Best Gps Holder for Vehicles

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1. Yonisun Suction Holder Windscreen Windshield

Yonisun Suction Holder Windscreen Windshield

Don't lose your way! This mount will keep your Nuvi gps with you at all times. Attach the mount to your car with the help of a cup. Extra gps mounts are a great solution for moving your navigation system from one vehicle to another with less hassle. The mount is not included.

Brand: Eeejumpe

👤There is an update. Under the Vegas heat, the Suction mount's efficacy failed at the 2-year mark. I didn't see BestDealUSA or Yonisun listed as brands anymore. Semson is still a seller, but it doesn't fulfill by Amazon, so there's added shipping costs. I decided to pay twice-the-price for the item and buy it from Amazon. The larger one is designed to provide extra-holding-power for the larger models. I have ordered off this page, but the large feels more solid and Sturdy than the regular ones. The box was an original one from Garmin. The ball is tight. The actual diameter of the actual swivel ball is 17.2mm. I'm pretty sure I have a good feeling about this one. The original review was not a good one. The mount I bought here is working perfectly after several weeks. The seller was Semsons and the brand was Yonisun. It is still very hot in Vegas. I bought a new mount on Amazon in July of 2016 from this very URL. The seller was Semsons and the mount was called BestDealUSA. It failed under the heat of Vegas. I will not complain about the two years of life for a $5 mount. Solid suction was held 100% of the time until it failed. I got my money's worth. I have learned over the years that these mounts are very susceptible to heat, and that the least amount of warping from heat causes them to be unable to hold good suction. Some are built better than others, and some hold better and last longer. None of the third-party mounts I've ordered have come with any packaging or maker's marks that would prove a specific brand or manufacturer. Who knows what brand of mount is being sold? I don't believe that all these third-party sellers are selling the same mount. Some of them are being rated as working well because other raters are reporting the product as failing after a week. I ordered a similar mount from the same seller that I ordered the previous one from, in order to try and get a better one. I was wondering if the seller would still be pushing old stock under the new brand name. Maybe that seller has higher standards for the product it sells. Or whatever. I don't know if it helped or not. I'm holding tightly and consistently, despite other reviewers saying their mount was not good. There is aSIDE. I have found that the best way to mount the mount to the car is to use a Silicone Sealant like the one I have found from Permatex Clear RTV. You can get it at most auto hardware stores. It doesn't work well because of too much, too little. With the Goldilock amount applied, it improves the hold and endurance of the cup. When the cup fails, it's a chore to clean the windshield. That is usually under summer heat. Most of it will peel off easily, but the rest requires a lot of work. I don't fool with it anymore. If you get desperate, I suggest you try that.

2. Universal Car Phone Mount Magnetic

Universal Car Phone Mount Magnetic

This car holder can be installed in any car and works with any cell phone or gps device. It can be used with up to 3 different devices. It is easy to install. Bring your phone to the mount and feel it lock into place. The magic of the magnet is what makes clips and cradles useless. The mount provides a panoramic view. It is handy and holds up. Their small magnetic phone car mount looks awesome and performs better than any other mount. A thin metal disc can be used to hide a phone. The car phone holder is 100 to be safe and secure. There are 28 US states that prohibit phone mounts. Get a phone mount for your car. If you don't like your new phone car holder, just contact them and they will make it right.

Brand: Accessories

👤There's not a good place to put a phone mount. I tried many different car mounts. There isn't a single spot on the console that is that wide, flat, and smooth, and most of the time there is a 1.5-2 inch diameter suction cup. You don't want to mount it on the top of the dash because the field of vision is small enough that it won't interfere with the phone's reception. I tried one that plugs into a car's charging port, but it was not strong enough to hold up my phone, because of the rough ride of a Wrangler. I tried two different vent mounts, but the all-direction swivel feature on the Wrangler vent just meant it would end upside down or dumped in the floor when the weight of the phone pulled the whole mount off the vent when it inevitably ended up pointing downward. The mount is strong and sturdy. It fits perfectly, and it's not a big piece of plastic hanging off my dash. I'm very happy. I don't recommend putting the magnet on a popsocket, because the phone will still tip over, but that's really a minor annoyance. I'm glad I did it. I would buy this one again and again.

👤The product works well. I put them in my home made phone holder so that the screen always points at the user and doesn't block the dashboard controls.

👤My coworker recommended this product to me. I bought one online after the supplies were backordered. When I contacted the Customer Service rep, he was great and told me it was on backorder and that it would be available again. He told me the second it was available for sale again, which was really appreciated, and not a normal practice I have received from a Customer Care team before. I got the product and it stuck well to my car, but the magnetism isn't that strong. I put the magnet underneath my pot sockets because I don't want to cover it. If I put it where they recommend, it will work as designed. If you're like me, you're not going to want to cover your pot sockets design, so expect to have a phone that falls every time you hit abump.

