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1. ASHATA Necklace Portable Positioning Tracking

ASHATA Necklace Portable Positioning Tracking

The device supports gps, wi-fi and gps positioning, it is manly for indoor position. The host can use the two way voice function to talk to the child or senior when they are in an emergency. You can listen to the voice around locator after answering, if you select voice monitoring function in setting up and fill in your mobile phone number, wait for while and after confirmation, equipment will be sent a calling to your number, you can listen to the voice around locator after answering. After setting the short message monitoring number, the alarm short message and other notifications can be received. Users can set up a circular electronic fence on the map by selecting the electronic fence function on the mobile APP client. The mobile APP client will show alarm information if the device leaves the fence. Fast positioning, standard positioning, power saving positioning, and support forANDROID, for Apple mobile phones and computers and other network clients are some of the things that can be achieved with Various Working Modes and Multi Platform Monitoring. Global Universal has built-in Global Access Parameters.

Brand: Ashata

👤It's not clear what phone plan is needed.

👤I use it to track my father.

2. Bewinner Positioning Electronic Multi Platform Monitoring

Bewinner Positioning Electronic Multi Platform Monitoring

There are 3 plans to choose from. Quarterly / Monthly. An Annual subscription is as low as $17.98 a month. You have to subscribe for $17, $22, or $29.99. No contracts are needed to cancel. Global Universalsupport four-frequency network, voice time zone settings and built-in global access parameters. You have to get a cellphone line and a sim card. Multi-Platform Monitoringsupport a wide range of clients. Fast positioning (1 minuteGPS positioning),consumes electricity quickly. Standard positioning, power-saving positioning, andconsumes less power. The necklace design is easy to carry. History track,geofence,Voice monitoring,SMS monitoring number,GPS +LBS + wi-fi positioning,Do not disturb mode, with the SOS button and two way voice function. If you have questions about the product, please contact them at any time, they will give you a best solution. Their main concern is your satisfaction.

Brand: Bewinner

👤I have been trying to set up this unit for two days without success. I can't find a customer service number.

👤If you don't get a cellphone line and a sim card, this device won't work.

👤Tech support is terrible. I bought it a couple of months ago. I can't get it to work. I have a sim card. I couldn't get anyone to help me. I don't use my money.

👤Tech support is not reliable. There is a piece of junk. I won't be able to connect to the app. Good luck with the directions. They are just as worthless as the tracker. I gave 1 star because I did too. Doesn't deserve anything.

👤This purchase was all around bad.

👤I didn't look at reviews until after I received it. I'm left with junk after the box was thrown away. There is no tech support. Don't spend your money on something you value more than money.

👤Instructions are very vague. Customer service is notexistent, can't find any info for contacting them I've been trying to get it set up for a month. It is impossible. Do not buy.

👤No me permite en la aplicacin. Necesito el usuario y password. The producto devolveré.

👤The artculo was a buscar, pero it was correct.

3. TKSTAR Tracker Anti Thieft Tracking Anti Lost

TKSTAR Tracker Anti Thieft Tracking Anti Lost

If you have questions about the product, please contact them at any time, they will give you a best solution. Their main concern is your satisfaction. 5USD per month. The card is not included. The device needs a sim. Please purchase a 2G sim for it. T-Mobile is affiliated with SpeedTalk. You can buy a 2G service from Amazon. You can go to the T-Mobile store to confirm if your area supports 2G. The battery life depends on how often the device is used. The longer the battery time, the lower the frequencies used. Track and map in real-time over the internet or their free app, accuracy up to 16-32 ft. There are three positioning ways. Web positioning, APP positioning, and a message on the phone. Tracking Luggage, Assets, Kids, Baby, Elderly person, and safe are some of the applications.

Brand: Tkstar

👤I tried to log into the app after getting my card activated, but it wouldn't let me. It asks you to log in but then gives you an error message. If you want to call customer service, you have to use Whatsapp, but none of the numbers work. Stay away from this device.

