Best Gps Module for Arduino

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1. Ximimark Satellite Positioning Antenna Interface

Ximimark Satellite Positioning Antenna Interface

The routine is for the STM32 microcontroller. You can see the computer positioning effect on the phone line. Better use of the individual effects can be made with the passive ceramic antenna and passive antenna amplifier. The SMA interface can be connected to an antenna. It is compatible with 3.3V/6V systems. It is compatible with 3.3V/6V systems.

Brand: Ximimark

👤There are multiple issues with the unit. The micro-usb port does not work. I was not able to connect the unit through the port like you can. I was able to get the unit to connect to U-center, but there is no sram/eeprom on the board, so you can't save any configuration. Thebaud is set at 57500 baud, 1 cycle/second. I need to be able to change the configuration if that works for you.

👤Before purchasing, I should have read the previous review. The unit is powered by the microusb port, but it doesn't communicate. Plugging in theusb to a pc would bring up a serial port in device manager, but it does not. It's not useful for my application.

👤The port can't be used to communicate with a computer. After 6 hours of running, my unit is not able to get a position lock because it is positioned next to 3 other different gps units that all achieved a position lock within 10 seconds to 3 minutes). I didn't have an active antenna so I didn't attach the included remote antenna threaded adapter to the board.

👤Some people have noted that theusb port does not work and only provides power. The seller is giving fraudulent information when they say that it will connect via a port.

👤Two units failed. They all had old batteries. It is possible that production rejects. Don't rely on this source.

2. Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout Channel

Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout Channel

The built-in datalogging has a sensitivity of 165dBm. The design is 5V friendly and has a 20mA current draw. There are 2 mounting holes for the breadboard. The module is fully assembled and tested.

Brand: Adafruit

👤Oh, that's right. You guys are such an inspiration, such an exciting and positive force in the world, why in the world do you create a cute little product and use a mediocre gps chip? Your enthusiasm and coolness was infectious, and I was looking forward to evaluating it with the other receivers I just bought for my project. The included pins and battery clip were nice, but I think you should have included the battery, because it would have cost you more and taken longer to get it. I was surprised you didn't have a more common U-blox receiver, but I thought you had good reasons. Apparently not. I evaluated 3 different U-blox 7 receiver, a U-blox 8 receiver, and the "Ultimate" Adafruit receiver, since I had to wait for the battery to arrive. My testing was done on my kitchen counter. I don't think the U-blox have a backup battery. The U-blox 8 receiver came in over an hour and a half with a 3D position scatterplot. The red light blinked once per second. It stayed like this for at least 5 minutes, and finally got a solution that was really weak. I turned on the data collection again and let it run for an hour. It was all over the place, mostly within 15m but frequently wandering out to 20m. I'm not using the Adafruit receiver in my project. It's big, expensive, and sucks. The power consumption of all these receivers powered from 5Vusb was the same, but it might be changed by the way that they are configured. I love your company! You seem to be doing well now. If your original reasons were not satisfactory, please considerUpgrading to a state of the art gps receiver. While you are at it, consider a fused board with a single processor with reference implementation of fused localization and attitude. It's a good thing. If you didn't mark your products up 100%, you would sell more of them, and have an impact on even more young makers.

👤I've had time to collect various data points and program this and a NEO6M in CircuitPython/Python. I've decided that the Adafruit UltimateGPS is a good choice for most beginner projects, I'm a huge fan of them. In Western Washington, it's close to the spec of being within 3 meters when I'm in a cul-de-sac without trees or buildings. This is a single data point from many, but I had a single position under 2 meters. It seems to put me about 10 meters from where I actually am. It is better to be within 2 meters of the edge of the Earth in the Great Flat Plains of Kansas. Taking the same positions from my NEO6M, the NEO6M puts me in a good spot with every data point in Kansas and within a few meters of some of the difficult places in Western Washington. I think the CircuitPython makes the UltimateGPS a really good product. The data from this device might be better as it pulls data from multiple sources and the position of the gps device is slightly different than one other sentence. The CircuitPython pulls information from a different sentence on the NEO6M. This took a couple hours to setup using CircuitPython. It doesn't pick up signals inside. It took a while to pick up signal, but was very stable in the location values it produced, where the NEO6M picked up immediately. I'm looking forward to using both.

