Best Gps Para Perros De Caza

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1. Garmin Tracking Collar Sporting Device

Garmin Tracking Collar Sporting Device

Track up to 20 dogs with the 2.6” color display and T 9 dog devices for a range of up to 5 miles. When dogs are on the run, the update rate provides a faster location tracking. The ability to track in more challenging environments with high-sensitivity gps and satellite reception. There is a free 1-year Birdseye Satellite Imagery subscription for better location awareness. Dog data from Hunt Metrics can be used to review and train more effectively.

Brand: Garmin

👤I researched all the collars before choosing this one. Blocks of land are about 2 miles away from where I live. There are no roads leading into the blocks of pine plantations, hardwood forest and cutover land. During hunting season, I wanted to keep my dogs at home. Redbone coonhounds are hard to keep up with because they are a natural hunter. The first day, the three collars paid off. The dogs came out on the road after a 1.5 mile chase. I could see on the unit where they were, how fast they were closing the distance and waiting in the road when the deer came out behind them. If I had not caught them, they would have been 2 miles away. I can't tell you the range they work in but they worked well in the brush. The phone reception in this area is pretty bad, but the gps product does not depend on it. It will take me awhile to figure it out but the unit does what I need it to do. Tell me where the dogs are. Setting up a border lets you know when a dog is leaving so you can stop them before they get far away. The unit and collar are well made and worth the money.

👤It was very easy to use and I was happy that I did not have to learn how to use it. I don't hunt, but I have a dog that loves to wander far in the woods and this makes me feel better if we're hiking away from our home.

👤It works well for keeping track of our dog.

👤The Astro 900 is malfunctioning. The unit will not start.

👤This is a great product that I use to keep track of my husky when I am at work. He is tracked by a few feet with a ten mile range. I have to charge the coller every night because of how I am using it. I am really happy with the product.

👤Amigos equipos. Un nueva forma de la cacera.

2. PETFON Tracker Real Time Tracking Monthly

PETFON Tracker Real Time Tracking Monthly

There is no monthly fee for the Petfon gps tracker. The small, durable, and rainproof device allows you to track your pet's activity and location in real time. The Petfon gps tracker uses a variety of wireless technologies for accurate positioning. The Rada serching feature can help you find the lost dogs. Petfon is easy to use and install. Follow the instructions to download the Petfon app. You can see your pet's activities and see his location at any time with the app. The ranges can be up to 3.5 miles in an open environment. It will be effected by surarroundings. GEOFENCING,MULTICOLOR,CUSTOMIZABLE VOICE COMMAND: If your pet leaves a safe area, you can get notified instantly with the Petfon gps tracker. The lights on the gps tracker can be turned on to locate your pet in dim light or at night. Voice commands can be recorded and stored on the tracker to communicate with your pets. The weight and the rainproof are included. The Petfon is small and durable. It does not work for swimming in wet weather, thanks to the rainproof feature. Petfon's battery can last up to 8-16 hours and comes with a charging station. It's perfect for going off the grid. Petfon2 is a different color than Petfon1, and it is dirt resistant. Petfon2 software has been changed so it is more stable. The initial positioning time is 10 seconds shorter than Petfon1, which makes the tracking quicker and more accurate.

Brand: Petfon

👤I bought this device for my Border Collie because she was bad about crossing the road to chase deer. We live on land. The main point is that it works, so you should take it off and charge it at night. I get a notification almost instantly on my phone when she is 100 yards away, and within 60 seconds I get a second notification that she is back in the leash perimeter. I was able to record my voice saying "Come" which freaks her out and sends her running right back towards the house every time it rained despite all the negative Amazon reviews that said it doesn't work in bad weather. It's great for us. I love the remote control, but there have been a few times when she didn't turn right after exiting the perimeter, that I pushed the button on the remote. She turned around and went back to her house. Maybe others are not charging. I want to make sure it works during the day. The device has helped us. I had tried some of the top products and they didn't work for me. The device is a lifesaver, it keeps my dog on my property, without the need for a fence. I highly recommend this! Thanks to the engineer who made this, it is easy to use and works well in Montana.

👤It has been upgraded several times since the initial review. I can see which direction my cat is moving as it is shown in real time. It is convenient to go out to get the cat. My cat is now registered as a cat, not as a beagle, because it has a cat category. I love the added features of the device, like the radar and almost real time tracking. It shows where my cat likes to hang out. It has improved the lives of cat owners. Thank you! We live in a suburb. My cat is in the garage. He goes out in the morning and comes home by 4:30 pm. He is about 11 lbs and active. The device is slightly bigger than I wanted, but my cat doesn't seem to care. It picks up the signal 80 percent of the time, but then it goes offline because my cat got under a deck. It works great when it works. I opened the door to the garage because I saw that my cat was on his way to my house. It shows its daily trails in a nice way. It gives me peace of mind to know where my cat is. He was a stray and is happy when he is outside. I have been looking for other tracking devices and this one is the best so far. You have to update the app to add a cat. My cat is registered as a beagle, which is not fair.

