Best Gps Para Niños Pequeños

Niños 28 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Simrad Chartplotter Transducer Preloaded 000 14995 001

Simrad Chartplotter Transducer Preloaded 000 14995 001

CRUISE CONFIDENTLY: Simrad Cruise is an easy to use chartplotter. The box contains everything you need for simple and straightforward gps navigation. Always on course. Simrad Cruise comes with a US coastal map and all the charts you need to enjoy your day on the water. It supports enhanced charts from C-MAP. It is reckless control. You can find the information you need quickly with intuitive menus. navigating from screen to screen with the help of theRotary dial and keypad controls. Stay informed. Critical boat information can be monitored on your screen for quick reference and situational awareness. Automatic depth tracking is provided by the included 83/200 transducer, without the need for fine tuning or pre-programming. Automatic depth tracking is provided by the included 83/200 transducer, without the need for fine tuning or pre-programming.

Brand: Simrad

👤The unit was easy to operate and I was very pleased with it. Stock loaded charts are very accurate.

👤It was easy to install. Once powered on, gps hooked up. It is easy to navigate through the screens and menus.

👤The simrad 5 was installed next to my companion way. It seems to be weather resistant, as it disengages off its mount when not in use. It's easy to see in the bright sun. I bought this model because it was compatible with the navigation devices. I highly recommend using this with a navigation device to get more accurate and up to date charts. I am happy with this unit.

👤It works after hooking it up, but it doesn't draw out the outline of the lake I am on. The lake is squared off in straight lines because it cannot draw rounded edges. You can't zoom in like you would expect. I wouldn't buy this unit again for a number of reasons. The only upside was the $50 rebate. Sorry Simrad!

👤The unit was great for the money. It was easy to use. It was a no-brainer because of the rebate. It was done quickly. They should have included the sun cover.

👤The item is compact but full of details. Highly recommended.

👤Los controls son bien y la visibilidad de la pentalla. The producto ce mira de buen qualidad is. The mapa has no function, it is a lado del mapa, dificil de Poder ajustar la ce ajusta.

2. LandAirSea Waterproof Magnetic Personal Location

LandAirSea Waterproof Magnetic Personal Location

Tracking people, vehicles, and/or assets with a personal gps device. Ultra-compact design, built-in Super Strength Magnet. Attaches to vehicle are hidden in a backpack, case or purse. Track and map in real time on web-based software or SilverCloud App. Text and email notifications, location reporting, and historical playback are included.

Brand: Landairsea

👤I bought this because I suspected my boyfriend was unfaithful. I caught him doing the dirty with his ex-employee in his car the day it was delivered. Once you get to the point of wanting to find proof, you will find what you're looking for. It's funny thing... I didn't get to use the tracker yet because it was still on the charge.

👤The product is perfect. The case doesn't need to be strong. I was looking to find out where my husband was and it tracked the vehicle to the location. Evidence of his infidelity has given me peace of mind. Thanks for your help.

👤If you don't want to know the truth about a cheating person, don't buy this. I agree with that statement. This device will lead you straight there, so be sure to stop denying and be prepared to see the hard facts. The 30 second plan was too slow for me. The 10 second plan worked well for me. The company's people are amazing. The tech support is great. In the US. Very helpful and responsive. I only used it for a couple of months. Simple. You can use it under the vehicle. I found putting inside the truck to be just as accurate as putting outside. It's All True was the previous review. I am not a techie type person. I don't use tech whenever possible. I have to step up to the plate in certain situations. I have read at least a hundred reviews of this unit and many others in the same price range. The product is what was advertised. There is a It was easy to open an account on my phone. It took under 5 minutes. You have to pick a plan. There is a monthly fee. It's a small price to pay if you're serious about tracking someone. It was easy to get it up and running. It took 10 minutes. Max. It was partially charged out of the box, but it needed to be fully charged. The baby is accurate. I took it with me to run my errand and it showed me my location. At every stop. I know it has more features when using a computer, but I haven't had time to check it out. It is well constructed. The directions were easy to follow. It has a magnet in it. You don't have to buy a separate case. It seems like the battery life is good. It looks at all the boxes.

