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1. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker Swim Friendly

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker Swim Friendly

Disney The Little Mermaid kids fitness tracker has an interactive app experience that lets kids explore magical kingdoms alongside Disney Princesses. The fitness tracker has a large color display with multiple watch face options and up to 1 year of battery life, which is replaceable. Disney Princesses are featured in entertaining app adventures, games and icons that are unlocked when kids achieve active minute goals. Parents can use the app to assign chores, schedule alarms and reward good behavior. Track your kid's steps, sleep and activity to see the full picture.

Brand: Garmin

👤I didn't know or took a while to learn a few things. Additional themes cost $30. The watch fits on the wrist of an 11yo. 3. The watch can be used with many devices. 4. The "Family Guardian" can help with chores and rewards. 5. The child's earned points can be adjusted as needed. 6. A half-second press on the button causes the backlighting to go off. I have three different designs of the Vivofit Jr 3 watches. My main reason for buying these is for chore/reward tracking. If you want a fitness tracker for your kids, but don't already use a watch yourself, you can use the latest Fitbit Ace. I've found it to be a better fitness tracker even though it has to be charged every 5 days. The best thing about these watches is the chore/reward tracking. Each child can have their own chores. There are either a single event or recurring chores. You can set a time for the chore to be done. "Take Out Trash" can be set for Monday and Thursday at 7p. You can remind the watch. A short title and message can accompany the reminder. It works like a calendar/task reminder alert from a watch. You're not limited to typical household chore options withchores in the system. You can define your title and task. The "chore" could be 10k steps, 30 minutes on a trampoline, or 4 minutes on a stationary bike. You can assign a point value to each chore, which makes it motivating. Feed the dog might be 1 point; taking out the trash might be 2 points. The child checks in with you to make sure the chore is completed in the app. When you do, the points are returned to the watch. They can see their bank on their watch. The child can spend their points in a rewards shop. The kid is motivated by this. It takes a few minutes to set up the watch. The reward shop took a long time to think through the items. It can look different for each child, and you can be as simple or complex as you want to be. I have about 20 items in my shop that I can give to people for free or at a reduced price. It would be interesting to see other families reward shops. You can find any allowance/rewards idea list and just recreate it as a digital shop here. The battery life of the device takes a hit for the short screen wake time. If you are in a bright area, you can still use the screen even though it is in a dim state. If you're not actively clicking/navigating, you can't turn on the backlighting if you long press on the button. This results in long-pressing to make the backlighting work. I don't see a way to extend this time. It would have been nice to be able to set the backlight duration at the cost of shortening the battery life. Even if we can't define the exact time, having the ability to select a suggested or extended backlighting option would be nice. Everything on this watch is controlled by one single button. The Ace 2 has one button, but it does not have a touch screen. To flip through the screens, you have to short press. To turn on the backlighting, you have to press for a long time. To jump to your Menu, you have to press and hold for 2 seconds, then use the timer and stopwatch, or manually sync with the app. The press-and-hold is how you choose from the menu. It would have been nice to have 2 buttons. I would have liked a second button to control backlighting or a mappable button to start a challenge. Each watch design comes with one of three watch themes and an adventure game, which can be either Disney Princess or a generic World Tour theme. Both watches have the same character options and faces and the band is the only difference. The Disney Princess watches are similar. The watches have a generic World Tour adventure and theme. The only way to change themes is to buy a new band for $30 and use the code to change the theme. I would have preferred to be able to purchase themes separately. The only other option is to purchase the bands directly from the manufacturer. If your kid wants a green band and wants the theme of the movie, then the only way you can get this is to buy an $80 watch and a $30 band from Garmin. There is no unified organizer or a family chore calendar in the app. You can view a list of all the chores a child has for a specific day, or you can see what chores a specific child has for a specific day. You can see that Child01 has "Take out Trash" and "Unload Dishwasher" in a list, but you can't see any details until you drill down into each. Some chores are worth points, some are worth nothing, and some are due at different times in the day. If you have more than one child, organizing chores can be difficult. If you don't make a lot of chores, it's fine. You may need a master calendar or chart elsewhere to keep things organized. It would be great to be able to view a child and family calendar even if it's a week view. It would be even better if we had the option to manage everything from browser. The child can't see the chore list from the watch. They can receive a notification when the chore is done. They can't see a list of chores on the watch, so they need to access the app. They can't plan ahead, complete chores early, or review chores if they can't see the chores. If they get a notification to feed the fish at 5p and dismiss it, there's no way to see it again on the watch. The child will eventually learn what they have to do if you don't change your chores. The daily chore list on the watch should have been obvious to me. The system seems to be designed for children who have regular access to a phone. Those who don't need to rely on a calendar/chart might only need watch notifications to remind them. The "challenges" are categorized into two categories, "Family Challenges" and "Toe-to-Toe challenges." Family Challenges can be set for family members over a period of 1 day. It's not possible to say 15 minutes in a family challenge. The child can initiate a personal best step challenge for themselves or a one-on-one step challenge against one other watch. It's not possible to set a toe-to-toe for more than 2 minutes. It's not possible to do a 10-Minute Family Step Challenge with both options. It seems like a missed opportunity. Since the first Vivofit Jr came out, I've found it surprising that chore/reward tracking on kids watches didn't become more popular. It's basically a fitness wristwatch with a slightly more robust task reminder function, but it works well. It's good enough, but it could definitely be improved. I wish that other companies would offer a chore/reward function because I think that some would do it better than others. It has been awhile since Garmin has been innovative on this front. Those with the Vivofit Jr 2 would find no reason to upgrade. The screen is the only change from v2 to v3. The upgrade from 8-colors to 64-colors sounds better than it is in practice. The screen is dim and the colors are not appreciated. The Jr 3 appears to be a significant improvement over its predecessor, but it still feels like a dot release. The design and pricing choices make this iteration disappointing. Someone waited a year for this watch to be released. I think it's still a decent watch. If you don't own the Jr 2, you can use this as a way to motivate your child to do chores and stay active.

