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1. Garmin All Terrain Motorcycle Ultrabright Rain Resistant

Garmin All Terrain Motorcycle Ultrabright Rain Resistant

The display is built rugged and passed the military standard for drop test. You can get spoken turn-by-turn directions through your connected helmet or headset. Direct-to-device downloads and no annual subscription are available for BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. There are options for riding on curvy or hilly roads. You can easily manage and review routes, tracks, and waypoints with the help of a navigator. You can record your route with the track recorder and save it for future adventures. You can access live traffic and weather, share routes with other riders, and get phone notifications with the Garmin Drive app.

Brand: Garmin

👤I don't know how many gpss I have used on a motorcycle. I think it's around 10. The motorcycle specific Gps are the first I have tried and they are too small for my liking. I have had it for about a year. My actual use has been limited because of the lack of appeal to ride in our Florida heat and humidity. There are a few observations about the screen. Even in direct sunlight, it is bright and readable. It's better than any of the previous ones I've used. Big plus! The data fields are easy to read, and the speed indicator glows red when you are speeding. The screen on the gps is glove friendly. Maybe this year I will be able to escape from Florida. The screen is a perfect size. The last 3 gpss I used were massive trucks. Big, easy to read, and extremely competent, but bulky. The larger, dimmer screen on the others is not as bright as the brighter screen on this, and the smaller overall size fits into the dash area better. Another plus. The Zumo is impervious to rain. The automotive/truckGPSs I have been using were not up to date. It's nice to no longer worry about the gps getting wet. The standard 1” ball mount was used for the gps. There is no need for special cradles or adapters. I decided to use the previously installed Ram ball and a 6” arm I already had in a big box of extra Ram stuff instead of using the bar mount and arm. The included dock/mount seems to hold the gps in place. You can remove the gps in a split second if you push a button on the back. The cable stays with the mount. The rubber cover for the contacts is included when the gps is not installed. Installation is very fast. Simply clip it back on. It's great if you have a place to securely store the gps. Some people may think that a thief can push the same button and walk away with your gps. The wiring was easy to follow. You need a negative and positive wire. I don't have to worry about messing with the gps because my car is wired to a hot-all-the-time circuit. The map retains detail when you zoom in, which is something I believe will make this gps more useful than any of the newer gpss I have used. I don't follow a pre-determined route on the bike. On the bike, I usually wing it, with only a general idea of where I'm headed, using the gps more as an electronic road atlas than just blindly following a route. You can still see the secondary roads with the map detail turned all the way up. Secondary roads are usually disabled above.3 or.500 miles. If you want to know where that little road you are thinking of exploring goes to, you might be able to see by zooming out, instead of having to scroll around and lose perspective. I prefer to adjust the zoom level myself when underway. The auto zoom seems to work at a useful level so far. I will try it. Time will tell... I just set it manually because I got tired of it zooming in and out on it's own. For the first year that I had this gps, I had a problem with how it handled points of interest. For the uninitiated and non-geeks, custom points of interest are lists of locations that may be of interest to you that would not normally be included with a gps's factory installed POIs. They can be a collection of stores or a collection of stores. The lists can be downloaded from a website, or you can make your own if you want to. The custom POIs were only accessible by digging into the menu system on the Zumo XT. A top level search didn't include custom POIs. I could live with that, but the worst thing for me was that there was no way to make the custom POI icons on the map. It's always nice to look at the map and see if one is close to something. The unit started showing custom POIs after the system update. "Up ahead" in the map settings menu must be checked to show your POIs. This will show the system icons for fuel, restaurants, and motorcycle related POIs, and it can make the screen a little busy, but hey, I'll take it. Speaking of POIs. I have found the pre-loaded POIs to be very inaccurate and frustrating to use. They have sent me on wild goose chases to businesses that were either notexistent or somewhere else. A big deal in a large RV is a frustrating annoyance on a motorcycle. Because of this, I stopped using Garmin's POIs a couple of years ago and now use other alternatives when searching for food, fuel, or anything else. Really? They could be better now. I don't know. I have been burned so many times that it will be a while before I try to use them again. I let the gps show me the nearest gas station for the first time since I owned it, against my better judgement. We went after it was shown to be close to us. I passed a gas station on the way that the gps didn't know about, and it took me about 5 blocks further up the street to a run down old building that was probably a gas station in a previous life. We were checking out an RV park for a future trip later that day, and I let the gps search for nearby RV parks on my phone. It didn't know that the RV park was established. The bottom line. If you need to find a place, don't use the POIs. You can enter the address into the gps by searching for it on your cell phone. The weather radar is connected to your phone through a wireless connection. I haven't had any showers that chase me around yet, but it all seems to work if you have a good wireless data signal. This feature is really cool. I have only used it for short trips, but if it's like any of my other current ones, they will find the address and you can be pretty confident they will get you there eventually, but will also sometimes choose strange routes. Always take a quick look at the proposed route, and always choose common sense over what a gps tells you. This thing is expensive. It's very expensive. It is the most expensive non-marine gps I have ever purchased. I would buy it again in a second. I still think it's great and would not want to be without it. As time goes on, I will probably update this review.

