Best Gps Navigation for Car Garmin 65

Garmin 7 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Garmin 2589LMT America Lifetime Avoidance

Garmin 2589LMT America Lifetime Avoidance

The display has a pinch to zoom function. Find more restaurants, shops and more with the app. Direct Access simplifies the process of navigating to complex destinations. Businesses are open and close. There are new roads. The latest map data is available. Lifetime traffic avoidance is free, without ads or subscription fees. Voice activated navigation and a link to a phone.

Brand: Garmin

👤The misconception is that everything you need for traffic is in the box. The product manual does not make it clear that it does not come with a car charging accessory. The seller must have seen other reviews. Shame on the seller for not making it clear. The "TA10" is packaged with many units, straight from the manufacturer. The nuvi 2589 is almost the same as the nuvi 2589, but there is no HD Traffic. It works with theTA10 I rigged the car and swapped the cables because I suspected a bad receiver. The non-HD traffic 2589 worked with both the TA10 and the HD traffic. The HD traffic 2599 gave the same message to both of the charging points. I am upset. The correct car charging accessory is not listed in the manual. The Gtm60 is a car charger that will allow HD traffic to function. The manufacturer and the seller are both irresponsible.

👤Don't buy this gps device from Amazon. Apparently they received a lot of faulty devices. I spoke to a representative of the company. The product is known to be faulty yet neither Amazon nor Garmin did anything about it. Instead of pulling the devices, they just keep selling them. Many functions of the gps device are non-operational because the power supply cable does not work properly. Again, do not buy this product. This product should be removed from the product line by Amazon. Several other Garmin devices had the same issue, as was also rattled off by the Garmin Rep. It's a sad day. I have held the company in the highest regard, but this has changed my opinion. Any company that doesn't do anything about a faulty product is wrong. It's so much for company integrity... Both Amazon and Garmin are failing in that area.

👤Another person is dead on arrival. I've ordered a unit from sellers before on Amazon. All three were excellent. According to the advertising, the first two were not new. Both of those arrived in shipping boxes with no padding or cushion in them to make the journey easier. Both units were returned after neither would awaken after charging or showing any sign of life. When the third unit arrived, it was the same packing as the last two, but it was telling me that the software was corrupted, even though it showed some sign of life after charging it. The cord supplied with the unit was "charGING", not a "DATA" cord, and the unit couldn't be updated through the express program. You can buy a data cord. The unit showed a sign of life, downloaded and such, but then all data vanished and the unit wouldn't leave the entry screen. If you're in the middle of the Arizona mountains, it's not a good thing. If you get one of these, you will need to buy a data cord if you want to register and update the maps.

👤We traveled 2500 miles across 4 states on a two week trip. The 2589 lmt did a great job during the trip. It is the perfect screen size for a vehicle gps. It's big enough to give you a lot of information. Not large enough to be in the way. The glare from the screen was mentioned by other reviewers. I didn't think this was an issue. The reflection from the screen did not affect what I could see or do with the Nuvi. I almost let the reflection issue affect my decision on whether to buy this one or one with a non-reflective screen.

2. Garmin DriveSmart Traffic Information Refurbished

Garmin DriveSmart Traffic Information Refurbished

The navigator has smart features and an edge-to-edge display. Map updates of North America are included in the easy-to-use navigator. There are simple on-screen menus and maps that show 3-D buildings. Without using a phone, the traffic is ready to use right out of the box. Voice-activated and ability to pair with a compatible andGPS-enabled phone for hands-free calling, smart notifications and live traffic via the garmin drive app Voice-activated and ability to pair with a compatible andGPS-enabled phone for hands-free calling, smart notifications and live traffic via the garmin drive app

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤This device is used. I didn't know what to think when I ordered it, but once I got it, I was ready to use it. I plugged it into my computer and it said that it needed software updates and map updates that would take 3 hours to complete. I tried to run the updates multiple times but they would freeze up in about 20 minutes. I took a look at the device to make sure it was up to date. The home map of the device was not easy to change. I returned it because of the software/map update freezing. The seller,CTGINC, told me that they found it to be working well and that they would not charge me a restocking fee.

