Best Gps Holder for Semi Truck

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1. Adhesive Holder IPhone Galaxy Retail

Adhesive Holder IPhone Galaxy Retail

The phone holder's side grip arms are 3.5 inches wide. Even with cases or skins, the Apple iPhone 12 11XS and the Note 20 10 9 are compatible. It is recommended that fleets and service vehicles have a semi permanent mount.

Brand: Arkon

👤After installing this on my Polaris sxs, I was able to use my huge SAMSUNG S21 Ultra with no problem through the trails. I've owned screw/adhesive mounts before. This one is the best. Everything you need in a solid build.

👤This is the best phone holder I have ever owned. It holds securely and can be adjusted so that the camera can see out the window if you need to document something. It is held with screws and glue. I didn't try the glue as I didn't want to ruin my car, but I realized it could hold any phone I get in the future, and I put a few holes in my dash to make sure. I made it permanent so it wouldn't fall off. I haven't seen anything hold anything in a car after a hot summer. This product update works the best, holds the phone well and has not failed in any way. It is the only unit I have tried where I put screws. Unless I see a few holes, it is permanent. I've tried a lot of cell phone holders. They fail or fall apart.

👤Are you tired of clip on mounts breaking or shaking? If you screw it in, you will have a rock-solid mount. It was installed in my Pete about 6 months ago. I only used 2 screws in the existing dash holes, can't comment on the glue, it probably wouldn't be as good.

👤I had just purchased an Apple phone and was looking for a new car holder for my Honda Accord. I didn't want to put a piece of metal in the clear case of the car holder I had previously used. It took me a long time to find a car holder that had the option of being held on with 3M Tape, which I am not a fan of. The description of this car holder has not been updated in a while. I took a chance as it seemed generic. I'm glad I did, it works great! I'm not too worried about its longevity as you have to push a side button to release it, but I will update in a few months. I think they would sell more of them if they changed the title.

👤I got this for my boyfriend to read. He put the mount on the rzr. The place we go is rough. The mount has given us no problems. He loves it and has had it for a few months. It stays in the same place every time we use it.

👤I put this in a truck. The screws hold the bass in place while I drive. I don't like that it's hard to put the phone in 1 handed or remove it one handed. It seems to be sturdy enough, other than that 5 people enjoy it. It's broken note 20 to heavy.

👤The tar is being beaten out of this thing. I use it daily in my vehicle. It has been 800-273-3217 The summer will be the next test.

2. ISaddle Dashboard GPS Mount Holder

ISaddle Dashboard GPS Mount Holder

ROVE designed it in the USA. IDEAL REPLACEMENT No tools are required, just place the gps dashboard mount holder to the car, and you're good to go. Better than a Suction Cup Mountholder, Never worry about falling down from a window, and make your device works like a heads up display. iSaddle Universal DashboardGPS/Phone holder can fit 99% of Poluar devices in the market, no need to buy a new gps navigation mount for your upgrade, and it can fit music speaker and other things more. Keep the screen clear and protect your device with a large front cover. There is a mount everywhere. iSaddle dashboard holder can be mounted anywhere you want, it can be stable to flat place with a 6.22" gel base. It's easy to remove and clean, so you can use it as a phone Mount or PC Mount. If you get dirt or lose it, clean the holder by water. It's Mount Everything! The gps declination mount is for all the gps navigators. DriveLuxe StreetPilot RV The car mount holder is for all phones, including the Note 10 9. There is a Tablet PC Mount holder for the iPad Mini. There is a365 days warranty. Purchase now and you will get a 100% money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong within a year. There is a365 days warranty. Purchase now and you will get a 100% money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong within a year.

Brand: Isaddle

👤I use this for a gps and it's not very strong. The gps goes off the left or right. You have to adjust it constantly. On the bottom, where you can set your phone, it slides forwards and backwards to adjust the viewing angle. It doesn't stay where you put it after a week and a half of use. I don't recommend this for a small device.

👤There were problems with all the different devices I tried to hold my gps to. The biggest annoyance I found was that the brackets that held the gps in place would often engage the screen when I accelerated or braked, throwing up different screens, or adding weird things to it. The product is not perfect, but it is better than any other I have tried, allowing me to use my tablets on my dash. I have to change it about once a day as it slips a little but that is not a big deal. I think this product is very good.

