Best Gps Module 3.3v

Module 3 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. KeeYees Channels Converter Bi Directional Shifter

KeeYees Channels Converter Bi Directional Shifter

The small device can safely step down 5V signals to 3.3V and step up 3.3V to 5V at the same time. The level conversion works with both high and low logic voltage devices. Each logic level conversion has the ability of converting 4 pins on the high side to 4 pins on the low side with two inputs and two outputs for each side.

Brand: Keeyees

👤This is a strange setup. Very clever. It's not perfect. There is an N channel FET with a gate that is connected directly to 3.3V and a 10K resistor that is used to pull the drain up to HV. The gate and source are connected. When the input LV1 is at 0V, the FET turns on, sinking current through the FET, and taking. The HV1 output goes to 5V through the 10K pullup on the drain, since the gate and source are at 0V with respect to each other. Most people don't use an output pin to control transistors, but every N ch MOSFET has an idiosyncrasy from drain to source. The drain and source are just a part of the way transistors are manufactured. If the 5V side is taken low, it shuts off the transistor by pulling the voltage out of the gate through the body diode, taking the input voltage to 0V. That is clever. There is a If the 5V side is at 5V, the transistor is shut off and the input pin is 3.3V. These transistors are probably cheap. I think the schematic calls for a BSS138, which should suffice up to a MHz. I needed to turn on an opto so I had to jack the circuit around a bit to get it to sink. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't have chosen this route, but I have the parts and the show must go on.

👤For driving ws2812b, the response curve is not fast enough. One comment said the transistor must have been swapped out for something better because they used these to drive neopixels.

👤These must be rejected by the testing organization. I tested the remaining 9 without soldering after soldering up one that didn't work. None of them work. Don't waste time soldering. First, test them.

👤Many reviews complain that these do not work. I was in agreement at first. I thought I would use them for serial communication when programming a 3.3v ESP-01 with a 5v Arduino. I couldn't get them to do that task. There are examples of applications in which I have verified these do work, such as changing a 5v logic relay with a 3.3v output pin or reading digital input from a 5v sensor module on a 3.3v input pin. I might have had the setup wrong the first time. I have been able to get the logic converter to work in the serial communication between ESP-01 and the Arduino, so they appear to work after all.

👤This product is an analogue product. It is hard for non-specialists to be sure if it is suitable for their application. It worked for me in a simple test, but did not work well between 3.3V and 1.8V. I think it's fine for some things, but it's hard to know which. The product is what it claims to be. It is basically mysterious for most people who don't have experience with circuits. If you only need one conversion, consider the SN74LVC245A.

2. Dual Electronics XGPS150A Multipurpose Augmentation

Dual Electronics XGPS150A Multipurpose Augmentation

Add Gps. You can strengthen your Gps signal on any device by connecting via wireless. The free downloadable app provides accurate gps coordinates, position update rate change, and much more. Being able to add accurate gps to your device will allow you to use hundreds of available apps. The Gps receiver has a battery life of over eight hours of continuous use and comes with a usb charging cord. That will stick to most surfaces.

Brand: Dual Electronics

👤It works better than I anticipated. I have an older WiFi only iPad Mini that I wanted to use for navigation but it doesn't have built-in gps. When I connected my iPad mini to the dual XGPS105A via a wireless connection, it asked to download the accompanying app. The app is useful. It tells you the number of satellites you are connected to, the signal strength, position information, and the battery status. I turned it on in the house because I couldn't wait but I was able to connect to multiple satellites with ease. I thought I would have to go outside. With the gps locked and loaded, I tried out some maps. Both worked well. My weather radar map is now location enabled. Awesome. I have taken it down the road a few times now, about 100 miles total, without issue, but I will update this review once I have a longer road trip under my belt. I didn't expect to see the app mentioned in any of the reviews or forums. This thing is special. I can't wait to try it out against other devices, like a newer iPad, windows tablets, and some surveying equipment. I will report back, but so far it's been good.

👤Don't buy anything from AXXERA or DUAL. The unit will work for 25 times, then the internals will short out, killing the battery, but they will sell you another battery. Next year there will be some other name. They changed their names to keep up with consumer fraud. Don't buy anything made by these people. You will be sad.

👤I bought a gps receiver for my Jeep. This product works in conjunction with my Apple iPad and provides pin point accurate gps for any app you are using. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to connect to my iPad via BluTooth once I turn on the puck. This could be my fault. Overall very pleased! It's easy to charge up at home or in your vehicle. Very easy to use. I stuck a piece of tape to the back of the vehicle and it still works.

