, but it doesn't have our contact information. This tag allows me to warn people to keep him away from cats, as well as include ways to calm him. If he is ever lost and the person trying to help is completely ignorant about him, all the details will be important. The website that the tag uses is a little clunky. The locations reported are not as accurate as the device allows. When you visit the home depot website, it asks for your location. You will get an email with the location. It's important to include some contact information. The website could use an update, but I am impressed with the overall concept.

2. Protects Anti Lost Anti Scratch Protective Silicone

Protects Anti Lost Anti Scratch Protective Silicone

Dog tags are made from a material that is durable. Dog collar tags made with Silicone are noiseless. It protects silent dog tag from damage. Please make sure your tracker is Tile Pro, their case is only for Tile Pro. The Silicone Material is high quality. This case is made of flexible, skin friendly silicone, which makes it easy to put on your pet collar and keep it safe. Also, note: There was no tile pro included. It's simple to put a collar or straps through their holder. It is easy to betatched to the strap of your backpack. The silicone sleeve can fit objects better. The protective cover fits your pet collar more closely so that it won't shake during use. This cover could be attached to the collar of your pet to protect it from falling out. They have tested this holder many times and it fits your tile pro perfectly. They will reply to you as soon as possible if you have any questions or suggestions for the product.

Brand: Kjglrsqh

👤The Tile Pro has a different shape than the Tile Mate. The old Tile Pro may be similar to the Tile Mate, but at a different thickness. It doesn't fit the Tile Pro. The item listing does not disambiguate between the two versions. This is useless because of that.

👤I tried this on our big 18lb long hair cat, and it was too big for him, and I could tell it was uncomfortable for him to wear. You can see how big he is by taking a picture of him.

👤It's a tile pro. Will use on my puppy when he gets bigger. I had a different style for my previous dog. I like this one more.

👤This is too big for our dog. Is the size of a saltine cracker?

3. Dynotag Enabled Lifetime Recovery Service

Dynotag Enabled Lifetime Recovery Service

Your pet is equipped to come back home safely. Pets are protected if they stray away. It's possible to set up in a minute. How did you live without it? The tag shows contact and other information. Their support team will arrange recovery for viewers. With hundreds of thousands of tags in service, Dynotag is the leading company providing maintenance-free smart tags with offices in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Maintenance free and tough! No electronics or batteries are required. The advanced DynoIQ features work anywhere on the internet. The technology is industry leading. Reward for Return is included. Lifetime service is included. When the tag is viewed, the owner is auto-notified via email. Advanced features are available when needed. No app is required to setup or view the tag on phones, tablets or PCs. There is a large selection of smart tags. One unique tag is made from a special steel core and coated with noise eliminating and protective polymers on both sides.

Brand: Dynotag

👤It was easy to set up. A website that is simple and efficient. I scanned the tag with my phone and everything displayed correctly. I hope my dogs never get loose but if they do, I will have more hope in getting them back to me. The price is reasonable. If your best friend runs away, you would empty your bank account to get them back. It's a small price to pay upfront.

👤I like it so far. It is not nonsense. I am concerned about the tag being scratched. Being able to read. They offer a warranty program. I haven't researched it. I hope they replace the tag for free. I think this is a great purchase. No frills. People can find the information on this pet by using the QR code on the tag. The advantage of this is that you can change the information and assign the tag to different things. The code is read. A person can get in contact with the owner by accessing a lot of information. Love it. The responses are recorded deep. You get an email from the responder and it gives you an exact location and an address.

👤The website was easy to set up and the tag is light and bright. I don't know how well it works, but I hope I never need to use it. I have more peace of mind.

👤My cat loves to try to escape and I got this for him. It fits nicely on her collar and doesn't bother her at all. She doesn't make any annoying clack noises when she walks around. She is a sweet cat so it would be easy for someone to get her to see the tag. Setting it up online was not very user friendly, but even the most un tech savvy person should be able to do it.

👤My cat likes to escape. If he bolts, it's easy to find him with this tag, a chip, and Tab Cat device. The website that you must use to tag the product is the only thing I dislike about it. It is difficult to navigate. I appreciate all the information that is stored on the company's cloud, including photos of your cat, medical info, your contact info, and a reward section. Someone who finds a lost pet using this tag will get a free one. It's not a locator. It is a tag with a code. You are notified if someone enters that code on the website. Simple, no batteries, charging or anything else.