👤I bought this unit and it worked perfectly. I signed up for the cheapest monthly plan, but I have to pay a monthly fee for my sim card. 60 second updates were sufficient to follow and track. Specific loations or areas can be setup withgeofences. When the device enters or leaves an area, the alert will be sent to your phone. When my son left the house to go to school, I knew. I use both my computer and phone. They work well. It's worth the money for the clarity.

👤I couldn't get the app to work when I got this tracker. I asked for a refund because I missed some off the set up. I wrote to the seller before I sent it back, and got a message asking to add on the wats app to sort it out. I stopped the return and kept the item because the tracker was working with the right setting after I talked to them. For better than any data plan sims out there, you can get a sim card subscription for $5 a month. The quality of the build is very good and can be dropped on the floor. I want to buy another one for my other bikes because of the high level of support. If you want to know where your stuff is, buy this. The tracker was small and could fit into a lot of items. One of the best things I have got for my bike.

👤We bought this for a family member who is suffering with alzheimer's disease and is still living on his own. We needed something to keep track of his movements. The tracker has proved useful. The device is small enough to fit in the pocket and is useful. It charges well. It works well with both maps and the app, and you can add more than one to the app. When we want to know where he is, we only need to open the app. Really good product.

👤The product is very accurate and cool. I bought the tracker for my child. It is small and light enough to fit in a purse. It can go inside my son's jacket while he is skiing. The app is easy to install on my phone. The mini gps tracker needs the correct sim card to work. I put the chip in the accessory so that it could connect with the device better. It's handy to keep an eye on different things. The small size can be placed anywhere. Recommended.

👤My daughter put her in her bagpack. If I want to know where my daughter is, I just send a text message to her phone. I got her real-time location, a pretty good small device, and I plan to buy another one and give it to my dad, but the only problem is I need 3 days charge once.

4. Disney Birthstone Zirconia Necklace Anniversary

Disney Birthstone Zirconia Necklace Anniversary

There is an Officially Licensed Disney Jewelry that has a Delightful Minnie Mouse silhouette with a red and white enameled bow. The unique necklace design adds a dash of magic to any outfit and is a fun way to celebrate July birthdays. Superb silver plated finish, topped by a red and white bow, includes an 18 inch chain with a 2 inch extender and a secure lobster clasp. The pretty birthstone necklace is perfect for bridesmaids, birthdays, Sweet 16s, graduations, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter, or any occasion. SallyRose, a premier designer and curator of cross-generational and timeless brands, offers an array of affordable, yet always finely crafted on-trend and classic jewelry as well as gift items for the entire family.

Brand: Disney

👤Don't look at me, look at the necklace! That's not my best. That's right! Yesterday I received a necklace that I love. It looks more expensive than it is. I have always loved Disney items. If you are a Disney fan, I recommend purchasing this item. It is very cute.

👤This is the first time that I have been disappointed with a purchase from Amazon. I bought this for my friend. I was very excited to give her the gift because we are going to Disney World. As soon as my girlfriend pulled the charm out of the box, everything fell apart. There were red crystals on the floor. I was embarrassed. I hope they can take care of this for me. So disappointed.

👤The plastic holding the stones was loose when I received it. I didn't return it because my daughter was so excited that she wore a necklace without stones. It's not made well, so I would not recommend it.

👤The necklace is made of high quality materials. You can feel the weight of it in your hand. It is very pretty in person. I got a mini mouse for my 3 year old. She has broken the chain since then, but I don't think that has anything to do with the quality of rough kid wear. I don't see why it shouldn't last forever on an older child or adult.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter for her fifth birthday and she took it to show and tell at school. I was pleasantly surprised that it is slightly larger than I thought and it is pretty. Her younger sister is getting her own birth stones for her birthday next week, but she was sad she didn't get one.

👤It was perfect for our neighbor's daughter. A woman with special needs is wearing a dress at Disney for her birthday. She is a big boned lady and I wish it came with a longer chain. I think she would like more if it were a little longer. She was excited that it was her birthday. She opened it and it was beautiful, but not as beautiful as her smile said.

