Best Gps Kid Tracker Watch

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1. Sobotoo Waterproof Children Smartwatch Flashlight

Sobotoo Waterproof Children Smartwatch Flashlight

The Laeftderm activity tracker has a satisfaction guarantee. The fitness tracker is compatible with smart phones. They offer a 12-month replacement warranty and lifetime technical support. Their kids watch can record the good moments with a dual HD camera. Your child can take pictures and share them with you. Parents can control the camera remotely through the APP, it will take photos and sync them to the APP, which is helpful to know the environment of their kids. Set the voice monitor number in the app, dial it, and the watch will answer without reminding. The Sobotoo watch for kids provides a guarantee for the safety of children, it has a tracker technology. The local signal place will cause the error. Children can long press the button for help when they are in danger. Their kids phone watch can sync to the watch with 10 phone numbers on the App. Parents don't need to worry about the watch when their kids are at school. Parents can set time periods on ''Do Not Disturb'' mode. The function will be forbidden against all features except for the emergency. When the child is beyond the safety zone, the APP will send a reminder to the parents. The minimum safety area is 500 meters. Their kids smart watches support two-way call, gps tracking, emergency call, camera, flashlight, voice chat, remote voice monitor, and many more. The watch can be set by parents. Children can wear their waterproof watch in the rain, but it cannot be used in hot water, hot bath or sauna. Pressing buttons under water is not recommended. Proper use will shorten the life. They provide the watch not including the sim card. Their kids watch built-in GMS call function can only use 2G network, please confirm if there is a 2G network. The 2G SpeedTalk Card is not supported by all of the major carriers. They want to provide good products and after-sales service. You can contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Sobotoo

👤The watch is worthless. The interface was from 1982. It's clunky and doesn't work well to use. It's not good for a child to have no experience with Atari. The games are not set up for a kid who is just learning how to use a device. I don't mind buying a sim card, but it didn't work when I put it in. I'd spend a bit more money and get you a brand you've heard of before. I was disappointed with this one.

👤This is not water resistant.

👤It was too big for a child's wrist.

👤It is not waterproof and it is not good for my child. You should give me a new one because I wasted my money on it.

👤Love the size and properties. It is easy to use for our son.

👤I like it cheap. It's able.

2. Cubitt Fitness Temperature Activity Waterproof

Cubitt Fitness Temperature Activity Waterproof

The network is called 4G Network. This is a phone watch for kids that supports 4G. T-Mobile or AT&T are the best places to purchase a sim card. It can be used in a lot of countries. The Smart Watch's APP is compatible with both mobile devices. Before you insert the sim card, turn off the smart watch. If you have a problem with the installation, please email them. The display is PREMIUM. A large touch screen. Lifting the wrist will lighten the display screen. There are different displays for different ages and styles. There are amazing smart functions for kids. Body monitor, 8 fun games to practice brain intelligence, 10 daily alarms for good habits, parents can set lock for watch with password, and more. Incoming calls can be hung up with the option to hang up. Track your daily activities with a built-in accelerometer sensor that allows you to track distance traveled, record steps, get calories burned, and review active minutes. Your workout progress can be viewed directly from their app, by choosing between 6 different sports modes. The heart rate and sleep monitor. You can monitor your heart rate and sleep time with this program. You can review graphs that show how deep your sleep is and wake up times. There are app pairs and batteries. HitFitPro can be used to automatically sync your device to a phone using any OS 5.1 or above. The battery works for 4-7 days, then goes off for 10 days. You can change the screen brightness according to your needs.

Brand: Cubitt Tracking Technologies

👤The watch was bought for a boy. He likes the features like setting an alarm for sleep and wake up, and it has helped him be more conscious about exercising since it has a pedometer. This watch will be recommended by a great purchase.

👤My kids liked the watch but the bracelet became faulty after a month. I want to speak to customer service to see if I can get a new bracelet since it should be covered by the warranty. Please tell me what to do. Thank you.

👤I bought this for my boy for Christmas. He wears it all the time. He loves the pet that he gets to feed. We like the sleep tracking. There are a couple of things I would like to improve. It would be great if there were more options. He could download more content. He has mastered all the games, but now he is bored. It would be great if we could set and change the alarms on the watch.