👤For almost two months, use the dual XGPS150A with my iPad 2. Since the iPad 2 didn't have a gps receiver installed, I decided to use the dual XGPS 150A, which is described in the technical documentation to receive 12 gps and up. The dual XGPS15A is a free navigation app that has a very simple and minimalist design. The dual XGPS150A receiver is small and has Haptics very pleasant. The gps is green. The Bluethooth connection is created relatively fast after switch on, but the GLONASS satellites are not supported, but they are displayed in the app, but they are crossed out. It happens in dense forests on winding roads and in large cities close to tall houses. When you're on foot in New York, Boston, and Chicago, the pressure point is non-tactile, so locating is almost non-existent. The dual XGPS150A would no longer splash water and dirt if you removed the plastic cover and cut a hole in the non-slip pad.

3. Navigation Positioning Microcontroller Compatible Sensitivity

Navigation Positioning Microcontroller Compatible Sensitivity

The phone data cable can be used directly on the computer point of view, and the default distribution of active antenna can be quickly positioned with the IPEX antenna interface. The original UBLOX 7th generation chip is used in the GT-U7 main module. The software is compatible with the GT-U7 module. The host computer-owned serial port function allows for the sending of IPX interface active antenna without the need for an external serial module. If you have a problem with their product or need product use documentation, please contact them immediately. They will be able to help you in 24 hours. They try to provide the most professional service they can.

Brand: Deegoo-fpv

👤I bought a module to use as a time reference. It gets a fix inside my house. I didn't have to change the settings on the module. I connected it to a NodeMCU controller and it worked as expected with the Tasmota NTP server. Tasmota doesn't take advantage of the signal from this module, so this configuration is not a high accuracy NTP server. That's not the fault of the module. The way Tasmota interface with the gps module is to blame. I connected it to the Pi. It worked with both and got a precise range when the PPS signal was used. The Pi 3B+ was more accurate than the Pi. It has a quad core processor and can dedicate a single core to monitoring the signal. I only tested the accuracy of the Pi's. I did not test the accuracy of the NTP clients connecting to the Pi's NTP server. The gps module was interfaced with by gpsd and Chrony under linux. The gps modules line can be accessed through the /dev/pps0 device provided by the Linux kernel. This only shows the beginning of a second, but does not show the time of day. The calender date and time can be obtained from a secondary time source. The calender date and time is provided by the gpsd daemon. I never found an advantage in configuring gpsd to access the device because Chrony can access it directly. Adding another layer to the pps and chrony is not a good idea. ppswatch is a Linux utility that shows information provided by the gps serial interface cgps, and gpsmon is a Linux utility that shows information provided by the gps module. This information was used in the setup.

👤I ordered two of them a few weeks apart. The first one worked well. I plugged the antenna into the power and dropped it onto my workbench. Within a short period of time, it had a 3D fix that would start doing 1PPS. It would get a fix a few seconds after you power it on. Incredible! I was able to use the 1PPS output for my project, even though I INRDeals I bought a second one. The second one only heard a single satellite and sat for over an hour. I switched the antennas because I thought it was a problem with the antenna. The amazing one stopped working after I got 11 satellites. The antenna was bad. There is a Even with a good antenna from the other one, it never got a fix. It is a wonder when this module works. It is useless when it goes bad. With the incredibly low price of this module, you might be able to take a chance. It seems like you'll be deeply disappointed.

4. Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout Channel

Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout Channel

The built-in datalogging has a sensitivity of 165dBm. The design is 5V friendly and has a 20mA current draw. There are 2 mounting holes for the breadboard. The module is fully assembled and tested.