👤It is definitely better than nothing. If someone scans the tag on the website, you will be in the general vicinity, but it is not very intuitive and lost pet location is not all that accurate. The most positive aspect of the tag is that if you receive an email alert, you know that someone cares enough to go through the process of logging into the website and find your pet. It doesn't require a trip to a vet or shelter to find the owner, so it's a great addition to a chip.

4. Tag8 Solution Enabled Missing Vaccination

Tag8 Solution Enabled Missing Vaccination

services They are passionate about animals and focused on their safety. There are no subscription fees. Click on "visit the MyLUCKYTAG Store" above or below the product title to find a more suitable dog tag. As soon as the finder finds the missing pet, they'll get an instant notification. The finder gets access to the pet's digital profile, pet parent's contact and pet's gps location. You can create and update a full digital profile of your pet in the genie smart tag website. Reminders and important alerts include vaccinations and deworming. Store multiple contact details of caretakers and pet parents.

Brand: Tag8

👤Excited to have found a pet tag. There are a lot of reasons why I would prefer this tag over an ordinary pet tag, but I will list a few. Saving medical records at one place is a handy feature. The tag looks real cute on my little sweetheart.

👤The tag and concept is good, but the tag8 software is useless. Most of the links will show a 404 error. One of the tags doesn't redirect properly. There are multiple errors that cause no information. There is no location, no mobile phone, no person or details except time scanned, in the tag found notice. It's better to put a tag on a QR code. It's too much trouble for the owner and the finder. It's a basic requirement for a tag, but failed to deliver due to bad written coding.

👤I am very happy with the Pet genie tag as I now have all my cat's information here. Reminders for my cat's vaccinations are also given to me. I am not as worried about my cat running around the house. It is one of the best buys for my cat and if you have a pet, you should definitely get it as the tag keeps all the details of you and your pet. With just one click, you have all the details of the parent.

👤The genie website is easy to understand for a user. It took less than 5 minutes to register my pet tag and fill in all my details. If someone scans a pet tag, you can find the person who scanned it on the website. In case of an emergency, the pet finder gets the medical details of the pet, as well as the pet parents info. Great concept.

👤I bought this for a stray. He wanders the streets for many days at a time and shows up at our door when he's hungry. This tag is perfect for him. Since I'm not around to look after him most of the time, the ability to have medical details and emergency contacts in his pet tag is a lifesaver. I didn't know how to set it up, but the head of consumer relations personally ran me through it. Great customer service.

👤The idea is great, but the company is in India. Their website is buggy. The website is not secure and people who are scanning it get a warning. People wont open the link and your dog can't be identified. It was useless.

5. Platinum Pets Pawsitively Safe Finder

Platinum Pets Pawsitively Safe Finder

When your pet is found, Pawsitively Safe instantly sends you a text message and email with a map of the area. A Lost Pet poster can be generated and shared with friends and neighbors. Anyone who finds your cat or dog can input their tag's code into their website and they will see your pet's profile with direct links to contact you. There is a dog or cat in either blue or pink. It is compatible with mobile, PC and tablets.

Brand: Platinum Pets

👤I received a code with both zeros and O's. I registered, did the profile, and thought I'd pretend I lost my pet to see how it works. I entered the correct website on the tag, and entered the code with zeros and the O's. It took me three times to get them right. I said yes when the site asked if I wanted to enable my location. The location is always on. I received a text and email from people that found my dog. There was no map sent to me. The people who fund your pet get all the information, except your address. They now know her name, age, and breed. There is nothing here to encourage them to return your pet to you. It's like saying, here's the dog info for your records, you might as well keep her!

👤The tag is great for small dogs. I ordered two small tags for my dogs. There is only one color choice, blue or pink. A lot of work is needed on the website. It is not user friendly for lost pets. The main point of the website is the sale of pet products. The website is slow. I was able to get my pet's information loaded. The finder has to allow access to their location in order for it to show up on a map. Most people won't do that. The finder will get your contact info and the pet's info. If your pet had their contact info on their tag, it's the same. If your pet had a regular pet tag with contact info, it would save time and confusion. They need to log on to a website to get your contact info. If someone misplaces their pet, they have to log into the website and update it as lost. It would be great if there was an app that you could use to update the status of your dog. When you're in a panic, the last thing you want to do is try to remember a web address, login and how to update a pets status. This could be a really great product if there were some improvements. None of these guarantees you'll find your pet. Both my dogs have tags on them. I'll use this tag because it's quiet. I'm not counting on it to find my pet.