👤I received a gps tracker in the mail a few days ago and I am very pleased with the device. The app is easy to install and use, and I didn't have any issues with the tracker and receiver beingsynced to my phone. I was excited about this product because my dog likes to run the neighborhood and we live in a rural wooded area. The tracker seems to loose connection easily. It has been done while I have been in my house with the receiver and outside with my dog. I don't know why it is losing connection. The device is powered on. I wanted it to work for us. I decided to keep it because it seems to work better after we shrunk the safety zone. My dog went out of the "geo-fence" and the receiver wouldn't let him go. Our house is situated in the middle of 15 wooded acres and our dog is allowed to go outside without being on a leash or inside a fenced in area. He would wander off and visit neighbors before I knew he was gone. I wanted something that would allow me to be a lazy dog owner. The app was able to notify me when he went beyond the safety zone because of the size of the fence around my house. I pushed the button outside and my dog ran after me. The tracker and receiver disconnected when he went to lie under the greenhouse to get out of the heat. I was able to put the receiver outside on the porch railing and have my phone inside with me, the connection didn't seem to have trouble staying connected. I think this would work well with him on hikes. There is a new update on 9/23/19 that is not waterproof. We went kayaking on the river and my dog swam with a tracker attached to his collar. We tried to put it on the top of his neck, but he must have gone under to get the tracker wet. After drying out, the tracker stopped working. I've been unable to get a replacement tracker from the company. I was able to purchase a new tracker after contacting Petfon tech support.

3. My Pet Command Waterproof Rechargeable

My Pet Command Waterproof Rechargeable

Long range and long battery life. The My Pet Command high quality training kit can be used remotely to assist in everyday training. It's as simple as pressing a button with Long battery life when you want to train your dog to stay or return. The training shock collar is safe and effective. It is important to make sure that your dog won't be harmed. You can choose from up to 10 levels of shock and sound levels to suit your dogs and Breed Types. The Plastic Prongs can be used to turn the collar into a non-SHOCK function. The collar fits the neck sizes. There are bright BEACON lighting night lights. If you turn on the beacon flashing night lights from your remote, you will be able to see and keep track of your dog up to 300 yards away. IPX7 waterproof COLLARS are highly durable and fully waterproof. The My Pet Command dual training collar makes it easy to take your dog to the beach or lake. Your dog can swim and play in the water up to a depth of over 3 feet. The Remote Control is waterproof and can be used outdoors. You can train your dog in any weather condition. There are a pair of plastic prongs with the collar and a pair of metal prongs. There is a test bulb and a remote strap. A bonus whistle for dog training. You can find extra collar on Amazon.

Brand: My Pet Command

👤I live on a farm with animals. I used to have a border collie who was great with herding livestock and I didn't have to do anything to train her. I got a labrador retriever and thought I could use her for hunting and livestock. She was hard to train and was very high energy. She was all over the place. I kept her under control with this collar. She comes running home when I press one button. I used to have to listen for her bark to find her at night, the beacon light is awesome. I can now see where she is at night time, and I can sit on my porch to see it. She loves chasing ducks on the pond, and has worn this collar several times in the water, and it is still working great. It has been a great tool and seems to be very comfortable on my dog.

👤There are different types of training collars. All were bought from Amazon. We took them out and tested them side by side. The collar was the winner. By twice. It was the only collar that gave us some contact. The other three collar all lost contact in a big road dip, but this collar kept contact so it was a bonus. MyPet seems to be working on building better products and improving the product options as opposed to just buying stuff and selling it on Amazon. The remote is hanging around my neck. It is difficult to lose the remote as I have with other collars. The remote seems waterproof and is a bonus over some of my other collars. It is recommended.

