Best Gps Motorcycle Helmet

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1. Cardo Packtalk Bluetooth Motorcycle Communication

Cardo Packtalk Bluetooth Motorcycle Communication

It can be made in the USA or imported. The sound quality and performance of the Sound by JBL is unparalleled. Premium audio clarity for use in a helmet. It never sounded so good. The voice activations are "Hey Siri" and "Ok Google". Cardo's Natural Voice Operation reduces the need to use a specific button or wheel. Many aspects of the device are controlled by multiple onboard commands. The Cardo Connect App can be used for full remote control and complete command of the device. All helmet makes and models are compatible with Universal Fitment. The Cardo Half Kit Helmet is required for use with a half helmet.

Brand: Cardo

👤I broke down and called Cardo support. They told me that it doesn't work with two-way radios. It's not much for every feature and universal connection. If you're trying to use a para motor, avoid it. Better to save $250 and buy aBT-S3. You're not gaining anything because you've had the Cardo Black, the SMH10, and the BT-S3.

👤The speakers are too big for this. The things are working well despite being tight on my head. If you have a round head, I would recommend getting the smaller speakers that fit in a 1400. I have to be very robotic with the commands. It seems to respond well if I do that. I still have a learning curve, especially with phone calls and the radio. I will update the review if I discover any major negatives.

👤I bought this unit after careful consideration. I took the unfavorable reviews into account when I decided to use the volume as a noise level. I took that with a grain of salt. Loud engine and exhaust noise, noisy helmets, and lack of a windscreen are some of the variables that affect the perceived volume of this unit. I didn't know what these reviewers were thinking or what they were doing, but I was comfortable buying it. I tested it the same day it was delivered. I'm not disappointed. The audio is clear and loud enough to be heard while traveling. Was it loud? No. I can hear the instruments and lyrics in the loud room. It was loud enough for me to hear the directions. It was loud enough to hear my voice commands. I put this in my helmet and windscreen. While my motorcycle is loud, my helmet is quiet and my windscreen does a good job of redirecting the air. I was using noise canceling headphones before this unit. They were inconvenient. I haven't had the chance to check out the phone and other communication equipment. I bought this for music and so far, I am satisfied and recommend this to other riders. My experience may not be your experience, so take my review with a grain of salt.

👤Sounds great! The Sena headset is deep rich bass and does what it says.

👤This purchase was very disappointing. I decided to buy a Cardo unit after watching reviews. I have 3 units on my other helmets. I wanted something that was waterproof to ride in the rain. Cardo was small and sleek when it was in the box. Installation was straight forward, but I was able to get it installed on my modular helmet. The helmet speakers come with a backing that is square, but the pads that fit in the helmet are not. That's a missed opportunity on Cardo's part. The initial sound quality was good. The speakers are drowned out by the wind noise after getting on. You can't hear anything from the speakers at 60mph. The problem was solved by plugging in cheap earphones. The speakers are not useful for a helmet. I had a problem with the mic. I connected the unit to my phone. I couldn't use voice command to control the Cardo functions when I used "Hey Cardo", because it would substitute "Hey Google" for that. I could only control the functions of the phone when it was not moving and the wind noise interfered with voice commands. The voice command stopped working after a few hours of trying and several factory resets. I couldn't get any voice commands to work when I pressed the buttons on the unit. I think it's a bad mic. This was the top of the line unit from Cardo. I will return it and keep my old but functional units.

2. ILM Motorcycle Modular Helmet Colors

ILM Motorcycle Modular Helmet Colors

The 9-32VDC is 12VDC. The red backlight has a one year warranty. The high resistance shell has a strap. The DOT safety standards are met or exceeded. The helmet liners are lightweight, soft and easily replaceable. The design reduces wind noise. There is a flip-up function with anti-scratch, anti-Fog and wide view. There is a flip-up function with anti-scratch, anti-Fog and wide view.

Brand: Ilm

👤It was my favorite helmet. It was a perfect fit. I liked the fact that I could wear it as both a full faced helmet and a half faced helmet. After the return window expired, a screw came loose while I was riding on the highway, the visor caught the wind and flipped up, violently whipping my head in the process. I almost lost control in the process, which could have been bad, as I was crossing a bridge and got uncomfortably close to the edge. I don't want to use it anymore. I almost died after the helmet wasn't perfect.