👤The package arrived on time. I tried to download updates, but they froze up. I tried four times, but they could not help me.

👤Can't tell if it's new or refurbished. It worked out fine. It was fully charged. It was updated quickly. I copied all my contacts when I was on my phone. I didn't have to put my destinations in manually because I loaded all my saved destinations from my RV's backup. I wouldn't load destinations from my older nuvi series. All my others show elevation, but not in a sub menu. My older nuvi 2555 did not have a weather radar. There aren't many buttons on the map screen. Everything but back and zoom requires two presses. Go to the menu first and then press un-mute. It's a pain when in traffic. Tell it to shut up or turn it on. The larger screen is nice.

👤The unit worked well and had no problems. The old style ends of theusb cables do not fit the gps Micro ends are needed on both ends. I told the seller that I would not have to send the gps because I already sent the 2 cables back. He wanted pictures and I wanted him to send a return label. Never heard from him again. The rating was 1 star seller. The gps is 5 stars. You will need to purchase a power cord in order to receive traffic updates. I have one. It was around $60 dollars. Should have sent it back to Amazon. I liked the way the gps worked. I only recommend the product. The return was started because the seller wouldn't replace the wrong cable. The seller is not even rated after the cancellation of the return. Dmd.

👤This is my most important companion because I make several road trips every year. It makes it easy to find destinations. It's helpful to know about potential traffic problems and detours. It is easy to use. I have a road atlas with me, as I am old school. Sometimes you need to use common sense and check your destination on a map. I highly recommend this to anyone who travels by car. It helps to find places you don't know about.

👤The big screen is like that. In route mode, the street name is not given before you make a right or left turn. Just turn right - turn left. The street name is displayed at the top of the screen. My others don't have that problem. They mention the street name before turning. Still like the unit.

3. Garmin Navigator Lifetime Directions Foursquare

Garmin Navigator Lifetime Directions Foursquare

Driver alert systems give you notifications for upcoming sharp curves, speed changes, school zones, fatigue warnings, and more. Dedicated gps navigators are easy to use. The directions for garmin are real. The display type is WQVGA color TFT with white back light. Foursquare: The display resolution is 480 x 272. Direct access streamlines navigating to complex destinations, such as malls and airports. The battery life can be up to an hour. For a stress free driving, there is a free lifetime traffic avoidance. The display size is 4.5 W x 2.5 H inch. This device is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

Brand: Garmin

👤I assumed that this unit came pre- loaded with US maps, because I live in Alaska and it is in the United States. We've been a state since 1959. Look at the map. We are in the same area as the rest of the US. We are on the map because we aren't drawn to scale. There is a unit that includes Canada maps and costs more than the one that includes Alaska. Alaska is not in Canada. Alaska is not in Canada. I can't believe I have to tell you this. I don't have time to buy another unit when we leave for the trip. It's very disappointing to find that my gps is missing 18.2% of the US, even though it comes with US maps and lifetime updates. Yes, that's correct. The person said that it was the Garmin. Alaska is 18.2% of the United States and you expect me to pay more for Canada just to get the 18.2% that you failed to deliver. How do you get away with shorting your customers? Go to school with your navigator. Figure it out. I live in Alaska and I'm tired of being treated differently.

👤Three weeks ago, my husband had a stroke. I had to drive to strange cities in order to get him to his appointments. I never had a good sense of direction. My husband always took me places. I was forced to be the driver when the stroke happened. The gps device is a life saver for me. I don't know what I would do without it. If I hear that my husband has to go to such a place, I am no longer afraid to drive him because the gps device will tell me exactly where to go. I was afraid to drive because I didn't have a good sense of direction. I would be terrified if there was a detour. The device took the fear away from me and made me feel better. I am able to get my husband to the places he needs to go. I will not be without this device again.