👤I adopted a dog last year. I tried different kinds of leashes and collar as recommended by dog trainers. My dog is still pulling despite the training. It is understandable that he is young and high energy. I decided to get a collar that would hold the leash and it made a difference. I wanted to train my dog to go off-leash so that I wouldn't worry about him running away. My dog is very social and likes to french-kiss everyone. He wouldn't come back to me when I tried off-leash at a park. I looked into e-collars again after a friend recommended them. I compared several e-collars in different price ranges on Amazon. I used Fakespot to make a decision. I decided on the e-collar set because of the distance. When there were cheaper e-collars, I went for it, even though I was worried about spending $120 on an e-collar. The manual was a bit confusing for me when I received the e-collar set. The devices were charged for 3-6 hours. I got the hang of it after a few days. The lowest setting has been used so far. I tried the "shock" on myself first so that I know what it feels like before I try on my dog. It felt like a strong shock but it didn't hurt me. The modes are beep, vibration, and shock. You can change the levels of strength, which are 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 the strongest. I broke down the instructions in a way that was easy to understand. I only have one dog, so I only use "A." Hopefully this helps. To adjust the strength, press the + or - button first to the desired level, and then press either the bell icon or the shock icon, I only use the button with single lightning bolt. Press A once to flash the light of the e-collar. Press and hold A for a few seconds until the e-collar starts flashing. It is not very bright. It's something. It's useful in the dark. I looped the excess collar back to the buckle to not have to cut it off. After you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to use. There are different settings and levels. Up to 3 dogs can be used with remote. The extra e-collars have to be separately obtained. The light will flash green when charging, so it's convenient to use. There is peace of mind for off-leash training. It works for me. My dog has been good to not run off. I am still training him in a less distraction environment. The charging ports are covered in rubber. The rubber pieces don't stay in place after the cable is plugged in, which makes the devices vulnerable to liquid damage. The rubber pieces of the e-collar are pretty flimsy and water may get into the charging port areas. I would like to see the battery percentage or power. The lanyard for the remote is very flimsy. The little hole in the remote is small. I would like it to be bigger so that a thicker string can fit through it. The manual was confusing. I only press the buttons if my dog doesn't listen. He's been great so far. I haven't had to use it a lot, but it definitely gives me peace of mind to have the e-collar on him whenever we go out for a walk, visit stores, or go to events just in case. I would run and test if my dog would chase me. It helps with the off-leash training for me. It is up to you, your dog, your patience, the amount of time you have for training, and how often you enforce the trainings, even if some people and some professional dog trainers advise against e-collars. If you want to know what the e-collar feels like, try it on yourself first, and don't abuse your dog with shocks. I haven't tried the e-collar/remote for the entire 1.25 miles yet, but I plan to once this COVID-19 pandemic ends. My dog and I miss the open fields and dog parks. Stay safe!

4. Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

Pinpoint the real-time location of your dog when it's most important and see the history of places he's visited. There are monthly, 1 year, 2 year and 5 year plans available. You can try risk free with a 30 day money back guarantee. If your pet leaves the area, you can get an instant notification. Tracking a dog has never been easier. ACTIVITY MONITORING The integrated dog fitness tracker can be used to keep your dog healthy. In over 150 countries, you can use the TractiveGPS pet collar attachment. You can manage all features via the free app. All Life Stages is an age range description. The included components are a gps tracker and a manual.

Brand: Tractive

👤I had originally given this product 5 stars. A picture of my cat wearing a product was posted. Within 2 weeks, the tracker stopped giving me the right area at the right time to find and secure my pet. At one point, the tracker showed my cat was 4 miles away. I was trying to find him in the dark woods. He was in the yard. I almost had an attack of hyperventilation. I called customer service after trying to reset. None. I sent it back to Amazon after having 3 events like this within a few days. Get this! You can't cancel the subscription when you send it back. A whole 114 dollars was gone. They won't refunds. Don't purchase before you think. Thank you for reading. I hope this helps someone else.

👤It's a waste of money. The live tracking is useless, our dog ran off and it displayed where he had been but not where he was real time as it claims. I used email to contact customer service. I'm on day 6 waiting for a reply, I think I should get a refund for this product, it's not good, but I'll see if I get one.

👤We bought this for our cat. My goal was to keep an eye on where he goes and how often he crosses a busy street so we can decide if he should stay. We might use this tracker permanently going forward, since it was not the original plan. You can set a very precise digital fence. It was important to me to know when he crosses the street on our block. I was surprised that I could drag the fence lines up to the sidewalk. You can set any shape along any road or property line you need. You can see a heat map of where he went during the last 24 hours, and see where he spent less time. It's funny. I use this to find out how often he goes into areas that are less safe. See the picture. Live tracking works well if he's in a wooded area, but you get notifications when he enters/exits the digital fence. If I'm trying to bring him inside and need to know where to look for him, this helps. I don't worry about the physical tracker coming off because it has a secure connection piece to his collar. It is easy to charge, and I find it lasts a few days. I let my cat in and out. I can check the battery life before I let him out. If your cat has a door to come and go, I can see the battery life being a little annoying to monitor. The app sends a notification if the charge is low, so I think battery life and charging work well here. It's easy to use and gives me the information I need. His position doesn't always update for 30-40 minutes. I have to turn on Live Tracking to get a more current read if I check on where he is. I don't know if the app would have known if he crossed the fence. I worry I might not be able to call him back when he's crossing the road. The app doesn't seem to have gaps on his position when I look at his historical heat map. The tracker is big for a cat. I was worried that it was too heavy for his neck, but eventually I was comfortable connecting it to his collar. He doesn't seem to care about it anymore. My cat is about 12 pounds. See the picture. The activity/exercise tracking features are not necessary for an animal. I only use historical heat map features. When he went into a treed area, I lost signal for 45 minutes. It took me an hour to realize he was off the grid because the app didn't tell me a signal had been lost. I panicked because live tracking wouldn't work, since it hadn't happened before. After I walked the block calling for him, he popped out on the app close to home after ignoring my calls. I don't think that area is "heavily wooded." I have a lot of evergreen trees and mature landscaping on the block. If you live among a lot of trees, you could lose signal often. There was a gap in his historical heat map tracking for that period. I don't like paying for gps tracking. I'm willing to pay for it because the app works well and I get a precise location on him to solve my problem. The tracker's up front cost was low enough to cover the ongoing cost.