👤When it works, it works well. At times, the tracking does not update until the device is a long way away. Both of the gps units I purchased had the same issue. Better units out there are not reliable or safe in a covert situation.

👤The product was garbage, I put it on the car, and after one drive it fell of the car, and the battery died even though it was supposed to be at 60% life. $50 was wasted on the product and another $25 was spent on it. It was the worst waste of $75. Don't buy!

3. Garmin Striker Dual Beam Transducer 010 01870 00

Garmin Striker Dual Beam Transducer 010 01870 00

The dual-beam transducer with the traditional sonar is included. You can use the built-in mapping software to create and store maps with up to 2 million acres. You can use built-in gps to mark routes and view boat speed. The 4.3” display is bright and Sunlight-readable. Every fishing environment has a rugged design. Transmit power: 200 W (RMS) and frequencies: 50/77/83/200 kHz.

Brand: Garmin

👤I didn't have the chance to enjoy it. The device malfunctioned after only a couple of times, and I won't be able to use it again. I've tried to get in touch with the support of the company, but every time they let me wait for a response, it didn't help with my device. Since I first addressed them, nothing has happened. The product is nice, so it's too bad. Good features and affordable. The service was the worst ever. I'm very disappointed.

👤Great fish finder! It's perfect for my kayak use.

👤The unit is very easy to use and the display has no issues in direct sunlight. I like the automatic night mode for low light use. I am using a kayak.

👤If you use this in saltwater, be careful. I had to replace the power cable after 3 months because the connection melted. The push connections in the back of the unit are not waterproof. After I installed the unit, I coated it with grease, took it off my kayak, cleaned and stored it in a dry place, but I still have to clean the pins periodically. The transducer is flush on the PDL. The unit works well at depths to 120 feet and I have no problems finding structure or bait with it.

👤I bought it for ice fishing. The portable kit came from the same company. The unit did a great job on the ice. I was in 30 feet of water and set the transducer to 200kHz. I have a flasher that I normally use for ice fishing, but I used the graph with A-Scope instead, because I thought that was what I would use on this one. I liked how I watched the fish react to me jigging. The standard boat transducer was used. I'm not sure if I'll buy the ice transducer from Garmin. The one that came with it was very good. It picked up on the fish. The screen is very bright. The screen is large enough that I had no issues with it. I decided to use the portable kit from Garmin for open water fishing. The Striker Plus 4 worked well. I used it on my father-in-law's boat which already has a fish finder. The Humminbird interfered with me but I was able to see everything that the Humminbird did. The mapping feature on the Garmin seemed to do a great job for me. I did not get to map a lot of the lake because it is over 1200 acres, but I did get to look at the map. You would expect the gps to work well. I am very pleased with the device. Plus 4. The 4 inch screen was too small for me. The 5 inch would be better. Since I didn't have enough money to buy the 5 inch model, I had to get the 4 inch model which is larger and more suited for ice fishing. I can use it for open water too, even though it costs less than a new flasher. It is just as good as your standard ice fishing flasher.

4. ACR GlobalFix Cat EPIRB Manual

ACR GlobalFix Cat EPIRB Manual

The multiple built-in redundancies of the GlobalFIX marine distress EPIRB will increase your probability of survival at sea. The GlobalFIX V4 accurately fixes your location and broadcasts it to Search and Rescue forces worldwide via a powerful 406 MHz distress signal. The US country code is used for the registration of this HairMax and must be registered to a vessel with a US MMSI number. The first point of contact during an emergency situation would be the US Search and Rescue authorities. This is not suitable for use in Australia and New Zealand. If you need to register outside of the US, you can purchase their alternative listing. The device can be registered in the country of your choice with the help of a reprogrammed device. Please be aware that the same country must be used for both the EPIRB and the MMSI. Most countries require you to register your HairMax. If your beacon is ever activated, it is important that you register so that Search and Rescue Teams can know who you are, and contacts can give you information about your travel plans. It may take more time for a search-and-rescue operation to start. In grave and imminent danger to life, this HairMax should only be used. Search and Rescue services are disrupted by false alerts. A penalty could be imposed for carelessness misuse of the device. In grave and imminent danger to life, this HairMax should only be used. Search and Rescue services are disrupted by false alerts. A penalty could be imposed for carelessness misuse of the device.