3. HiLetgo Satellite Positioning Arduino Replace

HiLetgo Satellite Positioning Arduino Replace

Good weather and a wide environment are important for the performance of the gps device. The routine is for 51 Arduino STM32 microcontrollers. You can see the computer positioning effect on the phone line. The passive ceramic antenna and passive antenna amplifier have individual effects. The SMA interface can be connected to an antenna. The level is compatible with 3.3V/6V systems.

Brand: Hiletgo

👤This unit was disappointing to me. It is a working unit, but only in the most basic configuration. It wasn't recognized as a device by Windows 10. I've tried many cables and drivers from ublox. Maybe I got a bad unit. I was able to use an ESP8266 to act as a serial converter, so I was able to read off sentences. After a while, this unit gets warm. The ceramic antenna does not work well and you can either solder on a loop of wire or attach an external antenna using the SMA port. It should be about 8 inches of wire for the frequencies of 1.5 GHz. I tried to write permanent power save mode settings in Ublox to reduce current draw and solve the heating issue, but the settings wouldn't take. They would work until the next cycle. I tried to save it to BBR/Flash but it didn't work out. For the price. I'm not going to return it. I'm not entirely happy. I would be pretty upset if this were a more serious project.

👤A lot of people said they couldn't get a fix. I didn't have a problem. I was using an antenna outside. I disconnected the internal antenna because I don't want it. The module is not a NEO-8 like in the picture. The interface is nice. You can see the output of the gps while your microcontroller is connected to the serial lines. The module has an I2C interface, but it is not connected to this board. The i2c interface needs a couple more pins.

👤It works on the built-in antenna. It took about 3 minutes to lock up the first time, but that is to be expected for aGPS that has not been powered up before. It is worth the money for a small gps unit.

👤The patch antenna is not compatible with this unit, it only works with an external gps antenna, and you have to solder on the SMA connection and attach an external antenna.

👤I have a similar unit that works fine without an antenna. All of my other gps devices are fine.

👤Had this on for hours and never got a fix. It was very Disappointing.

👤When left for hours, there was no signal.

👤The gps only gets a fix with an antenna.

👤In altre recensioni, quanto trovate is relative to a questo modulo. Allora funziona bene. Quella presente...

👤ma solo se collegato ad una antenna esterna. In conto di dover saldare il connettore SMA sulla scheda. C' anche l'antenna ceramica montata direttamente sulla scheda, ma secondo me. Sarebbe da tre stelle per quanto detto sopra, ma ne aggiungo una per il convertitore.

4. HiLetgo GY NEO6MV2 Controller Ceramic Antenna

HiLetgo GY NEO6MV2 Controller Ceramic Antenna

If you have a problem with their product or need product use documentation, please contact them immediately. They will be able to help you in 24 hours. They try to provide the most professional service they can. The module has a ceramic antenna. Save the configuration data. The data backup battery has a signal indicator. The baud rate is 9600. A variety of flight control module is compatible with it. A variety of flight control module is compatible with it.

Brand: Hiletgo

👤I've bought from this vendor before, and most products work. These have something different. I have two circuits that work perfectly with the ublox NEO 6M, but the tiny libraries are not compatible, or they are faulty. I swap out the older units with the ones that don't work. There is no data when the gps flashes as if it is connected. There is no power on these boards. The other units have power. Unless it connects to satellites, you have no idea if the board is working. Since you are testing indoors, you can't be sure if it is dead or connected to SATS. It's hard to believe that adding an led at a fraction of a cent would blow the pricing way high, but no led seems to be just cheap decision from a cheap mfg. I have bought from Hiletgo several times, and this is the only product I can remember that is a problem. They should get it from another mfg.

