Best Gps Motorcycle Speedometer Tachometer

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1. VJOYCAR Speedometer Universal Original Motorcycle

VJOYCAR Speedometer Universal Original Motorcycle

If there are places on the product manual that are not clear enough, please feel free to contact them. They will respond in 12 hours. Collecting speed from gps satellites. It is 100% universal for all vehicles, including car, truck, pick-up, SUV, scooter, train, motorcycle, bike, boat, golf cart. Car driving speed, single driving time and mileage are displayed in the gps HUD. The mileage is on to the other side of the country. If you want total driving mileage, please choose the model C80 or C90 What is the speed unit? If you see number 100 on the screen, it means the speed unit is MPH, if you see number 161 on the screen, it means the speed unit is KM/h. Over-speed alert is one of the functions. The default setting alert value is 120. Once over value, it will give a warning. If you want to off speed warning, just adjust the over-speed value. How accurate? If you need assistance, please contact me. It is off from the car engine speed. The device doesn't have an on/off button, it takes 2 hours to get a gps signal, the device doesn't have a battery, and the device doesn't have an on/off button.

Brand: Vjoycar

👤I bought this for my car. When I'm driving with my hand on the steering wheel, it covers my speedometer. I have to lift my hand to see it. I was not expecting miracles for accuracy, but I thought it was worth a shot. The unit is packaged nicely in a small box. I had to add a small piece of gasket material between the mount and the unit because it was a loose fit. I didn't want it to fall off while I was driving. It comes with 3M double sided tape. I added 3M double sided outdoor tape that is a little more tacky after removing it. I had a problem with my car falling over on my dash after I put it on my dash at night. I left it on my seat while I was at work on a hot day. The combination of the hot dash and the tape sitting in the sun seems to have created a better bond and it has not fallen off my dash since. The technical aspects are next. It is very easy to set up. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes for this unit to pick up the signal, and I have also never had to sit and drive while it connects. It comes with a flat cord, but it doesn't have an A/C accessory for cigarette lighter plugs. I don't have a computer in my car. I bought an accessory on Amazon for $5. It has a lag of about 3 seconds during acceleration and deceleration but once you're at a steady speed it adjusts quicker. The unit that I got seems to run faster than my speedometer, but that's not a dealbreaker. The unit has a cheap feel to it. I'm impressed with it's accuracy. The screen is easy to read during the day and hard to read at night. I use it for work and road trips. The fatigue alarm that goes off every hour is annoying. I don't know how to turn it off. If you remember to power it off and back on, it won't sound like it. On cloudy and foggy days, the accuracy seems to be thrown off, but it has to be thick cloud and fog.

👤I bought the VJOYCAR C60 several weeks ago and am using it in a vehicle that has a digital Km/h display but not mph. I wanted digital speed as well. The gps is working perfectly. The unit is true. The set up is not complicated. It takes half a mile to lock onto a satellite and do its maintenance. It was within 1 to 2 mph out of the box. The speed was adjusted slightly. This was achieved by pressing and holding the up arrow and entering buttons at the same time. I found that pressing the up arrow got me into the calibration every time. The trip mileage is displayed shortly after the traffic signal is stopped, which is a nice feature. The feature is not activated if the stop signs are long. The longer the trip, the better the data is. There are a number of similar devices that are labeled by each of the different companies. The nice thing is that he contacted me after my purchase to deal with any issues. I didn't know that the unit needed a wiredusb connection for power, so he gave me a 12v adapter. I don't have to sacrifice my phone or music accessory. I'm happy with the device. The true test will be the Midwest winter temperatures, but for now I'd buy it again.

2. Maizad Speedometer Odometer Motorcycle Calculation

Maizad Speedometer Odometer Motorcycle Calculation

It's great to use with any brand of motorcycle. The gps hud speedometer can display speed, local time, altitude, mileage statistics, and automatically identify time zones, allowing you to know key information in real time. Security Alert- Over Speed alert and fatigue driving alert to ensure your safety during long-distance driving. Green light display can protect the driver's eyes, make the driver feel more comfortable, especially suitable for long-distance driving. The HUD projects the real and instance speed with a gps satellite. Plug the device into the car'susb port. Mobile power can be used to power bicycles. It is suitable for all vehicles and is applicable to trucks, motocycle and bicycle which are not supported by the OBD hud.