👤My daughter is 20 years old and she has been a fan of Disney since she was a child. We've been to Disney World three times. A Disney gift was perfect. The necklace has a good amount of weight and the birthstones in the necklace made it personalized. This gift is perfect for someone who is a fan of Disney.

👤We bought this necklace for our granddaughter because they were going on a family vacation to Disney World. The chain is a nice length for both little and big girls, and the pendant is more sturdy than I expected. The gift was a big hit.

👤Es war. Ihren Patenkind hat me in Kette hat, so die Kette Sieht genauso aus.

👤This was a case of buyer remorse. It was a gift and I loved the concept, however I was disappointed in the quality of the piece. It looks like costume jewellery you would find at your local dollar store.

5. Compatible Necklace Keychain Anti Scratch Shockproof

Compatible Necklace Keychain Anti Scratch Shockproof

The airtag necklace for kids/adults fit perfectly. It is soft and comfortable to wear. The screen protectors for the Apple airtag did not fall off. The cover of the air tag is tightly sealed for privacy. signal reception and transmission are not affected by this. Simple and classic necklace fits your airtag perfectly, it is suitable for most age groups, such as Apple Airtag case necklace kids or Airtag holder necklace elderly. There are 2 necklaces and a keychain. You could use them as air tag necklace holders 2 pack, air tag keychain as a replace or complement, and you can also use them as a airtag dog collar holder/backpack tracker for kids, keep the remaining necklaces as a replace or complement. The airtags accessory has a pendant design. You can use it with their cute Airtag case. It is waterproof,hand-washable and anti scratch.

Brand: Jikileet

👤I tried many ways to get it fit but it doesn't fit, I bought two of these things and none fit in the case. Money is wasted.

👤It was purchased prior to the trip. If the worst happened, it's important to keep track of the kids. They charge for along time.

👤The Air Tag holder is easy to use. The Air Tag won't fall out. The price was worth it. You get two with options. Can't beat that.

👤I lost the air tags many times because the caps don't snap tight. This is not a good use of money if you are using it as a necklace.

👤It was very easy to put an air tag on a child.

👤La verdad is un buen producto. No es razonable, pero tiene caro para lo.

👤Se tienes una fcile, pero perder el AirTag.

6. Disney Cinderella Silver Plated Pendant

Disney Cinderella Silver Plated Pendant

The Disney Cinderella Silver Plated Heart Pendant is silly. The item is made of silver plated brass. The silver plate chain has a ring clasp for a secure fit. It's perfect for all gift giving occasions for daughters, neices, sisters, birthdays, Christmas, graduation, or just for someone special.

Brand: Disney

👤So cute. I used it as a stocking stuffer.

👤It's perfect for my grandgirl Christmas gift. It would make a great gift for a little or big girl.

👤Cute. It was a Christmas gift and my niece loved it.

👤I think it's cute, a little smaller than me.

👤My granddaughter liked the necklace. She wants to wear it all the time.

👤My daughter loves her necklace.

👤I bought a gift for my granddaughter. It was a hit for everyone. The item is beautiful and the gift is perfect.

7. Invisawear Smart Jewelry Personal Necklace

Invisawear Smart Jewelry Personal Necklace

This necklace could save you. If you double press the back of the charm, it will send a text message with your location to five people to let them know you need help. InvisaWear uses the same emergency response technology as ADT, the #1 name in security, so you can be confident help will be there when you need it the most. If you feel unsafe, you don't have to worry about finding your phone, opening an app or making a call. You don't have to worry about a lot. Safety is built into your outfit. Help is always at hand. You can install a free app on your phone to use invisaWear. You can choose up to five people to be notified. You can use the app to enable a free and optional feature which will allow you to share your location with emergency responders. No need to charge! The battery life can last up to two years depending on usage. A replacement charm is discounted when the battery dies. It is required that the phone is mobile. Their 30 day satisfaction guarantee makes sure you love it or get your money back. Your invisa Wear is covered by a one year warranty.