5. Strap Attachment Clips Cube Tracker

Strap Attachment Clips Cube Tracker

Attach CubeGPS to your dog collar, pet collar, backpack, camera gear, luggage, or hiking equipment. There are 3 different size clips. 1 1/2 There are 3 different size clips. 1 1/2

Brand: Cube

👤It works well for holding a tracker to a dog's collar. He was a rambunctious 12 week old husky pup. I am fairly confident that it can hold for years to come if he hasn't been able to pull, chew or knock it off by now. I had to use a screw driver to remove it when I tried to take it off myself.

👤This is not a good design. It's held together by a piece of plastic that slides in with no screws or snaps to hold it in place. I bought two sets for two different dogs in less than three weeks. Some of the pieces have been lost.

👤After 3 weeks, I found a piece of the clip on the floor. The tracker was flopping. The other piece is not in the clip. These were overpriced and didn't last.

6. Personal GPS Tracker Portable Tracking

Personal GPS Tracker Portable Tracking

Their real-time gps tracker uses a built-in sim card to give you unlimited data coverage, just like a cell phone. This includes unlimited tracking range, real-timegeofencing, speeding, and SOS alert. Cancel anytime, without contracts or fees. Make sure people get where they say they are going. If they go too far, be alert. Businesses need to monitor drivers, speed and safety. Employees and their spouses should be honest. Don't lose your valuable possessions again. The tiny, lightweight Prime TrackingGPS is easy to conceal in strollers, vehicles, backpacks or pockets. It is almost invisible. Track anywhere in North America from anywhere, anytime, on your computer, phone, or tablets. Wherever there is cellular service, it works on multiple devices and networks. State-of-the-art 4GLTE technology means you can get location, movement and direction information as it happens, updated every 10 seconds.

Brand: Primetracking

👤The first device I received was malfunctioning. I didn't expect much from the email I sent out on Easter Sunday. I received a phone call from the company and a response almost immediately. They took care of the problem and I was up and running in 3 days. This is the best customer service experience I have ever had. The new tracker works as advertised. This one is great because I use it for work. The location and battery are very important. I had a few tech questions that were answered quickly. I have received excellent customer service from this seller and I can't say enough good things. If you're looking for a tracker, stop looking and buy one. You won't be angry.

👤After installing, there was some trouble getting a signal with the satellite, but customer service was very helpful and after a day or two, the satellite was up and running. It's very accurate and would be great for anyone wanting to track discreetly.

👤My grandson was taking my car. We put this in my car and my wife and I went and picked it up while he was inside. He was taught a lesson.

👤It is off by a few feet. When I see the green arrow, I think it is under my patio, but it is in my driveway. I want to get more for my dad's semi truck.

👤My mom has an alzheimer's disease so she is left at home when I'm working late. She would go outside and buy food. I got home at midnight and my mom wasn't there. She was sitting at the bus station. Thanks so much for the tracker, I can now watch my mother's location.

👤My wife used to use Tile, which is a gps tracker, but that was a big disappointment. The purchase has been great so far. The other tracker from Spy brand stopped working after two months. The other brands are from China according to some of the reviews, so that was a plus. You have to sign up for a monthly charge. I bought a tracker and learned this. It is cost effective compared to our last purchase. If you sign up for 6 months, you can get the tracker for $20, which is the same price as our last brand. This was the least expensive of the two. If the tracker works for us after two months, we will do the 6 month option. It has been great so far. Customer service is good. I inquired about the company's policy for refunds before buying. They got a response after 6 hours, but it was New Years Eve. If they respond within an hour, they will get 10/10 from me. I was told it was a generous policy. If I wasn't happy, I would just email them a full refund. I thought it was a nice gesture that they would let me keep the tracker. Nothing to lose. The package was great. The size was perfect. Charge is perfect and lasts a long time, sometimes we get packages with smells, but not always. I did an easy to use video. We are very happy so far. I will update my review in 3 months but nothing to lose because of the generous refund policy and great customer service.

