Best Gps Module for Dash Cam

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1. Rexing Dashboard Recorder G Sensor Recording

Rexing Dashboard Recorder G Sensor Recording

The top image sensor captures beautiful 2160p video even while driving fast. The V1 is a well-hidden witness to the road ahead. Micro SD memory cards can hold up to a maximum of 128 gigabytes in memory size. 170 DEGREE WIDE ANGLE LENS. The 7 layer glass lens opens up to give you a panoramic view. The WDR technology allows the camera to perform in any lighting situation by adjusting the exposure to create balanced images and footage. The parking marshal is a super criminal. The dash cam uses a supercapacitor that can survive temperatures from -20 to 176F, which prevents the risk of overheating, and extends the life span and reliability of the camera. When the parking monitor feature is used, the dash camera will turn on and record a 20 second video when the car camera senses a vibration, or it will record a 24 hour video when the car camera captures frames. The parking mode needs a smart hardwire kit. You can view, save, and share dash cam recordings on your mobile device with the use of an app interface. The video can be recorded in 3 minute intervals. When the storage limit is reached, new recordings will automatically be added to the old ones. Important footage is kept protected when the current video is locked because of the built-in gravity sensor. Videos that are locked will be kept safe. The video can be recorded in 3 minute intervals. When the storage limit is reached, new recordings will automatically be added to the old ones. Important footage is kept protected when the current video is locked because of the built-in gravity sensor. Videos that are locked will be kept safe.

Brand: Rexing

👤I have had a camera for about a year and it's still working. I was able to watch the footage from my trip to the dealership. I have a modified sport car and this camera caught the dealership abusing it, damaging it and driving it badly. I was awarded over a thousand dollars in damages because of this dash cam. The camera was paid for itself in the first year of ownership. Many of my friends bought this camera because of it. I highly recommend it.

👤I decided to buy the Rexing V1 due to its size and the fact that it comes with a mount. I don't like mounts that fail over time. The unit was hard-wired to my car so that it would be powered whenever the ignition was on. The microphone has a button that can be pressed to turn it off, and it has a secure mount that has a quick attach/detach system. The night time quality is not as good as other models, but it is still above the average. It allows me to view the map, lat/long, current speed, max speed, average speed and distance traveled, but it doesn't allow me to turn off the screen after 15 seconds. I contacted Rexing because of difficulties and they were great. They responded in less than 24 hours. The customer service representative was nice, understanding and polite, and even offered to give me a replacement unit. All the issues I was having were solved after I tried to fix the unit. I was very impressed with the customer service of Rexing. They are committed to keeping their customers happy.

👤The wedge shape is very attractive to me. I can't see it in the mirror. Lady ran a red light as I went into a panic skid. Things are closer to reality than they appear on video. There were two witnesses if we had collided. Without the camera, it would have been my word against hers.

👤Thank goodness for Dash cameras! Most of the time, the rear driver is at fault in a front/rear collision. This dash cam is the only proof of what happened. When I bought my car in December, I wired the dash cam myself. It wasn't difficult. I hid most of the wires. I encourage you to read the reviews that elaborate on the product.

👤The video quality is great, but I couldn't see it for myself. After setting it up in my vehicle, I downloaded the mobile app and it was sluggish, the live video stream was very slow, and it took a long time to load. I was able to get into the settings after many crashes of the app, but it just froze and crashed again. The list of features is not correct, it says it has parking mode, but you have to purchase an attachment to use it. I was very excited about this camera, but I ended up returning it, it was a big disappointment.

👤I've spent the best money in a long time. I bought this for my son for his birthday. He went to the beach yesterday and someone hit his car and left a note apologizing and leaving a phone number. We were able to look at the dash cam and give the video to the police. We were able to see that she hit him three times. The video is attached. I blurred the license plate for obvious reasons, but it was clear in the video. If I hadn't recorded it, I wouldn't have believed it.