2. Grefay Motorcycle Stainless Smartphone Rotatable

Grefay Motorcycle Stainless Smartphone Rotatable

The Grefay motorcycle phone holder is made of high- strength steel. The motorcycle mount has 4 support corners, an automatic metal shrink arm, and a manual locking switch to make sure your phone doesn't fall down. The motorcycle cell phone holder is sturdy and secure, and it protects your phone from falling off when driving, even on bumpy roads. With soft non-slip and non-scratch protection pads for your phone, it can be kept on the motorcycle or scooter. The cell phone holder for motorcycle is compatible with most of the smart phones and navigation devices, such as thesamsung galaxy edge note and most of the IOS andANDROID smart phones. The motorcycle phone mount holder is easy to adjust on a horizontal or vertical screen. You can answer the call, play music, and determine the location of the gps device while driving. It is easy to install for motorcycles. The screws on the brackets make it easy to mount a motorcycle or scooter with a mirror. The mirror rod of motorcycles and electric vehicles has a diameter of 8mm.

Brand: Grefay

👤I should have listened to him. The cutout where the factory mirror goes into is not compatible with the L brackets. If you put washers in there to raise the L brackets above the cutout, they will fall through. Buying a RAM mount is recommended by Robot.

👤The instructions are not very good, but it is easy to mount. I used this on a 140 mile off-road ride the same day I mounted it. This holds the phone by covering all four corners and has a manual lock to keep it in place. I dropped the bike and the phone didn't budge. If you have a phone case with a lot of depth, it won't fit.

👤It was on the mirror of my motorcycle. It was off to a good start. The phone's back screw is tightened, but the swivel joint that keeps the phone in place keeps slipping away. Glue was put in to keep it in place.

👤This is holding up my phone and the case is still on. I took it for a spin on the regular roads, but let's see what's in store when I do more frequent rides.

👤The phone fits on the Yamaha XMAX scooter. It works great, but I had to cut the mirror seal off to get it to install.

👤It works like it should. Time will tell how it holds up over time.

👤The Handy Halterung hat ist festen. Sitz und hlt das Handy ( Iphone 11 Pro Max) perfekt in position. Ihren raus rutschen bei hheren Geschwindigkeiten ist kein. Man is in the position of the Halterung.

👤150 km getestet und hlt bombig. Ihren Bedenken ist mein Sittich macht. Fr Schraubfahule ist, weil die Halterung beispielsweise beispielsweise, be Die Halterung ist insgesamt gespannt. Im normalen Betrieb ist da gar. Wer. Nummer will, das Arme ist die Rckseite.

👤Ich ist das meine simson sr50 gemacht. The Halterung is richtig stabil. Man ist die verriegelungsschalter hat, und ist das es hlt. I am ruhigen Gewissen.

👤Gut. Hlt das Gert gut fest. Winkel und ausrichten ist super Haltbarkeit. Ihm ist dein falscher bewertungpunkt.

👤Eintopf-Motorrad ist das bei meinem Eintopf-Smartphone. The problem is nun.

3. Mount Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp Screws

Mount Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp Screws

It's possible to charge the phone with wireless charging, but it's also possible to charge the phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone There is a wireless charging function. Quick charging for phones using the Quick Charge Protocol. eg. The normal charging speed for all mobile phones. There is a rubber ball, M8 x 55 bolt, M8 x 60 bolt, and M8 x 65 bolt. The ball base is compatible with any motorcycle M8 threaded bolt. It is made of marine-grade aluminum and is reliable in the most demanding environments. Backed by a lifetime warranty. A ball of rubber is "B" size. A ball of rubber is "B" size.