👤I really like it. When you put 3m tape on a surface it will stick and it's hard to get it off, so you have to move it. When you find a spot you want to use, make sure you do it first. I have a 7" gps and it works great.

👤I've been happy with the unit and the price. I needed a touchscreen interface for my phone, and it works well. When everything works out. I don't have to take my phone out of my pocket. Happy with that. It definitely doesn't have decent ground loop cancellation, despite the description. I had to add one more. The mount didn't work for my car. I wanted to move it between vehicles so I wouldn't use the glue every time. I bought a different one. Sometimes the unit forgets that it's connected to my phone. I have to do it again. It seems to happen after I have a new device connected, like my headphones.

👤This was used to setup the backup camera display in our truck. Doesn't adhere to the dashboard surface. The clam shell is not tight. We make the tiniest turn when our display slides out. I may have another purpose for it, I'm going to hold onto it.

👤I wanted a heads-up holder that didn't involve permanent glue or suction cups. This was the perfect fit for my car. It looks like an add-on because it matches my dashboard.

👤The corner of the dash is too wide for this to be used in, because the window slants there. The sticky pad base is good for the dash surface. The corner of the dash in my Ford Fiesta is where I will use the wider clamshell. We will see how that goes, I haven't used it yet.

👤The mount holds my RV at the perfect angle in my truck. The recess is in the middle of the dash. The mount slide has not been used in a tight turn. My cell phone is held in place when the gps is not on. It would be easy to hide it when not in use since it isn't perma-mounted. I gave the unit a 1-star because it doesn't have any power. It does not need it. Very happy.

3. ITODOS Truck Tablet Mount All

ITODOS Truck Tablet Mount All

The package does not include electronic devices in the pictures. The Industrial Metal Drill Base Tablet Mount are made of high quality aluminum alloy. The soft rubbers on the tablets are perfect for protecting them no matter how bumpy the terrain is. TheANGLE ADJUSTMENT The mount articulates very well with two ball joints on either end. The ball joints can be locked in place. Get the best view with high quality construction and reliability. It's easy to install. The base pedestal with 4 holes can be fixed on the smooth surface, the magic arm can be installed directly, and the size can be adjusted through a lock on the back of the tablet clamp. Universal design. The iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9.5, iPad Pro 11, iPad mini 4, and the other tablets are compatible with the TabletClamp. If you're not happy with their products, you can contact them and they'll give you a full refund or a new one.

Brand: Itodos

👤It would qualify as "ok" or "Mediocre" in your average installation. I installed it on a scooter. I understand. There are more bumps, more vibration, etc. If the mount was able to hold the item tighter, there wouldn't be a problem. When your device is in landscape mode, the clamps are smashing your buttons in. The button placement is very common on most devices. You are forced to mount whatever it is. How should it be? I can see this thing in a normal car installation that allows the tablets to slide onto the floorboard. It's a shame that when you install it on a scooter or a motorcycle, it ends up sliding out and dangling for dear life next to you. You can't always grab it on a 2 wheeled vehicle. You are doing 45 and you are trying to pull over safely so you can pick up your phone or gps device, but your 100$ tablet is at deaths door, and you are desperately trying to find a safe place to pull over. It was unbelievable that it was using only the charging cable. It wasn't shattered and I couldn't believe it. The only thing that happened to it was a scratch on the camera lens. Well... It could have been worse. The product is built like a tank. Itodos? Who are you? Your product destroyed something that I rely on, use for work, and count on. I would like to say that about your product. I understand. It was cheap. It would have cost a lot to get it to where it needs to be. It had one job.

👤One photo shows this on top of a car. I want to do that. The joke is that the mount is supposed to reach the mounting hole located in the middle of the mount. The mounting hole is at the bottom so it will work on a 11" tablet. As you adjust it to fit a smaller device, the mounting hole increases in height. Return.

👤It has great stability so far. It was very easy to move.

👤It works well, holds the tablet well, and does not shake around in the jeep.

👤The holder was mounted on the dash of the Volvo. It's strong and safe.

👤The base was used for the surface duo. The weight of the mobile is bad because the base screw loosens.