👤The band is very light. The sensor has scratches on it from the box, so I am taking a star off. My son is excited to have his own fitness tracker and it has games for when he has to sit.

👤The alarm had to be reset after a few days when we tried to remove it, and we have never been able to get it set up again. I have tried to get assistance with the use of the watch, but there is no contact information for the seller. There are no instructions for use. It's too expensive for this type of problem.

👤The grand daughter loved it. She received a Christmas gift so she could keep track of her heart rate. She was excited about the games and other things. Things are going well so far.

👤Cubitt reached out and sent me a cord for the open box watch that I received from Amazon. Customer service is great. I can review the actual watch now that I've had a chance to play with it. It is a neat watch. I love that I can lock it down when I need to, that it has a drink water reminder, that you can add a photo watch face, and that we can put my son's routine on it. I wish I could put on some more alarms and lock the games on the watch, instead of being able to do that with the whole watch. I bought an item that was supposed to be new, but it didn't have a charging cord.

👤I bought this watch for my grandson, but he hasn't opened it yet. I cannot give a review on the product. It ships quickly and seems to have all the features I was looking for. My grandson is 12 years old and will understand the functions on this watch. I will update in a week to see how it is working and how he is able to maneuver all the functions.

3. GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone Waterproof

GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone Waterproof

A multifunctional digital watch. The smart watch supports a lot of things, including calling, step counting, voice/video chatting, weather checking, camera, and album, 3 screen styles, alarm clock, class schedule, contacting friends, flashlight, camera, games, and more. The watch is just like a mobile phone. It is perfect for parents who don't want to buy a mobile phone for their kids. Kids smart watch is the best cell phone alternative. 4g smart watch phone with 2-way video calling feature, face to face video talk with your child anytime anywhere. The smartwatch can also send pictures. Video and voice chat interactions are more interesting. This design is great for parents and children. The Kids Safety Tracker has a 4G gps location system, more precise positioning than a 2G net watch. Through the day, it can check location history. Know where your kids are. If your children are in an emergency, they can press the button for 3 seconds and then call the numbers you set for help. If you are outside of the US, please check with your carrier. Global Network Support This is a phone watch for kids. It can be used in a lot of countries. The network frequencies are 4G, 2G, and 3G. T-Mobile and SpeedTalk are the places to purchase a sim card. Don't purchase a smartwatch with a sim card. The kids watch is made from high quality material, anti-fall and durable. The hand strap is made from soft Silicone and it does not scratch the hand. It is a perfect gift for boys and girls. If you have a problem with their smart watches, please contact them first. Within 24 hours, they will reply for you.

Brand: Pthtechus

👤I've tried a few kids watch phones and this one works. The 4g is necessary. The 4G on this works. The watch fits well. The band is perfect. I kept the plastic cover on the screen that came in the package to protect it, but after I removed it, I realized the screen had a small bubble under it. It's better than the others. The app for this works well. It's not made in the U.S., but SE Tracker shows me where my child is. When he goes to his friends house after school, I can see that they've arrived by following him on the map. I can see if he's inside the building or outside at recess on the map, so it tracks location well.

👤I bought this watch and a pink one for my children and their families. These were supposed to be used as an emergency contact. The Asurian insurance plan was purchased for each. As long as you were inside the house, the watches would work. These are not user friendly. We tried and tried, so I had a employee set them up. The gps didn't work. The watches were under warranty for a year so the insurance company couldn't do anything since we were past our 30 day return policy. I reached out to the seller a number of times, but didn't get a response. I was willing to pro-rate the return because they don't do what is advertised. The seller said to mail it to China. The postal fee for sending them up to China was over $100. The vendor won't help since I'm past my 30 day return. Lesson learned. Do not buy from people who will give you a return to China. The vendors are selling cheap items. I bought these for the peace of mind that the kids were out and about on their bikes. It's junk!

👤This watch works. I gave it to my 13 year old to use in an emergency. It can use the app to make calls. It was easy to set up. Make sure you order the start up card from Speedtalk first. You will need to update the APN on the watch after that. The call quality is clear. The watch has a flashlight and can take and send pictures. We used to have a Gizmopal through the company, but it didn't work for us. This was cheaper and works better. I think it's a great idea.