2. TrackR Bravo Bluetooth Compatible Generation

TrackR Bravo Bluetooth Compatible Generation

Is it always losing things? TrackR is here to help. It's super slim and lightweight, so you can attach it to anything. TrackR uses technology to find items up to 100 feet away. TrackR will ring your device to help you find it. For free, replace the device's battery. The app will let you know when the battery is low. You can order a replacement from the app. You can see where your keys, wallet, and laptop are. TrackR's global crowd locate feature will let you know when your missing item has been spotted. Can't find your phone? Press the clear button on your TrackR to make your phone ring. TrackR is compatible with both theios andANDROID. Say: "Alexa, ask TrackR to find my phone" There are compatible devices: iPad with a retina display, and the iPhone.

Brand: Trackr

👤I am feeling a bit bitter and afraid. The reception distance is not what Tile gave me. I was angry at Tile because of their battery replacement deal. The other thing is that the app is terrible. The interface is clunky and flashes ads in your face, even though I like their 'don't forget your keys' feature. It was hard to get a reminder when I forgo my password. I was getting an "invalid email address" error. The device and user interface were disappointing. I threw it away. I don't want to buy a tile, but I'm looking for something else. Don't spend your money on something you don't need.

👤These were bought as Christmas gifts. They're not working. Picked them because the battery is replaceable. The phone app told me the battery needed to be replaced after a week. TrackR gave me a replacement battery for free. I could tell the construction was a little out of place when I opened it to swap the battery. When you close it back up, there is no snap. I couldn't connect to my phone after the battery swap. I realized it was because the battery was not making contact unless you squeezed the housing, and as soon as you did, the connection was lost. The original battery wasn't dead. You have no indication that there is a problem until you use it. The plastic that holds the thing together ages/dries out/shrinks, and the battery can't make proper contact, like a $2 flashlight. It's pretty much a waste of money. The battery is a major selling feature. The battery lasts longer than the product.

👤I ordered two packs of TrackrBravos. I received the order today. One of the Trackr's batteries is almost completely dead, while the second tracker's battery is almost completely dead. They have a laughable range of less than 10 feet before they connect, not the 100 feet claimed by the manufacturer. I had to almost trip over my cat before the device found me. Not sure if fresh batteries would help. I only received one of the water resistant cases, but Amazon agreed to give me the other missing case. Maybe it's the batteries, maybe theses devices are just malfunctioning, either way they suck.

👤It works as expected. The reviewers that think that this device is a magical coin that connects to your phone are living in their dream land. The device is blue. If you can't find it, the device may take some time to connect if it's not within sight of your phone, just like your mouse gets jumpy when a table or something gets in between it and the dongle. The device will help you know when you last had your wallet and phone on you, and the general location at that time. After that, flipping couch cushions is not that difficult. It tells you if you left it at work or the restaurant. There is an update. The new batteries were too thin and didn't work unless I squeezed the bravo. I squeezed a folded piece of aluminum foil on the battery to fix it. The hack is cheap. It seems to work.

3. Garmin Sunlight Readable Touchscreen 010 02230 50 010 01982 00

Garmin Sunlight Readable Touchscreen 010 02230 50 010 01982 00

Product 1 has a button-operated, dog-focused design for quick, minor adjustments. Product 1: Easily set up and monitor up to 20 dogs from up to 9 miles away by using multiple global navigation satellite systems. The dog list and group management is the first product. There is a product called Interactive SOS alert and two-way messaging via the 100% global Iridium satellite network. Product 2 is an in-vehicle dog tracker and gps navigator. Product 2: Pairs with a gps dog system to navigate and track your dogs. 6.0 W x 3.5 H inch (15.2 x 8.9 cm); 62.95 inch diag (17.7 cm) are the display sizes. The second product is a 1-year Birdseye satellite imagery subscription that is compatible with hunt view maps. Product 2: Detailed road maps of North America and traffic updates.