👤Not worth it. The app was not easy to use and it was left to the person that finds your four legged child to go to the web site and know to enter the code on the tag. I didn't see where you could make posters for lost dogs and cats. I think you have to pay more for additional services. Homeaway is a lost animal website.

👤I bought a bunch of others as stocking stuffers for my friend's pets because I was so pleased with my first tag. The pink dog face is cute. It was very easy to setup my dog's profile, snap a picture and put my contact information in it. When I entered the code on the back of the tag, I received a text message and email saying that my pet had been found, and the email had a map of the location my dog was.

6. Pet Dwelling Advanced Profile Location

Pet Dwelling Advanced Profile Location

It is made of Non-toxic Durable Zinc Alloy. There is a logo in the front. The reverse side of the QR Code has a link to the pet profile. The warranty is for one year. This isn't a gps tracker. There is a free account. A pet profile with photo, description, owner contact info, and a gps location map will help you take full control of your pet. You can make your pet's profile your own. A secure cloud to store your pet's photos and videos. You can share your stories with other members. You can use a free setup and use tag to link your pet profile. Easy access to buildings and airlines can be made easier with the help of the ESA Tag. You will receive an email alert with a scanned location stamp on a map if your pet is found, if you enter the URL to view your pet's profile. Any browser or phone can be used to manage pet profiles. No applications were needed. There are additional features. You can use the Scan,NFC and URL to access the tag. Call Pet Dwelling Live Support for help. One pet can link to multiple tags. Multiple pets can be managed by one account. Track members who are nearby. There is a privacy setting option. Pets can be shared on social media. There is resilience and security. Hundreds of pet owners have been helped by Pet Dwelling in the last 9 years. The company is based in NYC. Pet Dwelling is concerned with member data privacy. Pet dwelling is safe to use and affordable.

Brand: Pet Dwelling

👤I was intrigued by this item because I thought it would be a great idea to have a tag that displayed my dog's information. I was unable to create an account, and the tag has a soft finish that scratches easily. The concept is great, but not executed well. The tag may need to be returned. My red brindle greyhound is an uncommon breed in our community, he never leaves home without his tag collar, and his existing collar tags display most of his important information already. If you have a family member that can run up to 45MPH in just three strides, it is a good idea to have a tag collar on him. It is best to be prepared for a collar malfunction. I can not recommend this product. I can't even create an account because it's marketed as a social media style collar tag. I haven't heard from the support team yet, and the password reset function is not working. I would suggest going with a metal collar tag.

👤It is clear to read and durable. It's not large or long and it's not heavy, but it is on my miniature dachshund. It's not dragging on the ground like some of the other tags were. I like it because I was able to fill out the profile with all the information from the other tags on this one tag, and I like it because my dog had a lot of tags on him to cover different areas. If someone finds him by scanning the QR code, they will know everything about him and how to contact me. Similar to trackR, they have a crowd location type gps service, where when his QR code is scanned it will notify me and tell me where it was last scanned at. I am sad to hear that the company had a terrible review. I've had great customer relations with the company, so I can't imagine what that was about. I have given this product five stars and I would highly recommend it despite the negative readings.

👤Just over an inch. See the picture. It has been less than a week since I got that rubbing from my regular engraved metal ID tag. Make sure the side is clean with the code on it. If someone finds your pet and then doesn't have location services on their phone, you may not be able to find the scanned location of it. Even your own phone. This is a crucial piece of info that may not be purchased for that reason. There is a Even if it's small that can help, it's still better than nothing when it comes to finding them. It's a good tool if I need it. My pet is a huge rabbit so this is perfect size and fit to keep her safe.

