Best Gps Holder for Car Dashboard Beanbag

Dashboard 3 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. ISaddle Friction Mount Holder Garmin

ISaddle Friction Mount Holder Garmin

The mount head has a ball joint design and screw-nut lock to ensure secure positioning and optimal viewing, then adjust the best view angle. The telescopic arm can be extended from 4.13inch to 5.75inch and can be adjusted for optimal viewing angle. It is compatible with all of the devices with the 17mm ball mounting pattern. The mount to match the dashboard is enabled by the four-arm shape conforms. The dash board can be fitted with the beanbag base and the mount secures to the dashboard. No tools are required for installation, just place it and hit the road. Purchase now and you will get a 100% money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong within a year. Purchase now and you will get a 100% money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong within a year.

Brand: Isaddle

👤My dashboard has curves and slopes so it doesn't have a big flat surface area. It has a textured top that won't stick to cups, and I didn't want to use anything with an glue. The mount works well. It has enough flexibility and weight to sit on a slope and not move. I have been using it for about a month. I can just pick it up and put it on the seat if I'm parked on a hot sunny day and don't want to leave the gps device in the sun. If you're looking for a holder for a small spot and you don't want a permanent solution, I would recommend this product.

👤I could have saved a lot of money if I had purchased this mount first. I love the location of this mount in my dashboard. I have a large gps which is 7 inches wide and I didn't want it to permanently mar my dash. The beanbag gps holder has a rubber non slide base and a mount that can be changed into many different styles. I think this gps mount would fit any gps on the market.

👤I should have mounted my Truckers with this option a long time ago. When going to the rig, I sit on my dash and never move.

👤This item works well. I need a product that is reliable in changing temperatures inside my vehicle, but not using suction cups. It's easy to move as needed. Five stars!

👤It slid off the dash after we accelerated. The ball on top broke.

👤I apologize to the seller. After applying more pressure, the part fit. The item was the same as in the ad.

👤I finally found a solution to keep my gps out of the way. No more dealing with the gps when the temperature changes. The beanbag mount does not obstruct my view. I love it!

👤I wish I had known about this Saddle a long time ago, it holds my gps in place much better than a vent holder. I'm thinking about buying a new motorhome.

👤The fabric on the bottom of these doesn't hold up as long as we had hoped, so we ordered 2 of them for our cars. My husband is going to try and fix it, but I don't think you should have to.

👤This method is better than any other method.

👤It works as expected. The mount on the windshield.

👤I recommend this unit to anyone who has a small or medium size gps unit.

2. IPOW Anti Slip Dashboard Hands Free Compatible

IPOW Anti Slip Dashboard Hands Free Compatible

Since October 28, the version has been upgraded to more stable. The holder will be more stable because of the old anti-slip mat design. The sticky gel footprints need to be torn off the protect films. Put it in front of the steering wheel and adjust it in all directions to the best location in your eye level. Two pairs of rubber holders compatible with phones' thickness within 14mm, the slide ways for the rubber "legs" are inserted with sheet metals to offer a strong suppport so your phones stay more snug. The tilt angle of your phone can be adjusted with 2 C-shaped clips on the mounting holders. Simple design with no long arm, magnets, suction cups, and folds flat for easy storage and travel.

Brand: Ipow

👤I like the way this product works. The seller responded to my review and sent a new one after I purchased one that tipped and slid. So much better! The steering column is the best place to put this because the RAV4 doesn't have a good place to put it. My field of vision is easily blocked because I am 5'2 I can't imagine a better mount for someone with a different designed car. The phone does not tip in the mount. The seller is harassing and constantly email me, so I dropped my review. I am wondering if my email address has been compromised after receiving so many emails about the same thing. Very disappointing.

👤The holder is better than the ones on the car. Over the years, I must have gone through 6 of them. You don't have to apply any glue to the dash. It's nice that when you don't use it, you just pick it up and put it in a compartment. No messing with cups. I have owned this product for a while.