👤After reading the reviews, I was hesitant to buy this watch, but I'm glad I did. The watch arrived at my house a day earlier than I anticipated. I bought this watch for my son so he could take a family vacation. The instructions were not written in a native-English language and it took a bit of fiddling to get it to work. I got everything set up in about an hour. The watch works well so far, but the tracker is off, but not enough to make me uncomfortable. In Pennsylvania, gps is off by half a block but the location service is off by an hour and a half. My son has no issue with the small screen, even though I had a bit of a time working it. I can use the app to set up most things. It takes about 30 seconds between calling and the phone ringing. This may be something with the carrier, not the watch. We only had a few days. I'm pretty happy with it so far. The seller answered any questions that I asked in less than 24 hours. I'm happy I bought this.

4. Spacetalk Adventurer Tracker Tracking Receive

Spacetalk Adventurer Tracker Tracking Receive

You can see your child's activities. Setting limits for your kids without actively monitoring them is possible if you combine the easy to use Spacetalk app with technology you already know. They should always know their location, manage who they can talk to, and send and receive text messages. The child's cell phone watch has a feature that allows them to contact you with a single touch. It has a fitness activity tracker and School Mode for distraction free learning. Tell them their location and their responsibility. You can instantly know your kid's location and set an alert if they leave a Safe Zone, thanks to the on demand gps locator and maps. It helps teach them responsibility by allowing you to set departure and arrival times to school or a friend's house while notifying you if they don't show up on time. If you use the 4G technology of AT&T, T-Mobile and other virtual mobile operators, your child can make and receive calls, text, and chat messages, but only from safe contacts defined by you. There is no open internet for your child to use. The kids smart watch with gps tracker and calling is better than a smart watch. The Spacetalk Adventurer kids phone watch for children aged 5 - 12 years is built with fun in mind, but it is also tough and has a wrist band. It has a powerful battery that lasts up to 36 hours and can be used for video messaging, but only with people on the safe list. When your child goes beyond your expectations, use the app to reward them, but also set reminders to make sure they're on track. They can see the weather to help choose their clothes. The app can be used by multiple people. A phone and data plan is required with a sim card. Contact your carrier to find out more. Does not work for the company.

Brand: Spacetalk

👤This is the best watch/phone combo I have ever found, and it does everything it says it will do. Love it. My child wears it to school all the time. The app allows the games to be disabled during school hours. The phone works great and it comes with a gps device that allows us to keep an eye on our child. We never used the cheaper watch/phone combo we were given because we couldn't control who called or who the child could call. This is another great feature of this watch/phone, it allows only contacts you add via the app to call and be called back, everything else just doesn't ring... This watch/phone is very nice. Thank you to the designers and engineers who took the time to think through the design of this watch.

👤I bought this for my sister who has a son. The Adventurer was very durable. You can feel the quality and see it. The phone part works better than it has in the past. There is no way for him to see anything on the internet or social media. We set the device on the parent app so he can't be distracted when he's in class. He only needs to charge the battery at night. The fact that it comes with a camera that he can use to take pictures is awesome. There are many features on this device that are controlled from the parents app to make sure he is safe. I recommend this device to everyone. The customer service team that I called during the setup process made it really easy. Thank you for the product.

5. LiveGo Liftable Waterproof Smartwatch Rotatable

LiveGo Liftable Waterproof Smartwatch Rotatable

4G Network Supported The kids smart watch is designed with a unique dial and will be the best watch for kids with cameras. The kids watch has a fast and smooth 4G network for them to use. Parents can check their kids status by using an app. Please check the net coverage around you first, they recommend the Speedtalk T-Mobile 4G Nano sim card. Two-way communications and gps safety care. The kids watches have three types of two way communications. The phone call is 2. Video call 3. Group chat. The parent can preset 3 phone numbers on the App's phone book to use when the kids are not around. You can help your girls or boys if they are in danger. This is a gps watch that protects kids. HD Full Touch Screen and App Store System. The kid smart watch has a full touch screen, which is easier to use, you can check the signal, rest battery power, and time by scrolling down the screen. The screen has a clear screen and a bright one to minimize the damage to the eyes. The 4g smart watch for kids comes with its own app store, you can download more watch apps by connecting the 4g smart watch for kids with your wi fi network. If you don't want to connect with the app, you can use more functions. The kids tracker watch can still support some functions. They recommend to connect the app and equip with sim card to get more functions, but not to disturb the Pedometer. The feathers are waterproof and multi-language. The present choice and Satisfactory Service are perfect. Life saver is this kids cell phone watch. The kids should be given smart watches if they want to prepare gifts for christmas or birthday. Lifetime Enthusiastic After-Sale Service and limited warranty are offered. They will resolve the issue for you within 24 hours if you have a question about your purchase.