Brand: Maizad

👤The unit does not know what time zone it is in, what the correct time is, or what the correct speed is due to the quality of the components inside. You can make these changes in setup. To save money, there are not buttons for each function. I had to use a gps device to set the speed on the unit, but it was off 5 mph. It is not easy to make changes since it is set to primary desired use - speed. In daylight, they are easy to see. There is a double sided tape mount. The case is made of soft plastic. It would probably not hold up in hot weather. It needs a dimmer knob to operate at night.

👤It's a junky gimic. It made me buy a cts3

👤I needed an odometer that was described as a speedometer, but it only functions as one.

👤I expected the mileage indicators to be switchable to miles. This is not an option. I don't use it very much in Kilometers here in the states. I don't know its accuracy. I don't want to be converting back and forth so much. Occasionally.

👤It works well. There is some lag in the change of speed of the auto. Really like the function of the odometer.

3. ELING Speedometer Adjustable Overspeed Motorcycle

ELING Speedometer Adjustable Overspeed Motorcycle

The SAMDO Digital Tachometer RPM does not work with the electric fuel injection engine. To fit the gauge, you need to open a hole in the dashboard and allow a clearance of 55mm behind the panel. Black wire-GND, Red-power(+), White-external button(+), Red/Yellow-backlight, Blue-Left turn, Green- Right turn, White wire-High beam The indication light is left, high and right. It's important that the antenna is securely fastened inside or outdoors. It has a clear view of the sky to pick up satellite signals. Attach the antenna cable to the gauge. Don't cut cable. OverSpeed Buzzer Alarm has a total mileage range of 0-999999 km.

Brand: Eling

👤The 120 mph speedometer arrived inside a week. Thanks. Have it been installed in my car. It mounts through the hole in the instrument cluster. There is a black piece on the surface. The turn signal switch has wires for the turn signals and high beam indicator. After the ignition is on, the power is tapped into a source. The bottom of the car has an antenna on it. Have a functioning speedometer and follow start up instructions. It seems to be a little slow in responding to speed changes. It is as accurate as the ap on my phone when I maintain speed in traffic. I'm satisfied with this. The instructions are sparse as I have not been able to set the odometer to correspond with the actual mileage of my car. I need the seller or anyone to walk me through the steps to set the odometer. If you need a replacement, buy it. The seller responded quickly to my question. That is done. The back button is necessary to access. Thank you.

👤The buzzer alarm is a pain to program, and it would have gotten 5 stars if it had stopped buzzing.

4. BLUERICE Universal Speedometer Tachometer Motorcycle

BLUERICE Universal Speedometer Tachometer Motorcycle

When the owner turns on the high beam, the indicator light indicates that the vehicle is on. Universal motorcycle speedometer functions include a turn signal, high beam, low fuel warning, N lights, and a fuel indicator. The BluerICE Motorcycle gauge is waterproof. BluerICE Digital Speedometer is universal for 2 stroke and 4 stroke motorcycles. Fit tires are :8"- 22". The BluerICE Digital Motorcycle Speedometer comes with a 1PC Iron sheet and a 1PC Bracket. The Digital Tachometer could not work with the Electronic injection engine. The purple black wire of gauge should be connected to the positive line of the igniter.

Brand: Bluerice

👤Everything works well except the tachograph. I followed the directions. I've tried every possible configuration, from crank sensor tocoiltrigger, wrapping wire around plug wire, etc. I bought this for the tachograph. Is this good or bad? The honda XR600r was released in 1989. Please let me know. I need to finish this project quickly. Thank you.

👤Fast shipping was what it was listed as.

👤The producto is excelente, it is facil de instalar, saber la velocidad, and otros parametros.

👤The wiring diagram was printed off by a company who couldn't change their ink. It took a lot of time to figure out the wiring. Had to order a second because of the missing brackets. Do not waste your money.

👤It will recommend it to my friends.

👤Good product. The instructions were not easy to understand. If you know how to wire something, you should get it.

👤The display is great, it includes a custom harness for easy installation.

5. WonVon Speedometer Accessories Instruments Modification

WonVon Speedometer Accessories Instruments Modification

If you use with this motorcycle grips, please confirm that this item is compatible with most motorcycles that have 4 stroke, 2 / 4 Cylinders. Stable Performance is made of electrical components that use chip technology. The high quality metal shell is waterproof. The Speedometer Tachometer Oil Level Meter can indicate your speed precisely. The clear lens has back light, anti-glare and is easy to see at all angles. All motorcycles with a 12V power supply can be fitted with a simple installation. All motorcycles with a 12V power supply can be fitted with a simple installation.