4. Magnetic Jebsens Universal Rotation Dashboard

Magnetic Jebsens Universal Rotation Dashboard

The upgraded 6 Neodymium Magnets Core can hold any phone. No worries about phones falling off or changing position when going over bumps or speed bumps. It's safe and convenient for calls, siri, music playing and gps navigation. The large 3M VHB tape is 40% larger than similar products and will stick to any flat surface. You can use the phone holder on the dashboard for single-handed operation. The high quality tape won't leave behind messes when removed. It's not recommended to stick on Soft Leather Surface, Flat Surface works great, and 3 Magnetic Plates and 1 extra 3M VHB tapes are needed in case you need to move it. Heavy duty metal is used from the ball to the frame. Not one of those mounts breaks easily. It blends in with the interior of your car. It doesn't block your radio, vents, or sight lines like the bulky phone holders do. It has a 12 months warranty. The car mount holder can be adjusted to your liking. You can change the orientation of your display with the help of a camera. The package includes a Magnetic Car Mount, 2 x large 4 cm diameter magnets, 1 x extra-large rectangle magnet for your multiple devices, 2 x Protection Films, 1 x Wet Wipes, and 1 x Extra 3M VHB tapes.

Brand: Jebsens

👤A quick video review. I like this mount a lot. I use it in a novel way with an XsMax. A lot of hold force is achieved by six magnets in a small mount. The steel plate can be positioned at the lowest point of the Xs Max.

👤Many of the magnetic clips sold on Amazon have small and round attachment points which can be a problem if they stay attached. This particular product has a rectangular strip which is double what I saw on other products, and the clip itself is light yet made of a rigid metal, which is why I chose it. I waited a few months to see if the glue would stick to my dash. It works great for my phone.

👤The ball joint on the product was the most cool thing because it gave me the flexibility of putting it just about anywhere I wanted, and the small pad that sticks to my dash was also cool because it gave me the flexibility of putting it just about anywhere I wanted.

👤The product is ok, besides the fact that Amazon dropped the ball but kicked it around while I was getting the product, and that I had to get it from them. I can't find a place in my vehicle to put it. When I found that place, my gear shift was in the way from the right to the left, so I had to drink from the left. There is a I thought to myself what a bear it would be to take it off the dash. It came off easy, like to easy. Don't get me wrong. I was happy about that, but I was a bit disappointed because it should have been better, and I wondered what had kept it on, even though I had to pull it out. There is a In need of something that is at least 1- 1.5” taller, that can be manipulated from another location, or not, that is the only spot remaining.

👤I wanted to like this mount. It holds my phone well and has a strong magnet. Getting the mount to fit my car is a problem. I have used others and had no problem with it sticking, but this one wouldn't clot. I followed all the instructions to clean the spot. I didn't put my phone on it once I installed it. The mount was on the floor of my car. I remounted my dash after cleaning it. I mounted my phone on it 48 hours later. My mount was back on my floorboard. I have never had a problem with other mounts. This one is metal and low profile. My only other options are to get a different mount or superglue it to my dash. I tried to stick it to my car, but it wasn't hot. I tried super glue, but it didn't work. The location of my car was changed to something hard plastic. It worked well. Pick it's location carefully.

5. IBOLT TabDock FixedPro Heavy Multi Angle

IBOLT TabDock FixedPro Heavy Multi Angle

The quality assurance for the Tackform Enduro Series products is to ensure that they will survive the conditions of extreme heat, humidity, and vibration. The FixedPro is a heavy duty multi-angle drill base that can be used for Tablets. It can be installed on a table, cart, desk, vehicle, or any flat surface. The Fixed Pro allows you to mount your device where you need it the most. STURDY has four points of contact that hold your phone and works with most cases. The Fixed Pro mount is strong and will stay where you mount it. Universal design fits all tablets. There are iPad,Nexus,Sony Xperia,Kindle, andSamsung GALAXY Tabs. The kit includes a TadDock tablet holder, a multi-angle pedestal, screw pack and glue for the drill base. Works with most smooth surfaces and features an aluminum arm. The points are adjusted for optimal viewing positions. The FixedPro is great for a lot of things. It is possible to adjust the degrees for optimal viewing positions. The 3 points allow for the arm to be adjusted to the optimal position.

Brand: Ibolt

👤My agency provided a different mount, which was wobbly and rattly. I decided to give it a try out of my wallet. I've been impressed with it so far. It was easy to install, and there were almost unlimited ways to modify the positioning. I was able to position my device where it is not in the way so it is easily seen and reachable. It takes up limited space, but it frees up room when I have civilian ride-alongs. The mounts protruded into the passenger area. Several other people as well as my Sheriff are going to switch to these docks after seeing my setup.

