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1. Raymarine Mount A80370 RS150 Antenna

Raymarine Mount A80370 RS150 Antenna

There are aluminum and carbon design isolateds. The package is 10 cm in length. The package width is 11.6 cm. The package is 12.2 cm high.

Brand: Raymarine

👤I needed this product for my boat.

2. Enhancer ANT 1573 Amplifier Navigation Receiver

Enhancer ANT 1573 Amplifier Navigation Receiver

The gps signal amplifier can be used for a lot of things. If you are not sure if their products are compatible with your vehicle, please contact them directly. Product description The signal amplifier is not a receiving tool. The working current of the antenna is very low. Stable characteristics and excellent performance are what the standard design has. It is easy and quick to install. The product is easy to install and disassemble, making it easy to replace the original parts. I'm happy that you can pay attention to this product. All products in their store can be returned for free within 7 days of arrival if you order directly. I need to worry about after-sales service.

Brand: Suuonee

👤It doesn't work, it knocks the signal from my phone and gps, which causes them to lose location. They both start working again if the power is unplugged. Confirmed by multiple units and a gps location app. It would be an excellent addition to my truck.

3. MASWELL Active Antenna Cylinder Connector

MASWELL Active Antenna Cylinder Connector

The gps center frequencies are 1575.421MHz. It's ideal for boosting the gps signal. It's ideal for car roof top or top box signal boosting. The omni-directional screw mount antenna is made from reinforced plastic and copper wire. It will be a durable accessory. Industrial controls, smart power meter, smart water meter, and the GNSS system are some of theMULTIPLE applications. The waterproof is IP67. The antenna is waterproof. It's ideal for use outdoors in vending machines, meter housings, equipment sheds, or other locations requiring a low-profile vandal resistant external antenna. They are committed to providing customers with the best product and services. They're happy to offer you a new one if you have a question, and if the good is with any quality issue, they're happy to help you out.

Brand: Rf Outlet

4. HYS Antenna Waterproof Coaxial Connector

HYS Antenna Waterproof Coaxial Connector

LNA Gain is a waterproof antenna. 7M(22.96ft) White is a coaxial cable. VSWR: 1.5; Frequency: 15755 MHz. The Dc voltage is 3-6V DC. The perfect antenna for marine uses is the HYS MarineGPS Antenna mount. The standard SMA MALE connection will work with most gps systems, and the mount base will allow you to install your boat quickly.

Brand: Hys

👤It is very easy to mount and looks great. Plug and play method was used for the antenna installation. The device was plugged directly to the back of the device. Would definitely recommend!

👤It works great with the network extender.

5. Garmin GA GPS GLONASS Antenna

Garmin GA GPS GLONASS Antenna

Terminated with a BNC.

Brand: Garmin

👤The signal strength was getting weak with my old antenna. This is plugged into my gps map 215, which works fine. This was plugged in using the BNC conector. Satellite acquisition can be done in a minute.

👤It works better than expected. It's easy to install. It works great after a year of use.

👤I returned because of the poor customer service.

👤It was very hard to snake through any tight space, and it was very hard to cut off the connection.

👤The universal output BNC connector is similar to this unit.

👤Cumple con lo qe dice.

6. Standard Horizon SCU 31 Antenna Output

Standard Horizon SCU 31 Antenna Output

The package dimensions are 7.6 cms (L) x 16.0 cms (W) x 20.6 cms (H). The product is an antenna. Japan is the country of origin.

Brand: Standard Horizon

👤Do not buy because it won't fit a habanero radio.

👤The hope was that it would work with an old Raymarine Raychart RC425 chart-plotter that has the same NMEA 187 connection. It doesn't. The product has all the hardware for a surface mount except for the pole and base. If you have a chart-plotter, it will work with it.

👤I needed a receiver to work with my radio. This was perfect for the bill. It works through the back of the boat. I place it under the bulkhead and it still gets a signal.

👤It's easy to install. Very accurate and sensitive. It captures the sats even below deck, so hopefully it won't need to be mounted outside.

👤The only issue is that the cable is 50' long and I had to cut and splice it up.

👤The product works well with my radio. I didn't like the fact that I had to buy a stand for this product separately.

👤Attach the plug end to the standard horizon matrix It works perfect! It was mounted under the fiberglass deck on the sailboat.

👤It was a match to my radio. It was as advertised.