👤I hope everyone that brought one of the gps's had better luck than I did. I put it away until this summer when I will be on vacation. If the car was turned off, it kept turning off. I plugged it in to the out so it wouldn't go out. I pushed the on/off button every time it came on, and it would go off again. The power wire may be short or the battery may be bad. Over the last ten years, I have brought four or five gps's from Amazon and had no issues with them. If you need to return it, make sure you check it out before you do so.

👤I bought the gps unit for my phone so I could have a backup for my trip from Illinois to California. I found myself using the gps device 99% of the time. I use 99% of the time without using maps from the internet. I like this more than the maps on the internet. The split screen was very informative, with large lane guidance in unfamiliar areas and upcoming stops displayed next to the map, without having to navigate away from the live map. It's not a problem with long stretches of roads, but in a city, the ability to show important stops like gas, food and rest stops without having to risk going away from the map and losing a turn is a problem. 2. The "Up next" info was the most useful feature for me, as it was the most important thing during a long trip. Next to the map are food, fuel and rest areas. If the next gas station was going to be 100 miles away, I could get fuel at the upcoming station. I ran out of fuel a couple of times in the middle of the AZ/NM/NV area. 3. The current speed limit was helpful and I found it was about 100 yards off from the posted speed limit signs. This is better than a map that doesn't have any information at all. 4. Offline navigation! I brought a dedicated gps unit because of this. I don't think it's right to not have navigation in the middle of Arizona/Utah because of the lack of phone coverage. After using a dedicated gps, I will say that I probably will use it for all my long distance driving, and leave my phone always connected to the charge. I still prefer to use the internet for inner city navigation.

4. Garmin 010 N2153 00 DriveSmart Navigation Dash Mount

Garmin 010 N2153 00 DriveSmart Navigation Dash Mount

This product is a certified refurbished product. All original accessories are included with a 90 day warranty. The DriveSmart 65 Premium Navigator is compatible with the Amazon voice assistant. The bundle includes a Deco Gear Universal WeightedGPS navigation Dash-Mount, a Deco Gear Hard EVA Case with a Zipper for Tablets and aGPS. The box has something in it. The powerbot robot vacuum has a 90 day warranty. The box has something in it. The powerbot robot vacuum has a 90 day warranty.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I had to return it. It couldn't hold a connection to satellites. I usually arrived at my destination before satellites. I really liked it when it worked, but I couldn't rely on it. I had to use my phone gps because my satellite connection would suddenly stop working. I would like to be able to use an external antenna.

👤This is a good purchase. It looks great. This unit has a voice command and I like it. Say "OK" and it will listen to what you want to do. If you say "OK Garmin - go to 123 Main St", it will plot the course for you. It links to your phone. You can make calls, get calls, and it shows you any notifications you receive.

👤The navigation is fine. My wife and I gave up on the voice recognition because it was a joke. The unit refused to speak with one of the voices due to a corrupt voice file, but no error message was shown, it just didn't work. I was expecting better.

👤I had trouble setting it up. The touch screen is too sensitive and I have trouble changing modes because I got too close to the system. Even though the map software is up to date, I have had addresses that I couldn't enter.

👤So far, so good. Doesn't know fire numbers for addresses. The display and features are beautiful.

👤This is a very good gps and having a voice assistant like Amazon'sAlexa along with some of my favorite apps is a huge plus. The battery life is the only issue. When you consider that metro area trips can take a long time to go one way, it is a short amount of time. You have to keep it plugged in to charge almost all the time because the battery will drain in less than an hour.

👤The improvement over my previous device was great. The unit looks brand new to me. It automatically connects to my home internet whenever I pull into the garage, so I can check for and install updates before shutting off. The old days of attaching the gps to a PC have been greatly improved. It was great to work on several long trips and daily use around town. Very pleased with this unit.

👤The product seems to work for most of the time. Lexi is activated when I listen to the radio.