👤The thing is working well for me. I use it with offline topo maps. I put it in my dash. I dropped my 5 star rating. My mount is malfunctioning. The plastic part of the cam is used to lock the device in place. It has worn so much that it will no longer be able to lock my device. The holder will vibrate as my device flies across the truck. I'm really sad that it didn't last longer because I've enjoyed it so far.

👤I was expecting a heavier product, but it was much lighter. I wanted to mount my iPad on my boat. The installation was easy, but I had to offer the correct position of the stand because my iPad bounced violently up and down while I was on my boat.

👤Highly recommend it! I own a Tab 4S. I got it because I can't look down at my tablets because of a neck injury. There is a counter. I put it under the cabinet so I could move it up or down depending on where I am in the kitchen. I can change the angle of the arms easily with more space on the counter. I don't have to worry about it happening to me.

👤The holder for my electronic logs is tough, I had to have a tablet for it. I use it with a Tab E 8.0 and it holds it. It's almost too much in the parts that move and adjust, but I don't have to worry about it breaking. I hit it in the truck and it took it. This is for the professional in this day and age. Highly recommend!

👤I love this thing because it works perfectly with my tablets, I am a commercial driver and my logs are electronically updated, and this arm can hold my tablets with no problem. The only thing you have to do is make sure the wing nuts are tight because the vibrations can cause them to loosen.

👤I bought this for the purpose of installing in our fuel delivery drivers. They use tablets to keep track of their orders. It has been great to use. It was easy to install, and the drivers like being able to check their orders without having to grab for their tablets, as it's always within reach. It protects the tablet from the elements.

6. Andobil Dashboard Windshield Washable Compatible

Andobil Dashboard Windshield Washable Compatible

The andobil car mount is suitable for all cars and can be fixed on the dashboard, windshield, and also the vent. The Super Suction Cup is a strong vacuum double lock with up to 52 pounds of force, which is good for rough roads. The Andobil phone mount features a non-slip rubber pad, solid support frame and strong and scratch-free claws to form a solid triangle support to ensure your phone sits firmly in the car mount. The 7.3 inch mechanical arm can be adjusted 270. You can adjust your phone to the most convenient position and angle with the universal ball head. Extra wide and deeper clip arm is compatible with all phones and can accommodate larger and thicker phones. Not compatible with popsockets. One-button release system, reserved charging port, and more popular functions are what make this function popular.

Brand: Andobil

👤It is a nice mount and it is a good value. When you hit bumps, the vent mount and the windshield mount are sturdy. The mount does bounce a bit if it is fully extended, but that is a minor complaint. The ergonomics make it easy to place the phone in the mount and release it, and I don't feel like I would drop it. I don't feel like there's a chance it will pop out if I hit a pothole once the phone is mounted. The plastic feels smooth and the fit and finish is nice for the price. The mechanism that grips and releases the phone feels nice and you can feel it as you tighten the clamp. It is easy to use, has a lot of flexibility, and feels sturdy, so it is a good buy.

👤I didn't think the Andobil would work as well as it does. It's affordable and I'm used to inexpensive items not performing as well as this car phone mount does. I use the dash mount with the extender arm instead of the air vent clip on my phone. I didn't need the additional 3M disc they give you. The mount held the first time I applied it. I think it's a good idea that in the instructions they mention to make sure you don't mount the phone in a way that would impede the deployment of the airbags. I appreciated the reminder. I've traveled over railroad tracks, speed bumps and hit a pot hole that could fit a small car and the mount held it's position unlike other items I've tried. No movement, no movement at all. I was very impressed. It's not too big and the arm adjustments allow it to be placed in a position that's right for me. I own a car. I thought I'd throw it in anyways, because it may or may not relate to the product performance. I haven't tried it on other cars. I'm happy with this product and I hope it performs well for you as well as it does for me.