2. Recorder Infrared Supercapacitor LEDs,G Sensor Recording

Recorder Infrared Supercapacitor LEDs%EF%BC%8CG Sensor Recording

The dual car camera features capturing what is happening in front of the car and inside the cabin in crystal-clear details simultaneously at 1920x1080P@30fps. A large f1.8 is covering a field of view up to 6 lanes with limited blind spots. In case of an accident, the car camera recorder shoots high definition videos and images. The built-in gps module enables the dash cam to precisely locate the vehicle on the map. You can view the data on your phone with the dedicated app. It is easy to control the cam, view the videos, and download the videos from your mobile device through built-in wi-fi. The car recorder is based on the Sony IMX323 sensor and the Novatek NT 96663 processor. It provides an excellent license plate and road signs, thanks to the increase in light throughput and WDR technology. The camera in the interior performs well in poor lighting conditions. The dashboard camera is made out of plastic and has a stealthy tube shape. It should be mounted behind the mirror. This cam has many functions, including parking mode which provides 24 hour protection. Motion Detection; Larger capacity of up to 128 GB supported. Not included. The car is equipped with a superCapacitor so it can survive high temperatures. The use of a superCapacitor for power supply has advantages over the use of a Li-ion battery. You can set your car license plate to be watermarked. You should get rest on time for safe driving.

Brand: Cooau

👤It was perfect when I received it. Camara quality was good and the access to my files via the internet was easy. The device no longer broadcasts the wi-fi hotspot about 2 weeks after installation, making it difficult to view my files. I tried to reset the device, but it didn't work. The dual cameras concept is a good one. The company contacted me after reading my review. The new camera works great and I am very happy. Customer service guys!

👤I would purchase this product and my dash cam would work again. I reached out to support and was told they would only offer 50% off my next purchase. They told me that they don't have an office in the US, so this is the best they can do. I have a product that sometimes works. You will be the deciding factor.

👤I like this camera. I think this camera is one of the best products for the price and I have three cameras for my cars. It's a must have for all cars in case of accidents. This camera has two cameras, one for the road and one for the inside of the cabin. I'm not sure how useful the interior one is for me, but it does capture the rear and side windows a little so that it could be used for reference in case an accident doesn't just occur in front. The picture quality is great, it's simple to use, and set up even without the manual. I had to cut the video in half so that I could get it uploaded, but it did record in high definition. When the screen saver mode is on, my wife and I like to see the car speed and time on the screen. I like the fatigue driving alert mode because it reminds me to take a break when I drive to far a way. The camera has a modem. I can easily check the video with the FiCAM app.

👤The camera is nice. Maybe you are being spied on. Video and picture are clear, but the app requires you to have internet access to work. I decided to ungrant it access to cellular data after 3 weeks of working properly. Then it started acting strange. Videos won't play correctly in the app. It will freeze. I returned it. Why would a video recorder need internet access? It might be optional but not required.

👤The update camera is malfunctioning. Another update customer service is great and sending out a new unit is amazing. I bought a new item with no reviews. The video is great all day and night. The video is smooth until you download it. You can download clips from their app. The snap photo button is nice. Audio is good. You have to manually switch to IR mode instead of automatic. This is a great buy because of the accuracy of the gps and speed.

👤I've been testing the COOAU D30 cam for a week. The dash cam is a good and reliable. I love it! The Dash cam beats my Rexing V3.

3. Vantrue Receiver Module Adhesive Windows

Vantrue Receiver Module Adhesive Windows

Vantrue N4, N2S, X4S, T3 Dash cam type C is a dash cam with a gps receiver module. You can check the location of your vehicle with the gps mount. Attaching to a clean and smooth surface will give you maximum holding strength. It is convenient for video checking to see 3 channels at the same time.