Brand: Invisawear

👤The cheap necklace broke and we lost the alert. The necklace broke and we loved it.

👤I got this today and I am very happy to have it. I have always been hesitant about going on blind dates without something that can help you in a crisis without being obvious. I usually have a stun gun on me. Yes, you can do the same thing on a phone, but what if it ends up in your purse? I have been mugged before, and trust me even if you don't know how quick it can be. I will give my account of what it was like to receive this item. When I received this item, I received everything like other people have received in pics, except for one odd fact, my necklace didn't come nicely wrapped around a cardboard backing with the insignia. It was wrapped in toilet paper. I paid full price for this item, so I hope someone doesn't return it. I took one star off for that reason. I got the version with the black cord because I thought it was a necklace, and I was going to change the chain to something higher end. I realized I would use it more if it was a bracelet. I collect vintage charm bracelets. Very pleased with the outcome.

👤I love accessories and am thrilled to have a necklace by invisaWear that keeps me safe, secure and stylish. You get more when you purchase this device. Is there a thank you note with the purchase? I feel appreciated and loved. It's easy to install an app on my phone. That is rare. They are holding your hand and walking you through the process. If you have a problem, you can email them to help you install the app on your phone. I attend a lot of evening events in Boston. I feel safe and secure when I have this attractive piece of jewelry protecting me. As I leave the house, my husband asks if I have my invisaWear necklace with me. How sweet is he? This safety accessory is a 5 star review because it exceeds my expectations. Cheers!

👤I purchased an Invisa Wear keychain to be able to call for help in the event of an emergency, as an older man. It is a very small device and it gives me peace of mind.

👤Couldn't connect to the phone. It wouldn't connect when I tried to do what the help line said to do. Love the concept.

👤I was disappointed because I didn't realize it was not waterproof. I want a shower as well as something else.

👤I've had it for a month. Everyone on my list was informed after I ran a test. It makes me feel safe because I can get help quickly.

👤The alert works and is easy to set up, but the tracker won't stay in the jewelry, making it easy to misplace.

8. Necklace Adjustable Doughnut Silicone Protective

Necklace Adjustable Doughnut Silicone Protective

Air Tag introduced a new way to find lost items. An Air Tag compatible necklace was created to help locate loved ones wherever they are. It's compatible with Airtag and provides secure protection for your Air Tag no matter what activity you're doing. The necklace has a size controlling stop to fit everyone. The film protects your Air Tag from fingerprints and scratches. Light rubber material allows for long hours of activity with zero neck strain.

Brand: Generic

👤I grabbed it from the front door and didn't even try to put the AirTag in.

👤The air tag fits perfectly.

👤The AirTag is easy to install. There is a hole in the middle. You can see the AirTag.

9. Trackers Locator Positioning Personal Anti Lost

Trackers Locator Positioning Personal Anti Lost

Tracking Luggage, Assets, Kids, Baby, Elderly person, and safe are some of the applications. The necklace is easy to carry. The running track of equipment is history track. Within three months. Users can set up a circular electronic fence on the map by selecting the electronic fence function on the mobile APP client. The mobile APP client will show alarm information if the device leaves the fence. When you fill in your mobile phone number and wait for confirmation, equipment will be sent to your number and you can listen to the voice around locator. The host can use the two way voice function to talk to the child or senior when they need help. The device supports gps, wi-fi and gps positioning, it's manly for indoor position. After setting the short message monitoring number, the alarm short message and other notifications can be received. Domestic users don't need to set language time zone settings. The non-ference mode prevents calling a locator. Four groups of nonference time can be set. It's impossible to call a locator within the time period. Fast positioning, standard positioning, and power saving positioning are some of the modes of work. Multi-platform monitoring can be done on computers, phones, and network clients. Global Universal has built-in Global Access Parameters. Fast positioning. The equipment updates position information at a time interval of 1 minute and the locator consumes electricity quickly. The position information is updated at 10-minute intervals. The power-saving positioning mode positioner consumes less power when it is updated at an hour interval.