👤It is not a five star helmet. It's a five star value for a helmut. I have had some issues so far. The screws were exposed by a small plastic piece. You can't put it back on when the plastic tabs break. There is no loss of function. It's just a look. One of the screws on the visor connection fell off. The visor hangs off and needs to be removed. You are driving without it. I went to the home depot and took the remaining screw and the helmut. You might want to keep a screwdriver with spare screws on you. You can get the screws in the speciality rack in hardware that has the metric sizes. It will fog when it gets cold and rainy. You need to apply liberally, let it dry completely, buff lightly to clear, and breathe on it to see if there is fog, but Rain-X Anti-Fog does work. I should be able to get a second application. If it's moist outside, you may need to re- apply every other run if you find condensation forming where your nose breathes on the visor. I always have a second visor ready to go.

👤I always have preferred dual visor helmets, and am happy to find a good priced DOT approved one. The matt black is simple and perfect. I used the helmet's size guide to get small after measuring on the lower end. I have been medium in other helmets and extra small in others so it is good to know the ILM size chart is accurate. The bag is free. The chin strap closes with a clip which is easy and sturdy. The vision range through the shield is important. The cheek buffer is placed low down so that you don't have to pull on your eyes. The feature of the helmet is nice, but I won't wear it much. You could use your phone while wearing a helmet. The dark UV screen visor has a switch on the left side that allows you to see photos. I was very satisfied with my new helmet.

👤For the price, you can't beat this helmet. The modular functions are easy to operate. Once you get used to where everything is. Even if you use the sizing chart, they do run a little big, so order a smaller size than you think. I was expecting better quality for a $65 helmet. I ordered another one for my wife and added bike to bike communication for long rides after I got mine. All in all, very pleased with this. We ordered one for my wife after we received mine. For my wife, we ordered the helmet to the measured size according to the chart, even though I agree that the helmets run big. I shave my head and put a skull cap under the helmet to improve the fit. My wife has long, thick hair so ordering to the measured size fits her perfectly. When you order one of these, keep that in mind. The helmet functions great, and if you want to make it better, you should remove the screws that hold in the clear shield and put Loctite on them, as there are only 2 screws that hold this in, and they have a tendency to work loose. Happy riding!

3. AHR Modular Motorcycle Approved Motocross

AHR Modular Motorcycle Approved Motocross

The microfiber inner material absorbs sweat without compromising comfort or security. The one-year limited manufacturer of the GLX. The AHR Run-M Modular flip up motorcycle helmet is a high quality helmet that meets or exceeds DOT safety standards and features an advanced flip up design that allows you to get more air or grab a bite to eat without taking the whole helmet off. Make your driving safer with an upgraded lightweightABS shell with a thick, high density fully ventedEPS liner and a ventilation opening system for air intake and exhaust, which brings you a better protection and comfortable wearing during riding. The built-in double visors have a wide visual field clear visor and internal dark visor that can be easily controlled with a switch. The streamlined aerodynamic design reduces wind noise and drag. If you need to replace the lining or lens, please contact the store customer service. The helmet can be held securely on your head with the Quick Release Buckle, it can also be cleaned easily. The helmet can be held securely on your head with the Quick Release Buckle, it can also be cleaned easily.

Brand: Ahr

👤I bought this helmet last year because it was a great deal. I'm glad I did because I got into an accident recently. I hit a deer at 65mph and slid for 116 feet. The helmet didn't crack or have any soft spots, and the popup face guard was locked too. The shield ripped off and didn't hurt me, and the inner sunshade stayed in place. I'll be buying a solid helmet when I get my next bike.

👤My son's helmet shattered into many pieces when he was hit by a motorcycle, it was a poor quality helmet, and it wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I wish he had seen some of the other reviews about this helmet and maybe would have helped him to make a better choice, so people please make sure that what you put on your head will protect it paying the extra money maybe worth it.

👤Very cheap. I used it for the first time today and the visor popped off twice while I was riding to get some fresh air. The visor fogs up too quickly when breathing because it does not provide adequet ventilation. I don't think this helmet will save me in a crash. I would like to return it. Do not buy from me, learn from my mistake and save your money.

👤Looks great. The shell had a crack after I dropped it. The shell was very poor in quality. My helmet survived tons of drops and a wreck at 40mph, even though it was $2 more than I had paid before. I don't use this helmet for the road anymore.

👤After a few times wearing it, the paint began to peel off. Twice I contacted the seller but no response.