Brand: Ram Mounts

👤The grab handle of my car was made from this mount. I learned about it from a thread. You will need a lock washer, two nuts, and an M6 X 1 50mm head bolt to make it work on a Tacoma. The bolts that came with the ball mount can be thrown away. Remove the plastic trim cover from the grab handle. I saved them because I was going to sell the truck. Put the M6 bolt in the ball mount, then put on a nut, washer, and the last nut. They need to be tightened up together. The nuts will allow the Ram arm to grab the ball mount. The grab arm hole has a ball assembly in it. If this takes more than 10 minutes, you should get a hammer and hit yourself with it. This mounts my gps uncomfortably close to the steering wheel with a straight mount, as you can see in my pictures. It's not as bad as the picture makes it out to be, but it's not good either. I want to push the Ram arm over the dash a bit so I will be ordering it. If you're feeling adventurous, head on over to Tacoma World and look for a video on running power through the A Pillar. It looks easy to do.

👤It's a great solution for a lot of mounting problems. Should be packaged in a few different configurations based on usage. There are many places where this can be used with alernative hardware. It was used for a phone mount on the A-pillar of my 13' Tacoma. It worked, but I had to search high and low for a bolt that would fit the ball and work for my application, as this kit uses a very specific 1/4-20 cap head hex bolt. I said a nice solution, but requires some "engineering".

👤The tool is great for Yamaha R3 riders. The included hardware won't fit our bikes. You will need M6x50mm. The screw cap point is made of steel. Can you get them on Amazon or a hardware store? This mount is great for the long or short mount and can be used with a phone, camera, or even a camera mount. If you add the phone holder and short mount, you will be able to put the phone in the tank bag if you want to toss a camera on.

👤I used the components from the RAM Mount to build a mobile phone mount. They grip very firmly. I replaced the screw holding the handle with a different one and used other RAM Mount components to provide the positioning I wanted. The result was much nicer than any of the other phone mounting options I've tried. The cost of the RAM Mounts is slightly more than a standard phone mount, but it was worth it to get something that worked nicely instead of compromises.

👤I've never written reviews but I think I can help a lot of people. I bought this set up for my motorcycle, and it came with the m8 bolts. I called Ram and they don't make a 5/16 kit for non metric bikes. The metrics are alienating a large market. I wanted to keep my bike clean. I use one inverted mirror on my left side. I had an open hole where the right mirror used to be. I wanted to use the old mirrors acorn nut to match the one on the left mirror. I was able to find a 5/16 at the local Fastenal store for 98 cents. You can use this bolt with your stock acorn nut in the factory mirror mount location. It makes it easier since you won't have mix and match bolts. The x-grip works well. I was a bit nervous putting a $1k phone in it. At 70 mph, it stays rock steady. I never thought I'd need this, but after a few times getting lost and searching for my way on the side of the road, I figured I'd give it a try. Most of the reviews I found were for low speed off-road bikes. This is a fist in the wind and it works.

4. MICTUNING Motorcycle Mirrors Yamaha Kawasaki

MICTUNING Motorcycle Mirrors Yamaha Kawasaki

It is easy to install for motorcycles. The screws on the brackets make it easy to mount a motorcycle or scooter with a mirror. The mirror rod of motorcycles and electric vehicles has a diameter of 8mm. Wide Vision has a 180 degree rotation to eliminate driving blind spots and allows you to adjust it for the best viewing angle. The Third Generation Zinc Alloy housing is not easy to break and is built for a long time. The anti-glare mirror is safer. The anti-glare mirror can prevent dizziness and make it easier to see what's behind you. Only for standard hollow handlebars. Simply tighten the screws to the hole for the threaded ends. Some models may need to be changed. It's compatible with RhinoMoto, the CB 650F, the Z900, the Z750, the Z125 Pro, the Z800, and the Z750 ER6N. It's compatible with RhinoMoto, the CB 650F, the Z900, the Z750, the Z125 Pro, the Z800, and the Z750 ER6N.

Brand: Mictuning

👤They look like they work. The quality of the build is almost as good as it can be. It feels higher quality because they have good weight to them. The cheap black paint can chip if it touches a wall. If you want to prevent the mirror from rotating over, you might want to add some tape or something similar to the supplied bar-end spool. I'm 6'4 with an above average shoulder width and the stock mirrors make it difficult to see behind me and to my sides without having to awkwardly shift my elbow and shoulder over. It was difficult to see oncoming cars from behind. The location of the mirrors means that they are away from me.