👤The simplicity of this one is a real win, even though there are a lot of devices that are supposed to hold your phone in place. First of all, it doesn't have to be mounted on your car's window, so you don't have to worry about those rings on your glass. If they get the least bit dirty, the suction cup will pop off, which is a disadvantage. The mount is a piece of something like a rubber mat with grooves. The rubber clips can be positioned in a variety of ways to hold almost any smart phone, either vertically or horizontally. Also, note: Product documentation says this is for the S8/S7/S5/S4 edge. One set of rubber holders holds the phone at a slightly more upright angle than the other. There are two rubber pieces that can be attached to the clips to make your phone stand up a bit more. When you open the package, make sure you don't misplace these. You just put the mat on the dash and slide your phone into the grooves. I haven't had any issues with the mat sliding around on the dash because there are no glues to worry about. Even though the surface isn't completely level, I have a Honda Accord with a curvy dashboard and it sits just fine. I wanted the phone to be held upright so I could use a combination dash-camera and gps app, but I had a problem with my intended application. I couldn't get the angle adjusted where my camera pointed down the road. I still think this is a great holder.

👤I put this on the steering wheel column to make sure my phone is in front of me. It is easy to use and it stays in place. My husband and parents all asked for one because they liked it so much. It's an excellent alternative to attach something to the window or air vent.

👤Great. It is possible to change it. The C piece is used to tilt the phone. A piece of art.

3. Dashboard Beanbag DriveAssist DriveSmart DriveLuxe

Dashboard Beanbag DriveAssist DriveSmart DriveLuxe

Taiwan is the country of origin. High quality manufacturing. The anti slip base is for grip. Every mount has a smooth Mount Pad. Weighted beanbag stops sliding on corners, so you can Mount your Sat Nav without leaving Tell Tale Ring On Windscreen. Only suitable for the 5 inch models, not the larger sizes which have a larger cup. Only suitable for the 5 inch models, not the larger sizes which have a larger cup.

Brand: Digicharge

👤This is a weighted bean-bag. The material on the bottom is slippery. It's not supposed to do the specific thing. Unless your dash is cloth, it's worthless. The bean-bag mount I bought from my company works great. I wanted to save money and use this one. Wrong!

👤The Nuvi stuck to the windshield with a cup. It would sometimes fall off on long drives. The dashboard mount works well. The bottom of my window mount doesn't move when it's on top of the dashboard, because the cup sticks very well. The adjustment allows us to point the screen in a certain direction. If you also have problems with the mount, I recommend this product.

👤The products pad is not big enough for the RV 890, so I bought this. It's too big for a vacuum. I bought a new one that works well. The one I am using is the Amazon Basics, which is a car dashboard mount. Navigators are available at

👤I needed something to take down when I wasn't using, and I hated the ring on the window. I use it for my back up camera monitor when I pull my travel trailer. It does not sit in the tray on a 2020 F-150. Since it is in the dash, it does not move, so I can't comment on that. It's a great alternative to leave a ring on the car when you only use it a few times a month.

👤This holds my Dash camera in place. I don't understand why dash cam are called Dash cam when they are made to stick on a window. I also have a backup camera for my trailer. There are no circles from the cups.

👤Soon to say. But. It may slide around while driving due to the slick bottom. I like that it is heavy and my cup fits perfectly. It should work for me.

👤The product is great at a good price. Very happy. There is a The white tissue paper should be removed for those who are having problems with it sliding. I bet your slide problem is solved once you've done that.

👤It's perfect for the monitor of my camera. I don't need the monitor so I can easily remove it from my dash.

👤This rating was used by me because I found it to be okay. The product was not as good as I thought it would be. I thought the holder fitted all models of cars. The holder on my car is not right and it slides when I corner. I don't think this product is a good one, I think other products with the same function would be better. William Shepherd is a man.

👤Slips all over the place have had to be controlled with two blobs of Blutac.

👤I can sometimes slide when going round corners.

👤It fits on the dashboard of my Honda and doesn't move.

👤Really pleased with the product. Sturdy practical works well.