5. Garmin Navigator Directions TripAdvisor Foursquare

Garmin Navigator Directions TripAdvisor Foursquare

Easy to use dedicated gps navigator with bright display. There are lifetime maps of the U.S. Driver warnings for dangerous curves, speed changes, speed cameras and more. Hotels, restaurants, and attractions have ratings on the website. The guides use recognizable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I can't review Easy to Use because I'm over 80. I had to call at least three times, but the customer service was great. I was patiently walked through my problem by each rep. There was a problem that had nothing to do with me and I was able to resolve it. I know how to use the gps. You would never know it was refurbished when I bought it at a very good price. I am very happy with the product and recommend it to anyone.

👤It wouldn't turn on after about 2 months, but it worked great for a while. The cheapest option at the post office was $11, and I had to pay shipping to return it.

👤The quality of this unit is brand new, and it may have been a LMT unit in the past. The unit performs as it should. The software was very easy to use and it came up to speed very quickly. It's easy to update software on my PC. It was an easy decision to buy because of the good price. There are a couple of things that are not nice. The unit protests when you try to charge it with a non-garmin cable. The unit senses a data cable. It's really hard. This isn't necessary. A confirmation button should be used. Why do I think this is annoying? The place where I mounted this device in my car is about 8 inches away from the 12V sockets. I don't need a lot of cable. The same thing happens when you run off of a 120V charge. It's double UGH. I tried different cables and chargers. The next thing to be annoyed is the LCD's polarization. Has anyone tried to look at the screen with sunglasses? TheGPS operates in a horizontal mode. Why do you polarize the display in the diagonal? My 8 year old does the same thing. I haven't seen a similar problem in every new car with a build in display. I couldn't give this unit less than 4 stars because of the good price.

👤I decided to try it instead of using one I borrowed from a friend because I received this right before my trip for work. I had a few wrong directions due to not hooking it up to my computer to download the lifetime maps, but overall it worked great and I ran into one spot where the gps didn't know there was a new road. It has no battery life. I will always use it in the car plugged in, so I'm not worried about that. The large screen on it is what makes me happy.

👤It's been over 100 days since I purchased this gps. After it was purchased, it was used on a trip to Virginia. It was used again last week and the wife was almost stranded. I requested a refund because the renewed unit didn't work and was denied because it was past the 90 day guarantee, so I'm going to have to fix this one again. I won't buy from the seller or a renewed unit again.

6. Garmin Overlander Multipurpose Navigator Off Grid

Garmin Overlander Multipurpose Navigator Off Grid

7” color touchscreen has turn-by-turn directions for on-road navigation and topography maps for off-road guidance covering North and south America. You can use the explore app to download additional maps and usg Quad sheets on 64 gigabytes of storage, and sync all of your data between your devices. You don't need a cell signal to get to the best-established, wild and dispersed campsites, because you're loaded with ioverlander points of interest. Features public land boundaries and 4x4 roads. For large overlanding vehicles, the weight and length are used. Can be mounted anywhere with a powered magnetic mount. Pairs with in reach satellite communicators for two-way text messaging and interactive weather forecasts.

Brand: Garmin

👤I could type a novel about how bad a fail this thing is but I don't have time. If you want to be helpful, you should not buy this, for $600 you can buy a better system like a tablet or a pro version of multiple apps. This is a terrible, expensive, and redundant device to try and do what other systems do. I was hoping for a "one stop" top grade "overlander" device, as an avid camper, hiker, and owner of a decked out 4Runner hitting the back roads frequently. 1 hour. I spent that time looking for known campgrounds, places, and backroads that I would expect a device marketed as an overlanding device to have. It was not only bad at that essential, but it was also bad at everything else that can be done better with a phone or a tablets. dyrt, gaia gps, freeroam, iOverlander, and even USA topo maps are all available on the internet. Even the "cool" almost gimmicky feature that shows the angles of your vehicle on the road was useless. There is more redundancy. garmin devices have done a lot to the gps map and athletics community. Spend your money elsewhere. This is a hard to use device that is being made a cash grab for to take advantage of the popularity of the overland scene. I can't imagine how this will last without massive software improvements and features. This is my contribution to those who are out on the trails.