👤This item seems to have worked out well for me. I feel I had to install the product in a way that was not intended. The product seems to be holding up against the elements. This was an awesome deal if they continued to function as they have been. I recommend this product for people who are willing to experiment and have some time wasted if they ship it back.

👤I am left with no product after the change to a 2 star review because the mirrors fell off randomly. It looks like it won't fit. But it does have drawbacks. It was difficult to get it on, unless you have a drill. The mirrors have to be tightened after a couple rides if not for the mirror to flop in the wind and fall off. It is easy to install a bike with a drill.

👤As much as it's implied, these aren't compatible with stock FZ-10 handlebars. I'll be giving them back for a refund. If you have the stock bars, you'll need a different bar end to use bar end mirrors.

👤I knew I was going to be unhappy when I opened the box. I was wrong. The quailty is very good and once installed and adjusted, they stay put and are as buzz/blur free as you can possibly hope for, given the fact they are stick off the end of the widest part of the motorcycle. The only way they can move from their adjusted position is if the idiot behind the handlebars hits them with his hand. The 2020 Kawasaki is mounted on something.

👤I bought these for my Yamaha. They look great on the bike. The bars are narrow so the mirrors swing up. They do vibrate at certain RPMs. I had one break as well. They sent replacements quickly. These can't be beat for money.

👤This is a good product, however if you are not mechanically inclined please avoid it, it requires a few trips to the hardware store for additional screws and rubber washers to prevent mirrors from getting loosened in the wind. Keep looking for a quick easy direct universal fitting product. It is easy to do on the wallet, but additional hardware of 5 to 10 dollars is more reliable.

👤The hardware that I would need to install on my Duke would not come with these. I decided to buy some hardware to make my weights work with it. The one I installed on my bikes is already falling apart. It's like the captive part inside, seized and installed like it should be. The contact point has been rubbing raw. I fear I will lose the mirror.

5. Motorcycles Charger Navigation Hayabusa Kawasaki

Motorcycles Charger Navigation Hayabusa Kawasaki

Four brackets to fix the phone, rubber bands to fix the corners of the phone, and a Creative X type grip design give a super strong grip. The mobile phone is protected from wear by the soft rubber material. The phone holder has a charging port. You can charge the mobile phone by connecting the charging cable to the motorcycle. The navigation can't be used because the phone is out of power. The ball head joint has a locking system for a landscape view. You can find the most comfortable perspective. It's suitable for most phones with a width of 1.75 "- 4.5" and a height of 3.25 "-5.5". Such as for the iPhone X, XR, 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus and the 6s. Plus, for the S9 and S8 of the SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 and S8 of the S7 of the SAMSUNG GALAXY S9. And etc. The motorcycle brackets are compatible with the 16mm-19mm holes. For Yamaha YZF R1M/S R6 R6S, for Kawasaki Ninja 400, for the BMW S 1000RR, for the Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa, for the CBR 250R 300.

Brand: Boyimu

👤The stem doesn't stay in the tripple tree and it doesn't fit a CBR 600 F4i. I had to make an additional plug to make it work. If you don't want to make extra hardware to make it fit, it's not recommended. The description and compatibility were incorrect. The seller was very responsive and professional when he reached out to me. Great experience.

👤The 2020 Ninja 400 does not come with a wide sleeve that can grab the inside of the stem, so you cannot insert this all the way down the stem. Unless you raise it about 1.5” where it is no longer flush mounted with the stem, it doesn't fit. The gap at the bottom in the photo is not a huge deal, just took a lot of work to get it there, and it seems as though it fits a Ninja 400. You can make it fit in a variety of ways, but you won't get a flush mounted fit in the center stem of a 2020 Ninja 400. The back and fourth play on my phone is not good on a motorcycle. The bolt is tight, but it still wobbles a bit.

👤I was hoping that the mount on my 2020 GSX-R750 would work just as well as the name brand ones, but I was proven wrong. I experienced a lot of vibration when the clamps came loose, and I was on the bike. I had to make adjustments and tighten the clamps every time I stopped. I didn't have a chance to use the charging feature. I didn't want to hook it up until I was sure it was stable. The ball broke in half, making it useless. It happened while my bike was parked, which saved me from losing my phone and mind while riding. It would've been a bad day for me and everyone around me. I tried to save money, but it was not enough. I was unable to get a refund because the 30-day return window had expired. I threw the money into the trash. I sucked it up and spent the money on an overpriced phone mount, but I feel a lot less stressed about the possibility of seeing it break all over the road.