4. Garmin Portable Friction Mount Frustration

Garmin Portable Friction Mount Frustration

Amazon ships in Frustration-Free Packaging. The shape of the four-arm is similar to the dashboard. The ball mount is easy to attach to your cradle. The StreetPilot C5XX series is compatible with the nvi series. One-year limited warranty.

Brand: Garmin

👤The AC vent holders block the air flow and the suction cup ones come loose right away, so I've tried all of the other mounts. I had to remove the AC grate clips when I wasn't using them. The clips are difficult to remove and insert. The cup was difficult to get to stick to. I decided to give it a try and am happy I did. This is on top of the dash of my Honda CR-V. This thing didn't budge a millimeter because I took some corners hard and did some hard stops. I can remove the gps from the dashboard and put it on the floor in front of the seat to get it out of view when I am parked. Simply put it back on the dashboard and I'll leave. I finally found a mount that works for me.

👤I don't know if this product works or not. I didn't get a chance to use it because it doesn't fit the DriveSmart 65. I was going to buy the DriveSmart from the store, but on the page where it states "Frequently Bought Together", there was a friction mount listed. I assumed it was made for the gps device I bought. I was wrong. This type of mount does not fit the DriveSmart base. I would like to see it removed from the recommendation listing. I don't like wasting money.

👤This thing is great. I rely on the voice assist on my gps to help me avoid looking down while driving, but sometimes it can't be avoided. I've tried a lot of different mounts over the years and this is my favorite. It stays on the top of my dashboard and is very well weighted. I can read the gps with a quick glance. One advantage of this is that once the mounting bar is in place, you can either lock it in place or leave it unlocked and it will turn around as needed. I will probably never lock it because the mounting bar doesn't turn without help. I have a compartment in my dashboard that I can put shade in if it is particularly sunny or if I am on a bumpy road.

👤The concept is great, but the ball where the gps is attached is too small for my gps, which causes the screen to flop down. I measure the diameter of my window mount ball to make sure it's not too big. The window mount is 17.21mm. The ball is about 16.86mm. It may not seem like much, but is the difference between a screed that stays where you point it or points at the floor after a few seconds of driving? I have only read about a couple customers with the same issue, so I assume it is not widespread, or people are more tolerant than I am.

👤I've had a gps device for 6 years and have gone through several cups. Their life ends and the gps falls onto the dashboard, scaring the person driving and anyone in the car. I was a bit hesitant about this purchase, but it really is amazing. The mount can be moved to another vehicle or taken down. The Garmin is in place as it should be. If only we could get the navigation unit to start packaging these babies.

5. SRUNP Horizontal 360┬░Rotate Compatible Smartphones

SRUNP Horizontal 360%C2%B0Rotate Compatible Smartphones

The car dashboard phone mount is triangular to ensure stability, it supports your cell phone at three points without shaking or slipping. Silicone rubber protects your phone from scratches. The cell phone car holder has a base that can be changed to fit your needs, as well as to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience, regardless of navigating or listening to music. The phone dash mount for car allows you to hold your phone in either horizontal or vertical orientation, which makes it easy to watch movies or charge phones on the way. If you make a sharp turn or sudden stop, the car mount holder will protect your phone from flying out if it is damaged. There is no traceless glue left. The dashboard cell phone holder is compatible with most cell phones and gps devices. Including the following: iPhone 11, Pro11, S 8 is a pro. S 8 plus / 9 plus 10. Plus, S 7 Edge, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 If you don't like their dashboard cell phone mount within 30 days, please feel free to contact them and they will arrange a full refund or a replacement without any questions asked.

Brand: Srunp

👤This is the best phone mount I have ever purchased. It was very easy to use. In my video, I show you how to change the direction of the phone. You can place the phone vertically or horizontally. This flexibility adds value to the product. Highly recommended!

👤Exactly what I was looking for. My wife and I both have pop sockets on our phones and this was a perfect fit for us. It allows for booth standing and sideways holding, and it rotates so that you can stand and hold it. 5 stars as of right now. Will update if something goes wrong. I'm buying more because DEF recommend.

