Best Gps Holder for Car Cup Holder

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1. Upgraded AHK Adjustable Gooseneck Compatible

Upgraded AHK Adjustable Gooseneck Compatible

The expanded base is up to 4 inches in diameter. You could change the sizes to fit the cup. Smooth twisting is ensured by the latest hexagonal knob design. Even driving in the mostbumpiest road, a safer car phone holder is always on. The New Cup holder doesn't affect your perspective and guarantee driving safety. It won't hurt your dashboard or air vent to protect your car. It's suitable for all types of 2.0” - 4” wide devices, even with a thick case, such as the iPhone 11 Pro/XS Mas/XR/8/7 Plus/6s, the S10/S9+/S8 Plus/S7 Edge/Note. The 12-inch flexible cup phone holder is longer and more durable than other brands and allows you to set the height you like to operate and access your cell phone. The car cell phone mount has a ball joint that can be tilted to portrait, landscape, or any angle in between to ensure safety while driving. You will feel convenience. The quick release button of the AHK phone cup holder was upgraded to make it easier to press.

Brand: Ahk

👤The Mrs wanted a famous name, but the reviews panned it. The reviews for this one were much better. She liked that height because I bent the flexy support into a loop. It can be easily released from the cup holder. The phone holder is the same. The phone holder is nice.

👤It works great with my phone.

👤I don't like the idea of air vent based cellphone holders or those that attach to them. You can either cook your phone or have an ineffective heating situation in the winter, but the former never seems to stay where you put it. No one wants either thing. The cup holder is perfect for this cellphone holder. It adjusts to almost any phone size. I have an extra large case for the GALAXY S10+ and it's bulky. This is not a problem for it. The cup holder can be adjusted to the specifications of the vehicle. You can adjust to the perfect handle once it's in the holder. There is a quick release when you need to take the phone out, which is better than the other ones I have had. I am very pleased with the product so far.

👤The mount is strong and fits most cup holders. The goose neck is stiff, which is a plus in a moving vehicle, and the base can be adjusted by turning a dial at the base of the goose neck. The phone mount has a three point grip with a rubber back to give it more resistance. The grip is wide enough to hold my phone. Simply place the phone on the mount and press the button on the side of the mount to release the phone, the wide grips are spring loaded. You will need to plug in from the bottom of the phone mount. The mount is just high enough, but beneath the dash screen, where the temp controllers are. A good mount. I am going to use it for a while and may come back for an update after a long time.

👤The cupholder mounts are a great way to carry your phone around, and this one is probably the best I've seen. The mount is tight and stays in place, which is exactly what you want and the point of having a mount in the first place. It fits perfectly in the cupholder and you can easily tighten it to your liking, and it has an easy release for your phone from the sides, which is a design improvement over others of this type which release on the back. The mount is over all of the things that are good. It's a great price and it's very similar to others I've gotten on Amazon. I use this with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and it fits in the case very well. They want you to believe in their commercials, but there's a name brand that isn't that great. You should purchase this one. Highly recommended!

👤I tried one a few years ago and it popped out of the cup holder. This one uses an elastic base that expands as you turn it, so it fits into any cup holder you put it in. The phone is in the holder. The phone might be too low in this mount for your car. This could work if your cup holder is on your car. The phone may be in front of the AC controls in a van or SUV with a cup holder down in the center console. Your mileage may be different.

2. GOOSENECK TORRAS Upgraded Friendly Universal

GOOSENECK TORRAS Upgraded Friendly Universal

Miracase cup holder phone mount supports lifetime after-sales service, if you have a question, please contact them directly, and they will give you a satisfied solution! You don't need to worry about your head being bowed. The TORRAS latest cup holder phone mount has grown to 15 inches, with a built-in aluminum rod, and an external 3 layers heat- resistantABS to ensure it is not easy to break. The cup phone holder for car is a perfect fit for different cup holders in your vehicle. The base can be extended to fit most cups. The cup phone holder car monnt has a widened wrapped arm that makes it suitable for all mobile phones and thicker cases. The Pro Max, 8 Plus, X, 7 Plus, and the S21 are all from the S20. Lifetime warranty is provided by the cup phone holder. You can contact them if you have a problem. You can purchase this product. The best protection for your expensive cell phone, no scratches, is provided by the PREMIUM silicone air cushions applied on this cell car mount all around.