👤I am very disappointed. Due to the reviews, I was really excited about this product, but haven't been able to find one that fits my phone. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it did stick to my dashboard. I tried it both ways. I will return it. On the hunt for another mount. The vent mount works. The seller contacted me after my review. Diana has been a pleasure to work with. They offered to send me a new cup and asked for suggestions on how to fix my disappointment. They have been in constant contact with me, even sending me how to install the new cup. Hope the new cup works. The company has responded quickly to my posting. A brand new mount was given to me today. I am very excited. It was everything I had hoped it would be after installing it. This mount is able to support my phone. I will be moving to a new state and learning a new way of life. I didn't feel comfortable using my phone to follow the directions. Diana, thanks for all your help.

7. APPS2Car Dashboard Friction Magellan Smartphones

APPS2Car Dashboard Friction Magellan Smartphones

The spring lock holder will fit any 3-7 inch gps and cell phones with a unique Anti-slip Jello Block under the mount that will stick on to your dashboard and be easy to clean with water. The device stays on the dash with the help of the weighted body and anti-slip bottom. The APPS2Car Beanbag Mount is easy to attach a gps / cell phone unit to your car, and five slots allow you to adjust your device in multiple angles. One of the best alternatives to mount a car on a truck is to use a cell phone. No cradle needed! No magnets, no harm to your device! The heat made the cup fall off. There is no interference with the air conditioner or the cd player. The Nuvi 1100 1200 is compatible with the portable Friction Mount. etc There is a car mount for all of the phones, including the Note 10 9 and the S10e S9 S8 Note 9. Start 45 55 60 65 500 600 Via 1405 1435 1535 1605 1635 XXL 540 330 350.

Brand: Apps2car

👤This would be a good design for a gps holder. This thing does not stay put. I quote: " Find your sweet spot and put down the sticker, then put the unit on it." The thing will become airborne after you take a 2 mph turn.

👤I have been using this for over two years. It holds my car. I drive a 2500HD. I've never had it move. Some of the reviews say that theirs moves around, but I drive around construction sites and roll down the highway, and it has always stayed in place. I'm very happy with this. I don't move my device. On hot sunny days, the mount would fall off.

👤One needs to keep a clear view of the road ahead and to obviate the vacuum holding your gps to a windshield from failing and dropping in traffic and/or repeatedly. It is easy to move in traffic. There is a It's best to wait a while, maybe forever, from sticking it to one spot on the dash or console. You will want to take it with you to another vehicle occasionally, but you will want to change it from time to time.

👤The issues that I had with this Mount may be different to what I've had before. Is it ok for other gps models? The power cord must be connected to use the traffic detector feature of the 2455. The power switch is located at the lop left of the unit and the power cord is located at the bottom left. To allow for minimum clearance between the plug and the grip "tooth" of theGPS Mount while providing access to theGPS power switch, theGPS must be shifted to one side. The grip on the opposite side of the mount does not provide a secure grip to the gps. Photoe 3. Issue #2. There is a non-stick gel substance at the bottom of the gps mount. The bottom surface of the Mount is flat. It was difficult to find a flat surface for the non-slip gel to grip on the front console of my vehicles. A better design would have been a flexible bottom surface. As dust accumulates on the substance, gel-type non-stick substances lose their effectiveness. Positives. The design is easy to store and may be a good mount for many gps, but not for a garmin. The concept is ok, but a few changes away from an excellent gps mount design.

👤I've used this to hold my electronics. It holds both securely. I need to wash the sticky area on the bottom of the mount to remove the dust after the mount slides a bit. It is guaranteed to elicit further security screening when I take it with me when I fly and rent a car. If you want to keep your luggage and carry-on bag free of TSA, you should put it in a screening bin. They can't see through it, so it gets swabbed.

👤I wanted a holder that wouldn't require me to block an a/c vent, so I chose this one. It was easy to figure out because it works like a giant clothes pin and the gps sits securely in the ridged "mouth". It's weighted with a non-slip bottom that's about the size of my open hand, so it doesn't slip when placed on the dash. I didn't want to use the peel-and-stick pad that was on the bottom. I would rather have the option of taking the gps off the dash when it's not being used, and not leaving a sticky glue mess. It's what I needed since the windshield cup on my old gps didn't fit well.