Brand: Garmin

👤The Alpha 100 was upgraded to the 200i. Very happy. The screen is a bit larger and easier to read than the 100, but it is not as bright or colorful. The touch screen works better than the phone. It's nice to have extra buttons to set up various functions. It's a winner if you use the internet to download Birdseye views. It seems to work better than the 100. Using Birdseye to help see where the dogs are is more initiative than trying to interpret a topo map. The layout of the screen and function is better than the 100. The integration of the iPhone is the game-changer for me. The app displays map and dog tracking information on the phone. Works well. I usually carry my phone with me when I hike with my dogs, so I can take photos or talk on the phone. Having the dog data displayed there is awesome. The larger screen of the iPhone makes it easier to use the map/ tracking interface. For how I hike, this is awesome. The form factor is high tech. The soft rubbery surfaces of the 100 are replaced with plastic. It has a nice look. It was nice to have in hand. It's hard to describe. The upgrade was worth it for me. The upgrade cost was cut to $400, because I sold my 100 on eBay. This is the obvious choice for anyone who wants to choose between the 100 and 200i. Hope this helps!

👤This is a dog finder. The cows hide pretty well in the dense forest, bush, marsh and as big as they are when we go out. If the dog collar is less than 30 feet from you, the Alpha 200i will not work correctly. Is the $1000 dollar device useless when you are near the collar? Really? We've been doing practice runs and it doesn't find her when I'm on top of her. It said she was 94 feet away. We've done practice runs where she is far away and it says I'm on top of her. My dog's life is too important for the tracking accuracy to be so wrong. I want to be able to find my dog if something happens to her. I don't have to guess where she is after spending a lot of money.

👤The purpose of the unit is lost when the dog tracking compass is not always accurate. The dog needle will point in a different direction under a clear sky. The locking tray for the microSD card is very flimsy. I have been very gentle with my mine. The unit is supposed to be rugged. This unit is not compatible with the OnX Hunt chip. Only the 100 receiver is reviewed.

👤I have two Alpha 100s and one Alpha 200. The Alpha 100 is a great product, but there are a few things that have been fixed with the Alpha 200. If you only have one dog, the alpha 100 is a good choice, but if you have more, the Alpha 200 will work better. The Alpha 200 has a bigger screen that is easier to see in the sun. I feel the Alpha 200 is better than the other maps because of the inability to use ONX maps.

4. Garmin ETrex Rugged Handheld Navigator

Garmin ETrex Rugged Handheld Navigator

The handheld gps is reliable. The display has a sunlight-readable color and display size of 220 x 220. There are roads and trails for hiking and cycling in the Topo Active maps. Tracking in more challenging environments is possible with the support of gps and GLONASS satellite systems. There is 8 gigabytes of internal memory for map downloads. Up to 25 hours in the gps mode with 2 AA batteries.

Brand: Garmin

👤A lot of the negative reviewers didn't understand what they were buying when they ordered this. This isn't a replacement for your maps and it isn't intended to be. Some of the negatives are positive features. It was large. It's large, but it will take a lot more beating than a small smart phone. The shape makes it easier to hold in the hand. 2. There is no touchscreen. Have you ever tried to use your phone in the rain? Touchscreens are great in warm climates. It is designed for use in dirty environments. 3. The user interface is outdated. This sort of phone is similar to a 2008 cell phone. The layout is easy to set up and contributes to the battery life. 4. AA batteries. The eTrex doesn't have a rechargeable battery like every other electronic device. It's difficult to understand why they think this would be a good idea. If you're out on a long hike/camping/hunting trip for several days, it's unlikely that you'll have access to a charging port, which makes it easier to just pop in two new batteries when the old ones run out. 5. There is a memory capacity. The maps take up the entire integrated memory. You can buy a 32gb card for $6 and download as many maps as you want. There are lots of videos on how to do this. 6. There is no map detail. I haven't encountered any flaws with the maps, so unless you're trekking through Gates of the Arctic, you'll probably be covered on any state or local trails. 7. Inaccuracy of location. The registered location is close to where I'm actually standing. My cell phone is usually off by 50 to 100 feet. It's not the point of exactitude, it's to help you find your way back to your camp, etc. Being off by a few yards isn't a big deal if you're within sightline. There are 8. There are noroutable maps. It operates differently than your phone's map app. You type in the address and it takes you there. It's not clear why people think it won't. There are 9. The features and interface are confusing. I can't believe this one. There are lots of videos and articles on how to use features. I download AllTrails Pro trails into Basecamp and then export them onto the eTrex when I'm ready to go. I follow the trail on the device. There are two more When I go on a non-prepared trip, I use the eTrex to record my track and save it on the device, then I plug it into my computer and send it to Basecamp. Done. If you're outdoors a lot, you're willing to dedicate minimal time to understanding how to use it, and you understand that this sub-$200 gps that will last you for a decade is not intended to replace your $800+ cellphone.