Brand: Torras

👤I have a 2008 Honda Civic and finding a cell phone mount without obstructing my view was difficult until I bought the TORRAS car phone holder. The upside is the ease of installation and handling of a large device, and the fact that the button is on top of the holder. The flexibility and rigidness of the goose neck made it hard to grab and go, I had never used one before. It had very little movement. I road tested it on city and highway roads and it was easy to see. The power cable is at the base of the goose neck, which is nice because it's right there when you return. To install it. The driver's ease of use is good. It was easy to adjust and didn't obstruct any views. The only downside I ran into was which cup holder to put the mount into. I like having a cup of coffee with me most of the time, and placing the coffee in the front holder caused me to re-adjust the seat, which was not a problem for me. Maybe someone else will have to change the order holder. Hope this helps someone.

👤This is the third attempt at a cell phone holder. I use a wallet case for my phone because it is heavy and it causes it to fall over or off other holders. I am happy to finally be able to have my phone accessible in my car thanks to this one. It is strong and can be adjusted. I have used it for several days now and it has not fallen. My hand is still trained to reach for my phone when I turn or go over bumps, but hopefully it will relax soon as that is no longer needed.

👤I've bought about eight different types of phone holders, but none offered me the qualities I was looking for. It gave me all the qualities that I needed in a phone holder. It is firm, yet flexible. The length of the phone holder is very important to me as I don't have to look down to view my phone while using the gps, which could be very dangerous for driving. The product is easy to assemble. The price is great and one doesn't need a manual to assemble this product. Everyone who needs a good phone mount should purchase this product, you won't regret it. Don't hesitate. You will be pleased with your purchase if you just buy it.

👤The product was installed in minutes. Very easy. It was taken to Mexico for two weeks. The roads in Mexico were rough. I didn't like the Weather Gard cup holder very much. It was a waste of money because it was not high enough to get the phone out of the way, and the base loosened up, making it difficult to get my phone out of the unit. The unit is high enough to get over cups in the cup holders. The phone is on a stem and it's not an issue. The cord holder is small. There is no issue with installing or removing the oversized phone case that I have. If you ever need to re-tighten the base, it is an easy turn of a knob. No worries. Buy one.

3. TECOTEC Windshield Universal Gooseneck Cellphones

TECOTEC Windshield Universal Gooseneck Cellphones

TECOTEC has a double Clamp Broad Compatibility. Double clips can be expanded up to a max of 3.96 inches, they are compatible with all kinds of phone cases, including wallet case, ring holder, battery case, and thick case. TECOTEC's vacuum cup with sticky gel and locking lever mounts securely onto all flat surfaces with the help of the extra round polished plastic and 3M VHB sticky dashboard pads. No more wobbling your phone when driving on rough roads is what TECOTEC's phone holder is for. The gel can be washed with warm water, air dry, and re-attach. TECOTEC always care to keep safe when driving. It's compatible with all of the phones. It is easy to use. They offer a one year warranty on this car phone mount. The team always takes customer. The package includes a phone mount holder and a dashboard pad.

Brand: Tecotec

👤This works as described. I've been using it for 3 weeks and it's been a good price. The sticky cup holds up well and can hold my 12yr old TomTom gps. I still use a gps device. The TECOTEC Cell Phone holder is a replacement for the original gps arm that was destroyed from constant use. I don't leave it in the car because the summer heat will shorten the life of the plastic. We will see how long it will last. The suction cup is not really a cup at all, it's more like a sticky type material that sticks to the glass. The hold is very strong and difficult to detach. Dust can be easily removed by running it in warm water. The spring tension on the clamp is enough to hold the old gps securely. The plastic claw is holding up well. It's not bad at all. That's all!

👤I bought this for my home, not my car. It's a good holder for my new antenna. I put it on a bedroom window. Great buy at a great price.

👤The grab clips support both mobile phones and my gps unit, and the stable rod length positions it over the dash lip. I remove it when it's parked.

👤This is how to mount an antenna in the attic. The antenna is in place and it is doing a great job.

👤It's great for a lot of applications.