👤On arrival, I was dead. Straight forward soldering is what it is. There were no instructions. I didn't know if it was working. I looked at the reviews on Amazon and saw a picture of a blue light. I knew the item was malfunctioning. It was connected directly to a 5vusb connection. There is still nothing. There are still nothing. The antenna that came with this unit was swapped over to another one in case it was bad. The antenna is working. The antenna is worth the price because it is huge. I'm not sure if I'll return it. This is not the first time I've done this. I had high hopes, but maybe I got a bad one. The 2nd one was received. Same result as before. There is not a lot to say in the description, but it does say you can hook it up to a flight control module.

👤I was looking for a receiver that could work with both a PC and an embedded board. The GY-NEO6MV2GPS sensor board is ideal for almost any application, though you do need a small amount of skill to wire it properly. I gathered a serial port that has a level of input/output that is compatible with the gps board, as well as some connecting wires and a power source. I connected the gps board to theusbadapter in the photo above. I used two different programs to verify operation when connected to my PC. There are many useful features in the free download from U-center. There is a picture of it in operation. The progam that I wrote allows me to display my current position on a map, along with a simple text display that shows interesting data derived from the map, is one of the pictures. Why do I think this board is a good solution? There are three reasons. Delivery in the US is very quick through Amazon. Its superior performance is second. The images above were created at my home office desk. The structure of the building and the basement make it difficult for other gps receivers to function in this location. The ceramic antenna is provided with the board. The design of the antenna contributes to the superior performance of the gps receiver. I am very impressed.

5. Navigation Glonass Stratux 10 Raspberry

Navigation Glonass Stratux 10 Raspberry

The VK-172 is a gps module that can be used for Windows and Linux. The productGPS protocol data is the default output of Vk 172 g-mouse. You can modify switch PS / GLONASS protocol data with the help of the software or serial commands. Put this module into a linux machine. No configuration or additional drivers are required. The User Manual can be found if you install the driver first. This listing page has a Technical Specification on it. If you need driver links or videos for VK-172, please contact them. How to contact us? Click "Ask a question" in the new page if you want to email them. If you need driver links or videos for VK-172, please contact them. How to contact us? Click "Ask a question" in the new page if you want to email them.

Brand: Stemedu

👤I want to get out of the way that I'm not an expert and just use this for accurate time, location, and messing around occasionally. This module has performed very well in my testing. You can't really complain about it. My first lock took about 5 minutes, but the first one didn't take long at all. The module seems to work if it's connected to a power source. When you see a green light, you know you have a lock. The quality of that lock can be very good, but you should at least have 2 satellites locked up. After I downloaded the software and driver from the U-Blox website, I plugged the gps receiver in with a cable and set it next to a window, I decided to try it on my Windows 8.1 PC. I saw a flashing light on the gps receiver and a few satellites were locked on in the software after 5 minutes. I had 7 satellites locked and 10 that were being heard. There was a small drift in speed, altitude, and latitude/longitude, but that's to be expected in modern cell phoneGPS receivers. That's a pretty good price for a cheap little device. I think I'll have better luck outside, because that was indoors. I plugged it into the device I was going to use it with, the Raspberry Pi 4 being used as an amateur radio field computer. I got a lock and an accurate grid locator when I plugged it in and configured it correctly, which is what I wanted since the Pi doesn't keep time by itself unless you use an RTC. The receiver looks pretty nice, and works exactly as it should. It can't be beaten for fifteen bucks. I'll probably end up buying more in the future because it works very well. 10/10

👤I needed a reliable time source for the ham radio digital programs and this was recommended to me. If you download the recommended software on this page, it may interfere with the software that is needed to update the computer time. I use a timer. There are many others available. I ordered a second extension cable for my other computer and it was very pleased. 73, WB4GUD.