Brand: Livego

👤We are having trouble charging it. The 10 year old wore it to school and I was dead by the time he got home. It sits on the charge all night. It says it's charging, but it doesn't reach 100%. We had it on the charge all night. The gps is off as well. It says that the watch is in the building behind my house, so it gives you a ball park reading. I was very disappointed in the watch. If the kid can't wear it all day, what's the point of having a watch?

👤Excellent watch for children. It has a gps tracker, a video camera, and games. It has a long- lasting battery. It is a perfect gift for a child.

👤This watch is cool. I bought it for my son for Christmas and he is going to love it! It can call and take pictures. It's so cool.

👤I bought a watch for my son. He is very happy that it has been activated and he is able to use it. The battery life seems good. The watch does not need to be charged or anything until the next day, because he has worn it to school. The applications on the watch are easy to use. The touch screen on the watch is not crazy. It is very difficult to type something on the watch, it has a talk/text feature. It takes a long time to type each letter. If you have big fingers. If I could use the microphone to talk or text, this watch would be 10 times better. One of the main questions I had was if the account holder was the only one who could video chat with him. I wanted him to be able to video chat with his family. They answered all of my questions, but they went above and beyond to help me through out by adding additional apps on the watch that I was able to download to be able to use video chat app such as watsapp! I am very happy. I would give more than 5 stars.

👤The device works well and uses the same app as other smart watches. The first day we used the watch, the watchband broke and it was poorly made. It is heavy on the arm. The interface is slow. After trying several versions of smart watches, this one is flimsy and bulky and slow in comparison. gps is not always accurate, but T-Mobile's sim card works well with it. Customer service has contacted me and explained a number of things the company is trying to improve. I will check back with this item in another year to see how it changes my child.

👤It is just like a small phone. There is a clock gadget with the phone. There is a It is enough for kids emergency use. Being as a watch for a few days was just for calling and answering. Kids can bring a normal size smart phone when they grow up. It's possible that would switch for a bigger screen. Can make a call. Design a watch. It's not easy to lost for a kid. This is the only concern if you can't stop your kids from playing.

6. Waterproof Kids Smart Watch Tracker

Waterproof Kids Smart Watch Tracker

The watch uses an advanced waterproof design that will not be damaged while the kids wash or swim. Make life simpler for your children. When your child is in distress, they can use the smart watches to inform you. If you press the button on the kids watch, the preset numbers will be called until someone answers the phone. You can set up a bunch of numbers. You can take selfies with a camera and kidsGPS tracker watch with a location base on a cell tower means double safety for children. Parents don't need to worry about whether the watch will bother their kids when they are in class. Parents can set time periods on ''Do Not Disturb'' mode. Functions like game, camera, and call will not be allowed. When the child is beyond the safety zone, the APP will send a reminder to the parents. The minimum safety area is 500 meters. The watch only supports 2G data traffic and you have to purchase a compatible sim card to use it. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Tykjszgs

👤Cute. It's worth the money. My only concern is connection issues. If the watch's face isn't on some of the functions, they won't work. I want to know how this will work when she leaves. There is a She loves it, the calls work, and the messages are actually a voice chat between her and the number used to set up the app.

👤A 10 year old shouldn't own this kind of watch. The charge wire was one of the things that a seller had on the return. If the one that came with the watch didn't work, you may need to buy a new one, according to the instructions. Really? I just bought a new watch and I want to buy a new charging wire. I don't think so. Adults don't have to be constantly fixing this watch if it is used by a 13 year old or older.

👤I am not sure why they would recommend getting a 2g sim card from t-mobile. I chatted with T-mobile customer service because the watch wouldn't recognize my card. The watch is not compatible with the $5/month plan and they will refund us. It is not an easy set-up and only has one game. I would return it, but it was a Christmas gift for our daughter, so we are stuck with it. Disappointing.