👤I was out riding in the desert today and I hit a sandy area that I was not expecting to find. I went down about 40 mph off the road. The helmet held up well. I messed up my shoulder and leg. I hit my head on the ground and the helmet didn't leave me with a head injury. I am very thankful for the protection this helmet provides. My helmet camera broke and I had to bring my bike home. I am fine! Thank you so much for the value of this helmet. It is not the most scratch resistant and I had to get the face shield on properly, but if you look at it you will see how it should go and it is great after that! Thank you so much for the affordable and durable product. I was amazed that I didn't have a head ache, I am pretty susceptible to headaches. I will buy another one to replace this one. It didn't take much damage, but it is worth replacing for the level of protection. This helmet is very good. The pictures show the extent of the damage from the landing.

👤I liked it a lot. The upper part was missing and the plastic inside was broken. I will never buy from this seller again, even though it was a gift.

4. GLX Unisex Adult GX11 Lightweight Motorcycle

GLX Unisex Adult GX11 Lightweight Motorcycle

There is a flip-up function with anti-scratch, anti-Fog and wide view. The DOT shell design has a compact aerodynamic design with sharp and aggressive styling for impact protection to excel whether short-distance street performance or long-distance touring comfort. Multiple conscientiously designed panels help streamline the cooling process and give the rider a better experience. The large lower vent shutters are easy to use with riding gloves. A superior wind and water sealant layer is ensured by setting springs. The shield is designed to ensure a distortion-free view. The Breath Guard is used to reduce shield fogging. The Chin Curtain is designed to reduce wind turbulence. The quick-release chin strap is easy to use. The microfiber inner material absorbs sweat without compromising comfort or security. The one-year limited manufacturer of the GLX. The microfiber inner material absorbs sweat without compromising comfort or security. The one-year limited manufacturer of the GLX.

Brand: Glx

👤Saved my life. When a car drove into my lane and hit me head on, it was the ultimate test. I landed on my head. There were a lot of broken bones but no head injury. The glass fell from the impact. About a month before I did the same thing.

👤I love this helmet. It is still full coverage, but it is lightweight. I love how well it protects me and I love that it's accurate. I will be buying another to personalize.

👤The helmet looks good. I am a new biker. I fell off the bike on the third day of training because of the front brake being too fast. I fell on my face. I saved $30,000 in dental work and my face because I chose a full face helmet. I now ride a three wheel Can-Am. I'm wearing a helmet.

👤The helmet is very comfortable. The inside has padded inserts that can be removed and washed, they snap back into place, and are very secure. The helmet has a great field of vision, I wear it with a tinted visor, and can still see well in low lighting. It comes with a clear visor and tinted, which are easy to change between, and they lock into place nicely. I weigh 200 lbs. I bought X- Large and it fits great.

👤The price is not bad for a helmet. I'm a large person. The photos are attached. I believe the inserts can be purchased. The GLX GX11 is light and comfortable. That design is great. You will leave fingerprints, but remember. The color is not shiny. There are instructions for how to clean and maintain the helmet. Everything is intact after I checked this helmet. There was nothing loose, ripped or missing. You get what you pay for. This is not a shoei or a roc. So if you are going to complain about it. If you spend $300 to $500 dollars on helmets, it will solve your problem. Some of the helmets don't come with a second visor, so there is a couple hundred more. No matter what brand you buy, make sure to thoroughly check all helmets. You can spend a lot of money on a helmet, but it will either be broken or missing. Every helmet is the same. Stop comparing this helmet to expensive helmets. I've tested it and it holds up. Check if the visor opens when riding in high speeds. The Visor does not open. Again, those that say it could have been a lemon. It's easy to open the Visor. It won't open when riding because it's snug. The noise isn't bad, but it's not good for people who ride harleys. Those that ride Spiders or rykers will be perfect. The chin strap is not broken. I think it will come off at times, but that's because I'm thinking about it. It's locked well and snug. Measure your head size before buying a helmet. If you don't check the item, you will be disappointed when you get it and give it a bad review. I will be adding some vinyl decals to my designs. Adding flare to this helmet is what I am going to do. You get what you pay for. If you're thinking about purchasing the helmet, get it you want. My helmet was checked out by my instructor. They were angry that they spent so much money and they love the design. If I have to, I would buy this helmet again. I will buy another one when I'm back on my feet.