👤The mount is cheap and horrible compared to the original model. The original model held everything, but the ball became too loose and it was almost impossible to hold your phone in one position. When the original model was no longer available, I tried the newer model, hoping it would be a little bit smaller. I could have been wrong. The ball that allows you to rotation the phone is not safe because of the magnet on the mount. If you want to allow your phone to be used on wireless charging, you have to put a magnetic plate at the bottom of your phone. Your phone will fall off the mount as soon as you hit abump or turn. Don't buy this version. You will not be happy. I have bought an iOtti Clamping Mount and could not be happier, even though it costs 3x as much as this, but who cares if this product is cheaper if it also doesn't do what it's supposed to do? Don't waste your money. Buy something else instead.

3. ISaddle Dashboard GPS Mount Holder

ISaddle Dashboard GPS Mount Holder

ROVE designed it in the USA. IDEAL REPLACEMENT No tools are required, just place the gps dashboard mount holder to the car, and you're good to go. Better than a Suction Cup Mountholder, Never worry about falling down from a window, and make your device works like a heads up display. iSaddle Universal DashboardGPS/Phone holder can fit 99% of Poluar devices in the market, no need to buy a new gps navigation mount for your upgrade, and it can fit music speaker and other things more. Keep the screen clear and protect your device with a large front cover. There is a mount everywhere. iSaddle dashboard holder can be mounted anywhere you want, it can be stable to flat place with a 6.22" gel base. It's easy to remove and clean, so you can use it as a phone Mount or PC Mount. If you get dirt or lose it, clean the holder by water. It's Mount Everything! The gps declination mount is for all the gps navigators. DriveLuxe StreetPilot RV The car mount holder is for all phones, including the Note 10 9. There is a Tablet PC Mount holder for the iPad Mini. There is a365 days warranty. Purchase now and you will get a 100% money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong within a year. There is a365 days warranty. Purchase now and you will get a 100% money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong within a year.

Brand: Isaddle

👤I use this for a gps and it's not very strong. The gps goes off the left or right. You have to adjust it constantly. On the bottom, where you can set your phone, it slides forwards and backwards to adjust the viewing angle. It doesn't stay where you put it after a week and a half of use. I don't recommend this for a small device.

👤There were problems with all the different devices I tried to hold my gps to. The biggest annoyance I found was that the brackets that held the gps in place would often engage the screen when I accelerated or braked, throwing up different screens, or adding weird things to it. The product is not perfect, but it is better than any other I have tried, allowing me to use my tablets on my dash. I have to change it about once a day as it slips a little but that is not a big deal. I think this product is very good.

👤I really like it. When you put 3m tape on a surface it will stick and it's hard to get it off, so you have to move it. When you find a spot you want to use, make sure you do it first. I have a 7" gps and it works great.

👤I've been happy with the unit and the price. I needed a touchscreen interface for my phone, and it works well. When everything works out. I don't have to take my phone out of my pocket. Happy with that. It definitely doesn't have decent ground loop cancellation, despite the description. I had to add one more. The mount didn't work for my car. I wanted to move it between vehicles so I wouldn't use the glue every time. I bought a different one. Sometimes the unit forgets that it's connected to my phone. I have to do it again. It seems to happen after I have a new device connected, like my headphones.

👤This was used to setup the backup camera display in our truck. Doesn't adhere to the dashboard surface. The clam shell is not tight. We make the tiniest turn when our display slides out. I may have another purpose for it, I'm going to hold onto it.

👤I wanted a heads-up holder that didn't involve permanent glue or suction cups. This was the perfect fit for my car. It looks like an add-on because it matches my dashboard.

👤The corner of the dash is too wide for this to be used in, because the window slants there. The sticky pad base is good for the dash surface. The corner of the dash in my Ford Fiesta is where I will use the wider clamshell. We will see how that goes, I haven't used it yet.

👤The mount holds my RV at the perfect angle in my truck. The recess is in the middle of the dash. The mount slide has not been used in a tight turn. My cell phone is held in place when the gps is not on. It would be easy to hide it when not in use since it isn't perma-mounted. I gave the unit a 1-star because it doesn't have any power. It does not need it. Very happy.