👤My daughter likes to call me. It's just a watch. The gps is off.

👤I couldn't get this to work after buying a separate sim card. It was difficult to connect and work. Not a good product. Very disappointed. I had to take it back from my little girl because it was a present from Santa.

👤It's very hard to find a sim for this.

👤Does not work with my phone.

7. Smartwatch Tracker Pedometer Camera Bluetooth

Smartwatch Tracker Pedometer Camera Bluetooth

The new 4G Kids Smart Watch has all the functions you need. The real time positioning is provided by the wi fi gps tracker. Through the day, it can check location history. Know where your kids are. When the child is in danger, press and hold the button for 3 seconds and the watch will call the preset 3 phone numbers, which is very helpful to the child in an emergency. You can make video calls or voice chats with your children, and you can also send pictures. Communication is more interesting with video and voice chat interactions. It's the best substitute for a mobile phone. The 4G children's smart watch has a music function. Children can connect their headsets to the watch. If you need to download music, first you need to connect the charging cable to your computer. The "My Music" folder is where you should save the music in the.mp3 format. This is a phone watch for kids, just insert the sim card to use. You don't need to purchase another sim card if you have a Speedtalk card. Please turn off the watch before you use it. If you have a problem during the watch setup process, please contact them via email and they will solve it for you.

Brand: Pthtechus

👤I thought the watch was compatible with a 4G network. I received a Speedtalk card that didn't work, but it would have been great. I'm sure the sim card would have worked great with a 4G compatible device, but this watch is 2G, not 4G as advertised. Speedtalk's customer service was great. The agent looked at the number which indicated a 2G device. Their service won't work with this watch. Not much they can do on their end. They did give me a $5 back. Many of the watches being sold as 4G are in fact 2G or 3G. I expected more from this and similar priced kid watches.

👤The regular watch functions work, but we were never able to use the calling feature. I ordered the recommended card and made sure it supported 2G. It was put into the watch and activated. The person you are calling never gets a call. Nothing happens when you call the watch phone. The watch doesn't ring or receive anything when it is just beeps 3 times. I can't find a customer service or even a web site to try and fix my problem. I know that the issue is the watch and not the card. I would like to return it, but it's past the time frame.

👤I used the watch as a tracker. I returned it because the gps wasn't working and my son has an illness.

👤Nunca lo pude.

👤Instructions are not written well. They don't make sense. Mobil app is hard to understand and wants me to download other apps. Not a quality product.

👤The device worked for a week. The cable was working, but the watch wouldn't charge. SCAM...

👤I bought this for my daughter's birthday and am disappointed that she and her mother are not together. The purpose of the watch was for her to have easy contact with me. This thing doesn't connect with any service providers in Canada, and it's far apart to work. I can't afford to replace this with one that works. Do not buy this product. The app was made for China and is full of pop up adds.

👤L'orologio arrivato puntualissimo, 2 cinturini uno in gomma eduno in similtessuto. In parte in italiano, la restante in inglese, and eliminare il blocco, dopo averlo configurato. I sim supportano il 2g, anche se riportano nelle istruzioni, ad oggi. Se caricano direttamente sulla sim da un altro dispositivo. Dopo vari tentativi, le istruzioni contatto il venditore. Alla perfezione e tutto adesso. L'orologio di buona qualit e le funzionalit valide per seguire. Nota negativa perchĂ© non possibile inviare. Non lo abbiamo fatto, e' possibile installare. siamo soddisfatti...

👤Ottimo smart watch per bambini, ottimo per consentire ai picoli pic un graduale. Funziona bene, ottimo audio in chiamata. Dedicata. Ottima anche la funzioneGPS, con una certa approssimazione, di sapere sempre dove. Funziona perfettamente con una scheda 4g. E' possibile istallare W.a., tuttavia non possibile monitorare in alcun. Tenere premuto a lungo il pulsante nero (back), per cambiare i quadranti. Considerato il costo, ne consiglio l'acquisto. In Amazon, quasi dimenticavo, venditore cordiale e disponibile.