8. IBOLT TabDock AMPs Countertops Commercial

IBOLT TabDock AMPs Countertops Commercial

Wideer and Deeper Clamp Arms. The cup phone holder is great for big phones. You don't need to remove the phone case when using it. TabDock is a heavy duty multi-angle drill base for Tablets. It can be installed on a table, cart, desk, vehicle, or any flat surface. The TabDock allows you to mount your device where you need it most. STURDY has four points of contact that hold your phone and works with most cases. The TabDock mount is strong and will stay where you mount it. Universal design fits all tablets. There are iPad,Nexus,Sony Xperia,Kindle, andSamsung GALAXY Tabs. The kit includes a TadDock tablet holder, a screw pack, and a drill base. The 1-inch / 25mm / B Size Ball joints are compatible with all industry standard 1 inch / 25mm / B size. Works with most smooth surfaces, it's great for business or personal use. There are two points for optimal viewing positions. The TabDock is great for a lot of things. It is possible to adjust the degrees for optimal viewing positions. The 2 points allow for the arm to be adjusted to the optimal position.

Brand: Ibolt

👤It was easy to install in my International Prostar plus. The product was very sturdy. The docking station for our ELD was going to cost $150k a week and was going to be installed by a professional for $100 per hour. I installed it in 25 minutes after I purchased it. I bolted the unit to my dash area for 25 minutes. It comes with a 3m double sided tape which would make the install in a matter of minutes, but heavey duty trucks rattle and shake inside, so the bolting is necessary. I saved a lot of money on this product.

👤My husband is the owner of a trucking company. The ELD mandates require the tablet to be mounted in the truck. We have 4 brands. Never had a problem. It works well and lasts.

👤The drivers are liking it, and we bought 10 of these to test. This holds the ELD tablet better than the previous product we used. Will be buying more soon.

👤Our bedroom does not have a TV, so we bought this to use in our camp trailer. The good: Quality is good, material is nice, fits a wide variety of tablets, and all parts and instructions were in a package. It is necessary to use screws to install the device, the mount and the holder can come apart, and it can be difficult to lock the device in place. I am glad I bought it. It's less expensive than a TV.

👤It was put on the boat to hold the 10” tablets, but fell off at night. Does not seem as strong as it could be. The tablet still moves even though it is not strong enough to bite it. Don't think it will last long. We will see in a few months.

👤I bought this to hold a 7" tablets to use as a recipe database. It is a routine thing to do. The brackets are small enough to hold the 7" tab. When not in use, I fold the assembly back and under the cabinet. When I need the tablet, fold it out and forward. Maybe not elegant, but does the job.

👤It's already broken. It was easy to install. The weakest point was the 4 tab "locking" plate. Two of the tabs broke and the lock on the screen size fitting cracked. I might glue down the remaining tabs of the plate.

👤The only issue with this mount is that you can't flip the holding clamp 180* for without a locking slip and it will fall off the mount. It's important that you understand that you can't flip the clamps without a small modification.

👤It seems like quality is good. Overall, I would give 3.5 stars. I installed it on my sxs using a mount that was a handlebar type. It seems to hold my device in place. The mount slides up and down when I take the tablet out. A clumsy hand could drop the device. I hope that in the future there will be a design change that requires you to pull down on the device to release it instead of it sliding suddenly.

9. ISaddle Garmin Holder Semi Auto Telescopic

ISaddle Garmin Holder Semi Auto Telescopic

It is possible to adjust the degrees for optimal viewing positions. The 2 points allow for the arm to be adjusted to the optimal position. It's perfect for compatible with all of the Garmin devices with a 17mm ball mounting pattern. The mount is not included. 2020 TELESCOPIC ARM Pull and push to adjust the Semi-Auto Extendable Arm from 4.5 inches to 8.25 inches. The ideal replacement for the original Nuvi Mount holder is more flexible and better viewing position. Free to mount on the Dash board or the Windshield, the high quality Suction Cup Base Mounts for the device are sturdy. There is no sticky Residue left in the surface. The vehicle gps mount is compatible with the Nuvi Drive Drivesmart and DriveLuxe RV models. Purchase now, risk-free, 100% money back guarantee if anything goes wrong within a year. Purchase now, risk-free, 100% money back guarantee if anything goes wrong within a year.

Brand: Isaddle

👤I had to mount my Garmin in the lower left corner of my car because the factory mount was short. I could reach it. The camera lens was constantly misreading the road lines and setting off my "stay in your lane" alarm, which was 888-349-8884 I bought the mount to try and get a better location for the device and better alignment for the driving alert. The camera lens was blocked by the friction mount. It's funny. Idiot! I mounted it to my car just below my rear view mirror. There are fewer error alarms because it is in a centralized location. There have been no issues with the suction so far. Highly recommended, very much worth it!