Brand: Sonew

👤They told me that this product was received a week later. You have to buy a plan for your sim card to be activated before everything is ready. That can be costly. Don't buy this product. Trying to get it back. One Evers will come back to me.

👤Not functioning. They sent me two devices that were not functional. Tech-support was not helpful.

👤I am not happy with the item. It doesn't charge fully. It never worked. I tried to charge and insert the card. It never worked. I asked a friend to help, but he was not operational. I would like a refund.

👤The device is small for a necklace. The photo looks smaller than it is.

👤I had to restart the app every time the app stopped on my phone. It was easy to navigate and trace as much as it worked. If the app works well, it's a good buy.

👤Nunca pude activar el producto.

👤Je ne peit pas l'utiliser, c'est trop gros pour un chat et sa prends.

👤Thank you for this product, it could save a child's life.

10. Compatible Adjustable Transparent Protective Waterproof

Compatible Adjustable Transparent Protective Waterproof

The necklace holder is for kids. The original design of the AirTag was highlighted in crystal clear. Both are durable and stylish. It's easy to intall. It is comfortable to wear. The necklace case for AirTag is light and wont increase the pressure on the neck when worn for a long time. The airtag case necklace can be adjusted for all ages, but not for the tracking device. The Air tag case does not affect reception or transmission. No matter what activity you are doing, the Air Tag will be protected. The anti-oxidation layer is easy to clean. If it is dirty, just wash it with water.

Brand: Jikileet

👤It is difficult to assemble and may not stay put.

👤It is easy to install and protect the air tag. It keeps away dust. The lanyard is strong. The product is okay. This product is recommended by me. Wishing you good fortune in your purchase. Happy shopping, be safe and stay healthy.

11. Kaizen Kreations Clothing Keychain Wristband

Kaizen Kreations Clothing Keychain Wristband

Protect your children from potential danger. Keep track of your children, pets, dogs, and cat in crowded areas around your house. You can keep an apple Airtag hidden to those you love the most. BENEFITS of using an Apple Airtag as a Child Tracker versus the competition: ReLIABILITY - Since air tags are part of the Apple ecosystem, their software is lightyears beyond what similar products Affordability. This is the cheapest way to get a gps tracker for your child, if you use an Apple device. Similar products can cost more. The air tag holder is hidden out of sight, making it easy to keep hidden, unlike other airtag watches, bracelets, wristband, and necklace that are visible. Since tracker is out of sight, children wearing this pin are less likely to take it off. It is easy to install and designed to fit all body types. Airtag case uses a safety pin design to securely attach an air tag to your child, dog, cat, baby, or toddler. A safety pin design is more reliable than a sticker and cannot be lost like a watch, or small bracelet. The Apple Airtag is made of high quality materials that won't stick to skin and the pin is made of steel that will repel sweat and prevent rust.

Brand: Kaizen Kreations

👤They used a bad safety pin for the clasp. I was putting it on my child for the first time and it broke. Not very safe! If the new product is better, I will update my review.

👤The pin poked my son because it kept bending. The design is not very strong to avoid injury. I don't think this is a good idea for someone trying to add it to something that is moving. It kept falling off.

👤The pin part is cheap and unlatches easily.

👤The pin clipper fell apart as soon as I got it, so I was trying to put it on my son, but it was difficult to glue it and under the UV light.

👤My son is on the spectrum and I want to use the AirTag to track him. You can put it in his clothes. He could pull it off. The AirTag popped out of the case when he pinned it to the back of his clothes. It wasn't secure. Good idea, bad execution.


What is the best product for gps jewelry necklace?

Gps jewelry necklace products from Ashata. In this article about gps jewelry necklace you can see why people choose the product. Bewinner and Tkstar are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps jewelry necklace.

What are the best brands for gps jewelry necklace?

Ashata, Bewinner and Tkstar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps jewelry necklace. Find the detail in this article. Disney, Jikileet and Invisawear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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