7. Garmin ETrex Rugged Handheld Navigator

Garmin ETrex Rugged Handheld Navigator

The handheld gps is reliable. The display has a sunlight-readable color and display size of 220 x 220. There are roads and trails for hiking and cycling in the Topo Active maps. Tracking in more challenging environments is possible with the support of gps and GLONASS satellite systems. There is 8 gigabytes of internal memory for map downloads. Up to 25 hours in the gps mode with 2 AA batteries.

Brand: Garmin

👤A lot of the negative reviewers didn't understand what they were buying when they ordered this. This isn't a replacement for your maps and it isn't intended to be. Some of the negatives are positive features. It was large. It's large, but it will take a lot more beating than a small smart phone. The shape makes it easier to hold in the hand. 2. There is no touchscreen. Have you ever tried to use your phone in the rain? Touchscreens are great in warm climates. It is designed for use in dirty environments. 3. The user interface is outdated. This sort of phone is similar to a 2008 cell phone. The layout is easy to set up and contributes to the battery life. 4. AA batteries. The eTrex doesn't have a rechargeable battery like every other electronic device. It's difficult to understand why they think this would be a good idea. If you're out on a long hike/camping/hunting trip for several days, it's unlikely that you'll have access to a charging port, which makes it easier to just pop in two new batteries when the old ones run out. 5. There is a memory capacity. The maps take up the entire integrated memory. You can buy a 32gb card for $6 and download as many maps as you want. There are lots of videos on how to do this. 6. There is no map detail. I haven't encountered any flaws with the maps, so unless you're trekking through Gates of the Arctic, you'll probably be covered on any state or local trails. 7. Inaccuracy of location. The registered location is close to where I'm actually standing. My cell phone is usually off by 50 to 100 feet. It's not the point of exactitude, it's to help you find your way back to your camp, etc. Being off by a few yards isn't a big deal if you're within sightline. There are 8. There are noroutable maps. It operates differently than your phone's map app. You type in the address and it takes you there. It's not clear why people think it won't. There are 9. The features and interface are confusing. I can't believe this one. There are lots of videos and articles on how to use features. I download AllTrails Pro trails into Basecamp and then export them onto the eTrex when I'm ready to go. I follow the trail on the device. There are two more When I go on a non-prepared trip, I use the eTrex to record my track and save it on the device, then I plug it into my computer and send it to Basecamp. Done. If you're outdoors a lot, you're willing to dedicate minimal time to understanding how to use it, and you understand that this sub-$200 gps that will last you for a decade is not intended to replace your $800+ cellphone.

👤The company is abysmal. The product they have created is straight out of the era of the Blackberry. They offer nothing in the handheld market that is close to a modern device. This piece of hardware and software is not good. I will return it. I didn't return the inferior Garmin that I have in my car, and it burns me up. Never again! The screen is tiny, and I have encountered other issues in my brief period of ownership. I need to hike in the desert. The screen is useless. My phone works in the same way with no glasses. - The best tech minds don't work for Garmin. - The screen gets bumped in your pocket and you lose battery life. You can't search for a location by state, it returns zero results. The method to change the order of items in the Main menu is different from the Route Planning menu. - The deleted tracks menu contains all the settings. What? There are no maps. The data is solid, so I give this 2 stars instead of 1 Since my return of this device, I have been using a solution. I wanted a dedicated device just for mapping, I hike extensively off trail. I bought a burner phone at a box store and it works without being activated. I disabled all the apps that I could. I bought and downloaded Gaia for mapping and route finding. You can download maps before you leave. You can get phone service if you don't have to download maps, but it will cost more. I made the device bulletproof by adding a protective case with a backpack clip and an external battery pack. The setup has been great. Gaia is awesome. There are maps on the screen. The hardware and software are easy to use. The accuracy is very good. I have access to a lot of maps. Finally, it's a cheaper option. It's shocking that the company that does this can't do it.

8. Tracking Keychain Anti Lost Reminder Compatible

Tracking Keychain Anti Lost Reminder Compatible

Can't find your lost items? Press the button and follow the sound. It is possible to locate keys, wallet, TV remote control, glasses, dog collar, and other items that are easy to misplace through the provided keys. LOUD ENOUGH AND LONG DISTANCE RANGE The sound is loud enough to be heard from the upstairs level, behind a pillow, in a coat pocket, etc. It is possible to find the key through walls, cushions, and doors. The range is perfect. A great gift. The key finder set is the ideal thing to have when you're in a bind. It will make your parents or friends happy, no matter how you use it. Your purchase is guaranteed. If you don't like the key finder, you can contact them for a replacement. ULTRA-LONG BATTERY LIFE You can easily replace the CR2032 battery yourself.