👤I just love it because it was bought for different purposes. It is easy to install and use.

👤We put it on the dashboard because I bought it for my mom. Don't recommend.

4. Garmin 010 10747 00 Suction Cup Mount

Garmin 010 10747 00 Suction Cup Mount

For the StreetPilot C500. This cup is used to secure your device to a smooth surface. Not included is the mount.

Brand: Garmin

👤Leave it to the navigator. I can't take the mount off my car because the force on my car is so strong that I can't take it off myself. The plastic lever that was used to tighten the mount fell off the assembly onto my center console. When I put the unit back in place, I noticed it had very little Torque. They have to be replaced once they break. Anyway, now. I can't remove the mount from the lever even when I release it. I would break the plastic on the replacement unit if I tried harder. I usually remove the Garmin from my car at night as the entire unit/suction cup mount and the Garmin itself were falling onto my center console due to excessive heat build up in the morning. Not anymore! ! I put the gps device in my center console storage compartment and leave the mount on the car. In the morning, I attach the gps device to the plastic ball, and that's it. The unit is much stronger than the mount that came with it. If you want to buy a navigation unit, invest $11 and buy the Suction Cup Mount from the store, as it's way more durable and tight. Keep the mount that comes with the Garmin as a backup. The replacement unit fits my device perfectly. The replacement unit will fit the part, so no worries. Thanks to Amazon for keeping the replacement parts in stock and to Garmin for manufacturing the replacement parts that naturally need to be replaced over time. I am very happy with this replacement mount. Don't hesitate to buy it. It's better than the one that came with the unit. It is amazing.

👤I had the cup for about a year. It doesn't stick to the car for more than 10 minutes. I like to use a gps device instead of my phone. I had to go back to my phone because it was embarrassing to have the gps fall into the lap of a client. It does not suck is a bad thing. Very disappointed. It's a pity.

👤This is the same version that I bought before. I'm glad I read that review. I encourage everyone to do the same. It works better than a knock off, but it costs more, so it's better to stick to the windshield. It seemed like the knock off mount would come undone when I was in heavy traffic, I don't know about anyone else. I like to use both my phone's navigation and my phone's navigation just in case the phone loses signal.

👤A year ago we bought a solar powered back up camera for our car. The original mount was not compatible with the dash and would not fit. We ordered a mount that came with a disk that you can mount to a textured surface, then mount the cup directly onto the disk. It has been great so far. The original was thrown away because it was so bad.

5. TIHOOD Windshield Holder Suction Windscreen

TIHOOD Windshield Holder Suction Windscreen

Perfect compatible with all of the gps devices that come with a pattern. The measurement is 2.2inch and the height is 2.5inch. TheBall Socket Suction Cup holds firmly on to your windshield. ExtraGPS mounts are the perfect solution for moving your navigation system from one vehicle to another with less hassle. Don't ever lose your way. This mount will keep your Nuvi gps with you at all times. Attach the mount to your car with the help of a cup.

Brand: Tihood

👤The diameter of the third-party mounts is not specified. They are too small and loose inside the sockets, causing the gps to droop. The defect for this product is mentioned by other reviewers. The seller has a list of compatible devices for my specific model of Garmin. Theuction-power of this mount seemed to be excellent. They were returned to Amazon. I will pay twice the price to try it. This larger cup is designed to provide extra-holding-power for the larger models. The actual diameter of the actual swivel ball is 17.2mm. If you want to fool with it, you can use a loose ball with a ring and a halo of electrical tape.

👤This is the second time I have had to replace this part. Is anyone else having that problem? The first one had a pin that loosened and fell off the car. I replaced it and that one fell after an hour. It's not good when you're speeding. I am happy that this came with two and so far, so good on the first one. It comes off easily. I have a back-up when it bites the dust.

👤The gps mount has a pretty powerful suction. It works well on road trips. It's easy to remove and store when not in use. I would recommend this product to anyone who would like to have an easy way to mount their gps system.

👤The mount holder works well. Most things, as well as I, do not have an amenity. The strength of the force is very good. Most of the time, the mount holder stays in place for weeks or months. When it falls onto the dash, it's not a problem to reattach. If you want to lock the cup back in place, you have to wet the back of the cup.