👤The company is abysmal. The product they have created is straight out of the era of the Blackberry. They offer nothing in the handheld market that is close to a modern device. This piece of hardware and software is not good. I will return it. I didn't return the inferior Garmin that I have in my car, and it burns me up. Never again! The screen is tiny, and I have encountered other issues in my brief period of ownership. I need to hike in the desert. The screen is useless. My phone works in the same way with no glasses. - The best tech minds don't work for Garmin. - The screen gets bumped in your pocket and you lose battery life. You can't search for a location by state, it returns zero results. The method to change the order of items in the Main menu is different from the Route Planning menu. - The deleted tracks menu contains all the settings. What? There are no maps. The data is solid, so I give this 2 stars instead of 1 Since my return of this device, I have been using a solution. I wanted a dedicated device just for mapping, I hike extensively off trail. I bought a burner phone at a box store and it works without being activated. I disabled all the apps that I could. I bought and downloaded Gaia for mapping and route finding. You can download maps before you leave. You can get phone service if you don't have to download maps, but it will cost more. I made the device bulletproof by adding a protective case with a backpack clip and an external battery pack. The setup has been great. Gaia is awesome. There are maps on the screen. The hardware and software are easy to use. The accuracy is very good. I have access to a lot of maps. Finally, it's a cheaper option. It's shocking that the company that does this can't do it.

5. Milwaukee 48 21 2000 One Key Equipment Tracker

Milwaukee 48 21 2000 One Key Equipment Tracker

One year of backup time isWorry-free. If you are not happy with Care Go, you can ask for a replacement within a year. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed by them. All emails will be processed within 24 hours, so please contact them if you have any questions. They will send you operating instructions again if necessary. The One-Key tick tool and equipment tracker is a pack. Attach with glue, screws, or rivets, and Survives everything with weather, water, dust, and impact protection. The ONE-KEY App has a signal range of over 100 ft. The coin cell battery is replaceable. The coin cell battery is replaceable.

Brand: Milwaukee

👤I tried them out after receiving the order. It could be great if Milwaukee puts some work into the software. The software is not available for multiple users. It might be ok for a very small contractor. The idea was liked and one time charge. The battery life is supposed to be one year. The last location is accurate. I tried to mark one as missing. I knew it was close to someone running the app. I received an email saying it had been found. There was a link to the item in inventory. The user interface is not easy to use. The tool history has incorrect time stamps. Can't get a report that shows the tool location log. The report only shows when the tick was seen and the 'Assigned' location. Can't link accounts to each other. The packaging states it is impact resistant, but the instructions state it is not. If the device gets hit with a blow, it may need to be re-paired. It would be great to see improvements. 1. Employees who also have the app can share ticks with workers. 2. In tool history, show actual ping location. 3. The phone pinging the tool/tick can be shown by combining #1 and #2. 4. A wireless device that is always on could be near a tool storage area. 5. If a tool moves more than a certain distance, send an alert. 6. Have a report that shows what tools have moved in the last year. Tools have moved more than 1000' in the last day. 7. There is an integration to other systems with a RESTAPI.

👤If you are not within 100 ft of the product you want to track, useless. When it isn't in site, the whole point is to track it. If someone stole the tool you were tracking, you wouldn't be able to see it because it wouldn't have the ability to go past 100ft. The thief won't download the app so that you can track its location. It's a waste of money.

👤I've had my van broken into 4 times and had over $13k in tools stolen from me. These ticks can be attached with tape, or even a screening you know what you're doing. I dropped them off inside of bags. You can add inventory to the tick with the help of the app. The cool thing about this is that you don't have to be close to it to use it. If anyone comes within 100ft of the device with the app running. It will ping the location when it's discovered. It's amazing! No additional purchases or subscriptions! Track them if you buy them, add them, or both.

👤I like the idea of being able to track my item. The instructions in the package were hard to understand. The package instructions got me nowhere. The item was only tracked as close to the street address as possible. It can't be found anywhere else other than at the address.

👤Milwaukee just updated the ONE-KEY app and these ticks interface the app better now and will likely continue to get even better moving forward. Try a few and you can use them for more than just the short range. The ONE-KEY app uses crowd source technology to locate your lost tools. It links all ONE-KEY app users and ping anyone who is close to your missing tools using the global cellular network. The data will be returned to you. The ONE-KEY app will also manage your complete tool inventory, if all this wasn't good enough.

6. Padgene Bluetooth Smart Watch Camera

Padgene Bluetooth Smart Watch Camera

Smart watch A brilliant 1.54" display with a sleek design. A precision laminating process using astainless steel surface. The anti-sweat matt surface treatment and soft strap make wearing more comfortable. The smart watch surface is water resistant. You can connect the smart watch with your phone via the app, so you can read push messages, make or receive calls, and more. Activity tracker: Pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary remind. Other functions include: image viewer, sound recorder, remote capture, alarm clock, calendar, camera, and two way anti- lost. The smart watch can support most phones, but it has a limited function. Functions are limited for the IOS system. Answer & call, phone book, music play, camera, clock, pedometer, phone anti-lost alert are all supported for the OS. It's still not possible to support remote camera control, for example. The high capacity battery has a battery capacity of over 400mAh. It takes up to 180 hours to be on the phone and 5 hours to be on the bench. The new watch is easy to use. It's perfect for any age.

Brand: Padgene

👤The person loves it. A sim card is required for internet access.

👤I bought this for a male friend who loved it, but now only wears the Apple watch. Good quality, nice looking design. It did everything the Apple watch does.

👤Good for a young person that wants a smart phone. My 12 year old girl's wrist is a little big, but it won't connect to Cricket wireless phones.