👤There is not enough room at the bottom to put in a charging device. I thought I could use it in the horizontal orientation. Sometimes I drive for Lyft and notice that the app doesn't support horizontal orientation. Los Angeles had bumpy streets, and my new phone would flip over in the vertical position. This phone was financed by me. I can't have it break over a gizmo. I had to return the product.

👤This is the first time I can use maps like this. It is really convenient. Just put my phone on it. The vent of ac will not be blocked anymore. I would recommend it.

👤This is something that I love. If you stop hard or take off too fast, your phone will fall out, but it stays put! It's easy to get in and out. My phone has a popsocket on it, and it accommodates phones with or without cases. I have a popsocket that is off-centered so I have to put the phone on the side that is left to charge it. It's nice to be able to talk on the phone while my husband is driving. I hope this review takes care of any doubts you have. Go for it. It's a great buy for the money.

👤I have had to purchase two of these because I have found that the adhesion wears off when there are significant seasonal changes. The holder works great, even though it rotates, it doesn't change location if you move it yourself. Which is how it should be. If you want your phone to be right side up, you can't charge it vertically in the holder. One of the things that bugs me is the fact that the cord pops out the top of your screen. The problem could be fixed by adding a little space to the holder. Despite the fact that it is hard to find a holder that I like, I would still recommend this holder. I can pop my phone in an out with no problem. If you are like me and have used a magnetic mount before, this is a great holder. You cannot beat a magnetic mount if you don't use a wireless charger.

👤It's ok. It was not too expensive. It's easy to install and light-weight, and seems to adhere well once you find the right spot. There are pros and cons. Finding a spot to put your dash is difficult if it is not flat. If the phone is in a landscape position, you can only use the charger. I want it more for portrait position, but I can't use the cable that way. I had to place my phone so far away that I couldn't really reach it because of the lack of space.

6. Garmin Portable Friction Dashboard Mount

Garmin Portable Friction Dashboard Mount

The dashboard Friction mount is compatible with the Nuvi and ZumoGPS series. There is a portable alternative to windshield mounts. The mount is securely on the dashboard. Transferring from car to car is easy. The new design is lighter in weight and more flexible. The integrated arm can be folded down to make it easier to store in an automobile or luggage. Transferring from car to car is easy.

Brand: Garmin

👤I like the best dashboard mount for the nuvi. I wanted to give prospective buyers a virtual hands-on demo by recording this video review. I hope it is helpful.

👤I would give this a 6 star rating. It's the best. I've been searching for a mount that would last for a long time and I've found it. I've done the research for you so you don't waste time. I've tried a lot of different devices and all of them would work for a while before they stopped working. I've tried the device where you press it against the window. It would work for a while, but it would fall off during driving. If I hit a bumpy road, I've tried putting my saliva on the bottom of the suction to make it last longer, but it will fall off again if I hit it again. This idea is terrible. Let me tell you why. The sticky bottom doesn't work on all dashboard surfaces because of the materials used. The sticky bottom device I've tried is too heavy and clunky to fit on the dashboard and it would fall off if mounted. A sticky bottom device that can handle a gps unit would work for a while before it wears off. The most sticky of devices would melt in the hot summer when you roll up your window. It would cause the device to topple over because of the weight. I can't explain how angry I am when I get off work and open my car door to find something on the floor. I have not tried the device, but I did research and found that it would tug and pull on the mirror, so you would have to manually adjust it. It will become an annoyance more than anything. I've read that it is not stable and tends to shake a lot. Why would anyone want to do that? There are four different devices researched, including the sticky bottom, the hang on rear view mirror, and the stick it in your CD tray. I'm not trying to bad mouth them because they all work hard. They don't last and they create frustration. The great thing about the Friction Dashboard Mount is that it's not related to the above. It's not sticky, not hanging, and it's not sucking. It's not smooth. The best part? It works! I don't have to worry about it falling off my car. The rubber platform can be molded to fit the shape of your dashboard and the little ball thing on the top really holds the gps unit in tightly so it doesn't wobble/rotate around while driving. I'm surprised it doesn't move on my dashboard. It's stable. It really works.