4. AONKEY Dashboard Anti Slip Smartphones Compatible

AONKEY Dashboard Anti Slip Smartphones Compatible

This car mount is compatible with all mobile phones from 3 to 7. ABILITY: The phone holder has a reinforced dashboard, large gel base, and circle of silicone film and a cup to hold it in place. SECURITY: The phone holder is made of high quality spring and two ends of silicone, so it won't slide or fly out, even if you take a sharp turn or accelerate. There is a certainILITY to it. Silicone is not a permanent attachment to the car. It can be removed from the dash and the bottom will become sticky after a few uses. The cell phone car holder can be moved to the best position for your view. There are two different angels that give you more options to see non light reflect and clear screen view.

Brand: Aonkey

👤The thing works. It doesn't move around, it sticks to your dash. Even though the dash is curved, the soft base on this unit fits the shape of the dash and stays put. It's actually better than I anticipated.

👤I only had this dashboard cell phone holder for a week, so I can't speak to its longevity. It is all that is advertised, and I can speak to its function. I was concerned that the base would curve to it if it stayed on my dash. It comes up off the surface easily, so there's no need to worry. It cradles my phone in place when I use it as a gps device. One of the reasons I chose this model is because I wanted something that could hold a portable cylinder-shaped wireless speaker. I did the best thing I could and looked for something that I thought might work, but I couldn't find anything that was specifically designed for that purpose. I wasn't sure if this would work, but it was a perfect fit and I wouldn't have held it against the product if it didn't work. The speaker slides into the cradle and the clasp holds it in place. Since I started using it, it hasn't budged. I think it will have a good life because it feels solid in construction. I can't imagine not having it with me on the ride.

👤This was amazing. I needed to not have my phone on my lap while I traveled for 9 hours. I bought this device. I took a car that had a slight bump, but it was lightweight and didn't damage the car with icky glue...and we traveled close to a tornado. It held my device in place and adjusted it to any device. I'm not sure if it would hold a larger device. You have to check the measurement. I also bought a lighter that plugs into a wall outlet. It fit perfectly and didn't try to remove the device from the holder. One of my favorite purchases on Amazon.

👤This item is great for my phone. Since the phone is so expensive, I didn't want one of the holders that hangs from the window or off the vent. When I hit a pot hole, the phone jumps out of the holder with the risk of cracking the glass, so I chose the Aonkey for the dashboard. It was a good choice. I have a phone that is too big to fit most holders, but it holds it with or without the cover, no problem with the Aonkey. I don't like the idea of being told to stick it to the dashboard. I don't want my car to be permanently marked with glue, so I'm reluctant to do that. I don't have a lot of faith in that happening. My dashboard is wide enough that I can just place it and it is heavy enough that it stays in place even when I hit the road.

👤This phone holder is very nice. When I take the phone out, the vent holders come off and I am frustrated. I am using a phone. It will fit a bigger phone. It sticks into place with a large circle of glue around the center. If you have a flat or curved dash, the outer rubber allows for flexibility. Even when it came to an abrupt stop, it stayed in place. Removes by opening it. This is my favorite version of phone holders.

5. VICSEED Upgrade Universal Compatible Smartphone

VICSEED Upgrade Universal Compatible Smartphone

Stable install. The phone car holder won't break or fall off. The mount is easy to attach to the air vent. If you hit abump or a sharper turn, the phone holder will stay in a place. It makes the car environment distraction-free. The plastic panel phone mount is easy to scratch. The upgrade high-density silicone material of the VICSEED cell phone holder has excellent resilience. The mount for the phone in the car is covered in a thick layer of silicone that will keep it safe from wear and tear. The design leaves no scratches on mobile devices. The car mount for phone has a very flexible ball-joint rotation that allows for infinite viewing angles. The phone car mount can be used to switch between landscape and vertically viewed views. You can enjoy a more relaxed and safer drive by using your phone at the perfect angle. The thick arms built-in anti-slip rubber pads of the car cell phone holder make it possible to secure grip on your phone. The universal car mount is strong enough to hold your phone. It makes the car environment distraction-free. The One-button release system on the hands free cell phone holder for cars allows you to lock or release your phone with one hand. The upgrade phone stand for car has a foot that can be adjusted to fit big phones, and the function of avoiding cell phone power or volume button will be squeezed by the arm. All mobile phones can be fit well between 4''-7''in width and most thick case.

Brand: Vicseed

👤It seems to be reliable. It is very useful for using maps.

👤The product is easy to install. It is stable when I am driving.

👤It is so sturdy that it can hold my phone in landscape orientation without falling over, and it is very secure. I don't think it's long enough for a car but it fits the Ford and BMW vents perfectly.