Brand: Wonvon

👤I have tried several other "universal" gauges before, so I bought this to try it out. This is the cheapest one I have found that can read speed off the drive cable. I thought it would be easier to mount the sensor on the front end. I didn't have high hopes for this given the price point. I was wrong. This thing is great. Everything worked out of the box. I connected the power, ground, tach signal wire and speedo cable. Everything worked as it should. Tach reads. I was able to change the speed to MPH after some digging, so that the speed reads correctly. This process is kind of a production as the gauge is not documentation or an indication that it can be changed, but it can. Press and hold the button on the back, and then turn the key to "on." "P 0 0 0" will be displayed on the gauge. If you want to change the settings, you can use a short press to change number and long press to change position. The first menu has a screen that reads. This is the Frequency used to calibrate the speedo. 60KPH. I had to change my reading speed to 50 hertz. Depending on the bike and wheel size, you may have to play with this setting. To move to the next menu, press the short press. The second menu has a screen that reads 1001. The setting is for KPH. Set this to 1002 for MPH using the long/ short press method. The gauge is set to MPH after you turn the key back off. I had to play with the frequencies to get the speed I wanted. The actual speed was 45mph, but the speed in MPH was about 10% fast. I increased the Frequency to 50.0 and it was very close to fixing this. Fine tuning to 50.5 made it dead on. Give this gauge a try. It is a small kit. I will be buying more for other projects.

👤This little unit is adorable! After following instructions from other reviews, install is strait forward. The colors changing function is fun to play with. The hardest part was figuring out the tach. I finally got it working after running a wire straight to the CDI on my bike. I am not sure how it does in wet weather. It was nice to get rid of my ugly factory analogs. It has been rained on a few times. I am very happy with mine and think it will last a long time.

👤I think I know why people are having problems with this. The wire cover is held on by a zip tie. The wires themselves are strained by this. This does at least one thing. It can either remove the circuit board from the house or leave the wires to rub against it. Both of these scenarios will fail. To fix this, I pushed the wire cover up in the housing the way it should be, and then I used a product called Permatex Right Stuff to seal the wire hole. I used wire harness cloth tape on the open end of the wires to seal the wire cover. The wire cover and housing body supports the wires. It is an easy fix that will keep the wires intact.

6. ELING Universal Speedometer Tachometer Motorcycle

ELING Universal Speedometer Tachometer Motorcycle

OverSpeed Buzzer Alarm has a total mileage range of 0-999999 km. To fit the gauge, you need to open a hole in the dashboard and allow a clearance of 55mm behind the panel. The Blind Area ometer compensation is based on the speed in the tunnel with the help of the accelerometer. 9-32V working voltage, amber backlight, indication light, reverse polarity protection and anti-fogging performance are available. It's important that the antenna is securely fastened inside or outdoors. It has a clear view of the sky to pick up satellite signals. Attach the antenna cable to the gauge. Don't cut cable. OverSpeed Buzzer Alarm has a total mileage range of 0-999999 miles. OverSpeed Buzzer Alarm has a total mileage range of 0-999999 miles.

Brand: Eling

👤I already had a game plan to fit this combo gauge in my stock/factory cluster, so it wasn't that bad. I like that I was able to match my 6 digit odometer reading to the new gauge, everything I was reading only showed a 5 digit. There is a big plus in my book. I purchased a different antenna than the one that came with this unit. I was able to drill a hole in my roof and mount a gps antenna on it. I wanted to rely on signal and have it in my car, but it just wasn't comforting enough. The remote button is another option I like about this one. I didn't want to take the dash apart just to get to a button. I put the button on the stock gauge cluster after opening the hole. The instructions could use some help, but I figured it out. The main cause of headaches was the tach. I also figured that out. The signal came from the e cm to the factory. I would have given 5 stars if the instructions were written out how I was going to get you. It is necessary to input the pulse as 100's. I would put in 00006 if my V8 needed a pulse of 4 but it would go crazy. After connecting my tach wire to 3 different sensors and the output from the e cm using multiple pulse numbers from 1-8, I finally tried to use the code 0800 and it worked. It was not as good as my remote tach was reading. I changed it to 0400 and it was dead on. That made you a star. Other than that. Dad is right next to my device. I'm sure I'll be happy with it.

👤I upgraded my faulty factory speedo with this and have been driving my pickup every day. It looks very cool.

👤The gauge wouldn't fit in my street rod and I'm going to use it on my lawn tractor this summer.