👤I tried to attach a device to a car's window, but the device couldn't hold much attachment or removal, even when it was cold. Other bean-bag type holders are not always in place. I have been a wheelchair transport driver for the last four years and have been a chauffeur for five years. I use this mount to fit the plate to the dash. It stays in place. I bought this one to replace the one I have been using for the last seven years, as it broke in the center after a lot of hard use. One of the mounts we use for trips, including rental cars, is in my personal vehicle.

7. Bracketron Universal Windshield Smartphones UFM 100 BL

Bracketron Universal Windshield Smartphones UFM 100 BL

The weight of the gps daemon mount. The Nav-Mat has a mounting base that can be used to convert your device into a dash-mounted device. Transfer to other vehicles and use it to secure your car gps holder or other device mount, hands- and hassle-free. The diameter of the disc is 3.5 BEANBAG BODY & ANTI-SKID BASE. The anti-skid underside prevents device sliding even during sharp turns, and the body of the pad is shaped to your dashboard. It is compatible with most factory mounts, and can hold devices weighing up to 1 lbs. Whether you need it for a professional truck-driving route or on an extended road trip, the portable car accessory can be taken from vehicle to vehicle. It is easy to remove and hide your electronics when you are done. Easy installation. The only thing you have to do is wipe down the dashboard to make a clean place for the Nav-Mat. There is nothing you can do to stop your view. It is a great accessory to have with you. Stay safe and connected with their mounts and accessories, which are designed to keep professional drivers and casual commuters connected. No matter what kind of device you use for travel, they have a variety of products that are easy to use. Works with most stock Windshield Mounts. The anti-skid base holds up to several pounds.

Brand: Bracketron

👤I was having trouble getting a gps to work in my car. If mounted with a cup, the windshield was too far to reach. There is no excuse for Dodge to not put a flat spot on the dashboard area, all our other cars have them. I decided to try it out even though it was sitting on a part of the dash that was slightly sloped and appeared to be too slippery. I expected it to move forward when I put the brakes on it. I was wrong. This thing works. It has stayed in place even when I have had to hit the brakes or swerve to avoid something. It might move in an emergency, but it hasn't happened to me yet. I like the fact that I can easily remove the gps from view while parked and store it in a safe place out of the sun. When I get back in the van, I can put it back on the dash. The product exceeded my expectations. I would recommend it to anyone who can't use a fixed type mount.

👤It's a pain to take off and put it back on, but you can stick the device to the glass. When I park the car and don't want to leave the Garmin in full view, I just move the pillow and the device to the floor. When I'm ready to use it, put it back. It's easy. It's convenient and I use the Garmin a lot more now that I have this mat. My girlfriend asked me to send her the details of the one she ordered. It's heavier than I thought, but that's what keeps it from sliding. I use one small carry-on when I travel, so I probably won't take it on a trip because of the weight. This product is very good.

👤It was pleasantly surprised. I was skeptical at first, but once I put it on my dashboard, it was an amazing invention. The line of sight is better when the gps is on. It's easy to remove the whole unit from the dashboard when my car is closed in the summer. This sturdy holder is perfect for the unit I have in the Magellan Maestro gps. Just put the whole mount with the gps installed and lock it up and forget it. It's not going anywhere, it's completely secure. It all stays put. It's easy to remove the whole thing from the way, instead of having to re-attach the mount every time I want to put up a folding sun shade. I was unsure if there was enough room for the Civic to fit on the smaller dash of a compact car. It fits perfectly. I was happy with my purchase.

👤My wife and I both use magnetic mounts for our phones. I use this portable mounting surface on long trips because I use the magnetic mount attached to my console. The passenger will be able to watch videos on the trips with the support of the iPhone pro max. The bottom surface of the car does not allow it to slide on the dash. It stays stable even on high speeds and when you have to do sharp turns. The quality of the material is great. I highly recommend it.