👤The tags are pretty. I bought the Red and White designs for my dog. It was easy to setup, you just need to enter the activation code on the tag and fill out the information on the profile. The new feature of PetDwelling is a banner on the profile picture indicating if it is a service dog or an employee assistance dog, we can also upload all the legal documents on its profile page. If we go to a convention or travel, we can easily show our identity by showing our pet profile. I can get the Petdwelling free membership and unlimited free webpage/cloud for $10, it only costs $10 for the ESA ID tag.

7. AnimalRescue Com Q Tag Code Dogs Enabled

AnimalRescue Com Q Tag Code Dogs Enabled

Store Contact Information includes multiple phone numbers, address, email, identifying images, behavior assessments and more. Real-time alert on all scans is enabled by the gps enabled. If your pet has been scanned, they will email you a map of the last locations. The tag was engraved with a laser. There is a lifetime warranty on the double side.

Brand: Q-tag

👤When you register for the Q-tag at, you are allowed to include important information about your pet. The information is instantly registered when you hit activated. An ad comes up when I scanned the Q-tag. You will be able to see all the information on your pet. When your tag is scanned you can see the location on the website. I am very satisfied with the product so far and hope that if my cat gets lost, this will be a useful tool to get him home. I have a standard name tag with my pet's name and address for people who don't have a scanner.

👤The website does not work.

👤It gives me some sense of security, since I know I can get my dogs back more quickly, if they get loose. My dogs have tags engraved, county licenses hang from their collar, and I added the Q-Tags as well. Why? There is insurance. I liked how their system was set up. It works when I use my phone.

👤When both of them got out together and decided to visit people in a nearby development, it worked for me several times. They usually get a call back late in the night. Before I let them out in the yard, I double check the ranch gates. My phone has a "Fast Reader" App that I use to read tags on active outdoor dogs.

👤Excellent tag. I love that I can tell people my dog is friendly even though he looks menacing. If you travel frequently with your dog, it's very clever. The jump ring could be bigger but other than that it is great.

👤If you have another tag on there too, I don't think the QR Code rubs off easily. If you have a dog license tag, make sure you face it away from it.

👤I thought it had aGPS capability so you could see where your pet is. This is the same thing as a regular tag that has your contact info on it. Save money.

👤I don't know why someone didn't think of it sooner. It doesn't really do anything until you need it, however, the relief and calm feeling this thing gives is tremendous. It's a good feeling to know your pet is safe.

8. ROVERTAGS Tags Dogs Scannable Location

ROVERTAGS Tags Dogs Scannable Location

Do you want to keep your pet safe? The best choice for your dog is this pet tag. The tag is made of heavy duty material with UV high separation printing. ID Tag can be scanned with any phone, but only after a pet's id tag is activated on their site. The tag works all over the world. The European Association of Animal Databases - Europetnet has a link to the international animal database. It provides access to the online profile of the pet. The owner will receive an email with the location of the scanning place. In less than 24 hours, 85% of pets with a pet id tag are with their owners. Ensure your pet is safe with a pet id tag. Register your pet with their app. Scan the tag and confirm it is activated. A pet may have several active tags at the same time.

Brand: Rovertags

👤They make you pay to add your phone number so people can call you if they find it, but it's not like a gps on the tag, you get the phone location of where it was scanned, and it's not like a gps on the tag, you get the phone

👤The product is a complete failure. The code fails when I try to register through the app. I tried to register through the website, but the account activation email does not have an activation link. Do not buy.

👤The company reached out to me and gave me a new tag. You can modify the side that doesn't have the code on it on their website. The product still has one flaw, but it is great customer service. I made a waterproof case out of an old screen protectors and took it to fix this. The tag should be protected and bumped up. I included pictures of the issue and what I did. I live on 5 acres with swamp land in the back of my yard, so this product may be just fine for the average user. I recommend this method if you do a lot of water activities. If theDurability was better, I would give it 5 stars. I was initially really happy with the idea of this tag, but it is not very durable. I have a large yard and my dog runs around all the time and sometimes he goes to a swampy area of the yard so his tags don't get wet. The sticker on which the code is printed is peeling. I had it for a couple of weeks.

👤If my dog has a chance, he will run. If someone finds him and scans a barcode, it will alert me. It would be good for shelters.

👤The product is a complete failure. The code fails when I try to register through the app. I tried to register through the website, but the account activation email does not have an activation link. Do not buy.