Brand: Vantrue

👤The Vantrue N4 dash cam has a mount. Why? In March, we were in a car accident and our vehicle was totaled. We had the footage of the person running their red light and hitting us but our dash cam was knocked off the windshield on impact, I think I understand why there are dash cam manufacturers out there that start off with adhesive mounts from the git go. The rear cam is held on with glue and has never fallen off. I thought it would be a great idea to hold the front on with glue. I recommend that you clean the area where you mount it inside your car so that it doesn't fall off when you drive down the road because of debris and particles that stick to the mount. Thank you for the great product. The dash cam is hanging by the wires because the mount lost its grip when we walked out to drive the car. Has not happened with the mount.

👤Great product. I can move from one vehicle to another with a click of the latch. The N4 included suction mount has a top, but theusb-c is on the side. The N4 has a camera on it. If both sides have cables, I have them.

👤The power connection is on the side of the mount. I was able to attach the mount to my windshield as far up to the headliners as I could. The mount's cable connection is on top. It's a real pain to remove the camera from the mount, so I wouldn't be able to mount it flush with the bottom of the mirror. You can remove the camera from the car. The design is not great and you end up pulling the mount off the car. It works well other than that.

👤There have been no issues with the sticky pad. It was necessary to use alcohol to clean the window before sticking the mount to the window.

👤I don't review products that have a rating of less than 4 stars. This is a 5 star rating. I drive a lot for charity events, which means I am on the road a lot. I have had incidents that involved me. The truth will be told in spite of who is using it. I've had three different dash cams in the past and all were good. They were difficult to use. A cave man can do it with a Dash cam. Van True!... The Vantrue N4 was purchased by me. It has great resolution, easy to recall videos in an accident, it helps to take the strife out of life, and you have not just one camera, but three! "One Eye"

👤It's better than the old mounts. The only complaint I have is that I had to move the camera a bit because the mount is smaller than the old one, it meant moving wires in the overhead to keep everything neat. Thank you for bringing this to market!

👤I cleaned the glass before fitting it for the Vantrue N4 DashCAM. It has a spare self-adhesive patch if needed in the future. The camera latch is very strong and secure. I'm glad I got it because it takes a lot of shake out of the camera.

4. 70mai Advanced Assistance Departure Collision

70mai Advanced Assistance Departure Collision

It was easy to install. Plug-n-Go has a gps add-on module. Real-time SpeedInfo andGPS Coordinates can be enabled with the 70mai Dash cam lite. 70mai Dash cam lite does not support ADAS. ADAS is a modern safety feature that uses artificial intelligence to boost driving safety. Real-time voice warnings when you're drifting out of lane are provided by the 70mai Smart Dash cam Pro. It is possible to prevent rear-end car accidents by enabling your 70mai Smart Dash cam Pro with FCWS.

Brand: 70mai

👤The modulator doesn't give all the times that the road vibrates. I tried both models. If you want to buy the newer model, you have to buy the gps module.

👤It's bad, but I like it because it was recommended to me by Amazon, which is a great camera. It doesn't work with the gps module, it can't fit with the camera, but it feels good. You can buy the dash cam model that you are going to buy if you read it carefully.

👤A great video. It records in KPH and not MPH, which is the biggest failure.

👤I tried over and over again but it couldn't work.

👤Un dispositivo pequeo iso. Disminuye riesgos de colisin. El precio es apropiado.

👤I want my money back.

👤I ordered this module for the adas system. Which works well. The system couldn't work in the rain. The vehicle detection and lane departure alert work well. As long as it isn't raining or snowing. It is great, except for that.

👤Pues no funcion con mi cmara lite, pero deca en el detallado del producto. It's tendré.

👤A utilidade do aparelho, pena, a segunda unidade, compro, a primeira parou de funcionar com menos de 1 ano de uso.

5. Jansite Mirror Antenna Receiver Module

Jansite Mirror Antenna Receiver Module

Only applicable to the Jansite mirror dash cam model ASIN. B09BR3TKG5 is called B08H5NYRKJ. The gxplayer installation package will be added to the memory card after the gps antenna is connected. To see the trajectory and speed, click on the computer. If you connect to the gps and set the time zone, the time and date will be automatically adjusted, and you don't need to set it manually. Time display error occurs because the time zone is not set. The backup camera mirror shows the speed at work. It can be set to MPH or KMH according to your needs.

