Best Gps Holder for Car Dashboard for Phone

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1. Loncaster Silicone Dashboards Compatible Smartphones

Loncaster Silicone Dashboards Compatible Smartphones

The dashboard cell phone holder is widely compatible with most types of cell phones and gps devices. Including the iPhone 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Plus/7/7 plus/ 6s/6s The plus/6/6 plus/6Se/6s and the plus/4s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2 S20/S 8 pro 20 ultra. S 20 plus/ 8 plus / 9 plus 10 Plus, S 7 Edge, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 It can protect phone against bumps, scratches, and flying out when there is an emergency braking, sudden stop and sharp turn. It's Washable and Reusable. The car phone holder is made from high-tech glue. It will be the same as the new one if you rinse it and dry it. If you want to lay the phone holder on the dashboard, you should remove the sticky film from the bottom of the car phone holder.

Brand: Loncaster

👤This has been in place all summer long, and I use it multiple times a day to squeeze my phone into it. It holds up well and is my favorite mount. The mounts that stick straight to your glass are worse. Before applying, be sure your dashboard is clean. I have a charging cable that I store in the little notch. It was used on a Toyota Highlander. I'm 6'1" I can see over the phone while driving. Hope this helps!

👤I like the phone holder a lot. I have a large, bulky, and heavy phone and a job that requires a lot of local driving, so I have a case for it. When I get back in my car, I grab my phone from the holder and put it back in my car. This is the first phone holder that has kept my phone in place, and it only slid under the seat. I've tried the cup holder, vent, and suction cup on the window types that have the "arms" that grip on each side and no luck. They were too flimsy to stay mounted and would not fit my phone case. I decided to try this style as a last resort, hoping it would work, but expecting that I would have to do a modification within a few days. No such action is necessary. This is a miracle product for me. It stays put on my car, it holds my phone securely, and I can change it when I need to. The product is great, the warranty is great, and the price is great. It showed up in one day.

👤Many types of mounts don't work well with most types of cars. It would be universal in working regardless of your car. You can easily place it right where you want it, instead of being limited to placing it near the vent or something like that. The hold is tight. You should put your phone in before you place the mount down. Make sure you place the mount in a way that it sits upright. If you put it wrong, the nice thing is that it will peel back off and stick securely again.

👤I love this thing. I have bought it for many of my friends. It is soft silicone. It holds my phone securely so that I can use the gps while I am driving, so I don't worry about it damaging my phone. I have had it for four months now and it has stayed where I put it, despite the change in temperatures on the North East. I think you could just spray some water under it and it would be sticky for a little while before it dries. I don't want to move it. It looks like it is in the dashboard. People are surprised when I put my phone in it. It only holds your phone in landscape mode, but has held my friends' phones in a variety of cases. If you think about it, I tried many before this one - vent, cd, windshield, and nothing compares! My vent was blocked. I was blocked from using my touchscreen. I always worried that the window would fall down. It keeps your cell phone in your line of vision without being in the way.

2. Dashboard Windshield Military Grade Anti Shake Stabilizer

Dashboard Windshield Military Grade Anti Shake Stabilizer

The upgraded cell phone automobile cradle is made of the airliner PTFE materia and super suction cups. It's time to say goodbye to substandard cups, limited compatibility, and long and tedious operations. YFYYF always chooses the best materials. The car cell phone holder is made from upgraded cups which give it a stronger grip. It will stay in place better and be more friendly to your phone during emergency braking and sharp turns. Air capsule silicone is added to the phone car mount in the inner clip. The car phone mount has a long arm that is bent downwards, which does not take up space and never obstructs the line of sight. You can get the best view by using a mobile phone vertically. Enjoy a safer driving experience. There is a single-hand operation. If you want to lock your phone in the car dashboard mount, you need to adjust the bottom foot of the phone holder. You can release your phone by pressing the buttons on both sides. The mount on the phone gives you an easy and safe way to drive. The cell phone car holder mount is wide enough to fit all smart phones. It's suitable for most cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, trucks and taxis. This is a great help for drivers. If you are dissatisfied, please contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Yfyyf

👤This is my first phone car mount and I am pleasantly surprised by how flexible it is. My phone is very accessible from my dash mounted phone because I mounted it where I needed it. The phone is mounted on the grips so there is no chance of it being damaged. You can put it in any position you want with the mounting options. The mount is very stable after I locked it in place. Would highly recommend this mount.