8. AONKEY Dashboard Anti Slip Smartphones Compatible

AONKEY Dashboard Anti Slip Smartphones Compatible

This car mount is compatible with all mobile phones from 3 to 7. ABILITY: The phone holder has a reinforced dashboard, large gel base, and circle of silicone film and a cup to hold it in place. SECURITY: The phone holder is made of high quality spring and two ends of silicone, so it won't slide or fly out, even if you take a sharp turn or accelerate. There is a certainILITY to it. Silicone is not a permanent attachment to the car. It can be removed from the dash and the bottom will become sticky after a few uses. The cell phone car holder can be moved to the best position for your view. There are two different angels that give you more options to see non light reflect and clear screen view.

Brand: Aonkey

👤The thing works. It doesn't move around, it sticks to your dash. Even though the dash is curved, the soft base on this unit fits the shape of the dash and stays put. It's actually better than I anticipated.

👤I only had this dashboard cell phone holder for a week, so I can't speak to its longevity. It is all that is advertised, and I can speak to its function. I was concerned that the base would curve to it if it stayed on my dash. It comes up off the surface easily, so there's no need to worry. It cradles my phone in place when I use it as a gps device. One of the reasons I chose this model is because I wanted something that could hold a portable cylinder-shaped wireless speaker. I did the best thing I could and looked for something that I thought might work, but I couldn't find anything that was specifically designed for that purpose. I wasn't sure if this would work, but it was a perfect fit and I wouldn't have held it against the product if it didn't work. The speaker slides into the cradle and the clasp holds it in place. Since I started using it, it hasn't budged. I think it will have a good life because it feels solid in construction. I can't imagine not having it with me on the ride.

👤This was amazing. I needed to not have my phone on my lap while I traveled for 9 hours. I bought this device. I took a car that had a slight bump, but it was lightweight and didn't damage the car with icky glue...and we traveled close to a tornado. It held my device in place and adjusted it to any device. I'm not sure if it would hold a larger device. You have to check the measurement. I also bought a lighter that plugs into a wall outlet. It fit perfectly and didn't try to remove the device from the holder. One of my favorite purchases on Amazon.

👤This item is great for my phone. Since the phone is so expensive, I didn't want one of the holders that hangs from the window or off the vent. When I hit a pot hole, the phone jumps out of the holder with the risk of cracking the glass, so I chose the Aonkey for the dashboard. It was a good choice. I have a phone that is too big to fit most holders, but it holds it with or without the cover, no problem with the Aonkey. I don't like the idea of being told to stick it to the dashboard. I don't want my car to be permanently marked with glue, so I'm reluctant to do that. I don't have a lot of faith in that happening. My dashboard is wide enough that I can just place it and it is heavy enough that it stays in place even when I hit the road.

👤This phone holder is very nice. When I take the phone out, the vent holders come off and I am frustrated. I am using a phone. It will fit a bigger phone. It sticks into place with a large circle of glue around the center. If you have a flat or curved dash, the outer rubber allows for flexibility. Even when it came to an abrupt stop, it stayed in place. Removes by opening it. This is my favorite version of phone holders.

9. AmazonBasics Dashboard Magellan Portable Navigators

AmazonBasics Dashboard Magellan Portable Navigators

Attach a gps unit to your dash with the Amazon BasicsGPS Dashboard Mount. The bottom of the gps mount is anti-slip. The mount can be used on most car dashboards. It is necessary to hold the gps in place. All window mounts are compatible with the Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤There is a sticky silicone disk at the center of the mount, but it is not clear from the description. The disk is covered with a film. The mount will slide on the dash if you leave the protective film in place. If you remove the protective film, you expose a sticky surface that is designed to adhere the mount to the dash. Not what I wanted. I removed the silicone disk. It took a bit of effort, but it came off without a hitch. The mount doesn't slide around when the disk is removed, and the bottom of the mount makes contact with my dash. I thought I was buying the mount in the first place.