Brand: Jansite

6. VIOFO 2560x1440P 140 Degree Included Detection

VIOFO 2560x1440P 140 Degree Included Detection

The dash cam is equipped with a 5MP IMX335 starvis sensor and a 7G lens, which shoots at 30 frames per second. It provides a wide view of the road while preventing a fisheye view. There are 3 solutions under the parking mode to meet different needs, Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse, and Low Bitrate Recording. The function will record 15s before the event and 30s after the event if you choose the function. The camera can be turned on or off through the use of the HK3 hardwire cable. The A119 V3 dash camera will record real-time speed, time, andGPS route in the video file, allowing compatible viewers to display the data on the screen. There is a date and time stamp on the recorded footage. The Sony STARVIS 5MP image sensor provides a much clearer image than most dash cameras at night. The function can balance the lighting at over bright and over dark areas, capture clear license plate even under strong car lights at night. Ideal ChoiceG-sensor, motion detection, HDR, loop recording, support up to 512 kbps, built-in microphone, auto start/stop, easy to install and use, one year warranty, and more. The A119 V3 is the best choice for your dash cam.

Brand: Viofo

👤The camera worked for about 4 weeks, then it flickered in low light. You can see it in the attached video. Two weeks ago I reached support at and sent them a few video samples with flickering and strange horizontal stripes. After 2 weeks with a few messages, the support still doesn't understand what the problem is. They told me to take HDR off, to get a faster card, and to update the firmware, but nothing changed. They told me that in order to be able to watch my videos, I needed to use a video player that was compatible with those players. This is getting ridiculous. There is an update. After taking the faulty camera for a test, support at BlackboxMyCar US confirmed that there was an issue, and sent me a replacement within a couple days. I recommend reaching out to the seller first.

👤I watched reviews on Dash Cameras before I decided to buy the A119. The Viofo A119 got a lot of good reviews, but it was always a caveat that it was very basic on features, but the price was great. I don't want to pay for a premium dash cam to get parking mode, lane departure, and the like, but I am concerned about its video quality when all the new dash cams are supposedly 4k. I was tempted to purchase a higher resolution dash cam but realized that I just wanted a simple, small, and reliable dash cam that I can place in my car and forget about. I was very pleased with the quality of the video, it made me think to myself. Why did it take me so long to buy this thing? I like that it doesn't have a battery, so it should be able to handle the heat in LA during the summer, and haven't had any issues so far. I would like to see them incorporate a few items on their wish list. The shape of the dash cam is perfect. It's easy to put on the windshield, but don't care for the added depth with the gps sensor added to it. I would have liked it to be just a little wider. 2. The mini-sd card can be hard to get back in the car, but that is probably more of a "me" issue. 3. I was pleased that it came with a long power cable and cigarette lighter, but I would have preferred a newer style plug. It's much easier to plug it in, as I could have used it for other peripherals. If you're thinking about spending $100 or $300+, try this one first and you'll be surprised. I bought one for my friend for a gift and then I will get another one for my wife's car. I installed the Viofo V3 in my BMW 535d in January 2020. One of the selling points was that the car is parked outside all day and at night when I'm at home. I haven't had any issues with it, so I'm not sure if the other sellers got unlucky or I just got lucky. I just bought another one and will let you know if there are any issues. Glenn is a person.

7. Kingslim D4 Touchscreen Dashboard Starvis

Kingslim D4 Touchscreen Dashboard Starvis

The Kingslim D4 4K dual dash camera can record videos in front and rear of the car, clearly capturing license plates and road signs. You can use QHD 2.5K and full HD1080P for daily video recording and capture QHD details to help restore the truth. Easy to connect D4 with phone APP via built in wi fi. You can adjust the settings on your phone via the phone APP. Setting/functions are easy to operate at your fingertips. GPS data for your driving can be recorded in videos. There is a gps module attached to the dash cameras. The gps videos can be watched on the official website. Kingslim dual dash cam has a Sony IMX335 STARVIS sensor and HiSilicon Hi3559 processor. Even in low-light environments, you can record stunning details with super night vision, f/1.8 and WDR technology. It has front and rear viewing angles of 170 and 150 and a glass fixed-focus lens that gives it sharper and clearer images. It is enough for recording 4K videos if you have a 512 gigabyte card. You never lose crucial evidence with the loop recording function. It means you have protection for your car. Please use a high-endurance card to record and play 4K resolution video. They recommand the U3 card from SAMSUNG.