👤I ordered this one after looking at a car cell phone holder. Overall, I was very happy with it. I cracked the back base of the device when I applied it. It could have been a defect or my own strength. Either way. I asked about a replacement after I sent a photo and brief description. I was greeted by a messenger and had a problem solved and a new part on it's way. I ordered a different holder from the same company and liked it even more. I have different vehicles. I have 2 car holders that I love. Mistakes happen. There are products that can have defaults. The company made sure I was happy. I have suggested this holder to other drivers.

👤The build seems good for plastic, which is needed to cut down on weight and leverage being applied to the vents. It is the right amount of weight savings that I feel comfortable attaching it to my car. The ball head and adjustment screws are made of metal. The inner workings of the phone holder are made of plastic, but don't feel cheap. I am confident that it will last if it is the same quality as the device. The sides and base of the phone are so strong that they hold up even over rough bumps. Even if you don't have a case, there should be no issues with scratching. You have to get your fingers in the small gap between the housing and the vent to adjust position after installation. Maybe they can make that easier on future models of the product. This is a quality product. I don't anticipate any issues down the line, but I will update if there are.

👤Doesn't stay on the vent. My vents are compatible. I tighten it according to the instructions. I returned it.

👤This is the first phone holder that worked for me. It fits my car just right. It holds it securely because it has a screw down tightener on the clip that goes on the vent. The part of the holder that holds the phone is very wide and can hold almost any phone. It works well with my phone and is very secure. I took a trip last weekend and had some rough roads, but it didn't fall off once. Very happy!

👤I got this for my Dodge Challenger because I needed it for the installation of my iPhone 11 Pro Max. The device fits perfectly on the dash air vent between the UConnect screen and driver gauge. The phone stays put and doesn't vibrate even on long trips, which was the problem with my previous device. The device is well engineered with quality mounting hardware and a block below the louver clip to keep it from putting too much Torque on the vent. This mount has proven to be the best mount for heavier smart phones that I have seen.

6. Gooseneck Extension Windshield Vehicle Compatible

Gooseneck Extension Windshield Vehicle Compatible

The most durable phone mount is the Vicseed. The carbon fiber panel is always in good shape. It won't suck ash easily and will get ugly. It is not like other Silicone phone clamps, it is made of Airplane PTFE, which is temperature resistant. You deserved the mount. The Vast Compatibility is based on a spring locking system for most 7 to 12 inch tablets. The Suction Cup Phone Mount works for the 13ProMax. 12Mini 11 There are 8 7+ 7 SE 6S+ 6S 6+ 6 5S 5, and the SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 Ultra S22+ S21+ S20 S20+ S10 S10+ S9 S9+ S8 S8+ S. Note 20 Ultra 10 9 8 6 5 is folded. A80 A72 A70 A60 A52 A42 A41 A40 A30 A32 A31 A22 A21 A20 A12 A11 A10 A02 A01. The cable hole is good for charging your phone. Premium extra long arm made of thick aluminum pipe up to 13 inches makes it easy to reach and operate your phone. It's useful for the dashboard and the windshield. The two-stage locking suction cup has a sticky gel pad that sticks securely to most flat surfaces. It can be restored to its mint condition by rinsing it with warm water. It is amazing to have a larger screen for hands-free navigation during a road trip, and spend more time at the wheel and eyes on the road. You can have your perfect viewing angle with full 360-degree rotation. It's perfect for off-road entertainment when you're on a road trip. Also, note: It doesn't work for the iPad Pro and the Tab S8 Ultra. Also, note: The total length of the car mount holder is 15 inches, and the arm length is 13 inches.

Brand: Apps2car

👤After only four months, the slimy, sticky mess that is the gel adhesive began to melt and slide all over the place. You can see that in the photos. I just finished 3 hours of using different chemicals to try and get the mess off my car. I'll be trying to clean the mess on my windshield for several more days. If you need a glass cleaner and other chemicals to get your car back to normal after you remove a portable device, then you have a poorly designed product. Don't let this thing ruin your car. It worked well for a while before it started melting and sliding around.

👤I have a device from the same company. It's difficult to find a holder for a vehicle of this size. I have to say that is finally true. I am so happy I made this purchase. It doesn't fall, it's amazing! It was perfect after we took a ride on the backroads. I think this is a great tablet holder.

👤I use this to hold my iPad Pro. This is a high quality product. I was not sure if it would hold my iPad steady. I figured out the best way to adjust the long neck. I put it next to my radio so that it doesn't block my view of the road or the surrounding area. I use it to display my dashboard with critical info while I'm driving. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to use an iPad in their car. The design of the phone is small enough that it will work with any phone on the market, no matter the size of the device. It is awesome. I would have liked to have had one for a long time.