👤I bought this unit because it had a larger screen with higher resolution and a number of cool apps. I bought this unit because I was going to use my high resolution maps from the Garmin. I was not happy. The unit has a micro card reader, but it won't show the 24K maps. My worst fear was confirmed by a long call to the support team at Garmin. There is no backtrack trail feature in the outdoor hand held units. You think that since this unit was designed for the off- trail user, there would be a back track feature, without having to store the bread crumbs trail before turning back like in this unit. There are sections of rocky trails in the forest where a back-track feature is nice to have. Although the price was steep for this unit, I will keep it for its other features, but now have to use a hand held gps to see Hunt View information. The new update includes Hunt View and other custom maps. Hunt View Maps are included in the Drive program. I am loving my device now. If you can afford one, I would recommend the Overlander.

👤I was going on a vacation with my wife and kids and I was thinking about buying a gps device instead of using my phone. I read many reviews before buying this item. We are mostly good. I decided to buy it. After using the gps for a while, it got hot but it seemed okay. On the third day of using it, it went black and wouldn't turn on, I was close to my destination. It was hot. After pulling it off my car, it turned back on. I was not happy at that point but I think we will be a success. The thing stopped working when I was driving home from dropping my grandkids off at their mothers near Baltimore, it was a bit confusing. The last straw was that. I returned it when I got home. I am really disappointed with this model. When I bought it, I was really excited. We will use my phone again. I wouldn't recommend this to a friend.

7. Garmin DriveSmart Traffic Hands Free Information

Garmin DriveSmart Traffic Hands Free Information

It's easy to use a gps navigator. The maps are easy to see. alternate routes are suggested by the traffic company. Yes, the backup camera is compatible with BC 30 or BC 40. Voice activated and ability to pair with a compatible phone. Notable historic sites and the U.S national parks directory are part of the HISTORY network. Without a computer, built in wi-fi for map and software updates.

Brand: Garmin

👤I used a cellphone as my primary navigation tool and purchased the DriveSmart 65. The cellphone navigation systems are great, but I didn't like the convenience of the stand-alone units. I didn't like the fact that the navigation apps weren't easy to see when I manually used the phone for a phone call. There are two more Unless you use a different app or download offline maps from the internet, there's no navigation when you don't have cellular coverage. There are 3 more I never found the offline maps to work for me, there was always a problem with resolution that I could not resolve. Offline mode was not always used to work in general. I tried some of the other free offline navigation apps, but they seemed to be behind in updates, and did not seem refined, leaving me with a slight but ever present apprehension in my mind. I didn't like the small screen size when in portrait mode, even though I had an iPhone Plus. There are five The navigation app on my cellphone ran in the background and was not visible to view. I didn't see all of the trip info functions that the vehicle navigators offered. The app navigators had the same trip info, but it was hard to see. The DriveSmart 65 was more expensive than the 55, but the extras screen real estate was worth a few extra dollars for me. It is hardware. The screen is beautiful! Great resolution and bright colors. The brightness is turned up all the way. The 6.9 inch is the perfect size for me since I like to have all of the trip data functions showing on the screen at all times while allowing for ample space for the map/ navigation which is the most important part. The screen seems to be made of glass, but I am not sure if it is scratch resistant. The frame has a minimal amount of bezel which adds to visual appeal but makes accidental touches easy when trying to adjust the postition/angle of the unit on the mount. The screen is responsive to touch and there is little lag navigating through the menus, as it should be for a device at this price point. The speaker is loud and clear. I don't know what processor is in the unit, but I hope it is an upgrade from last year's model. It is smart to get the best hardware within your means, especially if you plan on keeping the device for several years, to ensure it will be able to effectively run the software updates. I don't like the way the power cord plugs into the back of the device. It would be great if it was plugged into the side or bottom, because it would be easier to mount the device on a desk if the power cord was not sticking out. The mount is standard and works well for mounting on a window, but I have seen it fall off of a vehicle. I bought a friction dash mount from Garmin because it seems to work well for now. I can't state my findings because I haven't had the battery disconnected from a power source for that long. It is very easy to use the software. It seems that the years of production have allowed time for most bugs to be worked out. The high detail map option provides a lot of detail and is helpful in keeping the user oriented from a geographical perspective. When you zoom out with the intent to use it indefinitely, the unit will automatically zoom you back in to the default setting, even though it does not really want you to have full reign on the map. You can have phone notifications for email/text/etc to show on the unit if you sync your phone to it. The option to make and receive phone calls when you sync the device to your phone is available for those that may need it. The unit has the ability to update maps without a computer. After attempting to update the maps 4 times, I got error code each time and the device aborted the process. Maybe it is because my internet connection is not high-speed. It will be great to see if there is a similar issue among other people. The maps will have to be updated with a PC. Conclusions: The device performs well as expected. Excellent native route planning and accurate navigation. The screen is bright and high resolution. It's right in the sweet spot. I am not convinced that the features this unit offers are practical enough to justify the higher price. If the processor is better than last year's model, this is a good value. It was a factual decision. I don't have to use my phone as my main navigation when I have a stand-alone navigator. Happy with the purchase, even though I mentioned some things. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a navigator.