8. Kids Smart Watch Waterproof SmartWatch

Kids Smart Watch Waterproof SmartWatch

All the functions are built-in the watch, so it's very easy to operate for kids, without the need to download an app or connect a cell phone. Before you insert the card, turn off the watch. This game phone watch is ideal for birthdays and holidays. The 4G Smart Watch for Kids has functions such as voice and video calls and text messages. You can connect to the network with an activated phone card. The card supports a number of network standards. Functional applications designed for children and parents, alarm clock, face unlock, high-definition camera, game, Calendar, Calculator, wifi, learning, real-time monitoring, safe area, exercise track, Class Mode, low battery notification, etc. It is a great gift for both boys and girls. The positioning speed is fast. When a child is in danger, he or she can contact the parents with one click, and theGPS watch will automatically call 3 numbers you set for help until someone answers it. It's helpful for kids in emergency situations. Real-time positioning on a 4G gps watch. The parents can set the interval for the gps reading on the mobile APP. Know where your kids are. The accuracy is dependent on the database. The gps tracker will combine the data of gps, wi fi, and gps to get the most accurate positioning. Kids can wear a 4G watch when washing their hands or playing with water. It uses waterproof materials and multiple waterproof processes, so there is no need to worry about the watch being damaged by water. The touch screen makes it easier to operate.

Brand: Livego

👤It's terrible to try and get connected. If you buy this watch, you should get the SpeedTalk pre-paid sim card. We spent hours on the phone and visited the AT&T store after I saw in questions that it could connect to AT&T. The problem was that the watch was registered as a phone, not a watch. They applied to change that. They said it couldn't work on their network. The worst thing is that there is no support or info. It worked once we got the speed talk sim. The battery life of a watch is not great, but it is ok for a child to have their first phone. My son likes it. I would like to see a better option for an entry/ kids smart watch.

👤I'm happy with the fast shipping. My son's birthday party was 2 days before the smartwatch arrived. The plan was not disrupted. My son likes the gift very much. He was praised by his classmates for his watch the next day. The function of the watch is very powerful, and the price is cheaper than the mobile phone, so why not choose it? The monthly rent is only $5 after I bought a sim card. It is convenient for me and other family members to communicate with my son because of the cost-effective watches and card.

👤It's so frustrating and doesn't always work. I've tried different sim cards. The watch is unreliable.

👤It feels cumbersome to use. The gps location service and step counter are not accurate. The phone and watch app are not well designed. There are few positives about this purchase. I will definitely come back.

👤Some of the apps on the watch don't work. I can't call the watch or use the watch to call through because it doesn't detect location with the alarm. Videocall is the only thing I can do with it. Sometimes it doesn't work. Look somewhere else. I wanted to make sure I was in contact with my kids, so I added a plan and didn't get the cheap one. This was a waste of money.

👤I tried to figure out what the watch was for my youngest son, but I am not happy. How could this have been boxed? It is possible to see wires through the watch. Why? Quality care is no longer available.

👤The buying experience was pleasant. The seller is especially patient to teach me how to use it because the logistics is faster than expected. The operation video helped me a lot. Most of the functions in mobile phones are covered by the 4G call on the smartwatch. The watch can be unlocked. My child likes this feature. This watch is perfect for me and my kids because I can control it remotely.

👤Without a phone account, you cannot get a sim card. T-Mobile won't give me a T-Mobile sim card which will work with the watch because I have a different sim card than him. It was a total waste of money to put it in a box on my bedroom furniture. Oh my gosh!

9. Waterproof Kids Smart Watch Tracker

Waterproof Kids Smart Watch Tracker

The watch uses an advanced waterproof design that will not be damaged while the kids wash or swim. Make life simpler for your children. When your child is in distress, they can use the smart watches to inform you. If you press the button on the kids watch, the preset numbers will be called until someone answers the phone. You can set up a bunch of numbers. You can take selfies with a camera and kidsGPS tracker watch with a location base on a cell tower means double safety for children. Parents don't need to worry about whether the watch will bother their kids when they are in class. Parents can set time periods on ''Do Not Disturb'' mode. Functions like game, camera, and call will not be allowed. When the child is beyond the safety zone, the APP will send a reminder to the parents. The minimum safety area is 500 meters. The watch only supports 2G data traffic and you have to purchase a compatible sim card to use it. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Tykjszgs

👤I bought this watch for my son to keep an eye on the bus rides. This watch is terrible. I have bought others for him and my daughter. If you are buying for gps, choose another watch.