👤The price was good, but it was on the dashboard. They need to make it better. It won't stay in place. This could be better than Amazon trying to make their own brands. Who wants navigation to fall off the dash on simple turns?

👤99% of modern dash material is textured dashes, which is why the suction cup dash mount for the cameras from GoPro doesn't adhere to them. I needed an alternative for my low recording car camera. The bean bag gps mount is an excellent alternative. Within 24 hours, the base holder was cured and attached to the dash mount. There are negative comments about the mount. This wasn't an issue. The device has three heavy bean bag arms with two cellophane covers on the bases, just peel them off. I cleaned the base with alcohol and dried it to make sure the camera holder was attached perfectly. The bottom-side of the mount that goes on top of your car is sticky once you remove the cellophane. I use a lint roller to remove debris. The cool thing? I can just pick up my camera and move it to any other car I want. If it works for my camera, it will work for the original intended use of the device. I don't have any complaints.

👤I love this! It keeps the gps in place. I had issues with the gps falling on the floor when it got stuck from the window. The heat in the car is a problem for me. I had an issue with the gps coming off and falling to the floor, but the stay put on the dash does not slide. I had to put double sided tape on the gps to keep it from coming off but it was not due to the mount but the heat.

👤After I removed the plastic film, it's sticking very well and I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I thought the Amazon car dashboard mount was a great solution to avoid putting sticky pads on my car dashboard, since I bought a nice phone holder. The anti-slip bottom doesn't work well, and the mount is not a friction mount. There are any mounts you want to attach to it. The price is affordable. The product looks like a mount, but it's not. There is a sticky silicone disk in the center of the mount. You need to remove the protective film. There is a The bottom doesn't work well. I was driving and the mount slid around on my dashboard. I didn't remove the protection film on the sticky silicone disk because I don't want to have sticky marks on my car. There is a The weight of the Amazon dashboard mount is not heavy enough to hold the mounts, so they can't be too heavy or long. The dashboard mount tilted even if I used the sticky pad on the bottom of the phone holder. I decided to buy a portable friction mount from a company that is heavier than the one on Amazon. It's more expensive than the Amazon one. It's a truly friction mount, and the anti-slip bottom works well. I can put it on a non-flat surface.

10. ISaddle Dashboard GPS Mount Holder

ISaddle Dashboard GPS Mount Holder

ROVE designed it in the USA. IDEAL REPLACEMENT No tools are required, just place the gps dashboard mount holder to the car, and you're good to go. Better than a Suction Cup Mountholder, Never worry about falling down from a window, and make your device works like a heads up display. iSaddle Universal DashboardGPS/Phone holder can fit 99% of Poluar devices in the market, no need to buy a new gps navigation mount for your upgrade, and it can fit music speaker and other things more. Keep the screen clear and protect your device with a large front cover. There is a mount everywhere. iSaddle dashboard holder can be mounted anywhere you want, it can be stable to flat place with a 6.22" gel base. It's easy to remove and clean, so you can use it as a phone Mount or PC Mount. If you get dirt or lose it, clean the holder by water. It's Mount Everything! The gps declination mount is for all the gps navigators. DriveLuxe StreetPilot RV The car mount holder is for all phones, including the Note 10 9. There is a Tablet PC Mount holder for the iPad Mini. There is a365 days warranty. Purchase now and you will get a 100% money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong within a year. There is a365 days warranty. Purchase now and you will get a 100% money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong within a year.

Brand: Isaddle

👤I use this for a gps and it's not very strong. The gps goes off the left or right. You have to adjust it constantly. On the bottom, where you can set your phone, it slides forwards and backwards to adjust the viewing angle. It doesn't stay where you put it after a week and a half of use. I don't recommend this for a small device.

👤There were problems with all the different devices I tried to hold my gps to. The biggest annoyance I found was that the brackets that held the gps in place would often engage the screen when I accelerated or braked, throwing up different screens, or adding weird things to it. The product is not perfect, but it is better than any other I have tried, allowing me to use my tablets on my dash. I have to change it about once a day as it slips a little but that is not a big deal. I think this product is very good.