👤I looked at ordering the "RAM" brand, but reviews were hit and miss, depending on the motorcycle used on, and it didn't have a charging port. I narrowed it down to this mount because it fit my Hayabusa perfectly. The mount fits into my yoke and there is no movement unless I want it to move. It took 15 minutes to run the wiring after it was mounted, some of which was removing fairings. No complaints so far.

👤It was hard to find a phone mount for my Ninja 500 bike. I decided to try this one and it works great. The base of the phone mount was lined up with the hole in the bottom of the handle bar. I used the silver bolt that came with the phone mount to send the bolt all the way through the hole after I cut off a portion of the base. Be aware! The phone mount base will not line up without a portion being cut off.

6. Bevel Engineering Rear View Mirror

Bevel Engineering Rear View Mirror

A ball of rubber is "B" size. Driver and passenger side fully adjusted mirrors are included. The mirror glass has a wide view range. The mirror glass is shatter proof. Measure your round roll cage to make sure it's between 1 1/2 to 2 inches. These are not compatible with the channel type cages found on some Polaris Rangers and Can Ams. It's compatible with Polaris Yamaha, Honda and Can Am. The round tube cage is not compatible with Polaris Ranger. 4 inches wide and 7.4 inches tall are the dimensions of shatter proof glass. 4 inches wide and 7.4 inches tall are the dimensions of shatter proof glass.

Brand: Bevel Engineering

👤The 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 LE has these on it. They have simple adjustments. The roll bar is capable of 1.75" and 2.0" Honda has the 1.75" The mirrors I bought from Honda were so bad that they rubbed against the roll bar and stuck out too far. The mirrors here work great and we're less expensive.

👤I am very happy with the mirrors. It is easy to install. A narrow profile for trails.

👤Love the mirrors. It's great for trail riding with a group. When they were mounted low, they found a blind spot on the trail and were moved to the top of the roll bar.

👤Mirrors look great, but be careful, one broke with very little pressure while adjusting. I don't want to adjust the tension bolt too much because it scares me. They work well and are nice. I re-ordered another pair because I liked the look.

👤The instructions were good. There were 2 sets of rubber inserts and 2 sets of clamps. The mirrors needed to be tensioned with a deep sockets and allen wrench. The mirrors would be useless when buzzing along. They work well. If you're going into some really tight spaces, you can fold the mirrors in.

👤They will do for a while but will definitely have to invest in a better quality.

👤Good mirrors, easy to move around. Small mirrors were added to the bottom for a better view.

👤These do not fit a Honda. They are cheap.

7. Bracket Motorcycle Navigation 2002 2017 2006 2017

Bracket Motorcycle Navigation 2002 2017 2006 2017

The mobile phone holder is universal. For the iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 6/7/8, iPhone 6/7/8 Plus. S9 is on. For Honda F5 CBR650F VFR 1200, it's a fit for most motorcycles. For the Kawasaki ZX600 NINJA. Two ways to install a motorcycle fork stem mount and rear-view mirror poles are available, as well as a sealed design with a switch and waterproof cap to make riding in the rain easier. It's easy to install and it takes a few minutes. The Triple Tree Stem Yoke Center hole has a 1.5 cm-2 cm hole. The method of expansion was used.

Brand: Siminzich

👤Comes with two pieces. One is too small and won't fit when tightened all the way. The other one is too big for the smallest setting. Does not fit a GSXR. I had to use a mallet to get the larger fitting in place. It damaged my fork and was the whole way down. It won't come back out. It's going to fall off with my phone one day. Don't buy a piece of trash. How does it not fit in the middle of a standard sport bike? I have a road trip tomorrow and didn't have time to try another type so I had to force it. Awesome. Garbage.

👤It works great. I brought my Honda 650f 2016 to the dealer and they installed it and took it out for a long ride and I love it. I don't like the rubber strap, it doesn't seem to fit properly, and I feel like it's a must have. I had to force it. I feel like it will rip because of the constant pressure on it with how it is on and as soon as it gets weathered, I will have to replace it. There is a switch inside the port that will turn it off when the battery is not being used.

👤This doesn't fit Hayabusa! The metal sleeves are too large. I had to remove the metal sleeve and replace it with a plastic tube that was the same length. The holder has a play of about 15 degrees. I don't know what the point is. If you are willing to modify it, it is a solid mount. It can be connected to your battery, but it is not a wireless charging device.