8. Garmin 010 N2038 02 Drivesmart Navigator Multifunction

Garmin 010 N2038 02 Drivesmart Navigator Multifunction

This product is refurbished to factory specifications and shows limited or no wear. All original accessories are included with a 90 day warranty. The Drivesmart 65T is a gps navigator. Included in the box is a Lifetime Maps Vehicle, a Vehicle Suction Cup Mount, a Quick Start Manual, and a Warranty. The bundle includes: dual DC12V 24V Electronic Multifunction Car Socket Cigarette Lighter, Universal WeightedGPS Dash-Mount for navigation, and a hard EVA case for tablets and gps. The bundle includes: dual DC12V 24V Electronic Multifunction Car Socket Cigarette Lighter, Universal WeightedGPS Dash-Mount for navigation, and a hard EVA case for tablets and gps.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I've used gps devices for a long time. Tom Toms will not go there. But Garmin has always impressed me. I used to be a field technician for various companies. And that's right, Garmin has never failed me. When I was shopping for a new gps, I told my wife that we should either buy a road map or a gps device. I will not go with anything else. We got the package after she laughed. Voice controlled,BT connection for hands free use, large screen, POI's built in! Whats not to love about free map updates? The built in battery is awesome. If you have a full charge, you can look at about 45 minutes to an hour. Absolutely recommend! Don't waste your money on the other guys if you need a gps. All the way! The ability to connect to the internet on the go is a plus.

👤I upgraded to the old Nuvi 855. It was time for the old Garmin to stop working. The Smart 65 is very nice. It was delivered complete with a base mount, a windshield mount, and a charging point. It required an update to both the OS and the maps out of the box. We took it on a four hour round trip the next day and it worked perfectly. The screen is very clear and it went to night mode at sunset. The route instructions are right on and give me plenty of time to prepare for turns. I have to experiment with the hands free integration with my S9. This unit has been doing well so far.

👤Happy with the purchase. If I had followed the directions, it would not have taken so long. It says to make sure the battery is charged before attempting to set it up. It wouldn't work because I was impatient. I plugged in after giving up setting it aside. I came back later determined to try again and everything worked immediately. I don't know what difference that makes, but it made one. I've been using it for a couple weeks now. The large screen size and weighted stand are what I like the most. I thought it was a good deal. I couldn't tell the difference between the two. They did a good job.

👤I can see everything on the big screen. The package includes a dash mount holder, a carrying case, and an accessory. My previous unit did not recognize my voice well. I will let it go because I think that's my accent. The best gps unit I have is the one from Garmin. I like how they bundled everything. It says that has been renewed. I can't tell the difference between new and old.

👤The target address on the screen of the unit is not showing up. You can't be sure which address unit is really on when you have multiple saved addresses. The unit should show exit numbers while driving. When it wants you to take a specific exit, it shows exit numbers. When tied to the mobile app, long term construction projects or reduced speed limit are not always shown.