Brand: Kingslim

👤Just received it. The user manual is easy to read and the camera looks good. The mount is in my Toyota Prius. The initial quality of images look great. There is an update! I can't stress it enough. This is an absolute necessity for any vehicle. It might be a saving grace to have good image quality. We were rear ended. I just bought a car and it's been totaled. The dash cam shows that I was correct.

👤The Kingslim D1 Pro is a small and affordable package. This would be great if you are a driver of a school bus or other passenger vehicle and you want to simultaneously monitor the road and the vehicle occupants. Even if the inside of your vehicle is completely dark in the middle of the night, the cabin-facing camera has IR LEDs to provide night vision. You can record in up to 2k resolution with only the forward facing camera, which has a 30 frames per second camera, and you can connect your Apple or Android device to play back the videos you have recorded on the camera. The video processing has standard features such as WDR, although I didn't notice a video format option in terms of h265 vs h264, although I could have missed it. The dash cam has a small internal battery, so if the camera sees someone hit your card or rear-end your vehicle, it will turn off the vehicle and give you a parking monitor. Kingslim has a 32 gigabyte MicroSD card, which is not the largest capacity card available, but it is still a nice feature, and you can try out the camera before buying a more expensive card. The gps module is built into the power cord, not the camera itself, and they give you a template to stick to your windshield first, to help you pick a good position for the camera, gps module, and wiring, to achieve a professional-looking install. They have a plastic cable pusher, a few cable clips, and a mini-usb cable for copying videos to your computer, so you have 3 ways of viewing/saving videos. The camera is a great value, with gps position + speed monitoring, video caption with date/time, cabin-facing camera with 4 light-sensitive IR LEDs for night vision, and the included 32gb MicroSD card. If you need to see toward the rear of your car even in the dark, this camera will do the job for you for a very reasonable price. I haven't run into any issues yet, but my experience so far has been positive with Kingslim's customer service, and my other camera by the same company has continued to work great.

👤I bought a new car and installed a camera in it to record my driving experiences and to record a video in case my car is hit while parked. The camera works. It was easy to install. I didn't know it was only recorded in black and white. The app for the camera is not easy to use. You have to be in the car to see the video. You can send clips to someone who will watch them. If you take the micro chip out and look at it on the computer, the app is not very user friendly and you can't see the gps. I am satisfied with the camera, but hope they make the viewing apps more user friendly.

8. Vantrue Adhesive Windshield Receiver Windows

Vantrue Adhesive Windshield Receiver Windows

Vantrue N2 Pro / N2 / T2 / R3 / X3 Dash cam has a miniusb port and a gps receiver module. You can check the location of your vehicle with the gps mount. Attaching to a clean and smooth surface will give you maximum holding strength. The slide mount system allows you to remove the dash cam without damaging your window, and you can remove the mount without damaging it. 2 weeks of free shipping is included with the package.

Brand: Vantrue

👤I had issues with the N2 Pro's packaged mount falling, so I decided to use the adhesive mount. It seems to be much more sturdy and comes with additional glues. Vantrue decided to move theusb port to the right side as opposed to the left like they do on their cameras and other mounts, which is a concern for me. Is it possible to make a mount even more low profile by removing the gps feature? The N2 Pro is a large dash cam and I don't need it. Thanks!

👤Your car's diagnostic device is on the left side, while theusb connection is on the right side. Maybe this mount is for British cars.