👤Standard Horizon has the same parent company as Furano. There are two different engineering standards. Where Furano has a waterproof micro connection to the gps antenna that will fit through a small hole in your topside and allow you to feed it through a generic antenna mount, not so with SH! Either you pack 49 feet of cable and hack through your topside with a 1" hole saw to pass their plastic "big nut" PL-259 connector through, or you cut the cable and fiddle with attaching small plugs. The designers need to be sent to the Furano group for some help. They included a cheap plastic one with a larger bore that was too large to pass through a standard mount. I ran the cable through the old mount to the new one. I was expecting more responsible engineering when I spent $.

7. Raymarine A80288 Glonass Antenna GA150

Raymarine A80288 Glonass Antenna GA150

It can be installed on buses, vans, trucks or other mobile facilities. The package is 7.874 cm long. The package width is 17.272 cm. The package is 28.447 cm high. Product type isANTENNA

Brand: Raymarine

👤Products were secured in boxes with delivery papers. The items are complete with details. The owner/manager Mr. Umesh Satija was very friendly and helpful, and he provided with quick delivery and no hassle with the service. Thank you very much for the great service! I would recommend this seller to any boat enthusiast in need of marine equipment. Thanks to Amazon, great sellers and dealers are now able to sell their goods.

👤I didn't think about the plus model being different when I put one of my friends axioms. They don't have a port for the gps antenna.

8. Antenna Combined Antennas Outdoor Connector

Antenna Combined Antennas Outdoor Connector

This antenna has a 3.5 dBi omnidirectional gain. The dual cable design can navigate and receive a mobile signal. All 3G and 4G cellular bands worldwide are compatible with this gsm gps combo antenna. The Dimcnsions include a low-loss cable that is input through a central mounting post. It can be installed on buses, vans, trucks or other mobile facilities.

Brand: Chhliut

👤I had to return the SMA-RP one I got because it was not clear in the pictures that it was a regular SMA male.

👤It's compatible with my unit. It appears to improve reception of the gps and 4G/LTE bands, but it's still not perfect.

👤Both antennas have the same housing. It's perfect for gps tracker applications.

👤I used this for my portable device. It is important to keep a signal while driving. I think this is a good idea.

👤Works are described. It should be mounted flat like a dome.

👤The delivery was fast and what we needed was there.

9. Waterproof Active Antenna 28dB 3 5VDC

Waterproof Active Antenna 28dB 3 5VDC

It's compatible with the NETGEAR MR1100. The SMA male connection is on the waterproof ActiveGPS antenna. Attach it to the roof of your car with a magnetic base. It has a gain of 28 dB. 3 meters is the length of the cable.

Brand: Qgp Supply

👤I bought a car stereo that I really liked and it came with a gps antenna, but in my SUV I was getting poor gps reception. I downloaded a gps signal app and it showed a small connection to 3 or 4 satellites. I don't think the gps antenna that came with the car stereo was the cause of the terrible reception my phone had. I decided to try this antenna instead of the one that came with my stereo after reading the reviews. Wow, the signal strength to 12 satellites is very strong. The signal improvement was night and day compared to the one I replaced. Couldn't be happier.

👤The products work as they should. I use it with an amateur radio project. I am concerned about the quality of the SMA cable. I already see a loosen of cable when in use, and they are of a cheap stamped crimp build. I had to secure the cable to keep it from moving. I think this is to lightweight of cable for the device and not enough for a proper connection. When the product arrived early, I was concerned that the device would not work or be in one piece. The package had been badly damaged and left concern. I will keep my previous comments after using this gps puck for several months. I have two of them. One for home and one for truck. I have been living in the desert and have been able to test this. It went through a lot of precipitation. It is still working. The magnet is not moving. I am able to see about 17 satellites at most times. This is connected to a radio station. 73, de KF6NFW.

👤I have a cheap gps module and three antennas, but a small ceramic antenna on a roof with a great sky visibility is non-working, and a larger sim39EA antenna that gets a fix within 3-6 minutes outdoors is not always reliable. Within 5 seconds, the module can fix the sats. Absolutely worth it.

👤I need to integrate an external gps antenna into my electrics kit. The cable is long, the antenna is covert, and the magnetic base is nice. The unit was tested in the basement of my house, which is not the best location for gps reception. The antenna had a lock on it. Very impressed! The antenna will not work on its own. You need to connect it to the SMA.

👤This is a good unit. It seems like it would be water resistant. And be strong. Nice SMA connection. Pulls in signals very well. This is not a dual band antenna. Galileo will not be picked up by it. This is not a fault of the unit because it did not pretend to do so. The cost of dual band antennas is high.