👤The phone is easy to adjust, holds the phone below your line of sight, and the cup has a sticky film to aid attachment. It needs a smooth surface and dashes have curves in the front where you want to attach the holder. I purchased the "Dashboard Pad Mounting Disk for Suction Cup Phone Mount" in an attempt to fix the problem. They do best with a flat surface, even though they are a little more flexible. The phone mount is in place because of the part of the pad closest to the window. I plan to put another disk in the motorhome that will allow me to use the same phone mount in both vehicles. Time will tell.

👤Several different car phone holders have been purchased by me. My brothers have given me one, but this is the best one. I was impressed with the quality of the telescopic arm, which allows me to see my phone without removing it from the holder. This is great when I'm on the road. The arm can be adjusted to several degrees. The car phone holder comes in two parts, a brackets and a mount. I am not clued up. This was easy to put together. I looked at the directions. Most people don't need directions. There were no tools needed. Thank goodness! You can hold your phone with the side clamps. There's a button to open it. There is a bottom piece of equipment. I couldn't find anything wrong with the phone holder. I gave it 5 stars because I was very impressed. This review is helpful to me.

👤This is more than just a cup. The tacky pad on the cup is enough to hold it before you use it. The cup can be used again. The hold is amazing! I found it to the left of the steering wheel and pillar. Finding a safe place to put it is the biggest challenge. The holder allows a lot of adjustments to be made. I am very pleased with the product. The price is very reasonable.

👤This is a good cell phone holder. It fits all of my phones. It needs to be a clean surface. It was easy to place.

👤The exception to the genre of phone mounts is this one. The unit is more robust than I expected, and the cup is the best I have ever seen. It is so sticky that it can be activated. The adjustment locking knobs are large, easy to adjust, and hold the setting well. The phone cradle has wrap-around arms to securely hold a phone in a bulky case. I had given up on finding a design like this that works, but this one does. I think this is the best of its type out there, and the price is good for the quality. If you're looking for a mount of this type, you should buy this one. You won't be sorry.

3. TORRAS Dashboard Windshield Military Compatible

TORRAS Dashboard Windshield Military Compatible

The enhanced TORRAS cell phone holder passed the military-grade sturdiness test. 20 x is very strong, unlike normal ones. The cup can hold the temperature from -20C to 95C. You can put it on your car. A sticky pad is a good way to protect your car dash. Completely friendly, hands-free, and views-adjustable! Release with one button, it's easy to hold with one hand. The car phone holder mount is suitable for all types of mobile phones. It is strong to hold your phone. Like the iPhone SE, 11 Pro, and Pro max. xs max/xr/6 plus/6 plus Do you know which method is better for your car? No worries! The 4 in1 phone mount can be used in a variety of ways. All places work perfectly. You can avoid the issue caused by environmental influences if you choose to, because of low temperatures in winter and heat in summer. The tighter the screw, the sturdier the clamp will be. The two small arms are enough to press against the upper and lower vent blades to form a stable triangular structure and lighten the load on the middle one. This clip is 10X stronger than normal ones. It fits perfectly for your car, no matter what the thickness of the blades is. The 36-month pleasant experience and top customer service that TORRAS provides is what you get. Let them know if you have any questions about the mount. You can get a package with the car holder for cell phone, which includes a sticky pad, strong air vent clip, and user manual. Please don't stick the sticky pad, it can be used once.

Brand: Torras

👤I have had this mount for a week now and I can tell you that it is one of the best mounts I have ever owned. I cleaned my dasboard before use and it was instantly suctioned. The mount holds the phone in place on some of the crappiest roads in Michigan. I have a phone with an otter box case that opens wide enough for you to put it in and not have to hold it tight. I have only used it being put in the dash, which is not a smooth texture, and have not used the vent clip or the windsheild, so I can't say if either is better than the other. I am buying more for our other vehicle if I pick one of these up.

👤I was skeptical about using the yeaterday on the dash with the auction cup as it gets really hot here in Florida and I don't want the sticky part of the cup becoming a permanent fixture on the dashboard. I am happy that I chose not to use the vent holder. I did not have any issues with it, it's very sturdy, holds the phone great, and I drove 37 miles each way to work. Highly recommend this.