👤Over the last couple months, the cup had turned a brownish color. I didn't think much of it until a couple days ago when I noticed that something was dripping from the dashboard. The sticky gel on the cup had melted due to the hot weather and was all over my dashboard and windshield. I was able to clean up the mess, but it is no longer usable. I'm looking at more of a permanent mount. It works perfectly when I use it to hold my S4 tablets while driving for the ride-sharing company. I had to adjust this a few times to make it more stable, but once I found the sweet spot, it was perfect! I can use the app on my phone to check flight status, look up information for passengers, and keep the app active on the tablets.

👤It is too strong for my needs. Sort of. The sticky glue on the suction pad makes it feel like it needs to stay mounted permanently. I don't need to have this mounted all the time, but it's almost impossible to get it off the car. I need to be on the go and this adds stress when I am busy. It feels well built but it doesn't serve my purpose.

7. FineGood Universal Silicone Cellphone Antislip

FineGood Universal Silicone Cellphone Antislip

The holder can be adjusted according to your cellphone size, it is suitable for phones ranging from 4 to 6 inches. The anti-sLIP design is a new one. The design of the Silicone Pad has 5 sticky points which can stick onto the car and protect your phone from falling down. The phone holder will not obstruct your view and hold the phone when you use the gps. It can help you focus on driving. It's water and resilience. The phone holder is made of flexible silicone and can be washed when it is dirty. The safety material. The material of the phone hold is odorless and non-toxic, so it will not harm the health of the person using it.

Brand: Finegood

👤I wanted a phone holder that fit my needs so I modified it. The original version would be useless because it covers too much of the phone display area. I attached a magnet to my phone to hold it in place. The phone stays in place even though the display is not covered. I thought the part was plastic but it was rubber. It's very easy to cut to the shape you want with the removal of the feet. There are 5 sticky squares on the bottom of the car.

👤I was skeptical when I ordered this item, but I needed something to hold my phone on my dashboard. I downloaded a dash cam app on my phone because I wanted to buy a dash cam but they are expensive and not very good reviews. The phone holder is stuck to the dashboard. I thought this will never work. I have given it 5 stars so far. I haven't hit any big bumps yet to see if it will cause my phone to fall into my lap. The arms that hold the phone are pretty flimsy. If you use maps or cameras on your phone, it's worth buying even if it doesn't last long.

👤I have to sometimes be a bit creative with how I work from home. Sometimes I need to work in my car. I've tried different ways to work with the iPad and it just never works. I can use the stand for my phone and iPad when I need it, because it is flexible and I can position it the way I want on my dash. This is love. I might get a second one for my desk.

👤I have a wallet case on my phone. The left holder pops off mid travel, but it may be Louisiana heat. It's a good thing. I end up with my phone in the chair, which defeats the purpose of the purchase.

👤It's easy to move if needed, it stays put and is loved. If kids need to watch movies, we move it to the middle console. Sometimes it is a life saver. It's easy to adjust the width. Absolutely recommend!

👤I think it would be too big for a smaller phone, it's good for my 7 inch phone. I had a hard time finding something for myself. Would buy again. I liked the option that uses glue instead of the traditional method of using a wand.

👤It has worked so far. It was used on a trip to another state. In front of me, holds my phone in a horizontal position. I have used other phone holders, but they are less convenient. Very happy with it.

👤This is love at its finest. My phone is in front of me, but not in the way, I bought 2 more for my son and grandson, great little gifts.

👤It's ugly but it works. The phone is fine.

👤The phone is well held in the car.

👤Ho aspettato un po, questa recensione per valutare al meglio. La spedizione stata veloce con Amazon Prime. Come sempre Amazon, addirittura arrivato. I venditore davvero affidabile, svolge in modo meticoloso. L'imballaggio is facile, di giusta grandezza, in modo da nascondere il proprio contenuto. Tutti i materiali, in questione, sono ben realizzati. Alla perfezione Tutti i componenti del prodotto. The design is gradevole. Sono davvero soddisfatto di questo acquisto. I colori a quelli. In fase di acquisto, un po' scettico. ma chi, a me piace rischiare, quindi ho effettuato l'acquisto e devo dire. davvero straordinario, il mie esigenze. Imballaggio ottimo da nascondere. All'Interno Ottimo Rapporto Qualit/Prezzo Consiglio Vivamente L'acquisto Di Questo Valido.