👤I've gone through many different cate chargers. The auction was terrible on all of them. I bought this for use with my current wireless charging device, and I love it. No falling off when the car is cold. Easily adjusted. Really pleased with this.

👤I liked the fact that I could mount the new gps further from the dash, but it made the unit bounce more. I bought it for the job it did.

👤The mount is larger than the one on the store shelf. It has more holding ability than the original. I bought this to make the navigation device less distracting. It worked out well. I did not use the included mounting disc, but you could. I stuck the piece of glass to the dash with 3M VHB tape. I used that as my base for the mount.

👤There is nothing negative to say about this mount so far. The arm is longer than the original one. Don't lean forward in my seat to work the gps. The metal base plate is very strong.

👤It takes some effort to pull it off even though I try. It was very good compared to my previous purchase. Try it.

👤It gives me the ability to adjust the gps distance from the dash to the windshield for better support. That is great. Also giving me a better view of the gps device.

10. Upgraded Holder Gooseneck Suction Windshield

Upgraded Holder Gooseneck Suction Windshield

The extra cushion pad is never used for window mounting. If you want to use the included cleanser pad, use it on the flat surface. The phone holder for the car has a wider bottom tray to give more space to plug the charging cable, which will support long-time navigation and radio on the road. The cell phone car mounts design has a back release button, which is much easier to use. Avoid scratching or dropping off your phone by covering it with striped Silicone. The phone case is thick. The phone mount can be opened up to 92mm and has a wider tray to make it suitable for a larger phone. It's compatible with the following: iPhone 13/13 Pro Max 13 Pro 13 Mini/12/12 Pro Max 12 Pro 12 Mini 11/11 Pro/Xs/Xs Max, Moto E4 and more. The phone case has to be thinner than 17mm, not compatible with pop sockets, phone ring holder, etc. The material of the car cell phone mount has been upgraded from PVC to TPU, which can endure the temperature and load test in high quality. It's not easy to use often. It can wash to restore its performance. The Creative Extra Long Arm is a car cell phone holder that can be bent over to fit the dashboard or the windshield, it will not take your eyes off the road, upgrade your convenience and driving safety, and it has a 13 inch extension arm. The air vent design can be used for more things.

Brand: Apps2car

👤I will give 3 stars while I wait to see if it is cheap. I will up the review if it holds. He arm is not as long as they say.

👤The product has a disc with 3M that is used to give a flat surface for the cup to stick to. I used this because my dash is a bit textured. It worked well until the first 80 day. The larger 3M disc and smaller stabilizing clip came off that day. It may or may not work well on a car. Not recommended for dashboard mount.

👤The long arm on this holder allowed me to mount the phone directly in line with the A-pillar of the car. This gives a clear view of the phone without blocking the view out the window. This is what I was looking for. The vehicle it is mounted in is a Chevrolet.

👤I had an mpow "Mpow 033 Car Phone Mount, Windshield Long Arm Car Phone Holder" that worked for almost 2 years, but it broke and is no longer available. I bought this car. Not the same quality. I ordered this car phone holder, but it stopped gripping the phone when you tried to close it. It is not holding the phone. The release button isn't releasing. Something needs to be broken internally for it to stop working. Please tell me if you can send me a replacement or what I need to do to fix it. It has only been 4 months, but I think it will last at least 1 year. I hope they read it. A replacement would have been good to try it again. I received a $10 credit on my account. It was nice. I would have liked a reply from this company.

👤I was so excited to have them. I put my phone in a handler holder and it didn't fit. My phone is a pro but has a thick case. I am so sad that it wouldn't stay. I wish they could make the bottom holder bigger to keep the phone in the holder. It keeps fall and fall.

👤I really like the general idea, but I'm pretty sure that someone who decided to start producing it didn't use it for a heavy telephone, or something like that. I have a cover on my phone that made this all heavy. The biggest part of the phone is above the holder, instead of hanging under it. The phone should be slided down from the bottom if they are holding it above the middle of the holder. When I accelerated vigorously, the phone fell on me on the floor of the car. I hope my explenation is clear.