👤I need it in MPH not Km/H. Even if I was going to install it? There's no instructions? What can I do?

👤If you go over the speed limit, the cool gauge should be removed.



If your motorcycle is an Electric fule Injection (EFI) engine, the SAMDO Motorcycle Gauges RPM would not work. Spec. The dial for a 3-3/4" opening requires 12/24volt negative ground systems. The indicator odgemeter is designed for 270 dial sweep and comes with a housing. Installation manual for speedometer, gps sensor, and wiring harness. Free lifetime technical support for non-human factor damage is part of the warranty.

Brand: Motor Meter Racing

👤I needed this for my project. The speedo cables are over.

👤I've tried to fix my cable before. It lasts for a while and then quits. I decided to go with something that would go to the transmission because I was tired of changing them. This device is incredibly easy to install. It seems very accurate and responsive. The instructions on how to set the new units odometer reading to duplicate the old one are the only gripe I have. They responded after contacting customer support. The button is on the back. For a second, tap it again. You can subtract miles from the odometer. If you tap it the second time, it adds to the odometer. The old mileage is duplicated exactly by my new installation. Awesome, so far!

👤I connected it up to a 12volt wire and a good ground, plugged in the gps puck, and it has been working ever since. Some of the negative reviews say this product is not good. I have driven 1,217 miles so far and no issues have arisen. 5 stars for the simple install and reliability from me. It is pretty accurate. If that doesn't float your boat, I don't know what will... I had a buddy drive by me on the highway and it was accurate all the way down to 5mph as we took an exit and caught a red light... if that doesn't float your boat, It is connected to a 5amp fuse to be safe.

👤It works great on my Honda. You have to get creative with mounting for custom projects, but this review is only about how to speedometer functions. It's easy to wire in my system. The kill switch wire has red and yellow wires. The black was grounded to the bolts. It's pretty spot on.

👤I put the Speed O in a custom build 95 Jeep with a LS1 swap and a 350 trans and am very happy with how it works. I would like it to have a trip odometer. There is no big deal.

👤Works well. I found a signal in 3 seconds and drove my truck to the school. It's easy to install a great speedometer. No more using speedo cables. It was easy to set actual mileage.

👤I put it on a dirtbike that was converted to a dualsport. The red backlight works well at night.

👤It's very easy to install in my 66 F 100. Just installed it. I don't know how long it will last, but it seems like a quality product. The gps appears to work.

8. DKMOTORK Motorcycle Speedometer Tachometer Multi Function

DKMOTORK Motorcycle Speedometer Tachometer Multi Function

The United States government and the United States Space Force operate the Global Positioning System. If you have a hard time in installation, a professional installation is highly recommended. Many people go to the local professional repair store to solve their problems and save time. A high quality abs shell, digital motorcycle speedometer, odometer, gear oil meter, and led headlight turn signal indicator display are all part of the function. If you install it in a right way, it will work well after many years of use. Please read the installation note in the product before installing it. The working voltage is 8-18V, the rating is DC 12V, and the backlight is blue. If you use with this motorcycle grips, please confirm that this item is compatible with most motorcycles that have 4 stroke, 2 / 4 Cylinders.

Brand: Dkmotork

👤I wasn't expecting much since most decent aftermarket electronic speedometers start at $100. I was not expecting it to work. But it did! It does everything I need it to do. If you're not comfortable wiring stuff, reading wiring diagrams, kluging mounts together, figuring out how to mount a speed sensor, you should just buy a ready-made plug-n-play kit like Trailtech. If you're expecting a $30 speedometer marketed by guys who struggle with written English to be some seamless, awesome product experience, you haven't been around motorcycles very long. If you have a sense of humor, some know-how, patience and a little time to kill figuring it out, give it a try. It stopped working after about 100 miles of use.

👤It seemed like a lot of the negatives were about poor packaging and the item being damaged. I had no issues with it, it was wrapped in bubble wrap and it was safe. The seller has solved the issue of the lack of a mount by including an acceptable mount, I had no issue finding a place to setup the speedo. I would give the instructions a B. The pinout diagram was easy to follow with a few questions. My bike/engine doesn't have the ability to use all the functions of the speedo, but the ones that are setup for work are great. The female sides of the speedo do not have the same connectors as the male ones. I had to order a set of replacements for the 9 pin connector. You could cut it off and then wire it. There was nothing wrong with what they provided. The speed senor is not always straight. If it's not reading, you should flip the magnet. I'm glad they provided two magnets. Overall, it was a 9. It's possible that it doesn't have backlight issues.