👤The watch had decent functions for my kids and I ignored the negative reviews. The watch was horrible when tested. Not connecting well to the phone to manage the watch. You can't change the time unless it's connected to the phone. Unless you leave the house, you cannot check if you have signal. My kids were in a different town because of the gps positioning. I talked to the seller and got a new watch. This one was able to connect to the phone better and make calls on the sim but would drop calls all the time. It's frustrating for my family. It was thrown in the trash. You can't use this as a stand alone watch for kids.

👤You purchase a watch. You have to buy an card. You have to pay for a phone number subscription. There's no one to help you with it when it doesn't connect. It's too late because you have a month to return it.

👤Can't connect to the internet. There are thousands of worthless videos to show you how. Nothing works. Total waste of money.

👤It was very difficult to setup. The gps is not accurate. The watch looks good. That's all.

👤Couldn't get it to work even after trying. Returning.

👤It was difficult to get started. My 7 yo immediately tried the number. Had to come back. I think this is better for older kids.

👤It was difficult to set up. Customer service never responded to me. The sim card doesn't work.

10. Garmin VĂ­vofit Fitness Activity Tracker

Garmin V%C3%ADvofit Fitness Activity Tracker

A year battery life is all that is needed. The display size is small. Swim friendly with 5 ATM water resistance. The display resolution is 64 x 64. The 1 size fits most, non-staining, 1 piece band stretches over your child's hand, and fits comfortably. The bands are regular size and fit wrists up to 146 170mm. The vvofit 3 bands are compatible. The physical dimensions are 5.4 inches. There is a compatible parent mobile app free app that includes fun and educational mobile adventures for kids and chore/behavior management for parents. Refer to the user manual if you have a problem.

Brand: Garmin

👤Two weeks ago, I bought this for my child's birthday. I expected the Vivofit Jr. to be more amazing. I ordered a Vivofit Jr. for my children the day after her birthday. Each child is into all the functions, steps taken, daily activity time, chores complete, coins received, the timers and stop watch. My children like to read the trail before bed. We sat down as a family to design rewards. If they have earned enough coins, they can get their allowance or bank coins. My five year old is learning. My kids want to use the treadmilll or go for bike rides on rainy days. They are very excited when they have doubled or tripled their daily activity goals. Their chores are done quicker, and they are asking for more ways to help around the house. The best educational practice for teachers is to have students set their own goals and identify their consequences. The Vivofit Jr. allows us to do this quickly and easily. I would like to have an affordable system for tracking positive behavior like this in my school. My mom friends and teacher friends have purchased watches after seeing the watches and app. For their children. My children's friends are asking their parents for money. The Vivofit Jr. fits bands. It will not look childish with a replacement band. I don't write many reviews. I needed to write a review of this cool product.

👤I've never felt the need to give reviews. I want people to think twice before they put in their hard earned money, not arguing but calling this vent out. This product is expensive. .$79. I think it's expensive. I ordered it as a gift for my daughter because I was impressed with its offering. We were very pleased with the product, but I was a little disappointed with the screen size. She was happy when she fit her wrist. It was easy to set the chores. There is a lot of room for improvement in the software. We didn't explore all the features, but it was going well. I was angry when we saw a big blob on the screen. I should have read more reviews to see if it was common and if it was beyond the period for return or refunds. 4th... The last straw... The strap broke. My kid was devastated and I'm very sad. C'mon, it's really important. What were you thinking when you made a product for kids for $79? The first thing should be their band's longevity. Why aren't they giving a warranty for it? I think the external screen has to endure the wear and tear. I can't imagine it on boys. I know they have a screen guard. I made a mistake by not spending another $8 to do that. There is a There is a big black blob on the screen. In a few moments? I wish I had thought about it before I bought it.

👤The reviews seemed to clump together new and refurbished purchases. Don't do it but be wary. This is the only bad purchase that I feel is worth protesting. We only had it for 2 months and it stopped working a couple weeks ago. We tried 6 different batteries and the vaseline trick, but I have given up. My son loves the app, but this is a rip off. There would be a problem if it was refurbished. This is a complete rip off.