Brand: Acr

👤It really works. I removed mine from its cradle while I was painting the center console and it got wet from the hose overspray. I didn't realize it until the middle of the day. I went to check my phone and saw my mom, my oldest son, and the coast guard all calling me. Oops. If you follow directions, your life will be saved.

👤If you're getting an EpiRB, make sure it's 406mhz. The 120something mhz are for tourists and dominate Amazon's selection. Read the fine print.

👤I own two ACR products, the first is installed on a sailboat. Online registration is quicker and easier than the SALVAGEDATA.

👤I bought this for my boat since we run the East Grand Traverse Bay in spots that are 600' deep. It is necessary to have safety equipment in case something happens.

👤A piece of mind when in the ocean.

👤US programmed epirb was shipped. Can't be reprogrammed by ACR. I can't have a Canadian device shipped to me in the US because they can't. Canadian devices can be shipped to the US and vice versa. This error was able to occur. The hassle to ship the device to family in Canada and then pay to ship it to me in the US was nothing. iSave broke their own rules and shipped a US device to Canada, which will delay my ocean crossing.

5. Garmin Navigator Display Lifetime Updates

Garmin Navigator Display Lifetime Updates

CUBE will ring if you press find and use the app to show last known location on a map. If you leave something behind, there is a separation alarm. Free lifetime map updates and Live traffic are included with the 5.0” truck navigator. Alert for upcoming Bridge heights, weight limits, and custom truck route for the size and weight of your truck. The display resolution is 480 x272. There is an easy break plan with notifications for breaks and road signs to suggest nearby restaurants. Truck stops by brand and amenities are included in the truck and trailer services directory. Control dzl with your voice, and enjoy built-in wi-fi and hands-free calling. This device is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

Brand: Garmin

👤I dislike this device. Disappointed with the navigation. 1. The designated Class truck routes are not shown. 2. It doesn't show the bridge heights. I need these two items in my gps device. The information is on my maps. The reviews of the gps manufacturers were not as good as the reviews of the other manufacturers, and I believe that the information and technology is not available with any gps manufacturers. The database will be very successful if a product is created with it. The fit and finish is what I like. Thank you, but you are disappointed.

👤The features are great, the display is great, and the main part is great. The navigation on garmins is terrible. It will usually bring you a longer way even with the shortest route applied. In truck mode, even with the size of the vehicle entered, it brings you down a lot of dead end roads. There is no need to purchase a separate unit for the better maps. This may be the case in Maine and New Hampshire, but not in other states.

👤The gps works well. I like that you can set it up for doubles and triples, I also like that it works better with my phone, and that it's easy to use with my phone. So far, it is very accurate.

👤This is a good tool for drivers. I was going to be delayed by 2 hours in Idaho due to construction. I was routed around it. It will warn you about accidents, construction, objects in the road, and other things that have been reported to it. The speed limits in Montana are not correct. It shows 70mph for back highways and 65 for freeways, but it has a state border off by about 4 miles. It needs some map updates. It will show you the weather in your route. A gps is not a rule. Use common sense and always read highway signs.