👤I bought this watch a month ago because my wife was asking about smart watches for her phone. She was very happy when I gave her the watch because I noticed it on Amazon. The band on the watch broke a month later, but my wife still takes the watch with her even though she can't wear it on her arm. The time to return the watch expired 8 days ago, so I am disappointed.

👤Good watch. Good for me. The other smart watch was more expensive. Love it.

👤I couldn't find an app that would connect all the features of this watch to my phone. I don't need it and wouldn't use it. The connection is very easy. There were no issues connecting the two devices. The antenna is good enough for clear phone communications from the watch alone, without the other phone being used for the call. The sound is not loud. There are ear pieces that work with this watch. I use the watch to relay audio from the phone. This might be a nice function if the volume was louder. You need a card for this. Place any audio files you want on the card. When I tried to set up the phone numbers before installing the card, it didn't save them. If you want to store contacts and call logs, use the SD card. I can only give limited feedback because I have not owned this long. The mine was struck by falling packages but is undamaged. The strap has not broken despite some catching it. It seems durable for the price. There is a The angle of the camera makes it hard to use. The poor image quality makes it a wasted feature. The sound recorder has a usable file. If you need a phone for a child, this is the watch for you. It will do what you need it to do, and won't distract you. The other things it can do will add to the toy's appeal, but they are unlikely to be more than an amusement. If you need a phone for an adult who can't use a conventional phone at work, I would highly recommend this one. There is a Spending more money will allow you to get a fun watch that has useful features. This is not what you are looking for.

👤This was for my grand daughter.

👤The experience of ordering from Padgene was great. I chose 2 day shipping after placing my order late last night. The item arrived the next day. The item was new and clean when it was opened. It was perfect. Excellent service and product. It works great!

7. ACR ResQLink View Buoyant Personal

ACR ResQLink View Buoyant Personal

The 406 MHz Emergency Distress signal with 121.5 MHz Homing signal is used to send distress signals to Search and Rescue forces around the world. A small, rugged, lightweight personal locator beacon with attachment clips, belt clip, oral inflation tube clip, straps and lanyards for increased wearability for hikers, boaters, campers, climbers, RVing and all your outdoor adventures. Use the optional 406Link testing subscription to send pre-canned non- emergency self test and gps test messages to multiple contacts via text message and email. Global Coverage using the 3 satellite constellations of COSPAS-SARSAT, which sends your distress message directly to Search and Rescue agencies worldwide without the need for a rescue monitoring center Multiple visual signals are ensured by the use of a Strobe light that is bright as well as an IR Strobe light. Multiple visual signals are ensured by the use of a Strobe light that is bright as well as an IR Strobe light.

Brand: Acr

👤Do not buy this beacon if you see that it is being sold by a company called Orbital Satcom Corp. When we tried to set up our beacon, our satellite registration was rejected. ACR and the NOAA found out that Orbital Satcom Corp is illegally refurbished beacon from the UK. The beacon won't work in the US. I flagged Orbital Satcom Corp with Amazon because I am concerned that more of these illegal beacon may be on the market. We rely on this beacon to save our lives when we are fishing off shore without cell service. If we had an emergency, we would not have been saved because it was not working. $375 is spent on an emergency product that will not work and it has been illegally reprogrammed.

👤A brand-new sealed unit was received. The self-test failed immediately. ACR initially was very responsive, but then told me that they don't know when they will be able to provide a replacement, and that all their stock is allocated to filling new orders. Good luck getting a warranty replacement if you buy one of these. This is not acceptable on safety equipment.

👤The product was received in a timely manner, but the battery only has 4 years and 3 months left. When you don't get 5 years on the battery, don't advertise.

👤As long as I don't die, I can call for help. I bought my first one 5 years ago and it was very easy to use. The good news is that this is the second one I ordered, but I returned the first one because it was already 6 months old. The second one is 6 months old.

👤This is for Christmas. The unit tried to conduct their self test. The unit failed the test. I contacted ACR. I will make a new update based on how they respond. This review needs to be updated. The new unit was free of charge and passed both the basic self test and the gps test. I will increase my rating but my faith in this unit has been shaken because I am not the only one to have a brand new unit fail the "Basic Self Test".

👤There is a date on 1/3-21. It's not aGPSPLB so far. It might work as a drawer handle, but only if it is a drawer handle. The device is as expected. After returning the drawer handle, there was a little delay.

👤I chose the slightly more expensive version because it has a nice screen that gives you instant acknowledgement that the unit is on and working. I only tested it and it comes with a carrying case, you can attach it to your belt or loop. I ordered mine from the United Kingdom. I was unable to register my first unit for the warranty because the date of manufacture was missing. I was sent a new unit after contacting both Orbital Satcom and ACR. Make sure the date of manufacture is on the box.

8. LandAirSea Waterproof Magnetic Personal Location

LandAirSea Waterproof Magnetic Personal Location

Tracking people, vehicles, and/or assets with a personal gps device. Ultra-compact design, built-in Super Strength Magnet. Attaches to vehicle are hidden in a backpack, case or purse. Track and map in real time on web-based software or SilverCloud App. Text and email notifications, location reporting, and historical playback are included.