Brand: Adafruit

👤Oh, that's right. You guys are such an inspiration, such an exciting and positive force in the world, why in the world do you create a cute little product and use a mediocre gps chip? Your enthusiasm and coolness was infectious, and I was looking forward to evaluating it with the other receivers I just bought for my project. The included pins and battery clip were nice, but I think you should have included the battery, because it would have cost you more and taken longer to get it. I was surprised you didn't have a more common U-blox receiver, but I thought you had good reasons. Apparently not. I evaluated 3 different U-blox 7 receiver, a U-blox 8 receiver, and the "Ultimate" Adafruit receiver, since I had to wait for the battery to arrive. My testing was done on my kitchen counter. I don't think the U-blox have a backup battery. The U-blox 8 receiver came in over an hour and a half with a 3D position scatterplot. The red light blinked once per second. It stayed like this for at least 5 minutes, and finally got a solution that was really weak. I turned on the data collection again and let it run for an hour. It was all over the place, mostly within 15m but frequently wandering out to 20m. I'm not using the Adafruit receiver in my project. It's big, expensive, and sucks. The power consumption of all these receivers powered from 5Vusb was the same, but it might be changed by the way that they are configured. I love your company! You seem to be doing well now. If your original reasons were not satisfactory, please considerUpgrading to a state of the art gps receiver. While you are at it, consider a fused board with a single processor with reference implementation of fused localization and attitude. It's a good thing. If you didn't mark your products up 100%, you would sell more of them, and have an impact on even more young makers.

👤I've had time to collect various data points and program this and a NEO6M in CircuitPython/Python. I've decided that the Adafruit UltimateGPS is a good choice for most beginner projects, I'm a huge fan of them. In Western Washington, it's close to the spec of being within 3 meters when I'm in a cul-de-sac without trees or buildings. This is a single data point from many, but I had a single position under 2 meters. It seems to put me about 10 meters from where I actually am. It is better to be within 2 meters of the edge of the Earth in the Great Flat Plains of Kansas. Taking the same positions from my NEO6M, the NEO6M puts me in a good spot with every data point in Kansas and within a few meters of some of the difficult places in Western Washington. I think the CircuitPython makes the UltimateGPS a really good product. The data from this device might be better as it pulls data from multiple sources and the position of the gps device is slightly different than one other sentence. The CircuitPython pulls information from a different sentence on the NEO6M. This took a couple hours to setup using CircuitPython. It doesn't pick up signals inside. It took a while to pick up signal, but was very stable in the location values it produced, where the NEO6M picked up immediately. I'm looking forward to using both.

5. HiLetgo WTV020 SD Player Module Arduino

HiLetgo WTV020 SD Player Module Arduino

The level is compatible with 3.3V/6V systems. It is a chip plug-in card module. There is a file system and a card storage system. Automatic recognition of folders and voice files. Key control, second-line control, and UART232 serial port control are some of the control methods. Storage content by folder is easy to operate.

Brand: Hiletgo

👤I finally got this to work with my computer and wanted to save the world. I had no luck with anything bigger than a 1GB MicroSD card, which is the max size according to the data sheet. 2. I formatted the card with the help of the internet. This blew my mind, no idea why. 3. You can search for the WTV020-SD-16P audio module. This makes things simpler. 4. It doesn't play native mp3 files. Only a specific library for the WTV020-SD-16P audio module. There are some conversion tools, but I found a way to export directly from Audacity. The file type is Mono and the format is WAV.

👤There is no documentation. Good luck. I downloaded some generic instructions along with ways to download the card drivers once I figure out the wiring, but I haven't gotten mine set up and working yet. I wish they would make it easier for the buyer to find specifications.

👤The card wouldn't fit in the slot. The module wouldn't fit in the board. I tried to fit the broken pin.

👤Very happy with the product.

👤I received a module that didn't seem to support any commands. I tried it out in two different ways, with the buttons connected to pins, and in a two-line serial mode. No volume adjustment works.

👤I use this little player for a weather station that will play current weather and sounds. Give it 5V and you can start playing music. There are two pins you can ground out.

6. HiLetgo GY NEO6MV2 Controller Ceramic Antenna

HiLetgo GY NEO6MV2 Controller Ceramic Antenna

If you have a problem with their product or need product use documentation, please contact them immediately. They will be able to help you in 24 hours. They try to provide the most professional service they can. The module has a ceramic antenna. Save the configuration data. The data backup battery has a signal indicator. The baud rate is 9600. A variety of flight control module is compatible with it. A variety of flight control module is compatible with it.

Brand: Hiletgo

👤I've bought from this vendor before, and most products work. These have something different. I have two circuits that work perfectly with the ublox NEO 6M, but the tiny libraries are not compatible, or they are faulty. I swap out the older units with the ones that don't work. There is no data when the gps flashes as if it is connected. There is no power on these boards. The other units have power. Unless it connects to satellites, you have no idea if the board is working. Since you are testing indoors, you can't be sure if it is dead or connected to SATS. It's hard to believe that adding an led at a fraction of a cent would blow the pricing way high, but no led seems to be just cheap decision from a cheap mfg. I have bought from Hiletgo several times, and this is the only product I can remember that is a problem. They should get it from another mfg.