👤This is a cheaper replica of the phone mount. It is easy to install and even has an alternate clip. The dual pivot allows you to adjust the height and angle with one screw. They send you four more because it has nice rubber grips at the end. It comes with a rubber cover that goes over the phone and around the four grips to help keep it secure. The cover is recommended by me. I lost my phone. I used the product for several weeks and it worked without any issues. My guess is that the phone vibrated off because I didn't set it far enough into the grips. I think an expensive lesson was learned. The mount is better suited for phones that don't have a case.

👤It works as it should. I like this one because it has a shut off switch so it doesn't drain your battery. I am not very tech savvy. I was able to install it myself. You can charge while you ride or while your bike is off. Great product.

👤There were a few different fitting on the mount. It would fit a Yamaha fork stem, but it didn't. I had to grind down the nut to get it to fit into the fork stem and then use a rubber mallet to hammer it in, but it has been ok up to now. It holds my phone in a secure position. It has worked every time I have used it, even though I haven't used it a lot. It is an ok mount, aside from the fitment issue. It does what it is supposed to do. I received one. Some are built better than others. You get what you pay for. I will admit that it is ok for the money. If you can afford a better mount, go for it.

8. R1200GS Navigation CRF1000L Motorcycle Charging

R1200GS Navigation CRF1000L Motorcycle Charging

It was a perfect match for BMW 700/800 GS windshield brackets, BMW R 1200GS Adventure Original GARMIN Navigator Base and Honda CRF 1000L Africa. Twin CRF 1000L. It is shockproof and easy to install. It is easy to install a mobile phone into brackets. Compared to other brackets, turning off the phone or volume won't happen. The materials used are not easy to age.

Brand: R&p

👤This is a great solution for my car. You pop the cover plate off. I'm guessing you can take the Navigator mount off and install this, since it comes with an extra bracket. I just plugged it in and it was all I had to do. It fits right in. I had to apply some pressure to get the bottom in the grooves, but it locked in. The biggest con is that it's a little heavy and you have to mount your phone on top of it. So. Yes... This can be slimmed down quite a bit. If I angle this too low it blocks the view of the top of the RPM gauge, because I don't have a display on my GS. I think it would be better with the new displays. The solution is to change the navigator brackets. I was able to see my phone and full gauge cluster without the mount facing a ridiculous high angle. I wanted it to hold my phone where the stock gps would be, and have two workingusb ports in case I need to charge my phone, and I can do so without needing to plug in to the aux plug. The cost is the same as a Ram mount setup, and I prefer this on my R1200GS as it keeps the bike looking cleaner and has my phone's navigation in perfect view. I knew when I bought this that it was more than double the cost, and I had seen similar mounts on Amazon before. This was a victory. I don't see a need to pay more as the other products look the same. If you have a GS and are looking for a similar solution, this product is worth a try.

👤It's a great product to use with your smart phone for a lot of things. The phone is always charging is a plus. You should get the Sena 20 for your helmet because it will allow you to use hands-free voice commands and not look at your phone while riding. I have to remember to turn my phone back up before I ride off because the spring loaded latch on the cradle turns my volume all the way down. Turn off the auto lock on your phone so you don't get distracted. This review will help you with your purchase.

👤The item arrived yesterday. It works perfectly on the bike. I put my phone in a snug case and it seems to hold it well. The short cable that was supplied would not stay plugged into the phone. I'm ordering a cable from Amazon Basic. I believe this one will stay plugged in.

👤After 6 months of use, this unit has come apart and left me very dissatisfied. The hardware is not shirring so it is the bad. The spring mechanism keeps your phone in place. The plugs on the ports have both broken. I think they can't handle the road noise. The main reason for this purchase was the ability to hold your phone and charge at the same time. It will hold your phone in place. I only had one instance where it cracked my phone. If I used that phone for anything other than navigation, I would be upset, but I wouldn't complain because I was off road and on a washboard road. I really wanted to like this product and have taken it on multiple 400 mile trips but I can't hide the fact that after 6 months of use it's now just a phone holder I can use my ram mount for that.