👤During installation, broke. It's illegal to mount window cameras in the US, so I didn't need a dash cam. It's too fragile for long term use. The power connection was on the side. It wasn't worth the wait or the price to compromise. One of the best dash cam companies is Vantrue. This was not a priority. I will buy one if they make one out of metal and dash-mounted. Articulation is important.

👤I wanted it to stick to the windshield and not fall from the mount. Since the power cable plugs into the mount, I can remove the camera without removing it.

👤The camera should have this mount. The mount is total garbage. The camera should come with both since it costs twice as much as its competitors.

👤The vacuum cup that drops with the car in the middle of traffic is not something I like about this product. Does exactly what it says it does, and gives your compatible cameraGPS capabilities which will register in the dash- cam's image.

👤I got this mount because it would fall off. The plastic cup is dried out by the heat and UV light. I had shipping problems when I ordered the mount, but it's worth the wait. I'm using the computer. I'm still here. I'm happy. You will be happy you did.

👤The Vantrue N2 Pro Dash cam mount needs a replacement. It also includes a 3M pad. The original cup is failing frequently.

9. REDTIGER Display Dashboard Recorder Support

REDTIGER Display Dashboard Recorder Support

Real 4K+FHD1080P dual dash cam The REDTIGER F7N dash cam has a Sony STARVIS Sensor on the front camera and 1920*1080P on the rear camera that captures super clear view. You can help by reading street signs, license plates and other information. Wide-angle dual cameras capture all pedestrians and vehicles around the car, providing sufficient evidence for rear-end crashes. The 4K backup car camera has built-in wi-fi and is easy to use. It's convenient to operate live preview, play back, and device management on your smart phone with the "UCAM" app. The built-in gps can easily record your driving route, speed and other information, which will become your important evidence. The F7N dash cam with Sony STARVIS Sensor improves low light sensitivity and allows clear images in low light environments. The professional WDR, HDR technology ensures the clarity of images at night. Car license plates can be easily seen, even in low-light environments, because of the elimination of the need for an auxiliary light source. 24 hours of parking monitoring and recording. The recorder can be used to automatically monitor the environment. The camera will lock video when it senses a sudden shock or collision. Automatic loop recording will wipe out old files. Recording will be done automatically. The parking monitoring function requires a dedicated Hardwire kit. Contact the support team to get it. Their greatest goal is to satisfy the needs of consumers. They are willing to give a lifetime warranty for the products, and they can give it away for free within a year. The most powerful guarantee on the market is this one. They offer 24 hours of technical support. If you have a question, you can contact them on Amazon or the page of instructions.

Brand: Redtiger

👤I bought a hard wire kit to get the parking mode to work. I know it works because it powers the unit without the keys. I went into the menu to put it in parking mode and it told me to hook up the hard wire kit. The camera works fine, but the hardwire parking mode was a selling point for me. I am very disappointed.

👤The Redtiger 4K camera is amazing. It works well. I would use the card they recommend. I tried several of them, but they didn't work. I ordered the Redtiger recommended microSD card and it works great. The hardwire kit is here. It is cheap to say the least. The one I ordered broke. It is constructed in a way where the fuses are pushed into a fitting and then soldered to a wire. I cut off the original fused ends and added the add-a-fuse ends to the battery and the wires to make it work again.

👤The camera is great, other than the recording options. There is no option to record long drives. The whole point of a dash cam is to capture the entire drive. If you ever get rear-ended, the back camera won't record, so you'll have to use the front camera. Everything else about this product is a waste of money. I would recommend buying any other camera. Not worth the price. I would only spend $20 for what works in this product.

👤I would like to buy this sooner. There are many pros to this. Playback works great at night and is better than just viewing through the camera. Don't just look at the camera. It is not until you play it back that it will be better. It is perfect as per the picture attached. I need that added protection since I go home at night. The gps part is great, so it logs where you are if someone questions you. Lock feature makes it harder to destroy video. If something happens, you can send it to others through your phone. The gps is mounted to the window and it has its own internet. They give you a window cling so you don't have issues taking mount off. I didn't have a chance to mount the back camera which has decent resolution but they don't make it long enough to fit the full back window. I have to adhere it to the dome light. The wiring needs at least an extra foot.