8. Air Vent Phone Mount Holder

Air Vent Phone Mount Holder

The phone mount is easy to use. Take out your device with one hand. The universal car phone holder is easy to use. The car phone holder needs to be extra secure so that the mount doesn't fall out. Installation of a car holder is easy. There is an updated version. The vent plate has a locking clip that clings to it. A car mount has a Silicon finish. There is a universal company. The car vent mount is compatible with any phone. The degree of rotation is: The Mongoora cell phone car mount has a full rotation that gives you the best view. The phone holder makes driving safe whether you are talking, listening to music or charging.

Brand: Mongoora

👤I plan to use it for traveling. It's good to have a vent mount like this that I can use while I'm navigating because I usually rent my own car. This is easy to fit into most car vent. I wouldn't use it in those circular vents since the phone's weight will probably move the whole thing down. It should work in most other vents. No need to install magnetic plates in the phone case, any phone should sit in this cradle.

👤It looked like a nice design. The mechanism for attaching to the vent is one-handed. It all sounded good. If it was built to the highest standards. The holders are supposed to clasp and un-clasp together. When one of them is not riding on it's internal gear, it doesn't tighten around the phone. I opened it up and found that one of the gears was fixed at an angle and never touched the left clasp mechanism. It is very cheap to build. Quality control was not up to par. Look for something else. There is an update. The seller was very concerned about the quality of the product I received and made several requests to send me a free replacement, even something else in their product line. The company is a fine one that strives for the best quality and fairness to the buyer, which is evident by the low ratings for this product. That is unfortunately rare.

👤The back does not fit into the holder. I don't know where the good reviews came from, but this product is faulty. I am so disappointed that I have to send it back immediately.

👤After using the product for a few months, the review was edited. The original review is below. The product started off well. It's easy to install. I didn't pop out as often as my last vent clip mount, but I started having problems even with the mount being tight, it started to pop out. I was driving one day and the vent clip popped out and fell under my gas and brake pedals. I was scared of the shit out of me. I decided that was the last straw and will no longer use this product. The original review was easy to install. Have not had any issues with my phone falling out or the entire holder getting knocked out. The last mount was not as good.

👤This unit is easy to install in your car and can be easily transferred to another vehicle, a great option for those who travel frequently. It has a locking mechanism that allows it to be securely fastened to the car's ventilation system, unlike other systems that attach to the car. We like the kind that attach to the car vent because it keeps the phone from overheating, which happened when we used the windshield mounted types of phone holders. The phone holder adjusts to fit multiple phone sizes with the push of a button, and then closes with a squeeze. The phone can be mounted vertically or horizontally. You can adjust the angle of your phone's view. The product is a great price.

9. APPS2Car Dashboard Friction Magellan Smartphones

APPS2Car Dashboard Friction Magellan Smartphones

The spring lock holder will fit any 3-7 inch gps and cell phones with a unique Anti-slip Jello Block under the mount that will stick on to your dashboard and be easy to clean with water. The device stays on the dash with the help of the weighted body and anti-slip bottom. The APPS2Car Beanbag Mount is easy to attach a gps / cell phone unit to your car, and five slots allow you to adjust your device in multiple angles. One of the best alternatives to mount a car on a truck is to use a cell phone. No cradle needed! No magnets, no harm to your device! The heat made the cup fall off. There is no interference with the air conditioner or the cd player. The Nuvi 1100 1200 is compatible with the portable Friction Mount. etc There is a car mount for all of the phones, including the Note 10 9 and the S10e S9 S8 Note 9. Start 45 55 60 65 500 600 Via 1405 1435 1535 1605 1635 XXL 540 330 350.

Brand: Apps2car

👤This would be a good design for a gps holder. This thing does not stay put. I quote: " Find your sweet spot and put down the sticker, then put the unit on it." The thing will become airborne after you take a 2 mph turn.

👤I have been using this for over two years. It holds my car. I drive a 2500HD. I've never had it move. Some of the reviews say that theirs moves around, but I drive around construction sites and roll down the highway, and it has always stayed in place. I'm very happy with this. I don't move my device. On hot sunny days, the mount would fall off.

👤One needs to keep a clear view of the road ahead and to obviate the vacuum holding your gps to a windshield from failing and dropping in traffic and/or repeatedly. It is easy to move in traffic. There is a It's best to wait a while, maybe forever, from sticking it to one spot on the dash or console. You will want to take it with you to another vehicle occasionally, but you will want to change it from time to time.