9. IMESTOU Waterproof Motorcycle Handlebar Cellphones

IMESTOU Waterproof Motorcycle Handlebar Cellphones

The wireless charger 15W super power and QC. 3.0USB quick charger are built-in and can be used with most 3.5- to 6-inch cellphones. Dropping for mechanical locking is never done. The motorcycle phone holder has a locking mechanism that makes it impossible to shake off the phone mount even on rocky roads. 100% safe and reliable! When the telescopic modules on two sides are pushed in, the motorbike phone holder automatically releases; the moment your phone is placed on the bracket, the sensor point pressed by it in the center, phone. There are two ways to install the motorcycle handlebars and the rear-view mirror base, with a waterproof design and a switch that will allow you to ride in the rain. It's possible to charge the phone with wireless charging, but it's also possible to charge the phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone with a phone There is a wireless charging function. Quick charging for phones using the Quick Charge Protocol. eg. The normal charging speed for all mobile phones.

Brand: Imestou

👤I have a 2020 Harley- Davidson Road Glide limited and it would be nice to have a phone mount for my handlebars. The item was installed the next day. I'm pretty happy with it, even though I only had it installed for two days. You can install this yourself if you're handy around a motorcycle. The wires need to be connected to the battery terminals. It's easy. The wire is the hardest part. If you don't know what you're doing, you can take it to someone who knows what they're doing and they should be able to install it in an hour or so on most motorcycles. The item seems well built. I like the function and the way it works, which is very easy to use. You can remove the phone by pressing the two side buttons and pushing the phone against the back plate. The phone mount on my bike was easy to adjust, but it was still sturdy throughout my ride. I'm happy. Even though my phone has a thin clear plastic case, it still charges via wireless charging. Even though this is new, I like it. I'm not sure how long it will last and function given that it's Chinese made, but I've seen Chinese made products that are poor quality or lack quality control, so I'm skeptical. We'll see. It was easy to install the mount. I have never taken my motorcycle apart before. A 15 minute video on the internet showed me how to remove the seat and gas tank for proper installation. Installation took 90 minutes because I didn't know what I was doing. I had to make another trip to the hardware store to buy some tools to remove items from the bike to get the wires to the battery. The phone charger has a wire that is connected to it, so it is nothing fancy. The wire should be routed to the battery so that it isn't in the way. There are a number of little mounting accessories inside the box. I removed everything from the motorcycle and it fit. I mounted mine to the right handlebar because I'm right handed. There are some things that I don't like about the product, which kept me from giving it a 5 stars. There were no instructions for the mount. Nothing at all. Not even a piece of paper. You get a brown box with parts inside. I'll hang onto the box for a while in case the parts are needed. There are two more The wire that was included and pre-attached to the charge is too short to hide on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I couldn't route the wire behind the handle bars like the other wires are routed because of the result. I have exposed wire hanging there. I'll need at least 4 or 5 zip ties by the time I figure out how to hide the wire, since the kit includes two small black zip ties. I will have to go to the hardware store again to get more black zip ties. There are 3 more The button on the back of the charger is very small and covered in a clear cover to keep it dry. It's a 3-way button, so you have Wireless Charging On, Off, and ausb On. You can't have Wireless charging on at the same time. It was a struggle to get the switch to one of the charging positions because I have big hands and big fingers. I couldn't get it to click into position with the cover. I initially thought the charger was malfunctioning, but I used a tool to get the switch to stay in the wireless charging position to verify that it was working. Unless the bike stays in storage for a while, there won't be any turning it off. I don't think it would be possible to work the little switch with motorcycle gloves on. I hope it doesn't drain my battery.

10. BRCOVAN Aluminum Compatible Handlebars Handlebar

BRCOVAN Aluminum Compatible Handlebars Handlebar

The 17mm is 0.67''. The ball handlebar mount has a diameter of 1.26''. The rubber ring inserts give the set a snug fit and protect the mounting surface. The rubber ring pads have a diameter. The mount ball base uses rubber-insert and locknuts to prevent high vibration for mounting to motorcycle and bike handlebars as well as other round rails within the stated dimensions. The handlebar ball mount is made of aluminum and is reliable in demanding environments. The ball has anti-slip performance. Work for devices with a 17mm ball mounting pattern. Not compatible with the ball sockets. Works for the Nuvi and Drivesmart devices. Also works for the motorcycle bike phone mount holder. The ball mount is suitable for installation on a variety of bikes, including bike, motorcycle, stroller, mountain bike, dirt bike, trek bike, road bike, golf cart, electric scooter, ATV, etc.