👤The item is constructed well but the bottom is not. It took me several hours to toppl over from my dashboard. The manufacturer offered me a replacement for this item, which works out well, after I had difficulty with it. They went out of their way to help me.

👤I used it on the corner of my car. I moved my truck out of the sun for a bit to get it to stick again, and it worked. I didn't have to stick to the windshield anymore. I don't think sticking to the dash should be a problem if the holder has good suction on the windshield. I have attached my mine to the vent. I hold my phone fine. I would recommend it.

👤There is a phone holder for your car. I bought this for my phone, which has a bulky case. It fit perfectly and can fit larger phones. It has a rotating phone mount and extendable arm. It only takes one touch to open the phone grips. To remove the cup from the dash, you need to lift up the small tab that sticks out, because the cup is so sturdy. I am very excited for this find.

👤This is a high quality phone holder that is easy to use. I can keep my phone in my hand while I'm driving. It is easy to install and fit any phone size or case. It can be put on your dash or vent and easily removed. I put it in my air vent because it is stable and doesn't move when my car is moving. The close and release technology is very useful. The product has a great warranty. Definitely worth your money.

👤My car has a textured dash and I've had problems with others, so I was worried about the dash mount. I left the sticker on and it worked perfectly.

4. AmazonBasics Dashboard Magellan Portable Navigators

AmazonBasics Dashboard Magellan Portable Navigators

Attach a gps unit to your dash with the Amazon BasicsGPS Dashboard Mount. The bottom of the gps mount is anti-slip. The mount can be used on most car dashboards. It is necessary to hold the gps in place. All window mounts are compatible with the Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤There is a sticky silicone disk at the center of the mount, but it is not clear from the description. The disk is covered with a film. The mount will slide on the dash if you leave the protective film in place. If you remove the protective film, you expose a sticky surface that is designed to adhere the mount to the dash. Not what I wanted. I removed the silicone disk. It took a bit of effort, but it came off without a hitch. The mount doesn't slide around when the disk is removed, and the bottom of the mount makes contact with my dash. I thought I was buying the mount in the first place.

👤The price was good, but it was on the dashboard. They need to make it better. It won't stay in place. This could be better than Amazon trying to make their own brands. Who wants navigation to fall off the dash on simple turns?

👤99% of modern dash material is textured dashes, which is why the suction cup dash mount for the cameras from GoPro doesn't adhere to them. I needed an alternative for my low recording car camera. The bean bag gps mount is an excellent alternative. Within 24 hours, the base holder was cured and attached to the dash mount. There are negative comments about the mount. This wasn't an issue. The device has three heavy bean bag arms with two cellophane covers on the bases, just peel them off. I cleaned the base with alcohol and dried it to make sure the camera holder was attached perfectly. The bottom-side of the mount that goes on top of your car is sticky once you remove the cellophane. I use a lint roller to remove debris. The cool thing? I can just pick up my camera and move it to any other car I want. If it works for my camera, it will work for the original intended use of the device. I don't have any complaints.

👤I love this! It keeps the gps in place. I had issues with the gps falling on the floor when it got stuck from the window. The heat in the car is a problem for me. I had an issue with the gps coming off and falling to the floor, but the stay put on the dash does not slide. I had to put double sided tape on the gps to keep it from coming off but it was not due to the mount but the heat.

👤After I removed the plastic film, it's sticking very well and I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I thought the Amazon car dashboard mount was a great solution to avoid putting sticky pads on my car dashboard, since I bought a nice phone holder. The anti-slip bottom doesn't work well, and the mount is not a friction mount. There are any mounts you want to attach to it. The price is affordable. The product looks like a mount, but it's not. There is a sticky silicone disk in the center of the mount. You need to remove the protective film. There is a The bottom doesn't work well. I was driving and the mount slid around on my dashboard. I didn't remove the protection film on the sticky silicone disk because I don't want to have sticky marks on my car. There is a The weight of the Amazon dashboard mount is not heavy enough to hold the mounts, so they can't be too heavy or long. The dashboard mount tilted even if I used the sticky pad on the bottom of the phone holder. I decided to buy a portable friction mount from a company that is heavier than the one on Amazon. It's more expensive than the Amazon one. It's a truly friction mount, and the anti-slip bottom works well. I can put it on a non-flat surface.