👤The item's spring snapped after four hours of use. The car's navigation system could have fallen in that place and caused an accident. I wouldn't buy this package again. I only gave it a one star because I couldn't give it a half star. It is very difficult to get to a drop off point to return an item in a remote area when you are on vacation, and Amazon is not helping that. Don't buy this item.

👤The Garmen's original windshield mount needed to be replaced. They will stick to the window, usually just a small amount of gling needs to be done. The ball size is too small, that's the bigger issue. The Garmen will fall out if they stay upright. I have a piece of paper in the cup to help me get a more secure fit on the second one. Quality control isn't there for the money I spend so I'm not too worried about it.

👤The cup works. The ball is small, so the device can move a bit when you hit bumps on the road.

👤I was worried that it would be difficult and expensive to replace the attachment part in our rental car, but I was able to find a two pack that is reasonably priced.

6. Loncaster Silicone Dashboards Compatible Smartphones

Loncaster Silicone Dashboards Compatible Smartphones

The dashboard cell phone holder is widely compatible with most types of cell phones and gps devices. Including the iPhone 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Pro 11/12/11, Plus/7/7 plus/ 6s/6s The plus/6/6 plus/6Se/6s and the plus/4s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2s and the plus/2 S20/S 8 pro 20 ultra. S 20 plus/ 8 plus / 9 plus 10 Plus, S 7 Edge, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 Edge+, S7 It can protect phone against bumps, scratches, and flying out when there is an emergency braking, sudden stop and sharp turn. It's Washable and Reusable. The car phone holder is made from high-tech glue. It will be the same as the new one if you rinse it and dry it. If you want to lay the phone holder on the dashboard, you should remove the sticky film from the bottom of the car phone holder.

Brand: Loncaster

👤This has been in place all summer long, and I use it multiple times a day to squeeze my phone into it. It holds up well and is my favorite mount. The mounts that stick straight to your glass are worse. Before applying, be sure your dashboard is clean. I have a charging cable that I store in the little notch. It was used on a Toyota Highlander. I'm 6'1" I can see over the phone while driving. Hope this helps!

👤I like the phone holder a lot. I have a large, bulky, and heavy phone and a job that requires a lot of local driving, so I have a case for it. When I get back in my car, I grab my phone from the holder and put it back in my car. This is the first phone holder that has kept my phone in place, and it only slid under the seat. I've tried the cup holder, vent, and suction cup on the window types that have the "arms" that grip on each side and no luck. They were too flimsy to stay mounted and would not fit my phone case. I decided to try this style as a last resort, hoping it would work, but expecting that I would have to do a modification within a few days. No such action is necessary. This is a miracle product for me. It stays put on my car, it holds my phone securely, and I can change it when I need to. The product is great, the warranty is great, and the price is great. It showed up in one day.

👤Many types of mounts don't work well with most types of cars. It would be universal in working regardless of your car. You can easily place it right where you want it, instead of being limited to placing it near the vent or something like that. The hold is tight. You should put your phone in before you place the mount down. Make sure you place the mount in a way that it sits upright. If you put it wrong, the nice thing is that it will peel back off and stick securely again.

👤I love this thing. I have bought it for many of my friends. It is soft silicone. It holds my phone securely so that I can use the gps while I am driving, so I don't worry about it damaging my phone. I have had it for four months now and it has stayed where I put it, despite the change in temperatures on the North East. I think you could just spray some water under it and it would be sticky for a little while before it dries. I don't want to move it. It looks like it is in the dashboard. People are surprised when I put my phone in it. It only holds your phone in landscape mode, but has held my friends' phones in a variety of cases. If you think about it, I tried many before this one - vent, cd, windshield, and nothing compares! My vent was blocked. I was blocked from using my touchscreen. I always worried that the window would fall down. It keeps your cell phone in your line of vision without being in the way.