👤I would like to see a version of the maps for commercial trucks. The only way I could use a gps device was with my phone. The product does not recognize new roads or buildings. There is nothing in the new warehouses according to Garmin. That's where the maps come in. In Phoenix AZ, a new stretch of loop 202 going south is open since December, but not for Garmin. I wanted to get on I55 North from Damen Ave but my new $300 gps said "No trucks", which is not true. The navigation system should be less than $75. It is important for Garmin to keep its maps up to date. I spent $300 and updated my maps to be able to find a warehouse that was built more than a year ago. I'm planning to return the gps because it's not very accurate. I'll check out a Rand Mcnally, hopefully it's better than the other one.

👤This gps has gotten me in trouble with taking me down places. If I worked days I would be screwed at times from using this gps sent me down roads with cars parked on both side in residential areas.

6. Disney FZN4151AZ Touchscreen Model

Disney FZN4151AZ Touchscreen Model

Quality andERIAL: Premium quality plastic case with printed Silicone straps. Disney Frozen is protected and sealed nicely. The package is easy to open. For optimal battery performance, please charge 1 hour prior to use. There are functions that are multi function. The Kid's touch screen smartwatch is easy to use and has a lot of features. USability and dependability are topics. These precious time with friends and family can be secured in a safe and secure way with the modern kids, fun selfies, and download your awesome photos and videos. There are 10 changeable watch faces that are suitable for kids at any age. The Kids Smartwatch is an exquisite gift box. Finest design and perfomance are included. DC Comics Disney Frozen smart watch is trendy and allows you to use it with style. It's easy to use the battery through the day and night. The cable has a charging port. There is a one year warranty. One-year warranty and 30-day return and exchange are provided by them. Feel free to contact them if you have any issues with using. If you have a question, their Service team will be happy to help.

Brand: Accutime

👤It's too big for a 4 year old and I wish it was a smaller size.

👤Terrible. Since the first week, it hasn't worked. After charging time and again, I tried to get it to work. It doesn't work like it did the first week. I'm past the return window. It was waste of my money.

👤My daughter received this gift. The games on it are not very good. It is very easy to work and my daughter has been having fun with it.

👤The band fades very quickly and I can't return the watch. Bad!

👤I got this for 4 years. old She loves it! She hasn't taken it off since two days ago.

👤My daughter loved the watch, but it hardly held a charge. The charging cable needed a lot of time to fully charge after we found the cover for the port was blocking it. The power button stopped working because my daughter hardly used it and it was becoming much of a hassle. We had it for 9 months and I wanted to get a warranty replacement. They don't give you an address or a way to contact them, so you have to mail it in with a check. This will be the last Disney product I buy and nothing from this maker again, not worth giving to your kids.

👤The quality of the recording is very low. I guess you get what you pay for, but I was expecting something better. I took a chance because my 19-year-old with Down syndrome loves Frozen. It stopped charging in February and is now in a Chinese landfill. Won't buy again. Don't waste your money.

👤Excellent watch for a young girl. The screen is not very responsive, but it will allow taps and drags. The camera and video work. This is watch is very good for the price, especially since I gifted it to my 7 year old niece.

👤Two of the apps on the watch don't work. I ordered two of them, one was pink and the other was blue, but the pink one was better, can I get a blue one? One of the sisters was very disappointed. Thank you.

👤The child wanted to put it on.

👤My 5 year old loves it. Not the best watch. Kids don't know any better. The gift idea works well.

👤An older type of screen. The price should be lower for the quality.

👤Jlai acheter a ma fille pour sa fete super, ma fille la lache pas a l'enregistre. vous recommande

7. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Amazon Exclusive

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Amazon Exclusive

The wristband is child-friendly and secure. Take quality videos, pictures and selfies, make them funny, and make them into watch faces. The Monster Detector game creates an augmented reality experience where you can capture monsters in the real world. Parents can share photos and videos only if they choose to, by uploading them to a computer and watching faces and camera effects at Learning Lodge. Only charge the device using the Micro-USB cable connected to a computer, and do not use a third-party accessory.