Brand: Mocoe

👤When you get an item from China and you get an "Amazon Gift Card" that falls out, you can get a five star review and a video for free. You know that you're dealing with alcoholism right off the bat. In this case, we're talking about an app that has notifications in Chinese, and wants access to your files, microphone, camera and more. It wouldn't need any permission or location services if it was just forging a connection. The app won't work until you give it a password and go through a lot of garbage. I'm not even close to being three feet tall. Chances are I've already found it if I'm within three feet of it. If you buy this, you will pay Chinese hackers to install a program on your phone. Thank you.

👤These are junk. If you sneeze hard in your pocket, they have a power button that will be pushed. The locator starts to sound if you turn off the app.

👤I bought this device to keep an eye on my dog. All it does is. Set off alarms on my phone and collar. The dog is frightened by the alarm. This system is not good for pets.

👤I don't like this product because it doesn't have multiple maps so you can track each tracker. You can't have more than one at a time. The alert ringer is on. It's difficult to keep it connected to my phone.

👤As soon as we opened the box, we were impressed with this item. My son was asked to walk outside and see how the item works. When the dog is far from your house, this button alarmed your phone.

👤Even if you have them on, do not disturb them. If you walk out of the room with your phone, it will start to chirp. It goes off in the middle of the night. I would rather lose my keys than listen to this.

👤I put one on our cat because I keep losing my phone and keys. The accuracy wasn't what they advertised, as soon as the cat walked out of the room, the connection wasn't strong, and all of them were like that. I would have returned them, but it took us a while to try all of them and we lost the receipt, so it wasn't worth it. I wouldn't buy again.

👤These arrived quickly. They are a sturdy tag that won't fall apart, that has a good sound, and you can preview it with a small button. The tag is not large enough to be used in a big way. Setting up the tracking is up to my husband, but he didn't have any problems with it. I would recommend this product to anyone.

9. SportDOG Brand SportHunter Remote Trainer

SportDOG Brand SportHunter Remote Trainer

The half mile range e-collar can support up to 3 dogs with the same remote. For larger dogs with neck sizes of 5" or more. It is designed for ease of use and no look operation while offering more levels of stimulation which allows for more tailored training. There are 21 levels of soil. There are 21 levels of static stimulation with this electric collar. The option to train with both sound and vibration is also available. Waterproof: Theubmersible is using DryTek technology. Rechargeable batteries. The batteries last 50 to 70 hours per charge. The system has low battery indicators. Also included: A basic training manual and a test light tool are included.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤We moved from a 50 acre farm in Missouri to a small lot in Oregon. Our GSP became a serious door runner after not adjusting well. I was afraid we would lose her to traffic, so we helped her put some weight on, but she was still very anxious to leave. She wouldn't come back so I couldn't let her off-leash at the beach. Everything has changed because of this collar. I have always believed that people were in-human if they had a pet that didn't do what they wanted. Hunting and safety are different. Our baby has been freed by this collar. She can run off leash at the beach, and she has a smile on her face. It only took one easy afternoon to teach her to use the function, and two big shocks to get her attention. She doesn't have to have anything more than a vibrate. I am thankful for this trainer.