5. Bluetooth Motorcycle Approved Wireless Intercom

Bluetooth Motorcycle Approved Wireless Intercom

DOT and ECE are certified. You can keep connected with your cellphone, music player, and gps system easily with the 3.0 version of the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Team motorbike communication can be more convenient and efficient if you have up to 9 hours intercom time, 12 hours phone time, and 120 hours standby time. They exceeded both DOT ECE and safety standards. The motorcycle helmet supports one button control for calling, answering, rejecting incoming calls and redialing. The incoming phone call can affect audio. The MFB button can be pressed for 2 seconds to start a voice command. Make your communication more convenient by going away. Two riders talking or 3 riders teaming up and up to 500m are supported by the built-in communication helmet. The Modular helmet has advanced echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. The lightweight shell with advanced ventilation system makes your ride more comfortable. The liners and pads are easy to clean. If the size doesn't fit well, they will send you a bigger or smaller liner. When the helmet has not been used for a long time. The battery will enter deep sleep mode. The system may not be available. You can wake the battery up by charging it for half an hour. If you don't use it for a long time, please charge it once a month. If you have a problem, please contact them. They will be back to you in 12 hours. When the helmet has not been used for a long time. The battery will enter deep sleep mode. The system may not be available. You can wake the battery up by charging it for half an hour. If you don't use it for a long time, please charge it once a month. If you have a problem, please contact them. They will be back to you in 12 hours.

Brand: Freedconn

👤Several helmets look very similar to this one. This helmet model is cheap but reliable and many companies seem to re-brand it or add something to it to add value. I bought this one because it was on a few "10 Best" lists. It is very easy to navigate with gloves. I've worn this helmet in a crash and it's good. * After a couple years, this helmet will get a bit noisy with air. The flip down sun shade can be mended easily with a screw. I really want to give it a full five stars but the few cons are just inconvenient enough to knock a star. I would give a full five if the sound and sun visor were better. If you're comfortable taking out the lining, you don't need to remove the Styrofoam.

👤The good is what I would like to start with. The measurement chart given on the description shows the helmet fit. You can put the dual visor up or down, just a little pull on the knob. The chin bar is easy to raise and put back down. You can talk on the phone if you go below 60. The speakers work well up to 60, then it gets hard to hear. The helmet has lots of openings to let air in. The visor can be put up and down. I used the helmet once after fully charging the battery, but when I tried to charge it again, the charging port on the battery was loose, so I can't charge it now. Waiting to hear back from them to see if there is a solution.

👤The bike has a Klock Werks on it. I rode 700 miles on Sunday with some light to med rain. The wind noise is significant when the shield is up or down. It was better with the shield open. The chin flap is used to keep the wind out of your helmet, but it has a defect on the right tab. It's designed to be removed. It won't be replaceable if I glue it. The inner shield can be operated from a switch on the left. The air flow on top switches work well. You can feel the air when you open them. The back of the helmet is higher than I am used to. In the winter, this will be interesting. The switch/button used to lift the helmet was very easy to use. It's another story to close the helmet. I had to open the face shield and pull down to feel the lock on it. As the helmet wears in, this may work better. I was not able to open the helmet in the up position. All my helmets were latched up. The device works well. It was clear. There were no issues with the battery life. I am waiting to try this out with my wife who has a 20s. The helmet is light and has a good view. It steams up fast, but that is to be expected. If it doesn't happen then you might not get the warmth you want in the winter. The helmet is snug. The Large is the same size as the other helmets I've purchased. It fits the way it should. When I shake my head, I stay with my head. It's probably too big if your helmet doesn't. The snug fit didn't make my head hurt. The clasp is very strong. There is a lot of room for adjustments for people with large chins. There are different types of necks and people want to know because helmets can't be returned once you've used them. It's easy to get the helmet off and on. The helmet feels very comfortable and has a sharp design. The wind noise is the only reason I didn't give 5 stars.

6. TORC Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet Style Motorcycle Helmet

TORC Unisex Adult Full Face Helmet Style Motorcycle Helmet

T1 Helmets are on the large side. The front chin vent has a metal mesh intake and exhaust vent. The Meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218 has aremovable shield. The Padded Chin Strap has a D-Ring Closure. The Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch Shield is a DOT certified product. 5

Brand: Torc

👤The helmet is beautiful. I currently have 4 helmets and they are the most comfortable ones I have purchased. I took one star off because of 3 reasons. It is not horrible, but it is not as loud as other helmets, and I expected it to get worse with how it is designed. It might take a few wears to get used to the heavier weight. It doesn't handle wind the best, but that is to be expected with the retro styling, and it's essentially a bowling ball with not much to it in the realm of aerodynamics. I have some pros as well. The field of view is huge. I like the quality of the material and feel like a 600 dollar helmet. It fits so well, it is not tight or loose, it is a cradle for your head. A great helmet. I need to get used to a few things. I was involved in a freeway accident on my motorcycle, but I was wearing a helmet. I hit a stopped car on the freeway at 50mph and the helmet I wore protected my head and face, I did not have any injuries. When the accident happened, I felt safe and comfortable, and the helmet was very protective for me. The shell held up well and it was perfect. I would recommend this to anyone, it has worked for me in the real world.