Brand: Brcovan

👤I was looking for something that could be moved or swapped out for a Nuvi device, so I was looking for something that could hold a Zumo gps to my motorcycle's handlebar. I'd been looking for a 17mm ball mount with the right combination of sturdy and compact. The portion that holds the spacers is very strong. The ball is so firm that it doesn't slip holding the weight of the motorcycle mount.

👤I have a motorcycle accessory bar. The product is of good quality. The ball is a bit oversized and has a textured finish which makes it hard to install without sanding down the ball a bit. Most accessory brackets don't play well with textured surfaces. It has broken two brackets without a lot of sanding.

👤The ASIN B00CMLX1NS (ARKON SP-SBH-KIT-CAM Tightening Ring and Camera Head Adapter Kit) is a great accessory for a bike camera mount. I don't understand why someone doesn't package them together. Very happy.

👤Quality item doesn't suit my needs.

11. MICTUNING Universal Motorcycle Mirrors Kawasaki

MICTUNING Universal Motorcycle Mirrors Kawasaki

Without a computer, built in wi-fi for map and software updates. Clear Vision - Measures 3 motorcycle mirrors with a glass lens, which offer a high definition and wide-angle rearview vision, no more looking back while driving! This round style bar end mirror can be adjusted up and down for the best viewing angle, thanks to the Ball-type connection joint and foldable holder. STURDY CONSTRUCTION is a machined aluminum alloy body with a black coating. It's easy to install a small mirror with all the hardware included, it's a modern style with a compact size. It is compatible with most brands of Motorbike, Sports bikes with standard 7/8" diameter handlebars. It is compatible with most brands of Motorbike, Sports bikes with standard 7/8" diameter handlebars.

Brand: Mictuning

👤I didn't think much of a cheap set of folding mirrors, but they perform well for the price. I've had $50 mirrors fail. Installation is easy. I have a V-Twin and the screws on it are loose, so be sure to tighten them. The look is great, no one would suspect they are from the bargain bin, and I think they can last if you don't fold them every 5 minutes. I live in a congested area and have to fold my mirrors to lane split when traffic is bad. I do this at least 5 times when I ride and they don't hold up. One broke off when I tried to shut it down. After a month of use, the second mirror is starting to wear out, and I don't expect it to last much longer. As I pull it to close, I almost steer myself into a ditch. If it's just for style and ease of storage, go for it. If you need to fold them frequently, skip them.

👤I was looking for an alternative to the very expensive bar end mirrors and started searching on Amazon for some options. I found this one and decided that I didn't need to try it out for the price. The size of the bar is more of a 1/2 ID because it is thick. I was able to use a hammer to knock out the outer part of the mirrors so that the smaller size could fit in. I tested them on the freeway after they were tightened to a crazy amount. They are holding up well. They are not bending back from the wind pressure. If you are looking to save money but still want to have some bar end mirrors, I recommend getting these.

👤The mirrors I bought were for my Triumph. They were easy to install and seem to be good quality for the price. Less than twenty dollars? Wow! The mirrors give me a better view of what's behind. They look cool on my bike. I used a pair of channel-locks to hold the handle bar plug outside of the bar, and then I turned the tightening screw a couple of times. The plugs were open enough to grip the ends of the bar. I gently tapped the plugs inside the bar ends with a mallet after they were wide enough to grip on their own. I tighten the bolts the rest of the way after the plugs are fully in the bar ends.

👤The low price made me worry. They work well and the surface gives a wide angle view behind me. The adjustment is good and they have not moved on a bike that vibrated at high speed. I modified the mounts so that they don't need bar ends for regular installs. I'm happy with them. I would buy again.

👤The mirror is gone. Maybe it just went bye. Unless you glue them, stay away from these mirrors. The product arrived in good condition. I started wiggling after using the bar end on my left side. It would have fallen out like my previous pair from another vendor if it wasn't for the screw in it. I superglued it. If you are going to use these seriously and at high speeds, I would suggest a pair from a more reliable vendor. It seems you pay for what you get.


What is the best product for gps motorcycle mirror?

Gps motorcycle mirror products from Garmin. In this article about gps motorcycle mirror you can see why people choose the product. Grefay and Ram Mounts are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps motorcycle mirror.

What are the best brands for gps motorcycle mirror?

Garmin, Grefay and Ram Mounts are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps motorcycle mirror. Find the detail in this article. Mictuning, Boyimu and Bevel Engineering are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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