11. Smartwatch Waterproof Watches Tracker Pedometer

Smartwatch Waterproof Watches Tracker Pedometer

The airtags accessory has a pendant design. You can use it with their cute Airtag case. It is waterproof,hand-washable and anti scratch. The 4G Kids Wrist Watches is a new version of the 4G Smartwatch. Two-way call, gps tracker, anti-lost, class mode, HD camera, historical tracker, safe zones, alarm clock, low battery, and more are all included in the phone watch. The watch is just like a mobile phone. It is a great gift for your child. The kids have a waterproof and 2-way call watch. When washing your hands or playing with water, watch is water resistant. Kids smart watch is the best cell phone alternative. 4G smart watch phone with 2-way video calling feature, face to face video talk with your child anytime anywhere. The smartwatch can also send pictures. Video and voice chat interactions are more interesting. This design is great for parents and children. Real time positioning is provided by the wifi gps tracker. Through the day, it can check location history. Know where your kids are. The accuracy depends on the carrier's database and the location of the communication base station. This tracker will combine the data of gps, gps radio, and gps location service to get the most accurate positioning. Provide protection. If your children are in an emergency, they can press the button on the smart watch for 3 seconds, and the watch will automatically call 3 numbers, until someone answers it. Kids in an emergency situation. The network is called 4G Network. This is a phone watch for kids that supports 4G. T-Mobile or AT&T are the best places to purchase a sim card. It can be used in a lot of countries. The Smart Watch's APP is compatible with both mobile devices. Before you insert the sim card, turn off the smart watch. If you have a problem with the installation, please email them.

Brand: Cjc

👤It works but it gets warm when he uses it. During business hours, they are responsive. Make sure you record the IMEI number on the back of the watch because it is wearing off. The app doesn't work very well. We couldn't call the watch so we had to unpair and repair it. Overall, okay. For the last 4 days, we have had this. Initial impressions. I ordered this for my grandson because we didn't want him to have a distraction in school. The Timex version is double the cost and the reviews are not very good. I ordered this one. I tried to get it set up. The rep at TMobile was pretty sure that it wouldn't work, but after several hours it seemed to start working. It was confusing because the watch could call our cell phones, but when we called it, our calls went to voicemail. I went back to TMobile and the same person said that you always have to call from the app. If we just call normally, our calls will connect. The app is here! It is called SeTracker 2. You need to download the app and pair the watch with it. The administrator of the watch is who does it first. I wish I'd realized that the only way to change is to unpair and start over again. I don't really need all the notifications that the app is sending, but I would like to be able to use some of the features, like phone call or texts. I don't think I need all that information for his mom, but it is good for him. I bought an extended warranty. The pros are 1. Hopefully, he will wear it. 2. It seems to work as described so far. The cons are 1. The manual is difficult to read. 2. I messaged them according to the manual, but they didn't reply. 3. It seems slow.

👤The watch is easy to use. The settings for safety are perfect for children. The battery life is good. The app can be slow at times, but it does what it is supposed to.

👤Don't buy this watch because it won't work on 4 different networks and nobody will support it.

👤I've been looking for a smart watch for my 7-year-old son for a while now, after some research, I decided to go with this one. I'm very happy I did. It has all the features I was looking for. I love the feature, it's exactly what I was looking for, and it's peace of mind. The messaging feature is great. My son and I communicate with each other all the time. Can't wait for him to use it. Don't hesitate to buy, great watch all around!

👤Ready setup with very clear instructions... The SpeedTalk Mobile sim card was used immediately. Very easy... My child was very happy with this purchase.

👤It took hours to set it up. I couldn't test the sim in other devices because the watch ate it. There is no English customer service. Cancelling the account and starting over was what I tried. It was rubbish to speak to Speedtalk chat. Don't waste money or time.


What is the best product for gps kid tracker watch?

Gps kid tracker watch products from Sobotoo. In this article about gps kid tracker watch you can see why people choose the product. Cubitt Tracking Technologies and Pthtechus are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps kid tracker watch.

What are the best brands for gps kid tracker watch?

Sobotoo, Cubitt Tracking Technologies and Pthtechus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps kid tracker watch. Find the detail in this article. Spacetalk, Livego and Tykjszgs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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