👤On arrival, I was dead. Straight forward soldering is what it is. There were no instructions. I didn't know if it was working. I looked at the reviews on Amazon and saw a picture of a blue light. I knew the item was malfunctioning. It was connected directly to a 5vusb connection. There is still nothing. There are still nothing. The antenna that came with this unit was swapped over to another one in case it was bad. The antenna is working. The antenna is worth the price because it is huge. I'm not sure if I'll return it. This is not the first time I've done this. I had high hopes, but maybe I got a bad one. The 2nd one was received. Same result as before. There is not a lot to say in the description, but it does say you can hook it up to a flight control module.

👤I was looking for a receiver that could work with both a PC and an embedded board. The GY-NEO6MV2GPS sensor board is ideal for almost any application, though you do need a small amount of skill to wire it properly. I gathered a serial port that has a level of input/output that is compatible with the gps board, as well as some connecting wires and a power source. I connected the gps board to theusbadapter in the photo above. I used two different programs to verify operation when connected to my PC. There are many useful features in the free download from U-center. There is a picture of it in operation. The progam that I wrote allows me to display my current position on a map, along with a simple text display that shows interesting data derived from the map, is one of the pictures. Why do I think this board is a good solution? There are three reasons. Delivery in the US is very quick through Amazon. Its superior performance is second. The images above were created at my home office desk. The structure of the building and the basement make it difficult for other gps receivers to function in this location. The ceramic antenna is provided with the board. The design of the antenna contributes to the superior performance of the gps receiver. I am very impressed.

7. Ximimark Satellite Positioning Antenna Interface

Ximimark Satellite Positioning Antenna Interface

The routine is for the STM32 microcontroller. You can see the computer positioning effect on the phone line. Better use of the individual effects can be made with the passive ceramic antenna and passive antenna amplifier. The SMA interface can be connected to an antenna. It is compatible with 3.3V/6V systems. It is compatible with 3.3V/6V systems.

Brand: Ximimark

👤There are multiple issues with the unit. The micro-usb port does not work. I was not able to connect the unit through the port like you can. I was able to get the unit to connect to U-center, but there is no sram/eeprom on the board, so you can't save any configuration. Thebaud is set at 57500 baud, 1 cycle/second. I need to be able to change the configuration if that works for you.

👤Before purchasing, I should have read the previous review. The unit is powered by the microusb port, but it doesn't communicate. Plugging in theusb to a pc would bring up a serial port in device manager, but it does not. It's not useful for my application.

👤The port can't be used to communicate with a computer. After 6 hours of running, my unit is not able to get a position lock because it is positioned next to 3 other different gps units that all achieved a position lock within 10 seconds to 3 minutes). I didn't have an active antenna so I didn't attach the included remote antenna threaded adapter to the board.

👤Some people have noted that theusb port does not work and only provides power. The seller is giving fraudulent information when they say that it will connect via a port.

👤Two units failed. They all had old batteries. It is possible that production rejects. Don't rely on this source.

8. IFlight M8Q 5883 Compass LongRange Quadcopter

IFlight M8Q 5883 Compass LongRange Quadcopter

The AMS1117-3.3 800mA DC buck module has an overheating shutdown circuit that provides overload and over-temperature protection. The operating junction temperature range is -40 to 125C. iFlight M8Q-5883 is a gps compass module for drones. The size is 20*20*10.5mm and is lightweight. It's suitable for iFlight SucceX SucceX-D SucceX-E F4 F7 flight controller. The suit is similar to the one used for iFlight FPV long-range built. Good weather and a wide environment are important for the performance of the gps device.

Brand: Iflight

👤If you only need that, the gps runs great. There is no Mag to be seen. I used the same cable and both Mag andGPS came up. Will not buy again. I'm tired of cheap stuff that doesn't work. I always liked iFlight product, but this one is a dud. It's better to get MATEKSYS right off the bat and not have to spend your money again. The product is available on Amazon.

👤It took me about a week to get it orientated because it was an angle on my build. There is no orientation information. It seems like it's on par with others I've used. The battery is working so I can keep flying fast when sats are hard to come by. Take about 4-5 minutes for me to catch some people. It is not the highest mounted item so it may be interference.