Brand: Vtech

👤My daughter is too young for this, but she asked for it for Christmas as many of her classmates have them at school. I found it very reasonably priced on Amazon, so I got it. Since Christmas, she has been playing with it. I think it will at some point, but I don't think the new will wear off any time soon. My daughter is mature for her age and advanced in school, but still enjoys it, and I have enjoyed it as well.

👤If you're looking for a great gift for a kid who doesn't play with toys, look no further! I bought this for my grandson. I was trying to find a great gift for this boy. I did a lot of research and watched a lot of reviews before I decided to buy this watch. My grandson loves it! He has a lot of options, including gaming, photography, sound effects, and more. Although it doesn't have access to the internet directly, you can download more games with a quick plug in to a desk or laptop. This helps kids learn how to use a calculator and tell time. If you buy this, your child will be happy.

👤My regular smart watch died, waiting for an upgrade. I decided to purchase the children's watch to test it out as a gift. Doesn't miss anything! I don't use colorful time frames or games. There is a small camera with a small screen, a pedometer, a sideways mounted camera, and a selfies. The camera can hold up to 100 photos. The camera exposure button is on the right side. The images on your computer are less blurry than on the watch. This is an independent watch and there is no phone calls. I have had it for five days and charged it once. There was no six days with constant photo and videoing. There is a variable sound level for the alarm. The watchband made my skin itch. I coated it in a plastic coat so it wouldn't itch. If you want to buy a child their first smart watch, age 4 or a gadget person, you should. I still wear the watch as a backup to my regular watch. It needs a single charge every four weeks. The time keeping function, camera, voice memos, and some related items are used by me. Definitely a purchase!

👤The band broke after my daughter had it for less than a week. Vtech told us there was nothing they could do. Their customer service was terrible. My daughter was so excited to get this, but she can't wear it now. I couldn't be more disappointed with Vtech and luckily Amazon seems to be good about returns.

👤My 10 year old loves her watch. There are lots of games to play. There are two camaras. I will be getting more for my other children.

👤It was a gift for our 8 year old. She was worried it was too young for her, but she loves it. I like the fact that it has both a digital and analog clock face. She loves the exercise game where she has to walk around with a pedometer feature and look for a "monster" hiding. The camera works well for a toy. Well done, VTech!

8. Garmin ETrex Rugged Handheld Navigator

Garmin ETrex Rugged Handheld Navigator

The handheld gps is reliable. The display has a sunlight-readable color and display size of 220 x 220. There are roads and trails for hiking and cycling in the Topo Active maps. Tracking in more challenging environments is possible with the support of gps and GLONASS satellite systems. There is 8 gigabytes of internal memory for map downloads. Up to 25 hours in the gps mode with 2 AA batteries.

Brand: Garmin

👤A lot of the negative reviewers didn't understand what they were buying when they ordered this. This isn't a replacement for your maps and it isn't intended to be. Some of the negatives are positive features. It was large. It's large, but it will take a lot more beating than a small smart phone. The shape makes it easier to hold in the hand. 2. There is no touchscreen. Have you ever tried to use your phone in the rain? Touchscreens are great in warm climates. It is designed for use in dirty environments. 3. The user interface is outdated. This sort of phone is similar to a 2008 cell phone. The layout is easy to set up and contributes to the battery life. 4. AA batteries. The eTrex doesn't have a rechargeable battery like every other electronic device. It's difficult to understand why they think this would be a good idea. If you're out on a long hike/camping/hunting trip for several days, it's unlikely that you'll have access to a charging port, which makes it easier to just pop in two new batteries when the old ones run out. 5. There is a memory capacity. The maps take up the entire integrated memory. You can buy a 32gb card for $6 and download as many maps as you want. There are lots of videos on how to do this. 6. There is no map detail. I haven't encountered any flaws with the maps, so unless you're trekking through Gates of the Arctic, you'll probably be covered on any state or local trails. 7. Inaccuracy of location. The registered location is close to where I'm actually standing. My cell phone is usually off by 50 to 100 feet. It's not the point of exactitude, it's to help you find your way back to your camp, etc. Being off by a few yards isn't a big deal if you're within sightline. There are 8. There are noroutable maps. It operates differently than your phone's map app. You type in the address and it takes you there. It's not clear why people think it won't. There are 9. The features and interface are confusing. I can't believe this one. There are lots of videos and articles on how to use features. I download AllTrails Pro trails into Basecamp and then export them onto the eTrex when I'm ready to go. I follow the trail on the device. There are two more When I go on a non-prepared trip, I use the eTrex to record my track and save it on the device, then I plug it into my computer and send it to Basecamp. Done. If you're outdoors a lot, you're willing to dedicate minimal time to understanding how to use it, and you understand that this sub-$200 gps that will last you for a decade is not intended to replace your $800+ cellphone.