👤The issues that I had with this Mount may be different to what I've had before. Is it ok for other gps models? The power cord must be connected to use the traffic detector feature of the 2455. The power switch is located at the lop left of the unit and the power cord is located at the bottom left. To allow for minimum clearance between the plug and the grip "tooth" of theGPS Mount while providing access to theGPS power switch, theGPS must be shifted to one side. The grip on the opposite side of the mount does not provide a secure grip to the gps. Photoe 3. Issue #2. There is a non-stick gel substance at the bottom of the gps mount. The bottom surface of the Mount is flat. It was difficult to find a flat surface for the non-slip gel to grip on the front console of my vehicles. A better design would have been a flexible bottom surface. As dust accumulates on the substance, gel-type non-stick substances lose their effectiveness. Positives. The design is easy to store and may be a good mount for many gps, but not for a garmin. The concept is ok, but a few changes away from an excellent gps mount design.

👤I've used this to hold my electronics. It holds both securely. I need to wash the sticky area on the bottom of the mount to remove the dust after the mount slides a bit. It is guaranteed to elicit further security screening when I take it with me when I fly and rent a car. If you want to keep your luggage and carry-on bag free of TSA, you should put it in a screening bin. They can't see through it, so it gets swabbed.

👤I wanted a holder that wouldn't require me to block an a/c vent, so I chose this one. It was easy to figure out because it works like a giant clothes pin and the gps sits securely in the ridged "mouth". It's weighted with a non-slip bottom that's about the size of my open hand, so it doesn't slip when placed on the dash. I didn't want to use the peel-and-stick pad that was on the bottom. I would rather have the option of taking the gps off the dash when it's not being used, and not leaving a sticky glue mess. It's what I needed since the windshield cup on my old gps didn't fit well.

10. Silicone Dashboard Universal Smartphones Compatible

Silicone Dashboard Universal Smartphones Compatible

It's compatible with most of the different sizes of phones in the market phone holder car. It was placed in the center console of the car to give it a good angle. The car cell phone holder can be used to place other items in the car, such as glasses. Cell phone car mounts can be used in other places. The car mat for phone can be adjusted to fit the phone size or the way of placement. Horizontal placement will be more stable than vertical. There may be a little slide when you take a sharp turn. The anti-slip pad on the bottom of the phone stand makes it safe to use the phone even if you take a sudden turn. Professional after-sale customer service is covered by the quality warranty. If you are dissatisfied with anything, please contact them. Their ultimate goal is your satisfaction.

Brand: Showvigor

👤There is an update Beware. They are holding you hostage for a five stat rating. Don't use a gift card for generosity. It doesn't happen! It's attractive and you can leave it on your dash all the time. It holds our phones in a wallet type of case. I would suggest that they make it so that the base rotates so you can change the angle of view. The reason for the four star rating is that. We would buy it again.

👤It has a low profile when not in use. I have another one that doesn't have a cover and my phone gets very hot, but this one keeps it cool and in a place where it is visible. I can easily adjust the location because it does not move. It works well with different size phones and can adjust the angle.

👤The clam shell seems to work well to hold the phone if you can find the right spot to put it on, but you can't verify that. If your dash is flat, it may work, but if it is rounded, it won't. The pad is small in the middle and can't grab on a surface that is not straight. It slides around.

👤I really wanted to like this but it sits too high. I don't know how other vehicles are built where this can sit on a lower surface. The only place for this is on the dashboard center of my Jeep. It is out of reach here. I was hoping that the angle it was sitting on would give me a better view of the screen, but alas, I don't have a good view of it from this location.

👤I was hoping to put this in the flat spot on my dash. Even with a slightly bulky case, it will hold my phone. No force on this earth will hold it to my dash. I don't know what the rest of these reviews did differently, but I'm going to have to purchase some 3m strips to have any hope of not flying off on a turn.

👤It is a quality product and easy to install. It is out of the way when not in use.

👤It does rattle the lid a bit when you go over bumps. It's not really annoying but still wishes it was more quiet when not in use. It does work well if it isn't.

👤I was looking for a mount that was not obtrusive. After ordering and returning a few, I settled on this one. It is what I am looking for. A nice, sleek appearance that almost appears to be a part of the dashboard when not in use. I hope that it stays power for a long time, but for now, I love it.

👤Even though the dash isn't too flat, I sit on it nice and securely. Doesn't move when driving.

👤It is exactly what I was looking for.