9. HiLetgo Satellite Positioning Arduino Replace

HiLetgo Satellite Positioning Arduino Replace

Good weather and a wide environment are important for the performance of the gps device. The routine is for 51 Arduino STM32 microcontrollers. You can see the computer positioning effect on the phone line. The passive ceramic antenna and passive antenna amplifier have individual effects. The SMA interface can be connected to an antenna. The level is compatible with 3.3V/6V systems.

Brand: Hiletgo

👤This unit was disappointing to me. It is a working unit, but only in the most basic configuration. It wasn't recognized as a device by Windows 10. I've tried many cables and drivers from ublox. Maybe I got a bad unit. I was able to use an ESP8266 to act as a serial converter, so I was able to read off sentences. After a while, this unit gets warm. The ceramic antenna does not work well and you can either solder on a loop of wire or attach an external antenna using the SMA port. It should be about 8 inches of wire for the frequencies of 1.5 GHz. I tried to write permanent power save mode settings in Ublox to reduce current draw and solve the heating issue, but the settings wouldn't take. They would work until the next cycle. I tried to save it to BBR/Flash but it didn't work out. For the price. I'm not going to return it. I'm not entirely happy. I would be pretty upset if this were a more serious project.

👤A lot of people said they couldn't get a fix. I didn't have a problem. I was using an antenna outside. I disconnected the internal antenna because I don't want it. The module is not a NEO-8 like in the picture. The interface is nice. You can see the output of the gps while your microcontroller is connected to the serial lines. The module has an I2C interface, but it is not connected to this board. The i2c interface needs a couple more pins.

👤It works on the built-in antenna. It took about 3 minutes to lock up the first time, but that is to be expected for aGPS that has not been powered up before. It is worth the money for a small gps unit.

👤The patch antenna is not compatible with this unit, it only works with an external gps antenna, and you have to solder on the SMA connection and attach an external antenna.

👤I have a similar unit that works fine without an antenna. All of my other gps devices are fine.

👤Had this on for hours and never got a fix. It was very Disappointing.

👤When left for hours, there was no signal.

👤The gps only gets a fix with an antenna.

👤In altre recensioni, quanto trovate is relative to a questo modulo. Allora funziona bene. Quella presente...

👤ma solo se collegato ad una antenna esterna. In conto di dover saldare il connettore SMA sulla scheda. C' anche l'antenna ceramica montata direttamente sulla scheda, ma secondo me. Sarebbe da tre stelle per quanto detto sopra, ma ne aggiungo una per il convertitore.

10. Comidox Module Voltage Converter 0 9 5V

Comidox Module Voltage Converter 0 9 5V

A variety of flight control module is compatible with it. The conversion efficiency of the module is 85%. The maximum output current is 480 mA. The dimensions are 11mm x 10.5mm x 7.5mm.

Brand: Comidox

👤I needed 5V to run older electronics, so I bought these to use with the 3.7-4.2 V batteries. They are easy to add to a project box. All of my applications are in the battery-operated, micro power range. Unless updated at high rates, most LCDs are in the sub-milliamp range. A small inductor is used to generate a voltage above the input voltage. The controllers draw a minimum no-load current. I added a 2.5 mH hand-wound toroid inductor to the input wire to increase the inductance on the board. The no-load operating current was dropped to a fraction of a kilo. The added current draw to the battery allowed for using the LCD. I bought them because of the small size and the possibility of very low quiescent current.

👤The output is not 5v. I have to use a 3 ohm Resistor to get around 5V.

👤The wemos d1 mini was powered off the 5 v pin by these. I tried one today and it was able to supply 70 ma to the board. It's an efficiency of 12%. The results were the same for 2 of the 5. I didn't bother to check out the other 5, 40% failure rate because I don't need to know.

👤I am using these to drive a bunch of things. Students complain that the high audio range hurts their ears. I am not able to hear this, but some teachers can. It's hard to justify hurting children. It feels like a design flaw and not something that can be easily mitigated.

👤I bought this to use with the FlySky receiver. The voltage was boosted from 2.4 to 5v. It boosted the power of the RC receiver. When it tried to step up from only 2.4v to 1v, the servos wouldn't move and the voltage dropped from 5v to 1v. The booster is rated for 480ma. However, using it with a 1S lipo at 3.7v worked just fine. It's only rated for 480ma so technically my RX and 2 servos may draw more than that. It worked well on the test. It worked well for low power applications, at the right price and great low weight, which is good for RC planes. I'm worried that the light weight booster is only half an Amp, so I'll probably look for a similar one.