👤The company is abysmal. The product they have created is straight out of the era of the Blackberry. They offer nothing in the handheld market that is close to a modern device. This piece of hardware and software is not good. I will return it. I didn't return the inferior Garmin that I have in my car, and it burns me up. Never again! The screen is tiny, and I have encountered other issues in my brief period of ownership. I need to hike in the desert. The screen is useless. My phone works in the same way with no glasses. - The best tech minds don't work for Garmin. - The screen gets bumped in your pocket and you lose battery life. You can't search for a location by state, it returns zero results. The method to change the order of items in the Main menu is different from the Route Planning menu. - The deleted tracks menu contains all the settings. What? There are no maps. The data is solid, so I give this 2 stars instead of 1 Since my return of this device, I have been using a solution. I wanted a dedicated device just for mapping, I hike extensively off trail. I bought a burner phone at a box store and it works without being activated. I disabled all the apps that I could. I bought and downloaded Gaia for mapping and route finding. You can download maps before you leave. You can get phone service if you don't have to download maps, but it will cost more. I made the device bulletproof by adding a protective case with a backpack clip and an external battery pack. The setup has been great. Gaia is awesome. There are maps on the screen. The hardware and software are easy to use. The accuracy is very good. I have access to a lot of maps. Finally, it's a cheaper option. It's shocking that the company that does this can't do it.

9. Garmin Navigator Touchscreen Display Guidance

Garmin Navigator Touchscreen Display Guidance

The large, easy-to-read 7” touchscreen has a bright, crisp, high-resolution display. You can get a custom truck route based on the size and weight of your truck, and you can see upcoming bridge heights, sharp curves and more. You can view parking information along your route. You can use the Preloaded Truck & Trailer Services directory to find truck stops. Load-to-dock guidance shows potential loading zones or storage lots when approaching your destination. See popular routes used by fellow drivers. You can use the voice assistant to talk to the navigator while keeping your hands on the wheel. If you want to use the ELD for hours of service recording, you need to pair the eLog with the app on your phone or tablet. If you want to use the ELD for hours of service recording, you need to pair the eLog with the app on your phone or tablet.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤This thing is a quality piece of hardware. It's durable, functional, boots up quickly and works well, unlike some gps units I've had. garmin's maps suck. This thing assures me that my maps are current and up-to-date, but they make mistakes all the time. It tries to send me to closed roads that no longer exist. The biggest flaw with this unit is that it doesn't have a "detour" button like previous garmin gps units. If it wants you to take a road that's closed for roadwork, it's as stubborn as a horse's ass, and will not change its mind. The only way to re-route is to manually enter a different route. garmin, bring back the detour button. It's better than not having a gps at all, but it still has some major flaws that will annoy you.

👤I own a lot of cars. I tried it for a week next to my maps and was not happy with the gps. Without the phone app it won't show traffic. When I received a phone call I didn't like the idea of connecting to my phone, it switched from my phone to the gps. That was making me nervous. I like to deal with maps on the internet for $400. It would be perfect if the bridge heights were known by the maps.

👤I took a few to get used to it. I like the fact that I don't need to hook up to a computer and go through a bunch of steps to update. I have been using for a month and it has been great. Don't leave your gps plugged in all the time, that's a tip I learned from the last one. You will shorten the life span of the battery by burning it up.