5. AONKEY Dashboard Anti Slip Smartphones Compatible

AONKEY Dashboard Anti Slip Smartphones Compatible

This car mount is compatible with all mobile phones from 3 to 7. ABILITY: The phone holder has a reinforced dashboard, large gel base, and circle of silicone film and a cup to hold it in place. SECURITY: The phone holder is made of high quality spring and two ends of silicone, so it won't slide or fly out, even if you take a sharp turn or accelerate. There is a certainILITY to it. Silicone is not a permanent attachment to the car. It can be removed from the dash and the bottom will become sticky after a few uses. The cell phone car holder can be moved to the best position for your view. There are two different angels that give you more options to see non light reflect and clear screen view.

Brand: Aonkey

👤The thing works. It doesn't move around, it sticks to your dash. Even though the dash is curved, the soft base on this unit fits the shape of the dash and stays put. It's actually better than I anticipated.

👤I only had this dashboard cell phone holder for a week, so I can't speak to its longevity. It is all that is advertised, and I can speak to its function. I was concerned that the base would curve to it if it stayed on my dash. It comes up off the surface easily, so there's no need to worry. It cradles my phone in place when I use it as a gps device. One of the reasons I chose this model is because I wanted something that could hold a portable cylinder-shaped wireless speaker. I did the best thing I could and looked for something that I thought might work, but I couldn't find anything that was specifically designed for that purpose. I wasn't sure if this would work, but it was a perfect fit and I wouldn't have held it against the product if it didn't work. The speaker slides into the cradle and the clasp holds it in place. Since I started using it, it hasn't budged. I think it will have a good life because it feels solid in construction. I can't imagine not having it with me on the ride.

👤This was amazing. I needed to not have my phone on my lap while I traveled for 9 hours. I bought this device. I took a car that had a slight bump, but it was lightweight and didn't damage the car with icky glue...and we traveled close to a tornado. It held my device in place and adjusted it to any device. I'm not sure if it would hold a larger device. You have to check the measurement. I also bought a lighter that plugs into a wall outlet. It fit perfectly and didn't try to remove the device from the holder. One of my favorite purchases on Amazon.

👤This item is great for my phone. Since the phone is so expensive, I didn't want one of the holders that hangs from the window or off the vent. When I hit a pot hole, the phone jumps out of the holder with the risk of cracking the glass, so I chose the Aonkey for the dashboard. It was a good choice. I have a phone that is too big to fit most holders, but it holds it with or without the cover, no problem with the Aonkey. I don't like the idea of being told to stick it to the dashboard. I don't want my car to be permanently marked with glue, so I'm reluctant to do that. I don't have a lot of faith in that happening. My dashboard is wide enough that I can just place it and it is heavy enough that it stays in place even when I hit the road.

👤This phone holder is very nice. When I take the phone out, the vent holders come off and I am frustrated. I am using a phone. It will fit a bigger phone. It sticks into place with a large circle of glue around the center. If you have a flat or curved dash, the outer rubber allows for flexibility. Even when it came to an abrupt stop, it stayed in place. Removes by opening it. This is my favorite version of phone holders.

6. DishyKooker Universal Dashboard Holder Non Slip

DishyKooker Universal Dashboard Holder Non Slip

The edge of the dashboard is an excellent location for the holder. The driver can look at the phone screen while driving. The line of sight is the same as the road and it makes you keep your eyes on the road to avoid accidents. One hand operation is safe and easy to use. Drivers can use one hand to operate the phone screen and the other to hold the steering wheel. It keeps them safe. The car dashboard is strong and sturdy. In a bumpy road, make sure you don'taggle your phone. It keeps them safe. The long clip arm. The maximum opening width of the arm can fit a smart phone. The holder base has a vertically and horizontally curved design and clips the top lid tightly with a strong clip, which makes it holding the phone stable. No Dent Left Silicon padded gripper andGEL mat double the grip force of the mount to hold your phone more firmly even on rough roads. The dash can be damaged by a Silicon pad. Use high strength and high strength materials, and use the high temperature environment of the automobile instrument table. Products in 25 degrees to 85 degrees can be used perfectly.