👤The SkyTraq Venus838FLPxGPS is working very well, thanks to this antenna. The wire length provided is going to allow me to wrap up the datalogger/lap timer project that I just finished, and I am in the process of mounting this antenna to my motorcycle. I was able to pick up the signal from the inside of the house without any issues. I would recommend this antenna to anyone.

10. Antenna Outdoor Omni Directional Hotspot Sensecap

Antenna Outdoor Omni Directional Hotspot Sensecap

Increase Helium miner signal to get more witnesses for HNT rewards. For the best performance, always pick the proper dbi based on your location. The Raigen-400 cable is 5 feet long and has a low loss. The cables are constructed with copper clad aluminum conductor and double shielding protected UV proof PVC jacket. The design is weather proof. The Nebra, Rak, Bobcat, and Syncrob are compatible with all miners. N female to male Raigen-400. The Raigen Antenna is N Male. Heavy-duty fiberglass body and nickel plated base are reliable outdoors. The highest antenna signal transmission is delivered by a pure copper core. A higher dbi is not always better. If you have a clear view and are surrounded by tall buildings, choose a lower antenna. The antenna should be on the roof or attic.

Brand: Raigen

👤There are two one star reviews that have been deleted from this listing. If that isn't something that you're aware of, then what is? I will keep it simple. The antenna I bought was the 5d Bi. My rewards have grown greatly because of antenna. The problem is that this is not an LMR-400 cable. This cable has around 1.25dBi of cable loss, which is not good to say the least. You get what you pay for. This isn't a bad purchase, but just know you're getting a cheap antenna with a fake cable.

👤When I placed the 5.8dbi antenna on my roof, it made a huge difference in the amount of witnesses I was getting. I realized that the cable was the problem when I was limited in the range I was expecting. I switched to a short pigtail connection from a friend's antenna and it immediately improved. The signal strength was badly affected by the copper clad aluminum of the included cable. You can buy this for the antenna and U-bracket hardware.

👤This is not a small antenna. Make sure you have enough room for the antenna and the unit. I am using SenseCap M1 with 8dbi. It works well. Definitely recommend it.

👤I have three antenna's, a 4dbi, 5.8dbi and 8dbi. I am cycling through them to see what works best. My numbers have increased more since I swapped from the 8dbi to 5.8. I am using this to get over the tree line since it is a straight line. For the future, I would recommend it.

👤I left the antenna on for a week and did not get a signal from my other hotspot. I think it damaged my miner as it won't work with the factory antenna anymore. It was connected correctly. I have been to RF before.

👤The antenna is high quality. I went from 15 witnesses to 77. The set up of my miner and antenna was more than paid for in the first month.

👤I don't think it's rated what it claims to be, but I guess it served its purpose. I got better rewards after installing an exact spec from diff company. I was missing out on this product.

👤I switched back to the stock antennae after I couldn't get any witnesses with this. I've read that the cables are not that great, maybe that's the issue. Who knows?

11. Peplink Mobility Cellular Receiver ANT MB 42G S B 6

Peplink Mobility Cellular Receiver ANT MB 42G S B 6

The best performance can be achieved with an omni-Directional 4x4 MIMO mobile antenna. The wide Frequency Range is 600-6000MHz. Supporting 5G and 4G. 2x2 dual band wi-fi with high gain omnidirectional antenna for local coverage The design isRobust Design. Housing in black is low profile and durable. Simple Panel is easy to install. Pole or wall installation for a variety of applications. Mobility 42G Antenna, Wall/Pole Mount, Double Sided 3M Adhesive Pad is part of this package. Mobility 42G Antenna, Wall/Pole Mount, Double Sided 3M Adhesive Pad is part of this package.

Brand: Peplink

👤Been very happy. I haven't used all of the features. I use this to get cellular if the campground's internet is not good. It does both well. The signals from the antenna and inside the rig were usually around 2 and 5 bars. Cell signals are around 1 bar in the rig and 5 bars from the antenna. I can't complain about those numbers. I would recommend a ground plane. I don't need a ground plane since my RV is aluminum, but if I had a wood or fiberglass roof, I would have one. I was going to use a pizza pan as my plane. I am using this with a balance 20 by peplink and a modem from Netgear. I will use the other two cables for 2x2 MIMO once I get a modem. I can't imagine how that will improve my speeds.


What is the best product for gps outdoor antenna?

Gps outdoor antenna products from Raymarine. In this article about gps outdoor antenna you can see why people choose the product. Suuonee and Rf Outlet are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps outdoor antenna.

What are the best brands for gps outdoor antenna?

Raymarine, Suuonee and Rf Outlet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps outdoor antenna. Find the detail in this article. Hys, Garmin and Standard Horizon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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