👤There are pros and cons to having the time gps and speed stamp option on video. Very good audio and video quality, small enough to mount behind a mirror. It doesn't interfere with your field of view, so it makes me more attentive and safer. I can't record the driver side window or passenger side window because the mount doesn't swivel. If I stand outside, the signal is weak and the rear camera mount is limited. When you get in the vehicle, you have to turn on the internet, not all menu options from the cam are one the App.

10. R2 4K Dashboard Camera Recorder Vision

R2 4K Dashboard Camera Recorder Vision

The Rove R2-4k dash camera can record videos up to a resolution of 2160p. The quality of the video recording is so good that it will not be as clear as other dash cam. Super Night Vision Technology helps to get clearer footage and images from the recording in low light. The ROVE App can be used to view and manage dash cam recordings on your mobile device. By using the app, you can download your 4k videos directly to your smart phone and then easily share them on social media with friends and family. DASHCAM has a built-in gps that accurately records your driving location and speed. You can view your driving route and tracker on the app or with the Car DV Player. This car camera can be upgraded for free. The car dashboard camera has the largest in the industry, parking mode, motion detection, 150 A+ wide angle lens, G-sensor, loop cycle recording, emergency video lock, time-lapse video, slow-mo. The dash camera for cars is backed by a one-year warranty. You can either text them or email them and they will respond to your questions and resolve your issues in a timely manner. It comes with a full refunds within 30 days if you have doubts. The dash camera for cars is backed by a one-year warranty. You can either text them or email them and they will respond to your questions and resolve your issues in a timely manner. It comes with a full refunds within 30 days if you have doubts.

Brand: Rove

👤This is my third camera. The only one that's good is that one. I base it on the ones I have. The first one was good, but the second one was not very good. The night vision on this one is good, but it is blurry, so you can't tell if someone hit you, or if you witnessed an accident. The clarity of the pictures is shown in the photos I put up. The pictures are clear but grabbed from moving pictures. The things I like about it. How fast you are going, what direction you are going, and your coordinates are all recorded by the gps device. If a cop pulls you over and says you're doing 65 in a 55 zone, you have video proof of how fast you were. 2. You can use your video camera to take pictures of places and things, even if you don't have a video camera. It's a great cam and might have to carry a battery pack for power. 3. I can use my phone to see what it sees. It's not going to be long but you can connect and watch what's going on if you're close enough. 4. The mount for the cup is the best I've seen. Other mounting options are also available. I chose this and it's great. 5. I can make a video of 1, 3, 5, and 10 minutes. You can do 4gb per video, but at the highest setting, you're not going to get much, and once the card is full, it won't overwrite old files. The other settings will work. 6. You can watch the video on a variety of devices. 7. You can see your videos, but it will show you on a map where you are during the video. Quality is why I ordered this one, if you do have an accident or witness one like I did, it's because of that. You are covered. You can see for yourself in the pictures I posted, but it could be a bit more for my liking. I don't like the size of the screen but I knew it was posted in the description so I can't complain. The camera is still great, even though a larger screen would be nice.