Brand: Dishykooker

👤I traded that car in for a buick dash. I have the gps in the mount off the passenger visor in my truck. I bought another one to use in my new car and I think I'll hang it off the visor as the dash is not good for this purpose.

👤Would not fit on my shelf. Had to come back.

👤The product was not compatible with my dashboard. It looked like a solid product.

👤I use my cell phone for gps in my truck.

👤Needed a cheap phone holder for the car. Very basic but affordable.

👤It doesn't fit my car. I hit my head on it after putting it on my visor. No good.

👤This was what I was looking for.

7. Humixx Stability Hands Free Windshield Smartphones

Humixx Stability Hands Free Windshield Smartphones

The car phone holder is super-suction. The new enhanced universal hands-free phone holder mount for car features a locking mechanism and an extra strong 3-layer nano-gel cup that can survive -20C (-4F) to 95C/(203F) temperatures. During high-speed and mountain drives, the Humixx car cell phone mount can hold your phone. If the car holder's surfaces are dirty or not stick well, you can wash it with warm water. 4-in-1 Universal Cell Phone holder for car is made of military-grade passenger aircraft PTFE material and can be firmly fixed on the dashboard, air vent, flat workbench, etc. The car mount can be moved at the same time when changing the car. A good choice to most cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, trucks, and taxis; a good assistant for drivers of ride-sharing services. Perfect Protection & Strong Compatibility Humixx car cell phone holder says goodbye to plastic panels, uses high-density silicone material, and is resistant to wear and tear. It's possible to mount most 4''-7''phones, such as the iPhone 13 and Pro 13, in a universal phone mount. Pro Max 11/XS/XR/7/7/SE, the S22/S22 Ultra/S21+/S20 ultra 5G/Note 20, the S20/S20 ultra 4G/Note 20, the S22/S22 Ultra/S21+/S20 ultra The best design for multi-angle field of view The telescopic arm of the car holder can be used to move the phone up or down in multiple angles. The car mount has a spherical joint that rotates to provide a full view. Place your phone in the best view and enjoy a safer driving experience. The car holder can meet your phone navigation in either direction. The safety air vent clip and lifetime service are included. The Humixx car phone holder has a built-in metal twist lock and an external Silicone Pad that protects your car from damage. Do you like it? Not available? Return or exchange? The one-to-one professional service personnel will be happy to help you.

Brand: Humixx

👤The vent clip option is still present in the new version of Humixx, I like it. My husband likes the previous black one. We both like this gray panel. The dashboard mounting option has always been available. My husband uses this phone mount for my car because I like the dashboard car mount a lot. It's better to put the phone in the middle of the line of sight on the dashboard. You don't need to raise your head to see the map and directions, and you don't need to look down to see the directions. My husband has an Apple mobile phone and I have a Samsung phone. I think a car holder for these two mobile phones is suitable for you. The phone can be extended in and out of the racing car holder so that I can read and drive it. It's important for the car. The icing on the cake is the configuration. You don't have to worry about the strength of the cup when driving at high speeds because it's very stable. Our family does not race, so it can't be verified, but it's not a problem to use at the moment. The one-handed release option on the phone makes it very convenient to release it from the stand when you have no hands.

👤I purchased this phone mount as a gift and was very satisfied with the mounting and the ability to hold the phone. The mount I used was very similar to other mounts that I had purchased in the past. I recommend it. P.S. I bought a second one for myself.

👤The phone holder is made of high quality material. The phone is held tightly and the joints are great. I like the appearance of the color. I think it's necessary in a car.

👤We will make it easy to install. Set a weight on my Ford F-150 and clean the dash. The first time, the scuplture latched and never came loose. I found the best iPone 13 Pro Max. There is room for a bigger device.

👤I really like the way this cell phone holder is made. There is a mount for the vent and a mount for the dash. I like being able to use it both ways when I'm on the road. I don't worry about it falling off when I travel over rough roads.

👤It is convenient, flexible and stable, and I used it this week. I think the drivers will like it. It frees your hands.

👤This product has a lot of convenience. I have finally gotten one satisfied.

👤The product is sturdy and holds up well in the car. The mount holds the device in place.