9. Garmin Navigator Directions TripAdvisor Foursquare

Garmin Navigator Directions TripAdvisor Foursquare

It is easy to use a dedicated gps navigator. The display has lifetime maps of the U.S. 6.1 inch diag. The battery life can be up to an hour. Driver warnings for dangerous curves, speed changes, speed cameras and more. Hotels, restaurants, and attractions have ratings on the website. The guides use recognizable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights.

Brand: Garmin

👤We just returned from a trip through Canada and the Rockies and it worked out great. Updating a gps right out of the box is the most important thing to know. When you purchase a new or certified unit, it's always back level. Many of the less reviews are due to needing updates. The updates are for more than maps. They are critical for the gps operating systems. There are 9 gps software updates and a huge map update in this one. The keys to success are the updates and not the brand name. Hope this is useful.

👤Previously owned a nvi. When theusb connection died, I had to replace it. I decided to try this model of the gps because I was very satisfied with the Nuvi 40. It is garbage. In more rural places, the drive 51 is often incorrect in telling you when to turn. The unit doesn't identify turns until you are near an intersection. I was constantly sent to unpaved road despite the unit being set to avoid it. The unit makes you drive in a circle before you get to the road you need. The touch screen is too sensitive and you need to head back to the correct screen a lot. You can't just use an old car's oldusb charging point when you need to charge other devices. You need to buy a different device. The garmin unit can't be plugged in until you are in gear, if the lighter sockets is behind the gear shift. They would have designed it to bend at 45 or 90 degrees. Whole towns that appear on printed maps are missing or mis identified. You should have a map with you at all times. It is difficult to change the route with this unit. There are other things that are not nice. If you will be traveling outside of developed areas, look for a different gps device. This unit is more of a hazard than a benefit to me. I don't like this unit.

👤We were quite disappointed when we bought this for my husband. Why was it a good idea to require a smart phone to get traffic updates? If I have to use my smart phone, I might as well use the maps on the internet. The cable to get the traffic updates is $60. I don't think the new and improved unit is a step forward, because my old unit gets traffic and no other app is needed. The traffic cable did not work. The nuvi 3590LMT-S packaging stated that the compatible traffic cable was the GMT 60. The unit in the 3590 box was the model I purchased. You wonder how the unit got in the wrong box, and if someone else's is also mixed up. We have to pay for shipping to return the cable and buy a new one. What a hassle!

👤I have had to go to Canada for a few appointments and this gps saves me a lot of worry. You don't have to pay for extra data to get directions on your phone, this is the gps for you. I had an older model of the device. The older versions ask if you want to turn off the tolls in an options menu. After you put in the address, this model will perform. "Do you want to continue or find an alternative route?" will be the question it will ask. The feature is there.

10. Garmin Portable Navigator Discontinued Manufacturer

Garmin Portable Navigator Discontinued Manufacturer

Includes vehicle power cable, and a car cup mount. There are maps with free lifetime updates. The junction view has a lane assist with it. Speed limit indicator; street names.

Brand: Garmin

👤This is a pros and cons for me, and I have had it for about a month now. It doesn't say recalculating when you miss or choose a different route, that can be quite annoying. There is a My older model Nuvi is slower in calculating. Current information on restaurants and shopping in the area. There is a Some of the free voices and vehicles are better than the ones that are installed on the device. The cons are: The device doesn't say street names. There is a The touch screen is not very responsive. You have to push hard to get it to work. 2 out of 4 destinations have been wrong. The houses are on the opposite side of the road. I was not able to download additional voices or vehicles unless I used a miniSD card. There is a The maps are not as updated as they should be. We don't have that many roads in NM. There are paved roads that have been on the map for a long time. State/National landmarks and parks are not on the updated list. There is a If they are within 50 or so feet of each other, I am sometimes put on a parallel road. Sometimes it takes quite a while to recalculate, because of the change in directions. I was parked for over 20 minutes and it showed me facing East the entire time. I will keep updating with pros and cons.