👤Can't find addresses on the screen.

👤The best gps I have had. It definitely could use improvement. It doesn't connect to a car, RV, or truck's stereo system to allow the sound of directions to be heard through the speaker system. Once you have downloaded the Garmin Drive app, you can use all of the features on it. The gps doesn't have an auxillary plug area. Sometimes it's hard to hear directions when driving. It's definitely better than my previous units. I would give it 4 stars if it was possible to play directions through the speakers.

👤The product was easy to setup. Sell asked about the item the same day. The service is top notch. Will buy from them again with hesitation.

👤Awesome! I needed a 7” screen. Can not go wrong.

👤I am happy with the device so far. It looks good and he is doing a good job. There is a job.

👤If I want to use this garmin, I have to plug it in all the time, and I don't think I'll buy any electronics from Amazon in the future.

10. Minnie Mouse Kids Touch Screen Smartwatch

Minnie Mouse Kids Touch Screen Smartwatch

Quality andERIAL: Premium quality plastic case with printed Silicone straps. Disney Minnie Mouse is protected and sealed nicely. The package is easy to open. For optimal battery performance, please charge 1 hour prior to use. There are functions that are multi function. Kid's touch screen watch is easy to use and has a variety of games and activities. USability and dependability are topics. These precious time with friends and family can be secured in a safe and secure way with the modern kids, fun selfies, and download your awesome photos and videos. There are 10 changeable watch faces that are suitable for kids at any age. The Kids Smartwatch is an exquisite gift box. Finest design and perfomance are included. DC Comics Disney Frozen smart watch is trendy and allows you to use it with style. It's easy to use the battery through the day and night. The cable has a charging port. There is a one year warranty. One-year warranty and 30-day return and exchange are provided by them. Feel free to contact them if you have any issues with using. If you have a question, their Service team will be happy to help.

Brand: Accutime

👤This was given to the grand daughter for Christmas. I like it, but it got wet and stopped working. The website says it's water resistant to 100 ft, but the directions I found out said not to get it wet. If you can't get it wet, how water resistant is it? Returned and got a new one. The grand daughter was told to be careful.

👤My daughter is obsessed with iWatches. The home screen has a clock with Mickey Mouse on it. This item was very nice and inexpensive. My daughter wakes up in the morning asking for her watch because she loves it so much.

👤Cute watch. Setting the darn thing is ridiculous. I bought the darn thing in May but am not able to set a date. It is very frustrating. My child is 3 years old and she doesn't know the difference.

👤My niece likes the mini-mouse on my watch. She went crazy after I got her this. It is all she talks about. She likes the little games and changeable background.

👤It is not a gps tracker, it does not do most things that it is supposed to, and it lacks a few other things. It is a decent product, but it is misleading.

👤I bought this for my 4 year old daughter so she could have her own "grown-up" watch, and she was very excited when she unwrapped it on Christmas. The watch is functional, but the battery life makes it almost useless. Less than 20 minutes of battery life is what you're looking at after a full charge. Every time my daughter tries to wear this, she always says it's not working. It's a big deal.

👤It looks nice, but it's cheap. The first week the prongs broke. My daughter was really upset since she loves mickey mouse.

👤My daughter loves the watch but it's missing the band clasp and she has a small wrist, so there is an excess of band. The excess band is flapping. My son's one had a clasp for it to fold under. The Minnie is missing.

👤I was very happy with my watch. You said it would arrive the next day. It was easy to set up. I love the games and it counts my steps. I know it's meant for a child. I have been a fan of Disney for my entire life. I am 62 years old and I love this watch. Thank you Amazon!

👤Msica de USAR para MI PEQUEA DE 7 AOS, msica de preCIO CUMPLE.

👤This was a great present for my daughter because she loves my Apple watch and mickey mouse. She loves the games and can take pictures.