👤The camera is clear and easy to use once you know what the buttons do. I sat down and read the book that came with it in a different way so that I could understand it better. I haven't set it to 4K yet because the video is at default settings. I recommend the 128 class sd card for it as it records without freezing. If I have any problems, I will post an update. So far, so good. I will update when I use the app, but I can't say yet because I haven't used it. I haven't used the player yet, but I downloaded it for Mac and it's compatible with both PCs and Macs. I will update again once I use these features. I finally used the app and it worked well for me. I was able to see my videos when I connected to it. I don't know how to use the player. I thought the sd card would read from the video player and show me the data, but it wasn't the case. Please let me know if anyone can figure it out. I bought a kit so that I could plug the camera into the fuse box for a direct power source, because I integrated the camera into my video. It was easy to do and now it turns off when the vehicle is turned off. If you have parking mode on, it will turn back on if you shake your vehicle, but it shuts off after recording an impact. When I turned my vehicle back on, it said "parking mode was activated" so I knew I needed to check it out right away. The video is fantastic. I will update again when I learn to work with the player. There is an update on 12-18-2019. I have figured out everything so far. My son wanted a one like it, so I bought another one. He loved how easy it was and how much he was kept up to date on the cam. When we ordered it, they contacted us. They said they would be happy to speak to us over the phone with a live agent if we needed anything. An agent is live! They were nice. I have not had a problem with this cam. I recommend it to others. I'm going to buy another one for my husband because they're having a sale on it. Can you tell me a Christmas gift? There is a 25% off code on the website. I think it is ROVEVIP25 to get 25% off. This is a great car. I couldn't have asked for more. I am a loyal customer.

11. Vantrue Receiver Module Suction Windows

Vantrue Receiver Module Suction Windows

Vantrue N2 Pro / N2 / T2 / R3 / X3 Dash cam Mini Suction Port Car Cup Mount withGPS Receiver Module is compatible with Windows and Mac. You can check the location of your vehicle with the gps mount. It doesn't work for Vantrue X1 / N1 Pro / X1 PRO / X2 / R2 Dash cam. It doesn't work for Vantrue X1 / N1 Pro / X1 PRO / X2 / R2 Dash cam.

Brand: Vantrue

👤This is the first car that has a gps device. The accuracy is within reasonable error and I have ever experienced it. The location of the charging port and the size of the mount are the same as the original one. This mount and the N2 Pro Dashcams features make for an excellent around town, highway, or even taxi camera that will protect your wallet in case of the worst. I tested the accuracy by driving around town in situations such as heavy accelerations, heavy braking, and regular use. In all of the testing I noticed a small delay, about a second or two, before the speedometer caught up with my current speed, or slowed down in the case of braking. The heavy acceleration performed well. I saw a delay of 1.5 to 2 seconds before the speed was registered, but the accuracy was dead on. The heavy braking performed well. The accuracy was within reason, as I saw a delay of about 2 to 3 seconds before the correct speed was registered. Normal use performed well. I saw a delay of about 1 second before the correct speed was registered, and the accuracy was dead on. When you stop at a stop sign, the speed limit on the car's speedometer may not register 0 MPH unless you wait a little longer. There is a * Sometimes when you accelerate the car, the speed can be overstated by a couple of MPH, but it will come back to normal within a couple of minutes. The mount seems to be of the same quality as the original, and seems to hold up to loud bass. The new location of the charging ports allows for less obtrusion in the drivers vision. The original had a port facing the left, while the new one is nearest to the headliners.

👤This shows your actual MPH on your recorded drives. You can see the route you took with the software. There is a I was unable to give this a 5 star because of the location of theusb port on the device. The N2 Pro's port is on the side of the device so you can technically install it right up to the upper edge of the screen. You need to push it at least an inch down the window to get the port on the top of the device to work. It also restricts how close I can get my car to the mirror before swinging it into a locked position, which is an added impediment. The whole enclosure comes with my car. I believe there is a little man or woman in the room who decides how dark it is out there and switches the mirror to night time mode, saving me the wrist action involved in doing so manually. I don't think so. I don't recommend buying this product.

👤I bought this because I wanted to be able to prove location, speed and time if I was involved in an accident. It has worked well and is worth the money. I was able to prove that I was not speeding with the help of the data and video from my Vantrue N2 Pro. This is a must have for any of the above listed cameras. It is not an expensive add on to buy. Thank you Vantrue!


What is the best product for gps module for dash cam?

Gps module for dash cam products from Rexing. In this article about gps module for dash cam you can see why people choose the product. Cooau and Vantrue are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps module for dash cam.

What are the best brands for gps module for dash cam?

Rexing, Cooau and Vantrue are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps module for dash cam. Find the detail in this article. 70mai, Jansite and Viofo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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