👤This is my second unit. Both of them have been reliable. I have owned this one for a few years, and just came back to review it because Amazon reminded me that I had never posted a review. This is one of the most useful purchases I have ever made. I have used this to navigate in many places. It gives me accurate information about the roads I need to go on, and I always get to where I need to go. I went on a trip to France. The unit only comes with a U.S. map, but it is possible to purchase a MicroSD card and maps for other countries from the website. I got a cheap 8GB MicroSD card from a local retailer and used it to purchase a full Europe map from garmin and then use the gps in Europe. I used it a lot for driving in France and Italy, and it provided brilliant navigation through all the traffic circles, narrow one-way city streets, and picturesque country roads. Since all the autoroute highways in France are toll roads, the gps has an option to avoid them. The map had correct speed limit information, which was very helpful. Excellent quality maps are maintained by Garmin. The internal battery only lasts for 1-2 hours. When used in the car, the unit needs to be plugged in. If you are away from the car, the battery life is not the best choice for long hiking trips. I have used it for hiking, and it works well for locating coordinates. The box has a power cord that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter jack. The standard MicroUSB phone charger does not fit the MiniUSB version of the gps. The interface is easy to use. The anti-reflective screen design makes it easy to see the display in the sun. This is an easy 5 stars.

11. Garmin DriveSmart Notifications Activation TripAdvisor

Garmin DriveSmart Notifications Activation TripAdvisor

The gps navigator has connected features and a bright display. There are maps of North America with free lifetime updates. Use their mount to secure nvi to a mount. The package only includes a mount. Live traffic and Live parking are available when using the free link app on your compatible phone. This device is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. There are voice-activated navigation and smart notifications. The battery life is up to an hour. The display is built in with built-in wi-fi for easy map and software updates.

Brand: Garmin

👤I have never owned a worse gps. The screen is fast and responsive, but where it really matters is navigation, and this gps is terrible. I just drove from Chicago to Seattle after it had the latest maps updated, and I was amazed at how poor its navigation guidance was, and how full of errors it was. It tells me to take pointless detours. It tells me I am going the wrong way when I am not. I am sent on goose chases for restaurants that don't exist. I've owned many of the Garmin units over the years, but this one is a dud. It's important to know that the gps is not traffic aware out of the box. It wants to be connected to your phone. If I have a data connection on my phone, why would I use a gps device?

👤I don't know if it's a software problem, but the DriveSmart gives bad directions. When I tested it out on my drive back home, I was sent in an unnecessary loop when I needed to make a left turn. There was no complex about the road. I've tested it on the highways and it sends me to the back alleys. It doesn't give me many alternate routes. I have an older version of Nuvi that does not have this issue. The screen is touch responsive and has internet. I want it to give me accurate directions. I used my old Nuvi 57 again after putting the DriveSmart in my trunk. Hopefully this is a software issue and can be fixed with an update. I should have listened to the previous reviews on Amazon.

👤I was hoping that a gps unit would give me everything G***** Maps has to offer when I am out of cell range. This is very close. It does voice commands well. I used it in Death Valley and on remote gravel roads in West Virginia, and it had the back roads in it's database. I would use it for hiking if they would offer topo maps for it because the screen size is better than my handheld and the operator interface is nicer. The DriveSmart 51 needs a better route preview feature to let me confirm which route it has chosen for me to take. If I want to confirm the route, I have to enter the destination into both G**** Maps on my phone and into the DriveSmart 51, and if the miles distance is the same, I can review it on my phone. This is not good. If I wanted to go to this trouble, I would just cache a bunch of maps on my phone, but this is also a time and data killer when traveling as much as I do. Dumping the accessory and providing the traffic-receiving car charging would be two improvements I would make. The screen is hard on the eyes when placed too far away. A $20 vent holder works better than a $20 phone holder, but they should decrease the thickness of the unit to make it more phone-like to fit in a vent holder. I got a Bestrixs one that works perfectly.


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