👤Did the watch last 4 days? The side button no longer works after she washed her hands. I wouldn't recommend anyone to me. She loved it, but now she is crushed.

👤Muy buen producto. Funciona super. Mis hijos estn encantadas. Es una regala.

11. Tinwoo Wireless Bluetooth Smartwatch Waterproof

Tinwoo Wireless Bluetooth Smartwatch Waterproof

The fitness watches for men and women have a 1.3-inch round touch full display, ultra-thin body, 14 different clock faces, flower and yellow circle on the clock face, and can be switched between black and white at sunrise and sunset. The Tinwoo smart bracelet has aGPS positioning function and is compatible with APP to show your exercise data in the most accurate way. All-day static heart rate detection, real-time heart rate detection, and abnormal heart rate reminder are supported. Tinwoo fitness tracker is only for mobile phones with a 4.2 or higher wireless signal, not for PC or tablets. If you have any questions about the app, please contact them by email. If you want to support QI wireless charing, you need a magnetic chargingusb cable, but the wireless charing base is not included in the package. You can get call and message notifications on your phone, as well as read them on your device. The package includes a smart watch, watch band, product manual, andmagnetic charging cable. If you receive a product with any quality or use problems, please contact Tinwoo team by email in the first time, they will provide you with satisfactory service.

Brand: Tinwoo

👤It has terrible translation on the instructions and the ad, but I can tell you that the watch is great, A+, I have had watches and tried others, and I must say that I like this one. I will grab another one from the bin if I crack it. The watch is really good, even if it's at a price point. I have a $10k watch, but I had a meeting today in a board's room, and never took the watch off, and then changed the oil on my son's watch. The product is good, and the instructions are not great, but trust me, this is a good watch. Just wait, I did 72 hours and it still worked, TInwoo, you have a great product. Wishing you the best of luck.

👤The hardware on this watch seems capable of doing all the things you would want a smart watch to do, but the software behind it is so poorly designed that it makes the entire experience completely frustrating. There is a The notifications are my biggest problem. Even if your phone doesn't notify you about it, you will get a notification for everything that happens on your phone. My phone was updating my maps earlier, and the watch vibrated for every completion. I received 100 notifications for something I didn't need to know. Every time I get a voicemail, the phone sends me separate notifications for old voicemails I haven't deleted. I got 50 notifications from that. Every time, I get a notification. The temperature changes. It's making me crazy. There is a There is a setting in the app for the watch where you can filter notifications. But it doesn't do anything. I have tried to exclude app notifications, but they didn't work. I tried turning off all notifications except for messages, but still get them. It's frustrating how inaccurate everything is on this watch. The heart rate monitor. It may be just guessing. The weather app and my outdoor thermometer both agreed that it was in the low 70s, even though it was 85 degrees outside. From one measurement to the next, my heart rate goes from zero to 100 bpm. There is nothing smart about this watch. It can tell the time. I think I should have gotten an analogue watch.

👤This is the first smart watch I have owned and I really like it. It works great when I have it sync with my phone. When I first set it up, I didn't get all the notifications I wanted, but I did get the settings I needed in the Tinwoo app on my phone. I started receiving notifications after changing this. I haven't tried to use the camera or sleep function yet, but it reminds me to move and I like it. I would give it 4 out of 5. I would recommend this watch, it is well worth the money.

👤I had this watch for a month and it worked well until I had to charge it three times. No charge for the first and second and third times. It is not acceptable to have to change a watch after a month if it is not inna situation to be damaged. If the issue is with the watch, then it was a waste of time and money to have purchased this device.


What is the best product for gps para niños pequeños?

Gps para niños pequeños products from Simrad. In this article about gps para niños pequeños you can see why people choose the product. Landairsea and Garmin are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps para niños pequeños.

What are the best brands for gps para niños pequeños?

Simrad, Landairsea and Garmin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps para niños pequeños. Find the detail in this article. Acr, Accutime and Vtech are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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