👤There is an update on April 16, 2019. Customer service is one of the best I have ever spoken to. I used the chat to speak to a representative who assured me that the collar is fine and that the remote is waterproof even without the rubber covering over the charging port, she also offered to send me a few extra mud plugs completely free under my warranty. It's a good thing. I put the long prongs on the collar and made sure it was tight. I don't seem to have any more issues with him not feeling it. He responds that I can use a level 2 on the low range, something I couldn't even feel when I tried it on my arm. If you have a small dog or a sensitive dog, try to lower the static stimulation level. If your dog has long or thick fur, use the long prongs. The original review was not a good one. I bought the 825X collar. My dog is 20 lbs. I live in an apartment building that has a big yard, but it isn't fenced and I don't have the option to fence it. My dog loves playing outside. I've been using a 50 ft leash and letting it drag, but sometimes I can't grab it fast enough, and it's annoying having to deal with that much leash all the time. My dog is obedient until he sees another dog, then he is not. He's not aggressive, just wants to play, but it's annoying because whenever my neighbor brings her dog out he tries to run to her. I would love to let him off-leash, but he has shown me that he can't do it until he learns how to obey. I decided to purchase an e-collar after doing research. Customer service is excellent. I wasn't sure which products to buy since SportDOG has so many. I used the chat on their website to talk to one of the employees because I didn't feel like looking through all of them. He was very helpful and led me to the 825X. The shipping was very fast. I received free shipping on a Sunday after ordering it. I was very pleased when I received the collar. The 825X has a remote, collar, charger, short contact points, long contact points, a lanyard, belt clip, and a test light. I didn't know it came with a lanyard. It makes the remote hands free but easy to grab in case of an emergency. I figured out how to remove the belt clip after initially being confused. The piece of cake was the lanyard. I was confused as to what the test light was at first, but it ended up being a useful tool for me to make sure the remote and collar were working. There are a few issues with the design, but they are mostly minor. The remote doesn't have an on/off button. I was confused when I first opened it. I can't get the rubber covering to close over the charging port on the remote. The remote closed but not on the collar. I don't know why. It's really annoying, but it doesn't affect the function of the product. The collar is too long for my dog. My dog's neck is 13 to 14 inches. He's left with a large object. It is very long. I would like it to be adjusted or come in different lengths. I will probably have to cut it. That is disappointing for a $200 collar. The collar's functions are what we're going to discuss. The 825X collar has different levels of static stimulation. There are 7 levels of stimulation on the dial. The collar can be set to medium range. I used the collar on my dog after testing levels 1-8 of medium range on my arm, but level 7 hurt a little bit. If you want to use static stimulation on your dog, you should try it on yourself first so you know what your dog is getting. I haven't tried high range yet, and I doubt I'll use it. The page 9 of the operating guide shows how to change the range. The 825X has seven modes outlined on page 10 of the operating guide. There are seven modes for one dog. Modes 3 and 4 can be used for more than one dog. Some people complain that you can't use vibrate/tone when you have more than one dog. You can. To deliver a tone or vibration, vibrate the dial to V/T. Even with 3 dogs, you can do so much with this thing. It takes 10 minutes tops to read the guide. It comes with a basic training manual. As with the operating guide, read it back to back. If you haven't used an e-collar before. It tells you what to do. I wanted to add more information. I think the wording is a little bit misleading when it says you shouldn't use your e-collar until your dog is 100% obedient. "Your dog should know what you're asking of it with each command" is what it really means. I don't think my dog is 100% obedient, he sucks at it with canine distraction. He knows what I want when I say "sit," "lay," "come," etc. Don't use your e-collar until your dog knows how to use it. The manual is very useful. I've never used an e-collar before, but I feel like it gave me the knowledge to do so. If you're not an experienced e-collar user, read. It is. There are a couple things I disagree with in the manual. I don't have the desire to give verbal/physical praise. If my dog is doing well, I will let him know with a click from the clicker. Good boy! ", and pets." I like to see his tail wagging, and the praise didn't seem to affect his obedient behavior. It might have helped. I agree that you shouldn't give your dog food at the e-collar stage. They should be able to respond to their commands reliably with or without food. I used the e-collar the same day I received it, despite the training manual's recommendation not to use it immediately. I put the collar on him for a few games of fetch and walks so he could associate it with good things, and then I just left it on inside. He would get used to it. I used it once for a training and play session outside with a tennis ball and clicker. I know my dog knows what "drop it" means, but he still doesn't drop the ball when I tell him. I used static stimulation to correct this twice. The method was kind of inspired by the manual. I would say "drop it." I would praise and throw the ball if he did it. I would say "No" and then "drop it" if he didn't. I would say "No" again if he still didn't do what he was told, so he would associate the feeling with disapproval. I gave him the first no because I wanted him to know that something bad will happen if he doesn't listen to me. I don't want to shock him all the time. I used it for the first time outside and he responded with a kind of shocked jump after I went through the vibration. I made sure to give him a lot of praise and keep my attitude positive. He responded to the second time I bumped down to level 2. I had to go through a series of vibrating objects before he responded with a shock. I made sure he was okay after I felt terrible about it. I'm assuming it startled him a little because he wasn't hurt or anything, and his tail wasn't even between his legs. I'm assuming that the difference between levels is because he has long fur and I was using short prongs. I hope the collar switch will help. I don't think he was afraid of me. He was very excited to retrieve the ball while we were playing. I think he's acting better after one day of wearing this collar. While we were outside, a neighbor arrived home and my dog didn't act in his usual manner. As the neighbor pulled in, my dog gave his attention and I commanded him to sit and stay. I could wave and say hello to my neighbor. I usually hold back my dog and apologize for it. I can't wait to see how my dog's training progresses, I'm hopeful about this e-collar. I just wanted to let you know my initial thoughts, but I'll likely update the review after I've had more experience with it. If you want your dog to have the freedom of off-leash play and exploration, the 825X is for you. It's a good thing.