7. Cup Phone Holder Miracase Adjustable

Cup Phone Holder Miracase Adjustable

Miracase is the second newest cup phone holder for car, it has a long neck, which makes it more flexible, and 2 knobs, which allow you to adjust the cup holder phone holder's height and view angle. Make sure you are safe driving. Miracase car cup holder phone mount will provide extreme stability while driving on the bumpsiest roads with the upgraded design in 2021. The deeper arms and soft holding feet give you the protection you need for your phone, while the Triangle-structure support will hold your phone firmly when you speed up or make a sharp turn. Miracase car cup phone holder mount is compatible with all cell phones and thick phones. The cases are compatible with the iPhone 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro 13 and Pro All mobile phones, gps devices, and Plus/7/7 Plus/S21/S21+/S20+/S20 Ultra/S10+ are included. Better protection for your car. There was no vent clip or cup. If you want to use the cup holder phone mount on your car, just place it on the car cup holder and fix it to use, it won't bring sticky stains to your car. Don't worry, you can use your beloved car safely, if you break the vent blades you won't damage the dashboard. The base can be extended from 2.6 to 4.0 inches to fit cup holders. The cup phone holder will be securely locked in your cup holder with the soft anti-skid Silicone pads and durable and highly material. Never fall off and break. Protect your devices. Miracase cup holder phone mount supports lifetime after-sales service, if you have a question, please contact them directly, and they will give you a satisfied solution!

Brand: Miracase

👤There was no Suction or Adhesion left. A sturdy car phone holder is finally here. After winshield/dash/visor mount units left a lot to be desired, phone was moving around, changing position, even though they were tightened down. The unit extends from the base and locks in the cup holder. It has an unlimited amount of adjustments. Having good visibility and being out of my way while driving was important to me. I got what I needed when I reversed the ball mount. The phone holder is very good, gripping the phone tightly and releasing it with a press of a button. I have a functional phone holder.

👤The cup-holder portion of these is really well made and holds the mount in a solid fashion. The arm mounts are strong. This works well holding my phone, with no vibrating screen.

👤It is sturdy and well-made. It holds the weight of my phone quite well and there is no sound while driving. The cupholders are joined together with a deep valley in my car. The cupholders are useful for storing sunglasses. The telephone mounting base can be positioned in either the left or right cupholder. The cupholder base is not rotatable and the mounting arm connects to it. My mistake was that my past experience with phone mounts left the impression that the pivot arm was always on. This should be more prominent in the sales description. In a car with cup holders that are well sunk into the center console, rotation of the entire mount can be accomplished by rotating the base of the mount. The locking mechanism that extends 3 wedges against the walls of the cup holder is released and the mounting base is adjusted. The cupholders are not a continuous circle. Since you must have all three wedges pressed against the walls of the cupholder wells, rotation of the base is very limited. I can't get the base and pivot arm to be in the optimal position for my phone. I can't get the phone into a position that doesn't obscure the indicators and buttons in the dashboard since the mount is not rotating. The constraints imposed by the non-rotatable base make the phone clamp not enough to achieve the best orientation. The phone is not centered on the phone in the way that it should be. When viewing the phone in wide screen mode, it tends to gradually allow the phone to droop at the long end, because of the large imbalance. Straight cables are the only ones that can be used to connect the phone to the computer. I was hoping I could use a right angle cable to keep the cable more directly aimed at the dashboard. I need to use my hand to select functions on the lower dash. It is close to being perfect for my needs, but not there.

👤The two pronged fork at the bottom of the holder isn't adjusted, so when the phone is installed the edge is not centered on the phone, so it will be less stable in portrait mode. It is easy to make adjustments and it seems to be good. I chose this type of holder because I've read that the weight of the phone can break the vent.

8. Phone Holder Car WizGear Adjustable

Phone Holder Car WizGear Adjustable

The phone mount is for the CUP HOLDER phone. The cup holder phone mount is made with high quality materials that will hold your phone in your car safely and securely, it is better than any other cup holder phone mount. It can be adjusted to hold any smart phone, and it's side arms are flexible. The universal car mount holder for cellphones is a must have. It's easy to install, because it's compatible with all types of phones, and it fits every car cup holder, SUV and even truck cup holders. Simply put the base into the cup holder. The base will expand inside the cup holder if you turn the dial. The heavy duty car mount. The cup holder for phone is a heavy-duty car mount. The arm is made of steel. You have the ability to change the position to your liking. The phone holder is for the side arms of the car. The width can be adjusted based on your device. This is compatible with virtually any cell phone. ROTATE to your own view. The design of the car cup holder is to let you put your phone where you need it. The cellphone holder rotates so that you can view your phone without being reflected by light. When displayed horizontal, their phone looks really cool, it's great to use gps, watch videos or navigate through music player. It's perfect for phones with music players. It's great for hand-free use with: a wired headset, a wireless headset, or a music transmitter. Many states have laws that forbid the use of the phone in the car. Obey the law with a car mount. The car cup phone holder can be used for all types of phones.