👤I have the case for a few weeks now and I love it. I had a thin fit case before, but this is better. The case is all round protection and even covers the power and volume buttons. It is very light. I think it makes the phones feel good. I don't know how well it will hold up as I haven't dropped it yet.

8. Syncwire Universal Dashboard Adjustable Compatible

Syncwire Universal Dashboard Adjustable Compatible

The syncwire car mount comes with 3 years of support. The phone holder cannot be used for your car if there are missing accessories. You can get a replacement. It's not compatible with: thick cases such as Otterbox, wallet Case and battery Case. The 4th Generation Neodymium Magnets are compatible with most phones, including the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro, as well as the Note10+. The magnetic car holder has a smooth surface to maintain its glowing surface and soft yet durable touch. Reliable 3M VHB adhesive pad provides strong stick force. Driving on a rugged mountain road, going over a speedbump, and sudden braking are all situations that are Sturdy in. With a solid metal ball joint, you can change the position of your phone or display. A small cell phone car kit.

Brand: Syncwire

👤I was skeptical about the car mount's capabilities because my phone is larger and heavier than the mount, making it even larger and heavier. I didn't think that a small metal plate could stick to the mount, especially if it was going over railroad tracks, or if the phone was leaning down or moving from where I placed it. I've had this mount for a year. 1) Having my cupholders available again has been great. This makes it a lot easier to look over my maps on my phone, and I don't have a smooth dashboard. In Central Texas it gets hot so I thought the mount would slip/slide and come off in the summer. I'm impressed! I've ever spent $13.75.

👤It was easy to install the car and phone mount. I had some doubts about the strength of the magnet, but I am very happy with it. It is strong enough to hold my larger phone, and it is very good made. My phone has not fallen off when I drive over bumps. It comes with metal plates that can be used to put on the back of your phone or case. I think you will like it. The piece that was attached to the dash fell off. I was hoping it would last a little longer than that, but I guess you could just reattach it and hope it stays on next time.

👤I like the quality of the product and how it will stick to my phone. It didn't stick to the dash in my car. I used up the pads. The company is called Syncwire. I love their cords. The cords stay in my phone, they have solved many problems for me. I have a wireless headset that is the best I have ever heard. I like this phone holder. I hope to work with people from Syncwire to put it on my dashboard. I love this phone holder. The feel of it is solid. Many phone holders feel like cheap plastic held together weakly, this one feels heavy and strong. I had trouble sticking it on my dashboard, even after I cleaned it. I used Gorilla Super Glue to glue it to the dash. I took it on a road trip the next day and it was great. It's easy to use. The tilt function of the ball joint can be used to adjust the screen in the sun. I put my phone where I put it. There was no adjusting the plastic pieces. This is a very good product, and I am enjoying it.

👤It was 3 years of support. The product I purchased last September was a big fan of, but the glue failed this past month. I messaged Syncwire to see if I could get another backing for the magnet, since I like it so much. I was told to search for a replacement on Amazon since I didn't purchase it from them. I'll be moving on to another product, not keeping loyal/return customers with that kind of support.

9. AONKEY Dashboard Universal Smartphones Compatible

AONKEY Dashboard Universal Smartphones Compatible

5 sticky points are added at the bottom of the holder, so it works on a curved dashboard. It was easy to remove from one place to another. It's compatible with most devices from 3” to 7” and includes a curved dash surface. Plus, S7/S7 Edge, S8/S8 Plus, S7/S7 Edge, S7/S7 Edge, and aGPS device. Stable and secure5 sticky points are used to ensure a strong adsorption. Even when taking a sharp turn, sudden stop or emergency brake, the rubber holders mount your phone more stably and tightly. Silicone, heat-resistant, is non-toxic and tasteless, so it will not be melted in the high heat summer. It is easy to operate with one hand. To adjust the width, simply insert the two bases into the console pad. If you don't like their car phone mount, they will replace it or give you a refund.