👤A gps dongle? I was skeptical because most of the antennas are 6 to 36 inches long. I plugged it into the mt PC and after it loaded the appropriate driver, I started to see the gps data. That is boring. What about a computer? Check the video. It is too easy. Make sure your copy of Raspbian is current. To verify the TTY assigned to the dongle, open a terminal window and use apt-get install minicom. Then you have minicom -b 115200 -o -d. You have a device. What could you do with it? You can put it in your kid's trunk to see where they go. It's a good idea to put it in the sales rep's car to see if they actually visit the customer. Before you do that, check the laws of your state.

6. Comimark Module NEO 6M Antenna Arduino

Comimark Module NEO 6M Antenna Arduino

It is compatible with 3.3V/6V systems. The default baud rate is 9600. The use of the same effect is a non- brand new chip. When power is cut, the configuration data is saved in the EPROM. If the number of products received is incorrect, please contact them. They will either give you a new one or refunds you. If you have a problem, please contact them for a solution.

Brand: Comimark

👤The first unit had a manufacturing defect. The second unit was dead. There was no serial output. I've used other modules. I know how they work. Returned for a full refund. Disappointed.

👤I hid one inside of the tinyhawk3. I don't know why I did it. I did it. It really kills the batteries and I would recommend it.

👤It has to be running and outside for at least an hour before it starts working.

👤I wouldn't buy these, I hooked my ESP32 up to HardwareSerial and it started spitting out data that looked corrupted. The product information says that the chips are used and refurbished, so you should get the one with the blue PCB.

7. Botletics SIM7000 Cellular Antenna SIM7000A

Botletics SIM7000 Cellular Antenna SIM7000A

Operates on the internet with a temperature sensor and/or a gps device. It's easy to connect to other logic voltages with the compatible ones. It's ideal for battery-powered devices and LiPo battery charging. The kit includes a dual flexible antenna. Questions can be asked on the community forum and on the documentation. Questions can be asked on the community forum and on the documentation.

Brand: Botletics

👤I bought this device and the recommended sim card from Hologram. I live in a large metro area in the US Midwest that has over 1 million people. I have been able to use my cellular phones from my home. My device wouldn't connect. I spent hours posting results from the tests recommended by Hologram and trying things on their site and forums to no avail. I traveled to another city and took the device with me. It worked well there. Do not assume that the device will work with the Hologram card just because you are in a metro area or have good coverage with a cell phone. I have yet to find an actual coverage map for either of the two mobile internet services. They don't cover my area, but a cellular phone with AT&T works fine.

👤I am working on a project with a client using a Hologram SIM, provided by the board developer, and modified library files from the boards developer. I bought all versions of the car. The A stands for America and I learned about it after working with the E and G version. The G and E didn't work in my area, the E was unresponsive, and the A worked perfectly. If you are in the US, you need the 7000A chip. Hope this will help you save time. This bit of code helped find a signal. This came from the demo I was working on. The password, a GPRS account, and a APN are needed. // You might need to do this to access your network. Contact your provider for their exact values. The password and Username can be removed, but the APN is required. //fona.setNetworkSettings(F)("your password"), F("your usernames"), F("your APN"), F("")); For AT&T, set the network settings for the internet service provider. For a hologram sim card. Optionally, the web gets to follow the URL. // If you don't comment, the default is not to follow the redirects. The following line will be followed. Other examples of things you can set are fona.setPreferredMode. Don't use 2G fona.setpreferredLTEMode(1). Don't use the fona.setOperatingBand for theNB-IoT only. AT&T uses band 12 fona.openWirelessConnection. The band 13 is used by Verizon.

👤The learning curve is steep, but this board works well. I used the free pilot sim card from Hologram to get it to work with the example demo sketches, which were missing the SDA and SCL pins. I had to increase the processor to a SAMD chip in order to get it to work with Adafruit IO, since the sketch pushed past the limit of 32KB of memory. The UNO boards have a slimmer bootloader than my old Duemilanove, so it should work on an UNO. There are sketches with SAMD boards. The two technologies that work well are HTTP get/POST and MQTT. I've tried the antenna all over. The gps antenna is weak and only works outside. An active antenna is a good upgrade if you need better navigation. This board is what I wanted for my project. There is a temperature sensor.