👤A good looking retro helmet with a nice liner, vents, ece rated, and a usable face shield for a decent price. It was difficult to put on and take off. It says for 57-58mm head. I can barely hear my ears. If you wear glasses, it's not a good helmet. There is no room for the arms of the glasses. They are squeezing the side of your head if you get them on. The rating was changed from 3 to 4 stars after wearing it a bit more. The fit is starting to feel right and it goes on easier now. It's still very uncomfortable with glasses.

👤I will update this review after getting some miles on the bike. I bought this helmet after reading some of the other reviews and seeing that they have a good customer following for their other helmets. It's easy to see that this helmet is taking on the Bullitt. The Bullitt has some better features than the Half price one, like the chin/jaw guard and the top of the helmet can be closed and opened. The fit is the same, but I have a large head, and it's still a little "wiggliy." I usually wear a headband with my helmets. All full face helmets are loud on my first go. I wore a nice helmet, but it was not worth the price. On long trips, I rock headphones or ear plugs. The helmet has a great field of vision and is comfortable. If you are like me and like the retro look, I would recommend this helmet, but not the ridiculous price of the Bullitt. I bought a one for my wife and she likes it.

7. Motorcycle Bluetooth FreedConn Helmet Communication

Motorcycle Bluetooth FreedConn Helmet Communication

The helmet is perfect for street touring, sport, street cruiser motorcycles, snowmobiles, utility, or all-terrain vehicles. DOTSS No. 218 was approved. The DOT Modular Motorcycle Helmet supports max intercom range up to 1640 feet for 2 riders talking or 3 riders teaming. They have met and exceeded DOT safety standards, so don't worry about the safety while riding. [ 3.0 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets ] Motorcycle helmet with 3.0 technology allows you to enjoy music, FM, gps voice prompt and intercom stably while riding, makes team motorbike communication more convenient and efficient. 2 premium speakers with full stereo sound are built into the Crystal Clear Sound Helmet Intercom. The FreedConn helmet has advanced echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. You can usually hear music and intercom at high speeds. One multi-functional button allows the helmet to support hands-free call, rejecting incoming calls and redialing last number. Incoming phone calls can have music, radio, and navigation audio. The MFB button can be pressed for 2 seconds. The package has 8 hours of talk time and 80 hours of battery life. The gloves are the same size as the motorcycle helmet. If the helmet doesn't fit well, they will send you a bigger or smaller liner. They make 2 extra size padding to give you a better fit. The package has 8 hours of talk time and 80 hours of battery life. The gloves are the same size as the motorcycle helmet. If the helmet doesn't fit well, they will send you a bigger or smaller liner. They make 2 extra size padding to give you a better fit.

Brand: Freedconn

👤This is the first modular helmet I have ever purchased and the first helmet in 20 years. I bought a custom Harley sportster 1200 and cut the baffles out, so I was skeptical about buying this helmet. I thought it would be too loud to listen to. I can listen to my music on my phone at highway speeds, even the radio is clear with plenty of volume, and I can even listen to my music on my phone. The forehead padding does not hurt my head like some of the other reviewers have stated, and I went by the size chart for my head measurement. The wind noise is not loud. The vents are open and close. The inner shade works well. The front full face will stay open if necessary. I think this is a great helmet, at a great price, with great features. I'm very happy I chose this helmet.

👤The helmet alone is nice, and I received it yesterday. It runs a tad smaller. The plastic piece at the nose guard and the battery cover were loose and had to be put back in place. It was easy to fix, maybe it has to do with the travel settings. The phone functions and music are great, but the instructions are not very good. I gave it a 4. I am not sure yet. I don't know if it's new or if it's the helmets form, it rubs my forehead. Or both. I had it on for more than 10 minutes. I took it out to the open road. It fogs up in the early morning ride. Sound during ride is awesome. 3. I had music in traffic. You can open the helmet. 4. The helmet runs small. The folks at FreedConn offered to send me an extra liner for free. Hopefully this will make it better. More to come.