👤The small voltage boosting buck conversion is perfect for small electronics projects. The chip can bring the voltages up to 4.5 to 5V. I upgraded the garden lights with righted color changing rgb LEDs using these chips. It was easy to store within the existing housing.

👤The product is advertised as 5V when it is actually 5.5V with a sawtooth wave superimposed. This can fry 5V circuits. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤I fly DLG using a FlySky transmitter and receiver. The signal strength was raised when the DLG used a 1s battery. I flew the DLG in 30 minutes, and the signal was 10 the entire time. Excellent solution, very happy me.

11. Dual Electronics XGPS160 Multipurpose Augmentation

Dual Electronics XGPS160 Multipurpose Augmentation

The wide area augmentation system allows your device to connect to several satellites and provide accurate and reliable gps coordinates within 2.5m, Max Speed of 1,150 mph and Max Altitude of 65,600 ft. You can greatly strengthen your gps signal on any device by connecting to it via the gps wireless network via the gps wireless network via the gps wireless network via the gps wireless network via the gps wireless network via the gps wireless network via the gps wireless network via the gps wireless network via the gps wireless Hundreds of applications can be added to your device if you can add accurateGPS to it. The battery life of the gps receiver is extended to 10 hours of continuous use and it comes with a charging cord, a strap and a non-slip pad. The 1 year warranty has high quality and reliability with hassle-free parts and excellent customer service. The dimensions are 2.24” W x 2.24” D x 0.75” H. The battery can be charged in 3 hours. Plug in to 12Volts of direct current source for continuous use.

Brand: Dual Electronics

👤I've been on my third unit since November. The first unit bricked after six months of ownership. After a few months, the replacement unit stopped charging more than 50%. The third unit will no longer be seen by any apps even if the iPhone connects successfully. What is the solution to dual? Wait for an update. A piece of hardware that worked before with multiple apps and no longer works with any of them is going to be fixed by a single app update. I'm not holding my breath. There was an update on February 27th. My third device has failed but will not be covered by a warranty. Two years ago. They don't stand behind their products because of a serious quality control issue. I wouldn't recommend this gps.

👤They managed to have a high review rate on this product. There were more than 4 stars on its page. The usage experience is terrible. It can't establish stable satellite connections, either onboard aircraft or walking on the street, about 80% of the time. There are not a lot of buildings around and they are not separated from each other. I have traveled around the world. The utility app on the phone needs to be opened to get position for the map. My colleague bought a similar device on the aircraft, which worked just fine, but it was not connected to the iPad. I put the left side of my helmet upside down almost every time I flew, because I didn't like the idea of it being upside down. We have the same version of the software, connection to pad devices worked fine, but mine took forever to establish satellites connection, no matter how I tried. This is a result of the comments. The one without cable is mine. I kept trying more and more and decided to come back and leave something here, but I don't know how deep the hole will be.

👤The XGPS160 track logs are not always up to date, and they have gaps of a couple of seconds with no position reports. The track logs did not have these gaps. I had to manually connect the XGPS160 to the phone each time. When the view to the southern sky was blocked by steep hillsides, the GLO was more accurate. The view to the WAAS satellites may have been partially or fully blocked. Maybe the GLO handles that situation better. The two devices had the same accuracy on the flats where the southern sky was not blocked. I used the XGPS160 logging mode with no connection to the iPhone to compare, but I used the GLO to record tracks. I drove through the Santa Cruz Mountains and the San Francisco Bay Area on the same routes. The tracks from the two devices were very close to the southern sky. When the southern sky was not visible, the GLO tracks were more close to each other and to the location of the roads. The XGPS160 tracks were close to the ground. The dual XGPS status tool is a nice utility, but it has some rough edges, like the fact that it never reported that the WAAS satellites were in use, even though the comparison with GLO suggested they were indeed being used by the XGPS160. The Trips page often has multiple tracks listed.


What is the best product for gps module 3.3v?

Gps module 3.3v products from Keeyees. In this article about gps module 3.3v you can see why people choose the product. Dual Electronics and Deegoo-fpv are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps module 3.3v.

What are the best brands for gps module 3.3v?

Keeyees, Dual Electronics and Deegoo-fpv are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps module 3.3v. Find the detail in this article. Adafruit, Hiletgo and Hiletgo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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