Brand: Aonkey

👤This is a good solution for bulky phones. My phone case is too thick for a normal phone holder and I have a pop sockets in the middle of it. I was looking for a new phone holder for a long time. It does a great job! I took it for a test drive and it held up well despite a few turns and short stops. The dashboard I secured is curved and I added some tape for extra security. I don't think it would slide around because of the material and sticky spots. I am very happy with this product. If I discover that it doesn't work correctly over time, I'll update this review. I don't think that will happen. I have been using this product for a month and I am still loving it. My only complaint is that my phone shuts down when it gets too warm in the sun. It turns on again after about 5 minutes after being held in front of the AC. It is helpful to know if you are planning on going on longer drives in the summer because I don't think this product does wrong. It happens to me after about 25 minutes of driving. It is helpful to know that my phone stand is black, that my dashboard is black, and that my phone case is black. This product works like a charm and I still love it.

👤I thought ablut was returning the holder. When I received an email from the seller, I asked if there was anything I could do to make it better. They told us to wet the spots in the water. The cell phone holder has not moved since I rubbed the pads on my hands with water. I am happy that the seller contacted me in a timely manner. You can't beat the price. I can now drive, talk, and watch my favorite channel on my cell phone.

👤I used a dashboard cell phone holder. I got a wireless cell phone charging station and it could have a magnet on the back of it because of the charge. I reluctantly got this one. I'm very pleased with it, maybe even more than the magnetic one. It is easy to install. The top of my car is curvy and that worried me. It works well. My car is a Mercedes Benz.

👤Even though there is a curve, I was able to stick the holder onto my dashboard. The holder is flexible. I have an Iphone that fits. When it gets really cold in the Northeast, I worry the most. Is the material of the holder going to turn hard or not? Time will tell.

👤It holds the phone securely. There are sticky surfaces at the bottom to hold it in the dashboard. Great purchase.

👤The Aonkey dashboard car mat replaced the overpriced top of the line dash cell phone holder. The fit was simple and sturdy.

👤It works great when placed on my dashboard. I held my phone. I like it because I can place it in front of me so I don't have to look at the map.

10. Loncaster Automobile Accessories Compatible Smartphones

Loncaster Automobile Accessories Compatible Smartphones

The dash phone holder is made of strong sticky back and can stay on the dashboard. The mount on the car would hold your phone in place while driving. Silicone Material: Different from other phone holder with hard plastic, this car phone mount was built with high quality Silicone material without creating any potential damage to the phone. It's easy to install, just wipe the dashboard surface clean, peel off the film and stick it to where you want it. If you messed around with an overly complicated air vent mount/CD slot mount/windshield suction holder/suction cup holder, have a try. The dash phone mount allows you to check the map without looking down or away from the road, which is a great feature for safe driving, as it keeps it from encroaching into your view of the road. It's compatible with most kinds of cell phones and gps devices which are between 3-6mm thick. 6s /6s plus and 7s plus and 7s plus and 6s plus and 7s plus and 7s plus and 7s plus and 7s plus and 7s plus and 7s plus and 7s plus and 7s plus and 7s plus and 7s plus Plus/ 6 / 6 plus, 5Se, 5s, 5s, 4s, and the SAMSUNG GALAXY Note 8. 10 S20/S 8 is a pro. S 7 Edge, S20 plus, 8 plus, 9 plus, 10 plus, and so on.

Brand: Loncaster

👤The product can be installed on the dashboard in a few seconds. It is possible to install at an angle for easy viewing. This looks like a great product. The phone stays in place during the drive with good quality plastic and rubber. Does not block the view of the driver. Good fit to the dashboard. It took 30 seconds to install.

👤I got this for my daughter. She has a phone that is perfect for her. She kept her cell phone in her possession even during rough roads.

👤The product does what they said it would do. It stays on the dash. It holds my phone in place. There is a slot for the power cord. It's easy to move from place to place. It's also clean. Most phones fit with 2 per pack.

👤The phone stand seems to hold strong and the phone fits into the opening easily. It was just what I needed and it was very good for the price. Even works in other applications.

👤If you have a sturdy case on your phone, the product won't work. I have an Iphone X and it wouldn't work in a medium size case. I returned the phone holder because I want to remove my case every time I use it.

👤The solution to hands free phone in car is very affordable. One of the older modle cars has blue tooth but does not display the maps on the dashboard. I tried a cup phone holder, but it got in the way of the console shift, so I didn't use it. I can keep my eyes on the road if I have to, because this one sits on the dash facing me. Very nice. My son drives a small car so I got him a one. I don't know if it works on a small car. I think it would be fine if one didn't find it too much of a distraction. I like to see everything in front rather than outways.