👤I've been through a lot of phone holders. This is the best. I have a backing on my phone that holds credit cards and it holds it well. It's hard to get the phone on the holder, but once it's on, it stays there.

👤The gripping arms are small. They won't allow a phone to be held in a case that is more than medium thickness. Keep shopping if you think you have something similar to the Defender Series. The holder can't hold it. It appears to be a very good holder. This case will work if you don't put your phone in a protective case.

11. Industrial Metal Drill Tablet Mount

Industrial Metal Drill Tablet Mount

The Creative Extra Long Arm is a car cell phone holder that can be bent over to fit the dashboard or the windshield, it will not take your eyes off the road, upgrade your convenience and driving safety, and it has a 13 inch extension arm. The air vent design can be used for more things. Quality products should last a lifetime, that's what Tackform believes. In a world filled with low cost, short lived, quick fix mounting solutions, they chose to stand apart by manufacturing and selecting products designed to endure the roughest of conditions. The Enduro Series products are used in many industries including commercial fleet trucking, aviation, agriculture, off-roading and overlanding. Be ELD compliant. The cradle will fit any device with a screen size between 7 and 18.4 inches, or a device with a width between 6 and 10 inches. This is compatible with the following Apple products: iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad 4, 3, and 2, and the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the following: the Installation is done with the AMPS mounting plate, which allows for a quick semi permanent installation. There is no one size fits all. They developed a solution that will fit a wide range of vehicles. Caution and consultation with a mobile install professional are important. There is a locking elbow joint between the cradle and the drill base that allows for a full range of motion. The metal arm configuration has a Rock Solid hold. The quality assurance for the Tackform Enduro Series products is to ensure that they will survive the conditions of extreme heat, humidity, and vibration.

Brand: Tackform

👤I bought this for the iPad Pro and it is so great as a truck driver, it holds up to every bumpy road I drive down. Extra parts for different size tablets are easy to install. It has traveled 44,000 miles and no issues have arisen.

👤I like the idea of having a drill mount on my truck, I don't want to buy a big TV or have a big TV hanging on my truck. I decided to use the industrial metal tablet mound by TRACKFORM. I recommend it with a little bit of creativity, you could mount it anywhere you want.

👤I bought this mount to hang an iPad from the ceiling of my Discovery 1 in the driver's compartment. I can use the data on the screen to better manage my vehicle's engine while I'm towing or off-road. I might watch a History Channel while I'm in traffic. The era in which I grew up was when manufacturers matched the price of the mounting system with the price of the item to be mounted. I was skeptical that I could get anything for less than 150 bucks. The description seemed legit. The style and size were important. It was a reasonable risk to check it out. Totally satisfied with this product. The brass sleeved tensioners and metal ball joints give me confidence in its ability to hold my equipment wherever I choose to mount it. The amount of well-fitting metal in this device tells me that the person who designed it was interested in creating a quality product rather than a cheap one. The kit was thoughtfully designed and contained items that were easy to open. I am at ease with the price I paid. My satisfaction is comprehensive.

👤I had researched other mounts that could be placed under a cabinet, since this was intended for a moving vehicle. Most of them got a bad review for not holding their anticipated position and dropping the tablets. This is something that will never happen with this mount. It is easy to put the tablet in and out of the mount. It is possible to remove the mount from under the cabinet. Maybe this is not ideal if that's a deal breaker for you. It works for us. We can adjust it in a way that the tablet is tucked away close to the wall, facing backwards, so that it doesn't get exposed to splashes. This mount is recommended by me.

👤This is the best holder I have ever purchased. You can't get it with a window mount. I ordered the mount from there website because I can't drill holes in my truck. It stays attached to the window and doesn't vibrate. I put my iPad Pro in it and held it upside down and tried to get it out, but the brackets held it tight. They and this product are recommended by me. I received the mount three days later than I was told, because I ordered it directly from the company. I use this mount daily in my semi. My iPad has never fallen out of my hand. The arms that hold the iPad should be fastened so they don't slide.


What is the best product for gps holder for semi truck?

Gps holder for semi truck products from Arkon. In this article about gps holder for semi truck you can see why people choose the product. Isaddle and Itodos are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps holder for semi truck.

What are the best brands for gps holder for semi truck?

Arkon, Isaddle and Itodos are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps holder for semi truck. Find the detail in this article. Jebsens, Ibolt and Andobil are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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