👤I love it! My dog got out. Someone scanned his tag and I was able to find him. My only complaint is that when the person scans the tag they should be able to see the animal's profile with the phone number for them to be able to reach the owner.

👤If you have a busy fur baby, they will try to chew it. It is not hard plastic, it is just regular plastic. So you purchase a membership, then it will want you to use it. It is optional. You don't get to see things. The person that finds your pet can let you know that they found it. Not worth it.

👤The app is very cute and it was easy to set it up. The sides of the chewer are softer plastic so be careful if your animal is a chewer. I put it on the metal loop but I had to loop it around the collar as you can see in the picture. The cat can't get to it because it doesn't hang so low. There is a Since the barcode is only on the back of the tag, and some people are not tech savvy, I bought a tag that will let me know where she is if she gets lost. Since she is an inside kitty, I haven't needed to use my app to find her, but the test worked fine. My only suggestion to the company was to personalize them.

9. SPOT LED Energizer Visibility 94550

SPOT LED Energizer Visibility 94550

Their pet ID tag is water and dust resistant, which means your dog can run and play as much as they want. Their bright lights can be seen from up to 1/2 mile away, so you can keep an eye on your pet at night. If your best friend goes missing, you will get a location alert as soon as their tag is scanned. When it's time to replace the CR 2032 battery, simply remove the back and put a new one in. Press in the center of the tag to turn on the lights and choose your light mode. Questions? Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Spot Led

👤The website doesn't work. It will sit on 'processing' until you get numb with the boredom of it. When I try to log in, it doesn't recognize me despite the email saying I registered. When I tried it again, it sent me to a website that said to download the speedup software. I was sent to a blank page after trying again. It was the third time. I was stuck in the loop of putting my details. I was going to return this and ask for my money back, but what? No returns.

👤Didn't survive very long. I can't read the code or write on the tag anymore. Not water proof. Two of them failed and are no longer useful.

👤I ordered 2 of the pink. It was easy to set up. I can't believe the price you are charging for the information. It is a great peace of mind that I never need to use these. I wish they could leave an alternate phone number. I still have both, but I wanted to add it as of 3-21. The code is still readable. Over time, I was very impressed with the quality.

👤The person that scans the barcode can see what you put for your pet's lost information, and I got a message that said the person's cell phone location. The bio allows you to post what you want in the comments and attach pictures so the person that finds your pet will see it. When you squeeze it once, a blinking light comes on, twice and a slower blinking light comes on, and three times for a solid light. He is easy to see at night because we use the light. It is cute when it lights up his path. The small device is easy to attach to the collar because it is on a keyring. The only thing I would change is to use a bigger keyring or a different kind of clip to secure it. There is a

👤I bought it for my cats. The visibility is not very good. I added a lighted collar. The batteries are easy to wear down. I change it once a week. You have to be careful because it hangs so low in the water bowl. It would be better if it could be attached to the collar. It might be too heavy for my cat. I would not spend money on this. I took the second one back. It isn't worth it.

👤Cool. I hope we never lose our dog, but if we do, I hope this makes it easier to return him to us. We can set up a profile for contact.

👤Do not buy false advertising. Website to keep an eye on the dog. Work! I am getting my money back. I feel bad for pet owners who don't know the Q code and don't know how to find their dog. ARG!

10. MYLUCKYTAG Code Pet Tags Dog

MYLUCKYTAG Code Pet Tags Dog

The zinc alloy is made of nontoxic zinc and treated with acrylate to give it a smooth, rust-free and durable surface. The diameter is 1.2 inches and the weight is 0.2 ounces. Setup and use. Scan the tag with aqb code and you will be able to enter multiple emergency contact, upload multiple pet photos, and more. Multiple pets can be managed by one account. No need for an application! Pets have their own pet ID tags. You can change the pet id tag at any time when your address, phone number, age, and size change, and your pet grows older. The pet ID tag is vivid and distinctive. Scan a tag to receive an email. If someone scans the QR code, it will send your pet's location to your email, and you can view the scanned location on the internet. This service is free. Pet ID tags are important to ensure the safety of your pet. services They are passionate about animals and focused on their safety. There are no subscription fees. Click on "visit the MyLUCKYTAG Store" above or below the product title to find a more suitable dog tag.