Brand: Landairsea

👤I bought this because I suspected my boyfriend was unfaithful. I caught him doing the dirty with his ex-employee in his car the day it was delivered. Once you get to the point of wanting to find proof, you will find what you're looking for. It's funny thing... I didn't get to use the tracker yet because it was still on the charge.

👤The product is perfect. The case doesn't need to be strong. I was looking to find out where my husband was and it tracked the vehicle to the location. Evidence of his infidelity has given me peace of mind. Thanks for your help.

👤If you don't want to know the truth about a cheating person, don't buy this. I agree with that statement. This device will lead you straight there, so be sure to stop denying and be prepared to see the hard facts. The 30 second plan was too slow for me. The 10 second plan worked well for me. The company's people are amazing. The tech support is great. In the US. Very helpful and responsive. I only used it for a couple of months. Simple. You can use it under the vehicle. I found putting inside the truck to be just as accurate as putting outside. It's All True was the previous review. I am not a techie type person. I don't use tech whenever possible. I have to step up to the plate in certain situations. I have read at least a hundred reviews of this unit and many others in the same price range. The product is what was advertised. There is a It was easy to open an account on my phone. It took under 5 minutes. You have to pick a plan. There is a monthly fee. It's a small price to pay if you're serious about tracking someone. It was easy to get it up and running. It took 10 minutes. Max. It was partially charged out of the box, but it needed to be fully charged. The baby is accurate. I took it with me to run my errand and it showed me my location. At every stop. I know it has more features when using a computer, but I haven't had time to check it out. It is well constructed. The directions were easy to follow. It has a magnet in it. You don't have to buy a separate case. It seems like the battery life is good. It looks at all the boxes.

👤When it works, it works well. At times, the tracking does not update until the device is a long way away. Both of the gps units I purchased had the same issue. Better units out there are not reliable or safe in a covert situation.

👤The product was garbage, I put it on the car, and after one drive it fell of the car, and the battery died even though it was supposed to be at 60% life. $50 was wasted on the product and another $25 was spent on it. It was the worst waste of $75. Don't buy!

9. Garmin VĂ­voactive Smartwatch Contactless Payments

Garmin V%C3%ADvoactive Smartwatch Contactless Payments

You can use your watch to pay for purchases with your cards from participating banks. Personalize your watch with thousands of free watch faces, apps and widgets from their Connect IQ store. There are more than 15 indoor and outdoor sports apps. Keep an eye on how you handle stress by monitoring your fitness level with VO2 max and fitness made estimates. You can get connected features such as smart notifications, automatic uploads, Live Track and more when you have a compatible phone. The battery life is up to 7 days in the wristwatch mode. The display is 1.2 inch in diameter.

Brand: Garmin

👤After owning for over a year and having the newer Vivoactive 4 and Apple Watch 5 just released, it's obvious that the watch is very comfortable and can wear 24/7. If you replace your watchband with a metal quick release one, it looks nice. It doesn't make a loud noise when watching sports. The battery life was not advertised. You get 13 hours of use in gps mode. It's about 10. It's better than Apple Watch. I swim/bike/ride regularly and play soccer. I leave the watch on to track how much I run. The watch records and provides the most important metrics for all of the sports it says it does. The website of Garmin is good. You can see the pace after 200 m/yds if you swim in the pool. Swolf score is one of the metrics given. No problem for me here. You can use the watch to record the ride. It's hard to see while riding. I use mine to broadcast the optical HR to my bike computer and it works great. The gps accuracy is on par with other gps/ohr watches. It's nice to know that I can leave the phone at home and listen to music on a run. I can now download music if I am a Prime member. The watch has a barometric altimeter that does a good job. If you care about the issues with altitude, get the VA3 music, it's important to you. I have more experienced eyes and have trouble seeing in dimmer light, but you can adjust the brightness to compensate. Be careful as bright will affect battery life. It's good and I don't have to worry about seeing what I need to see when running or swimming. I'm big into daily activity and sleep, but it seems to be accurate and good to know. It's just right for me. I can see who's texting and decide to pick up the phone from the watch. I don't need to reply with a watch. Not all credit cards can be linked, but if you have a card that does, the option works well. I was able to use my Wells Fargo ATM card. I guess ok if I need to in a pinch, but not my first choice. They added more cards and I was able to add another visa card. I think this is an excellent watch for the occasional to semi- serious athlete who wants to watch their heart rate during pool swims. It can be used to train for a triathlon or just occasional workouts. The newer VA4 is not worth the extra money. I prefer this watch over Apple Watch 3 because of its battery life.