Brand: Wixgear

👤The cup holder phone mount is compatible with my 18 RAV4 and has the bumpers engaged. The phone is a perfect height and angle for viewing. The quality of the holders is well made and well packaged, which seems nicer than a few of the similar ones. Would buy again.

👤I like that the phone is easy to install, and that there is no need for the phone to bounce across the cab of my truck if the phone fails mid turn. It feels more sturdy than previous phone holders. The phone is held firmly in place since it is not a cup style with a long arm. If there is an unexpected failure, I will report it. There is an update on 28 October. I used this in the center console of my truck when we went 4 wheelin. It held the phone where it was needed all weekend. It was easy to adjust when needed. Go from 4 to 5 stars.

👤The item was not shown in person. There were no manufacturer papers about the cup holder phone mount. One of the large items was not wrapped in paper and looked like it was being used. I told the seller about it the day I received it. You can't give someone a gift like this.

👤I bought this for my car's cupholder to hold the device I was going to use to connect the phone to my car's Apple Car Play. The product is made to order. Good design with good quality. I have black and silver interior trim in my car and it looks like an integrated feature in the car. It works well to keep the phone in the holder. The mechanism to secure it in the cupholder is easy to use. I can see notifications on my phone without touching it, and that's the best benefit.

👤The WT item is the benchmark, however it is too expensive and the reviews were not very complimentary. This item was paid at a higher rate than the WT item. This is easy to install and adjust to fit the cup in my car, but you do lose access to the used and adjacent cup holder, but the phone placement is ideal. I had a style of cup that was too intrusive, but this is serving me well in the interim, I still want the pie in the sky perfect design, but it was too intrusive. The cup holder in the center console was going to be lost if I went back to the long arm that attached to the windscreen. This is serving me well and it is within reach where it sits just to the right of the instrument Pod and does not block the controls. A cup holder is for that purpose.

👤This is a good phone holder. I use this for work as a delivery driver and it is sturdy when the truck shakes after hitting a road hazard. The rubber pieces designed to keep the holder secure will shift depending on the type of holder. If the device experiences a hard fall, the expanding mechanism will get damaged. The latter isn't that much of a concern for regular vehicles with standard cup holders. I like the product. It does what I need it to do.

9. Adhesive Replacement Dashboard Windshield Stickers

Adhesive Replacement Dashboard Windshield Stickers

The selection of high-quality Genuine 3M adhesive pad, double-sided self-adhesive, provides strong and durable support, high/low temperature resistant, stronger than ordinary glue patches. The plastic plate is compatible with the dashboard and dash cam holder. Let your hands go. It's suitable for clean and flat, and some textured or wet surfaces in the kitchen. There is a dual suded round glue that works on the dashboard, metal, and handsoaps dudel dispensers. It's widely applicable. You can cut it to fit your device. Easy installation. Simple installation steps can be completed. It can be easily removed and cleaned. 100% Satisfactory Service Lifetime technical support is provided for the best after-sale service. If you have any questions about their product, their customer service team is available to help you 24 hours a day. They want your satisfaction.

Brand: Pop-tech

👤This patch is easy to apply. It said it would work on textured surfaces. It doesn't. I have used alcohol wipes and they still lift right back up. It's almost like those rubber sticky toys you flung against the walls as a kid to watch roll down, not the actual glue patches or command strips. I got it for a dash mount cell holder. It falls over if I try to put my phone in the clip, because it rocks when I look at it wrong. They do not work on textured surfaces like they claim.

👤I used one of these for my Ventrue dash cam because it would fall from my car. It has been 3 1/2 weeks since it was attached to the glue. It's only a small gripe that you have to stick the window like it is and not touch it for 24 hours to make sure the strength of the glue is maximized. It's gotten the job done so no complaints from me.