👤I know how to wire things and I don't expect anything to plug and play like some people give low stars for, you need to modify and make it work, so many lazy people out there. I came in a box inside another box, and the free mount that was sold separately came free. So. Yes. I will update this after I confirm the speedo/magnet works. Don't try to install something for the first time in your life and write a bad review. Don't write a review at all. SMH has constant power and switch power. First try it, it worked, turn signals left and right. Dang. I was happy that my previous one didn't have flash signals. It's fine, the revs are accurate. 5 people found my first part helpful and I hope this helps others.

👤I think mine came with decent directions. It's easy to set up once you get used to it. There are a couple things you can do to save yourself. The speedo pickup magnets work best in a tight circle rather than spread out in a wider diameter. The first perameter wants you to enter tire circumference in cm, which will get you close. I used a gps speedo app on my phone to compare it and was able to fine tune it by raising or lowering the tire circumference a little at a time. The tach wouldn't work when I put it on my coil as I was told, but when I put it on the positive lead it worked, though not perfect, as it's a 2 stroke and these are. If your neutral switch sends a positive signal, it may need to be rewired, because they're looking for a negative signal not positive. Even if the speedo isn't powered up, the indicators work great, even if I only want the markers. My electrical set up is a little different because I added all my lights and ran off a 12v LiFepo4 battery. It keeps settings and odometer memory when the battery is disconnected, which is great since I pull my battery to replenish when needed on a bench. As I wrote this review, I couldn't think of a reason not to give it 5 stars. I feel the speedometer pickup sensor was a little touchy at first, but once I tightened up my magnets pattern and got the sensor as close to them as I could, it works perfectly. It's easy to figure out if you know a little about wiring if you watch a couple videos on installing these. The included mount was appreciated a lot. It was a great deal for a decent universal gauge with all the necessary indicators. If you're like me, this may be a minor annoyance. If you don't have a sending unit and don't intend to use that feature, run a hot to the fuel gauge wire. I haven't blown it, but be sure it's straight from the battery with a 5a fuseable link or inline fuse holder with 5a fuse and not sharing a circuit just incase you wouldn't want this thing to blow your fuse on your taillight circuit at night If it does what I did, it should just read full now and not blink. I would recommend a functioning gauge and set of indicators for a reasonable price to anyone. It works and doesn't cost a million dollars. I love this thing. I was able to get the app on my phone to calibrate perfectly after a little trial and error, but it took a little patience. I took the time to do it right and it didn't take long. I entered the tire's circumference in millimetres and that got me in the ballpark, then I just would ride, see how far off and which way I was and change my number slightly up or down. It was perfect within a few tries and all is fine with the universe. I like that it holds it's settings even when there's no power, but I have to bring it in to charge once in a while because I don't have a charging system. I have a main battery switch that will cut power to everything if I forget to turn something off or have no lights for my trip home. The gps speedo app is still on when I want to go somewhere, but I pull it up from time to time to make sure, because I let off when I wanted to go somewhere. This guy is on my list of materials for a build I'm planning soon. There's a chance that I won't buy another one, and maybe even a third for my girls bike. There are speedometers all around.

9. Samdo Universal Motorcycle Speedometer Odometer

Samdo Universal Motorcycle Speedometer Odometer

The Digital Tachometer could not work with the Electronic injection engine. The purple black wire of gauge should be connected to the positive line of the igniter. The SAMDO Universal Motorcycle Speedometer can be adjusted for 8-22 inch wheels. The SAMDO Digital Speedometer is for all style of motorcycle. All-in-one function: Speedometer, Digital Odometer, RPM Tachometer, Fuel Level display, Left and Right indicator, N gear, battery, and water temperature indicator. SAMDO sets motorcycle gauge to Mph and KPH. The SAMDO Digital Tachometer RPM does not work with the electric fuel injection engine.

Brand: Samdo

👤It is a decent little sport bike speedometer. Good for when you don't have a cluster or it's too big for a street fighter. It's difficult to install and there's a lot of trial and error.

👤I'll start buying saying I'm smart. I didn't have to worry about it. I wired my 1981 motorcycle for my needs. The cluster didn't need all the bells and whistles. The instructions were hard to understand. I think there was a piece missing for the odometer. I can't make that work. Maybe. It's difficult to mount it on an older bike. If you're a fabricator, you shouldn't have a problem with it. There were no mounting bolts or screws.