👤2 were bought. I could put one in my car and the other in my husband's truck. I've owned a lot of different phone holders for my car, and they all become annoying and thrown out. Not this one! This thing is amazing. It sits on the dashboard and is not something I would want to look at. I was surprised by how sturdy it is. I mean... It doesn't move! You can move it. It's not going to move on its own. I like it because it's right on the dashboard and I don't have to take my eyes off the road, so it gets 5 stars just for the safety factor.

👤It's very economical to hold your cell phone in the car or at home. The sloped dash of my Highlander has a tight hold on it. The phone is kept at a great angle. Without sliding or movement, the sticky back holds up. The table at home was useful to hold my phone for calls and videos, with the sticky back still covering it. It seems like it will hold up for a long time.

11. Universal Car Phone Mount Magnetic

Universal Car Phone Mount Magnetic

This car holder can be installed in any car and works with any cell phone or gps device. It can be used with up to 3 different devices. It is easy to install. Bring your phone to the mount and feel it lock into place. The magic of the magnet is what makes clips and cradles useless. The mount provides a panoramic view. It is handy and holds up. Their small magnetic phone car mount looks awesome and performs better than any other mount. A thin metal disc can be used to hide a phone. The car phone holder is 100 to be safe and secure. There are 28 US states that prohibit phone mounts. Get a phone mount for your car. If you don't like your new phone car holder, just contact them and they will make it right.

Brand: Accessories

👤There's not a good place to put a phone mount. I tried many different car mounts. There isn't a single spot on the console that is that wide, flat, and smooth, and most of the time there is a 1.5-2 inch diameter suction cup. You don't want to mount it on the top of the dash because the field of vision is small enough that it won't interfere with the phone's reception. I tried one that plugs into a car's charging port, but it was not strong enough to hold up my phone, because of the rough ride of a Wrangler. I tried two different vent mounts, but the all-direction swivel feature on the Wrangler vent just meant it would end upside down or dumped in the floor when the weight of the phone pulled the whole mount off the vent when it inevitably ended up pointing downward. The mount is strong and sturdy. It fits perfectly, and it's not a big piece of plastic hanging off my dash. I'm very happy. I don't recommend putting the magnet on a popsocket, because the phone will still tip over, but that's really a minor annoyance. I'm glad I did it. I would buy this one again and again.

👤The product works well. I put them in my home made phone holder so that the screen always points at the user and doesn't block the dashboard controls.

👤My coworker recommended this product to me. I bought one online after the supplies were backordered. When I contacted the Customer Service rep, he was great and told me it was on backorder and that it would be available again. He told me the second it was available for sale again, which was really appreciated, and not a normal practice I have received from a Customer Care team before. I got the product and it stuck well to my car, but the magnetism isn't that strong. I put the magnet underneath my pot sockets because I don't want to cover it. If I put it where they recommend, it will work as designed. If you're like me, you're not going to want to cover your pot sockets design, so expect to have a phone that falls every time you hit abump.

👤The mount is cheap and horrible compared to the original model. The original model held everything, but the ball became too loose and it was almost impossible to hold your phone in one position. When the original model was no longer available, I tried the newer model, hoping it would be a little bit smaller. I could have been wrong. The ball that allows you to rotation the phone is not safe because of the magnet on the mount. If you want to allow your phone to be used on wireless charging, you have to put a magnetic plate at the bottom of your phone. Your phone will fall off the mount as soon as you hit abump or turn. Don't buy this version. You will not be happy. I have bought an iOtti Clamping Mount and could not be happier, even though it costs 3x as much as this, but who cares if this product is cheaper if it also doesn't do what it's supposed to do? Don't waste your money. Buy something else instead.


What is the best product for gps holder for car dashboard for phone?

Gps holder for car dashboard for phone products from Loncaster. In this article about gps holder for car dashboard for phone you can see why people choose the product. Yfyyf and Torras are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps holder for car dashboard for phone.

What are the best brands for gps holder for car dashboard for phone?

Loncaster, Yfyyf and Torras are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps holder for car dashboard for phone. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Basics, Aonkey and Dishykooker are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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