👤I got a helmet for myself and a helmet for my wife. This is the first helmet we have with a system. We haven't yet used these helmets on the open road because there is still snow on the ground up here in the great white north. Right out of the box, I was impressed. The helmets have a space age vibe that is really pleasing to the eyes. The high gloss black is very clean and shinny. The sun visor is great for protecting against the sun and it is easy to open and close. The sun visor has a side slide that can be used with a quick flip. If the visor or modular unit is up, you can push the visor up with your hand without being held back. The button on the inside of the chin section of the Modular helmet is where the front face opens. When we operate our bike with the helmet in the half shell position, the face of the helmet locks into the upright position. The face can be lowered and locked in a closed position with little effort. The helmet's size is smaller than it's labeled. When we went to the motorcycle shop to try out the modular helmets, I took a Large and my wife a small. I took my wife a Med because of the size chart for the helmets. If you use the chin straps to pull the helmet open, you don't have to take your glasses off. Although my ears did fold a little, they are not a problem. The view through the visor is wide and nice. The cord for the system is easy to charge with if you plug it into your computer or a wall plug. It was very easy to connect my phone and helmet. The sound from the speakers inside the helmet was clear and pleasant, and the mic built into the left side of the helmet picked up my voice easily. It's not hard to switch between the helmet and helmet com, but it will take some getting used to. The "Ding" sound that comes through it when changing between different com processes is the only negative thing I can find in the whole helmet. It is loud even with the volume turned down. I haven't found a way to control it yet, but I will find an answer to this issue.

8. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Intercom

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Intercom

The helmet can be held securely on your head with the Quick Release Buckle, it can also be cleaned easily. The 3.0 version of the technology has 8 hours of talk time. There is a microfiber lining and vents. This helmet has a built-in wireless module. The helmet's size is S:55-56,M:57-58CM,L:59-60CM,X:63-64CM. One touch control for calling, answering, rejecting incoming calls and redialing. Incoming phone calls can be louder than music, radio and navigation audio. The maximum distance between two riders is 1680 feet. Two high quality built-in speakers with full stereo sound are great for communication or music. DOTs meet or exceed safety standards. High-quality voice is delivered by the use of noise suppression and echo cancellation technology. The battery will enter deep sleep mode if the device is not used for a long time. The battery should be charged for half an hour to wake it up. After charging, the function will be restored. If there is any missing parts of the item, please contact ILM customer service. The battery will enter deep sleep mode if the device is not used for a long time. The battery should be charged for half an hour to wake it up. After charging, the function will be restored. If there is any missing parts of the item, please contact ILM customer service.

Brand: Ilm

👤I just got back from a 200 mile ride through the Hill Country and decided to review this purchase, I was excited about this helmet, but it was fresh in my mind. This is my first Modular Helmet that I have owned, so my review will only be based on this experience. I did a lot of research before buying this product. I knew I wanted a Modular helmet, I've always been partial to half helmets or no helmets at all, but with further rides, living closer to the city, and riding in the Hill Country, I wanted more protection as well as bluetooth for gps purposes. I will buy a helmet for my family when we ride 2 up. The measurement of my head is 22 1/2 inches. I should have gone with a Large, but I read other reviews and decided to go with the XL. The helmet is snug enough for me to feel secure and safe. The very top of the helmet does not have a lot of cushion and you can feel it. I went with black and it looks great. The sun shades switch is easy to find with gloves on. I could not tell if the circulation was closed or open because the tabs for ventilation were hard to find and I wore gloves. The helmet can be unfastened with the quick release. The visors were clean and had a protective cover. The flip down sun shades are not very bright, but they will fog up if you breathe heavy, but that is expected. The fog went away very quickly. When I don't need the sun shade anymore, it slides down and goes back inside the helmet. I found the speakers to have little bass, but clarity and loudness, and I didn't have the volume all the way up. My wife called me to try out the mic. I sounded muffled, but she said she could hear me and understand everything I said. It only went 35 mph and did not test it going faster. The weight did not distract me while I was riding. I expected the weight to be with a full face/modular helmet, but it is heavier than I am used to. I am impressed with the amount of wind noise. The helmet was at 75mph and it was quiet. It was quiet if I looked either direction or up and down. I couldn't believe the peace I had while riding today because I am used to hearing nothing over my ears. The tabs that attach the wind protectors to your helmet do not stay attached. The two tabs will have to be re-inserted when you pull the modular jaw down. It's not a big deal, but I will have to deal with it every time I wear this helmet. There is a The charging port for the battery cover is very flimsy, the rubber stob that it used to pull it open ripped off on the first attempt.