8. Dragino Compatible Arduino Leonardo Consumption

Dragino Compatible Arduino Leonardo Consumption

Questions can be asked on the community forum and on the documentation. There is aWiki page for The title is "Lora Shield". Lora Shield is a long range transceiver that is based on an open source library. It's compatible with Ar duino Leonardo. The Lora Shield allows the user to send and receive data at low rates. It provides long range communication and high interference immunity. Long communication and low power consumption. Professional wireless sensor network applications such as irrigation systems, smart metering, smart cities, smartphone detection, building automation, and so on are targets of the Lora Shield. If you have a question about the document link. How to contact us? Click "Ask a question" in the new page if you want to email them.

Brand: Dragino

👤This board was a simple add to my existing board. The instructions for the software setup are a bit hard to understand. The instructions didn't match the code, so I followed "Example1 -- Use with LMIC library for loRaWAN compatible" I was able to figure it out and get it to work. If you use another sensor that depends on interrupts, you may have a problem because the software that drives the board doesn't use the interrupts. I used a scope to figure out that the non-blocking driver didn't fire when using this board. The blocking style driver was used. I can now send temp and humidity data from the Arduino Mega to a LoRaWAN gateway, through a LoRaWAN Network server and up to the Amazon Web Services.

👤The board is nice. It works well. It was difficult to set up with the sketch. I had to research multiple files and sources to get it to talk to my gateway.

👤The guys are on top of it. I left a message on and they responded very quickly, answered all my questions and helped me through the process. I was having trouble using the dragino. They show me the default sketch in the library. It worked out well.

👤The board does not have a gps device. The picture is correct but it is not a picture of the one with the gps. The description is not correct. Before buying, you should research. It works well, other than that. It doesn't have the gps I wanted.

👤A great addition to your building resources. It doesn't burn a lot of power.

9. Navigation Satellite Positioning Compatible Microcontroller

Navigation Satellite Positioning Compatible Microcontroller

IPEX antenna interface has a default distribution. The coverage of positioning is greatly expanded by the GT-U7 module with high sensitivity, low power consumption, miniaturization and high tracking sensitivity. The original UBLOX 7th generation chip can be used to connect the GT-U7 main module to the computer, mobile phone data line and the computer to see the positioning effect. Vehicles with handheld devices such as the PDA, vehicle monitoring phones, sharing bikes, and other mobile positioning systems. They will solve any problems you have with the product after you receive your email.

Brand: Generic

👤I used it on my Ultimate 3 wspr transmitter, but have had no luck with it. It may be too sensitive as it usually doesn't put out the PPS. Sometimes I have to place the antenna upside down to get it to work. I have to set the device and forget it. It only has a lock 30% of the time and I have to find a good spot. It takes several minutes to lock if I try a different active antenna.

👤Great seller will buy again.

10. Navigation Positioning Sensitivity Consumption High Precision

Navigation Positioning Sensitivity Consumption High Precision

GT-U7 module has high sensitivity, low power consumption, miniaturization, extremely high tracking sensitivity, large coverage, and high precision positioning under the dense jungle environment. It is compatible with the NEO6M MCU. The ceramic antenna should be distributed for fast positioning. The module has a data backup battery and a signal indication. The working voltage is 3.6V-5V and can be used to directly supply power. The working voltage is 3.6V-5V and can be used to directly supply power.

Brand: Doudou

👤It did what it was supposed to do. It needs a bigger antenna. It's 1 square.

11. Development Antenna Arduino Raspberry Support

Development Antenna Arduino Raspberry Support

If you have a problem, please contact the seller via Amazon message.

Brand: Reland Sun


What is the best product for gps module for arduino?

Gps module for arduino products from Ximimark. In this article about gps module for arduino you can see why people choose the product. Adafruit and Hiletgo are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps module for arduino.

What are the best brands for gps module for arduino?

Ximimark, Adafruit and Hiletgo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps module for arduino. Find the detail in this article. Hiletgo, Stemedu and Comimark are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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