👤Does not fit the kawasaki 250. It's too small, it's smaller than actual pictures. Do more research and maybe something else.

👤The product works as advertised for my gs500f. Make sure to turn the ignition off and hold both buttons to turn the speedo on for the circumference setting. When I got stuck on install, customer support was quick to reply.

👤Instructions are hard to comprehend.

👤It would be nice if I could actually use it. Definitely not to make fault. I didn't want to mess with the wiring on my bike.

👤As described. Not the best or worst. An acceptable cluster for budget friendly builds.

10. BLUERICE Universal Motorcycle Speedometer Tachometer

BLUERICE Universal Motorcycle Speedometer Tachometer

Free lifetime technical support for non-human factor damage is part of the warranty. The BluerICE Universal Motorcycle Gauge is compatible with all size wheels. BluerICE Digital Motorcycle Speedometer could change Mph to Kph without restriction. BluerICE Universal Motorcycle Speedometer is compatible with 4 stroke 1 cylinder, 2 cylinder and 4 cylinder motorcycles. The BluerICE Digital Speedometer has multi functions. The right indicator is the battery and water temperature indicator. The Blue Rice Motorcycle Tachometer is universal for all kinds of motorcycle.

Brand: Bluerice

👤Don't waste your money on this product. The unit does not function properly because of poor quality or construction. I am giving up on this pile of stuff because I've spent too much time watching videos and reading install instructions. There are wires that are not even mentioned in the wiring diagram that is provided with the unit. I received a unit that won't program no matter what I do. I have probably set the clock many times because it won't work as it should. The trip meter only tracks miles on the odometer. The stock sensor in my 2000 Katana 600 won't read the speedometer because it doesn't function with the provided sensor set up. I've spent a lot of time checking and rechecking the wiring and watching videos of installing and programming the unit but no results. When the speedo doesn't function at all, it's not clear how it shows anything on the trip meter. The oil change interval light is the dumbest feature of this unit. It's not a warning light for oil pressure, but it tells you when you're due for a change. Is that really true?

👤Once you figure out how to apply the wiring harness, it works great. The ATM50-A1 is a GY6 clone. It takes a bit of work to set it up. I had to get everything installed and working, but the math formula for setting the speedometer accuracy is not very good. Go for a ride and log the max speed with a gps speedometer on your phone. The max shown speed is compared to the dashboards. Then adjust the dashboard configuration a little bit. It took me 20 minutes to get it right. The wiring harness is straight forward. One of the power wires goes straight to the battery to keep the clock set if you don't wire it correctly. To write down the original odometer reading, I recommend using a white sharpie. I found out that my stock odometer was wrong, and that the speedometer was wrong, as I was doing closer to 45. The fuel gauge is not easy to understand. My fuel is being read backwards no matter how I wire it up or how I set it up. Full and empty are both empty. I'm all ears, if anyone has any advice for that, please let me know.

👤You need to understand the number one thing before you take the leap. You need a wiring diagram for your rides. A basic understanding of wiring is required. If you have that, you should not have any problems with this upgrade. I wanted to convert my Suzuki to a digital bike, so I moved it from the tank to the handlebars. I was able to use it. I did not hook up the gear indicator. The model does not have one. I was able to hook the nutral up.

👤It works well. It's the best buy for the money. It's easy to install. The paper work was not clear on proraming. We were able to get it working just fine. Aaa+.

11. Meter Racing GPS Speedometer Tachometer

Meter Racing GPS Speedometer Tachometer

100% waterproof and anti-fogging protection is included in the 1 year warranty. Spec. The dial for a 3-3/4" opening requires 12/24volt negative ground systems. The indicator odgemeter is designed for 270 dial sweep and comes with a housing. Features include waterproof, UV- resistant, Rustproof, and anti-fog. Installation manual for speedometer, gps sensor, and wiring harness. Free lifetime technical support for non-human factor damage is part of the warranty.

Brand: Motor Meter Racing

👤It's hard to comprehend the instructions. They say put the gps in front. In front of what? What does the tach hook up to?


What is the best product for gps motorcycle speedometer tachometer?

Gps motorcycle speedometer tachometer products from Vjoycar. In this article about gps motorcycle speedometer tachometer you can see why people choose the product. Maizad and Eling are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps motorcycle speedometer tachometer.

What are the best brands for gps motorcycle speedometer tachometer?

Vjoycar, Maizad and Eling are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps motorcycle speedometer tachometer. Find the detail in this article. Bluerice, Wonvon and Eling are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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