👤The helmet is nice for the money. Good air flow on the highway. The speakers are clear even at high speeds, the Modular Face is comfortable, but the visor is a little warped, and the climate is hot. Hearing is good and talking is bad. The Forehead measurement is 22 1/2 to 23" around me. You don't feel the fit of the helmet when you ride. The speakers can hear them well and not shift around when going fast with the tightness. I took it 90 mph and it felt very aerodynamic. The speakers were clear. The sound of the Harley Davidson motor is against me. Totally worth the money.

9. Bluetooth Integrated Helmet Graphic Black

Bluetooth Integrated Helmet Graphic Black

The shell is connected to the wireless network. The comfort liner is tailored for the head shape. The visor system has a lock on it. The outer shell is made of thermopolymer alloy shell. The inner liner is machine washable. DOT and ECE are certified.

Brand: Torc

👤I like to review products that are fair. I will submit this for your approval. If they skip to the end. The helmet is comfortable and fit. My ears folded a little when I put it on, but that is not an issue because of how the helmet is donned, how the helmet is made, and how the padding is. The chin strap is not too close to my chin and is not too far away from my mouth to be uncomfortable. The weight is comparable to the standard full face on the market. The padding seems to be durable. There is some foam on the inside of the speakers, but that is only an aesthetic issue. The helmet holds its shape when strapped in. I am satisfied with the DOT helmet's certification for protection and safety. The wind noise is higher than before. The wind noise can be overwhelming, but it's not too bad. There will be noise from the wind. You are on a motorcycle. The front of the helmet is protected by the visor. The internal sun visor makes clear which is acceptable. The operation of the sun visor is easy. The up and down positions are locked in. The visor doesn't seem to be held in place when locked in the down position. The visor can only be operated using the helmet switch. If the visor is used, the potential for breakage is high. There is no reason to operate it manually. The sun visor is adequate for the application. I had to squint a little bit. The overhead sun is not a problem. The main visor has a little bit of slack in it. At road speed, it will snap close. A lot of riders like tovent the main visor to prevent or remove fogging. The ability to use the internal visor and leave the main visor up during daylight will partially alleviate this issue. The chin strap is easy to use. The operation of the vents seems to be an unimportant part of the design. It's not very good to have a good feeling at higher speeds. The graphics on the helmet are very subdued. Don't expect to see the flag graphic. It was one of the reasons I bought the flag. Save the extra money and buy the plain black. Good looking helmet, well designed. This is subjective. I don't think it will make your head look floppy. The sharp angles allow for a good design across the helmet. The knob is in a good place. The sun visor switch could be an inch more to the front. Be careful with the knob. If you are not careful, it could break easily. It feels loose in the setting. The operation should only be used to rotating the knob and depressing the center. The moment you've been waiting for, probably skipped to as I did in the reviews. The speakers are good. There is a distortion when listening to music. My bike is pretty loud, but the max volume is loud enough for it. Music is more important than quality issues in low tones. There are no instructions for how to use the device. You are not given much time to figure it out. To find out what I found, read the end. There is also some "skipping" or "dropping" off of music. If it happens, it goes away after about 20 seconds. I haven't experienced static yet. There is no ear interference because the helmet is designed with the speakers in mind. The microphone is horrible. The person on the other end can't hear the phone calls, even at low speeds. There is interference. I was told that I sounded like a robot and that I was talking in a tunnel when I was going faster than 15MPH. The lower mouth area of the helmet seems to have a problem with wind interference. The problem was partially solved when I blocked the lower portion of the helmet. Changing the volume, tone, and rate of speech didn't help. The person on the other end said they could hear the road noise and my bike was fine. I would recommend this to anyone. If you want high quality, then spend the money. Any owner would be happy to own this helmet. The speakers are adequate and the microphone needs a lot of work. The visors are excellent and the helmet is comfortable. If you are looking to save money but still have good protection for your dome piece, this would be a good buy. Four stars were given to the microphone, the quality of the components, the cost, and the fit. I would purchase it again if I needed it. This must be read. Music is easy to pair with theBT with theiOS. Hold down the button until the lights turn on. Double press to play music. Release clockwise to increase VOL. Hold clockwise. Within the first 3 seconds of the track, for the next track. To answer calls, press once. You should keep your phone screen-up in your pocket so you can use it. I don't use navigation, but I think the voice turn-by-tun is.

10. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Half Size Style COV 0105

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Adult Half Size Style COV 0105

The battery will enter deep sleep mode if the device is not used for a long time. The battery should be charged for half an hour to wake it up. After charging, the function will be restored. If there is any missing parts of the item, please contact ILM customer service. The Scorpion EXO Covert half helmet is a great choice for strength and style. This innovative motorcycle helmet will impress with a unique design and superior durability, so you can enjoy a stunning riding experience. The new, revolutionary 3-in-1 design, retractable sun visor andremovable front mask and rear sleeve, that excellent protection while offering the protection of a half-size helmet, is what makes the Scorpion EXO Covert motorcycle half helmet unique. The innovative Scorpion EXO motorcycle helmet is designed with a unique formula that consists of a durable polycarbonate shell to minimize impact and a dual-densityEPS to help diffuse energy absorption. Their helmet comes with a soft liner and a specially designed ventilation system that makes it easier to breathe. The helmet is very lightweight and has an effective impact dispersion. The helmet is perfect for street touring, sport, street cruiser motorcycles, snowmobiles, utility, or all-terrain vehicles. DOTSS No. 218 was approved. The helmet is perfect for street touring, sport, street cruiser motorcycles, snowmobiles, utility, or all-terrain vehicles. DOTSS No. 218 was approved.

Brand: Scorpionexo

👤Someone pulled out in front of me while I was wearing this helmet. I hit the car while traveling at 50mph. I flew over the hood of the car. 50 feet. I broke my bones in 10 places, had a lot of road rash, and had a broken collarbone. I have no head injury. I had a small cut on my chin when the face mask came off after I hit the ground. My surgeon told me that no one would survive this crash. I know that this helmet saved me.

👤A great helmet. The half helmet is a mold of aMitch helmet and it is easy to attach. The face can be removed and replaced with a helmet. The style is similar to a fighter pilot, if that pilot was an evil fighting ninja that rode wicked steel dragons to destroy the world of traffic contesting demons, so it is pretty sweet looking. It looks like it is carrying balls. It would be a great summer helmet. Comes with a shield for nighttime operations. The helmet is versatile and can be used to make two wheeled space monkeys look like ninja astronauts.

👤I am really enjoying this helmet. My last helmet size was the same as the M. People think it looks good and agree more. The visor has not fogged up and the helmet has plenty of air in it to stay cool. It looks like you have a huge mushroom head without the mask portion. There are only two minor complaints about it. 1. I have to put my hand in my helmet to get my ears back upright when I put the helmet on. I didn't have a problem with my last helmet, but it is a quick fix. 2. The visor for your eyes needs you to pull down the tabs with both hands to get it to slide down. The visor resists a bit when only one side is being pulled down, so pulling it down with one hand is not the easiest. Don't worry if you keep the visor down. The helmet is amazing and looks great. Get ready for all the praise!

👤I like this helmet. I tried several helmets before buying this one. After 7 years of wearing a half helmet, it's not as confined as I thought, and the fit is very comfortable. The quality is good. The face shield is very comfortable and the flip down visor is perfect. If you're used to wearing a full helmet that is DOT approved, this helmet may take some getting used to. It allows more air in. This thing is like sitting in a library, compared to my half helmet. There is some noise but not near the noise that comes from a half helmet. I bought the Bell Rogue helmet. I didn't like the fit. The large was too small and the large was too large. This isn't a review on the Rogue, the shield pushed up against my nose was a pain in the butt. I've tried other similar helmets and this one is better for me. This helmet can be used as a half helmet, but it looks ridiculous. Don't buy this helmet because you will not be happy. I will hold on to this helmet. It looks great on top of the great quality and comfortable feel. When I put it on, my wife and sons went crazy. I'm sure others like it. I don't pay much attention to peoples reactions when I'm riding. If you like it, give it a try.


What is the best product for gps motorcycle helmet?

Gps motorcycle helmet products from Cardo. In this article about gps motorcycle helmet you can see why people choose the product. Ilm and Ahr are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps motorcycle helmet.

What are the best brands for gps motorcycle helmet?

Cardo, Ilm and Ahr are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps motorcycle helmet. Find the detail in this article. Glx, Freedconn and Torc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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