👤I have had this for over a year and I still love it. The bands have held up, the watch face protectors have saved my watch, and I only replaced it once. Check in for 8 months! I love it! Gym work outs, road workouts, yoga and more are tracked. When I am stressed, I can track my sleep and heart rate. Still love it! I have had this watch for 6 months and wear it daily. I absolutely adore this watch. I researched for months before buying this one. I didn't like the idea of having a gps device and it did the job. I wore FitBit watches left and right before that. They are not built to last. I regret not buying a white watch base for the VivoActive. The battery life is not great. If I don't work out as much, mine will last for 4 days. Since I work from home that is not a big deal. I have to take the cord with me when I travel. Before you go to the airport, take off your watch. It causes me trouble every time. The phone notifications drain the battery. I would like to only give the watch call, text and delivery notifications. All notifications that come to your phone are included in your watch options. I bought different bands for this thing and it is durable. There is no bulk on my wrist because these bands tuck into themselves. I got a nick in the glass of my Garmin because I ordered the door frame too late. The film cover is great, but I forget about it. The cover on the device works just fine. The charging cord is in my car. I am driving and I need to replenish my watch. It charges quickly. The green heart rate lights can be a little loud at night. I am sure there is a way to turn them off, but I am not sure. I downloaded a different face for my watch. I like that I can see everything in one place, and it even shows that I have an alarm set. The calendar view app is great because I can see what I have done. The process of sync can be a bit difficult if you don't sync a few times a week. For a few weeks of data, maybe 5 min. I am very pleased with this device. I wear it all the time.

10. Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker Included

Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker Included

You can earn Active Zone Minutes as you progress toward your weekly 150 minutes of heart-pumping activity and use 20 plus exercise modes to track your goals. The operating temperature was 14 to 113F. Track calories burned, steps, distance, and hourly activity. The maximum operating altitude is 28,000 ft. 24x7 heart rate can be used to track resting heart rate and measure calories burned. Enjoy 10 days of battery life without constant charging. There are factors with use and other. Track your time in light, deep and REM sleep, then get a Sleep Score to better understand your sleep quality each night. Stay inspired from the shower to the pool with this swimproof tracker, which is water resistant to 50 meters, and motivated by connecting with friends, competing in challenges, earning badges, and celebrating goal milestones.

Brand: Fitbit

👤I'm really sad that thisInspire 2 is getting so much grief in the reviews, but I think it's because most people only leave bad reviews. If someone is happy with something, they won't take the time to write about it unless it's brilliant. I don't think this fitbit is that, but it is a wonderful device and I don't think there are any truths in what many here are saying. There is a If you compare the HR to the newer model, definitely go with the newer model. It does more, like the 24/7 heart rate monitor, which is great to keep an eye on, the active zones, and a great battery life. I've gone 4 days without a charge and only gotten to 65%, that's amazing to me. The new model has a free year of premium which is great because it includes fitness guides and mediation exercises. The sluggish touch screen on the HR made me choose the Inspire 2, even though I read pros and cons comparisons before making my decision. I have no regrets, I'm glad I did. This is cheaper than the older model right now. It looks like it was a pre holiday sale. It is better now that it is more expensive. It's working well. It was a great price, easy to use, and a good motivator. I like the gentle alarms, the relax exercises, and the reminders to drink water and exercise. The sleep tracking is something I want to work on and this is a major help to me in that regard. I like that it is swim safe, since I like swimming. I have small wrists and it's not too bulky and light, and it's not a problem. The best position for it is above the ulna, because it is slightly loose and not snug. People are having trouble with it getting stuck on one screen and always showing their weight. That is not a mistake. It is very user friendly if you just sit down and read through the app with patience. These screens can be backed out, changed, and reminders set or canceled. There's no way to view the HR on the main screen, and you have to use a number of times to get to it, according to a review. You can have your HR and time visible whenever you want by using the quick function on the home screen just below the clock. There is a The band irritates the skin slightly with constant wear, and is one of the biggest issues with it. Cleaning wrists or bands is a simple solution. The steps aren't incredibly accurate, they give a rough idea, but I tend to cut mine in half based on my walking routes. It's probably closer to 75% accurate, but I guess it's a broad guess. I think this is a wonderful all over health tracker and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a quality tracker at a reasonable price and a healthier lifestyle. It is a small piece of plastic that I find quite incredible at what it can do for being so small, and I am amazed at all of the extras in this!

11. Fitbit Fitness Smartwatch Tracking Included

Fitbit Fitness Smartwatch Tracking Included

You can use the built-in voice assistant to get news and information, check the weather, set timers and alarms, control your smart home devices, and more all through the sound of your voice. Sleep score is based on your heart rate, time asleep and restless legs, and can help you better understand your sleep quality each night. Add Deezer to your library and control your app. With a larger display and an always on option, your information is always a quick glance away. Track calories burned, steps, distance, and heart rate. The range is up to 6.1 meters. 6 plus day battery life works around the clock. When your phone is nearby, you can get a call, text, calendar and smartphone app notifications. Works with a lot of devices.