👤Kleinwagen, the 500, also "nicht viel Platz". "zum Einkaufen fahren", "in die Arbeit fahren", "zum Auto", and so on. Is it possible that I was keinesfalls? Rckseite des Handys, im Auto, Saugnapf, an der Windschutzscheibe Habe, verglichen und lange gesucht. Ihren System was fr das "Klammerhalterung" die ber dem Tacho. Zwar alles schn im. Ich kein brauche, mchte Ich hier, so wen uns doof aus. Ich fand die Anordnung dafr in the car. "Sehr weit" weg, bei der Anbringung. Ich ist die Halterung dennoch dran, aber der Gedanke ist es. Davon ist die Heizungswrme bzw. Is the Sommer Klte von der Klimaanlage bekommen? Is unbedingt verdeckt? Eher... Ich hatte in meinem letzten Auto, aber I fand es. Im Sommer finde die Flle empfinde, die schner und weniger strend. I am besser. Getrnkehalter was besetzen und besser, so he was irgendwo” in dabei. Ich war in der Situation, wegen die schlecht beschilderten Umleitung zum Navigieren brauchte und war gespannt. The Handyhalterung hielt was verspricht. Sogar bei aus dem Feldweg kein wackeln, rutschen der Halterung und des handys. Ihren Bedarf rausgekramt ist immer, ist irgendwo. Ich ist das flachen, aber dennoch groen, und das Ich ist das Handyhalterung. It's dem. Foto ist man den Handy-Halter. ja kein Foto macht knnen.

11. IOttie Dashboard Windshield Samsung Smartphone

IOttie Dashboard Windshield Samsung Smartphone

Easy one touch lock/release. You can quickly mount and remove your phone with the Easy One Touch mechanism. There is an adjusted view. The telescopic arm is extendable from 4 to 6.5 inches and pivots on 260 degree arcs for a variety of mounting positions. You can view your phone in landscape and portrait modes with the rotating ball joint. Universal mounting holds phone and case combinations from 2.3 inches to 3.5 inches in width. There is a strong prediction. A dashboard disc and a suction cup combo give a powerful hold. The bottom foot can be adjusted. The mount cradle has a foot on it that can be adjusted side to side, up and down, or removed completely to hold all sizes of phones.

Brand: Iottie

👤I bought this in March of last year. It worked for a while, but then the cup started coming off more frequently. I washed it with warm water and let it dry. This helped for a while, but then the weather got warmer. There was no point in trying to put it back in place. The pad came unglued because of the heat. It was a shame that the holder wouldn't stay mounted.

👤It was working well to start. I held my Moto Z Play. It was difficult to place in a different area. I parked for more than four hours and the gum melted. It's useless now.

👤I bought the Easy One Touch 4 because of its features and price. I still use the original because it still works and nothing new has come out, so I hold the phone. The Easy One Touch 4 had only one problem, the glue coming off after a few months, but I was able to get a replacement in a few days. I buy the Easy One Touch 4 for my family and friends because of the price/ performance ratio and after sale support. I ordered the Easy One Touch 5 because I wanted to see if it had made any improvements. The packaging is the same, but the stock image shows the mount being used in a "luxury" vehicle, which tells me that the company is trying to move upstream. The packaging looks better and the color is the same. I don't think anyone cares about the packaging except for conscientious people. Every component inside gets its own bag, which is likely to prevent dust and damage to the glue. This is the best option if you want to fully seal the box. The manual has multiple languages and tells you how to adjust the magnetic charging cable holder. The pianogloss black has been removed in favor of a less fingerprints prone matt black and the push panel has been upgraded to a more subdued and less soft-touch rubber. The push panel, which is used to automatically pull the arms, no longer bears the brand name, but gains a texture. This design choice is intelligent because it lowers tooling cost and looks more premium. The rubber grips have been slightly altered to give them more grip and depth to help hold a phone securely. It is good to see that there are no issues with devices falling out. There is no reason to change what already works. The instructions state a "curing" time and temperature to mount the base and arm. If you don't follow the instructions, the glue may fall off. If you have a car that has been recalled for something like UV degradation, you may have an issue with the glue, but it isn't saying it won't work. Inside the box you will find a small black strip of rubber with 2 magnets on opposite ends, similar to a Breathe Right strip. This is to keep your charging cable from falling between your chair and center console. Everyone I've shown it to did not have any issues using it with their phone, because there is enough clearance for most phones and cases. If you want your phone to be as close to you as possible, or if you have a long dashboard, the arm has been extended an additional 3 inches. The tension mount on the back of the device has 888-270-6611 The magnetic cord organizers used to be controlled by a dial, but now they can be moved up or down depending on the phone's height. The cost increase is not worth it because you still have to touch your phone to mount it, it takes 3-6 seconds to plug in, and the cable will already be underneath the mount. I am aware of a mount that is the best in its price range.


What is the best product for gps holder for vehicles?

Gps holder for vehicles products from Eeejumpe. In this article about gps holder for vehicles you can see why people choose the product. Accessories and Isaddle are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps holder for vehicles.

What are the best brands for gps holder for vehicles?

Eeejumpe, Accessories and Isaddle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps holder for vehicles. Find the detail in this article. Aonkey, Vicseed and Apps2car are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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