Brand: Myluckytag

👤It is easy to use. It is amazing that my personal information is not listed on the tag, and that the coordinates of where it was scanned were sent to me in an email. The deal is sweetened by the fact that there is no monthly payment. I will let other pet owners know about this.

👤I have an update to my story. The new tag works amazingly! Thank you. I will purchase from them again. If you're looking for a good quality tag, this is the one to get. The company got in touch with me and is going to make this right. I am happy with their customer service. They are a company with values and stand behind their products. When the new one arrives, will update. I was looking forward to it. The quality of the code is sub-par, it isn't straight on the tag, air bubbles and scratches on the paw print, and it isn't clear on the part that covers the paw print. Was looking forward to using it.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by how user friendly this tag is. All I had to do was take a picture of my pet. I was good to go. I was impressed with the way the picture of my pet was displayed when I scanned it again to make sure it worked.

👤I got the pink tag and it's easy to use. The pink wasn't scanning, but it appears that they fixed it. It's easy to set up, but there's a form that isn't obvious as to what you should type in for my pet. I like that you can add more than one photo, and that someone has to use the code to see the dog's name. That's a plus for me. The email notification for the gps coordinates can be turned on when the tagged is scanned. I liked the way it looked to the person who found my dog. I received an email about the coordinates. The coordinates were half a mile away from me when I opened the location. I received at least two more emails from the scans. The coordinates were almost exact when the last email was sent. I'm not sure why. It will take a while to get the coordinates right. I hope I don't have to use this for another dog someday, but I like how you can easily transfer it to another pet or change your contact information. I recommend.

👤I love the idea and design. You can get pet info by live. The problem is that the gps coordinates for where the dog is at is so far away from where I am that it's hard to tell. I scanned in my house to make sure it worked and it gave me gps coordinates 1/2 hour away from my own home. It's not good if you're trying to find your dog.

👤Returning to do an update. The seller went above and beyond to make this right after I contacted him. They have updated their codes so that they are better at scanning the pink tags. I received the new one today and I am very pleased with the changes they made. Just opened the package. I lost my package when I ordered it. The front of this one is scratched and the code won't work. Such a waste. So disappointed.

11. Dog Tags Pets Silicone Identification

Dog Tags Pets Silicone Identification

Store multiple contact details of caretakers and pet parents. The modern digital solution simplifies the process of finding the owner. You can link the dog id tag to the mobile app and change it at any time. Adding health info will help the finder take care of your pet. Pet tags are linked to your pet's profile in the Multifunctional Mobile App. You can plan events in the life of a pet by keeping their documents structured. You can store information about pets at the same time. The owner will be notified instantly if someone scans a lost dog's pet id tags. Thanks to the exact pet location you receive the message, you have a clear idea of the dog's location. Premium color printing makes the pet tag modern. Dog name tags are more durable because of 3-layer print protection. Dog id tags are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. Dog tags are made from a material that is durable. Dog collar tags made with Silicone are noiseless. It protects silent dog tag from damage.

Brand: Waudog

👤It's small but it's great for my small dog. Love the material around it. There was no noise. I can see her picture and her information. The barcode is in the back. Great product.

👤It seems like a great idea. I like the idea of it and it is very lightweight, so hopefully I will never have to use it.

👤I have a few for my pets. If your pet is missing, the app will give you aGPS location.

👤Apenas para mi gato. Fcil de configurar. En oferta es perfecto, su precio.

👤It was easy to set up love the way you want it to be, without having to buy a new tag. You get a notification when it's been scanned, and it shows the location of the device. Very happy with the purchase!

👤It works and has good quality, but you have to pay more for things like adding more than one phone number.

👤It works with the app. If your pet gets lost. Someone scans it on their phone and it will alert you.

👤The tag is bulky, but it doesn't bother my cat. You can make your account through the website "animal ID net", where you can get a qr code. I'm happy with it. It serves its purpose.


What is the best product for gps pet tags android?

Gps pet tags android products from Pet Dwelling. In this article about gps pet tags android you can see why people choose the product. Kjglrsqh and Dynotag are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps pet tags android.

What are the best brands for gps pet tags android?

Pet Dwelling, Kjglrsqh and Dynotag are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps pet tags android. Find the detail in this article. Tag8, Platinum Pets and Q-tag are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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