10. Dogtra Pathfinder High Response Tracking Training

Dogtra Pathfinder High Response Tracking Training

9-MILE RANGE. The PATHFINDER is built with a gps e-collar and can be used with a gps app. It has a range of nine miles, a tracking mode, and a two-secondGPS update rate. Track and train your dog with a variety of map options. The Offline Maps mode is completely free to download and can be downloaded via the PATHFINDER app. Tracking: The PATHFINDER provides a fast, industry-leading two-second update rate and powerful zoom capability which provides greater live-action detail and accuracy in the field via the PATHFINDER app. This essential trackingGPS e-collar is essential for creating and using custom alerts, Offline Maps mode, and more. It is required that you have a phone. The PATHFINDER is simple and sleek. You can connect to the receiver with ease with the two buttons on the remote. Correctings: Track and train your dog with the help of the PATHFINDER. The PATHFINDER can send a correction through the receiver and is great for keeping your dog on track. Dog whispering. This e-collar is perfect for dogs that weigh 35 lbs or more. Or more. You will be able to track multiple dogs at the same time with the ability to expand to 21 dogs.

Brand: Dogtra

👤The first time it worked, it failed the second time, and then the third time, and finally the fourth time. He was shown on the map how far beyond the boundary he was. I did it again and again. I think this means that since the app detected him leaving the fence the first time, it had done its job and called it a day. I can't trust this thing with my dog, who will easily wander into traffic. It is a worthless paperweight if it doesn't work 100% of the time. My device, the Alpha 100, works 100% of the time in this regard, but it also has a lot of stupid design decisions in its user interface that I was hoping to get rid of. I can trust the gps device to keep my dog safe. The app design is stupid and has missing options. The screen briefly flashed red and a voice told me that the dog had left the geofence, and then it went back to normal. I went into the settings to make the alarm continuous if I missed the voice prompt. The brief voice prompt could easily be missed, but whoever designed the app failed to program an expected common sense option. The alarm should be continuous. You can choose which alarm sound you prefer. To make matters worse, they disabled your phone's volume rocker that controls your phone's volume while you're in the app. The ability to turn off your dog's tracking lines is missing from the app, which can cause a big mess on your map. If your dog runs around a lot, you cannot turn off the feature, but you can reset the tracking lines by pressing a reset button. The dog barking sensor is stupid and tells me that my dog is barking when he isn't barking at all. The Alpha 100 is very accurate. Sometimes the app will randomly go dim for a short time, and then it will go back to normal, for no apparent reason. They couldn't integrate your phone's back button to go to previous screens within the app. No matter where you are in the app, the back button will prompt you to leave. You wonder how you can get back to where you were. If you touch the app in the background it will show you that it's running in the background with a status bar indicator up top, but you won't be able to go back to the app. Nothing at all. There are only three devices like this out there. I think they're using the same clown to design the user interface for all of them. This one is app based and I was really hoping for that. I know that it is easier to make changes to the apps on the phone than it is to make changes to the software on the handheld device. The people at Dogtra love their app just the way it is.

👤I'm very impressed with the 5 stars this gets. 1) If you want to nick your dog, you have to take out your phone and use the app. The whole point of an eCollar is to correct them quickly. The shock unit and theGPS unit are bound together, so they cannot be separated, so I was hoping to take theGPS unit off and put it on my standard Dogtra eCollar. You have to carry a transmitter. There is no button for the correction. The photo of the collar is not real. It looks like a small antenna. Someone who likes their bird dog not look like a satellite was very attracted to this. The one on the other collars is shorter than this one. Returning. Very disappointed.

11. Wireless Pet GPS Tracker Positioning

Wireless Pet GPS Tracker Positioning

Tracking live and hourly. The exact location of your pet is pinpointed by their pet gps tracker. You can retrieve the movement history for up to 90 days if you know where your pet is. The tracker has a mobile application that makes it easy to monitor your pet. It's virtual gunfire. You can set a virtual fence where you will be notified when the pet crosses it. You will get a notification when the pet comes home. There are multiple positions. It is easy to place the tracker on the dog's body, but you should put it on the collar. If you can place it elsewhere, it still works. Waterproof: They bring you the best dog tracker that is waterproof, dustproof, and earthquakeproof because pets are unpredictable. You can easily find the pet no matter where she is. 100% SATISFACTION: Their tracker is designed to give you peace of mind when taking care of your pet. This product will impress you with its accuracy andDurability.

Brand: Generic

👤The product came in without a tracker. The replacement came without the tracker. Don't waste time or money.


What is the best product for gps para perros de caza?

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What are the best brands for gps para perros de caza?

Garmin, Petfon and My Pet Command are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps para perros de caza. Find the detail in this article. Tractive, Cube and Primetracking are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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