👤I really like it. When you put 3m tape on a surface it will stick and it's hard to get it off, so you have to move it. When you find a spot you want to use, make sure you do it first. I have a 7" gps and it works great.

👤I've been happy with the unit and the price. I needed a touchscreen interface for my phone, and it works well. When everything works out. I don't have to take my phone out of my pocket. Happy with that. It definitely doesn't have decent ground loop cancellation, despite the description. I had to add one more. The mount didn't work for my car. I wanted to move it between vehicles so I wouldn't use the glue every time. I bought a different one. Sometimes the unit forgets that it's connected to my phone. I have to do it again. It seems to happen after I have a new device connected, like my headphones.

👤This was used to setup the backup camera display in our truck. Doesn't adhere to the dashboard surface. The clam shell is not tight. We make the tiniest turn when our display slides out. I may have another purpose for it, I'm going to hold onto it.

👤I wanted a heads-up holder that didn't involve permanent glue or suction cups. This was the perfect fit for my car. It looks like an add-on because it matches my dashboard.

👤The corner of the dash is too wide for this to be used in, because the window slants there. The sticky pad base is good for the dash surface. The corner of the dash in my Ford Fiesta is where I will use the wider clamshell. We will see how that goes, I haven't used it yet.

👤The mount holds my RV at the perfect angle in my truck. The recess is in the middle of the dash. The mount slide has not been used in a tight turn. My cell phone is held in place when the gps is not on. It would be easy to hide it when not in use since it isn't perma-mounted. I gave the unit a 1-star because it doesn't have any power. It does not need it. Very happy.

11. Dashboard Car Phone Woleyi Holder

Dashboard Car Phone Woleyi Holder

The car phone holder can be adjusted with a rotation and tilt. The 180 rotation vertical lever allows for optimal viewing. You can meet your viewing needs. The best view is provided when driving. There are multiple purposes. The phone holder can be used on a car. You can always find a suitable position to mount it, even if you have to block the sight when navigating or lying in the seat. It can be used in many other scenes, such as table, bookshelf, kitchen, office and so on. One hand operation. The car phone mount can be fixed by cutting the edge of the dashboard, then attaching the phone to the phone holder. One-handed operation to save time. It's easy to put your phone back in its case, which makes it safe to use gps or answer calls. The universal car tablet phone holder for car is compatible with all 4 - 11 inch smartphones and tablets. The iPad Pro/ Air/mini, the phone, and the note all have Max/11 Pro, Max/XR/XS/X/8 Plus/7, and the note has Note 10. Note 9 and Note 8; Moto and more. Reliable Adhesion The curved base is made with a soft, non-slip Silicon pad. It can be securely attached to the car dashboard, even with a curved surface, to hold your phone in place, and to prevent it from scratching and dropping on the road. They don't suggest that it hold the device when on the dashboard.

Brand: Woleyi

👤I use this in our diesel pusher RV and the dashboard has a large hood above the instrument cluster. The phone is now just past the steering wheel, thanks to the arm extension. Maps and single taps are easy to use without having to lean forward or look away. Not 5 stars because I had to make a new assist to keep it in place when traveling, but a perfect unit for what was needed.

👤I love this item, but it broke.

👤This was very effective for me. It is what I expected. I can see my gps without looking off the road.

👤Another helpful reviewer said that it will hold the stupid heavy SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 Ultra. I put it on a tray on the console.

👤It was well made and heavy duty. Other phone holders were too small, and finally it came to light that people want something to hold my gps. This holds it in place.


What is the best product for gps holder for car dashboard beanbag?

Gps holder for car dashboard beanbag products from Isaddle. In this article about gps holder for car dashboard beanbag you can see why people choose the product. Ipow and Digicharge are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps holder for car dashboard beanbag.

What are the best brands for gps holder for car dashboard beanbag?

Isaddle, Ipow and Digicharge are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps holder for car dashboard beanbag. Find the detail in this article. Garmin, Srunp and Bracketron are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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