Brand: Fitbit

👤The pros are: It is very comfortable. The weight of the Versa 2 is balanced so that it doesn't cause any pain or bother, and light enough to forget you have it on. There is a The design is very similar to the Apple Watch. If you had both of them side by side, it would be hard to tell the difference. There is a I had no irritation when I wore this device while I slept and woke up with no itch. You can wear this all day without any issues. There is a The screen has bright colors and great contrast. I put this display to the test on a sunny day and it passed. Outstanding viewability outdoors. There is a The feature works. I liked the fact that with this watch, you can speak to it as if it was a phone, and it will respond to you in text. A weather report, nearby stores, and a quick way to get an answer are all available. The Versa 2 is being pushed into the world of smartwatches, as you can control any of your smart home devices with this watch. I only have a few smart light bulbs, so I was testing out this device to turn them on and off. Please say that it worked out perfectly. There is a The sleep scoring system was pretty accurate. The graph displaying for my sleep fit my experience and I tested it for almost a week. The app and desktop form of the tracker give you a visually appealing look for your data. There is a The alarm feature is useful. The best time to wake up is when the Versa 2 is tracking your sleep. You may expect a different outcome because everyone has a different sleep cycle. It usually happens within the 30 minute time frame. There is a The other fitness programs in the Fitbit are all effective. This technology is new, but it makes fitness trackers that are consumer-friendly. You will be surprised at how complex a tracker is. If you had the previous Versa, you should expect the same layout. There is a I was stimulated to be more active by features like the Relax app, movement reminders, and step counts. You feel compelled to keep growing when you see your progress on a graph or number. The visual graphs on the app bring a form of motivation to keep increasing your numbers because you don't have to write anything. There is a There are many exercise modes, training guides, and even 10-minute training cycles. If you need to work out, this will be it. There is a The Always-On-Display has one of the best features. I like this because you are not wearing the watch every second of your life. It is nice to know that you can leave it on a table and it will still be visible. Third-party apps are available for this watch. It is good to know that third-party app companies are putting their foot in the door. There is a The watch vibrates when I get a notification, which is just a text for me. It is very easy to decide what you want to be notified about. There is a You can swim with it. I haven't tried this out yet. The battery life is good. I need to charge it after 3 days of use. If I use it a lot, the Always-On-Display is on max brightness. There are pros and cons. There is a problem with my car. It would take me a long time to get my phone back. I don't know why it's doing this but I've seen past reviews that address the same issue. It has to be a software problem because other people are not getting it. Be alert. There is a You won't know if there is a connection until you look at the display. If you have notifications, texts, and updates coming from your phone to this watch, it's a huge issue. If your phone is not with you, you may miss some important things. There is a I felt that the main icons of Fitbit were not clear. Even if you never used the OS, you can find the icons they give you even if you don't. If you don't use the device often, you're going to be lost in the OS and the icons are very unclear. There is a You are paying a decent amount for the device, but they want you to sign up for their monthly services, so they restrict a lot of it. If you don't want to pay a monthly fee, you're stuck with the basic software of the watch. There is a If you have a premium subscription to Spotify, you can stream it on this watch. You can't even play back the device to your speakers, phone, etc. I hope they fix this as it seems you need to pay more to use the watch fully. The basics of communication are provided by the voice assistant, but other than that it is useless. Since there are no built-in speakers, you won't get any audio notifications and you won't hear the answers to your questions. You will have to stop and look at the text when you are working out. There is a You need to have an account with the app to use it. There is a There was no integration with Apple Health. You have to stick with it. There is a There is no gps. You have to connect it to your phone. This creates a reduction in accuracy when you run. I think you should know that I didn't find it to be that much off. There is a The screen has some thick bezels. There is a If you want to change the strap, there will be a fight. Taking the brands out is not going to be fun. There is a The Always-on-display is a very simple layout and I wish you could change it. Not something you can choose. There is a I can not reply to text messages with my phone, but you can on anANDROID. There is a I notice that the payment system for Fitbit is not their own. The developer can use any payment system they want, when you pay directly to them. This isn't an issue so far. It is something to note in the long run due to security reasons. There is a You can't keep your favorite apps in a safe place. You can store up to 300 songs on the desktop app, but you have to transfer them over the internet. It will take some time if you don't have a wire transfer. There is a When you get a notification or ask a question, you will get a one-sentence answer. I found this frustrating because you are not getting any context to help you, and it leads you to want more. There is a To use this watch, you need your phone with you. The phone accessory is called the Versa. It is not a wristwatch for your phone. Before you buy this watch, you have to get on board with this idea. The goal of the company is to have a digital fitness book on you at all times. The Versa 2 is a fitness book that does all the writing, tracking, and you only need to workout. This is what the tracker does. It gives you all the information you need on exercises, workout routines, and your health. It is one of the few devices that can show you that you are improving and I felt the need to check on my statistics every day. A great motivation tool, a light device, and an excellent display. It is not a wristwatch, you need to put it in your head. The Apple Watch is a device. This isn't a watch like the one in theGalaxy Watch. You need to pay more to have the full experience after you buy this. You need to pay for the data and programs that you get from the monthly service. Even with the payment, you still need to have your phone with you, as you don't have enough use for the voice assistant. This isn't in the same category with Apple and SAMSUNG because of the lack of built-in gps tracking, limited text/notification updates, and Spotify restriction. This is a tool to help you stay in shape. If you are looking for a wristwatch, then go to Apple or SAMSUNG. This isn't a watch. A virtual fitness book is a must-have for those who want to get in shape but have too many issues to be called a real wristwatch. I hope I helped you. Honest reviewer.


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