👤The device was in an old car. When the last was removed, this worked well.

👤I have a small car. The original glue was melted by the Texas summer heat. The sticky pad is amazing. I cut it to fit my small device and it has been sticking to the windshield ever since.

👤These help a lot to your dashboard or rear window.

👤It is very sticky that makes the suction strong.

👤I've used this for 3 different cars and 2 of them fell off. Very disappointed.

👤Je l'ai utilisé pour coller un long pommeau de douche. Cette ventouse ne tenait jamais. Problme. Le paquet vient. Je recommande.

👤The item arrived on time. I was able to modify and use the wrong size. So far, so good.

👤It was easy to install and held after a week of -20 to -30c. Will have to see if it takes 50c this summer.

10. Holder Cellet Compatible Samsung Surface

Holder Cellet Compatible Samsung Surface

The platform is stable due to the 10 inch arm and the base fits perfectly. The base can fit cup holders. Up to 3 inches. 47 inches. 13 5 inches refers to the extended arm fully erected; protective soft holder grips/backing will not scratch your device; and flexible- 360 degree rotation capability from cradle. Universal fit compatibility: mount your Apple iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and Apple iMacs in 2021. 5th 4th 3rd 2nd Air and all tablets such as the S3 Tab S2 Tab S, and the S7 Plus S6 S5e S4 Tab 4, are included. Tab A, Tab A 8.0, Tab E, Tab S3 are all Tabs. Tab E 9.6, Tab A, Tab 2, Tab 3, Tab 4, Tab 5, Tab 6, Tab 7, Tab 8, Tab 9, Tab 10, Tab 11, Tab 12, Tab 13, Tab 14, Tab 15, Tab 16, Tab 17, Tab 18, Tab 19, Tab 20, Tab 21, Tab 22, Tab 23, Tab 24, Tab China is the country of origin. The package weight is 0.5 lbs.

Brand: Cellet

👤Before I purchased this, I wanted to know what it would look and fit in a Ford F-150 Fx4. I posted pictures of the review. It looks decent and it fits. I have an iPad mini with a case and it seems like it will work out.

👤I've been using this stand for the last two weeks. I've been surprised by how well it handles the bumps. It also fits into the cup holder. It's easy to install. It works well.

👤The phone holder is solid, but lacks useful articulation. It is not possible to angle the upper arm towards you, and still see the screen, because the arm has only one hinge joint. If your cup-holders are near the dash, this is problematic. The screen faces downwards or away from me if I angle the upper arm away from the dash. I can't angle it away from me because it hits the dash. I have to keep it straight up, which is against the purpose of having joints. The phone would have made this a great holder. It is useless as of now. Will be looking for something else to use.

👤Like this product very much. I wouldn't rate it higher since I don't trust five star reviews. I read 2, 3, and 4 star reviews because they have a few drawbacks. I want to know the truth. Most 1 star reviews are written by people who don't know how to read directions. This is working great! It cradles my phone and is easy to disengage. It fits my F-150 ash tray very well.

👤This cup holder is wonderful. I took back at least 3 other types to a store that I've been to before, and hated them all for a variety of reasons. It's hard to find a cup holder, and you lose the cup holder when using the app, but I only wanted to use the map app, so I put my cell phone in the cup holder. The cup holder has a low profile and the bottom part is completely changeable so you can get a perfect fit. The button that opens the cell phone holder is similar. It doesn't just snap open, but opens as if it is done electronically. The middle sections of the car are different for everyone. I can't vouch that it works in all cars. The shift automatic handle is in the middle and the emergency brake handle and 2 cup holders are working.

👤This works well in my car. The cup holder has a part that can be adjusted for a tight fit. The arm height is adjusted so it doesn't block the console even with a larger phone. It is the perfect spot to view maps or make single, hands-free (new law) gestures.

👤This product is completely in line with the advertising promises. There was some concern about losing a cup holder, but the mount's utility was demonstrated on a recent trip. The mount held the cellphone very snug, and the phone was held at an angle and height for easy manipulation and phone selections, and the screen was at a distance for easy reading. The design and location of my car is better than any other mount I have tried to keep my attention away from the road ahead.

11. Windshield Upgraded Dashboard Washable Compatible

Windshield Upgraded Dashboard Washable Compatible

You can easily take off your cellphones with the quick one-button release, you just need to press the release button on the back of the cradle. Keeping the phone steady while you drive is accomplished by using gel pads that adhere to any flat or curved portion of your dashboard. The strong cup locks on your dashboard or windshield to keep your phone safe and sound while you use it. You can adjust your viewing angles due to a rotating ball joint. You can adjust your phone in any way you want. The telescopic arm can be extended from 4.2 to 5.8 inches. You can adjust the distance between you and the holder. It's perfect for phones navigation between 2.1 and 3.8 inches. It's compatible with the iPhone X/ Xs, 8 plus, 7 plus, 6s plus, S10e, S9/ S8 and note. The OQTIQ car phone holder is an affordable, multi-functional car phone holder with an air vent clip and a suction cup that you can mount on your air vent, windshield or dashboard. The Oqtiq phone holder is an ideal choice if you are looking for something extra.

Brand: Oqtiq

👤I couldn't get it to use a cup without using the backing and using the glue. I can't remove the stupid thing from my window. I wanted a cup that was not sticky. I don't want sticky things on my dashboard or my window. I bought this because I thought other reviewers had only used it as a cup. The cup has something on it. The only way to expose the cup is to remove the paper that exposes it and stick it on the window. Disappointed.

👤I was hoping that this would be great but it wasn't. It stuck to my car but the brackets didn't fit my phone and the rotation wasn't good. The weight of my phone made the vent option not work.

👤Adding glue to the cup was a bad decision. The dash board part that was attached to it should have had the glue on both sides instead of applying it directly to the cup. I tried to remove the glue with alcohol and dish soap. Nothing worked. I came up with a solution. I cut a rubber glove in a square. I put the sticky cup on the rubber glove material. I attached the cup to the glass with a damp cup. The rubber glove is very similar to the rubber cup. I don't know if I have an idea of longevity. It should create enough force to hold the attachment to the windshield. The rubber gloves cover the sticky on the cup and still allow full function. Hope this helps.

👤This is a good product and a good value. The arm can be adjusted in length, meaning it will work regardless of the slope of the windshield. The phone mount is solid and the cup holds it. It was hard to see the phone while in motion when I had others that were so shaky. Thant is not a problem here. The phone mount on my phone holds it perfectly, avoiding the buttons on the phone. I haven't tried the vent mount or the flat dashboard mount.

👤I did not know that the cup was topped with a sticky coating. I put this product on my car, and the next day I took it off, it was stuck on my car, even though the suction was removed. I had to take a credit card to pry the cup off. If you are going to place this in your car, I would suggest you prepare for it to be semi-permanent and be prepared for it to leave a sticky mess. The vertical cradle is not adjusted, only the side horizontal "wings" to accommodate the phone's width is a flaw. The device is less stable and secure when positioned side ways because of how long newer phones are. It works, but the sticky mess that the suction cup leaves behind is something to be aware of.

👤Since I don't have a gps, I used this for my car so that I wouldn't have to hold my phone while I drive. I don't like card gps as much as I do a mobile phone, so I prefer not to use them. When I received this, there was no instructions on how to set it up. I had this happen before and I had to figure out how to get something apart for another purchase. The glue is sticky. I thought that was cool. It does not leave a stick on your finger. When I stuck it to the glass, I had a feeling that it would fall as soon as I put my phone down. There is a button on the back of the phone that loosens the arms that hold it. You don't have to force it open. You can make the arm smaller by squeezing the sides. It is possible to tighten it to the point where your phone won't droop. I think it's a good idea to put it in a spot that isn't your blind spot. I'm not sure if I can stick it somewhere else if I remove it from the windshield. I'm afraid that it won't stick well if I move it somewhere else. I will let you know if I do it. I will make a video in the daytime since it's too dark.


What is the best product for gps holder for car cup holder?

Gps holder for car cup holder products from Ahk. In this article about gps holder for car cup holder you can see why people choose the product. Torras and Tecotec are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps holder for car cup holder.

What are the best brands for gps holder for car cup holder?

Ahk, Torras and Tecotec are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps holder for car cup holder. Find the detail in this article. Garmin, Tihood and Loncaster are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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